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“We had a amazing season, and I know you will all grow up to become successful young women,” said Coach Cindy Tadlock.

Becca Hammon #6

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Sydney Rickert # 8, Nika Skertich#9, and Brooke Shaw#7


Rich Gavelda:Varsity Basketball Coach

What are your goals for the season?

“On the varsity level, we hope to complete for the Jefferson County 4A title - we will be much improved over last season and we have high expectations! Our JV and Level 3 teams will be very competitive as well. We have a strong freshman class coming in and have great expectations for the future as well.”

What have you been doing to prepare for the season?

“The varsity won our Fall league championship at Jefferson HS - we also attended CU team camp as well as Mesa University’s camp this summer. Former Lobo player Eric Valerio has returned to coach the JV and he has been working with the guys in the weightroom as well.”

How far do you think the team is capable of going?

“As far as our seniors take us - we have 6-8 seniors returning, led by Jordan Danks, Sam and Adam Macaulay, and Beau Ryan.” “I have never cared about my teammates in Texas as much I do about you guys,” said Deb Brunett, a new student from Texas.

What date is the Evergreen vs. Conifer game? At home?

“We play them twice this year, once at home (Jan 18) and once away (Feb 22)... We also get to play our Jan 18th game vs Wheat Ridge at the Pepsi Center before the Nuggets game.” Photos By: Ashley Hopko

Swim Dives Into The Season

Laura Maloney Sports Editor

Competition is in full-force on every field and court at Conifer High School, and the pools are no exception. The Girl’s Swim team has started their season. Although they may be treading the waters with a few obstacles in their lanes, the girls are ready to make a splash at their upcoming meets. This season there is a noticeable decline of Senior swimmers and divers. There are currently three Senior swimmers and two Senior divers on the team. “It’s a little disappointing,” says Senior Mariah Baty, “the swim team is dwindling.” But she hopes this small obstacle will motivate the team to “strive.” Swim Coach Rachel Bahl says having a smaller team is harmful as it “hurts us in points.” The team’s biggest rival may also be one of their biggest competition. According to Baty, Evergreen’s Girl’s Swim Team had to cut girls this season because their team is so big. Evergreen


dominated many leaderboards last season. Although Bahl recognizes the disadvantage they have to face, she says it “doesn’t get us down.” Senior Shelby Cusack is the new Captain of the swim team. With a record of seven wins under her belt, the team hopes her leadership will help them succeed. “Being Captain is a big responsibility and I’m glad I am able to help the girls,” she said. An issue the girls are facing entering this season is involvement. “I want people to realize how serious this is. It’s not just a sport to play, it’s important,” says Cusack. Team building is what will make the difference. “We’ve got to work together so we can be the team we want to be,” says Baty. Cusack says, “Some may think swim is easy but it’s more than just going back and forth.”

Lobo Football Goes Down Fighting

Photos By: Kiley Murray and Ashley Hopko



“Your Mom” is Dead “Your mom.” The crappiest comeback in the book. Extremely overused and actually really annoying, it’s dead. That comeback died a while ago, it’s about time to bury it. Same with “that’s what she said.” That’s dumb too. It’s official, those two generally make the other person want to punch you. But now that the fallback “your mom” reply is gone, what comebacks can be used that are witty but also irrebuttable? Everyone hates not knowing a good comeback, shamefully walking away, and then thinking of the perfect comeback at very random and very inopportune moments. It’s an issue. When constructing a witty response, keep it, well...witty. Funny comebacks are always a slam and leave the other person happy enough they forget they lost the argument. Make it creative, yeah it’s hard to pull out an A+ comeback in the heat of the moment, but just make it like a catch phrase. Who doesn’t find catch phrases sexy? Find a funny, generic comeback you can whip out and beat your opponent with at any moment for any

Lena Harris Reporter

reason, but if for some reason it doesn’t fit in, well don’t use it. For example... “You’re stupid.” (We will use the cliche here, purely for an over explanatory explanation) “Your Mom!” See it’s stupid. It doesn’t fit in and basically just makes you look stupider than the other person already thinks you are. Golden rule- don’t let the other person be right. Mmk? Basically, in short (in case these previous 243 words tired you out), comebacks are incredibly personal, and tailored to fit your specific needs. Like bras. They are supposed to support you in an argument but if you use them incorrectly, they don’t do much. So, don’t use a lame comeback, if possible. That’s more difficult for some rather than others, but practice makes perfect and the good comebacks that just shut the other person up deserve to be awarded. Generally by a subtle head-nod of defeat. So go, pull out spectacular comebacks. Be a champ. And be clever.

The First Amendment, Facebook, and You


Natalie Armstrong Photo Editor

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment, possibly one of the most controversial of the Amendments. Facebook and other social networks are used as a tool to express beliefs on religion, politics, and anything else that occurs in the world. Posting pictures, quotes, and even song lyrics are some of the examples people use to update their statuses. Controversial things can cause debates over Facebook, going from people simply expressing their thoughts over the post, to full blown arguments and fights. People’s news feeds go crazy, while sometimes as many as five people fight over a post. Usually the fights end up about something completely irrelevant to the original status, but instead turn into offensive comments being thrown around like crazy.

The Lobo Legend Staff

Leslie Thompson

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Reporters Chandy Klongan Tristan Kubik Thomas Lapham Mackenzie Long Tayen Madsen

Kiley Murray

Leslie Thompson

Editors Natalie Armstrong- Photo Laura Maloney-Sports

Ashley Hopko-News Lauren Davis-Design

The First Amendment does protect our right to free speech, but there are limitations to what Americans can and can’t say. There have been Supreme Court rulings placing limitations on what is allowed by the First Amendment. For example, obscene content is not protected, for the fact that the public may take offense. Fight provoking words are not acceptable either. This also means saying something such as “Tell it to my face” or “Bring it” Both of these are some examples in which the First Amendment doesn’t apply, just for the reason of These regulations follow onto social networking sites. Posting a comment in which you are stating your views, and being mature is completely different than posting something offensive and cruel, and then trying to defend it by using the First Amendment. Manners still apply, even when hiding behind a computer screen. If you see a picture on the internet which you disagree with, keep in mind the audience who will not only see the picture, but also your comment. As Americans, we have a right to disagree, but we don’t have a right to offend people or impose any sort of threats upon them. Be respectful and responsible with what you post, and Facebook can go back to being less high school drama, and more connecting with your friends and family.


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