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Do I Qualify for Loan?

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Introducing Debt to Income Calculator

iPhone and Android App This app helps user to see their current financial status as well as provide measures to improve it in seconds.

How to Calculate Debt?

A tool that Banks, Lenders or Creditors use in determining whether to grant a loan or credit. The Banks, Lenders or Creditors input your total income, they then input your total debt. Then they get a ratio or number which represent your debt. They use this number in determining whether to grant a loan or credit and how much. Ideally they like that ratio or number to be at or around .37 to .45 in many cases .50 becomes difficult to get a loan or credit.

Now get and idea what you can pre-qualify for when getting ready to :-

Purchase a home Financing Auto-loan Personal-loan Student - loan before completing an application

So What are you thinking?Just Download this amazing Application.

Debt to income(dti) calculator app