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Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Parents to decide on full or half-day


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Sneek Peek will cover options Parents will have the opportunity to see what a full-day and half-day kindergarten schedule would look like during the district’s Kindergarten Sneak Peek event April 29. They can pre-register for either kindergarten program then or during regular registration May 13. Sneak Peek will be held in the Kindergarten Center auditorium from 9-11 a.m., followed by a Spanish presentation from noon-2 p.m. The program will include a curriculum overview and previews of both half-and full-day kindergarten schedules, said Megan Bybee, principal at Driggs Elementary. Information about the Teton Kindergarten Center will also be provided. Parents will have an hour to ask

questions of available staff and “peek into classrooms that will be in session,” she said. “Parents can look forward to learning about the academic, social and emotional goals of kindergarten, a list of skills we would love to see kids entering kindergarten with, and a list of skills we would love to see all students leaving with,” Bybee said. Parents can get a look at the text resources and programs used, and they’ll be able to meet with Bybee and support staff. “Teachers will be in classrooms, but will be available on registration day on May 13 to speak with in depth,” Bybee said. Call the Center at (208) 354-8280 for more information.

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Henry’s fork study meeting April 20

Parents will have the option to enroll their kindergarteners in either full- or half-day programs in the Teton School District next year. Bowing to the wishes of many of its patrons, the TSD board Monday night approved both options — provided enough parents register their children in the half-day program to justify the cost of a teacher. Judging by the overflow crowd, many of whom spoke in favor of it, that shouldn’t be a problem. Rosalyn Nelson brought a petition signed by about 100 patrons asking to keep half-day kindergarten available in the district. She said more than 20 parents would register their children for half-day in each of the next two years. Many parents questioned the wisdom of spending district

funds on the full-day program when other needs seem to be unmet, including adequate supplies of books. “District principals will provide an inventory and update on textbooks at the next school board meeting, to share our current status, what we have done recently to address the issue, and what our future needs and plans are,” said Woolstenhulme, in an email. At the meeting, Stephanie Hatch said her 5-year-old doesn’t need all-day kindergarten and believes district funds “could be spent in many other places. Kindergarten is not daycare.” “It’s wrong to think all 5-year-olds need all-day kindergarten,” said Tiffany Jenkins. She and other parents said they can help prepare their children for school at home. “Don’t underestimate the power of the parent,” Nelson said. “If we choose [half-day kindergarten] we’re committed to

Schools facing new technology transitions Ken Levy TVN Staff Recently-passed Students Come First legislation means Teton School District staff will soon be involved with more training in science and technology, TSD Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme said at Monday’s school board meeting. The district is switching away from expensive software programs to Google Docs and gmail, among others. “That’s a big transition to make with our staff,” he said. The district needs to upgrade outdated financial and accounting and human-resource programs, and 12-year-old student information systems are a “dead horse that’s not supported any more, and we have to update that.” PowerSchool, an online student information system, is coming to the district, “but when you go to software like that, you better communicate with the teacher and the parents about what’s happening with that student,” he said. See more school district news on page A12


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