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Lauren Platts

phone: (317) 258 - 4394 email: address: 2550 Yeager Rd. Apt. 2-4 West Lafayette, IN 47906

Package Design

Extruded Aluminum

Delta Faucets 1

National Furniture

CNC Furniture


Design Problem : Design a package based on a professional RFQ

Request For Quote: Brewster Enterprises 1234 W. City Center Drive Las Vegas, NV, 89161 Andrew J. Brewster, CEO

Brewster Enterprises has just developed a breakthrough cleaning product that will revolutionize the house-hold cleaning industry. Science-Clean is a fully organic Cleaning compound made from Soy, Coconut, and Flaxseed extract that will clean any and all surfaces in the typical household. Unlike our competitors’ products, Science-Clean is safe and effective in all environments and is not harmful to pets or humans, plants or other biological materials. Science-Clean will not harm or stain glass, wood, marble, metal, plastic, or fabric finishes. We have received full EPA approval and certification for our break-through product and are now embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign and will begin distribution in Major US Markets in the summer. We need a package and dispensing device that will reflect the innovative breakthrough of the chemistry that is Science-Clean that will make our product easy to use, fun to use, and will have the Brand recognition we need to place us squarely in the bid to compete with much larger and more established companies. The product is superior, so the package needs to be so too. We would like to request a quote from your organization for designing this new package and would appreciate a response from you with full timing and cost detailed by 11:30am, EST on Friday, January 25th. The total design and research project will need to be completed by early March to allow tooling for the package to be completed in time for our early summer product launch and national advertising. If you have any questions regarding the details of the request, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Marketing, David Allendorph, at 260-579-3827. Looking forward to seeing your quote soon. Regards, Andrew J. Brewster, CEO


Science Clean Final Concept

“Eco-vironment� sprayer

Product Detail

Foam Scrubber (biodegradable plastic)

Removeable Foam Scrubber

Spray Nozzle (biodegradable plastic)

Spray Trigger (biodegradable plastic)

Retail Footprint An Eye-Catching, Eco-Friendly, Forest

Package Body (biodegradable carboard)

Sprayer In-Use

Completely biodegradeable


Evenly distributes weight on hand

The Package


Retail Footprint

The Details

Eco-Vironment Sprayer 1

Client Need Fulfillment


Green Design


The User Competition Winner

Faucet Artist/Painter

Problem : Messy, Tedious Paintbrush Clean-up

Ideation Sketches

Home Owner

Professional Painter

Initial Mock-Ups

Refinement Mock-Ups

Black Silicone

Valve Switch Stainless Steel Brush Separating Ridges 1

How it Works Step 1: Press down button to turn on oscillating water sprayer.

Step 2: Squeeze sprayer around paint brush to engage secondary water units.



Unaddressed Consumer Problem


Brand Expansion


The Current Process - Nail Down Floor Molding

Aluminum Problem : Breakage. Wall Damage, Difficult/Tedious

The Users

Construction Workers

Home Owners

General Contractors

Initial Sketch

Track Mounting for Floor Molding

Preliminary Models


Securely grab hold of flooring trim.

Lift trim from its lowered position.

Pull trim from the permanently mounted track.


Trim Track

With the Quick-Click Trim Track system, removing your molding is a snap! The Quick-Click Trim Track allows for the easy removal and/or installation of floor molding without any risk of damage or breakage. The Quick-Click Trim Track includes both the permanent track that is assembled with the wall frame at the time of building, and the attachment track that can be nailed or screwed to the back of t store ready floor moulding. The Quick-Click Trim Track also allows for the extra space necessary for easy floor re-installation, making your home renovation worries a thing of the past.


Manufacturing Constraint

Unaddressed Consumer Problem



Initial Concept Westwood Exhibition Accepted


Transition Concept


Final Concept


Pivoting Table 1





Taken For Development

Furniture Problem : Optional Standing /Mobile Alternative • Prolonged sitting can cause permanent damage to fragile spinal structures, and cause chronic pain, thus reducing student/employee efficiency and overall motivation.

• Prolonged sitting and inactivity is at fault for the rise of obesity and other health problems that are common today.

Molded Storage Hook

Drink and multistorage shelf Simply step on the foot pedal to raise the desk/ chair combo and create a compact work station with convenient storage shelf.

Task Chair

Easy To Fold Chair

Hinging Chair Arm

Concept 3 This concept recognizes the problem of perpetual inactivity during work or study and creates a versatile desk that acts as both a sitting desk and a standing work station. A fold and stow away seat that becomes a shelf creates a very functional solution for today’s multitasking, active student or professional.

Complimentary Stool

Pivoting Seat

ConceptLauren 1 Platts


Angled base allows for comfortable foot placement

Lauren Platts

Concept 2

Functional Model

A fully functioning, scale model was built in order to demonstrate the adjustable height, single weight bearing caster, folding storage seat and overall mobility of the design concept.

Construction Issues

Double barrel PVC creates a swivel seat.

Drilled and glued dowel holds PVC arm steady and allows for rotation.

Glued PVC T creates a stable, non-rotating arm. In order to secure seat hinge, a wood stabilizer and glue covered screws were used. Non-skid rubber lining was added to PVC hinges to minimize caster leg wobble.


Folding Task Station 1






Portfolio 2013  

A sampling of my current works.

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