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About LNT Software LNT Software are the fastest growing Care Management Software provider in the UK, employing a team of specialist Programmers and Advisers across a host of services and care operations. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond rapidly to requests for honest, reliable advice. LNT Software are members of BASDA and are bound by the Cloud Vendors Charter. BASDA is the Business Application Software Developers Association, representing almost 200 of the world’s leading business software suppliers. Working with governments and policy-making groups in the UK, Europe and worldwide, BASDA is the acknowledged voice of the business software industry. As you would expect from a software provider, we are also Microsoft & Cisco partners. Although we work with many accounts packages, we are proud to be Sage Developers and are fortunate enough to be recognised in the Times Fast Track 100.

When I first moved into the Social Care sector, I was quickly surprised at the dedication of those working within the many different facets of social care and how rewarding my role could be. We are a few years down the line now and I too share that dedication and get immense satisfaction in my role dealing with frontline carers, owners and of course residents. It is a privilege to be the Managing Director of a software company that can make a real difference to the quality of care able to be provided by operators across the country. Working with and supporting the various associations that do so much good on behalf of the sector is very gratifying. Founded in 1998 by Yorkshire born entrepreneur Lawrence Tomlinson, the business went by the name of Coolblue. In January 2011 we formalised our membership within the LNT Group of companies by rebranding to LNT Software. This all began when as a young man in his early 20’s, our chairman Lawrence Tomlinson, recognised the need for improving efficiency within his own care homes. To fully achieve this vision, Lawrence required a highly functional and flexible software platform. Now, some 20 years on since that first version, we have launched Coolcare3, our most advanced Care Home Management software yet. As for Lawrence, he still has a massive influence in the direction of the software and its ever growing functionality. Lawrence is now a respected spokesman often sought for his advice on elderly care issues and is a recognised thought leader within a number of arenas such as business and engineering. However, his heart remains where he himself started, in social care. The huge success of Coolcare has largely been achieved by the great feedback and direction we get from our existing client base across the UK, so to all of our clients a big thank you from Lawrence and the team here at LNT Software.


Software Lifecycle

In the face of growing economic & sector uncertainty, operating compliance & efficiency has never been so important

Any operator looking to take advantage of a software system has already recognised the value in being able to analyse their care facilities real time information. Any Home Manager investigating the implementation of such a system can easily identify the efficiencies such a system would bring and the increase in time to deliver outstanding care that accompanies such a system. LNT Software offers a comprehensive range of elements within its care management platform, Coolcare. Coolcare is always growing and has been developed by our client community, it is the very people that use Coolcare every day to run their operation that steer our development. Whether they work in the payroll office or on reception, all points and recommendations that are raised go on our development list and quite a few make it into the regular fortnightly product update.


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Coolcare gives any provider the opportunity to implement a cycle of continuous improvement


Accounts & Payroll As a business you need to be able to quickly and easily analyse the costs involved in staffing your homes, manage your residents payments and of course, monitor any aged debt. Being able to export your client payments and payroll to your accounting packages with peace of mind and in a few minutes will also greatly ease your administration overhead. Coolcare allows you to easily export these from wherever you are, whenever you want. The accounting option allows you to easily stipulate where, when, and how often an invoice should be generated and sent, along with a clear and simple way of splitting the payments between multiple contracts. Coolcare has an inbuilt invoice wizard, which designs and creates your desired invoice layout exactly as you want it. This can easily incorporate; your company logo, variables such as room number, name, care type and period range as well as variable footers depending on the payment method.

The payroll function provides a direct link from the automated timesheets and instantly downloads, reports and exports to your payroll – before you process we enforce a checking stage to ensure staff only get paid what you, yourself confirm. This system dramatically reduces the time taken to process payroll in a conventional or manual way. Again, this can be downloaded from wherever you are, whenever you wish and can be sent to your accountant using the export function, ensuring minimal data entry. Our highly skilled accounts developers have designed the system, ensuring that all your accounting data is safe, secure and encrypted. Coolcare will integrate with various accounting packages, including Sage, SAP, Sun, Access Accounts, Pegasus and Quickbooks. It posts accurate information directly and securely, ensuring you save time and money.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration contact us today on 0113 385 3853


Adept Care Group have been using Coolcare software for a number of years now to assist in record keeping for our homes. The time sheets and associated clocking in machines have proven a very efficient way of recording our staff in/out times and ensuring the right staff member gets paid to the right rate for the right job role. This works in tandem with our Sage Payroll software and saves us a great deal of time by downloading the staff hours directly into Sage. The client information that can be recorded and archived on Coolcare is invaluable and we use the fee details to analyse the status of the homes and ensuring our sales revenue and our accounts are accurate.

For accounts case studies or a demonstration contact us today on 0113 385 3853

We would highly recommend the software as a great tool to assist in the daily running of Care Homes and on a daily and monthly basis to ensure accurate sales and payroll.

Dave Lock Adept Care Group







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Care Planning Being able to appropriately and correctly care for those people living with you should form the very ethos for which you operate. Coolcare helps you by giving you the medium to collate all this information in a compliant and accessible manner. The research based monitoring tools within our care planning software, coupled with the ability to very quickly revise a care plan without affecting the original allows carers to spend time caring rather than filling out reams of paperwork. With Coolcare’s care planning system, carers can simply record accidents or incidents and the care planning software will automatically prompt you to carry out a safeguarding or reassessment whilst also recording the event.

The system will alert you if a sudden change occurs, such as a reduction in weight


There are a great many features and functions within our care planning system that will allow carers and operators alike to improve the quality of care they deliver. We are one of the few care management software providers that make use of the work carried out by Professor Dawn Brooker and the team at the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester in the field of Person Centered Care. The VIPS system is a proven method that allows operators and care home staff to really examine their dementia care provision and supplies an accessible method for continuous improvement.

We have a simple philosophy here at LNT Software, our software must be of a high quality to carry out many complex tasks but also ensure that it is simple for the carer to use. For your free demonstration login please contact us today.

0113 385 3853


Operational Analysis How simple could it be to open up your PC and find waiting in your inbox, an email from accounts telling you in great detail how a home had performed over the last 4 quarters, complete with average weekly fee’s, occupancy and the fill rate! You do not even need to wait for an email, with Coolcare’s Operational Analysis, you can simply click a button and access the real time data whenever you wish yourself. Any information that is recorded in the system is made readily available for analysis. If you find a report is missing some vital elements that you would like to drill down on then there is a Report Generator or live database link to Excel – giving you the information you want as soon as you want it!

Document Management In any business, collating and maintaining all the differing documents can be tiresome and awkward. With Coolcare you can store all your internal documents. guides and spreadsheets. The system even allows you to store all your training documentation, Provider Compliance Assessments and presentations which are all available with a mouse click. Let’s say you create a new document for all Deputy Managers to fill in, you can simply add the document to the system and update all Deputy Managers reading lists with the new document. As soon as the Deputy Manager logs on, the new file is flagged up as a new document that they need to confirm they have dealt with. A document management system that really does help your business work more efficiently, just a small part of Coolcare.


Privacy and Dignity

Rota Management

Policies & Procedures As touched on in the Document Management section, here you are able to store, manage and of course, evidence all of your policies and procedures relating to the safe and efficient operation of the care you deliver. Coolcare comes pre-loaded with a host of policies for you to use. If you have your own then, naturally, you can over write the systems default policy set. For new operators you may find the default policy set is an excellent base from which to grow and that it gives you a great template to start from. Whatever your needs, Coolcare has the ability to fit with the way you operate and makes it easy to manage policy version control.

With over 100 policies and still growing, Coolcare’s Policies and Procedures module is of real use to us as a care provider. We have added many of our own documents and modified some of the system default policies to fit with the way we work, the flexibility is excellent. The simple ability to clearly see who has read a particular policy that I have assigned to a team members reading list makes life so much easier. At first I considered this tool good for a new business, I am quickly finding that it is another must for us as an operational provider of quality care. Coolcare literally does help us continually improve our ability to offer quality care. Al-karim Kachra Country Court Care


Messaging Centre The need to be able to communicate with staff needs no explanation, but with the phone constantly going and the mobile often switched off whilst working, just how can you get information to your entire team? Coolcare includes the internal Coolmail Messaging System – email, but for internal use only – no distractions from friends and would-be suppliers. You can quickly and efficiently send messages to anyone in the home or company (if you have the right permissions). Often setup to be accessible from a simple PC in the staff room, Coolcare allows operators to interact with employees they may not get to talk to, managers and carers to communicate with members of staff about issues that may not get addressed as quickly as they should do. Quietly running alongside the email system is a Text Messaging centre that allows you to send text messages to anyone with a recorded number in the system. This can all be tracked and monitored using the history panel. Say for example a carer phoned in sick at the last minute, you can simply send a message to all the members of the carers group and ask if anyone is available. First come first served – no more ringing around multiple members of staff, one message - great results. You can use the system to contact next of kin and family too. With Coolcare, the possibilities are endless.


Occupancy Manager No matter what the size of your company, one of your main objectives is to maintain a high occupancy level. Coolcare gives you the tools to manage this and to monitor the quality of your communications with potential clients and external agencies. With a built in enquiries management system you can easily log any leads coming into the home, even if they come by e-mail, phone or fax. You can quickly set your own marketing status and follow a pre-defined plan of admission from taking the enquiry, right through to brochures, show-rounds, preadmission assessments and finally accepting the client or steering them in the direction of an alternative yet appropriate care facility. The Occupancy Manager allows you to assign tasks to existing Coolcare users using its internal messaging and calendar system. Whilst managing all this in the tasks screen, ensuring everything is being done on time and more importantly, according to internally set timescales and quality control. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) database is then generated with all types of contacts, be it Social Workers, Doctors, Chiropodists or Next of Kin. Here you have the tools to create a mail merge to directly contact them and increase your communities communications capabilities.


Recruitment Manager Getting the right staff is hard enough without trying to maintain a grip on the 100’s of CVs and references that are accumulated during a recruitment drive. Coolcare takes this burden away from you by providing a comprehensive Recruitment Management system. Our recruitment manager allows you to log the adverts, record the differing mediums used to recruit staff and also record every facet of a candidates application. Should you decide you wish to employ a candidate you simply press a button to make that candidate a new employee, no duplication of data entry. Once the candidate becomes a member of staff the references automatically become part of their staff record, ensuring that when a CQC Commissioner asks how your recruiting policy ensures staff are fit for purpose, the answer is ready and waiting. What could be simpler for the recruitment team, one central place to store all candidate and employee information, accessible no matter where you are.

Coolcare makes it simple to manage the recruitment of quality staff


Service User Management At the beating heart of any care home are very the people that live there and make the home the community you strive to operate. Coolcare provides you with accurate information encompassing every facet of a service user such as; • Service User details • Dependency level • Multiple Fee Contract information

The service user overview shows the room number, admission dates, registered category, dependency level, nursing band, weekly fee and funding type. Service users can be sorted by each of the listed categories ensuring that you can locate your service users in the manner that you prefer. As well as this, a search facility is available where you can quickly locate a specific service user by name.

• Service User movement • Occupancy details • Doctors and Social Worker details • Detailed reports including full history • Hospital visit tracking And a whole host more…


HR Manager Maintaining your staff records can be a lengthy and all consuming task; updating next of kin details, monitoring when a Visa expires or when a member of staff is sick yet booked on a course. All of these things can be managed by our in depth HR Manager. With HR Manager all your employee data, files and correspondence are centrally stored making the filing and retrieving of vital information quick and easy to manage, which dramatically reduces the risk of error. The stored information can be used to run reports on past and present data, such as training and development requirements.

Coolcare also greatly reduces time spent on data-input, filling out forms and dealing with employee queries. Your employees can directly view their annual leave entitlements and requests for leave can be approved or queried automatically. Employee reviews and recruitment processes can be monitored and recorded on the system. With Coolcare you will have a user-friendly and affordable system that will save you time and money and ensure you are in compliance with all relevant employee legislation.

Training Manager The effective implementation of the now refreshed Common Induction Standards is a significant step towards the delivery of high quality care and support but; How do you manage this within the home? How do you quickly and easily manage the statutory training requirements of staff without an excessive administration headache?

The Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety highlight the importance and value of a strong and comprehensive induction and the CQC will need to be assured that all new staff have undergone a thorough induction process. Coolcare allows you to do this in a quick and efficient manner, not just for statutory training but for any course you wish to add. Our training matrix highlights all expiring courses and allows you to add delegates from any care home within your organisation to any training course booked or planned anywhere. All of this is reflected on the timesheets so when you are planning your rota you can quickly identify the staff available for that given shift period. Quick and simple – Coolcare’s Training Manager works for you.



With the large range of specialist services we offer at Rushcliffe Care it is vitally important that we are not distracted from offering premium care and support to our clients. We have specialist Head Injury and Rehabilitation units, independent hospitals including those specialising in mental health, a number of supported living arrangements, schools and of course, a host of nursing homes. With this range of services I heavily rely on our excellent staff, but if those same staff are bogged down in paperwork or are busy checking our care teams in and out times, or making rotas, manually doing accounts or compliance checks then we would soon have an issue. Our mantra within the Rushcliffe Care Group is very much about a philosophy of excellence and promoting a premier healthcare service across the whole of the UK. I cannot be seen to be saying one thing to the Heads of Social Care about increasing service quality in one breath and acting differently in another.

Our clients deserve more and the efficiencies that Coolcare brings to the group allow us more time to do that.

Surjit leads the group on all matters of strategy and finance, new projects and closely oversees the quality of builds allowing him to ensure the high standards he sets are met. With over 20 years experience in the care sector and servicing over 1000 care beds (and that number is still growing), Surjit clearly knows what he wants and has a proven track record to get there. Coolcare is just a small part of the many cogs that keep the Rushcliffe Care Group operating beyond the standard levels of compliance.

We recently opened a children’s specialist educationalist school near Derby. By implementing the Coolcare system immediately we are quickly able to communicate across the rest of the group from the outset and see from a business perspective what is happening operationally in the school. From the care teams viewpoint, they can immediately view all the necessary information required and make instant decisions. Coolcare has not just helped us streamline and improve efficiencies, it has grown with us and allows us to continue to deliver our clear vision of excellence in care and promote the improvement of quality standards within the sector.

Surjit Rai

CEO Rushcliffe Care Group


Time & Attendance

Clock-in Clock-out

This is an often over looked area of Coolcare. Being able to manage your staff in an efficient, fast and intelligent way can help you significantly improve your care facility in terms of its productivity and ultimately, profitability. One way to ensure you are getting the most from your staff – and to discover better ways to manage your team’s working hours – is to integrate employee time and attendance systems into your business. Coolcare works by letting your employees clock in to work using our iButton driven clocking units that automatically put them on the right shift and being paid for the right role. Our time and attendance or clocking in systems won’t just monitor employees’ working times but will also collect information that helps you analyse data in order to find ways to increase productivity, not to mention drastically reducing administration costs and time. They simply plug into your business computer network and collate all the required iButton information in a format ready for your payroll accounting package.


We have many years experience in time and attendance systems so equally we understand the importance of simplified and automatic time and attendance software. We were the pioneers of iButton driven computerised clocking-in systems within social care and we have been designing and developing affordable enterprise level workforce management solutions that are equally at home with 20 staff or 20,000 staff for over 14 years, so we have battled the foibles of how the system works in a very different social care setting.

Survey Creator Understanding what your residents, families and even local community leaders or agencies think of your home can be of tremendous benefit. Due to requests from our clients we have built a customisable Survey Creator that allows you to get genuine feedback from any source you choose. All of the information is automatically collated and the results shown in an easy to read format. Now you can really understand what the things are that really make your home a great place to live as well as evidence your interest in user feedback when subjected to a compliance inspection. This is a simple yet effective tool and just one of the many things we do to make sure we listen and grow as you do.

Virtual Notice Board If you can imagine walking into a care home undergoing a suitability assessment for your parents and you see in front of you a large TV screen showing a multitude of information such as: • Who has clocked in and is working in the home at that current time

This really opens up the community feeling of the home. The Virtual Notice Board also links to your website allowing you to show live information in the home for friends and family to see. The Virtual Notice Board can be simply updated by the staff in the home with a very easy to use management interface.

• What is on the menu for the day • Details of any community events that have happened • Planned events that are coming up • Who the employee of the month is • What activities will be taking place • Operator news page or website


VIPS Dementia Toolkit Having been fortunate enough to review the work that Professor Dawn Brooker (of the Association for Dementia Studies) carried out in Dementia Mapping, we decided that we would be folly not to include the VIPS framework in Coolcare. The VIPS Framework was first outlined in Professor Dawn Brooker’s book, Person-Centred Dementia Care. This has now become a nationally recognised framework for Dementia Care and has become the very definition of personcentered care. Coolcare has encompassed this fantastic body of work and uses the VIPS Framework to support the work of care homes. The VIPS assessments helps you setup a process of continuous improvement for your own home’s progress in its management of those suffering with dementia. You can complete an entire assessment at once, or take it a piece at a time. There are detailed, illustrative questions for each of the twentyfive VIPS standards. If you want an overview of your entire home’s delivery of care, then tackle the whole assessment. There are around 200 questions, so allow yourself a little time! This will give you a good picture of how you feel your home is achieving overall.


Alternatively, if you want to study one particular area of your home’s care, choose the appropriate assessment from the list. If possible, make time to do the assessment with others from your home environment. If you choose people from a different place (e.g. the kitchen), at different times (e.g. night shift) or for different reasons (e.g. a resident’s husband or wife) you will get a much more realistic picture. For those of you who are not fortunate enough to have Coolcare, the fantastic work of Professor Brooker received attention from the NHS who funded the community interest company Equip 4 Change to design and launch a free online platform for the VIPS system, which is available here: If you choose not to use Coolcare then please look at this for your home as we cannot recommend the implementation of this framework highly enough as a means to continuously improving your dementia care practice.

VIPS person centred dementia care framework is made up of the following elements:






Individual Support & Care


Human Resources


Recognising & Responding to change


Management Ethos


Personal Posessions


Training & Practice Development


Individual Preferences


The Service Environments


Life Histories


Quality Assurance


Activity Occupation





Empathy & Acceptable Risk


Physical Environment


Physical Health Needs


Challenging Behavior as Communication















Part of the Community


Partners, Families, Friends & Relatives

by “ Designed Professor Dawn

Brooker, the VIPS person centred dementia care toolkit, should be used by any care home caring for those suffering with dementia.



PCA Toolkit Operators and Home Managers alike will be familiar with the Care Quality Commission’s Provider Compliance Assessment. This assists the CQC in assessing your compliance, and assists operators to judge themselves with a view to operating beyond the minimum standards. In some cases the CQC have requested that a care provider supply all, or part of a completed PCA to aid them in their decision making process. You will then have 5 working days in which to supply the relevant section or sections of the PCA to the CQC. We recognise that your PCA is a vital tool in ensuring that your care home continuously proves its adherence to the essential standards. It must therefore be: • • • •

Kept up to date; Detailed and thorough in its provision of evidence; Demonstrate compliance with the relevant essential standard; and Provide SMART action plans where necessary.

The PCA focuses principally on the 16 key essential standards, as specified within the Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010. We have included the other 12 for you to also use in your process of improvement but it is unlikely that the CQC would request these. With Coolcare you can follow a simple electronic wizard that lets you go through the relevant sections and analyse the state of your care. If you feel you are a yellow in a particular section, then just as the CQC specify, the system will prompt you to carryout a SMART action plan to resolve any potential problems and get your operation back to a green. Every assessment and action plan gets archived for review in the compliance section of Coolcare’s Document Manager, and all are downloadable at anytime from our care management software. Just another simple way that Coolcare helps keep care homes compliant


Drivers: • • •

Clear visability of operating standards Modern, best in class care home Well secured to CQC framework

Rapidly changing legislation requires diligence, our toolkit allows homes to implement a process of continual improvement whilst ensuring the minimum standards are met.

Pricing Structure Proposed tariff is per home as follows:

Initial HQ CoolCare setup fee (first home only)


Monthly home subscription £90

Inclusive of: › › › › ›

2 days on-site training, at your premises On-going support & software maintenance Online distance training with trainers Access to attend user forums held regionally Access to regional training days

Available Bolt Ons: One off charges per item CoolClick Clocking in system Fitting (This is an optional extra) iButtons Extra Onsite Training Onsite Hardware Engineer

£485 £350 £4.85 each £350 per day £350 per day

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