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Whenever I see the word free I always ask "what's the catch". I mean we are all used to those "buy 1 get 1 free" specials that features an overpriced product that simply makes up for the free one. It's pretty obvious that stores cannot really give away "FREE" products because if they did, there is no profit in that and the store would shut down. So when you see the ads for these FREE Fast Cash Videos which are advertised online, then it's only natural to ask...what's the Catch? Well the difference between businesses in shopping malls or storefront plazas and an online business, is that physical storefronts must pay rent and stockpile inventory while the internet store has no rent to pay and the inventory can be nothing but information stored in a computer. It's easy to see that paying rent and buying physical products does not allow stores to simply give away free products because the store owner has to make his money back. However, online businesses can indeed give away some "FREE" things, as long as it is information. This is the case with the "Fast Cash Videos" which are currently being offered on the internet, and actually they are becoming quite popular. This is a 9 video series which covers such topics as article marketing,social sites,landing pages,keyword research,niches, and much more. The program is designed to educate the beginner as to some of the more common aspects of internet marketing which can result in website traffic and profit generation. In addition to the 9 videos, which by the way are completely free, clients also receive membership into the Fast Cash Club, which offers many other products and avenues for earning money online. This marketing approach of offering something FREE in order to get your attention is not new, and is certainly not confined to this particular company. The main purpose of course is to offer something free, up front, while making money with another product on the back end. So if you want the free videos, you certainly will receive them, but just understand that you will have the opportunity to purchase several other products, which you may or may not be inclined to purchase. Still, FREE is always good so don't be afraid to at least take as much of the FREE offers as possible, as long as there is no obligation. The Fast Cash Video series is a legitimate opportunity for learning and earning, and yet, many people will continue to ask the question "Free Fast Cash Videos - What's the Catch?

Rick James is a trainer and coach for internet marketers, affiliate marketers, or anybody who wants to begin the process of learning how to earn cash online with Network Marketing. To learn more about how you can work from home in your spare time without having to sell, visit his blog at or call him directly at (601) 606-4400 or visit his website at

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==== ==== Free Video Series And Lifetime Club Access ==== ====

Free Video Series And Lifetime Club Access  

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