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-parking attendant’s pavilion/ jean-luc fugier -associate architects_ fest architecture -location_ aix-en-provence, france -project year_ 2010 -project area_ 30sqm -from concept to construction, the project demonstrates a real approach to sustainable architecture with natural and environmentaly friendly materials from local industry. the apparently simple geometric form hides the kinetic game at play, influencing the way in which one perceives the building and making it difficult to understand. -The envelope system ensures the protection of the glazing in terms of thermal heat loss and security. It functions as a brise-soleil and helps with the ventilation, addressing the need for comfort during summer months. Inside, the cladding is composed of bakelised plywood. This material is used in the form of strips placed horizontally along the geometry defined by the structure. Backlit polycarbonate alveolar panels for the ceiling laminated flooring, and a natural resin complete the interior materials used to contrast with the rough exterior envelope.