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The holiday season is upon us and signs and symbols of Christmas are everywhere. At this time, as we pause to reflect on our blessings, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who assists with the production of the Last Mountain Times and The Market Connection. Our sincere appreciation goes to our readers and advertisers who play such an important part in making our newspapers successful. We have been blessed with your support, and are truly grateful for it. Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year! Throughout this Special Christmas Issue of the Last Mountain Times, you will see the drawings, poems and letters of school children from across the Last Mountain area. Each fall we solicit this work from the schools in Strasbourg, Nokomis, Raymore and Bulyea, and teachers work with their students to create the material. We are forever grateful for the thought and care that goes into each and every article, and we do our best to print every submission we receive for the enjoyment of the contributors, and our readers. Special thanks to our staff and correspondents for their efforts throughout the year in making Last Mountain Times a community newspaper that strives to provide informative and entertaining content to readers. - Dave & Linda Degenstien Correspondents: Dorothy Wolter – Drake Lylie Herman – Nokomis Barb Sentes – Raymore Lynn Gettis – Semans Mae Clarke – Silton /Sask Beach/Kannata Valley

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Give your Christmas a country feel

Christmas decorations can range from grandiose lighting displays to more subtle adornments. Some families may prefer more traditional holiday decor, while others might like the look of modern trimmings. Holiday decorations can also be used to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a certain type of locale, giving a home a holiday in the city vibe or a more rustic feel. For those who prefer a rustic look reminiscent of a country Christmas, consider the following tips. • Start with the tree. The Christmas tree is the center of many a home’s holiday decor, and those who want to create a country Christmas can start with their tree. Instead of traditional holiday lights, choose lights that look like candles while adorning the tree with wooden ornaments and strands of popcorn. • Forgo traditional wrapping paper. Instead of flashy, store-

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bought wrapping paper, wrap presents in brown paper and put presents under the tree as early as possible. Instead of storebought gift tags, create your own and attach a candy cane or another candy to the gift. • Think nature with decorations. Items gathered from nature can give a home a rustic appeal during the holidays. Hang a homemade wreath on the front door and include pine cones and clippings from evergreen trees when adding decorative accents around the house. Tuck a few decorative woven baskets in corners to further emphasize a rustic look. • Create homemade orna-ments. Homemade ornaments can also give a home a more rustic look come the holiday season. Spend an afternoon creating holiday crafts with the kids and use these instead of store-bought ornaments. For those who are especially gifted craftsmen, put your woodworking skills to the test to create decorative wooden stockings that, if not functional, can be replaced with more traditional stockings come Christmas Eve. • Don’t forget the music. Another way to create a country Christmas is to play country Christmas albums instead of classical or more traditional Christmas records. Nearly every country music star of the past and present has recorded a Christmas song or album, so create a master playlist of country Christmas songs on your digital music player and play it throughout the season to set the holiday mood in your household.

Feeding cattle in cold weather In cold or stormy weather cattle need more energy to maintain their body heat. Fermentation breakdown of roughages or forage in the rumen produces heat, helping to keep the cow warm in most situations. During extreme cold or windy weather cows should be given all the hay they’ll clean up – the better the quality, the better the digestion process and the more energy they’ll get. Poor quality limits consumption, and poor quality forage alone is not adequate during cold weather. This year we have ample forage, but quality is questionable, keep this in mind especially on those cold days. Cattle attempt to increase their energy intake in cold

weather by increasing the amount of feed they eat. The rate of passage of this feed through the digestive system increases and the time available for digestion decreases. Therefore, more readily digestible feeds such as barley or oats or very high quality forage are often required. In general, for every 10 degree drop in temperature below minus 20 degrees Celsius (at midday), beef cows require an extra three to four pounds of barley or oats. Adding more straw or low quality forage will not meet their higher energy needs. Impaction will occur if cattle consume large amounts of low protein forages during cold conditions. Continued on page 11.

Best Wishes

at the Holiday Season

It may be cold outside, but our hearts are warmed as we recall the many kind people who have visited us this year. We’re deeply grateful for your support and wish you all a very merry season.

Christmas is for everyone. When I reflect upon the people who made up the original Christmas story, I see great diversity. Mary was a youth; Simeon and Anna were aged. The wise men were rich; the shepherds were poor. Joseph was a Jew of royal lineage; the magi were foreigners from a distant land. As the story of Jesus’ life and ministry unfolds it is clear that he was born for all people, everywhere. At the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus gave his followers the mandate to ‘Go into the entire world and proclaim the gospel to everyone.’ Sometimes people have the impression that the story of Jesus is for other people but not them. Perhaps it is important to people of European ethnicity but it is not relevant to those of Asian or African ancestry. The Gospel may be necessary for the uneducated but not for the erudite. It is a message with relevance to religious people, but irrelevant to the secular humanist. Nothing could be further from the truth. The message of Christmas is for everyone. What is Christmas? It is a commemoration of the historical event when God

Rev. Glen Lonie became a man and lived among us. He came to show his love. He came to save us from our sin. He came to be our friend. Could there be anyone, anywhere for whom that message is irrelevant? Have a wonderful Christmas! Rev. Glen Lonie Strasbourg Alliance Church




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Boost holiday spirits with holiday ‘spirits’

Did you know?

The holiday season is a festive time of year when opportunities to entertain abound. The search may be on for the ideal food and beverage recipes to tie into the holiday season. Although just about any drink can be given a holiday spin with the right name (think Merry Martinis), you may want to come up with a theme drink that fits with your particular party. Explore these ideas for delicious and festive alcoholic and nonalcoholic options.

Ties remain one of the top gift ideas for men, particularly when Father's Day arrives. They're also staples of gifting at other times during the year. Despite the emergence of casual, dress-down days in the workplace, ties remain popular and practical gifts. They are a go-to fashion choice for dressing up a wardrobe and especially prized for special events and to denote rank within organizations. As commonplace as ties may be, certain facts surrounding their use and origin are widely unknown. Here are eight fun facts about the necktie. 1. The original people to wear neckties were soldiers in the Croatian army. The silk scarf tie was recognized as an elite symbol. 2. The first name given to the tie was “cravat.” 3. Ties weren't always fashion symbols. Roughly 300 years ago, the English developed neckwear so thick it could be used to protect against a sword thrust. Today it is possible to buy a bulletproof tie. 4. Stripes on a British tie run from top left to bottom right, while the stripes on American ties go in the opposite direction. 5. The bolo tie is the official tie of the state of Arizona. 6. Many of today’s ties are produced in China. 7. The city of Shengzhou is one of the world’s largest tie producers, exporting more than 200 million ties worldwide. 8. A person who collects ties is known as a “grabatologist.”

White Christmas Hot Chocolate

The Candy Cane


cups light cream or half-and-half


ounce vodka


cup vanilla candy melts, chopped


ounce peppermint schnapps


teaspoon vanilla


ounce heavy cream

Pinch of ground cinnamon

Dash of grenadine for color


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Pour into glasses filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a candy cane.

ounce Irish cream liqueur

Combine 1 cup of the cream with the candy in a saucepan. Melt over low heat, being careful not to burn. Add the remaining cream, vanilla and cinnamon until everything is heated. Add the liqueur and stir. Garnish with more cinnamon. Serve warm.

Holiday Sparkle 2

ounces apple cider

Sweet Santa Shots


ounce club soda


ounce Midori liqueur

Cinnamon stick


ounce grenadine syrup

Carefully layer the grenadine syrup and the Midori liqueur in a shot glass to have red and green layers.

Mix cider with club soda and serve in a tall glass with a cinnamon stick garnish. A refreshing and non-alcoholic drink option.

Christmas Message from the Leader of the Opposition It is easy to be distracted by how busy the holidays can be, but my wish for all of you is a joyful festive season spent with those you love most. Saskatchewan is a wonderful place to be, especially at Christmas because the season brings out the very best in everyone. Christmas emphasizes the qualities our province’s people are known for – generosity, compassion and kindness. My family and I will be celebrating Christmas in the same way our parents and

grandparents did, in the Norwegian tradition, but I also look forward to sharing in new and different traditions with friends and neighbours. I am proud of Saskatchewan’s diverse heritage, and the way that diversity is reflected in our celebrations. As we look back on the last year, my family and I are thankful for so many things: our health, each other and our province. There are many who are less fortunate this holiday season, but I believe the good people of Saskatch-

ewan will join me in finding ways to make the season a little warmer for everyone. On behalf of my wife, Linda; our daughters, Ingrid and Solveig and my colleagues in the New Democratic Party caucus, we wish you joy and peace over the holiday season and a very Happy New Year. John Nilson Leader of the New Democratic Party Caucus in the Saskatchewan Legislature

John Nilson

Did you know? Chloe Wilkie Grade 4 WDS, Strasbourg

All Things Bright And Beautiful

During the season of giving, some people may be doing their share of taking as well – and not always where you might think. Shoplifting is not merely a problem for electronics and clothing retailers. Supermarkets also are targets for those with sticky fingers. The antics of thieves could be contributing to increasing costs of foods and other merchandise. According to a poll released by, 25% of shoppers admit to having stolen from a grocery store, and 36% said they tend to “sample” while shopping, with food, candy and gum identified as the items taken most often. Ten percent of respondents said they sample all of the time. Because the majority of shoppers tend to visit stores at least once per week, that provides a number of opportunities for shoplifting. Items stolen from a grocery store tend to be those that are under $20.

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Tree lighting tips Lighting a Christmas tree may seem like child’s play, but time and again people struggle with the task. Untangling wires and wrapping them around boughs can be nerve wracking, but lighting a tree doesn’t have to be a chore when you follow some tips from the professionals. First, keep in mind that wrapping lights around the tree horizontally is more work and often doesn’t produce a multi-dimensional effect. Rather, string the lights from the trunk up to the top, working vertically. This is actually how the tree decorators at Rockefeller Center in New York City do the famous tree year

after year. This method helps eliminate tangled wires and empty spots. Remember to plug in the strands of lights before you begin to check for burnt-out bulbs and to adjust the spacing of lights to prevent dark spots. Think about varying light bulb sizes to add more dimension. String an inner layer of small LED white lights to produce an inner glow on the tree before adding larger, colored lightson top to increase visual appeal. Just be sure to match the same wattage of the lights so that you do not have power surges and can prolong the life of the bulbs.

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Great gifts for new homeowners Holiday giving for special needs children   Everyone wants to get the perfect gifts for people on their holiday shopping lists. Shopping for a child with special needs can make gift-giving a bit more difficult. After all, buyers want to ensure the gift is practical as well as thoughtful. However, there are many great gift ideas for special needs children.   Buying gifts for kids with a disability or other special needs make take a little more time, but shoppers who consider a child's developmental readiness as well as personal interests can still find the perfect gift.   * Consult with parents and caregivers. Parents often know best when it comes to their own children and will make the most reliable source as to which gifts to buy for special needs children. Parents may have a list of items a therapist or teacher has suggested, and these learning tools could make good gifts, particularly if parents' own budgets are stretched. If you'd like to make the gift a surprise for everyone involved, go directly to a therapist or teacher and ask for suggestions. There may be classroom aides that can be bought to continue the learning experience at home.   * Assess developmental level. When it comes to special needs children, age does not always dictate the proper developmental level. A pre-teen with special needs may not be on the same level academically and socially as his or her peers, while some special needs children may be more developed in a particular area than other special needs kids their age. Assess a child's developmental level to help you select toys that he or she can play with. For example, a nonverbal child with autism who likes marine life may benefit from a colorful picture book where he or she can point to the animals.   * Think about interests. Most children gravitate to certain types of toys and have specific interests when it comes to play. A music lover may enjoy a learner's guitar or keyboard. Those who like to build would probably like a Lego(R) or Mega Bloks(R) set that can be transformed into cars, trucks or even space stations. Most children benefit from art sets where they can explore their creativity and also master greater dexterity and imaginative thinking.   * Consider making a financial donation. Some children with special needs require the use of specialized equipment, such as braces or wheelchairs. Such equipment can be expensive, and the child's family might benefit from a financial gift. A monetary gift to be put toward medical supplies, travel, gear, or even a charitable donation to an association would make fine gifts.   Special needs children are just like others in that they look forward to the bounty of holiday gifts. Choosing presents that pertain to their interests, needs and developmental readiness can ensure that this holiday season is a happy one.

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  Buying a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person's life. It also can be one of the most stressful. New homeowners are faced with many expenses after buying a home, and the holiday season is a great time to help them out with a thoughtful gift for the place they now call home. The following are some great gift ideas for the new homeowner on your holiday shopping list. * How-to books: Owning a home presents many opportunities for repairs and renovations. Oftentimes, this is a homeowner's initial foray into do-it-yourself projects, so consider giving a library of instructional books that walk homeowners through some basics, like plumbing, electrical work or basic construction. * Personalized key chains: A new home means a new set of keys to the front door. Have key chains monogrammed and gift with a bottle of champagne to toast the new residence. * Welcome mat: Welcome mats can be customized with the owner's last name, and some customizing services also can print an image on a door mat or a quirky saying. * Door knocker: Although door bells have replaced door knockers for practical use, a nice metal door knocker still

makes a decorative statement on the front door. Have the door knocker engraved with the family name. * Gift certificate: A new home means new projects large and small. Homeowners will be making frequent trips to the home improvement center, and such trips can get costly. A gift card will help lessen that financial burden. * Home warranty: Third-party companies sell home warranties that can cover the costs of repairs on major home systems. To new homeowners, the peace of mind of knowing the HVAC system or a major appliance can be repaired or replaced at minimal cost could make this gift invaluable. * Portrait: Give the gift of memories by setting up a photo session with a photographer that enables the new homeowners to have a print made that can be hung up and enjoyed. * Tool gift basket: Homeowners can always use nails, screws, hammers, picturehanging kits, painter's tape, and the other odds and ends that go into making repairs. * Furniture: Ask the homeowner what room needs furnishing and offer to purchase one or more pieces for the space. * Linens: Guests might be stop-

Furniture or linens make a great holiday gift for the new homeowner on your list. ping by to see the new house, so a gift of sheets for the guest room or hand towels will ensure the place is stocked for anyone who drops by. * Dining out certificates: People who have just moved into a home may be so busy with projects that they don't have time to make sit-down meals. Therefore, a gift card to a favorite restaurant can provide a welcome respite from takeout. * Security system: Homeowners who want to protect their

new asset may appreciate a home security system. * Money: Buying a home is an expensive endeavor, and new homeowners may be feeling the pinch of an overextended budget. Sometimes cash makes the most thoughtful gift. New homeowners are faced with many situations that can be both exciting and stressful as they move into new homes. Many gifts can make the process of settling in that much easier.

Are you prepared for a power outage?   Winter storms increase the potential for power outages, so SaskPower is suggesting six easy steps to ensure you and your family are better prepared.   1. Know the number to call when the power goes out. To report an outage, call 310-2220 (7-digit, toll-free in Saskatchewan). The number is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.   2. Have an emergency kit ready and easily accessible. The kit should include: flashlights, a battery operated radio, extra batteries, a corded telephone, warm clothing and blankets, a first aid kit, drinking water, non-perishable, ready-to-eat foods and a copy of your emergency pre paredness plan.   3. If there is an outage, turn off all appliances and electronics, especially electric heaters. When power is restored, power will rush to all items left in the “on” position which can cause the system to overload and possibly cause a second outage.   4. When the power is out, turn off all lights except one inside the home and one outside. The inside light lets you know when the power is back on, and the outside light lets SaskPower crews know.   5. Make note of SaskPower’s mobile-friendly website on your smart phone (surf to on a smart phone). The site provides updates on when power will be restored.   6. If you see a fallen power line, keep well away from the line at all times even if it doesn’t appear to be energized. Never go near or touch a fallen line. Report fallen power lines with the exact location to SaskPower at 310-2220. If someone is injured or trapped, call 911. Matt Willcox Grade 3 Bulyea School

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Christmas Poem I woke so early on Christmas morn, And thought of Christ who had been born. On this very special day In a manger filled with hay. “There was no room at the inn,” they said So Jesus had a manger for his bed. The wise men came from very far Said they’d been guided by a star. They brought gifts for the baby boy, Their hearts were full of heavenly joy. Each year we sing our songs of love, We sing for Jesus up above. We are happy as can be, Thinking of Jesus, fills us with glee. We exchange gifts with one another, And show our love for our brother.

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December plays host to many religious holidays Christmas and Chanukah may get the bulk of the attention come December, but the final month of the year includes other religious holidays as well. The following are just a few of the religious celebrations taking place this holiday season. * Feast of Saint Nicholas: Typically falling on December 6, the Feast of Saint Nicholas, or Saint Nicholas Day, is a festival for children in many European countries. In commemoration of Saint Nicholas, gift-giving occurs in some countries on his feast day, while some countries’ celebrations are more low-key. Children are typically the recipients of gifts, and the legend of Saint Nicholas, whose reputation as a gift-giver was widely known during his lifetime, is said to have inspired the idea of Santa Claus. * Bodhi Day: A holiday that commemorates the day Buddha received enlightenment, Bodhi Day is typically celebrated on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month. Bodhi Day is celebrated in many Buddhist countries and communities, and many celebrants choose to meditate in commemoration. * Feast of the Immaculate Conception: This feast, which is celebrated on December 8, celebrates the belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a celebration of

Christmas Message from Premier Brad Wall

the belief that Mary was kept free of original sin from the moment of her conception. The day is a Holy Day of Obligation within the Catholic Church. * Chanukah: Some may instantly associate Chanukah with exchanging gifts, but this well-known December holiday is not a celebration of giving and receiving gifts, but a commemoration of the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Chanukah is celebrated for eight nights and days, and in some years can begin in late November. * Christmas: Celebrated every year on December 25 (though some Orthodox Christians use a different calendar and celebrate on a different day), Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditions associated with Christmas include attending Christmas Mass, decorating for the holiday and exchanging gifts with family and friends. Once celebrated strictly by Christians, the holiday is now celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike and includes both religious and secular traditions.

During the holidays, a lot of us spend a lot of time worrying about gifts... trying to find that perfect gift for people we love. I want to do something different this year in the Christmas message. I want to introduce you to someone who can give us all some very good advice about gift giving. His name is Jeremy Olson, he is nine. I read about what he did at his recent birthday party in Swift Current and I thought you might find this interesting. Premier: Hi Jeremy... say hi to Saskatchewan. Jeremy: Hello! Premier: So why don’t you tell us, what did you decide to do for your birthday party this year? Jeremy: Well, I decided to have lots of friends for my birthday party, and I didn’t want them to bring presents and toys and stuff like that. I wanted them to bring food for the food bank. Premier: And why did you decide to do that? Jeremy: I decided to do that ‘cause it made me feel good inside, and it was the purpose of other people. Premier: Trying to help other people, and so your friends Premier Brad Wall came, and did they mostly bring food? Jeremy: Yes, they brought 110 pounds of food! Premier: Wow, that is fantastic, for the Salvation Army Food Bank in Swift Current? Jeremy: Yes. Premier: Thanks Jeremy. As we get closer to celebrating another birthday... because after all that’s what Christmas is, maybe we each could be inspired by Jeremy’s example, his act of kindness and so many more just like it that happen all across our province. Maybe we could be inspired by that most perfect gift of all, laid in a manger 2000 years ago: the Prince of Peace. Maybe we know someone close to us who is hurting, or a family in need... or maybe we, who have so much, can simply reach out to those a world away who have so very little. If we were each to do that, just think of the good that we December 10, 2008could do. The lives that we could touch with our time and tithe TO: LAST MOUNTAIN TIMES ...with our kindness, with our generosity. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas’s what Christmas is all about. And it’s ours to EMAIL: give...Jeremy figured it out...we can too. FAX: 725-3030 On behalf of our MLAs and their families...On behalf of our ATTN: Colleen kids Megan, Colter and Faith ...Tami and I wish you all Happy Holidays. May you find yourself in the company of those whom Please place this PDF in the you know well and love best....and may your heart be full and LMT and Market Connection content for those you’ve helped just when they needed you 4 inches x 6 inches most. Merry Christmas...Happy New Year... and Happy Holidays. Premier Brad Wall

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Prevent slips and falls this winter Winter is right around the corner. That means that most people will be trading in windbreakers and rakes for heavy coats and snow shovels. Winter can be a beautiful time of the year, but the snow and ice that covers the landscape in a pristine sheet of white can present certain hazards as well. Walking on ice can be extremely dangerous, particularly to those people who already may have mobility issues, such as the elderly. According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls are the single largest cause of emergency room visits. Slip and fall injuries also are the third largest cause of workplace injuries, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many accidental falls occur from lack of stability or poor physical health. However, come winter, many falls can be attributed to walking on slippery surfaces covered with snow or ice. To avoid falls on ice, men and women might want to take certain precautions. Change the way you walk Adapting to the slippery conditions could help prevent some of

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters At the turn of the 20th century when the tuberculosis epidemic swept across Saskatchewan and Canada, the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League, flanked by an army of volunteers and donors, held fast to the premise that everyone has a right to lung health

and that holds true today. For over 100 years, generations of people across Saskatchewan and Canada have joined in the fight for healthy lungs and clean air by supporting the Lung Association’s annual Christmas Seals campaign. “Lung disease is not a respecter of age, geographic location or culture and can affect anyone at anytime. As a matter of fact one out of every three of our residents will be affected by lung disease during their lifetime,” says Brian Graham, The Lung Association’s President and CEO. “That is why we are active in communities across

Saskatchewan providing training for health care professionals, delivering health education in schools, facilitating patient support groups, lobbying for clean air and conducting lung disease prevention and management programs about asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, lung cancer and smoking cessation.” The 2012 Christmas Seals feature seven heart-warming designs befitting the tradition of sending cards to friends and family celebrating the holiday season. For those that wish to spread holiday cheer electronically, you can also send a Christmas Seals e-card. When Christmas Seals arrive in your mail box, the Lung Association asks you to give generously. “We couldn’t do all of this wonderful work without our donors and support from the public. Thank you for your generosity during the holiday season and throughout the year,” adds Graham.

the falls caused by snow and ice. When walking on ice, plant feet with toes facing outward slightly, and then shuffle along. Hunching over a little and extending arms outward will help to lower your center of gravity and also offer a little more stability. Take short, flat steps so that the heels and toes of your shoes stay in contact with the ground as much as possible and offer maximum surface contact. You should not take large strides or move quickly. This can definitely lead to slips and falls. Rather, leave extra time to get to and fro, especially when walking to mass transit or to and from your car when commuting. Switch Shoes Flat shoes with rubber soles are more capable of gripping the ice than other types of shoes. Contrary to popular belief, clunky winter boots may make walking more difficult. Try rain boots instead, as rain boots typically have flatter soles. There also are many different types of shoe ice grips on the market that can be added to the soles of shoes. They easily slip on to offer more traction. Whenever possible, try to avoid shoes with already slippery soles or high heels. Carry these shoes with you and change after you are inside.

Treat walkways Keeping on top of falling snow can help alleviate slippery walkways. Use a combination of snowmelt and sand so that you can keep sidewalks clear. Remove shoes indoors Slips and falls can happen inside a home as well. Many people have tile or laminate entryways in their homes, and these entrances can become quite slippery when snow-packed shoes warm up and the snow melts, creating a wet, slick surface. Avoid falls by placing mats by the front door and removing shoes when you enter. Stash a pair of slippers nearby into which you can change Pack light Carrying heavy bags can disrupt your center of gravity and contribute to falls. Whenever possible, travel light or use a backpack to evenly distribute weight to help you walk more easily. Falls on slippery surfaces can be quite dangerous. Avoid trips to the emergency room for broken bones or abrasions by slowing down, dressing appropriately and walking on paths that have been cleared of snow and ice.

Canadians vulnerable to counterfeit purchases this holiday season Eighty-four per cent of Canadians say they have not knowingly purchased a counterfeit product, yet a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft Canada, suggests that Canadians do not know where the risks really lie. Canadians are not confident they know how to identify the differences between counterfeit and genuine products. Less than half of the consumers surveyed felt they know how to identify counterfeit products such as albums/ movies (43%), clothing (30%), computer software (28%), electronic devices (27%), handbags (24%) and sunglasses (21%). In fact, Canadians admit that it is increasingly difficult to identify illegitimate products with 38 per cent indicating price charged as the best indicator of a counterfeit product. Poor construction (21%) and off-brand logos (18%) were also key indicators. “Counterfeiting is real, it’s out there and potentially at a store near you,” said Lorne Lipkus, founding member of the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network.

“The counterfeiting and piracy industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Today’s counterfeit operations are extremely advanced and often linked to organized crime. The risks to Canadian consumers both online and in-store are high due to lack of education on how to detect counterfeit products.” There is also a misconception among consumers as to what the real threats are. Fifty-eight per cent of Canadians are concerned about purchasing counterfeit products online this holiday season, while only 35 per cent

are worried about purchasing counterfeit in-store. “Consumers need to recognize that it is possible to purchase illegitimate products both in-store and online and proactively take the initiative to identify the real from the fake, which can include everything from clothing to electronics, and medication to software,” Lipkus warned. One thing 77% of Canadians agree upon is that they are not likely to buy counterfeit goods knowingly and are in tune with the risks associated with purchasing counterfeit products. Seventy-

At this Holiday Season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have contributed to the success of our school. In the spirit we say, simply but sincerely... “Thank You & Best Wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year.” I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth,goodwill to men! ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Darrell & Kevin

William Derby School Staff & Students

one per cent of Canadians agree that counterfeit goods are harmful to the economy. Additionally, Canadians agree that counterfeit products open them up to a number of personal risks such as productivity loss (77%), privacy breaches (72%), and personal injury (64%). Here are some helpful tips, provided by Microsoft Canada, which consumers can use to help avoid buying counterfeit products: • Do your research – Take some time to find out what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. Listen to word of mouth, check references, and get insight from experienced and trusted retailers. • Compare the price – Everyone loves a good deal, but quality products are worth the extra cost. One secret when bargain shopping is making sure the sale is reasonable and not alarmingly low, which could be a potential red flag. • Look for flaws – Counterfeiters might be good at producing replicas, but there are usually subtle differences in the packaging of the goods, sometime including spelling mistakes and other obvious errors. Pay close attention before you make the purchase. The November 20 to 21 online survey was conducted among a sample of 1,501 Canadian adults who are also Angus Reid Forum panel members. The margin of error — which measures sampling variability — is +/- 2.53%, 19 times out of 20.

Strasbourg | 725-4877

May the spirit of Christmas be always at your door, just as you are always welcome at ours. Happy holidays, everyone! We look forward to serving you again in the year to come.

KPS Repair Inc.

Don Acton & Family

Dallas Wiers 725-8260

Ag Retail Manager, Strasbourg

Strasbourg, SK Tel: 725.3200 Cell: 725.7317

Strasbourg • 725-3164 Glen, Ron and Staff


tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

Santa will soon be on his way... ...and we’re happy to help you be on your way, too!



COMING AROUND In the spirit of the holiday season, we’d like to extend our warm wishes to you – our customers, neighbours and friends. You make it all worthwhile for us, thanks!

from Dean, Tammy and family

Strasbourg Hardware & Variety 725-3033

Seasons Greetings As the holiday season unfolds we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped us grow for 60 years.

from the Directors, Manager and Staff

Earl Grey Credit Union

The Earl Grey Credit Union Board of Directors, Manager and Staff invite the members to a

May the Christmas season fill you with warmth and joy. Thank you for your support.

Mountain Motor Products Ltd.


LMT 725-4995 2 col x 5 inches Book now for yourColour winter/spring renovations


11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (open over lunch hour) Meat, cheese, buns, desserts and coffee will be served.


I’ve had a great time serving you this past year! I look forward to seeing you in 2013! 2012!


LYNN SONMOR – Display Ads Last Mountain Times & The Market Connection



Hope it’s jolly!

MERRY & BRIGHT To our friends, neighbours, associates, and folks we’ve yet to meet, we’d like to extend our sincere best wishes for a holiday that’s as beautiful as you are, and hope that all your dreams come true during this magical time of year.

We thank you for your valued patronage, and hope you’ll visit us again, soon. Brian, Corri, Karisa, Ashton & Sheyanne Gorrill


Christmas Open House Friday, December 21, 2012

We thank you for choosing us and we wish you a very merry season and a Happy New Year.

WITH THANKS From Our Entire Staff

It’s been a pleasure serving you this year. Thanks!

Strasbourg Decorating Strasbourg * 725-3484 Ross and Doreen

Merry Christmas and a bushel of thanks to all of you for your patronage and goodwill.


As we wrap up yet another year, we’d like to acknowledge all the individuals – customers, neighbours, associates, and friends who have made doing business here such a pleasure for us.

STRASBOURG Garner, Carol, Rhonda, Jackie, Darla, Fleur, Ramon

Client Appreciation Day Friday, December 21 • 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

‘tis the season give you our thanks!

Please stop in for coffee and refreshments

Holiday Hours – Branch Closed On: December 24 at 3:00 p.m., December 25 & 26, December 31 at 3:00 p.m. and January 1

We wish you all the best and look forward to serving you again next year.

MG Construction Strasbourg • 725-4563 Marvin and Orva


tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times


Christmas Message from the Lieutenant Governor It is a great pleasure to bring you greetings as we celebrate this special season. I am deeply honoured to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, and especially to begin my term during The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Queen is an extraordi-

JOY PEACE LOVE HOPE HARMONY With a round of best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. We appreciate your loyal patronage.

North West Denture Clinic

nary individual, who has chosen a life of service, but The Queen is more than a person. The Crown unites two billion citizens in 54 Commonwealth countries, who work together toward shared goals of peace and democracy. The Canadian Crown also unites our vast

nation. How fortunate we are to live in a country that embraces multiculturalism, and believes in human rights and good government. We are blessed to live in a province renowned for its volunteers. I have been deeply impressed by the generous and capable people who donate their time to worthy

causes in Saskatchewan, and I thank all of our volunteers for their service. I would like to say a special word of thanks to the men and women who serve in the Canadian Forces. Some will celebrate Christmas away from their families this year, and others will struggle with the visible and invisible wounds


of war. I am grateful to all who have served our country and have sacrificed to bring peace, freedom and justice to the world. Saskatchewan’s greatest strength is the people who call our province home. We are a diverse people, who celebrate many faiths. Whatever your traditions are, I wish you much happiness and good health, today, and throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas!

Dr. Vaughn Solomon Schofield,SOM SVM


With well wishes to our patients and their families during this festive time of year. We thank you for the privilege of caring for you. Happy Holidays!

Board Management & Staff

We’ve enjoyed your visits in 2012, And to see you all in again We’vehope enjoyed your visits 2010,– ForAnd onehope thingtothat we all know is --true, see you again Is we For wouldn’t bethat here of you! one thing wewithout know is all true, SoIswithout anybe fanfare or further we wouldn’t here without all of delay, you! We’d like to wish you allorafurther great delay, holiday! So without any fanfare

And so do our customers!

Strasbourg & District Health Centre 725-3220

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes for a rocking good season to all.

We’d like to wish you all a great holiday!

Rudy, Olga, Val, Bob and families

6354 Dewdney Ave., Regina

Strasbourg Agencies Ltd.

R.J. Millwork & Building Supplies

Donald W. Miller, DD Denturist

how sweet it is – to serve

Strasbourg Phone: 725-4146 Fax: 725-3688

Don, Lynn, Ken, Janice, Gail, Holly, Tracy & Julie

Website: Olru Construction Ltd. (1981)

Another Season folks like you IS ON The Way !

To our customers, associates, neighbours and friends, we wish a season of peace & joy.

725-3020 – Strasbourg

We couldn't have asked for a better bunch of neighbors than you. Christmas! In the course ofhave doingasked business this past year We couldn't for aMerry better

bunch ofasked neighbors than we feel blessed to have many We couldn't have for amade better acquaintances, while enjoying the opportunity bunch of neighbors than you. Merry Christmas! to serve many ofhave you whom know so well. We couldn't askedwefor a better Merry Christmas! bunch ofprivilege neighbors than you. For this we are grateful and wish Merry you all aChristmas! very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!

– And so are our best wishes and gratitude.

Happy Holidays!

Serving you is always a treat for us and we look forward to your continued support.

EARL GREY VET SERVICES Dr. Debbie Hupka-Butz, Dr. Les Phillips Holly Hildebrand, Kelly Butz, Joanne Hassel, Julie Nielsen VT

Earl Grey • 939-2264 In Raymore on Wednesdays For appointment, call: 939-2264

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Kerth Enterprises Ltd.

Two-Way Service Ltd.

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Southey • 726-2188

Dan & Brenda

from the Management & Staff

From all of us to all of you, Merry

Christmas & Happy New Year!

Don’t Miss Out on the Sounds of Christmas! Book a hearing evaluation before December 21 and be entered into our Christmas Draw!

Candace Fischer, Audiologist

{ Located in the Victoria Square Mall }

22 years of manufacturing and clinical experience, unparallelled commitment to your success

10 B

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

The history and traditions of Boxing Day Many countries celebrate Boxing Day on December 26. Those outside of these countries may be unaware as to the meaning behind the holiday and how its traditions originated. Boxing Day is celebrated by those in countries that were once part of the British empire, which includes Canada. As a federal holiday, post offices and banks are closed. Schools also are closed as part of winter

vacations. Despite being a make returns. Many stores were allowed to take the federal holiday, Boxing Day run Boxing Week sales the day off to spend it with their is not observed in families after having the same way in worked Christmas. ...but some historians all provinces and Other ideas tie the territories. Also, surmise that it is tied to the tradition to the Feast it is not an official of Saint Stephen, holiday in Quebec. European tradition of giving w h i c h a l s o t a k e s Depending on the place on December area, stores may gifts to the needy and those 26. Metal boxes, into be open or closed. which people could in service positions... Some people use put donations for the the opportunity to take part full week through New Year's needy, were left outside of in post-Christmas sales or Day. Some shoppers have churches. been known to camp outside Despite what the name of stores to take advantage of may suggest, the sport of these price cuts, much in the boxing has nothing to do with way Americans might wait in the holiday. However, with the wee hours of the morning Canadians and others having for Black Friday deals. the day off from work, they The etymology of the name may be able to tune into a fight Boxing Day is unclear, but on television and establish a some historians surmise that new tradition. There are other it is tied to the European ways people can create their tradition of giving gifts to the own Boxing Day traditions. needy and those in service Here are a few ideas. positions, as was the case * Collect food or clothing New Year’s Year's Resolution Classes in the Community during the Middle Ages. In donations from neighbors and the United Kingdom, it also deliver them to a shelter or Start January 7 at the Strasbourg Recreation Center became tradition that the day soup kitchen. Pump it UP! ........................... Mondays 6:30pm after Christmas employers * Volunteer to help at a ............................................... Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15am would gift their servants hospital, animal shelter or MOGA (More than just Yoga) ... Mondays 7:30pm with boxes of food leftovers school when it reopens. Indoor Walking Club .............. Fridays at 10am (coffee time to follow) from the holidays or present * Encourage children to monetary gifts. The servants invite their friends over and More info: Jenna,725-3228 or at

Merry Christmas!


curl up with a good movie and some popcorn. * If you are a business owner, call employees and personally thank them for their time of service. * Have a fun, family game night.

* Decorate the house with boxes of all shapes and sizes. * Gather holiday gift boxes and prepare them for the recycling bin. * Make a charitable donation to your preferred organization.

All classes are instructed by a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist. Everyone is welcome and all exercises are adaptable to meet your needs!

Commit to being fit! – LAST


Game ON! Healthy Living Challenge starts Jan. 7 – watch for more info on posters around town!



At Christmas time we’re filled with cheer, When we recall the folks who’ve stopped by here – So as we lift our glass today, We wish you a happy holiday! Thanks for stopping by, friends! Jerry, Sylvia & Staff

It is with deepest gratitude that we extend our holiday greetings to our loyal customers, neighbours, associates and friends. Knowing people like you makes doing business a genuine joy for us all year long. Happy Holidays!

Strasbourg Garage Ltd. 210 Railway Avenue Phone: 725-3395

ROYAL HOTEL Strasbourg | 725-3630

Kevin Lofgren Family & Staff

Ph: 725-4990 Cell: 725-7552

Christmas Eve: Closed 4:00 p.m. Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed New Year’s Eve: Regular Hours New Year’s Day: Open 12 Noon

We’re Getting Ready For The HOLIDAY SEASON !

Our Holiday Greetings issue – published on December 18, 2012, is our last issue before our holiday break. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas Section! Last Mountain Times offices in Nokomis & Strasbourg will be closed December 15 to January 1 inclusive – the Times will not be published on December 25 or January 1.


Nokomis – 528-2020 Strasbourg – 725-3030

Offices in Nokomis & Strasbourg open January 2, 2013. The first issue of the new year will be published on January 8, 2013. Deadline for news & advertising is noon on Thursday, January 3, 2013.

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

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Cont’d from page 2 Feeding cattle in cold weather

Ty Welch WDS, Strasbourg

Many of us are frantically preparing for Christmas. Shoppers are swarming and decorations are going up. All has begun, but none of it can compare to the preparation that took place for that first Christmas. To get ready for Christmas, try to think what it must have been like for the people of Israel who had been waiting for the Messiah. God’s people were taught many things about this coming one. He was going to be born in Bethlehem (Micah. 5:2), He would be born of a virgin (Isaiah. 7:14). He would speak in parables (Psalm.78:2-4). He would be hated without reason (Psalm.35:19), He would be pierced (Zechariah. 12:10), all to save His people from sin (Isaiah. 53:5). Then in what would seem His the darkest hour, He would be resurrected

Psalm 16:10, Psalm 49:15). (Psalm The prophecies were revealing details and even though people did not fully understand them, they gave hope. Then that day came when the angel appeared to Mary and said, “you will conceive and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus.” The wait was over. We have sung His name for two thousand years. His name has filled our hearts with joy and He is still with us today, and will be with us always, even to the end of time. It is easy to be swept away by the busyness of Christmas, but do not lose the infinite worth found in Christ for no heart is as full as the heart filled with Christ. Pastor Donald C. Hansen St. John and Norrona Lutheran Parish Strasbourg

Cattle that have wet hair coats are less able to withstand colder temperatures. When the coat becomes wet, it loses its ability to insulate, and the cow will lose body heat, thus requiring even more energy to keep warm. Wind can quickly chill. Cattle will require more energy for heat rather than for production. Access to good windbreaks is a must. A good management practice during extreme weather is to feed cattle late in the afternoon. Digestion produces heat, known as the heat increment of feeding. Think of this heat as “free heat.” This heat increment peaks four to six hours after feeding. By feed-

ing cattle in the late afternoon, this heat will be available when temperatures drop, rather than during the warmer part of the day. Cow age and body condition, reproductive status, feed quality and weather conditions all impact the ability of cattle to withstand winter and cold snaps. Remember that while you can go inside to warm up, those cows need high quality forage or grain supplementation to create heat to warm them from the inside out. Jenifer Heyden Regional Livestock Specialist Saskatchewan Agriculture North Battleford

Walker Chitwood Kindergarten WDS, Strasbourg

Whitney Flavel Grade 5 Bulyea School

Season’s Greetings & Warm Wishes from

Ashton Gorrill Grade 5 Bulyea School

Cornwell Centre, Strasbourg Thursdays: 10am til 5:30pm or call for appointment: 725-4337 or 725-7243 Watch For Extended Store Hours Shop online:

To Our Good Friends AT THE HOLIDAYS

Carter Colenutt Grade 4 Bulyea School


JOYS OF THE Thanks to the community and surrounding areas for your continued support. Best Wishes from the Board of Directors and Staff of the

Strasbourg Co-op Association HOLIDAY HOURS: Mon., Dec. 24 – 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CLOSED: Tues., Dec. 25, Wed., Dec. 26, Tues., Jan. 1 Have a Happy Holiday Season!

We want to thank all of you for another successful year in business and let you know just how much your trust means to us With sincere best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year

Trevor and Jason

& Bakery Lumsden

Phone 731-1499 | 245 James St. N

Blessings of the season and sincere thanks to our many kind neighbors this holiday season. Thank you for your loyalty & business over the years.

The Project Guy From Dwayne & Family

12 B

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

Keep kids engaged and occupied during holiday shopping trips

Madisson Yung Grade 2 Bulyea School

Nolan McLeod Grade 5 Bulyea School

Holiday shopping with kids can be fun. Kids enjoy giving gifts, and bringing them along on shopping excursions to offer their input can make the season that much more special for youngsters. But bringing the little ones along on a holiday shopping trip also can be tricky, as kids can easily grow tired or bored at the mall. The following are a few tips to ensure kids and adults enjoy their holiday shopping trips together. Bring backup Kids might find shopping enjoyable at the outset, but visiting store after store can drain them of that enthusiasm. To quell the inevitable boredom, bring along some backup, such as a handheld video game or a tablet or e-reader on which kids can watch a favorite film or television show. Choose your shopping destination wisely All malls and retailers are certainly not equal, especially when kids will be accompanying you for a day of shopping. Some malls offer attractions for kids, such as a merry-goround or a live performance with a holiday theme. Such attractions provide some balance to a shopping trip, giving kids something to look forward to between store visits. Don’t be a Scrooge An ice cream cone, some holiday cookies or a hot chocolate might not be the healthiest fare for youngsters, but such items can make a shopping excursion that much more enjoyable. When shopping with kids in tow, relax a youngster’s dietary restrictions so they can

enjoy some holiday treats while shopping till they drop. Give kids some spending money Kids are more likely to engage themselves in a holiday shopping trip if they have some spending money of their own. Offer children some money before leaving the house, and tell them the money is theirs to spend on gifts as they see fit. Kids might just enjoy looking for the perfect gift and hunting down a holiday bargain as much as Mom and Dad.

Greetings & Gratitude In this season of giving, we hope you’ll accept our warm wishes and heartfelt thanks for your valued business

Victor's Bobcat & Excavating Strasbourg, SK Ph. (306) 725-7782

Evan Foster Grade 5 Bulyea School

Carson Hack Grade 5 Bulyea School

Emily Hubick Grade 4 WDS, Strasbourg Amy Windigo-Sammy Kindergarten WDS, Strasbourg

HO, HO, HO! Have the Merriest of Holidays

With best wishes and many thanks to our community for your support throughout the year.


Craswell Seeds 725-3236 • Strasbourg Ray, Marilyn, Kevin and David

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Seth Weeks Kindergarten WDS, Strasbourg

Strasbourg Girl Guides

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

13 B

Christmas Message from Village of Bulyea Mayor Terry Myers As I reflect on 2012, I am struck by how much we have to celebrate within the village of Bulyea and the surrounding area. There are many dedicated volunteers and much com-

Storybook Christmas Have A

munity spirit where we each contribute in whatever way we can. This positive attitude keeps Bulyea and area vibrant as a community. It continues to be a great place to live, work and play no matter what stage of life you are in. I thank each of you for your contribution, participation and spirit! In this season of giving and receiving, may each of you enjoy health and happiness surrounded by family and friends. Have a joyful Christmas season! Terry Myers Mayor Village of Bulyea

Best wishes to all our friends. Thanks, and stop in soon.

Strasbourg Library 725-3239

Madison Peters Grade 5 Bulyea School

Maggie Mansbridge-Goldie Grade 3 Bulyea School

Hours: Tues. 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Thurs. 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Fri. 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Delivering our best this holday season... Last Mountain Times

Here’s hoping that Santa delivers everything you’ve been waiting for, including our best wishes and gratitude. Merry Christmas!

We Know You’ve Been Good…

Especially To Us! User Friendly Computer Systems Serving you since 1996

Season’s Greetings from Lance, Vicki, Trudy & Alyson

Alexandra Armstrong Kindergarten WDS, Strasbourg

Joyous noel

Katelynn Lofgren Kindergarten WDS, Strasbourg

As we fondly recall memories of Christmases past, we realize that there’s no time like the present to acknowledge all the people who have brought so much joy to us, and hope that the Christmas to come will leave you with the very brightest memories of all!

Join us for our upcoming winter activities: • Boxing Day Family Skate – December 26 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Strasbourg Rec. Centre

Thank You For Your Business! Thank The You For Your Business! pleasure is ours as we say “thanks” to our The pleasure is ours as we say “thanks” to our customers and offer you our best wishes for customers and offer you our best wishes for aaseason filled withmerriment merriment season fi lled with andand Youdeserve deserveit!it! You

Flaman Group of Companies

Southey, SK Southey, SK

Box 280 Box 280 S0G 4P0 S0G 4P0

• Strasbourg KidSport sponsored free public skating for youth in December and January – Thursdays 7:00-8:30 p.m. • Card Making Workshop – January 19 • Walking Trails in Pioneer Park – enjoy an outdoor walk in a beautiful winter setting Watch for more programming in 2013, including Communities in Bloom, In-Motion activities, Seniors’ events, Health and Wellness programs for all ages, and much more!

Merry Christmas! from the Strasbourg

Recreation Board

Wishing you and your family a simply heavenly holiday season.

Last Mountain Pioneer Home Foundation Board Join us for ‘First Day of Winter Walk’ December 21 Meet at the Recreation Centre at 6:00 p.m. $10 registration, call Lesley: 725-4925 Pick up pledge sheets at RBC, Affinity CU – Strasbourg or Bulyea Funds go towards LMPH projects. Donation receipts issued.

14 B

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

Ice skating has impressive lineage University of Oxford, suggests that ice skating was developed in Finland more than 5,000 years ago. Researchers surmised that southern Finland was the one area of northern Europe that was flat enough to make traveling by skates worthwhile. It is believed that ancient Finns used animal bones tied to their feet to coast across the frozen landscape and reduce travel time when daylight during cold, winter months was a limited commodity. The first ice skates employed straps and animal bones, mainly horse bones,

across the ice -- much in the way a cross-country skier would coast across the snow. The gliding style of ice skating now associated with seasoned athletes likely didn't begin until metal blades were introduced around the 13th century. Although ice skating started as a transportation method, eventually it became recreational as well. In some areas of the world, all classes of people could participate in ice skating. However, in other regions, ice skating was reserved for royalty and people of the upper class.

style was accepted by many skaters in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and eventually he established the Vienna School to teach others this artistic style of skating. Haines died young, but his teaching methods at the school prevailed and led to the development of the International Skating Union in 1892. The Union drafted the first official set of codified figure skating rules. Figure skating continAlthough many people ued through the late 19th shy away from coasting and early 20th centuries. across a sheet of thin ice Athletes began to emerge when the temperature drops who would be best known outside, fans of ice for their signature skating and hockey ...the first instructional book written concerning ice skating moves, some of willingly don their which would be blades and effort- was published in London in 1772 and authored by a British permanently added lessly traverse a artillery lieutenant named Robert Jones... to the figure skatrink. Ice skating ing lexicon. has become a recrein their design. The oldest By the 18th century, ice Modern figure skating ational activity and sport tied pair of skates found dates skating was well known and has four Olympic divisions, to the winter season. Since back to about 3,000 B.C. and enjoyed throughout much of including ladies' singles, its inception ice skating has were discovered at the bot- Europe. As people emigrated men’s singles, pair skating garnered thousands of fans tom of a lake in Switzerland. to America, they brought and ice dancing. The Interand enthusiasts around the An old Dutch word for skate their ice skating customs national Skating Union also world. is “schenkel,” which means with them. Also at this time, recognizes speed skating While ice skating is now “leg bone.” ice skating started to become on a traditional long track known as a recreational acHistorians also believe subdivided into different as well as short track speed tivity, it was born out of ne- that ancient peoples who specialties, such as figure skating as the main offshoots cessity thousands of years used ice skates relied on skating and speed skating. of the ancient form of ice ago. A new study by Federi- residual animal fat left on The first instructional skating. co Formenti, a human bio- the bone as well as wooden book written concerning mechanics specialist at the poles to propel themselves ice skating was published in London in 1772 and authored by a British artillery lieutenant named Robert Jones. It was designed for men to learn the basic positions of skating and how to With the Holidays upon achieve circles and figure us once again, there is an eights. opportunity to take time and While ice skating may truly appreciate the season. have originated in Europe, As we rekindle the spirit of the style of skating that Christmas families gather to evolved into figure skating give thanks and reminisce by was developed and honed by retelling the stories of old and American Jackson Haines. reflecting on the experiences Haines eschewed the rigid of the past year. we wish you a very Merry British style of figure skatMay joy resound in the Christmas and all the best in ing that was merely trachearts of everyone and the 2013. ing shapes for a style that spirit of the season remain Glen Hart, M.L.A. included elements of ballet to our customers, friends, throughout the New Year. Last Mountain–Touchwood and other dance to offer fluand family. From my family to yours Constituency idity of movement. Haines’

Rebecca Tamlin Grade 3 WDS, Strasbourg

It’s a Winter Wonderland May you and every member of your family tree, enjoy a season of joy and serenity.

Merry Christmas! From All the Members of the

Strasbourg Lions Club

Glen Hart, M.L.A. Christmas Message


Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Dave’s Autowrecking & Towing Bulyea

Dave, Lorie & Wyatt

It’s that time of year when the world seems to be one... we wish its peace to you

Happy Holidays from the members of the

Bulyea and District Lions Club

Have A Beautiful Season! To my valued clients go my warmest wishes for a Christmas that’s a cut above the rest!

Krissi’s Country Hair Styling 725-3242 Strasbourg

Kris Thompson Owner/Operator

tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

15 B

Safety tips for the holidays shouldn’t break when bent between your fingers. • Place your live tree away from fireplaces, woodstoves and radiators. Also, indoor heat dries out fresh trees, so be sure to replenish the treestand with water every day. • If buying an artificial tree, make sure it has a label indicating that it is fire resistant. Although this does not mean the tree won’t catch fire, the tree will resist burning and should extinguish quickly. • If you are using tinsel, try to keep it toward the top of the tree, out of reach of pets and small children. Tinsel can be dangerous if ingested. The Lights This Strasbourg home has been decorated with delightful lights and • Use Canadian Stanoutdoor ornaments. Safety is always in season. Here are some simple, timely tips and reminders to help you and your loved ones stay safe over the holidays! The Christmas Tree • If you’re using a live

tree, check for freshness by tapping it on the ground. Dropping needles indicate a dry, highly flammable tree, so look for a fresher tree instead. Needles should be hard to pull from branches and


Our Saviour We’d like to join all of you in giving thanks for the Miracle of Christmas and the many blessings we share including your friendship. Merry Christmas! From the Directors, Management & Staff

Bulyea Co-op Association Ltd. Bulyea, SK • 725-4931

May we never forget those Glen Hart

and family M.L.A. for Last Mountain-Touchwood 1-877-723-4488

men and woman who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.

Glen Hart, M.L.A. Last Mountain-Touchwood

dards Association (CSA) approved lights. Place indoor and outdoor lights in their respective environments. • New or old, check light strings for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections. Throw out damaged sets. Make sure you do this inspection before putting lights up. It is much easier and safer to replace bulbs or entire strands of lights on the ground than on the roof. • Turn off all lights when you go to bed or leave the house. The lights could short out and start a fire. • Don’t overload electrical sockets, and never string more than three sets of lights per single extension cord. The Fireplace • Make sure the chimney damper is open and clean before you light a fire. • Remove all decorations that could be burned around the fireplace. • Do not burn wrapping pa-

pers in the fireplace. A flash fire may result, as wrappings ignite suddenly and burn intensely. • Keep a working fire extinguisher in an accessible location. • Check your smoke detectors once a month, and replace the battery twice a year. • Have a carbon monoxide detector installed near each sleeping area in the house. The Entertaining • Regardless of whether you are a guest or the host, make sure everyone has a safe ride home. Don’t drink and drive. Stay the night or call a cab. Other options include calling Operation Red Nose or having a designated driver. • If you are hosting, choose not to drink, or limit your alcohol consumption so you can be aware of how much your guests are drinking. • See guests in and out. Greet all guests on arrival

and departure, taking the opportunity to assess their condition. Remember that impairment goes beyond alcohol - it can include drugs, fatigue or emotional distress. If something doesn't seem right, speak up. • When preparing for the big dinner, defrost the turkey in the refrigerator – not at room temperature. • Don’t leave perishable foods at room temperature for more than two hours. Take only small portions from the fridge at a time, and replenish frequently. The Candles • Keep candles away from drapes, trees or any other potentially flammable objects. Make sure they are placed on a steady surface. • Never leave burning candles unattended, and always keep out of reach of children. Have a safe and happy holiday season! -Canada Safety Council

season’s greetings With best wishes and gratitude this holiday season. Visit us online:

Every Little Thing 130 Mountain Street Strasbourg • 725-4350 Open 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday

Every Little Thing Home & Decor 101 Mountain Street Strasbourg • 725-4245

Open 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. – Wednesday to Saturday

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tuesday, december 18, 2012 • last mountain times

We’ve gathered on this page to say

HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY! For one thing we all know is true – We owe our success to each one of you!

Merry Christmas & many thanks from all of us! Acton’s Plumbing & Heating Affinity Credit Union Agra Excavating Ltd. Alice’s Stitch-in-Time Angling Trail Construction Arlington Beach Camp Bulyea Co-op Association Carolynn’s Reflexology CID Construction Country Threads Upholstery Country Vista Alpacas Craswell Seeds Ltd. Death Valley Paintball DiGer’s Service Double LL Designs Don’s Septic Service Earl Grey Credit Union Earl Grey Veterinary Services Every Little Thing Flavell’s Plumbing & Heating Fido & Felix Foods Freedom Gardens G & S Marina Outfitters Hansen Holdings Inc. Jason’s Plumbing & Heating Joanna Krentz Kali Interiors Kerth Enterprises KNL Construction Lamb Acres Electric Fencing Lakeview Septic Last Mountain Remedial Massage Last Mountain Times Leaning Maple Meats M & T Electric McKercher LLP (Al Goudie) MG Construction Mountain Motors Auto Body Ltd.

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