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Outdoor Kitchen

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Space You want to be sure that your outdoor kitchen is fully functional nicely integrated into your deck or yard. * Make a list of the main features that you want in your outdoor kitchen Vancouver. This can be as complicated or as simple as using existing BBQ and adding a small counter prep area with storage.

ď ś* Plan how you want your cooking components arranged. Would you like them against an existing wall or fence or easy access to your house for easy in and out movement of food & utensils. Consider a galley-style kitchen to make efficient space usage.

ď śYou may want to use a corner and put in place a more extravagant L-shaped space. And this will also open up the space for more than one cook in the kitchen. ď ś* Then consider the location of your outdoor eating spot- you will want it close enough to the grill for convenient serving and outdoor kitchen ambience but not so close that BBQ smoke wafts across and bothers your guests.

* Be sure to locate near to outdoor electrical outlets and a water (if not built into your outdoor kitchen Burnaby). * And you will want to make sure that you have room to expand the outdoor kitchen in future to increase counter space and storage, or possibly add an outdoor pizza oven or smoker. What Materials Should You Use With some planning, you can choose the materials for building your outdoor kitchen that fit into your budget.

 * Use materials that are weather resistant and that can stand up to sun, water and stains for counter prep area and storage.  * If you don’t have a lot of space, consider using moveable storage units (on wheels), or a serving cart.  * You'll need a level surface area to start.Options for creating a patio space include pavement, flagstones, tiles, or even pavers.With these options you will be able to expand your outdoor kitchen in future.

* If you want a permanent grilling area, consider building your base with brick and stone for a nice feature. * And if you will have an outdoor fridge and grill be sure they are mobile if you want to move them in winter. * If your region has high humidity, pick material that are rust-resistant. Safety Tips For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen can be a hightraffic area, so it's important keep safety in mind.. * Be sure to have a fire extinguisher and first-aid kit nearby. * Locate the grill a minimum of five feet from the house. Also not too near the dining area so that movement between the kitchen and the rest of the yard. is constrained.

* You may want a cover for your outdoor kitchen providing you with shade and shelter from the weather. * You do not want your grill too close to windows or doors avoid smoke entering your house while cooking.. * Choose materials and surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain so as to minimize attracting wildlife and insects. 

An Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home  

For people who enjoy relaxing or cooking outdoors, one of the most pleasurable features for your home is an outdoor kitchen. Here's some thi...

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