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Vacuum Tanks of Mild Steel, Stainless or Hot Dipped Galvanized

L.M.T. 1230 S.E. 2nd St. P.O. Box 142 Galva, Illinois 61434 Leland Pearson – Owner Phone: 309-932-3311 Fax: 309-932-3155 Toll Free: 800-545-0174 E-Mail: Building Liquid Waste Equipment since 1961 General Maintenance Guidelines for Hertell Vacuum Pumps Model KD – KDP 3000 - 14000

Models 400-800-1600-2200


Recommendation of Oil


For the oil tank for the lubrication of the pump Use SAE 20 motor oil – Good Grade Compressor oil or non-detergent is the best but motor oil will work. Check the oil level on a regular basis. With a full tank you can work at least 4 hours on a continuous operation. This is charging and discharging the unit. The drip feeder has to run at no less than 15 drips a minute.


For the gear box - on Model KD 4000 to KD 14000 Use SAE 90 oil. Every 500 operations of charge / discharge empty the gearbox oil (through hole “B”) and fill in 0.5 of SAE 90 oil through hole “A”.


Maintance of the Pump


If any slurry entered into the pump you can clean it up without the need of opening the pump. There are two ways : Slowly add Kerosene or Diesel Fuel. Open the dripfeeder completely and let the pump run at a low R.P.M. until the oil comes out and clean the pump. Disconnect the hose which connects the tanker with the pump. Thereafter put the handle in position “V” (vacuum) and while running the pump at a low speed introduce small

quantities diesel through the hose coupling until it comes out of the outlet clean. B.

Check the state of the vanes. It is reasonable to open the pump at least once a year in normal use and check the status of the vanes more than Âź of wear need to be replaced. Here is some pictures of the Hertell pumps that we carry here in our plant.

Hertell Maintenance Manual  

Hertell Vacuum Pump Maintenance Manual