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Loan Modification

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Proper paperwork boosts your chances of getting the home loan modification accredited. It is this straightforward and easy. If you're considering a loan modification to maintain your home from going into foreclosure, now could be a great time to begin the process. It may seem like a complicated task in the beginning, you may also feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin. But the most valuable loan modification guidelines focus on providing the appropriate documentation. In order to increase your chances of getting approved, it is completely imperative that you supply all of the documentation the lending company asks for.

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Be Sure Your Application Is Complete This could sound obvious to most, but it is normal that someone will neglect to complete their loan modification application flawlessly. This can grind your application process to a screeching end. Occasionally your application is often turned down.

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What Paperwork Should You Have?  Hardship Letter  Documents to backup your financial hardship claim.  Federal income tax returns and W2's for the last 2 years (This is attained electronically once you give approval by filling out the necessary form)  Pay stubs

This is not at all a complete list. It is supplied to offer you as a general understanding of the kind of documents you may be needed to have. You should discuss with your loan provider for a more complete list. Page 4

Before You Apply Be Sure To Know Your Debt Ratio

A homeowner should be capable to prove to a loan provider that their housing cost percentage is too high and without a modification to their existing loan, they're not going to be capable of pay their mortgage unless payments are lowered. Which means you have to determine your debt ratio vs your current income. Don't be concerned it is not as complex as it may seem. To be eligible, your "housing debt" has to be at least 31% or more of your wages. To estimate that amount just add: Your Current House Payment Taxes Insurance HOA fees (if applicable) divided by your Monthly Gross Income Utilize these loan modification guidelines to prepare yourself before you actually launch the process. The additional information you have upfront, the better and more rapidly you can get okayed. Page 5

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Guidelines: Loan Modification Proper paperwork boosts your chances of getting the home loan modifi...