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Year 3 Mechanical Engineering - Rock Climbing Safety


Product Selection


Final Render



My final year project was to enhance the safety of indoor and outdoor rock climbing. This was completed buy altering the all ready successful designs in the market. The final design consist of a standard body with a torsion sprung leaver arm. When no tension is applied to the dead end of the rope the leaver arm presses the rope against the full side of the body thus increasing the wrap. Date: 30/03/2011


Mid Tension

No Tension Working Conditions

This project was to design a therortical smart system that used various sensor in conjustion with a micro proccesor to alter the gear on a bike. The was completed as part of a team each with personal areas of specification. The final design is to have two sensors. Wheel speed and cadence. Depending upon the valuse the gearing would change using two liner accutators. One attached to the front derailleur and the other at the rear. Date: 24/12/2010

Year 3 Mechanical Engineering - Automatic Derailleur System


A final year module was to enter a design competition. The chosen competition was the D & AD awards. The brief was to redesign packaging for the Body Shop to connect the user with Brand values of the company. The final submission was an A3 poster showing the packaging. Date: 14/02/2011

Year 3 Mechanical Engineering - Body Shop Design Competition


Final Submission to Design Competition

Year 3 Mechanical Engineering - Line Following Robot

Prototype Testing

Final Model

Summary The project was to design and build a line following robot. A picaxe-18 micro controller was used in conjunction with a L239D chip to allow for two reversible motor outputs. The final design initially showed promise by following simple lines of straight forward and 45 degrees changes, however the 90 degree turns proved to be an issues. With the robot over compensating and losing the line. Date: 30/03/2010

Developed Design

Year 2 Mechanical Engineering - Disaster Crane Summary Project was based towards developing a disaster area crane. A specification was given and the final design had to be analysed using the solid mechanics taught through the module. The specification was:Must fit in the back of a Land Rover Must be able to be carried manually Lift a minimum of 1000kg Transport the load 4m from the place of lift Date: 30/03/2010

This project was based around re-design a product that all ready exist but has problems. As team we believed there to be a large issues with the usablity of a suitcase on stairs. Currently the situation is to carry them up.

Year 2 Product Design and Management - User centred Design


Side illustration

The design incorporates a stregthend base with rounded corners. The wheels centre has been placed higher than a convectional design. This reduces the amount of drag on the stairs. The idea of the product is to allow the user to pull the suitcase up the stairs. Date: 30/03/2009

Product Range

Year 2 Product Design - Fire Safety Mask Summary The brief was given to design a personal fire safety device which would help prevent smoke inhalation in the event of a fire. The need for such a device is that smoke inhalation leads to the majority of fatalities in domestic fires. From the brief it was determined that the following points would be the critical success factor of the product: Intuitive to use Ergonomically Designed Efficient Profitable Simple Technology Date: 30/03/2009

Year 2 Product Design - Deep Sea Diving

Cross Section

Front View

Summary This project was run using a combination of two degrees areas. Two Designers joined with two Engineers to develop a product based around an OP-Amp circuit.


The final design was to warn divers when they were at a depth of 10 meters or greater.. This warning was in the form of a light in the users goggles. The sensors used was a standard micro switch with a specially designed dome to deflect and touch the switch when the depth became 10 meters or greater. Date: 24/12/2008

Head Unit

Exploded View

Year 2 Product Design - CAD

Loads and Restraints

Summary The advanced CAD coursework was to develop a bell crank that meet the set specification in terms of maximum stress , FOS and fatigue life. Date; 20/12/2008

Final Stress Plot

FOS Plot Final Design

Year 1 Product Design and Management - Snap Fit ting Clock

Final Render with Packaging

Final Design - Hand Drawn

Summary Design and manufacture a prototype bedside clock, using the standard clock parts provided as a foundation for our design. We Were given various constraints, including; everything must snap fit together and not tampering with standard parts. Date: 20/12/2007

Clock final render

Year 1 Product Design - CAD

Exploded View

Summary CAD model completed for coursework. Complete using Solidoworks and rendered using Photoworks. Date: 20/12/2007

Final Render

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