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Region VII Newsletter | October 2011



Con la Region 7, Nadie Se Mete!

SHPE 101: Meet your National President As the newly elected president of the SHPE National Board of Directors, Serafin Fernandez has made it his vision to make SHPE a force in the national agenda. Fernandez began his involvement with SHPE as an undergraduate at Purdue University. He pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management. The reason for Fernandez’s attraction towards SHPE was “the family environment and the opportunity to network with Hispanic engineers throughout the country.” He is also the Senior Project Manager for Harris and Associates and currently works with other board members in order to develop strategies to move the organization toward it’s mission of empowering the Hispanic community to unlock their full potential to impact the STEM world. Also, Mr. Fernandez serves as a chairman for the 2011 SHPE Conference in Anaheim, California, from October 26-30.

Written by: Moises Figueroa

Co-authored by: Miguel Migliore

Anaheim, California Your Future starts here! We have all probably heard that the 2011 SHPE Conference will be hosted in Anaheim, CA. This conference is the largest Hispanic technical conference in the US. It attracts over 5,000 corporate representatives, professional engineers and students. Here are some highlights for this years conference: •Career Expo: More than 300 companies attending. •Quality Workshops: Honing your leadership, academic and career related skills. •Professional Track: Certification courses and concentrated tracks to aid in your professional development •Graduate track: Specialized preparation and support for Graduate school. •Pre-College Symposia: Designed to inspire Hispanic youth in grades 6 through 12 If you are unable to attend this year’s conference, good news, there is a SHPE Conference next year too!

Did you know? •…More than $2 million are offered in scholarships every year by the SHPE Foundation. •… The SHPE National Conference is the largest Hispanic technical conference in the nation! •… It is Jay Flores' second term serving as the National Undergraduate Representative (NUR). •…The University of South Florida started the first Junior chapter in Region 7! •…In this year’s SHPE Conference, Region 7 will be represented by 370 members •Region 7 is the youngest region in the nation and currently 775 student members strong! •Region 7 has a new Facebook group where leaders and members can share information?

Regional Awards October 2011 Chapter of the Month Georgia Institute of Technology The Georgia Tech chapter underwent tremendous growth in the past month. With membership below 20 registered members as of September, the institute is now 150 members strong. However, this is not enough for the yellow jackets. They have numerous leadership, academic, networking, and outreach initiatives under way. They have created an enormous presence locally, regionally, and nationally as the current second largest chapter in the nation. Region 7 is very proud to have this outstanding chapter and cannot wait to see GTSHPE reach its fullest potential!

Leader of the Month Carlos Sousa Carlos is currently a Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering at the Florida International University. He serves the SHPEFIU chapter as its president. Carlos was the master mind behind the leadership retreat held in Miami, FL the first weekend of October. He took on the challenge to host and plan the retreat for the benefit of all chapter leaders. Throughout the journey, Carlos was able to have the South Florida Professional Chapter host a number of workshops and activities as well as bring the University of Miami on board to co-host the event. Apart from a very successful event, Carlos has become a role model and led his chapter to become the fourth largest chapter in the nation and continues to serve his members day by day. Carlos, thank you for all your efforts and your outstanding leadership!

Member of the Month Dan Resnic Dan is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering in Broward College. In less than a month, Dan has taken the initiative to start a SHPE Chapter in his school with the help of a few of his classmates and friends. Dan has shown to be an exceptional individual who is very committed to fulfilling the SHPE mission at his school. Dan has begun the process of establishing the new chapter and joined the region 7 leaders in Miami for the regional leadership retreat where he was able to network with a number of chapter leaders and members. Dan, region 7 can’t wait to see you and your chapter succeed! Thank you for taking on this challenge and becoming part of our familia.

Leader’s Corner - SHPE Handbook Spotlight Roles and Responsibilities Our Society has a great deal of hierarchy that allows us to fulfill our mission and accomplish our goals. There is a natural check and balance system within our organization. Chapter 2 in the SHPE Handbook details the roles and responsibilities that the leaders and members of our organization possess. It explains the types of activities that our leaders have to engage on in order for our organization to succeed. For example, the Chief Executive Officer for SHPE is in charge of the fundraising agenda. This is a very important task since increasing our funds will help increase the impact of our organization in the community and STEM fields. If you ever have an inquiry regarding the roles and/or responsibility of any leader in our organization refer to Chapter 2 in the SHPE Handbook!

Graduate Corner Latinos have the lowest rates of graduate school enrollment of any major racial/ethnic group, regardless of whether they come from an immigrant family or not. Our Goals 1. Graduate School Advocacy: Educate all active student chapter members of undergraduate research programs and graduate school career opportunities, 2. Graduate Career and Retention: Establish representation of the SHPE graduate student, create the graduate student network, and support/track/promote SHPE graduate students so that SHPE will be viewed as the leading force for Latino/a Masters and PhDs. 3. SHPE & Academia Relations: Initiate and solidify relations with collegiate institutions for collaboration at SHPE National events and programs in order to incorporate a scientific/academic engineering component to SHPE’s culture

Meet your Chapter Presidents! Student Chapter Broward College Clemson University Duke University Florida Atlantic University Florida International University Florida State University Georgia Institute of Technology Miami Dade College North Carolina A&T State University North Carolina State University Palm Beach State College

President’s Name Dan Resnic Daniel Lind David Raudales Ryan Vega Carlos Sousa Andres Gutierrez Andres Pavia Daniel Rincon Jordan A. Ortiz Eduard Regalado Eman Shreteh

Santa Fe College Southern Polytechnic State University University of Central Florida University of Florida University of Miami University of North Florida University of South Florida

Laura Pelaez Isabel Ceron Marco Yepez Daniel Saenz Joaquin Moreyra Luis Montoya Juan Pablo Cardenas

Region 7 Statistics Top 10 Region 7 Student Chapters SHPE Conference 2011 Registration SPSU, 8

UM, 10

Duke, 6


FSU, 24 UF, 109 GT, 26 USF, 36

FIU, 49

UCF, 56

Top 10 Region 7 Student Chapters Membership Registration UM, 18

NCSU, 17 NCAT, 15

UNCC, 13

FSU, 31 Georgia Tech, 147

UCF, 47 USF, 63

UF, 147 FIU, 119

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Leadership Retreat, October 2011 Attendees Thank you for joining us and helping Region 7 have a very successful leadership retreat! Special thanks to Robert Loredo from the South Florida Professional Chapter for leading remarkable workshops. • Alejandra Belisario, Broward College • Andrea Sanchez, University of South Florida • Carlos Morejon, Miami Dade College • Catherine Alviz, Florida International University • Dan Resnic, Broward College • Daniel Rincon, Miami Dade College • Eliana Almario Florida International University • Eman Shreteh, Palm Beach State College • Gabriel Arab, University of Florida • Gustavo Valencia, University of Central Florida • Humberto Urrutia, Florida International University • Ivan Beltran, University of Central Florida • Ivan Salamanca, University of Central Florida • Jose Salazar, University of Central Florida • Julian Sanchez, University of Central Florida • Kammy Diaz, University of Miami • Kiran Bhimani, University of Miami • Laura Cano, University of Central Florida • Laura Neira, University of Florida • Lauren MacLea, University of Miami • Leslie Rodriguez, University of South Florida • Maribel Diaz, University of Miami • Maximiliano Velez, Florida International University • Midori Maeda, University of Florida • Oscar Pena, University of South Florida • Yenny Flores, Florida International University

SHPE Region 7 October Newsletter  

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