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Psalm 27:4 – One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple.


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Prayer Meeting The importance of getting your midweek recharge

In Knowing You

Brother Michael Jarvis Not just a keyboard player

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Greetings in the Name of Jesus. How are you enjoying LNEWS so far? Let us know what you think. We take compliments as well as constructive criticism. Send any comments to and we will do our best to read them and take all comments into consideration. How did you enjoy Brother Joseph’s profile? He really is a sharp dresser. Come to church if you don’t believe me. Every Sunday I make it my duty to check out his attire. Some of the shirts he wears... Trying to keep up with him is getting harder and harder. Just an update, Brother Joseph has had an operation where the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of coming through but our God only gives a 100%. Continue to pray for him in his recovery. I hope you attended our District Meeting and Easter Services. If not you missed out. Isn’t it funny for those who don’t attend on a regular basis, always make it their duty to come at Easter and Christmas. This is good as you get to hear of the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this issue our “cover story” and “knowing you” sections are combined. We are concentrating on one person whose birthday is in the month of May. In showing appreciation and honour, this issue is dedicated to this outstanding individual. You all should know him and if you don’t you will gain a greater insight after reading his story, his interview and his testimony. Who am I talking about? The one, the only, Bishop Alvin Blake. I remember way back in the days when the Luton church was in smaller premises at convention times I would rush from London to Luton just to hear Bishop preach. Now I live in Luton I get to hear him all the time. I must admit my favourite time to listen to Bishop Blake is at prayer meeting. Just when you think you know it all Bishop Blake teaches you either something new and confirms something you wasn’t too sure about. Anyway enough from me read his story and Enjoy.

CONTENT GREETING YOU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Greetings from Elder Everton Blake

NEWS IN BRIEF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 COVER STORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Happy Birthday Bishop Alvin Blake

LUTON’S DISTRICT MEETING . . . . . . . . 5

Family Day In Picture - Photos by Kadeem Maddix

60TH YOUTH CONVENTION . . . . . . . . 5 What to look forward to by Pastor Stephen Nelson

KNOWING YOU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Bishop Alvin Blake

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In “Knowing You”

Bishop Alvin Blake (Our Pastor)

It’s National Youth Convention but this time with a difference. The COGIC UK’s National Youth Convention is 60 years old, yes 60. I could only imagine what the first youth convention was like. We are hoping to see lots of you there. Let it be packed to overflowing as we Praise God with one voice. It takes place from Friday 23rd May – Monday 26th May (Spring Bank Holiday). LNEWS caught up with The National Youth President, Pastor Stephen Nelson who has provided us with a brief taster of to what is in store. Just a note to say we are evolving so we may just change things from time to time to make it far more appealing and a more enjoyable read. This will portray the growth and maturity in future publications.

Read his interview on page 6

This is a bumper issue....Read on.

Psalm 27:14

The Editorial Team

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.



Special greetings as we have just commemorated the most exciting season – when the Lamb of God took away all the sins of the world! What a great opportunity and privilege to once more celebrate the greatest rescue plan ever carried out! Remembering that God spared not His own Son but delivered Him up so that we all can be saved! The pen of the songwriter skipped creatively and articulately as it etched the words on the page; Celebrate Jesus, celebrate – He is risen, He is risen and He lives for ever more! Best wishes to Bishop from the church family on your forth coming birthday. As the Lord continues to lengthen your days, we look forward to sharing with you in your vision of reaching the lost. I trust you enjoy the contents to follow and that through it you will be encouraged and blessed.

FROM ELDER EVERTON BLAKE for your excellent response to the Haiti appeal organised by the COGIC UK National Missions Department. We where overwhelmed by your response.

And special mention to

Sainsbury’s Bramingham Park, Luton who contributed a large amount of items

It the 60th National Youth Convention at the end of May. See page 5 for further details. Our annual three days (Night and Day) fasting will commence on Sunday 27th to Tuesday 29th July 2014.




Mother Edna Lee Stewart Passed away at 101 years old

Errol McPherson ©2012


COGIC UK’s oldest member, Mother Edna Lee Stewart passed away at the grand age of 101 and 9months.


COVER STORY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BISHOP ALVIN BLAKE Bishop you are a great man of faith and on this your birthday our prayers as a choir is that your faith will continue to grow as your age is. No more acorn but oak tree faith God bless you always, have a great wonderful glorious birthday. Love from The Choir Bishop Sir, Accept greetings from the Male Voice Choir. We appreciate you not only as our Bishop, Pastor and spiritual leader but equally as a man of wisdom, justice and fair-play. Bishop long may you continue to lead your people. We love you. Have a wonderful birthday Greetings from Mother Ellis and the kitchen staff. Wishing you a happy birthday. May God bless you to see many more. The one thing we can’t make is duckanoo like you. The Catering Department

• Bishop was born in Connors, Jamaica, West Indies.

Happy Birthday to our Bishop, As you celebrate may the presence of The Lord be with you in greater measure than it ever has before. Just to let you know that we appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given to us over the years. We pray that God will continue to smile on you and bless you, for now and in the years ahead. The Youth Department

“Congratulations to our Bishop Blake a true man of God who always leads by example. God Bless you”. On behalf of the Sunday School Department

Deacon Blackman and the ushers’ board

I have known Bishop Blake for a number of years. I remember back in the days, as a young and impressionable 4

• Bishop is an avid gardener.

• Bishop makes the best duckanoo also referred to as tie-a-leaf.

I true leader and a considerably wise man. Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless and keep you.

We decided to go one further and make this issue of LNEWS, a special one. Bishop Blake to many you are our Teacher, our Leader, our Shepherd, Spiritual Father and Pastor and we just want to show our appreciation.

• Bishop came to the UK in 1960, married 1961, had his first child 1962 and used his bedroom from his first house a as church. • Bishop was a driving instructor.

Happy birthday Bishop Blake,

May is Bishop Alvin Blake’s birth month and it can be easily forgotten amidst busy church events. When Bishop’s Birthday occurs during our Annual Youth Convention he receives acknowledgement along with us singing the customary happy birthday song to him.


Christian I clung to every word throughout his sermons. I also remember being in my church in London, waiting for the service to end so that I could rush to Luton’s Assembly meeting to hear those famous words come from Bishop “Help me Lord”. Bishop has preached thousands of messages over the years. Two of the most popular ones are ‘’Gone too far, stayed too long, come back too late” and “Don’t Quarrel”. The latter was first preached in the UK and was also preached at Holy Convocation in the US. In 1999 Bishop Blake ventured from a normal sized church to buy what was a bingo hall, now called the COGIC Centre. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Bishop A. Blake is a well travelled and a great family man. Much of Bishop’s immediate family serve alongside him in ministry. There are many more things we could tell you about Bishop but LNEWS would have to be quadruple this size. Bishop, we thank God for you and we all wish you Happy Birthday. God Bless You Sir LNEWS LNEWS

Youth Conventio n


Family day at our District Convention is always a treat. In our morning service we give God thanks for our families who have support the church community. As per usual We were distracted by the aromas coming from the kitchen. Can only be Mother Merna in fine cooking form, as you can gather in our annual convention everyone is fed and watered. No two years are alike and in this year’s Family Day we had bible quizzes and games. Two memorable highlights was during

Pastor Stephen Nelson National Youth President This year COGIC Youth Department will be celebrating 60 years of Youth ministry in the UK. A fantastic achievement; as we know many others have started but have not endured the course. We will be celebrating this landmark from Friday 23rd to Monday 26th May 2014. Friday Evening we will open with a Dynamic opening Ceremony which will feature flashbacks from the Youth Departments past. Looking at it from a district level. Saturday Morning will begin with a Breakfast workshop at the Hampton By Hilton Hotel- with surprise guest speakers/ artists. – All youth welcomed. (Book now places limited first come first serve) Saturday Evening will be our official opening night with community and civic leaders as well as other leading dignitaries and Church Leaders being welcomed.

charades. Mother Merna was given a book in the Bible for us to guess just for her to point at Evangelist ‘Esther’ Blake. Yes! you guessed it, the answer was the book of Esther. The other was Brother Luke, who blew us away with his impression of how do I play this game? I am sure he was saying help me Lord. Family day is fun and gives us an opportunity to celebrate our relatives. Bring your families in 2015. See you there, God willing.


Car Boot Sale on Saturday 31st May 2014 at 9:30AM In the car park at the rear of the church Enter into the car park via Hazelbury Crescent LNEWS

Fellowship Prayer Breakfast Saturday 14th June 2014 9:30am - 12:30pm Tickets £5.00 We will be joined by Guest Speaker: Evangelist Janet Brown © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Sunday Evening will be our evening worship concluding with an anointing service by our Bishop and other Ministers present. Monday All Day will be our final day and this is also a session not to be missed. There will be praise and worship at the highest level. Teaching and preaching that will Inspire you to be a witness in these last days. The final session will be one of exhilarating praise and worship featuring Gospel Artists Past and present with a “Flashback” to the 70’s & 80’s COGIC Gospel Choir. Throughout the weekend there will be special guest speakers including Pastor Philip Thomas, worship artists and dance artists - You name it we’ve got it!!!!!!!! Whatever happens 5

Blessings Pastor Stephen Nelson




Sunday Morning will commence with our Dynamic School of Ministry taking a look at the legacy and Inspiring us on how we can build on this great legacy followed by our morning worship.

KNOWING YOU BISHOP ALVIN BLAKE OUR PASTOR, OUR BISHOP, OUR SHEPHERD LNEWS: We know you were Born and raised in Jamaica how long have you lived in England? BB: I have lived in England for 54 years.

LNEWS: How long have you been a Christian? BB: I have been blessed to be a Christian for 57 years. LNEWS: How long have you been married and how many children and grandchildren do you have? BB: I have been married for 52 years and have a family of 5 children, 11 Grandchildren and 3 Great grandchildren. LNEWS: How long have you been the Bishop of COGIC UK? BB: I have been the presiding Bishop for the past 15 Years. LNEWS: You are a definite pioneer in many areas of the church please tell us one or two of your achievements? BB: Although by God’s grace I have achieved many important things I will highlight two of my achievements: To integrate, work and keep the peace with people of different personalities and views. I have learned how to give patience a chance to reveal some truths on various sides before reaching a conclusion. LNEWS: As a wonderful spiritual well travelled Servant of The Lord please share with us some of the places of interest you have visited? BB: In one of my visits to Palestine the bible became more alive to me as I ventured through some of the places where Jesus: Travelled; crossed the water by boat on which Jesus walked; prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed the night before He was betrayed; also going to Mount Moriah where Abraham offered a ram instead of Isaac. On my visit to Switzerland, my mind was enlarged after sitting and sharing fellowship at a table with people having various doctrinal views yet we worshipped the Same God in the Same Spirit breaking the Same Bread in Unity and in peace. LNEWS: We are honoured to celebrate your birthday and for having you share this time with us, what is your favourite scripture? BB: In the middle of some Spiritual Warfare I meditate on Psalms 70 & Psalms 71. LNEWS: Can you tell us at least a small funny story being a part of the church? BB: Once I visited a Monastery, as I walked and talked with the Fatherly monk I asked “What would I have to do to become a monk and if I became one would I be able to come and live at the monastery?” “Oh yes,” he said, “You would be welcome to come and live here.” Then I asked “Can I bring my wife with me?” “Oh no!” he said, “then you would not be a Monk”. LNEWS: What is your greatest achievement to date? BB: Learning to listen and to deal with various challenges in life. LNEWS: As a businessman how would you encourage the readership on starting their own business? BB: Make a reasonable proposition using patience, courage, prayer and determination to drive it through. LNEWS: How would you define enduring through life’s trials? BB: An opportunity to develop Maturity. LNEWS: It is a joy to share this precious time with you, one line of encouragement on being a Servant of The Lord? BB: A good servant loves to serve and not to be served”.

LNEWS: On a scale of 1-10 how did you enjoy this interview? Here are the 10 ratings: 1. Once and once only 2. Phew! Made it… 3. I am glad its over, I don’t like questions 4. Wouldn’t do this in person 5. Very interesting look at my life 6. I did as best as I could 7. I am shy and overwhelmed 8. I am incredibly shy but don’t mind 9. I love it, wouldn’t do it again though (not for a long time) 10. I love it, would do it again BB: 8, I am incredibly shy but don’t mind

Thank you for your valued time Bishop Alvin Blake.. We are truly inspired 6






Bible Study and Prayer is held every

The class is held on

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS AT 8.00PM Where we have an in-depth study of the bible and spiritual topics. Our Bible Study is always followed by a time of prayer and intercession. The Bible Study is very informative and a good foundation upon which to build your spiritual life and walk.

SUNDAY AFTERNOONS AT 5.00PM. It is mainly for those who have an interest in being a Christian and being baptised and also for those who have been newly converted. We study the basis for spiritual development as in what it means to be a Christian, to be baptised and how to begin and maintain a new walk with God. Even though it is aimed at new believers, anyone is welcome to come and visit the class and even join in the teaching/discussion.

Also on Thursdays there is an additional prayer meeting between 11:00am - 1.00pm Led by Bishop A. Blake

Led by Elder Andrew Maddix



Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD - Isaiah 1:18 Discussions on: Current Affairs, Everyday Issues, Health Issues, Building Confidence, Having a voice and using it. Develop your Christian life and become better Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, Mentors, based around biblical principles EVERY 2ND & 4TH FRIDAY OF THE MONTH, STARTING AT 8:00PM

These meetings are open to all women; whether you are a member, visitor, well wisher or friend please join us as we share fellowship together. MEETINGS TAKE PLACE ON EVERY SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH BETWEEN 8:00AM - 10:00AM

Led by Brother Edward King


Youth Group Activities Such As:

Led by Mother A. Blake


SUNDAY’S BETWEEN 10.00AM - 10.50AM Classes range from Reception age 3-4; Primary age 5-6; Junior 7-10; Junior High 11-13; Young Adults 14-18.

Youth Ministries, Prayer Meeting Biblical & Social Discussions, Quizzes, Networking, and more.

“Our commitment is to ensure that every child in our church develops the knowledge, understanding and confidence to lead effective, safe, healthy God-centred lives”.


All teachers, helpers and van drivers are CRB checked in accordance with National Guidelines of Safeguarding children.

Led by Elder Paul Quintion LNEWS

Led by Missionary Eluria Morgan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Remember to Pray For Prayer change things so please remember to pray for those on the list below. The LNEWS team always need your prayers. Bro. Palmer Sis. Cyrus Sis. Gardener Bro. Trotman Deacon Hunter Sis. Jenny Wilson Derek Spalding Rhonlie Byam Sis. Edwards Bro. Joseph Toro Jacobson Shakeal Ellis Sis. Sandra King Bro Derek Segbefia Bro. Rupert Francis Bro. Colin Payne and family Provide us with your prayer requests and we will publish it for you. You don’t have to give the full details just a name will do.

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May Sister Dahlia Jackson - 3rd Brother Cameron Jarvis - 10th Sister Amii Bonner - 15th Brother Aaron Quinton - 17th Sister Marcia Sinclair - 22nd Crystal Cunningham -25th Brother Jeff Ryan - 27th Bishop Alvin Blake - 28th Brother Myles Maddix - 31st June Kadeem Maddix - 7th Sister Hannah Montrose - 8th Sister Mishka Chard - 18th Deacon Nigel Blackman - 19th Sister Shenieka Cunningham - 23rd Sister Keisha Payne - 30th Bro. Richard Douglas - 27th June Mother Merna Ellis - 30th

Just a thought

Stop worrying about the things that are not done and start looking into the things that need to be done. 7

CHURCH NOTICES Local Meetings: Friday 9th May 2014 Friday 9th May 2014 Saturday 10th May 2014 Friday 23rd May 2014 Friday 30th May 2014 Saturday 31st May 2014

Men’s Fellowship Tarrying Service - all night prayer until 2:00am Women’s Fellowship Men’s Fellowship Tarrying Service - all night prayer until 2:00am Women’s Fellowship - Car boot sale in the church’s car park - See Missionary Carol Thompson for details

Start Time 8:00pm 10:00pm 8:00am 8:00pm 10:00pm 9:30am

Friday 13th June 2014 Saturday 14th June 2014 Friday 27th June 2014

Men’s Fellowship Women’s Fellowship Prayer Breakfast £5.00 per person - See Missionary Carol Thompson for details Men’s Fellowship

8:00pm 9:30pm 8:00pm

Deacon organising an 8 day tourTHE to the HolyTO Land the LAND 29th June WE AREHarrison SORRYisTO ANNOUNCE THAT TRIP THEfrom HOLY HAS2014, BEEN flying from Luton Airport. If anyone is interested you will need to speak to him directly. POSTPONED UNTIL 2015. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER NOTICE.

National Meetings: Saturday 2nd - 5th May 2014 Friday 23rd - Monday 26th May 2014 Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th June 2014 Friday 13th - Sunday 15th June 2014 Saturday 21st June 2014

London East District Convention - Superintendent Wallace 60th National Youth Convention - Pastor Stephen Nelson Special Meeting - Aylesbury London South District Convention - Superintendent Grant National Women’s Rally - Mother Reynolds


Service Times Sundays

Prayer Meeting (Every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month) Sunday School Morning Service New Believers & Discipleship Classes Evening Service

Start 7:00am 10:00am 11:00am 5.00pm 6:00pm

Finish 8:00am 10:50am 1:00pm 6.00pm 8:00pm


Prayer Meeting & Bible Studies




Prayer Meeting




Youth Meeting Men’s Fellowship (Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month)

8:00pm 8:00pm

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Women’s Fellowship (Every 2nd Saturday of the Month)



Which Sunday is Which First Sunday

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Third Sunday Fourth Sunday Fifth Sunday

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All the above services/meetings are subject to change - See church secretary for further details


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