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Financial disclosure reports for county-level candidates These reports were released this week. Detailed information about contributions and expenditures can be viewed at

Bonnie Beard (D) Assessor—$0 Kirk Olsen (IND) Assessor—$0 Rick Beard (R) County clerk • Contributions to date: $483.39 • Cash balance: $0 • Expenditures $483.39 • Outstanding debt: $0

Tony Goe (R) County commissioner seat 2 • Contributions to date: $4,745.98 • Cash balance: $3,521.59 • Expenditures: $1,224.39 • Outstanding debt: $899.64

Kathy Rinaldi (D) Commissioner seat 2 • Contributions year to date: $17,465 • Expenditures year to date: $8,452.34 • Cash balance at close of period: $9002.64 • Outstanding debt: $105.29

Kelly Park (R) Commissioner seat 3 • Contributions: $200 • Expenditures: $0 • Cash balance: $200

Larry Young (D) Commissioner seat 3 • Contributions year to date: $1,959.23 • Expenditures year to date: $18.80 • Cash balance at close of period: $1940.43 • Outstanding debt: $0

Mary Lou Hansen (D) County clerk • Contributions to date $200 • Cash balance $200 • Outstanding debt: $0

Rick Beard (R) County clerk • Contributions to date: $483.39 • Cash balance: $0 • Expenditures $483.39 • Outstanding debt: $0

Tim Melcher— County coroner - $0 Bonnie Hatch – (D) Treasurer - $0

TVN Photo/Ken Levy

Teton County Assessor Bonnie Beard, seeking reelection, makes her opening statement during the candidate debates Thursday night. Beside her are Tony Goe, Republican candidate for county commissioner, District 2; Kathy Rinaldi, Democrat incumbent commissioner, District 2, and Kelly Park, Republican candidate for commissioner, District 3.

The candidates debate

Rachael Horne TVN Staff While much of Thursday’s county candidate debate focused on fixing the valley’s economy, candidates for county commissioner, clerk and assessor took a variety of questions from the public. An overflow crowd gathered at the senior center in the Driggs community center Thursday. On hand were commissioner candidates Tony Goe and Kathy Rinaldi (District 2), and Kelly Park and Larry Young (District 3). Rick Beard and Mary Lou Hansen are facing each other in the county clerk race while Bonnie Beard was on hand in the assessor’s race. Her opponent Kirk Olsen wasn’t in attendance. During the question-and-answer period with the public, Kitchener Head asked commissioner candidates how much money they’ve raised and how much of that has come from outside the county. Young said he raised about

$2,000 so far, while Rinaldi didn’t know a specific dollar amount. Neither knew how much was from out of state, but defended money coming from outside the county as money that came from property owners. Young said some of the second home or property owners didn’t get to vote in local elections but still wanted to be part of the political process. Goe said none of the money he’s raised has come from out of state, and none had come from special interests. He has raised close to $5,000. Park has raised $200. He said he didn’t feel right asking people for money when the economy was so bad. John Greenwood asked Goe if he thought protecting the environment was a bad idea. Goe replied that the environment was important to the Valley and that he loved the dark skies, as he was an amateur astronomer. He said he supported seeing the Valley protected. One gentleman asked about money earmarked for Teton Creek Restoration. Rinaldi explained that the landfill was closed and the county had to put up a matching grant to help with the restoration. Young said the county is responsible for the old landfill for 30 years and they’ve already had lechate problems. He said if Teton Creek had a significant problem, it would break the county to have to deal with it. Georgie Stanley asked about noxious weed control and why so

many thistles and other weeds this year seemed to be uncontrolled. Young said they sent out over 200 letters to land owners and the county has an ordinance that allows them to go in and spray. Goe said some people needed to take greater personal responsibility, and it would be hard to hire someone specifically to control weeds because the county didn’t even have enough money to pay its emergency manager to be full time. All the candidates supported opportunities for workforce training. Rinaldi pointed to the Old Ford Garage as a place for education opportunities and the county has been talking with Eastern Idaho Technical College to get classes here. A woman asked if any of the commissioner candidates were planning on resigning if they were elected. All replied no. Early voting is already underway at the Teton County Courthouse. Hansen reported that over 300 people have already voted in the county. Election Day is Nov. 2. Polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For precincts and polling places visit or stay tuned to the TVN over the next few weeks. To contact Rachael Horne e-mail

Vote Early to avoid Election Day lines Any registered elector may choose to Vote Early. You can have an absentee ballot mailed to you, or you can vote in person at the courthouse. Click on “Elections” at or call 354-8780 for complete details.You must show a Photo ID or sign an Affidavit.

Early Voting ends Friday, Oct. 29.

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