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SOCIETY OF Hispanic professional engineers

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¡Con la region 7…. ...Nadie se mete!

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Don't miss out on all the opportunities available at this year's SHPE Conference: Educational Programs Corporate Tours Competitions STAR Awards Exhibitors Better yourself on a personal, academic and professional level at this year's SHPE Conference. As the source for graduate students, the SHPE National Conference opens up a world of opportunity. This four day event is one of the largest gatherings of its kind, bringing together more than 4,000 Hispanic attendees, including corporate, industry and government officials who want to recruit the best of Hispanic engineering and technical talent. A digital version of the SHPE Conference magazine issue can be found here

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Undergraduates! SHPE is YOUR source… In addition to networking, the undergraduate program is filled with technical and professional development workshops, technical competitions, design contests, and engineering challenges. This real-world, hands-on experiential learning environment creates an opportunity for you to enhance and develop your leadership, technical, and soft skills. Register now and seize the knowledge and growth that await you.

Graduate Students! SHPE is YOUR source… Sponsors will have the opportunity to connect with current or incoming graduate attendees and offer internships, full-time jobs, or graduate programs! In addition to networking, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Graduate Institute, which includes seminars designed to nurture the development of future faculty and researches, attend educational workshops led by excellent presenters with vast experience and knowledge, and gain invaluable knowledge at the GRE/GRAD Lab, an event providing intense training for students interested in pursuing an advance degree.

Professionals! SHPE is YOUR source… Sponsors will have the opportunity to connect with professionals and offer internships, full-time jobs, or graduate programs! In addition to networking, the newly expanded professional program offers a host of technical, professional, and leadership development seminars that include a continuous learning certification track, a business development track, and a green engineering track.

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Educational Programs ·

GEM Grad Lab


Distinguished Lecture Series


Technical Seminars


Academic Excellence Workshops


Cultural Awareness Workshop


Leadership Development Workshops


Professional Skills Workshop


SHPE 101 Workshops


Technology Workshops


Career Development Workshops


Latina Track

GEM Grad Lab The GEM GRAD Lab is a partnership initiative between the SHPE Foundation and the National GEM Consortium to engage Latino/a undergraduate students in a graduate preparation program that will help them develop a competitive academic profile for graduate admissions and the GEM fellowship. The program consists of three-phases. Phase I is the kick-off event - the GEM GRAD Lab at the SHPE Conference. This two -day event provides qualified Latino/a applicants, who have an interest and inclination in pursing an advanced technical degree, with an intense graduate preparation training Phase II: Over the course of the academic year, participants will be advised and mentored by faculty and staff from The National GEM Consortium to assure that students are making good academic progress and maintaining competitive academic standards for application to graduate school. Participants will be required to establish an online profile with the National GEM Consortium at Guidance and resources will be provided to the students throughout the year in reference to the personal statement, researching graduate programs, finding research opportunities and completing the GEM Fellowship application.

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Phase III: Students, who receive an SHPE Foundation Travel Grant and attend the GRAD Lab at the SHPE Conference, will be invited to attend the national GEM Conference, especially if they are in the process of completing their GEM Fellowship application. Travel to the GEM Conference will be provided on a limited and competitive basis, based on funding availability. Who Can Attend? All undergraduate students attending the SHPE conference are encouraged to attend all or any part of the GEM GRAD lab. SHPE Foundation Travel Grants available, for more info click here

Distinguished Lecture Series Each year SHPE Foundation is proud to present its Distinguished Lecture Series at the SHPE Conference. This series host renowned educators, researchers, education advocates, scientists and engineers, who have made a significant impact in broadening access to engineering, technology, or education for the Hispanic community. To check out the distinguished lecture series for the upcoming SHPE conference and their biographies, click here

Technical Seminars Thursday, October 27 10:00 AM – 12:00PM Nuclear Energy: Safe, Clean, and Reliable – sponsored by Exelon Nuclear Thursday, October 27 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM High Speed Rail In The United States And Around The World (URS) Thursday, October 27 3:15PM – 5:15PM Oil Spill: Deepwater – Lessons learned and Path Ahead (BP) Friday, October 28 10:00 AM – 12:00PM Healthcare IT: Saving Lives through Technology Innovations and Electronic Information Exchanges (Harris Corporation) Friday, October 28 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Earthquakes/Tsunamis (Miyamoto International, Inc.) Additional Information: To read the description for each seminar, click here

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Academic Excellence Workshops Academic Excellence Workshops provide key tools, resources, tips that will assists students to successfully navigate the academic arena especially as they start their science and engineering careers. Academic Excellence is a core value of SHPE. Unfortunately, we have had limited proposals submitted for this key category of workshops. We list here what are currently confirmed workshops but we are still seeking more opportunities to assist our members to be academically successful. Please feel free to send any recommended workshop/speakers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Attendees/ Category

Thursday October 27

Undergraduates, Graduates,

9:00am 10:00am

Academic Excellence

Description Achieving Life/Work Balance While Attending Graduate School Presented by: University of Michigan With the significant increase in graduate students characterized as nontraditional, challenges associated with work-life balance have become more prominent. This workshop explores ideas and suggestions to help overcome the imbalance and conflict often experienced by graduate students who are trying to fill multiple roles: student, instructor, employee, parent, spouse, etc. Presenter: Hector Garcia (PhD Candidate) and Robinson SedaPadila (PhD Candidate)

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Cultural Awareness Workshops Cultural Awareness Workshops help you know yourself better and your culture to help you be more effective in the work and personal settings. To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

Leadership Development Workshops Leadership Development Workshops present different Leadership concepts including skill sets that help define a leader. These skill sets are critical for being an effective leader in any organization. Many of these workshops are hands on and allow participants to practice some of the concepts while in the workshop. To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

Professional Skills Workshops Professional Skills Workshops provide attendees hands on knowledge and experience to improve their soft skills. Workshops are designed to assist the entrylevel and mid-level professional to accelerate to the next career stage. Workshops will provide the necessary tools to navigate the politics of the workplace by becoming an effective communicator, a competent negotiator and a successful leader. To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

SHPE 101/SHPE Chapter Development Workshops SHPE 101/SHPE Chapter Development Workshops - What defines a successful SHPE chapter? What skill sets are required to build have a successful SHPE chapter? How can you ensure success long term in your chapter? To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

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Technology Workshops Technology Workshops – Lecture and Hands on workshops that explore careers and "hot"/current technologies in a myriad of different engineering and science fields. To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

Career Development Workshops Career Development Workshops provide navigating in the Professional arena. These workshops also present you with options to consider as you enter the workforce and continue to build your career. To see the complete schedule for the workshops, please click here

Latina Track SHPE and Intel Corporation have partnered to develop a new track to empower Latinas to present them with possible mentors and opportunities that are available to them. IBM is sponsoring the Latina Luncheon and several workshops which is also being offered as part of this effort. Through these programs Latinas can come together and grow their network, open their minds to new possibilities, inspire each other to be more than they think they can be. All Latina are welcome to come learn and share throughout the workshops in this unparalleled social network community. For a list of the workshops in the Latina Track click here

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Corporate Tours One of the most uniquely advantageous events for both SHPE Conference participants and hiring companies is our Corporate Tours Program, which will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2011 during the time frame of 7am - 2pm. Attending a Corporate Tour is an opportunity to be one of the few conference participants to experience a company's technologies first-hand, interact with potential recruiters, and network with engineers and scientists with similar interests. Please submit your request to attend one of the tours listed below as soon as possible by selecting the link for the tour. Your request will be provide to the selected organization for final selection. You must be a paid registrant of the conference to attend. We will be notified once the organization has made it selections. Please note we will be posting additional tours as the details are received. On the day of the tours please plan to check in at the Convention Center Tours Info booth no later than 20 minutes before the tour time. Be prepared with your photo id when you check in. There will be more details to follow. To sign up for the tours, click here

Competitions The SHPE Conference Competitions are a great opportunity to not only showcase your talent to recruiters and other attendees but to also put your skills to the test.

Technical Paper & Poster These competitions provide undergraduate and graduate participants an opportunity to compete by delivering their research in written and oral form before an audience of their peers.

Extreme Engineering Is a non-stop 24-hour competition that engages teams against each other to find out who can out-design, out-develop, and out-promote the others in a race against time, talent and creativity.

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Academic Olympiad This two-stage competition tests the engineering, math and science knowledge of SHPE Student Chapter teams from across the nation.

Design Competition The SHPE Foundation Design Competition is intended to simulate creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial spirit; develop technical presentation skills; and instill cooperation essential in a technical design project. Competitors must research, design, build, and test a marketable product and write a relevant technical paper within an allotted timeframe.

Region 7— Important Events  

Presidents Meeting: Thursday, October 27. Time and Location TBA Regional Meeting: Friday, October 28 at 5:00PM. Location ACC: 210A

Click here to view the complete schedule for the Conference

SHPE Passport Program The SHPE Passport offers SHPE Conference 2011 attendees the opportunity to win GREAT PRIZES! How do you win these GREAT PRIZES? You just need to attend select SHPE Conference Workshops and visit various Exhibitor Booths at the SHPE Conference Career Fair & Graduate School Expo! Inside your SHPE Conference bag, which will be given during registration, you'll find the SHPE Passport Booklet! This booklet will be stamped by SHPE representatives when you attend SHPE Conference selected workshops and Career Fair & Graduate School Expo Exhibitor Booths. When you've attained all the required stamps, simply turn in your SHPE Passport at the SHPE Central booth during the Conference Career Fair to be entered in the SHPE Passport Raffle. If your SHPE Passport is selected, you could win one of the many prizes ranging from a Kindle to gift cards, among others! Additional Information found here

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STAR Awards NEW THIS YEAR - Expanded Awards and New STAR AWARDS SHOW The STAR Awards is a national SHPE program that recognizes outstanding Hispanic professionals in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The 2011 SHPE Conference will embrace all of the glamour of Anaheim, with an awards show mimicking the Academy Awards. Join us for this event on Saturday, October 29, 2011, as we honor the best and brightest in the nation. To see winners click here

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Transportation & Lodging

Anaheim Conference Center

Transportation Super Shuttle Need a lift? Discounted Shuttle Service Available Your discount gives you 10% off any round-trip reservation made and paid online. Discount does not apply to exclusive vans. It is valid on both SuperShuttle and ExecuCar services nationwide. For more information, click here

Lodging You should have received a message from SHPE National informing you which hotel you will be staying in. When you arrive to Anaheim, check in to your hotel room and then proceed to check in to the conference by going to the Anahieim Convention Center. There, you will obtain your badge and a conference schedule.

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Hilton Anaheim Hotel 777 Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92802 Map

Marriott Anaheim Hotel 700 West Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92802 Map

Exhibitors ·

Industrial Partnership Council (IPC) Sponsors


Platinum Sponsorship


Gold Sponsorship


Silver Sponsorship


Bronze Sponsorship


Government Sponsorship


Non-Profit Sponsorship


University/Academic Sponsorship


Entrepreneur Sponsorship

For a list of all sponsors, click here

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GRACIAS! See you in Anaheim!

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