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Plug and Sense Simplicity Force measurement made easy Comparison of Digital and Analog Configuration

Loadstar Sensors 3/29/2010

Traditional load cells are typically made from strain gauges which output a 20 mV total change in signal in response to applied loads. A user would need a signal conditioner to condition this signal, a data acquisition system to digitize the signal and application software to view and process the signal! Loadstar Sensors offers you a much more elegant and simpler solution!

iLoad Digital load cells convert a load into a reading on a PC without need for any additional signal conditioners, data acquisition systems or special software. Connect a iLoad Digital load cell to your PC's USB port and start measuring.

This simplicity of use is what we refer to as "Plug and Sense Simplicity". This technology enables end users without any knowledge of load cells to start measuring forces and loads within minutes. It enables software developers to build great new applications that incorporate force and load measurement. You don't need to be an electronics engineer to use one!

The optional LoadVUE load cell software can provide an elegant interface to make it even more convenient to measure loads, and to log the data to a comma separated text file that can be easily opened using Microsoft Excel, Matlab or other statistical analysis packages. iLoad Analog load cells convert a load into a signal in the 0-5 VDC range. These load cells are ideal for applications that need to input signal directly into an existing PLC/DAQ - there is no need for a signal conditioner or linearizer. Our load cells output a linear signal: 0.5 V at No Load and 4.5 V at Full Load, to make it easy to incorporate our load cells into your custom applications.

Plug and Sense  

Force measurement made simple... a comparison between analog and digital techniques.

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