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Homecoming: Almost a Blast Landon Wildes and Ashley Hopko Reporter/News Editor

in, Dr. Musick believes there are several reasons that a student Whispers have been echoing around Conifer’s hallways. might want to report a bomb. In this instance, a student called in Homecoming may have been more explosive than you think. because they overheard two classmates talking about a bomb. Conifer High School received a bomb threat by an anonymous “Sometimes students will call in threats because they are mad caller the day of Homecoming. at a friend,” said Dr. Musick. According to administration, the threat was called in by a Every time a bomb threat is called in, there is a specific CHS student somewhere in Conifer. It was taken seriously, and protocol that administration must follow. Questions range from administration dispatched security to scour the school. Rumors stated that the bomb was located in one of the two locker rooms. “When is the bomb going to explode?” to “Did you plant the bomb?” From these questions, they try to determine the risk, The locker rooms are accessible through the gym, the hallway, urgency, and basic information of the threat and caller. They and outside which would provide a direct link to the dance and record the phone calls to go back and determine the mood of the the parking lot. caller and background sounds. Although administration tried their best to stop the rumors, Through this protocol, they try to diminish threats and there were a few students who found out about the threat. Justin keep students, staff, and the community as safe as possible. Rodgers, a sophomore whose father is a volunteer firefighter, Luckily, they have been successful in Conifer so far. Despite the happened to look at his dad’s fire pager that day. An alert came impending threat, students didn’t falter their plans. Sophomore in that there had been a bomb threat at Conifer High School. “I Zack Hawkins said, “Even though I heard about it, I still went to really didn’t take it seriously at first,” said Justin. homecoming. Even with the threat of a highly explosive weapon Luckily, it was an empty threat. When the security finished inside.” checking the school, they found the building was secure. As “I thought everyone had a good time [at the dance]” said Dr. always, the security guards followed the standard procedure set Musick. forth by the state. Although they still don’t know who called it November 2012 Volume 17 Issue #2

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College Essays: Are They Really Worth The Time? Page 3 The Race for the States Page 4-5 Wholley in One Page 6 Important Upcoming Events -Marching Band State Competition Nov 1 – 3, 2012 -LATE START Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 -Instrumental Music Concert Thu, November 8, 7pm – 9pm -Jeffco Honor Band/Orchestra Nov 9 – 10, 2012 -Veteran’s Day Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 -Marching Band Banquet Thu, November 15, 6pm – 9pm -Senior Baby Ads Due Friday, Nov 16, 2012 -No School - Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 19 – 23, 2012 -Thanksgiving Thursday, Nov 22, 2012 -Green Day Monday, Nov 26, 2012 -LATE START Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 -LATE START Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012 ACT DATES -Registration: November 2, 2012 -Test Date: December 8, 2012 SPORTS -6:00 pm November 2 Boys Varsity Football v. Arvada HS

October 6th, a storm was brewing in Denver. A group of unlikely women gather, to clash in a battle of wits. It’s the last bout of the season between the Denver home and rocky mountain traveling roller derby teams, the Electrocuties, and the Contenders.    Roller derby, as it turns out, is one of the biggest local sports, with local teams for each city within the metro area. That Saturday’s bout was between the Denver Roller Dolls home team, the Electrocuties, and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls metro area travel team, the Contenders.     These teams take this very seriously. They carry themselves like professionals, because it’s not a job, it’s a passion. “These girls don’t get paid for this,” said Denny Whitmore, a local roller derby husband. “My friend Chris and I were here this afternoon setting up this track.”     “It’s a very grassroots culture,” said roller derby father and husband John Allen. And it is. Everyone at a roller derby seems to know someone who plays. The girls come from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes to participate in this exciting sport. And it’s not just the girls, positions are available to husbands and fathers and brothers as refs, or running the bake sale. It’s really a sport for everyone.     “My wife and both my daughters are all in derby,” said John Allen. His youngest daughter is only 13 years old and skates on the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Junior Team. The Junior league consists of a mix of ages 10 to 17 and the adult league is anyone over the age of 17.     “I’d never even heard of it till I saw Whip It,” said Rocky Mountain Roller Girl Katherine McClard, aka Newton’s Lawless. “I just thought I could do [roller derby] so I attended Derby Days and tried out for the team.” Whip It, by the way, is the most famous movie about derby and it seems to be single handedly keeping derby alive. “My daughter’s friend took her to a bout, but she really got into it when she saw Whip It,” said John Allen. It’s a dangerous sport. Rocky Mountain Roller Girl Newton’s Lawless has a metal plate in her collarbone after a surgery she had this summer following an injury sustained in a bout. “My wife is creaky and rickety even though she’s just 24,” said Denny Whitmore. But it doesn’t seem to scare anyone. “It is a contact sport, and people tell me ‘you don’t want your daughter doing that,’ but I feel the rules make it safer than say, soccer,” said John Allen. There are always bouts, and the fans are always welcoming to newbies. It’s an exciting and fun part of grassroots local culture.


Woody Guthrie Takes CSO by Storm


Natalie Armstrong and Ashley Hopko Photo Editor and News Editor

As the lights dimmed, the crowd fell silent on the eve- formance changed. Not only was there a featured orchestra, but there was also a jazz trio, performing ning of Friday, September 21st. The Colorado Symthe C-Jam Blues. David Amram was instrumental in phony Orchestra’s dress rehearsal had begun. This arranging the piece, as well as performing it. was their final chance to make sure everything was     Josh White, Jr. was the vocalist as well as the perfect. The theme of the performance was a tribute guitarist of the night. He sang some of Woody’s to Woody Guthrie, a famous folk/ jazz musician. Mr. Guthrie’s classic hits, such as “This Train is Bound Guthrie has had his music performed in many  lanfor Glory” and “Oklaguages from all over the homa Hills.” White also world.  This year would performed “House of The mark Woody Guthrie’s Rising Sun,” a cover of 100th birthday. the original song by The     The symphony was diAnimals, a group from the rected by David Amram, 60’s. who has composed over Josh White Jr. started 100 pieces, two of which exploring his musical included operas. Amram talent at  the young age was asked by Guthrie’s of four under the watchfamily to remember his ful eye of his father. Ever life as well as his work since, music has been his throughout the show. lifelong focus and dream.     Adorned in bright red “Music is a really unreliheels, the featured flute able business, but if you player, Brook Schoentruly love it, it will work wald, gracefully walked out..... in this, I have been into Boettcher Concert really blessed,” said Josh Hall, flute in hand, waitWhite, Jr. For 17 years, he ing to perform her solo performed with his father in the opening  orchesuntil he made his own tral piece. Before coming way in the world. to the CSO, she played     The grand finale of the for the Delaware Symnight included an audiphony and the Knoxville ence participation singSymphony. White and Amram performing in Denver along to Guthrie’s classic     The orchestra opened song, “This Land is Your Land. “Many different age with their performance of  Red River Valley, with groups and ethnicities gathered from many different Schoenwald in the spotlight as the evening’s flute places. A night that was originally for Woody Guthrie soloist. The symphony’s performance was based on ended up bringing people together in more ways than songs originally written by Guthrie.                                 one.     After the intermission, the dynamics of the perPhoto by: Leslie Thompson

2 If You Can’t Play Nice, Cooper Van Auken Play Derby Reporter

Rumors of Campus Closure Cause Chaos Kisa Owens, Meaghan Hanshue, and Karly Mulloy Reporters

Safeway, Sonic, Staples. These places are known and loved by upperclassman as the places where they can go to get lunch, hang out with friends, or even just get away from school for a few minutes. However, this privilege is sometimes abused, as the administration at CHS has observed recently. CHS Leadership, a group of teachers, parents, students, and leaders in the community is striving to eliminate bad choices because students are abusing the privilege of being able to leave campus. “If you’re going off campus and making bad choices, it affects everyone in the school,” said principal Dr. Michael Musick. Problems such as not returning to class after lunch or returning late, the use of drugs and alcohol, and shoplifting are raising the question of whether or not students deserve the privilege of having an open campus. “If students do these things it becomes a reflection on the school. I am responsible for every student from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave at the end of the day and everything they do in between,” said Musick. This issue was recently brought to the attention of the administration because of complaints received from managers concerned about loitering and shoplifting as well as from parents concerned about drugs

and class skipping. “When the question of solving this problem comes up, the seemingly obvious choice would be to take open campus privileges away from the entire student body,” says principal Dr. Musick; however, the cafetorium at Conifer High was designed for a school with an open campus. In other words, it’s too small to accommodate even one lunch shift. If students continue not to go to their classes and be tardy, they can lose all their privileges including being able to go off campus even if they’re a junior or a senior. If the punishments are individualized and the students creating the problems aren’t allowed to leave, then not everybody has to be drug down. Students who are breaking these rules will receive a yellow I.D. card indicating they may not go off. Dr. Musick has other ideas. He believes that if students are in the right places, the issue of off-campus privilege abuse will go down and that enlisting the help of parents to drive to the problem areas and keep an eye on things could make sweeps and ID checks here at school more possible. So what this might mean for future upperclassmen? Dr. Musick says, “This isn’t necessarily a problem; it’s a select few students making bad choices. I don’t want to take away the privileges of everyone because of a few kids’ bad decisions.”




The Enigma of College Essays

Aidan Miller Guest Columnist

The task set before me is a daunting one. It may even be impossible. To describe oneself clearly and concisely, within the constraints of a 250-500 word paper, is no easy task. A blank page is a terribly small enclosure with which to encapsulate and contain the thoughts and attributes of a single person. When one considers the vastness of human thought and emotion, and the subtleties, complexities, intricacies, and aberrations of those thoughts and emotions, it seems that not even the world itself is enough space with which to depict the essence of a solitary mind. To order one to attempt such a feat, to reveal the entirety of their being to a complete stranger, without precedent interaction or even hope of direct response, is surely madness. One would have to be possessed of a degree of naivety and desperation simply to try. Despite the difficulty of the challenge, many attempt it. Spilt is the ichor of the mind, revealed is the substantial flesh of thought. Or so one might hope. Even a brief voyage through the realm of college essays can leave one with a sense of disappointment. Pithy be only a portion of the offerings to the academe. The rest, grouped together by their shared lack of depth, are unable to present a meaningful and provocative message to their readers. These essays retell a past event, or describe a figure of interest. Their only appeal is to the senses, and although the event may be grand, or the figure heroic, the

text is incapable of more. What little meaning or purpose lies behind works such as they is explicitly stated, in simplistic terms. A truly great piece causes the reader to ask questions, and may even alter his or her opinion or view of a subject. Like a work of historical nonfiction, the lesser essay simply shows, the superior paper converses. Why should this be so? Surely, the students attempting these essays are capable of more insightful writing. Most have ample periods of time with which to construct their message, and many have peers who might proofread and improve this message. Unfortunately, it is likely that many do not have care enough to exert themselves mentally, and certainly not on something as dull as a college essay. Others may be intimidated by the urgency of the situation, and afraid of failure. Only a select few have the proficiency and drive to be able to write a decent essay. Personally, a question comes to mind: What is the point, then? If these essays are so often as non-revealing as they have been in my experience, I see little reason to require them. Not to mention the fact that good test scores and a high GPA will easily outweigh even an abominable work of autobiographical literature. In consideration of these consequences and tribulations, I cannot write a college essay; the stress it might cause me, at a key point in my development, and the frequently wasted effort make it unfeasible to even attempt such a feat.

Take Your Place In Line

Chandy Klonglan Reporter

The beginning of highschool can be really difficult for some people. Some fit in very quickly, and others don’t. Senior Flo Ellison shares a mutual feeling saying,“Certain ones are likeable, and there are others that I don’t want here.” to many people, freshmen are not their favorite classmates. Whether it is stopping in the middle of the hall during passing period or screaming for no reason, freshmen seem to be a sore spot for most upperclassmen. We are not even safe in our upper classes. Many freshmen are getting into higher and higher courses such as Algebra 2 honors, Chemistry honors, and biology. Clothes on freshmen also seem to be weirder. The style for girls is to wear borderline nothing, and guys don’t seem to understand the definition of a belt. As a junior, girls, I advise you to try to put a few more layers on, and boys, I really don’t enjoy seeing your boxers. Please pull them up or purchase a belt. Many also have a large ego making them an even easier target. An unnamed source said confidentially,  “A

Reporters Blake Sankey Jacob Smith Savannah Talbot Cooper VanAuken Landon Wildes Cole Wheatley Cameron McGrew Karly Mulloy Kim Pease

The Lobo Legend Staff

Editors Natalie ArmstrongPhoto Laura MaloneySports


lot of them think they are better than others.” Something that would help with that is realizing there are way more people in the school than just yourself. Senior Nick Hansell said, “They are way too cocky than they should be.” So try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for once. Freshmen that stop in the middle of the hall during passing period are also a problem. Here’s helpful hint: move to the side or do not stop right in the middle of the hall during your conversations. You will get shoved, and it will not feel good. Some freshmen’s manners seem to be a bit vague. My advice to freshmen with that issue is one word, respect. Sophomore Kiran Muetz shared some of her insight with me, “I think they tend to be really immature.” Many of the students you are being rude to our upperclassmen and you should always respect students who have been here longer than you. Here are my tips for you during your first year of high school. One, boys buy some belts or pull up your pants. Two, girls put some actual Reporters clothes on, Brent Kirk or clothes Chandy Klongan that go with Tristan Kubik the weather. Thomas Lapham Three, don’t Mackenzie Long be smartaleck, Jessica Ball and respect Brooklyn Hampton everyone Meaghan Hanshue around you, Lena Harris even if they Emily Jones are in your Kisa Owens own grade. So freshmen, try not to think only about yourselves Editor-in-Chief and think Kiley Murray about your surroundings.

Ashley Hopko-News Lauren DavisDesign

Adviser Leslie Thompson

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates Everyone wants life to be like a movie. Why Lena Harris Reporter

not? It would be so much fun. Even going through normal dull life is basically like a movie, or many movies shoved into one very long, very dull, very confusing movie. Waking up is painful, but when you look at yourself sometimes it screams “The Exorcist”. Nobody looks good waking up and everyone has those days that their head is backwards and they have puke pouring out of their face. To look maybe a little less, you know, demented, you should probably shower. Showering alone though, in the dark... you’re going to get stabbed. That won’t do much to add to your looks. Wash the blood off and get going. Putting on makeup to cover up any exorcist scars makes you think you look great but let’s be honest, you look like the Joker. Nobody will think “why so serious” is a good pick up line, but good luck with that. Also another hint: at school, don’t try to make “Fetch” workit’s just not going to work, Gretchen. When it’s cold, wear a sweater. You never know when you will be chasing someone around a hedge maze with an ax through a blizzard. It gets a bit chilly out. When it comes to your significant other, keep them close. The school could sink into the ocean, and sure you’re thinking it’s unsinkable, but we all know how that works out. Oh well, at least you can finally get rid of the clingy girlfriend...but an easier method would be just texting her that you’re breaking up with her. She might seem a lot like a T-Rex afterwards, in that case don’t get eaten. Some relationships do work though, especially if your guy does as you wish and can save you from rodents of unusual size. Always a good plan. And if the relationship does get messed up, write to each other. Say you’re sorry and that you wrote. In the pouring rain. It has to be the rain. No sunshine. You and your friends are a constant sitcom filled with bad jokes and poor timing. The background laughter isn’t supposed to be there you know, that’s everyone laughing at you. Not with you. At home, life becomes a reality show that doesn’t make much sense or have much purpose, besides seeing who can yell louder. As the sun goes down stay inside. Everyone knows the moment it gets dark and you’re outside every squirrel is an ax murderer or demon trying to kill you. Even inside when you’re home alone every sound and shadow is someone under the bed waiting to drag you under by your ankles and kill you. Putting up cameras can help you see that something is going on, but it doesn’t matter much because you’re going to die in the end.


Face Off for Jefferson County Polling Places

Third Party Ca


DeadlineOctober 9- Register to vote Oct. 30- Apply for mail in ballot Nov. 6- Return mail-in and general election    Polls open from 7 A.M.-7 P.M.         If in line at seven can stay as long as it takes Oct. 22- 27 and Oct. 29-Nov. 2- Early in person voting PlacesEarly voting- Evergreen, 4990 County Hwy 73 (Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30)         Arvada, 6510 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite 320(Mon.-Fri. 7:305:30)         Lakewood, 2099 Wadsworth [Park Ridge Plaza] (Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30) County building- Hearing Room 2 (1st Floor) 100 Jefferson County Pkwy. (Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30)     Columbine Library- 7706 W Bowles Ave. (Mon.-Fri. 10:00-5:00) Deposit Mail Ballot- County elections division, 3500 Illinois St, Ste 1100, Golden (Oct. 15 - Nov. 6 Mon. - Fri. 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M., October 27th - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. November 6th - Tuesday (Election Day) 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and same locations in Evergreen, Arvada and Lakewood as early voting (Oct. 15 - Nov. 6 Mon. - Fri. 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M., October 27th - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. November 6th - Tuesday (Election Day) 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. More info at the Jefferson County website elections/index.htm

PEACE AND FREEDOM PARTY President: Roseanne Barr (Hawaii) Vice President: Cindy Sheehan (California) ● -Free education ● -End to U.S. intervention around the world ● -Free healthcare for all ● -Bring all troops home now ● -Ending discrimination ● -Full rights for immigrants

-Enacting the Full Employment Program will provide 25 million green jobs -Break up oversized banks -Tuiton free education kindergarten through college

OBJECTIVIST PA Tom Stevens (Ne ● -Promote Ayn R phy of the object ●-Have a right to ●-Rights to their ●-Right to their o ●-Have a right to

SOCIALIST EQUALITY PARTY: Jerry White (Michigan) -Wants human solidarity and cooperation -Basic rights to the working class (right to a job, education,health care, a safe retirement) -Abolish the economic exploitation workers power

PROHIBITION PARTY Lowell “Jack” Fellure (West Virginia) ● ●-Military preperation ●-Health Care - Each state has its own health care method ●-Stopping Illegal Immigration ●-Marriage - One male, one female ●-No drugs and alcohol

CONSTITUTION PARTY Virgil Goode -On immigration: “Illegal immigration must stop. Our borders must be secure.” -On abortion: “As President I would continue to oppose abortion and would submit a budget to Congress with zero funding for Planned Parenthood and any other similar entities.” -On health care: “I support ending Obamacare.”

● ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

r the Nation

y Candidates

VIST PARTY: vens (New York)

e Ayn Rand’s philosoe objectivist in politics right to life to their own thoughts o their own property right to protect

LIBERTARIAN PART Y Gary Johnson -Socially Liberal Issues. ● LGBTQ rights, ○ legalization of marijuana ○ open immig ration ○ separation of church and ○ state -Against government bailouts ○ regulation of trade ○ military interventionism ○

On the sixth of November, voters throughout the nation will be going to polling stations. This voting cycle, Jefferson County voters will be facing a vote on the 3A mill levy and 3B bond once again. This vote will affect the schools in Jeffco, including Conifer High School. Some AP and elective classes might get cut from the curriculum next year if 3A and 3B does not pass, as well as administrators, teachers, and funding for classes. What is 3A mill levy and 3B bond? 3A will generate $39 million to help Jefferson County schools recruit and retain the best teachers, maintain class sizes, and ensure students have access to instrumental music, teacher librarians, electives, and outdoor lab. 3B will provide $99 million for much-needed school and building repairs such as upgrading safety and

JUSTICE PARTY Candidate:Rocky Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah ● -New party formed in 2011 ● -Support ○ financial transaction tax ○ environmental protection ● -Against ○ corporate personhood ○ Bush tax cuts.

environment systems, including fire protection, and sidewalk and pavement replacement. Here’s how the mill and bond cost numbers break down. If both 3A and 3B pass in November, the annual net impact of the mill and bond cost is $14.68 per $100,000 of assessed property value. What will 3A mill levy and 3B bond do to Conifer if it is not passed? According to the 3A and 3B website “elective classes that do not have more than 29 students average will be cut, including classes like student government and vocal music. In addition, some classes will increase to 25-27 students,even 30, due to the cut of 9 teachers. Also, some of the classes will not be cut in next year’s curriculum but will be offered as an extracurricular activity, like newspaper, yearbook, and leadership.

6 One Stroke In Front Of The Other

doesn’t have too big of an impact on the team, shown by what returning swimmer Brenna LeBlanc said, “I have not heard any details about this.” This closure has no big impact because it is just for a few big meets a season such as regionals. Conifer’s team practices at Wulf Recreation center in Evergreen. Coach Bahl said, “Angie Sanders and the other athletic directors are in the process of figuring out where the meets will now be held or if they are going to be canceled. They have chosen Carmody for league.” The swim team will not be held back but they hope to see it open sooner rather than later.

Conifer High School’s Girls Varsity Swim Team

Photo By: Conifer High School Yearbook

As the beginning of winter sports approaches, the girls swim team has run into a little problem with their swim venue. It seems that the wooden supports at George J. Meyers Pool can’t hold the weight of the 22 year old swimming complex. Since the pool is closing, the swim team doesn’t know where their upcoming meets are going to be held. Head swim coach Rachel Bahl of the girls team says, “The new closure will cause change in the league. It won’t be bad change because the girls will be able to go to new venues allowing them to get hyped up.” Even though this closure isn’t a bad thing”, their website says, “ We do not know the length of the closure at this time,” (Apex Park and Recreation District ). Twelve beams are rotting from the inside and the owners are waiting for city staff to look over the new concept design before any more steps can be taken. Obviously, this closure

Swinging Through The Season

Savannah Talbot Reporter

The ball soared through the air by a swift swing as the players watched in preparation for its landing. Junior Jeffrey Walsh was the most anxious. Having quit football to transfer to the sport of golf, he was ready for a good hit. He remembers that day and describes how it felt when he saw that ball mistakenly bump the head of one of the nearby geese. He says the geese ran terrified in one direction as the one that was hit “Kind of wobbled the other way.” The boys golf team had a season full of obstacles and achievements, but as the team looks back now, they remember their fun and misadventures. Some members of the boys golf team were motivated to join because of the sport’s inactive quality. Freshman Jack Richey said he joined because he liked that there was “no running” and his parents wanted him to be in an after school activity. But the boys were not always standing still. Sophomore Matthew Bluestein says when someone missed a putt, Coach Wess Lamers would make them run around the green. “I enjoyed the practices,” says Senior Bryan Wholley, “it’s not like some other sports where people complain about their

News/Sports Laura Maloney Sports Editor

practices.” Wholley already had plenty of experience around the golf course. Last year he qualified for the 4A State golf tournament. He describes the tournament as “nerve racking.” This season Wholley finished seventh in his league and first team all conference. Some teammates refer to Wholley as “B-Dog.” “B-Dog’s the best player,” says Bluestein. Although the team did not win as many meets as they had wanted, they did beat one of their strongest competitors, Arvada. The boys created a strong unit and got closer, literally, through their time together. Bluestein described a time when the boys had to cram into one car. He says everyone was practically sitting on each other as their coach drove. Each speedbump heightened their discomfort. The boys had a season full of awkward situations like this and laughter along the way. “We are pretty well liked by the ladies,” says Bluestein. Boys Golf did not have an outstanding season. No major victories that propelled them in the leader board. But the boys each had their own accomplishments and each had fun on the course.

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