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Pumping in funds


Zapata County has received more than $3 million for community



any people congregated on Ash Wednesday at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in observance of Lent. According to the Women of Faith and Family, “the penitential season of Lent is the period of 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday. It is a season of the church year that commemorates the forty days Jesus fasted and prayed in the wilderness before He began His public ministry of preaching for repentance. Six Sundays are within the season; the last, Passion Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy Week. Holy Thursday begins the Triduum (three days) before Easter day, which includes Good Friday and Holy Saturday.” Some parishioners asked themselves what they were going to give up for Lent this year as they received their ashes on their foreheads. For some, it is a tradition to give up the same thing for Lent every year; for others, it is beneficial to their health to sacrifice something they love to eat, such as sweets. According to Leticia Dominguez, the secretary of Our Lady of Lourdes, some adults will promise to attend church regularly or become more active in the ministry. Rogelio and Maria Gonzalez, who have been married for more than 27 years, traditionally sacrifice the same thing every year, they said.



Photo by Ulysses S. Romero | The Zapata Times

Priest Agustine Escalante, ashes already on his forehead, gives a special Ash Wednesday sermon at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church on Ash Wednesday evening.

Zapata County was not left out in the cold when it came to receiving funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More than $3 million was allocated toward improvements in education, law enforcement and community activities. These funds were secured through the work of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, who represents Zapata County within his 28th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Of these funds, $42,500 was earmarked for the Zapata Boys and Girls Club. Peggy Umphres Moffett, president of the Zapata County Economic Development Center, said from a true economic development perspective, “I think it’s sort of a jobless recovery.” “It’s something where some jobs are being created, but I really think it’s about job retention,” Umphres Moffett said. Last Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama signing the Recovery Act into law. “When you look at the economic impact, the funding that Zapata County received

went to the Boys and Girls Club and much of that is focused on their mentoring programs,” she said. “So either they will preserve or create jobs and enhance those programs.” Umphres Moffett said the Webb County Independent School District also received funding that will support elementary and secondary education. “It will go toward improving teaching and learning for students at the risk of failing the state’s standard academic achievement tests,” she said. “So those could be positions either created or retained that would have been lost. That’s primarily for support staff, but it also could include counselors, teachers or aides.” Zapata County also picked up $15,000 for a juvenile probation program that it oversees. According to Recovery Act data, more than $634 million in funding has provided investments toward local infrastructure, transportation, education, health care, agriculture, energy and other community priorities in District 28. More than 274,000 families in District 28 benefited from the Making Work Pay Tax Credit provided by the act.



County museum delays opening doors By LORRAINE L. RODRIGUEZ THE ZAPATA TIMES

Zapata County Museum officials have postponed the opening of the museum until May, pending the hiring and observance of an independent architect. At the last Commissioners Court meeting, the Historical Commission committee requested an independent architect to be hired and observe the damaged foundation and report whether it can be repaired. Hildegardo Flores, Ph.D., heads the museum. He voiced his concerns about the apparent damages to the museum’s foundation. “The contractor claims they are hairline cracks,” Flores said. “They don’t look like hair-

The contractor claims they are hairline cracks.” HILDEGARDO FLORES, MUSEUM HEAD

line cracks to me.” According to Flores, the Historical Commission does not know the extent of the building’s damage, making it necessary to request a professional’s opinion. The concrete floor is showing cracks through the paint. According to PM2i Project Manager Adam Moore, when

concrete dries, it spreads and sometimes cracks — especially when plugs are added. “They had that in the original plans, and that’s how it’s going to stay,” Moore said. Flores also voiced his concern about the acoustics of the building. He believes that the museum will not be able to bring in more than two groups of children at a time because of a loud echo originating from a large room with high ceilings and a concrete floor. “Next, we will probably ask for the Commissioners … to allocate funds to possibly carpet the floors,” Flores said. “The carpet would help with the aesthetics and acoustics of the building.” (Lorraine L. Rodriguez may be reached at 728- 2557.)

Photo by Cuate Santos | The Zapata Times

Project manager Adam Moore, second from right, and construction company employees check out final details at the museum under construction in Zapata. The museum should be open in May, according to county officials.


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Bass Champs Tournament Trail, South Texas Division, is scheduled for today at Falcon Lake. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at 765-4871, or visit

SUNDAY, FEB. 21 Zapata County Fair hosts a Tea Party for Little Cowboy, Miss Zapata County Fair, and Junior Miss Zapata County Fair today at the Zapata Co. Pavilion at 2 p.m. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 The South Texas Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, which includes Zapata and Starr, will have its semi-annual meeting today starting at 9 a.m. at the McMullen County Community Center near Tilden. Following registration, directors will take a bus tour of the San Miguel Electric Plant and Mine located near Christine.

FRIDAY, FEB. 26 Winter Texan and Senior Appreciation Day. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at 765-4871.

SATURDAY, FEB. 27 A Trail Ride and Breakfast will be followed by opening ceremonies for the 38th Annual Zapata County Fair today. The ride begins at 8 a.m. and the ceremonies at 1:30 p.m. at the Zapata County Fair Pavilion. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at Contestants for Zapata County Fair Little Cowboy, Miss Zapata County Fair, and Junior Miss Zapata County Fair Pageants will compete today at 3:30 p.m. at the Zapata High School Auditorium. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 7654871, or go online at

SUNDAY, FEB. 28 ZCF hosts Queen’s Contest at Zapata High School Auditorium at 2 p.m. today. A social hosted by Gina Rathmell at Holiday Restaurant will immediately follow. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at Today is the last day to register for Zapata County Little League at the Zapata County League Field. Registrations are open to girls and boys, ages range from 5 to 16. There is a $30 fee per child, or $20 fee per additional sibling. For additional information, contact Olga Elizondo at 334-9375.

TUESDAY, MARCH 2 Primary elections are today. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

SATURDAY, MARCH 6 As just one of the many Zapata County Fair events, gates open for Car Show and Cook-Off contenders today. All their supporters can go down to the fairgrounds starting at 1 p.m. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at

Photo by Jack Plunkett | AP

National Transportation Safety Board investigators assess damage on Friday, Feb. 19, to a building in Austin housing offices for the Internal Revenue Service, caused by a plane that crashed into the building on Thursday.


AUSTIN, Texas — Emergency crews have found a second body in the wreckage where a small plane smashed into an Austin office building. Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Palmer Buck said late Thursday that authorities “have now accounted for everybody,” but declined to discuss the identities of those found. Authorities said earlier that the pilot who crashed into the building was presumed dead and that one worker in the building had been missing. Authorities say A. Joseph Stack III, a software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service, launched a suicide attack on the agency by crashing his small plane into the building that contains nearly 200 IRS employ-

Another ‘Scarecrow Bandit’ gets long sentence DALLAS — Another “Scarecrow Bandit” has drawn a long prison sentence for a series of bank heists. Jarvis Dupree Ross, 30, was sentenced Friday to 330 years in federal prison without parole for his part in a series of 2008 holdups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He’s the third of seven “Scarecrow Bandits” to receive lengthy prison sentences.

Mom sentenced to life in slayings of her babies SAN ANTONIO — The 22year-old mother of two babies whose bodies were found stuffed under a San Antonio house in 2007 has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. State District Judge Mary Roman sentenced Valerie Lopez in San Antonio on Friday.

ees. The crash set off a raging fire that sent workers running for their lives. Stack left behind a rambling anti-government manifesto but otherwise offered little indication that he was planning such an attack. He posted his angry screed on a Web site registered to him before he flew a single engine plane into the hulking black-glass Echelon 1 building on Thursday, killing himself and at least one worker. Stack, 53, apparently targeted the building’s lower floors, which housed local offices of the Internal Revenue Service. On Friday, police and fire investigators picked through the wreckage at the office building and at Stack’s home about six miles away — which Stack apparently set fire to before taking off his his plane. The home’s roof had caved in and its windows had blown out.

The sentence was part of a plea deal after Lopez agreed to help prosecutors in the case of her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jerry Salazar.

who was missing since 1992. Court officials announced Thursday that DNA testing led to the positive identification of remains discovered by deer hunters at Twin Buttes Reservoir.

2 SWAT members recovering after shooting First black woman to earn law license dies FORT WORTH — Two members of Fort Worth’s special-tactics team have been released from the hospital after they were shot during a raid. Police say the SWAT team was called to a house of suspected drug dealers Thursday night, and the two officers were shot after entering the garage. One was shot in the hand, and the other in the leg.

Remains ID’d of those of teen missing since ’92 SAN ANGELO — For nearly two decades, Monica Joy Martinez’s family did not know where her ex-boyfriend and another man dumped her body. Remains found in November 2008 have now been identified Martinez’s,

WICHITA FALLS — The first black woman to earn a license to practice law in Texas has died. Charlye Farris died Thursday in Wichita Falls of cancer at age 80. Farris died at 5:15 p.m. Thursday with her son, Troy, at bedside.

Hanging death of boy, 9, ruled suicide FORT WORTH — A coroner has ruled a boy found hanged Jan. 21 at his Dallas-area school killed himself. The child was found hanged in the bathroom of Stewart’s Creek Elementary School in The Colony, about 20 miles north of Dallas. -- Compiled from AP reports

THURSDAY, MARCH 11 The Zapata County Fair officially begins today. Starting at 8 a.m. various animals will be up for exhibit. Judging for arts and crafts will begin at 4 p.m. and the much anticipated Battle of the Bands contestants are set to hit the stage from 6 p.m. to midnight. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at

FRIDAY, MARCH 12 The Zapata County Fair continues today. From the hours of 8:30 a.m. to noon, rabbits, lamb, goats, and deer are up for judging today. Winner of Thursday’s Battle of the Bands will perform at 6:30 p.m., followed by a line-up of musicians.

AROUND THE NATION Navy accused of sharing workers’ info


PORT HUENEME, Calif. — Navy officials in Port Hueneme are accused of inadvertently sharing the Social Security numbers and security classifications of more than 200 civilian employees to an engineer and two other employees suspected of being security risks. The engineer, Gary Biggers, his attorney and a union representing government employees leveled the accusation.


Nevada casino profits plunge in ’09

The Zapata County Fair ends today, but not without ensuring fun for all of Zapata county. Between the 10 a.m. Zapata County Fair Parade and the Jalapeño Contest closing the night at 11:30 p.m., there is plenty to do. For more information call the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Nevada’s major casinos posted a net loss of $6.8 billion in fiscal year 2009, a 1,040 percent plunge from the $721 million earned in 2008. The annual “Gaming Abstract” issued by the state Gaming Control Board tracks casinos statewide that gross $1 million or more in gambling revenue.

Today is Saturday, Feb. 20, the 51st day of 2010. There are 314 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On Feb. 20, 1962, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth as he flew aboard the Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7. On this date: In 1790, Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II died. In 1792, President George Washington signed an act creating the U.S. Post Office. In 1809, the Supreme Court ruled that no state legislature could annul the judgments or determine the jurisdictions of federal courts. In 1839, Congress prohibited dueling in the District of Columbia. In 1934, a blizzard inundated the northeastern United States. In 1938, Anthony Eden resigned as British foreign secretary following Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s decision to negotiate with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. In 1944, during World War II, U.S. bombers began raiding German aircraft manufacturing centers in a series of attacks that became known as “Big Week.” In 1950, the U.S. Supreme Court, in United States v. Rabinowitz, ruled 5-3 that authorities making a lawful arrest did not need a warrant to search and seize evidence in an area that was in the “immediate and complete control” of the suspect. In 1971, the National Emergency Warning Center in Colorado erroneously ordered U.S. radio and TV stations off the air; some stations heeded the alert, which was not lifted for about 40 minutes. In 2003, a fire broke out during a rock concert at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, R.I., killing 100 people and injuring about 200 others. Ten years ago: The Fox TV network canceled the scheduled rebroadcast of its highly rated special “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?” after learning that the groom, Rick Rockwell, once was accused of hitting and threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend, accusations Rockwell denied. Five years ago: Israel’s Cabinet gave final approval to the government’s planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements. Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton traveled to Lampuuk, Indonesia, ground zero of tsunami devastation where they promised survivors that more help would come. Jeff Gordon won his third Daytona 500. Allen Iverson was selected MVP of the NBA All-Star game, helping the Eastern Conference to a 125-115 victory. Actress Sandra Dee died at age 62; musical actor John Raitt at age 88; and counterculture writer Hunter S. Thompson at age 67. One year ago: President Barack Obama warned a gathering of mayors at the White House that he would “call them out” if they wasted the money from his massive economic stimulus plan. The Dow Jones industrial average ended the week at 7,365.67, the lowest level in more than six years. Israeli President Shimon Peres chose Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government. The WTA fined Dubai Tennis Championships organizers a record $300,000 after Israeli player Shahar Peer was denied a visa by the United Arab Emirates.

Photo by Robin Conn/The Huntsville Times | AP

The family of Dr. Adriel Johnson arrives at Union Chapel M.B. Church in Huntsville, Ala., on Thursday. Johnson was one of three professors at the University of Alabama Huntsville shot and killed during a meeting allegedly by Dr. Amy Bishop. It’s only the second time the state’s biggest casinos had a loss. It’s also the largest in history.

Missionaries worry about Haitians, describe jail TOPEKA, Kansas — American

missionaries who faced allegations of child trafficking in Haiti but were freed from jail described their trip to the earthquake-ravaged country as a simple humanitarian effort that left them even more concerned about the Haitian people. -- Compiled from AP reports

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Agents seize 160 pounds of pot

Norberto Garza


Editor’s note: Questionnaires were given to candidates in contested races in the March 2 primary elections and published in the TZT Election Guide, which was included inside the Feb. 13 edition of The Zapata Times. Norberto Garza, a candidate for County Commissioner, Precinct 4, was unable to complete his questionnaire by press time due to illness. These are his answers to the questions. Answers given by the other candidate in this race — Baldomero Rivera Jr. — are in the guide.

Commissioner Pct. 4 Age: 49 Occupation: Zapata County Commissioner Pct. 4 Previous elected office: Commissioner Pct. 4; have served for three terms since 1999 Related experience: Plant Operator with Zapata County Water Works What is the biggest challenge facing your Precinct? One of the challenges that I face in my precinct is rainfall drainage from arroyos located on private properties. Another would be to install new water lines and finish refacing the streets of townsite in Zapata. What would you do to meet that challenge? For some time now I have been trying to obtain grants to clarify the legal matter of entering such private properties to alleviate this problem. I have not given up trying nor will I stop now. Would you support building a new jail? Why or why not? I would not. First, the current regional detention facility consists of 196 beds, and it is still not filled to its capacity, causing taxpayer’s money to go out the door. Secondly, the private jails are known to require guards to supervise hundreds of inmates, as compared to county jails that have to follow state mandates of one guard per 48 inmates. Third, all sorts of inmates will be allowed, bringing a great deal of risk to our citizens. Fourth, a new water and sewer plant would be needed, costing around $22 million. Why should the voters choose you over the other candidates? I believe that the citizens of Zapata know what I am capable of. I have made ample changes that have made Pct. 4 appealing and safe for the citizens. Below are some projects that were completed under the supervision of the Zapata County Commissioners Court from 1998 to the present. TDHCA Colonia Construction, Sewer TCDP Black Bass Street and Sewer/San Yg-

nacio Water TCDP Chihuahua Sewer Project 2004 TCDP Raw Water Line Imp. 2006 (1.3 million) TXDOT Aviation Airport Improvement Runway TXDOT Aviation AWOS Weather Station TXDOT Border Colonia 1st Call Pct. 3 and 4 TXDOT Border Colonia 2nd Call Pct. 3 and 4 Open Pavilion Pct. 4 As a commissioner, you have to think of how you can install new projects to your precinct while saving as much money as possible. When it came to paving the streets of Medina, the total cost of a sub-contracting company was $1,236,715. What I suggested was to let the county take over and do the work themselves. By doing this, Zapata County’s total cost for the paving was $358,731, saving the county $877,984. With saved money, I have planned to finish re-facing the townsite of Zapata in my precinct, and also covering all the gutters in Medina. Have you ever been arrested or sanctioned by your respective professional organization? No

Photo by Cuate Santos | Laredo Morning Times

Parking along the front entrance to the Zapata County Courthouse has been taken over by political candidates campaigning during early voting for the March 2 elections.

Early voting sees big turnout By STEPHANIE M. IBARRA THE ZAPATA TIMES

As of Friday, Feb. 19, more than 650 Zapata residents had cast their votes for the candidate of their choice. “We’ve had a pretty good turn out so far,” said

Doroteo Garza, Zapata County Democratic Chair. Garza estimates that by the end of next week, the number of early voters should triple. “At the rate they’re going, we might hit a little over 2,000,” Garza said. “We have all next week,

they have plenty of choices, so it’s important for [residents] to come out and vote.” For those unable to vote during the week, early voting will be open today from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the County Courthouse.

U.S. CBP Border Patrol agents assigned to the Zapata Station seized more than 160 pounds of marijuana from an abandoned vehicle. The seizure occurred near midnight Wednesday when Zapata Station agents responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle near Ramireño discovered a white Dodge sedan abandoned on a ranch. A Border Patrol K-9 team inspected the sedan and alerted to the presence of concealed persons or contraband from within the trunk of the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed seven bundles of marijuana in the trunk. The marijuana had a weight of 168 pounds with an estimated street value of $134,880. No arrests were made.

THE BLOTTER DWI Reymundo Sanchez Arredondo Jr., 35, was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated at about 11 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13, at the intersection of First Avenue and Glenn Street. Gloria Luna, 27, was arrested on charges of public intoxication. Both people were taken to Zapata Regional Jail. Sanchez Arredondo had a $2,500 bond. Luna was fined $110.

RECKLESS DRIVING Hector Martinez III, 26, was arrested on a charge of reckless driving at about 3 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 14, at the Veleno Bridge on U.S. 83. A deputy said Martinez was clocked at 73 mph heading north on U.S. 83. According to the Sheriff’s report, the

deputy noticed a driver switching lanes unsafely between other vehicles. The deputy stated that the driver clipped the cement barrier on Veleno Bridge. Martinez was booked and held at Zapata Regional Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.

14, at the intersection of U.S. 83 and Senisa Drive. According to an incident report, Olvera-Castillo did not have a driver’s license. The man was booked and taken to Zapata Regional Jail.


A 69-year-old man reported around 9 p.m. Monday in the 1600 block of South Siesta Lane that a late-model tan or silver four-door Chevy pickup damaged his fence.

A 53-year-old woman reported around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13, that she witnessed a dog biting another woman in the 400 block of Zapata Boulevard.

DUI Rigoberto Olvera-Castillo, 20, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence after a traffic stop at about 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb.


POSSESSION Juan David Chapa, 21, was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, possession of a controlled substance penalty group three and possession of marijuana at about 12:15

a.m. on Friday, Feb. 12, at Stripes in the intersection of First Avenue and Hidalgo Street. The man was booked and transported to Zapata Regional Jail, where he was held on a combined bond of $25,000. Lesley Haziel Chapa, 17; Hector Ivan Chapa, 23; and Mario Humberto Garza, 18, were all arrested on charges of possession of marijuana at about 8 p.m. Tuesday at Romeo Flores Park on First Avenue. All were held Zapata Regional Jail in lieu of $10,000 each.

THEFT A 51-year-old man reported at about 10 a.m. Wednesday in the 1800 block of Siesta Lane that unknown people stole a wire feed welder from his porch.







Foundation sets record straight on fort To the editor: I would like to correct two mistakes printed on Feb. 13, 2010, in an article about the Treviño Fort published in The Zapata Times. The report says the site is co-owned by the River Pierce Foundation and the family of Treviño’s descendents. The entire site is now owned by the River Pierce Foundation though we are still close friends with the family. The second mistake was a mention that RPF refused to meet with ad-

justers, but we did meet on Jan. 26, and have eagerly awaited news from them since. Meanwhile we have a team of conservators running tests off-site. Perhaps we study history to learn from our mistakes; then this accident at the Treviño Fort is one that will teach a lesson long after the building is fixed. Signed, Christopher Rincón Executive Director The River Pierce Foundation


Hutchison win could set a record By KEN HERMAN COX NEWSPAPERS


USTIN — Here’s something I think you’ll find surprising. But first, you must promise it won’t impact your vote in the gubernatorial race. It’s offered as a curiosity. Nothing more. OK, remember, you promised. It’s something I would not have thought was true. Actually, I must have thought it might be true because I wasted some time checking it out. Here it is: If she becomes governor of Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison would become the oldest person to get that job for the first time. Hutchison, born July 22, 1943, would be 67 come oath-swearing day. (All of this comes with the usual caveat: Journalist doing math. Corrections, clarifications and outraged scoldings cheerfully accepted.)

Back in history And whose record would Hutchison break? Glad you asked. It’s the seventh governor of Texas. Perhaps you’ve heard of him, one Sam Houston, who was 66 when he took the oath in December 1859. And Houston gets an asterisk. He previously had been governor of Tennessee, rising to that post when he was 34. Here’s another asterisky situation. Bill Clements was 69 when he became Texas governor in January 1987, but Clements (who served non-consecutive terms) was 61 in January 1979 when he took the oath for the first term. Turns out Texans like their governors to be relatively young. Clements, Houston and Oran (that’s Oran, not Oral) Roberts (63 when he took the oath in January 1879) are the only folks who ever became our governor for the first time after turning 60. Youngest ever? Dan Moody, 33 when he got the gig in 1927.

Houston trivia Sam Houston trivia: He was born March 2, 43 years before March 2 became Texas Independence Day. Hutchison-Houston connective trivia: This year’s primary is March 2. Superfluous March 2 trivia: Also the birthday of Desi Arnaz, Dr. Seuss, John Cowsill of “The Cowsills” and Leo XIII and Pius XII of “The Popes.”

Another quasi-coincidence of passing interest: Gov. Rick Perry turns 60 on March 4. (OK, since you asked, also the birthday of Knute Rockne and Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges.) OK, I’m back now. Sorry for the digression. The fact that Hutchison could become a governor for the ages surprised me because of her vibrancy. Think it’s easy simultaneously running for governor and serving in the U.S. Senate while being the 66-year-old mother of a couple of 8year-olds?

Fastest woman And then there’s this, from her staff last April: “Sen. Hutchison remains ‘fastest woman in the Senate’ for 11th straight year.” The claim was based on her finish in the ACLI Capital Challenge, a three-mile race in Washington. Hutchison’s time of 39:32 put her in 503rd place out of 525 competitors. What her staff didn’t mention was that the fastest woman in the Senate also was the only female senator in the race. But, by way of not minimizing the achievement, I feel obligated to note this: Hutchison finished three places and 34 seconds ahead of my friend Rick Dunham, who runs the Houston Chronicle’s Washington Bureau.


Greetings from Planet Blather By TOM BLACKBURN COX NEWSPAPERS


mericans are residing in alternative universes. “The Twilight Zone” went off the air more than 20 years ago, but some episodes are looking more like documentaries than science fiction.

Scientific illiteracy As a tiny example, take the Web video the Virginia Republican Party put up attacking two Democratic congressmen for supporting legislation to cut greenhouse gases. With a blizzard brewing, the ads mocked global warming and told Virginians to call Democrats to shovel their snow. Everyone who knows anything about the scientific case for global warming knows that, from the start, the theory predicted extreme weather conditions — of all kinds — as Earth adjusts to warming. This year’s Mid-Atlantic snow doesn’t disprove the predictions. It supports them. If you don’t know anything about what you don’t want to believe in anyway, you can taunt climate-change science. You

A double loss? Another Hutchison factoid. She also could go into the record books by losing the GOP primary. As best as I can tell, a loss would make her and husband Ray the first husband-wife team to lose in Texas GOP gubernatorial primaries. Mr. Hutchison lost to Clements in 1978 by a whopping 49point margin (FYI, the Hutchisons got married seven weeks prior to that primary). There seems little chance that Mrs. Hutchison could lose the GOP primary by anywhere near a 49-point margin. So, even in defeat, she’d always have that to toss in when the Hutchisons reminisce about their gubernatorial bids. And when she feels wronged by the press, she can always remind us of how she beat one of us in a three-mile race. Thanks a lot, Rick. (Reach Ken Herman, who writes for the Austin American-Statesman, at

can also roast pig iron and expect to eat pork chops. The scientific illiteracy of American showoffs is as old as medicine shows. More troubling are the different histories being written for a period in which we are still living, what some capitalize as the Great Recession. In his memoir, “On the Brink,” then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recalls the stress-filled day and sleepless night in the fall of 2008 when he learned that Lehman Brothers would not be saved and that the world’s economy was in deep trouble. “It would take years to dig ourselves out from under such a disaster,” he thought. Little more than a year later, the bankers who brought it on are asking, “What disaster?” They have resumed their follies and sent lobbyists to Capitol Hill to argue that they don’t need to be regulated. What universe is that coming from?

Get the facts The congressional oversight panel watching banks and bailouts warns that $1.4 trillion in com-

mercial real estate loans is under water. Store and office space is headed the way of housing, in which people are still losing their homes every day. The White House and the Congressional Budget Office both project an unemployment rate around 10 percent for all of 2010. In that universe, economic activity is becalmed in the horse latitudes of debt. With no other money moving, everyone who still has a job has it in part because of the federal stimulus.

Bad indicators The proof is in the inflation rate. If the engines of capitalism were making money to chase goods and services, government stimulus money would have given us a consumer price index as bad as every other indicator. A plaster yard troll can understand that. But not, obviously, House Minority Leader John Boehner, ROhio, who rattles on about “a stimulus that didn’t create any jobs.” Rep. Boehner floats in orbit, not quite touching down in a huge universe where everything was peachy until Jan. 20, 2009, when Barack Obama be-

gan to take over everything to fulfill his Marxist-socialist plan to be the worst president in U.S. history. Defending his lunge to the left, the bank bailout, President Bush the Younger said his instincts were against it, but “the markets are not functioning properly.” In the universe where accurate records are kept, markets still aren’t humming. The malfunction began before Mr. Obama. It turns out that Mr. Obama’s opponent was also a socialist in some universe. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., an admirer of Barry Goldwater, will be challenged from the right in his state’s Republican primary.

Ol’ Lefty McCain You may believe that Sen. McCain is a lefty. You may believe that there never was a recession. Or you may believe that whatever it was, it’s over. It seems to depend on how many moons shine down on where you live. (Reach Tom Blackburn, former member of The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board, at

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Zapata women to vie for county crown Seven students to compete for title of fair’s time-honored tradition By STEPHANIE M. IBARRA THE ZAPATA TIMES

With the Zapata County Fair Queen’s Contest just a week away, contestants and organizers have been busy working on finishing touches for the annual pageant. Between this year’s Zapata County Fair Cook-Off, Car Show and numerous music and exhibit displays, the Queen’s Contest remains an honored tradition. “The winner will represent Zapata,” said Monica Mendoza, president of the County Fair Association, “These girls look forward to competing and for most of them it’s their first time.” The contest is separated into three components:

western wear, talent and evening gown, with criteria ranging from originality to attire to overall presentation. For the first time in the Queen’s Contest history, the previous reigning Queen, in this case, Melissa Martinez, 2009 County Fair Queen, will be included in the production of the opening number. According to Carmen Paredes, chairwoman of the Queen’s Contest, this year also marks the largest number of contestants participating. “The past couple of years, we usually have four or five girls. This year, we have seven,” said Paredes. “Since we’re such a small community, the fair is really Zapata’s big event. Even

Who wouldn’t want to represent their hometown? They represent Zapata at the county fair and at any events throughout the community.” GINA RATHMELL, 1983 ZAPATA COUNTY FAIR QUEEN

the judges’ identities are kept private until the day of the contest.” Paredes echoed Mendoza’s sentiments, agreeing that for many contestants’ competition for the title is a dream, with some girls

preparing more than a year in advance. Gina Rathmell, the contestants’ Madrina, recalls when she was titled Zapata County Fair Queen in 1983. “It’s something that everyone at one point dreams

to become one day,” she said. “The girls look up to these contestants, these Queens. I experienced it; my daughter experienced it. “Who wouldn’t want to represent their hometown? They represent Zapata at the county fair and at any events throughout the community,” she added. “They’re role models.” Competing for this year’s title of 2010 County Fair Queen are Raquel Mendoza, Sarah Lozano, Brianda Gonzalez, Adriana Ramirez, Kristina Garcia, Kassandra Ramirez, and Jackie Salinas. The Queen’s Contest, open to the public, will be held at the Zapata High

SARAH LOZANO School Auditorium at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28. For more information, contact the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce at (956) 765-4871, or go online at (Stephanie M. Ibarra may be reached at 728-2567 or




Courtesy photo

Zapata South Elementary School Library is raising funds to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by having a “Pennies for Patients” campaign. Third-grade students in Liz Zapata’s class are among those helping with this project, which is supervised by ZSES Librarian Rosa Bigler. Students shown, front, are Andrea Gonzalez and Idalinda Guerra; back, Karina Alaniz, Rosanna Piñeda, Luis Galvan, Rebecca Ayers, Leyla Morales, Carlos Chapa, Abram Guerra and Margareth Calderon. “This is a great opportunity for us to teach compassion, build character and save lives — one penny at a time,” Bigler said.


Courtesy photo

The Zapata South Elementary School Students of the Week for Feb. 8 through 12 and Feb. 15 through 19 are, pictured in the bottom row, left to right, are Roy Ramirez, Evelyn Alaniz, Meztli Marquez, Alice Cruz, Kenya Arambula and Zaida Pruñeda. In the second row, left to right, are Marlette Cabrera, Luis J. Villegas, David Zuñiga, Kadin Kimbro, Jesus Hinojosa, Andrea Montes, Arnold Ramirez and Jasmyn Hernandez, while in the top row, left to right, are Esteban Baez, Raul Cortina, Julieta Villarreal, Samantha Sanchez, Kelsey Garcia, Maria L. Garza, Daniela Galvan, Rene Montalvo, Jorge L. Lopez and Aldo Soto.



Courtesy photo

Roma-based norteño favorites El Duelo are set to take the stage tonight at the WBCA Jalapeño Fest.

Stage set for hot night WBCA’s Jalapeño Fest taps into Tejano talent for tonight By KIRSTEN CROW THE ZAPATA TIMES

Forget all the so-called “hot-spots” in town this weekend. The real heat will be smoldering at the El Metro Park & Ride grounds, on the corner of Hillside and Thomas streets, where the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Jalapeño Festival will be turning up the temperature dial tonight with the steamiest musical acts under the sun, along with plenty of games, food and beverages. And that’s not even getting into the now world-famous La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest. Organizers are bringing out the big guns to rock the stage tonight. This year, organizers are tapping into the tried and true — a night featuring Tejano and norteño hits, as delivered by La Mafia and El Duelo.

La Mafia & El Duelo Tejano and norteño beats will take the night and grounds by storm when the multiple Grammy Awardwinning La Mafia and wildly popular Grupo Duelo take the stage. Led by Oscar de la Rosa — known for his signature

hat and mischievous grin — La Mafia is composed of Armando Lichtenberger Jr., Tim Ruiz, Joe Gonzales and Viktor Pacheco. The band, a Laredo regular, last played the Jalapeño Fest alongside Grupo Fantasma in 2007, fresh off picking up a Latin Grammy for “Nuevamente.” Duelo, on the other hand, has been experiencing a major fan fervor, and will be arriving in Laredo as they criss-cross the border in a busy tour. The group is no stranger to big shows: They have played before 71,000 in Reliant Stadium in Houston. Composed of Oscar Iván Treviño, lead vocalist on the bajosexto; Dimas López Jr., accordionist; Mauricio Cano, on percussion; Pedro Flores, vocalist and guitarist; Mario Angel Peña, emcee on guiro; and José Luis Ayala Jr., on drums. The group’s most recent offering is “Necesito Más de Ti.”

Games, games, games While the Jalapeño Fest is known well for its concerts, there’s plenty more to this homegrown, grassroots celebration — including unique games. Today’s competitions in-

clude the International Waiter’s Race, the Tricycle Race, the Land Raft Race and the Egg Toss. Think you’ve seen such fare before? Maybe not. One of the key features in this fun-loving category is the Jaw-lepeño Race, which requires contestants to don goggles, shark fins and flippers to scramble to the finish. On-site registration is available for most of the events. Of course, the most famous of the contests is the La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest, which pits participants in a fight to the finish to down as many of the spicy peppers as possible. Patrick Bertoletti, a professional gurgitator, holds the record at 266. Locally, the record is held by Braulio Martinez, who stomached 141 in 1991. The top prize is $1,000. There’s also the Miss Jalapeño Contest, held immediately preceding the Jalapeño Eating Contest, which seeks out the most unique and fun-loving of its contest. The top prize is $250, as well as an opportunity to reign over the festival and be featured in the 2011 parades. For more details and all things jalapeño, visit


Agenda en Breve SÁBADO 20 DE FEBRERO LAREDO: WBCA: Desfile Anheuser-Busch Washington’s Birthday a las 9 a.m. por la Avenida San Bernardo. Entrada general gratuita. En la sombra 5 dólares en la puerta; 4 dólares en pre-venta. LAREDO: WBCA: Hoy es el Festival Jalapeño de 3 p.m. a 1 a.m. presentando a Duelo y La Mafia, en El Metro Park & Ride (Thomas and Hillside). 15 dólares la entrada. LAREDO: Pase la tarde en el Planetario Lamar Bruni Vergara de TAMIU y explore “One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure” a las 5 p.m., “Violent Universe” a las 6 p.m., y Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” a las 7 p.m. La entrada general es de 5 dólares. ZAPATA — El Bass Champs Tournament Trail, División Sur de Texas, es hoy en el Lago falcon. Más información llamando a la Cámara de Comercio de Zapata al (956) 765-4871 ó visitando



Arranca programa de Cuaresma Un objetivo es evitar venta clandestina de productos del mar en Tamaulipas ESPECIAL PARA TIEMPO DE ZAPATA

CIUDAD VICTORIA — Al haber dado inicio el miércoles la temporada de Cuaresma, la Comisión de Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios (COEPRIS) de la Secretaría de Salud, informó trabajan para lograr un saldo blanco en cuanto a enfermedades gastrointestinales se refiere, así como evitar la venta clandestina de productos de mar. El responsable de la COEPRIS Roberto Hernández Báez manifestó que se han ultimado los destalles con las ocho coordinaciones sanitarias para que se intensifiquen las actividades de prevención y verificación sobre las condiciones sanitarias de los establecimientos dedicados al proceso, venta y distribución de pescados y mariscos crudos y preparados. Las acciones incluyen verifica-

ciones a los mercados públicos y móviles, el muestreo y análisis de agua y hielo, así como en todos aquellos giros sanitarios que durante esta época incrementan su consumo y servicios, como los hoteles, albercas públicas y privadas, purificadoras de agua, fábricas de hielo, entre otros. “Durante ocho semanas se intensifican las acciones de fomento sanitario con los organismos públicos, privados y sociales involucrados en la cadena productiva, comercial, de distribución y venta de los productos pesqueros”, dijo Hernández. Se pretende evitar en lo posible las enfermedades como las gastrointestinales e incluso el cólera. Durante la Cuaresma 209 se realizaron un promedio de mil 600 verificaciones a hoteles, centrales camioneras, albercas públicas y privadas, sistemas de abas-

Foto de cortesía | Gobierno de Tamaulipas

Personal de la Secretaría de Salud coloca una manta donde informan del inicio del programa de atención de Cuaresma ante el aumento de consumo de productos del mar. tecimiento de agua, camiones cisternas, letrinas y baños públicos, así como antros y gasolineras. También más de 250 muestras de ostión, agua blanca e hisopos de moore; así como 9 mil muestras a las tomas de agua. Para este año ya se autoriza-

Se acerca Semana de Salud

DOMIGO 21 DE FEBRERO LAREDO: WBCA: H.E.B. Fireworks Extravaganza a las 8 p.m. en el L.I.F.E Downs sobre la Carretera 59. Entrada gratuita.

MARTES 23 DE FEBRERO NUEVO LAREDO —Ciclo Internacional de Cine presenta hoy en el teatro Lucio Blanco de la Casa de la Cultura (Lincoln y Chimalpopoca, Colonia Viveros) la película “Trono de Sangre” de Japón, a las 7 p.m. Entrada gratuita.


Será desde el 27 de febrero hasta el 5 de marzo

NUEVO LAREDO — Ciclo Internacional de Cine presenta hoy en Estación Palabra (César López de Lara y Arteaga, Sector Aduana) la película “Tlacuyán” de México, a las 7 p.m. Entrada gratuita.


JUEVES 25 DE FEBRERO NUEVO LAREDO — Hoy se presenta la obra “Entre Hadas y Duendes” con el grupo “Primer Sol” en el teatro Lucio Blanco de la Casa de la Cultura a las 8 p.m. Entrada gratuita. SAN ANTONIO — El Instituto Cultural de México presenta la Serie de cine de la revolución “Enamorada” (español con subtítulos en inglés) del director Emilio “El Indio” Fernández” hoy a las 6 p.m. en el Auditorio del ICM, 600 Hemisfair Park. Protagonizan María Félix y Pedro Armendáriz. Reserve al (210) 227 0123. Entrada gratuita.

VIERNES 26 DE FEBRERO LAREDO: El Women’s City Club tendrá su Starlight XXX “Butterflied, Bunnies, and BlueBonnets” de 3 p.m. a 5 p.m. en el Laredo Country Club (1415 Country Club Drive) a partir de hoy. Como invitado estará Darren McGrady, chef de cabecera por 15 años de la Reyna Isabel II y la Princesa Diana de Wales. El espacio es limitado a 200 invitados a 65 dólares cada uno. Para reservar su espacio llame a Nancy de Anda al 763-9960. ZAPATA: El Día de Reconocimiento al Winter Texan y Senior es hoy. Llame a la Cámra de Comercio de Zapata para mayor información al (956) 765-4871. SAN ANTONIO — El Instituto Cultural de México presenta dentro de la Serie de cine de la revolución: “Bugambilia” (español con subtítulos en inglés) del director Emilio “El Indio” Fernández hoy a las 6 p.m. en el Auditorio del ICM, 600 Hemisfair Park. Protagonizan Dolores del Río, Pedro Armendáriz y Julio Villarreal. Reserve al (210) 227 0123. Entrada gratuita.

SÁBADO 27 DE FEBRERO SAN ANTONIO — El Instituto Cultural de México presenta dentro de la Serie de cine de la revolución: “Frida Naturaleza Viva” (español con subtítulos en inglés) del director Paul Leduc hoy a las 6 p.m. en el Auditorio del ICM, 600 Hemisfair Park. Protagonizan Ofelia Medina, Juan José Gurrola & Max Kerlow. Reserve al (210) 227-0123. Entrada gratuita.

DOMINGO 28 DE FEBRERO CIUDAD MIER — Recorrido en bicicleta “Kilómetro del Peso” en la Explanada de la Plaza Principal.

ron 138 permisos sanitarios, con un total de más de 7 millones de kilogramos de productos del mar, entre los que destacan filete, mejillones, calamar, bacalao y tiburón, procedentes de países como EU, Canadá, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, entre otros.

Foto de cortesía | La del Miernes

Un arroyo y puente pueden ser admirados en la imagen con la construcción estructural tipo columna de piedra. Ciudad Mier, Pueblo Mágico, celebrará el 6 de marzo el 257 Aniversario de su fundación.

Ciudad Mier celebrará 257 Aniversario TIEMPO DE ZAPATA

CIUDAD MIER — Es nuevamente ésa época del año en la cual esta ciudad se prepara para celebrar el 257 Aniversario de su Fundación. La fecha del aniversario es el 6 de marzo por lo que el Gobierno Municipal designó un Comité Central de Festejos que tiene preparado un programa de actividades del 5 al 14 de marzo. “Invitamos a ser parte de la historia de nuestro pueblo y sus festividades”, dijo el Jefe de Gobierno José Iván Mancías Hinojosa. “Nuestra ciudad los recibirá con los brazos abiertos”. La Presidenta del Comité Central de Festejos Carmen Alicia Guerra Ríos dijo que están trabajando fuertemente para la organización de los eventos. “Traeremos unas buenas atracciones a la Feria del Pueblo”, dijo Guerra. Ciudad Mier, Pueblo Mágico de México, invita a recorrer sus calles, plazuela, plaza, visitar la Casa de la Cultura, el monumento en homenaje al Paso del Cántaro; así como a disfrutar los artistas y carros alegóricos. El programa previo incluye desde actividades deportivas, hasta culturas y artísticas. Destaca que el ocho y nueve de marzo se instalará el Planetario Móvil de Monterrey, Nuevo León; eventos masivos en el parque de béisbol, los voladores de Papantla. Guerra sostuvo que de forma avanzada y en preparación a las fiestas, el domingo 28 de febrero se realizará un recorrido en bicicleta denominado “Kilómetro del Peso”, en la Explanada de la Plaza Principal. El objetivo será recaudar fondos y empezar a pasar la voz con relación a las fiestas del pueblo.

PROGRAMA PREVIO Viernes 5 de marzo 9 a.m. Encendido de Lámpara Votiva frente al Palacio Municipal. 8 p.m. Corte de listón y ceremonia de inauguración. Coronación de S.G.M. Daniel I en el Teatro del Pueblo. 11:30 p.m. Mañanitas a Ciudad Mier por las principales calles de la ciudad. Domingo 7 de marzo 8 p.m. Actuación del comediante Jorge Góngora y Margarito en el Teatro del Pueblo. Lunes 8 de marzo 9 a.m. Domo mágico “Planetario Móvil” en la Explanada frente a la Presidencia Municipal. Martes 9 de marzo 3 p.m. Competencia de fútbol infantil en el Parque Nuevo Amanecer. Miércoles 10 de marzo 3 p.m. Carrera de bicicletas en Circuito Callejero Viernes 12 de marzo 8 p.m. Participación artística de Casas de la Cultura de Mier y Nueva Ciudad Guerrero en el Teatro del Pueblo. Sábado 13 de marzo 9 a.m. Cabalgata 3 p.m. Festival Infantil en el Teatro del Pueblo. 8 p.m. Reconocimiento a Beto Hernández y su Tropical del Bravo en el Teatro del Pueblo. Domingo 14 de marzo 10 a.m. Misa de Acción de Gracias. 11:30 a.m. Desfile de Carros Alegóricos. 8 p.m. Ceremonia de clausura de las fiestas en el Teatro del Pueblo. Presentación de los Voladores de Papantla. 9 p.m. Presentación del comediante Teo González (El programa es tentativo y sujeto a cambios)

NATALICIO DE VICENTE GUERRERO El 14 de febrero, dentro del marco de las festividades del Bicentenario de la Independencia de México y del Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana, personal del Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Mier, encabezados por la Alcaldesa de Nueva Ciudad Guerrero Olga Juliana Elizondo Guerra, rindieron homenaje a Don Vicente Guerrero, en el aniversario de su natalicio, en el monumento a honor del caudillo insurgente. Participaron también autoridades educativas, federales y estatales. Se montó una guardia de honor, se colocó una ofrenda floral y se dio lectura a una biografía. El 12 de noviembre de 1827 se le otorgó el nombre al municipio en honor a Guerrero.

— Compilado por Tiempo de Zapata Foto de cortesía | Gobierno de Ciudad Guerrero

CD. VICTORIA — Del 27 de febrero al cinco de marzo se llevará a cabo la Primer Semana Nacional de Salud. La Secretaría de Salud informó que la actividad principal se enfoca a la aplicación de la vacuna antipoliomielítica oral (Sabin) a la población menor de 5 años y complementar los esquemas de vacunación. “Las actividades del programa permanente de vacunación, se enfocan principalmente a completar esquemas de las vacunas que por alguna razón no se han aplicado a los menores”, dijo el Secretario de Salud Juan Guillermo Manzur Arzola. El universo de las actividades que se realizan en las semanas nacionales de salud, corresponde principalmente a la población infantil, pero en los últimos años se han reforzado las actividades para vacunar a hombres y mujeres de 12 años en adelante, para erradicar el tétanos, en donde se completa el esquema de Td cada 5 años, además de informar a las mujeres en edad fértil sobre la prevención del tétanos neonatal y a la población en general sobre este padecimiento. Otras actividades que también se refuerzan en esta semana de salud, es la administración de la vacuna contra la influenza estacional e influenza A H1N1, que de acuerdo a los lineamientos establecidos por la federación, se aplica a las mujeres embarazadas; personas con algún padecimiento como asma, diabetes, sida, entre otros; a los trabajadores de estancias infantiles o cuidadores de menores, entre otros. Aunado a esto y adicional a la vacunación, se distribuyen sobres de “Vida Suero Oral” y se proporcionan pláticas para prevenir enfermedades diarreicas y respiratorias, su manejo en el hogar y la identificación de los signos de alarma, así como se distribuyen suplementos de Vitamina A, multivitamínicos, zinc, hierro y acido fólico. Manzur informó que los puestos de vacunación se instalarán en los lugares de mayor concentración de población y permanecerán en las Jurisdicciones Sanitarias y centros de salud. “Los exhorto para que no dejen pasar la oportunidad de vacunar a los menores”, dijo Manzur.



OBITUARIES BETTY JUNE MCSORLEY Betty June McSorley died Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010, at Laredo Medical Center in Laredo, Texas, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Betty McSorley was the wife of the late Jerome Dean McSorley, Sr. Betty was born on June 13, 1930, to the late Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Kennedy in Eau Claire, Wis., during a tornado that blew out the hospital windows. She later moved to Texas with her late husband, Jerome Dean McSorley Sr., where they prepared for ministry. Betty raised seven children while helping her husband with a successful full-time ministry. Because of a life-long dedication to her ministry, there are now hundreds of congregations meeting in different parts of the world, including Mexico, India and in Zapata, Texas. Also, two orphanages, a day school, four feeding programs and a widow’s home in India.

Surviving is her son: Jerome Dean McSorley Jr. and his wife, Pamela; daughters: Karen Kleban and husband Barry, Anita Ersch and husband Don, Donna Self and husband Bryan, Ruth Villegas and husband Roy, Shirley Myers and husband Ken and Connie Rodriguez and husband Gerardo; one sister Darlene Garza and husband Art; 29 grandchildren; 54 greatgrandchildren (55 and 56 are on the way); and one great-great-grandchild. As an expression of sym-

pathy, donations in Betty’s memory may be made to Front Line Missions, P. O. Box 577, Zapata, Texas 78076. Visitation hours were held on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Rose Garden Funeral Home. A chapel service was held on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010, at 10:30 a.m. at Rose Garden Funeral Home. Committal services followed at Zapata County Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family at Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Rose Garden Funeral Home, Daniel A. Gonzalez, Funeral Director, 2102 U.S. 83 Zapata, Texas.

LENT Continued from Page 1A “It is a tradition for us to eat only twice a day at noon and at 5 p.m., so we fast for breakfast,” Maria Gonzalez said. The couple’s two sons, Cristo Rey and Raziel Gonzalez, decided to sacrifice fried food, because it is something they love to eat all the time. “It is better and easier to do it together,” Raziel Gonzalez said. Juan Benavides, on the other hand, said he decided to give up multiple vices for Lent because it is a Catholic tradition. It’s also improves his health, he added. “I gave up alcohol, cigarettes and supper, because I need to lose a few pounds,”

Benavides said. Benavides was joined by his brother, George Benavides, who added that Lent was a time to either begin a new habit or give one up out of respect. “There is temptation everywhere, but you have a constant reminder in your head,” George Benavides said. “If you fail, you must repent and start over.” That isn’t the case for Marisela Martinez, a lifetime member of Our Lady of Lourdes. Although she, too, faces temptation, Lent is a very serious practice for her. (Lorraine L. Rodriguez may be reached at 728- 2557.)

ECONOMY Continued from Page 1A Individuals who made less than $75,000 and married couples earning less than $150,000 qualified for tax credits up to $400 and $800, respectively. A major function of the Recovery Act involved spurring job growth. Cuellar said the federal government can provide the basic necessities to cities and counties “but the private sector has to provide higher paying jobs.” “These infrastructure projects help provide us ways to get that done,” he said. In looking at Texas’ $19 billion in federal recovery funds, Cuellar said, “When you add $19 billion to the state budget, it adds a lot to

what’s already there. They put some of those dollars into the state’s ‘rainy day’ fund.” Webb County received more than $186 million toward infrastructure and educational projects. Hidalgo County was the top recipient within Cuellar’s district for funding at $282 million. (Joe Rutland may be reached at 728-2529 or Carmen Ramirez - Rathmell, D.D.S.

“Let your smile be a sign of happiness & good health” 1520 Corpus Christi Street Telephone (956) 726-0160


Leonel Elizondo, 74, passed away on Feb. 14, 2010, in McAllen, Texas, at McAllen Medical Center. Mr. Elizondo is preceded in death by his parents, Federico and Aurora Elizondo; brother, Anibal Elizondo; brothers-in-law, Amador Ramirez and Joseph Barrientos. Mr. Elizondo is survived

by his son, Leonel (Leticia) Elizondo, Jr.; daughters, Alma L. (Louie) Zapata and Sandra (Hector) Saenz; grandchildren, Leonel (Samantha) Elizondo III, Anibal A. Elizondo, Sergio Leonel (Claudia) Saenz, Sessie Zapata, Louie Zapata Jr. and Hector Hugo (Denise) Saenz Jr.; great-grandchildren, Sergio Saenz, Christian Paul Saenz, Sergio Leonel Saenz Jr., Hector Saenz, and Hector Hugo Saenz III; brother, Federico (Graciela) Elizondo III; and sister, Otila Barrientos; and by numerous relatives and friends. Visitation hours were held on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with a rosary at 7 p.m. at Rose Garden Funeral

Home. The funeral procession departed on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010, at 9:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. funeral Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. Committal services followed at Zapata County Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family at Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Rose Garden Funeral Home, Daniel A. Gonzalez, Funeral Director, 2102 U.S. 83; Zapata, Texas.



Small banks in Fla., Texas shut; 18 so far in 2010 By MARCY GORDON ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTON — Regulators on Friday shut down small banks in Florida and Texas, boosting to 18 the number of U.S. bank failures this year following the 140 closures last year in the worst financial climate in decades. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over Marco Community Bank, with a single office on Marco Island, a wealthy barrier island near Naples on Florida’s

gulf coast. The bank had about $119.6 million in assets and $117.1 million in deposits. Also seized was single-branch La Coste National Bank of La Coste, Texas, with $53.9 million in assets and $49.3 million in deposits. Mutual of Omaha Bank, a subsidiary of big insurance company Mutual of Omaha, agreed to assume the assets and deposits of Marco Community Bank. In addition, the FDIC and Mutual of Omaha Bank, which is

based in Omaha, Neb., agreed to share losses on $104.8 million of the failed bank’s loans and other assets. The deal added to Mutual of Omaha Bank’s network of community banks in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Nevada and Texas. The failure of Marco Community Bank will cost the deposit insurance fund an estimated $38.1 million. Florida is among the states with the highest concentration of bank failures and where the melt-

down in the real estate market brought an avalanche of soured mortgage loans. Last year saw the failure of 14 banks in the state. Also high on the list are California, Georgia and Illinois. Community National Bank of Hondo, Texas agreed to buy the deposits and assets of La Coste National Bank — whose failure is expected to cost the insurance fund $3.7 million. As the economy has weakened, with unemployment rising, home prices tumbling and loan defaults

soaring, bank failures have accelerated and sapped billions out of the federal deposit insurance fund. It fell into the red last year. The 140 bank failures last year were the highest annual tally since 1992, at the height of the savings and loan crisis. They cost the insurance fund more than $30 billion. There were 25 bank failures in 2008 and just three in 2007. The FDIC expects the cost of resolving failed banks to grow to about $100 billion over the next four years.





Sports&Outdoors At the next level

Zapata tennis tourney a great success

Trio makes collegiate mark By CLARA SANDOVAL SPECIAL TO THE TIMES

By CLARA SANDOVAL Three former Zapata Lady Hawks continue to put Zapata softball on the map as they start their colligate softball careers at HustonTillotson University in Austin. Lynda Leyva, a 2009 Zapata High School graduate, along with 2007 graduates Monique Arce and Naomi Benavides all received college scholarships to play softball for the Lady Rams. Leyva was the backbone of the Zapata Lady Hawks team that was one game from the Texas state softball playoffs last year. Leyva, a three-year letterman for the Lady Hawks, will split her time on the mound and on second base for Huston-Tillotson. Arce and Benavides, four-year lettermen under Fernando Rodriguez, are the starting third baseman and centerfielder, respectively,


Courtesy Photo

Former Zapata softball standouts Monique Arce, Lynda Leyva and Naomi Benavides. for the Lady Rams. Huston-Tillotson is in its inaugural year of its softball program and is coached by Samantha Gon-

zalez, a graduate of Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas. The Lady Rams are currently 0-2 on the season.

The first annual Zapata Tennis Tournament kicked off on Feb. 12-13 to christen the newly completed tennis courts located on the grounds of Zapata High School. Over 120 athletes, in 10 classifications, competed in the tennis tournament. Laredo Nixon, Laredo Cigarroa, Laredo Martin, Hebbronville and Zapata all competed for the team titles. The Hawks did not disappoint the home crowd, as they captured the boys championship, followed by Cigarroa and Hebbronville. The Lady Hawk tennis team competed well and placed third behind Hebbron-

ville and Laredo Martin. Zapata also won the team titles in the sub-varsity division as it captured the junior varsity boys and junior varsity girls team championships. Here are the results:

Varsity Boys Singles Finals: Julio Cepeda (Cigarroa) defeated Javy Zapata (Zapata), 7-6(7-5), 6-1. Third place: Fernando Morales (Nixon). Fourth place: Hector Solis (Zapata).

Varsity Boys Doubles See TOURNEY PAGE 2B



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The Zapata High varsity boys’ and girls’ tennis teams have started off the 2010 season on the right foot and have high expectations for what they can accomplish this season.

Zapata tennis teams start season strong; duo stars By CLARA SANDOVAL SPECIAL TO THE TIMES


AREDO – The Zapata tennis teams have been quietly honing their skills on the road for about a month in preparation for the upcoming district season. The first meet on the agenda was the U.I.S.D. Winter Classic Tennis Tournament on Jan. 29-30 to open the

2010 campaign. The meet lived up to its name, as the weather turned cold, windy and rainy at the inception, but once the courts were dry, the tournament began. Zapata was well represented at the tournament, with 36 athletes making the trek up Highway 83 to the Student Activity Complex in Laredo. The outstanding play of the dou-

bles team that consisted of Garret Umphries and Esteban Garcia was the highlight of the tournament for the Hawks tennis team. In their opening round, Umphries and Garcia defeated Laredo Alexander’s Ricky Carmona and Alex Martinez, 7-5, 6-3, to start the tournament on a winning note. The Hawk duo made their way to the round of 16 and played a great

match in tough conditions to oust the No. 2 seed, Ilan Arguindegui and Eman Esfandi of Laredo Alexander, 6-4, 6-2. In the quarterfinal, they defeated the duo of Holstine and Belmares of Laredo United in a third-set tiebreaker. The semifinals also went to a third


Woods speaks publicly Tarnished golfer re-emerges into public light, apologizes for infidelity at scripted event By DOUG FERGUSON ASSOCIATED PRESS

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Tiger Woods re-emerged into public life Friday, issuing another apology for his infidelity at a closely scripted event and affirming he will play golf again — he’s just not sure when. Speaking before a small group at the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse and a massive television audience, one of the

world’s most-recognized athletes repeatedly told his family, sponsors and fans — in essence, everyone connected with him — that he was sorry for his behavior. “I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was not acceptable,” said Woods, looking composed and speaking in a steady voice. His wife, Elin, was not with him. As for coming back to the PGA Tour, Woods said: “I do plan to return to golf one day. I

just don’t know when that day will be. I don’t rule out it will be this year.” Like Woods’ career itself, the event demanded attention. The golfer talked for 131/2 minutes at the clubhouse, home of the PGA Tour. About 40 people were in the room, including his mother in the front row. All sat quietly as Woods, a billiondollar brand, spoke from behind a podium backed by a blue curtain. He used the word “sorry” three times and “apology” twice. When he finished, Woods hugged his mother and she


Photo by Eric Gay | AP

Tiger Woods pauses during a news conference Friday in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.



TRANSACTIONS BASEBALL American League TORONTO BLUE JAYS: Agreed to terms with C Jose Molina on a one-year contract. Placed RHP Jesse Litch on the 60-day DL. National League HOUSTON ASTROS: Agreed to terms with RHP Matt Nevarez, INF Jose Vallejo and RHP Henry Villar on one-year contracts. LOS ANGELES DODGERS: Agreed to terms with RHP Eric Gagne on a minor league contract. SAN DIEGO PADRES: Agreed to terms with INF Josh Barfield on a minor league contract. WASHINGTON NATIONALS: Agreed to terms with RHP Chien-Ming Wang on a one-year contract. Placed RHP Jordan Zimmermann on the 60-day DL. American Association EL PASO DIABLOS: Signed RHP DJ Mattox and RHP Clegg Snipes. FORT WORTH CATS: Signed OF Spenser Dennis. SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CAPTAINS: Signed RHP Justin Young and RHP Thad Markray. SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS: Traded OF Kraig Binick, a player to be named later and cash to the Sussex (Can-Am) for C Ray Serrano. United League AMARILLO DILLAS: Acquired RHP Ryan Mitchell from Worcester (Can-Am) for RHP Albert Ayala. BASKETBALL NBA HOUSTON ROCKETS: Re-assigned G Jermaine Taylor to Rio Grande Valley (NBADL). MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES: Assigned F Nathan Jawai to Sioux Falls (NBADL). Women’s NBA MINNESOTA LYNX: Re-signed G-F Roneeka

Hodges and traded her to San Antonio for the right to exchange 2011 second-round draft picks. FOOTBALL NFL BUFFALO BILLS: Named Daryl Daye assistant coach. CFL EDMONTON ESKIMOS: Signed DE Kenneth Pettway. WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS: Signed QB Adam DiMichele. Extended the contract of WR Adarius Bowman. Re-signed OL Ryan Donnelly. HOCKEY NHL ATLANTA THRASHERS: Re-assigned LW Michael Forney from the Gwinnett (ECHL) to Chicago (AHL). AHL AHL: Suspended Chicago RW Spencer Machacek for one game as a result of his actions in a Feb. 17 game vs. San Antonio. CHICAGO WOLVES: Signed D Chris Chelios. SAN ANTONIO RAMPAGE: Signed D Jimmy Sharrow and D Justin Kinnunen. ECHL ECHL: Fined Toledo F Adam Keefe an undisclosed amount as a result of his actions in a Feb. 18 game at Charlotte. CHARLOTTE CHECKERS: Announced D Ethan Graham was loaned to Texas (AHL). VICTORIA SALMON KINGS: Acquired D Bobby Davey from Bakersfield for future considerations. Announced D Jimmy Sharrow was loaned to San Antonio (AHL) and F Bryan Leitch was assigned to the team from Milwaukee (AHL). COLLEGE AUGUSTANA, S.D.: Announced the resignation of football coach Brad Salem to become running back coach at Michigan State. Named Mike Aldrich football coach.


Rangers’ Hamilton still smiling and drove in an American League-best 130 runs, Hamilton struggled on and off the field last season. A strained rib cage muscle, partially torn abdominal muscle and pinched nerve in his lower back limited him to 89 games, a .268 average and only 10 homers and 54 RBIs. “Last year was last year,” Hamilton said. “As a team, we had a better year but I struggled as far as injuries. This year is a new year. I’m back to my old self mentally. I’m not messing with my swing, I’m hitting the ball hard, I’m hitting it well. I feel I’m back to my old self.”


SURPRISE, Ariz. — Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton reported to spring training with his once ever-present smile back in place. “You can see the happiness,” manager Ron Washington said Friday, clearly pleased to have his biggest power threat in the right frame of mind. “He’s walking with a pop in his step.”

Struggling season After a breakout season in which he hit 32 homers

Late in the summer, photographs surfaced of a shirtless Hamilton drinking and posing with women other than his wife in an Arizona bar. He acknowledged his struggles with drug addiction and made a public apology. “I noticed (his smile) has gone when he went through all of his tribulations last year, the injuries and everything,” Washington said. “He’s looking good. He’s smiling again.”

High hopes Hamilton predicted the Rangers, with the addition

of designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero and righthander Rich Harden, will win 96 games. Last year he said Texas would win 90 games, three above their actual victory total. It was the Rangers’ first winning season since 2004. Hamilton joins a handful of position players already in camp, including infielders Chris Davis and Justin Smoak and outfielders Brandon Boggs and David Murphy. Texas has 31 pitchers and catchers currently in camp with the rest of the team scheduled to report by Feb. 23.

WOODS Continued from Page 1B whispered in his ear. “I said ’I’m so proud of you. Never think you stand alone. Mom will always be there for you and I love you,”’ Kultida Woods said. Admitting he felt he “deserved to enjoy the temptations” that came with his fabulous success, Woods said he is solely responsible for his actions. “I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior,” Woods said. Woods said he was in treatment for 45 days and will return for more therapy, adding he has more work to do to resolve his personal problems. Woods had not talked in public since his drove his SUV into a tree outside his home in Florida on Nov. 27, triggered shocking revelations about his serial infidelity. As for his marriage, he said: “Every one of these questions and answers is a matter between Elin and me, issues between a husband and wife.” “As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words,” Woods added. “It will come from my behavior over time.” In Sweden, Elin’s father, Thomas Nordegren, saw Woods’ confession. “I watched it but I have nothing to say right now,” Nordegren told The Associated Press. Elin’s mother, Barbro Holmberg, declined to comment through her spokeswoman. Friday’s event was tightly controlled, with only a few journalists allowed to watch Woods live. The confession became a major television event with

some anger in some corners, but mainly it is a sense of sadness,” PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said. “He’s an American hero. And he’s had his issues. “My personal reaction was that his comments were heartfelt. He clearly recognizes that there has been serious impact to a wide range of individuals and organizations.” Woods’ statement came during the Match Play Championship, sponsored by Accenture, angering some players, including Ernie Els. Stewart Cink saw part of Woods’ remarks before

going to play in the tournament. “I was moved by how difficult it seemed to be for him,” Cink said. “But it’s a big part of the process to go through that difficulty and to face up to what’s happened. And especially the hurt that other people are feeling, his friends and family.” The companies that have stuck most closely by Woods, Nike Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc., reiterated their support. “Tiger has apologized and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf,” the company said in a statement. EA Sports president Peter Moore said: “It was good to see Tiger address the public today, and we’re supportive of his focus toward family and rebuilding his life.” Woods’ appearance drew reaction from all corners, even at the Winter Games in Vancouver. “It’s a bummer, his personal life,” Olympic goldmedalist Shaun White said. “He’s trying to pick his words very carefully and apologize. I respect that.” Veronica Siwik-Daniels, one of Woods’ alleged mistresses and a former pornographic performer, watched the event with her attorney in a Los Angeles radio studio. She said she wants an apology for the unwanted attention the scandal has brought her. “I really feel I deserve to look at him in person face to face in the eyes because I did not deserve this,” she said.

The duo opened the tournament with a solid performance, thrashing the Premont team 6-0, 6-1. Next stood a strong team from Corpus Christi Carroll, but Garcia and Umphries did not back down to the challenge, and took the first set 6-3, but were down 5-0 before reeling off seven games in a row to win it 6-3, 7-5. Luck ran out for the duo as they fell in the next round to a very solid Harlingen team, 6-3, 6-3. In boys singles, Javy Zapata had a solid win over Edcouch Elsa before losing to Alice’s top player in

a tight match, 6-4,6-4. Hector Solis played the defending regional champ and put up a good fight before losing. In girls singles, Isabella Martinez lost a close match to Edcouch Elsa, and Kassandra Flores lost to Tuloso Midway. In girls doubles, Carmen Rocha and Maritza Torres played a long three-set match, but eventually lost to Corpus Christ Calallen, 6-4, 3-6, 7-5. Cristina Mendoza and Gabby Molina played 32-4A district champions and regional quarterfinalists from Edcouch Elsa.

Photo by Eric Gay | AP

Tiger Woods speaks during a news conference Friday in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Listening, from left, are Kathuy Battaglia, Kultida Woods, and Amy Reynolds. the networks breaking in to show it. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos called the speech “one of the most remarkable public apologies ever by a public figure.” Said golf analyst David Feherty on CBS: “The vast number of people just want their Tiger Woods back.” Certainly, no other PGA Tour player could command this kind of attention. But Woods has always been special on the course and in popular culture. Television ratings double when he is in contention, which has happened a lot

“I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior.” TIGER WOODS

on his way to winning 71 times on the PGA Tour and 14 majors, four short of the record held by Jack Nicklaus. No other athlete had such a spectacular fall. Accenture and AT&T have ended their endorsement contracts with him, and

Woods has become the butt of jokes on everything from late shows to Disney performances. “I think that since Day 1, people that know him and people that don’t know him, what I’ve heard from most people is mainly, I mean there’s

TENNIS Continued from Page 1B set tiebreaker, with Umphries and Garcia losing to eventual tournament champions Cruz and Villarreal of Eagle Pass, 3-6,60,10-7. The team then lost in the third place match to the tournament’s top seed, Vargas and Guerra of Roma, again in a long match, 6-3, 4-6.10-8. The rest of the team had mixed results, but all played many matches as the tournament guaranteed up to five matches in varsity. Varsity boys singles: Hector Solis and Tony Cuellar. Varsity boys doubles: Along

with Umphries and Garcia was the team of Leo Valadez and T.J. Teniente. Varsity girls singles: Kassy Flores and Daniela Molina. Varsity girls doubles teams: Cristina Mendoza and Gaby Molina made it to the finals of consolation. Carmen Rocha and Maritza Torres. Varsity mixed doubles: Javy Zapata and Isa Martinez. Junior varsity boys singles: Ruben Reyes and Victor Arellano. Junior varsity boys doubles: Tony Mendoza and Ruben Campos, and Jaime Tejada and James Hinojosa.

The Hawks were once again led by the dynamic duo of Umphries and Garcia. Junior varsity girls singles: Dulce Olvera, Liz Anguiano and Jeanina Cabugos. Junior varsity girls doubles: Viriana Hernandez and Ninfa Galvan, Marlen Hurtado and Daniela Lopez (consolation finalists) and Vanessa Bravo and Elizabeth Serna competed. Freshmen boys doubles: The doubles duo of Richard Dominguez and Juan Jas-

so took home a medal as consolation champions. Freshmen boys singles: Robert Rodriguez, Jose Molina and Valentin Sanchez. Next stop for the tennis team was the 79th annual Falfurrias Hearts Delight Tournament on Feb. 5-6. The Hawks were once again led by the dynamic duo of Umphries and Garcia.

TOURNEY Continued from Page 1B Finals: Garret Umphries and Esteban Garcia (Zapata) defeated C.J. Guerra and Gus Villarreal (Hebbronville), 6-3,7-6 (7-3). Third place: Angel Ipina and Edward Castillo (Cigarroa).

Varsity Mixed Doubles Finals: Robert Vargas and Gabby Ramirez (Hebbronville) defeated Juan Gonzalez and Elizabeth Aguilar (Martin), 2-6, 6-0, 6-1. Third place: Jesus Cavasos and Veronica Lopez (Martin).

Varsity Girls Singles Finals: Gabriela Solis (Martin) defeated Kasandra Flores (Zapata) 6-0, 6-1. Third place: Damaris Perez (Nixon). Fourth place: Isabella Martinez.

Varsity Girls Doubles Finals: Kathryn Garcia and Joanna Cantu (Hebbronville) defeated Alyssa Huerta and Lori Perez (Hebbronville), 6-0, 6-3. Third place: Gabby Molina and

Cristina Mendoza (Zapata). Fourth place: Carmen Rocha and Maritza Torres.

Boys Team Champions

Boys JV Singles Second place: Tony Mendoza Fourth place: Jaime Tejada

1. Zapata 2. Hebbronville and Cigarroa (tie)

Boys JV Doubles

Girls Team Champions

First place: Richard Dominguez and Juan Jasso. Third place: Carlos Garcia and Jose Molina.

1. Hebbronville 2. Laredo Martin 3. Zapata

JV Mixed Doubles

First place: Eliseo Solis and Daniela Molina. Third place: Ruben Reyes and Paola Jasso.

Girls JV Singles First place: Clarissa Bayarena. Third place: Daniela Lopez. Fifth place: Jeanina Cabugos.

Girls JV Doubles First place: Dulce Olvera and Virianna Hernandez.



HINTS BY HELOISE BIRDS SOAR FOR SUET Dear Heloise: I clipped your SUET recipe a while back and finally got around to making it last month. The birds devour it. Thank you for the recipe. My birds thank you, too. -- Ken Erickson, via e-mail. Dear Ken: Glad they enjoy it. Suet is beef or lamb fat, and it is commonly used as bird food. Get it from your butcher and cook it down. Add some cornmeal or peanut butter, roll pine cones in it and sprinkle with birdseed. Or, you can make a pine-cone bird feeder without the suet. Just roll a pine cone in peanut butter and then in birdseed. Hang from a tree with wire or floss, and watch finches, cardinals and bluebirds dive right in. This is a great project for kids. -- Heloise PET PAL Dear Readers: Judy Leftoff of Baton Rouge, La., sent in a photo of her adorable Yorkie, Bella, giving her best pose. To see Bella, visit -- Heloise HAIR BEGONE! Dear Readers: Is pet hair driving you crazy? Here are some quick hints from Heloise Central for removing it: lint roller slightly damp synthetic sponge waffle-type rubber shelving



hairbrush (one with manmade bristles) masking or duct tape rubber-soled shoe (clean) microfiber cloth rubber glove One of these will help you remove pet hair quickly and completely from furniture or other surfaces. -- Heloise PLANT GARDENS Dear Heloise: I am a person who gardens for recreation and a creative outlet. Every year, I end up needing to replace plants because people allow their dogs to use my front yard for a toilet. These neighbors would never stomp around killing my garden, but they carelessly allow their pets to do so. Please ask pet owners to respect their neighbors’ gardens. -- Janet S., Battle Ground, Wash. BIRD-NEST HELPER Dear Heloise: Help birds build a nest in the spring. Fill an empty water bottle with small pieces of yarn. When the bottle is full, cut a hole toward the bottom of the bottle and hang it in a tree in your yard. -- Cecile Mowrey, Somersworth, N.H.




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Bode Miller collects second medal By JAIME ARON

that Ammann was breaking the rules, and gave him permission to stick with the equipment for Saturday’s large hill event. Wearing his now-controversial equipment, Ammann flew past his main rivals in the qualifying session Friday. He jumped even farther in the trial round, then playfully turned his skis around when holding them up to the camera to hide the bindings. “I am in such awesome shape, it makes me a bit nervous,” he said.


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Bode Miller always likes a good party. So it’s a good thing he came to the Vancouver Olympics. Instead of retiring, the 32-

OLYMPICS ROUNDUP year-old Miller decided to compete in one more Winter Games and on Friday he collected his second medal in as many events, this time getting a silver in the super-G and adding to a stash of prizes that’s really worth celebrating. Andrew Weibrecht, who’d never finished higher than 10th in a World Cup race, snagged bronze in the super-G, giving the United States six Alpine medals, already its best at any Winter Olympics. With the total medal haul up to 20, the U.S. delegation is closing in on its total from Turin (25) — and there are 54 events and nine days left. Americans have won six gold, six silver and eight bronze. You can add just two of those colors and it would still be several more than any other country. Germany has the secondmost overall medals with 11. Norway has the secondmost golds with five. Norway’s total was boosted by victories in the first two events decided Friday. Aksel Lund Svindal won the super-G and Marit Bjoergen won the women’s 15-kilometer pursuit. Bjoergen also became the first winner of multiple gold medals in Vancouver and the first with three medals. The other medals to be decided Friday were in men’s and women’s skeleton. Alas, all is not well for the U.S. delegation. There’s a crisis in curling. After an 0-4 start that’s made the Americans the only winless club in the field, the men’s team changed its skip. John Shuster, a bronze

Shaun White

Photo by Charlie Riedel | AP

Silver medalist Bode Miller, of the United States, skies into the finish area at the men’s super-G event at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, Friday. winner in 2006, was benched for the match Friday against France. Shuster understands. After the latest loss, he said, “I’ve let my teammates and USA Curling down.” San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, the team’s honorary captain, showed up Friday and joked, “Oh, yeah, I’ll go in. I’ll be ready, man.” At least the women finally broke the ice, so to speak. Skip Debbie McCormick bumped out a Russian stone with her last rock, giving the U.S. a 6-4 victory — its first after an 0-3 start that had put her stewardship in jeopardy, too.

Super-G When Miller took bronze in the downhill, he was all smiles at the end of the race. He looked more worn out this time. After finishing, he let out a big breath of air and quickly shook his head. Then he leaned forward, resting his helmet on forearms still locked atop his poles. Once his lungs stopped burning, he took

out his mouthpiece and gave a little fist pump. “I feel really tired,” Miller said. “I was really working hard to get the skis coming around like that. No big mistakes, a couple of little bobbles and the line got loose.” There’s more for Miller to toast in the Whistler nightlife: With his fourth career medal, Miller regained the title of most decorated American Alpine skier, a day after Julia Mancuso tied him for that honor. (The title could keep changing hands with the men’s super combined and slalom still to come; Mancuso has two events left and Lindsey Vonn has three.) Also, this is the first time two Americans got medals in the same Alpine event since brothers Phil and Steve Mahre went 1-2 in slalom at the 1984 Sarajevo Games. Weibrecht found himself in first place after his run, something that had never happened before. He kept waiting to get bumped way down, but that never happened. “I’ve been knocking on the door all year and to come out here and do it just

Martin, trade gives Rockets new look By CHRIS DUNCAN ASSOCIATED PRESS

HOUSTON — The practice almost felt like the start of a new season — and era — for the Houston Rockets. New acquisitions Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill and Hilton Armstrong passed their physicals and watched their new team work out Friday, a day after Houston acquired the quartet in a three-team swap that sent Tracy McGrady to New York. And for the first time in months, the remaining Rockets could finally take the court without facing distracting questions about McGrady. The seven-time All-Star met the New York media earlier in the day, officially ending his rocky six-year tenure in Houston. “It’s exciting to get to see how all these pieces work,” point guard Aaron Brooks said. “The deadline’s over, everybody was on pins and needles, so that’s over with now.” The Rockets had to deal away forward Carl Landry, their most productive bench player. But Houston was willing to pay the price to dump McGrady and nab Martin, a 6-foot-7 shooting guard highly regarded by both Rockets coach Rick Adelman and the front office. Adelman coached Martin for two seasons in Sacramento, and Morey had talked to the Kings about him long before Thursday’s deal. Martin, Sacramento’s second-leading scorer (19.8 points per game), conceded that he had grown increasingly frustrated as the Kings lost 20 of their last 24 games. He was thrilled to find out at halftime of the Kings’ 130-98 loss to Golden State on Wednes-

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Boston’s Ray Allen, left, fouls Sacramento’s Kevin Martin, right, during a recent game. Martin was traded to Houston on Thursday. day that he was going to be reunited with his old coach and join a more successful team. “I’m just happy to be here, because they want to win now, and that’s a big reason why I’m excited right now,” Martin said. “It was time to make a move.” One of the main appeals of Martin is his familiarity with Adelman’s offense. It all came back to him in a wave as he watched Houston practice in advance of Saturday’s game against Indiana. “Adelman and his staff, they always bring out the best in their players, and

that’s what they did with me four or five years ago,” Martin said. “I’m excited to take on that role again.” The Rockets rank 26th in field-goal percentage (44.2 percent), and Adelman said Martin is not only a good shooter, but an attacking player who gets to the free-throw line. Martin was shooting 39.8 percent from the field this season, but 45.2 percent over the last three games. He’s also ranked among the top 10 in free-throw attempts in each of the last three seasons, and he’s shooting 82 percent from the line this season.

feels unbelievable,” Weibrecht said. Svindal made it four golds for Norwegians in the seven times since this race joined the Olympic program at the 1988 Calgary Games. The race was marred by more horrific wipeouts. The most serious involved 40year-old Patrik Jaerbyn flying through the air, landing on his back and bouncing hard on the icy surface before sliding to a stop, his face bloodied.

Men’s hockey The defending gold medalists from Sweden avenged a monumental upset against outmanned Belarus — and avoided another one. The Swedes led 3-0, then were up by only one goal with 5:10 remaining. A goal with 10.4 seconds left padded the final margin. Belarus has only two NHL players, Sweden 19.

Bobsled Two Swiss competitors have withdrawn from events following scary

crashes, including a strong medal contender. Swiss driver Daniel Schmid, who was not a medal favorite, pulled out of the two-man and four-man bob for “safety reasons” after two practice crashes. On Friday, his sled overturned during training and his brakeman was taken from the track in an ambulance, then flown to Vancouver for observation. A team doctor said there were no serious injuries. Earlier, Swiss-1 driver Beat Hefti, a World Cup champion, withdrew from two-man because of a concussion in a crash Wednesday. He hasn’t decided whether to race in the fourman, which starts next Friday.

Ski jumping Normal hill winner Simon Ammann of Switzerland can keep using the modified bindings that anchor his boots to his skis. He can keep his gold medal, too. The International Ski Federation dismissed complaints by the Austrians

Having already won a pair of halfpipe gold medals, Shaun White would love the chance to double his collection at the 2014 Olympics. White said he’d consider competing in halfpipe and slopestyle if that event was added to the mix for the Sochi Games. In slopestyle, riders do huge tricks while going down the mountain and through “features” — rails, big jumps and bumps. At ski resorts, slopestyle is widely thought of as an easier way for amateur snowboarders to do cool tricks than on a halfpipe. White likes the idea of being in the spotlight a little longer. Odds are NBC would like to have him around more, too. “It’s a strange thing going to the Olympics, where so many people have four, five events and we just have the one big night,” he said.

Figure skating On his first day as an Olympic champion, Evan Lysacek said he’s not even thinking about retirement. The 24-year-old American also said he was a “little disappointed” his long program was criticized by silver medalist and reigning champion Evgeni Plushenko. He added that Plushenko congratulated him with “a strong handshake.”

The Zapata Times 2/20/2010  

The Zapata Times 2/20/2010

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