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The Veteran Educational Debt Problem Most Americans assume that the G.I. Bill guarantees U.S. Armed Forces personnel access to free post-secondary education. The facts are: •

Active duty personnel, reservists, and national guard have taken out student loans to pay for higher education because of loopholes in educational benefits.

Majority of undergraduates and graduate school Veterans who

Most Americans assume that benefits the G.I. guarantees U.S. Armed Forces personnel access to free are not covered by education takeBill out an average of $7,400 per year or nearly $30,000* in total. post-secondary education. They are surprised to learn that active duty personnel, reservists, and Veterans • have The Office had of Servicemember to take outAffairs student within the loans Consumer to pay for higher education. Financial Protection Bureau found that rising levels of Veteran Shortfalls student in thedebt new Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, lingering exclusions from the old Montgomery G.I. Bill, may be a more serious problem for military families and educational than originally debt believed, acquired accounting prior for more to service economic hardships compromise the lives of thousands. While there than mortgage and credit card debt combined.** are military educational programs that help relieve this educational debt, not all Veterans are • under One of the most prevalent reasons service members lose their covered these programs. security clearance is because of student loan debt.**

Educational debt in the U.S. for active duty military amounts to nearly $3 billion.***

46% of veterans default on their student loans – significantly higher than the default rate of non-veteran students.****

*Department of Education data ** Boston Globe ***National Military Family Association, 2019 ****Center for American Progress, 2018

The Education Need Despite the GI Bill, Student debt is a social issue among Veterans

• The majority of the education programs provided by the U.S. military and the Department of Veterans Affairs only provide education support after a Veteran’s original enlistment date during and after their service. Some Veterans have pre-enlistment debt because of education received before service. • Another reoccurring reason that Veterans take on student debt results from the wait time required to process an education claim with the federal government during an extended claims process while they are in school. • The military Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) does not cover private debt and has a complex payment process that does not always relieve education debt over the term of the service member’s enlistment.

LNVB Retroactive Scholarship Program Leave No Veteran Behind addresses this issue by accepting private donations from individuals and corporations across the country. LNVB then applies those funds directly to verified Veteran student loan accounts on behalf of our service members, paying off their debt in full.

To qualify, our Veteran beneficiaries must have: (1) completed some form of higher education, (2) currently suffer from an existing economic hardship, and (3) have accumulated outstanding student debt because they were not fully covered by existing military education programs. In return, all Veterans assisted by our program are required to give back through community service. Each Veteran must commit to 100-400 hours of community service that leverages their military skills, civilian education, and new found lack of indebtedness so that they can continue to serve their nation as civilians.

LNVB Retroactive Scholarship Recipients Criteria •

Completed Some Form of Higher Education (Technical – Doctorate)

Debt Not Covered Under Current Educational Programs

Served Honorably

Has An Economic Hardship

Commits to 100-400 Hours of Community Service

Profile of Veteran Enrollee • Veterans serving in various conflicts: Iraq: 34%, Afghanistan: 11%, Dessert Storm: 4%, Vietnam 2% •

29% Veterans With Medical Disability

Veterans with PTSD: 8% and TBI: 3%

97% enrolled Veterans struggling to pay both college and other debt

29% Female

34% Minority

LNVB Nationwide Positive Impact Program Nationwide Participants


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546* 800+ 29% Veterans Across the Country Medical Issues


34% Average Debt




Delivering Real Impact: Relieving Educational Debt


Veterans scholarships

$230K Veteran Educational Debt paid by Leave No Veteran Behind

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Leave No Veteran Behind Meets all of your giving requirements

Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB) is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that invests in Veterans to build better communities through employment training, transitional jobs, and our veteran educational debt relief scholarship. Leave No Veteran Behind invests in heroes who have served their country honorably and who seek to continue their service as assets in communities across America.

Delivering Real Impact: Transitional Jobs Outcomes:

Program: •

Veterans don’t come home to programs, they come home to communities. Leave No Veteran Behind supports Veteran success through transitional jobs focused on serving the communities in which they live. This program employs Veteran talent to solve issues in the most distressed communities.

• • • •

Veterans are employed to improve violent outcomes with disinvested youth Millions in transitional wages to military families Safer environments for young people in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods Thousands of youth mentorship hours Increased dignity, increased self-worth, and community connectivity

1000+ Transitional Jobs Provided

$7 million+ Wages Paid to Military Families


Transitional Jobs Provided Daily

Dynamic Leadership Team

Different type of (Social) Entrepreneurs Eli Williamson, President

• Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran • U.S. Army

Roy Sartin, Vice President • Iraq War Veteran • U.S. Army

Sound Stewardship: Respected Board Diverse and credentialed Board of Directors and Board of Advisors; include several general officers, a former Assistant Secretary of State, a former Deputy Under Secretary of Defence and Security, three flag officers, and other prominent individuals from various industries and sectors

Board Of Directors

Board of Advisors

• Darryl Rodgers, Board Chairman, U.S. Army

• Gen. (Ret.) Richard B. Myers, 15th

• Maynard Anderson, U.S. Army, Vietnam War

Veteran, VP Bernstein Alliance

Veteran, Deputy Under Secretary of Defence (Acting)

• Guy Nave, PhD, U.S. Army Veteran, Professor, Luther College

• Sid Kleinman • John Schwan, CEO CTI Industries, 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam War Veteran, CEO CTI Industries • Col. (Ret.) Christine B. Knighton, U.S. Army • William Edwards, U.S. Army, Boeing

• • • • •

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Air Force Veteran Gen. (Ret.) Michael E. Ryan, Vietnam War Veteran, Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Velma Richardson, U.S. Army Veteran, VP of IT Programs, Lockheed Martin Col. (Ret.) Damon T. Arnold, MD, U.S. Army Veteran, Former Director of Public Health (IL) Russel J. Bruemmer, JD, Partner, Wilmer Hale Law Firm, Central Intelligence Agency Uwe Rudolf, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Luther College Daniel Greene, Iraq Veteran Purple Heart Recipient

“Leave No Veteran Behind

believes former service members are strategic assets. We leverage their skills to address some of America’s most pressing issues as we work to decrease youth violence, lower the Veteran unemployment rate and alleviate Veteran student debt. Join us in our mission.”

Maj. Gen (Ret.) Ronald L. Johnson U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Opportunities For Investment

LNVB is seeking: • PHILANTHROPIC INVESTORS seeking a social ROI • IMPACT INVESTORS seeking social and community ROI

Investors that demand: • A non-profit commitment to both a financial and a social return • Direct, measurable impact to Veterans • Measurable social impact to challenging community challenges • Real economic impact through wages, employment, and education

What’s in it for You? There is no shortage of worthy causes to support. The challenge donors face is determining which organization can deliver the good in focused areas, producing results cost effectively. And do all this while providing the opportunity to have their brand connected to those good works in a tangible way. Leave No Veteran Behind provides all of this. Delivers good in focused area • Veterans • Education • Community • Diversity • In specific-target geographies Produces cost effective results • Changes the lives exponentially • Veterans • Military Families • Children in at-risk neighbourhoods • Communities • Nationwide reach and results • High impact with low administrative cost Brand exposure • LNVB’s tens of thousands social media followers • Inclusion in media events • Inclusion on LNVB website and collateral • Novel media story in multiple target markets

Veterans are not victims, but community assets to empower

Proven, Next-Generation Veteran Non-Profit