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New Lieutenant Governor appointed Vaughn C. Schofield, S.V.M., has been appointed as Saskatchewan’s 21st Lieutenant Governor. The announcement was made on March 6 in a news release from the provincial government. A date for the installation for the new Lieutenant Governor will be announced shortly. Under the constitution, Lieutenant Governors are appointed by the federal government for a minimum of five years, but there is no fixed term of office. “Vaughn Schofield has contributed to the well-being of our province through her work in business, the arts, education, broadcasting, corporate governance, crime prevention and community involvement,” Premier Brad Wall said. “As Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of 16 Saskatchewan Service Battalion, she provides leadership and support to the unit and to the Canadian Forces Reserve, in particular to those who have returned from Afghanistan.” Schofield has had leadership roles in a variety of community organizations, including the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, St. John Ambulance, The Hospitals of Regina Foundation, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program, Regina and Regina Beach Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Club. In recognition for her service, Schofield was a 2009 Recipient of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal and carries the designation S.V.M behind her name. Wall also praised the contribution made to Saskatchewan by retiring Lieutenant Governor Dr. Gordon L. Barnhart and his wife, Naomi.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In like a lion…

We can only hope that the folk-saying If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb has some element of truth or reality to it, when we look back at what happened early last week. The late winter snow storm (blizzard?) raged for more than 24 hours as it dumped as much as 20 cm (7.8 inches) on some areas of west and west central Saskatchewan. The storm warning was initially issued on Saturday, March 3 for mainly the west and northwest side of the province, ranging as far northeast as Humboldt and Wadena. However, when it finally blew in early Monday evening, with wet sticky snow and later high winds, it eventually engulfed the Last Mountain area and regions south as well. Highways quickly became coated with ice, and travel conditions deteriorated to the point where the RCMP and highways officials were not recommending highway travel through the storm region. It was still snowing intermittently late Wednesday afternoon, March 7. If weather forecasts are correct, all the snow we received in this area could be gone by mid this week, as temperatures rise into the high single digit plus range. Hopefully the warmer trend will last long enough for us to see “lamby” weather at month-end. (see related info on page 20)

BHP Billiton to build large ‘town’ at mine site BHP Billiton has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Atco Structures & Logistics to build and operate a virtual ‘company town’ at Billiton’s Jansen Potash Project mine site east of Lanigan. ATCO Structures & Logistics of Calgary has been awarded the contract to design, build and operate a 2,586-person turnkey workforce “housing lodge” for BHP Billiton. The facility is the largest Canadian contract in ATCO Structures & Logistics’ history. “Our reputation for designing, building, and operating large mining accommodations throughout the world set the stage for this project,” said Harry Wilmot, ATCO’s President & Chief Operating Officer. “A contract to build a mining accommodation of this scope and scale reinforces our long-standing reputation for

having the capacity to deliver a large and comfortable workforce housing lodge.” The facility will feature diverse, high-end amenities including two pre-engineered buildings, a 20,000 sq. ft. sports complex with gymnasium, squash courts, weight room, and a raised running track that overlooks the gym. A recreational director will organize fitness programs. A separate preengineered building will house a 200-seat movie theatre. The core building will include a 1,200-person dining room, a separate private dining area, lounge, library, convenience store, medical centre, and full laundry service. Fireplaces located throughout the facility will provide a warm, comfortable setting. The two-storey accommodation wings will be connected by enclosed

corridors and feature 160 sq. ft. bedrooms with private washrooms. Each room will include a flatscreen TV, phone and wireless internet capabilities. The first phase, comprising 500 rooms, will be operational this coming October, with completion of the full camp and facilities scheduled for mid-2013. To

help deliver components of this agreement, ATCO has partnered with Aboriginal groups in the Touchwood Hills area of Saskatchewan, including the George Gordon First Nation, Day Star First Nation, and Kawacatoose First Nation. An employment and training centre will be established on George Gordon First Nation

traditional territory. BHP Billiton has invested about $1.2 billion to date in the Jansen Lake project, however the company has not officially announced that it will proceed with what may eventually become the world’s largest potash mine producing up to eight million tonnes of potash per year.

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

Provincial news briefs Ombudsman to review St. Mary’s Villa matter The Saskatchewan Ombudsman has been asked to review the relocation of tenants at St. Mary’s Villa in Humboldt. The request was made jointly by Health Ministery and the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority. On February 16, the health region announced that, due to safety concerns, 32 special care residents would be relocated within St. Mary’s Villa. The move was prompted by preliminary findings in February of an engineer’s report that cited structural problems in the flooring of the Villa’s Dust Wing, which was built in 1977. In order to accommodate the relocation, the health region began arranging to find alternate

accommodations for 10 enriched housing tenants of the facility. These tenants and their families complained about the extreme short notice and the handling of the move. Health Region CEO Maura Davies personally apologized to the tenants and issued a public apology to the tenants and their families. The health region is providing financial assistance to lessen the impact of the move to a private seniors housing complex. Ombudsman Kevin Fenwick and his team will begin work immediately. Among the first steps will be determining a timeline and scope for the review process. The results of the review will be made public.

by Chasing streetcars One day when I was young, I ran to catch a streetcar. I wasn’t thinking of my appearance. I just thought about catching the streetcar before it left. When I got on and made my way down the aisle, I sat on an empty seat beside an old lady. She turned to me and said “I saw you running for the streetcar. You ran beautifully. You looked so graceful”. Me? Graceful? Nobody had ever called me graceful before. I remember that compliment to this day. No doubt she was recalling the time when she, too, could run like that, and truly admired someone who was still active. This is exactly what some of us are doing when we sit outside the Tower in spring and watch people go by. Many of them are students from the nearby university. Some are children from a school across the street, and others are middleaged men or women exercising their dogs. All of them have more energy than we have. We admire them tremendously and think it’s too bad they don’t realize how fortunate they are any more than we did at their age. William Shakespeare had a character in one of his plays who groused about the seven stages of mankind. Others have written about four stages or even eleven, but all of them start with a baby “mewling and puking in his nurse’s arms” according to Shakespeare, and end with a senile old man, pic-

turesquely described by Will as “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.” Really, that’s a bit extreme. At least he didn’t put women in that category but that was only because women weren’t considered important enough to mention. Even so, there were many people then too who grew old with dignity. But of course to the young, old age comes at different times. People talk about sixty being the new 40. To youngsters, both ages are old. To oldsters like me, they’re all young as long as they’re still in their seventies. As for the slim young students who wait on us during meals, they are a pleasure to have around, and sometimes we tell them so. Maybe they will remember, just as I remember the lady who told me I was graceful running for the streetcar. Martha can be reached at or check out her new website online at Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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Government appeals essential services court ruling The Sask Party Government will appeal a Court of Queen’s Bench ruling which earlier this year struck down the province’s essential services legislation as being unconstitutional. The basis for the government’s appeal rests with the judge’s decision that the right to strike is constitutionally protected. The Court of Queen’s Bench ruling upheld the principle of essential services and gave the government the opportunity to amend the essential services legislation in areas where it is necessary. “We have every intention to hear from organized labour and to try to develop more effective legislation,” a government spokesman said. “However, the Court of Queen’s Bench decision strikes down an important piece of legislation and breaks new ground in stating that there is Charter protection for the right to strike. This right, if upheld, will have much broader implications than simply for essential services legislation. Accordingly, the government believes that this issue deserves the consideration of the province’s Court of Appeal.” The government had 30 days from the date of the court’s ruling to file its appeal. The court decision was delivered on February 6, 2012 New funding for farm education and safety The provincial government has announced $105,000 in new funding for the Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions (SAASE) to administer agriculture safety and education programs. The Ministry of Agriculture is committing $30,000 in annual funding over the next three years for Farm Safety Day Camps. These Camps promote safety on the farm through interactive demonstrations and displays. Students also receive training on how to respond to injuries while on the farm. The camps are held across the province and are aimed at kids aged six to 15. The Ministry is also providing $15,000 to SAASE’s “Ag on the MOOve” agriculture awareness project. This funding will be used to purchase a trailer and develop interactive educational displays. The trailer will be used to transport the displays throughout the province for youth attending trade shows, agriculture events, fairs and exhibitions. “SAASE and the 62 member

Agricultural Societies would like to thank the Ministry of Agriculture for supporting this important initiative,” SAASE Executive

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Director Glen Duck said. “Saskatchewan’s Agricultural Societies have always played a major role in rural Saskatchewan, and

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

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Nokomis School’s Telemiracle Fundraisers successful The Nokomis School SRC’s Telemiracle fundraisers were a huge success this year! The SRC hosted their annual Pancake Breakfast on Friday, February 17, and the students and staff had a great time cooking up a storm and serving the school and community for such a charity. Nokomis School raised, in conjunction with classroom penny wars and the selling of Telemiracle helping hands, a grand total of $850 to donate to the Kinsmen and Kinnette’s Telemiracle Foundation! Everyone who attended the breakfast and donated to the other activities throughout the week made this possible! We appreciate your support! -article and photos submitted by Priscilla Stratton

Proceeds will go towards the handicap accessibility fund for the church. 17-18c Sympathy is extended to Marge Edwards and family on the tragic death of her younger sister Betty Kidd, in Sydney BC. Lylie Herman and Calvin Harding visited with Calvin’s daughter Marj and her husband Archie Artymovich and his son Rick in Kindersly, SK, recently. While there, they attended two hockey games of the Red Lions. Calvin’s grandson Clayton is one of the players. They won both games and are now in the finals to be played against Macklin, SK.

Lauren Koenig (left) and Peyton McNichol were in charge of making the pancakes.

Joel Styles cooked the bacon for the breakfast.

TeleMiracle 37 reaches new record The 2012 Kinsmen Telemiracle marathon fundraiser, held for twenty hours on March 3 and 4 has raised a record $5.9 million dollars, exceeding the previous record of $5.6 million. The annual event, hosted again by veteran host Bob McGrath, was boosted by several major corporate donations, and one huge private donation made by the late Roy Wudrick, a farmer from the Aberdeen area. Telemiracle received a $1.46 million bequest from his estate, surprising organizers and observers with the announcement late Sunday afternoon as the event was winding down. The presentation was made by Wudrick’s son and daughter. “Our last record was $5.6 million This was $5.9 million and both years were because of substantial and outstanding bequests and planned gifts and we’re very, very pleased and honoured to receive them from Saskatchewan people,” executive director of the Kinsmen Foundation, Joan Steckhan said. “We are thrilled with every amount we receive during the telethon, no matter how large or small.” The major corporate donations included $500,000 from PotashCorp, which was a matching amount contributed during two telephone challenges with callers. Viterra and its shareholders also contributed $418,000. CEO Mayo Schmidt challenged other corporations to consider doing something similar in future years.

Students, staff, family and community members all enjoyed the delicious breakfast which raised money for Telemiracle.

Sunday School – 10:00 a.m. Worship Service – 11:00 a.m. Library Hours: 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Successful schools are made up of more than just teachers, principals and students. Successful schools also rely on parents and communities to help them be the best they can be.

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Some of the students enjoying their pancakes.


A Sustainable Future for Saskatchewan’s Electricity

Page 19

Dr. Mark Bigland-Pritchard of Saskatoon

news & commentary


Saturday, January 28, 2012 @ 1 p.m.

Pastor Rick Shott 528-4615

Michael Hall, St. Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, SK (Highway #5 – 10 kms East of Humboldt)

WHAT IS A SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL? The School Community Council is the new school-level council that will provide an opportunity for input into school improvement. Legislated by the provincial government to be in every school, School Community Councils give you an opportunity to make a difference in your school. WHO ARE SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEMBERS? • Dedicated volunteers • Principals, teachers, students, parents and community members interested in working with others • Those able to provide a two-year commitment to the work of the Council

He will give an interview of the options available to green our grid, noting both strengths and challenges, and set out a rough framework, and set out a rough framework for transition from our present fossil-dependent system to a fully renewable-based generation mix.

Make a difference!

In his presentation, he will answer the following questions:

Dr. Bigland-Pritchard is an experience energy and green building consultant, with two engineering degrees and a PhD in architectural physics. He taught energy studies at two British universities and is now lead researcher for Green Energy Project Saskatchewan.

Run for School Community Council

What is wrong with the way we generate electricity now? Is there a better way? What would a sustainable electricity mix look like? How can we get there? What are the challenges we need to overcome? What benefits will we obtain? Is this affordable?

Nokomis School Community Council Annual Meeting Monday, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. Nokomis School Library


A Community of Learning and Achieving

Nokomis United Church March 18 Joint Service and Annual Meeting of Pastoral Charge 10:00 a.m.

Nokomis Anglican Church March 18 11:00 a.m. at Imperial w/ C. Harper

Sponsored by Quill Plains Chapter, Council of Canadians. 17-18c


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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

Little Miss Higgins performs at Nokomis School Local artists Jolene Higgins and David Mark of the band Little Miss Higgins came to the school on February 10 to share the song that was inspired and partially created by the students from Nokomis School. This came about after Jolene visited the school in December to work with the students from K-12 about songwriting. She spent some time talking to them about her creative process and how her and David (Foy Taylor) write songs. Jolene compiled all of the answers and lyrics from all of the students in the school and took them with her to start her journey of writing this song. Jolene and David, along with Irv Fines on bass (another talented local musician and member of the band Men Without Shame) and one of Nokomis School’s own Grade 11 students, Cory Bart on drums, performed the song for the staff and students in the gymnasium. In addition to performing the song, Little Miss Higgins also had the students get involved and we all helped sing the chorus along with her. Her idea is to use some of the beginning process that was filmed on February 10 in the video creation. The students taking the course Communication Media in Nokomis School will be involved in the filming of the video and some of the music recording later on in March. Little Miss Higgins will be returning to work with a few student volunteers in singing and recording portions of the song on Thursday, March 15. -article and photos submitted by Priscilla Stratton

The good word on change

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P.O. Box 7, Nokomis, Sask, S0G 3R0 March 7, 2012. Mr. Tim Hendry, Chair, Nokomis School Review Committee, Nokomis, Sask.

Dear Friends: Re: Nokomis School Review by the Horizon School Division Board I recently went on You Tube to view the excellent

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don’t need a leader. In church ministry, however, most pastors find themselves having to lead the way to change. This is especially true as churches find themselves needing to meet the needs of the twenty first century. But it all does depend on your perspective – as we age, change comes to mean loss. We lose our children and become empty nesters, we lose life partners and become widowed, we lose (retire) from our professions and lose identity, we lose physical vitality and mental acuity – it is all loss. And so we come to equate change with loss. But if you are young – change is gain. You grow and become physically stronger and mentally quicker. You finish grade twelve, SIAST or University and the future, full of opportunity, lies before you. You move out and get your own apartment; buy you own car. You meet a mate, settle down and start a family. You buy a house and you get job promotions. You make more money and take a European vacation. Every change is full of opportunity and gain. All churches are in the process of change – they need to be if they are to bring the message of Jesus Christ into the 21st century. Young people and long time church leaders need to work together and see change not as a loss end but as an opportunity for gain. God may be according to the common phrase ‘the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow’ but the church and its people are ever changing. Molly Kitchen Spirit of Hope Pastoral Charge United Church of Canada

Letter to the Editor

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“You,” said the doctor to the patient, “are in terrible shape. You’ve got to do something. Tell your wife to cook more nutritious meals. Stop working like a dog. Inform your wife she must stick to the budget. And have her keep the kids off your back so you can relax. Unless there are some changes in your life, you’ll be dead in a month.” “Doc,” the patient said, “this would sound more official coming from you. Can you call my wife and give her those instructions?” When the fellow got home, his wife rushed to him. “I talked to your doctor,” she wailed. “Poor man, you’ve only got 30 days to live.” Change! It depends upon your perspective. If you’re the patient – change means a new lease on life and if you are the wife – the message of change is a death sentence. We understand that perspective. No one likes change and few change willingly. Churches are among the most conservative of society’s institutions and regardless of what churches members say. Churches do not like change. And most churches do not want a pastor who will provide leadership for the congregation because a pastor who is a leader threatens the status quo. The real truth is that churches want managers and not leaders in the pulpit. A manager will maintain the status quo, a comfortable pew – even when it is to the detriment of the church. A leader will make changes and encourage options for the present day and future of the church. Leading means change. They’re twin concepts. If nothing needs to change, you


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video compiled by the students of the Nokomis School. It reminded me of the country school that I went to where every student had a chance to do whatever was going on – not just the best! I was impressed by the concern that the older students have for the younger ones. I trust all Board Members have viewed it and read the letters in support of keeping the Nokomis K-12 School open here in Nokomis. Bigger does not necessarily mean better! If the citizens and parents of the students were complaining about the quality of education and all the other excuses we are hearing about closing this facility, I could see them wanting to take action. However, the credits of the students seem to be above and beyond what is required to get into further training. When students all get a chance to have extra

help when needed or to be in the play, or whatever is going - that would seem to be ideal not a detriment to their education. The students from this school past and present have been able to further their education without Board Members being the judge of criteria. We have Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Engineers, Doctorate degrees, plus many in vocational fields who have gone out from this school - even when it was the old school! We do not appear to have had inferior educational standards! As a senior citizen of this town and a graduate of the Nokomis High School, we are concerned about what it is going to do to our town as well as our properties especially when families

turn away and go elsewhere because of the impending school situation! On a personal note, my dad, Echlin Wallace was the Chairman of the Watrous School Unit when the Nokomis School was built! I know at the present time the numbers for the high school are low; however, if it is taken away now, we will never regain it when the numbers of graduates are higher – so we look to the future for the students and the citizens of our town and district. We thank you and the Committee for giving of your time and wish you well in your effort to retain the K-12 School in Nokomis. Very truly yours, Earle and Lorna Mansell

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Pastor Rey Dahlen 484-200518ctf

Have News?

Call us! 725-3030.

Stra sbourg 528-2020


Govan, SK Baine: 484-4612




Lillian Andrew Sadash AC Metcalfe CDC Meredith Sundre



Certified Yellow Certified Brown Certified Oriental

Gaming grants total $1.4 million The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is providing $1.4 million to more than 800 organizations across the province as part of SLGA’s quarterly charitable gaming grant program. “Our government is pleased to provide these charitable gaming grants in recognition of the countless efforts volunteers make in communities across Saskatchewan,” Minister responsible for SLGA Tim McMillan said. “The groups and organizations receiving these funds enhance their communities through their various activities.” In the Last Mountain and east central areas, the following grants were awarded: Craven & District Elks No. 581 – $218.36; Davidson 553 Sherlock Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadet – $368.81; Duval Optimist Club – $689.00; Govan Optimist Club – $617.09; Ituna Churchill Community Centre – $554.71; Ituna Seniors Social Club Inc. – $338.00; Ituna Sacred Heart Parish Bingo Committee $717.53; Ituna St. Stanislaus Parish Council – $107.69; Ituna Sunshine Friendship Club – $20.50; Kelliher Carlton Trail Rodeo Inc. – $937.38; Kelliher Senior Citizens Club $118.16; Lanigan Lions Club Inc. – $1,165.25; Leroy And District Recreation Board – $18,335.87; Disley Community Club – $113.03; Lumsden & District Lions Club – $3,303.23; Muskowekwan Community Funds – $12,917.25; Regina Beach & District Lioness Club – $92.87; Regina Beach Leisure Time Club Inc. – $468.38; Manitou Beach Communities In Bloom – $179.94; Watrous & District Recreation Board – $402.80; Watrous Minor Hockey Association – $1,182.50. The quarterly grants are based on a percentage of net proceeds raised through licensed charitable gaming activities such as bingos, raffles, break-open tickets, Texas Hold’em poker and Monte Carlo events. Charitable gaming reports submitted by groups are used by SLGA to automatically calculate grant amounts.

NEWS Page 5


Strasbourg Office • 725-3030

Angela’s Dance Academy is extremely honored to host Dance Alive 2012 (22nd Annual Dance Competition) on March 24 and 25 at Strasbourg Memorial Hall. Come out and enjoy over 350 dancers from across the province compete in tap, jazz, ballet,

CDC Bethune

CDC Meadow

Tuesday, March 16 7:00 p.m. Seniors Drop In Centre

Ask for your advance copy of the Annual Report which will be available at the store.

Coffee & goodies


Viterra and Ducks Unlimited UPCOMING AUCTIONS Canada renew partnership SAT., APRIL 7, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – DAVIDSON, SK. Viterra and Ducks Unlimited Canada have announced a renewed partnership for their forage incentive program in 2012. Through this unique partnership, Viterra and Ducks Unlimited Canada are offering eligible producers an incentive to plant forages for pasture and hayland. Additional money may be available to landowners who are also willing to restore small wetlands. “We are pleased to play a pivotal role in providing product and program incentives to help Prairie producers realize the benefits of growing our innovative forage varieties on their land,” said Viterra spokesman Kevin Hallborg. “Our partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada reflects our company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. Through col-



For the past 35 years, the Saskatchewan Junior Citizen program has been recognizing the outstanding youth of Saskatchewan. This year four deserving youth, aged between 8 and 18 years old, will receive $3000 bursaries to help pay for their future post-secondary education. Someone you nominate could be one of them. Visit for more information and nomination forms or call Nicole Nater at 1-800-661-7962 Nomination closes April 30, 2012.

lyrical, musical theatre, hip hop, production, baton, acro & cheerleading. Group events on Saturday with individual events being held on Sunday. Competition starts at 9:00 a.m. both days. Admission at the door. 18-19c

Strasbourg Co-op Association ANNUAL MEETING


Sundwall Seed Service Plant: 484-2010

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

laborations like this, we will make lasting contributions to the environment.” “Ducks Unlimited Canada has a long history of working with conservation-minded producers. We are happy to be working with an industry leader like Viterra on this partnership. Viterra’s support of our forage conversion programs allows us to continue to provide producers in key waterfowl areas with financial assistance and top quality forage seed,” said Ducks Unlimited Canada spokesman Paul Thoroughgood. Ducks Unlimited Canada is one of Canada’s leading advocates for compensating landowners for the environmental benefits produced on their land. Properly stewarded forages and associated wetlands help provide clean water, carbon sequestration and abundant wildlife, which benefit all Canadians. Research conducted by Ducks Unlimited Canada has shown that perennial forages provide safe and attractive nesting habitat for upland nesting waterfowl and other birds. Agricultural production systems that include perennial forages also help protect wetlands.

COMPLEX, Annual Spring Consignment Sale. CALL NOW TO CONSIGN TO THIS SALE. SAT., APRIL 14, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – DAVIDSON FAS GAS (formerly the Husky Building), Hwy. 11, Davidson, SK. Closing out sale, restaurant equipment & all of the building & contents. Building must go as new business bought the property. SAT., APRIL 21, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – PQHB HORSE SALE, PRAIRIELAND ARENA, Saskatoon, SK. SUN., APRIL 22, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – FARM SALE FOR BERT & SHARON REEVES, Stalwart, SK. WED., APRIL 25, 2012 – 10:00 A.M. – FARM SALE FOR ED EBERTS, Chamberlain, SK.


Phone 567-2990 • Fax 567-2051 • Cell 567-7411 Tim Manz, Prov. Lic. #914036 Email:


For more upcoming sales, CHECK:


Seventh Annual SCHULTZ 4 on 4 Rec Hockey Tournament

Strasbourg Recreation Centre Friday, March 16 7:00 p.m. ......... Brenndon vs Lakness 8:15 p.m. ......... Bulyea vs Rattai 9:30 p.m. ......... Fox vs Mouse 9:30 p.m. ......... Saturday, March 17 10:00 a.m......... Screaming Eagles vs Hildy 11:15 a.m......... Rattai vs Brenndon 12:30 p.m......... Mouse vs Lakness 1:45 p.m. ........ Fox vs Screaming Eagles 3:00 p.m. ........ Bulyea vs Hildy 4:15 p.m. ........ Semi Final #1 5:30 p.m. ........ Semi Final #2 6:45 p.m. ........ FINAL


NEWS Page 6

strasbourg Phone 725-3030

HELP WANTED – Royal Hotel, Strasbourg, hiring for bar servers and house keeping. No experience necessary. Contact Sylvia 7253630. Drop off resume. 18-19c Ladies Auxiliary St. Patrick’s Day Tea, Raffle and Bake Sale, on Thursday, March 15 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. at Last Mountain Pioneer Home. Everyone welcome. 17-18p Strasbourg Parkland Library Story Time for all preschool children on Thursday, March 15, 10:30 a.m. Come out and get your lucky St. Patrick’s day tattoo! 18c Strasbourg Recreation Board St. Patrick’s Day Pot Luck Supper, Saturday, March 17 at Strasbourg United Church. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Supper served at 5:30 p.m. Irish stew and refreshments provided. 18c Bridge Road Developments Ltd. Informational meeting, regarding shareholder information for the housing project in the Town of Strasbourg, on Wednesday, March 21, 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. For information contact Carol 725-3360. 18-19c Strasbourg Idol, Friday March 23rd. Steak supper: 6:30 p.m. Performance: 8:00 p.m. Tickets on sale at Royal Hotel. Supper/evening $25, only 90 tickets available. $10 cover charge at door for show only. 17-18c Angela’s Dance Academy is extremely honored to host Dance Alive 2012 (22nd Annual Dance Competition) on March 24 and 25 at Strasbourg Memorial Hall. Come out and enjoy over 350 danc-

ers from across the province compete in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theatre, hip hop, production, baton, acro & cheerleading. Group events on Saturday with individual events being held on Sunday. Competition starts at 9:00 a.m. both days. Admission at the door. 18-19c The community of Strasbourg and area were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Riley Wagner. Riley touched the hearts of everyone he was around. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his dad Lisle and mother Tammie, and all the Wagner and Back families, as well as his many, many friends. Again there are many in the area participating in the Strasbourg Recreation Board In Motion 12 week challenge. This year 80 people registered to be In Motion which has been a great way to get people of all ages, active in the winter. Right now, the half way point has been reached, and with spring around the corner, let’s get out and finish the challenge in full swing! Your news is important – be sure to send it in! Please remember to include your name when submitting news. If you don’t want your name published along with your submitted news, just let us know! __________________ Looking for some extra copies of this week’s newspaper? Pick some up at DiGer’s, or Last Mountain Times (Strasbourg) office!

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

Strasbourg Guiding tours the world On February 14, the 1st Strasbourg Girl Guides went on a trip to the Four World Centres, without leaving our town! When we arrived at the Wildlife Hall, we did our opening ceremony. We received our passport to use when we got to each place. Our captain was Jo Ann and our first mate was Brenda, who told us we needed to fly to Hawaii first. When we landed in Hawaii, we were greeted and given a lei by the passport officers Lorna and Barb. Captain Jo Ann told about the Girl Guides in Hawaii and their laws and promise. We got on the boat which was called the Guiding Spirit and cruised to India, where the World Centre Sanguam was. When we got there, we were greeted by passport officers Lorna and Barb. We learned about the girls’ laws and promise. Then we ate pakoras and nana bread with ice tea. We made a craft that was called diya. We went back on the boat to Mexico, where we were greeted by passport officers Lorna and Barb. We visited our World Centre which is called Our Cabana. On our way to Mexico we saw birds and a big blue whale. We learned the laws and promises and we did the macarena. The girls each made a pinata filled with candy to take home. We were back on the boat to London which has a World Centre called Paxlodge. We were greeted by our passport officers. We again learned the laws and promises, as our theme was Thinking Day because it was Lord and Lady Baden-Powell’s joint birthday.

We did a skit on the cruise ship to show how they met. We were back on our ship heading to our last world centre in Switzerland called Our Chalet. We were greeted again by our passport officers. We had so much fun as we got our winter gear on and went

TIMES Keeping you informed!

Leigh Hall

Strasbourg Alliance Church Strasbourg Alliance Church ...a caring community faith ...a caringof community of faith

Pastor Glen Lonie • 725-3173

FARMLAND FOR SALE Estate of Clarence Lucas Accepting offers to purchase: SW ¼ 34-26-20 W2nd (Assessment 39,800) NW ¼ 34-26-20 W2nd (Assessment 47,400) SW ¼ 29-26-20 W2nd (Assessment 50,100) SE ¼ 30-26-20 W2nd (Assessment 49,000)

Rural Municipality of McKillop No. 220 Part Time Chemical Applicator/ Maintenance Position The Rural Municipality of McKillop No. 220 invites applications from individuals for the part time seasonal position of Chemical Applicator/Maintenance Personnel. The qualified candidate will have experience operating heavy equipment, mowing, mechanical aptitude, possess a valid driver’s license and have or be willing to obtain an Industrial Pesticide Applicator License.

All offers are subject to approval of beneficiaries.

Please submit resume stating work experience references and expected salary by March 16, 2012 to:

Mail offers to: Bev Zosel & Chris Oehler Box 326, Strasbourg, SK S0G 4V0

Rural Municipality of McKillop No. 220 Box 369, Strasbourg, SK S0G 4V0 Fax: (306) 725-3613 Email:


As our meeting was coming to an end, the leaders decided to have our closing ceremony outside. The Sparks, Brownies, Guide and Pathfinder and their leaders all had a good time! Vanessa Pratchler Third year Pathfinder



Adult Classes 10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Guest Pastor Steven Hawes Children’s Church 11:30 a.m.

outside to go cross country skiing. The girls had to work as a team as there were four on at once. They had so much fun that even the leaders and the parents got on and tried. There was a lot of stopping but the leaders and parents did it!


R.W. Leigh Hall of Strasbourg, SK, passed away peacefully on March 6, 2012 at the age of 95. Predeceased by his wife Dot, daughter Joanne and son-in-law Jerry, Leigh leaves to cherish is memory is son Stan (Audrey), their children Darrel (Marla), Tod (Bonnie) and David (Jessica), and their children. Joanne and Jerry’s children, Terry (Loretta), Yvonne (Ken) and Eldon (Kim) and their children, son-in-law Peter, and Leigh’s companion Audrey Thorne. The family appreciates the community support and kindness they have received over the past few years. The family will hold a private interment at a later date. Hansen’s Funeral Home, Strasbourg, in care of arrangements.

LIVEWELL FITNESS        Certified Fitness Instructor Wednesdays: Thursdays:

3:30-4:30 p.m. ..........................Shape Up! Tone - Sculpt - Lose Weight 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. ..................... Bootcamp Extreme sculpting, toning & weight loss!

Fridays: 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ...................Shape Up! All classes take place at Seniors Drop Inn Centre, Strasbourg Wednesdays at LMPH: 9:00 a.m. ......Seniors’ Chair Workout

Coming in May!

Contact Rachelle

Mommy & Me Outdoor Stroller Class to register • 725-412018c

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

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Health and Wellness Fair in Strasbourg

WDS gym was transformed into a Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday, March 3 as the Strasbourg Recreation Board sponsored event attracted curious local and area residents interested in checking out various options for achieving personal health and wellness improvement. Almost a dozen exhibitors took advantage of the opportunity to display their wares, explain and demonstrate their programs, processes and products. Exhibitors included Strasbourg EMS and area staff with their heart disease and SADS information display; Bulyea’s Rachelle Fuller with LiveWell Fitness; Bernie Opp with Medi-Chair from Regina; Danielle Uhl’s Reiki / Reflexology; Jane Grieve, Mental Health & Addiction; Carolynn Sikorski with Carolynn’s Reflexology; Comfort Zone with Jodi Sorensen, Amanda Weirs and Paula Hugie; Michelle Wilda with Ideal Protein; Carol Nordal with The Pebbled Path Reflexology; Kathy Hine and Aislinn Rattai with Arbonne; Life Balance with Laurie Schnell and Lorene Yuhasz; and Lifeline Sask with Terri Berglund. Strasbourg Recreation Board spokesperson Carol Schultz said the Recreation Board was very appreciative of all the exhibitors for their contribution to the Health and Wellness Fair and to the many people who took time to come out and learn about all that is offered right here in our local area.

Local organizations receive over $6,640

Norm Smith accepts a cheque on behalf of the Bulyea Community Hall from Scott Flavel, representing Affinity Credit Union.

Larry Doetzel and Barb Rasmussen, representing Affinity Credit Union, present Jessica Dreger with a cheque for Strasbourg Minor Ball.

Larry Borschowa receives a cheque on behalf of Strasbourg Golf Course from Larry Doetzel and Barb Rasmussen of Affinity Credit Union. Pictured are presentations of Community Development Funding proceeds from Affinity Credit Union in support of the various organizations as noted under the photos. In total over $6,649.00 was presented to these organizations/clubs by Affinity Credit Union. -submitted by Barb Rasmussen Business Development Manager Affinity Credit Union

Phone your local news into:


Larry Doetzel and Barb Rasmussen of Affinity Credit Union present Nola Schulz with a cheque for Eastshore Wildlife Federation.

Larry Doetzel and Barb Rasmussen of Affinity Credit Union present Candace Brown with a cheque for the Strasbourg Curling Club.

528-2020 (Nokomis) 725-3030 (Strasbourg)

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

Strasbourg Ladies Bonspiel great fun! The Strasbourg Ladies Bonspiel was held on February 10 and 11 with seven teams participating. Everyone curled three six-end games, followed by one play off game based on points. The Orva Kelln rink came out victorious over the Rita Kerr family team. Third place went to Lesley Parkin

beating out Diane Kondratiuk. Fifth place went to the Marilyn Craswell rink defeating the Barb Griffin rink. The Bonnie Hanmer team got to sit the final out to cheer everyone on. A pot luck supper was enjoyed by all, along with picka-prize, some raffle prizes and then of course games

Psychology for Living

organized by Rita Kerr. Each team member had to compete in games such as picking up candies with chop sticks, skipping, drawing a team photo and the fastest pantyhose dresser. We ended up with an allstar team of Sonya Decker, Lisa Cornish, who was not curling, Eileen Hunter and Rita Kerr.

Cooperation not rebellion

by Gwen Randall-Young

First place winners: (left to right) Courtney Decker, Bernice Scott, Rhonda de Hoop and skip Orva Kelln.

In third place were: Skip Lesley Parkin, Deb Fiessel, Betty Banford and Glenda Myers.

Second place winners: (left to right) Jamie Lees, skip Rita Kerr, Kathy Kerr and Bertha Kerr.

Fourth place winners: (left to right) Mae Bahr, Chris Wagner, Tracy Kondratiuk and skip Diane Kondratiuk, dressed and ready for Hawaii.

Brownie Sleepover in Strasbourg March 3-4 A cross Canada Brownie challenge was held from March 3 to 4 with the Strasbourg Brownies participating in a sleepover at the Guiding Hall in Strasbourg. We created a new flag, hunted for treasure in Nova Scotia, played Acadian games in New Brunswick, ate molasses cookies and folk danced in Newfoundland! We were honoured to have local artist Muriel Vogt give a presentation and painting lesson. She was incredible! In Prince Edward Island we made Brownie spud dolls, which the girls befriended and named. Ice palace sculptures were created in Quebec, and in Manitoba it was safari time, oh the animals

we spotted! In Ontario, we made Trillium hat traders. In our province of Saskatchewan, RCMP dolls were the thing, with each girl giving her doll a name and history. One of the highlights was the Great Chilkoot Trail Obstacle Course where the girls had to go through tunnels, climb mountains, canoe rivers, and portages all with heavy gear. Needless to say it was no problem for our rugged adventurers! Many other activities were done, with not a minute being idle. We all came away a little richer, panning for gold with treasures, trinkets and tremendous memories. Guider Barb Boughner

What is the biggest complaint I hear from teenagers about their parents? Would you guess that it’s about too many restrictions? Or perhaps getting nagged about chores or the state of their rooms? These certainly do come up, but the number one irritation by far is the perception that parents just do not listen to them. Sometimes I think we are afraid to listen. Why would that be? It is natural for teenagers to want to negotiate boundaries, and as parents, we want to be in control. We may fear that if we listen to their arguments, we may not be strong enough to hold our ground. The other fear may be that if we listen to their arguments, and still refuse to budge, they may be angrier at us than if we just held our position in the first place. Consequently, the stage is set for a power struggle. The problem is that we have to work with our teens to move them gradually in the direction of more responsibility and freedom. If we do not listen to them, we have no way of knowing truly how they think, and how they would handle

themselves in the real life situations we worry about. Teens and parents can both contribute to a more productive process. First and foremost, teens have to be willing to be honest. If you lie to your parents, there is no trust, and they will tighten the rules, not relax them. Yes, you take the risk that they may not let you go somewhere where there will be alcohol or drugs. They are concerned with your safety. If you let them see who you are, what your beliefs and boundaries are, that you recognize when a situation is not good for you, and would be willing to call them if you felt uncomfortable, then they might be willing to let you demonstrate responsible choices. Of course it depends on your age and maturity level, be-

cause whether you see it or not, there is a big difference between being 14 and being 17. Parents can assist in this evolving process by sitting down and really listening to what your teens are trying to tell you. It does not mean you will change your mind. But instead of an outright refusal to consider their request, take the time to explain why you are worried. Explain the attitudes and behaviors you need to see in order to feel more confident in their ability to make wise choices. Give them reason to be hopeful, and something to work towards, thereby encouraging co-operation, rather than rebellion. Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist based out of Alberta.

NEWS bulyea Phone 528-2020

Angela’s Dance Academy is extremely honored to host Dance Alive 2012 (22nd Annual Dance Competition) on March 24 and 25 at Strasbourg Memorial Hall. Come out and enjoy over 350 dancers from across the province compete in tap, jazz, ballet,

lyrical, musical theatre, hip hop, production, baton, acro & cheerleading. Group events on Saturday with individual events being held on Sunday. Competition starts at 9:00 a.m. both days. Admission at the door. 18-19c

Home Plan of the Week

Kirk’s Hardware & Supply Your local Castle Building Centre

Custom Built Homes | Farm Buildings | Bobcat Service Nokomis, Sask.

Call 528-2050


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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

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Agriculture news & views CWB announces strategic alliance with Cargill

Ag Notes

When we start looking toward the future, it appears to be a place with a lot of rather ominous shadows cast over it. In this case, the future I am thinking about is not immediate. In fact, I am thinking a ways beyond the years I am likely to witness first-hand. While I have less than 50years ahead, under the best of possible circumstances, I do have children, and hopefully one day grandchildren who will see the start of the next century and beyond. Of course that will only be possible if we as a global society come to terms with some massive issues looming on the horizon. On top of the list will be how we grow enough food for our growing population. There are a couple of constants we know for sure. One the world population is growing, and there does not appear to be any controlling that, at least within the foreseeable future. Any efforts in that regard come with massive moral and ethical debates I am not even willing to wade into. The second aspect is those new mouths will need to be fed. And that comes back to farmers. There is finite land to produce food on, a land base which is actually likely to shrink from urban sprawl, decertification, and similar things which are taking acres out of production. Urban sprawl is even happening here in Saskatchewan. Take the city of Yorkton. It has purchased land around the city to facilitate growth in the near future. The land is currently farm land, and while the few quarters in isolation may not seem like the loss of a lot of land to farming, when you multiply it by all the cities around the world, the impact becomes rather significant rather quickly. Technology is helping to offset land loss and other factors by increasing production.

by Calvin Daniels The move to zero-tillage systems, using a better package of crop nutrients, and utilizing precision farming techniques has meant more production from the same acres, at least here in North America. The same tech can transfer to a broader world of course, and in time it will have to. But that will not happen quickly. There is the issue of the money needed to make that transfer, but in time it will have to happen. Of course there is also the backlash against high tech farming. In spite of most of us recognizing the need for more food, with generally full fridges in the developed world, we can stand back and have the debate over whether we should use intensive techniques. Farmers here could grow food for North America using less tech, but to feed a larger world that will not cut it. And the basic issue of food production has other hurdles it will need to overcome. Climate change will mean dramatic changes to what grows where in this world, and how that impacts food production a half century from now can only be vaguely guessed at. Resources too are finite. It is a case of when, and not if, oil and gas reserves run out. We assume science will solve that question, but steps in reducing reliance on oil and gas are currently small at best. Add in a reluctance to make any serious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and agriculture faces a lot of unknowns in the decades ahead. The issues are something world leaders need to start seriously addressing now for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and generations beyond. Calvin Daniels is a Yorkton-based ag columnist and writer. Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

The Canadian Wheat Board has announced that it has reached its first agreement for grain handling services, with programs for farmers to be rolled out by the end of the month. The strategic agreement with Cargill will provide farmers who market through the CWB with delivery access and port handling services. “We are very pleased that Cargill, with whom we’ve partnered very successfully in the past, has become the first player in the Canadian grain industry to find innovative ways for us to work together,” said CWB president and CEO Ian White. “We can now move ahead to provide farmers with an exciting package of programs they can use with confidence in this new era.” “We are excited about this opportunity. It allows us to present the most complete offering of wheat marketing tools to western Canadian growers. The CWB has a proven track record of managing a western Canadian wheat pool. It is only logical that farmers continue to have access to CWB pools, if that’s what fits for them,” said Cargill Ltd. President Len Penner. White said CWB pools and cash contracts, including futures-based programs, as well as malting barley production contracts, will be available for farmers to sign up within the next few weeks. Participating farmers will take advantage of the CWB’s global customer network, long-established relationships with grain buyers, and a trusted international brand. Cargill’s collaboration gives farmers who market through the CWB access to their 30 facilities across Western Canada, White noted, along with critical port access at Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Baie Comeau. “We are also seeking agreements with all Prairie grain handlers to maximize farmers’ delivery options,” White said, noting farmers could expect other agreements to be finalized shortly. “We plan to be farmers’ best marketing partner, giving them the assurance they want and the returns they need for their business.”

Encourage Canadian farmers to grow a greener, more sustainable future According to a new report released last week by RBC and the Farm & Food Care Foundation, further investment and innovation in sustainable business practices at the farm level is critical for the future success of the Canadian agriculture industry. “Canadian farmers have an established track record as leaders in sustainable farm management,” said Andrea Bolger, RBC spokesperson. “With continued investment in innovative technology and energy efficient equipment; farmers can capitalize on the many productivity benefits of sustainable business, while

FARM & GARDEN See Us For Your Equipment Needs TRACTORS ‘04 JD 9520 ‘04 CIH MXM140 MFWD w/FEL ‘98 JD 7810 MFWD w/FEL SEEDING ‘08 Seedmaster 60-12 A/D ‘02 JD 1820 45’ A/D 195 BU Cart

Certified Seed

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) has launched AgConnect, a new webbased application that allows AgriStability customers to submit and manage their program information online. AgConnect will make it easier for applicants to submit their program information, which will speed up the entire application process. This will help SCIC to further reduce timelines for processing applications and providing benefits to AgriStability customers. AgConnect allows participants to download and submit program forms and supporting documentation electronically. Participants in the AgriStability Program will receive an AgConnect activation letter by the middle of March.

Thank Your Local Farmers for their contributions to the world Our

SPRAYERS ‘01 Rogator 854 ‘00 JD 4700

Ag Salute issue is on March 20

HOURS Monday - Friday

CDC Redberry Lentils

CDC Utmost VB Wheat


Ph: 306.775.1547 | F: 306.775.1257 | E:

CDC Arras Flax Watrous — 946-3362

Strongfield Durum

CDC Maxim CL Lentils

Box 367, Strasbourg, SK

S0G 4V0

306-725-3236 15-24c(3-4t)

Water: Protecting an essential resource; Ecosystem services: Stewards of habitat and biodiversity; Climate change: Adapting to uncertainty; Bio-energy and biomaterials: Discovering market opportunities. Case studies showcase bestin-class examples of how farmers are responding to global environmental sustainability challenges by greening their business for enhanced productivity and reduced operating costs. Copies of the report are available on the Farm & Food Care Foundation’s website, www.farmfoodcare. org

This month,

COMBINES 3 – JD 9770s 5 – JD 9870s 2 – JD 9600s ‘08 JD 9610 ‘97 JD CTS

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Lillian HRS Wheat

sustainability,” said Bruce Christie, chair, Farm & Food Care Foundation. “For example, in 2010, farmers in Ontario invested more than five times the amount in environmental improvements to their farms than in 1999.” Key highlights of the report: Major trends driving change in the agriculture sector are farmers’ important role in feeding a growing global, urbanized populations, competing land uses, consumer scrutiny and biological innovation. The top environmental challenges that farmers need to be aware of: Land productivity: Doing more with less;

New online tool for producers

HAYING ‘08 Explorer 12 Wheel Rake ‘03 JD 567 RB ‘92 JD 535 RB

PLATFORMS JD 930 Flex 30’ ‘06 MD 974 Flex 36’ ‘03 MD 972 30’ Draper ‘96 MD 960 36’ Draper

Craswell Seeds

ensuring access to global markets, now and in the future” The report entitled, Growing from Strength: Farmers enhancing productivity with sustainable innovation, provides an overview of the latest trends and technologies in the agricultural industry and how farmers can incorporate environmental considerations into strategic decision making so they can continue to provide healthy, safe and affordable food. “We’ve seen a growing trend over the past 10 years in some regions among Canadian farmers making investments in environmental

Fax: 946-3898

ADVERTISING MAKES YOU MONEY! (and we have great rates)

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

LMVBA post cards available by Kelly Kirk

Kelly Kirk Here we are in March, and you know what that means: Another few paragraphs of me talking about cars! Well, I’ve got some good news for you, as this time it’s not just about cars. Heck, I might actually forget there is a car in amongst all this excitement, and by excitement, I mean drugs, gambling, and one of the greatest car chases in cinematic history. Let me ask, when I say the name ‘Kowalski’, what do you think of? What about ‘Super Soul’? Does the sight of a white Dodge Challenger bring a smile to your face? If I’ve completely lost you, there’s good news, as you’re mere sentences away from being found, yes, this time around, I’m talking about the 1971

car-chase classic film, Vanishing Point. The film stars Barry Newman as ‘Kowalski’, a man who’s done it all, lived hard and lost it all who now works as an automobile delivery man. His history hints back to days in Vietnam, the police force, car racing and motorcycle racing, which might have something to do with what I’m about to tell you next. He is handed the task to deliver a white Dodge Challenger from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California. A simple enough task, one might think, seeing as it is a brand new car at this point in time, but if it were that simple, it wouldn’t be in a movie, now would it? So anyways, Kowalski takes the car to a biker bar and talks to a man named Jake, who hooks him up with some speed pills to keep him awake for the duration of his trip. A man who leads a fast life needs fast drugs, after all, and while on fast drugs, why not make a fast trip? Kowalski bets Jake the price of the pills that he can make it from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours or less, which doesn’t sound that bad, until you Google Map the trip out. It’s 1270 miles across barren desert wasteland, on a set of bias ply tires, through the night, jumped up on pills. Throughout the movie, his mind wan-

ders, but his radio dial does not. He stays on Radio KOW out of Goldfield, Nevada, as the DJ ‘Super Soul’ has a police scanner and helps Kowalski along the way, calling him ‘The Last American Hero’. Probably by this point you’re not even reading this anymore and you’ve just downloaded the film on Netflix, but I’ll continue regardless. The car in the film is a 1970 Dodge Challenger, white in color with stock Rally Wheels, rings and caps. A fairly well optioned car, however we’re never made clear what powers it. I have reason to believe it was a 440 car, but that fact that I have the movie on VHS tape and no functioning VCR, means I can’t even put it in and pause it to read the hood emblem. Anyways, it takes one heck of a beating throughout the duration of the film, and doesn’t look a lot worse for the wear, aside from a lot of desert sand and dirt. It also has enough power to keep Kowalski out of the hands of the law, and en route to his destination, but whether or not he ever gets there is for you to find out by watching this piece of cinematic history. Keep in mind, however, that the movie was re-made in 1997, and that it just, well, falls a bit short of the original. One thing that doesn’t seem to fall short of the original, however is the Dodge Challenger itself, as the new ones you can buy out of the showroom have a lot to offer, and I’m pretty sure they even come in white... Kelly Kirk Nokomis, SK

The above image by Jesse Boehm was one of the many entries sent in to the Last Mountain Valley Business Association’s 2011 Photo Contest. This image, along with five others, have been reproduced as post cards – available for purchase from selected LMVBA members.

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

Royal Canadian Mint remembers Titanic On March 5 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a silver collector coin with a $10 face value to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The Mint has also produced two additional collector coins, both with colour, to mark this historic event. “The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to commemorate Canada’s history, culture and values with special collector coins,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “Canada is forever linked with the story of the Titanic through the efforts of Canadian ships that took part in recovery operations and by the memory of the lives lost that rest peacefully in Halifax cemeteries.” The Titanic commemorative $10 pure silver coin, as well as the coloured 50-cent silver plated coin and 25-cent cupro-nickel coin, can be ordered by directly from the Royal Canadian Mint and will also be sold through the Mint’s global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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New project will help double province’s wind power

SaskPower has signed an agreement with Windlectric Inc., a subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp to build an approximately 177-megawatt (MW) wind power facility near Chaplin, SK. Algonquin’s project was selected from 26 proposals from 15 different suppliers who answered SaskPower’s call for major wind projects through its Green Options Plan in 2009. An external fairness consultant observed and reported on the selection process. As part of the agreement, SaskPower has signed a 25-year contract to pur-


TMC and LMT issues:

chase wind power generated at the facility once it’s complete. “When the Algonquin project at Chaplin is brought into service, wind power will make up about 8.5 per cent of SaskPower’s total generating capacity – among the highest percentages in the country,” said Robert Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer of SaskPower. “Renewable generation options, like wind, play a key role in our plans to meet the province’s increased need for electricity in a sustainable manner.” Approximately 77 wind turbines will be constructed by

Algonquin at the Chaplin site, providing enough electricity to power about 70,000 homes. Algonquin will now move forward with securing the environmental approvals necessary to proceed to the construction phase which is expected to begin in 2016, with a planned in-service date of the end of that year. In addition to the agreement with Algonquin, SaskPower has selected another 55 MW of wind power under its Green Options Partners Program. SaskPower is currently working on the purchase agreements for these projects.

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

LMVBA monthly meeting The Last Mountain Valley Business Association (LMVBA) held its regular monthly meeting at the Lions Den in the Strasbourg Hall on the evening of March 7. Seven businesses were represented at the meeting: Every Little Thing, Talbot Marketing, Angling Trail Construction, User Friendly Computer Services, Carolynn’s Reflexology, Last Mountain Times, and Strasbourg Decorating. Treasurer Ross McKee provided an updated financial report, during which he noted that the Association is still carrying balance of $1,615 for Last Mountain Valley “Bucks”. This means that there is at least that amount of value in “Bucks” that have not been redeemed at member businesses. Other items of business on the agenda included information received from Saskatchewan Tourism concerning promotion opportunities in upcoming tourism promotion publications that may cover the Last Mountain area. Publications included a special section in the Western Producer and a publication called Country Register. After a brief discussion it was

concluded that the promotional opportunities offered were more targeted at individual businesses as opposed to business associations, and the members decided to pass on the offers. Saturday, August 11 was tentatively set as the day for the LMVBA’s 2012 “Show and Shine” car show, with a $500 budget for the event. The association will now firm up commitments from organizers and volunteers to see if the show will actually proceed. And the association dealt with a request from the Last Mountain Theatre Company to provide sponsorship for their Titanic-themed dinner theatre on May 4 and 5. It was agreed to provide a $100 sponsorship to Theatre Company. It was noted that some of the proceeds from the sponsorship, depending on the success of the dinner theatre event, will be donated to the fund that has been established to help offset the estimated $150,000 cost of installing a passenger elevator in the Community Hall. -LMT staff

WEEKLY c r o s s w o r d PUZZLE NO. 597

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PharmaChoice Sereda’s Pharmacy, Lanigan Nokomis Pharmacy Carlton Trail Shopping Mall


112 Main Street


Heraldic bearing Developing Gentle breeze Drunken cry Bobbysoxer “____ and the Man” Dam Mixer for Scotch Romaine lettuce Highland kid “____ Got No Strings” Partake of nourishment “____ Foot in Heaven” Supernatural force Tofu bean Bonsai, perhaps Casino game TV’s “Double ____” Fume Sitar music Permission Trace Chair’s job Places Holds in wonderment Turns right Small duck Untidy individual Entreaty Orchestrator Affirmative response Madras mister Large wine cask Performance Oahu garland Higher Untidy place Pack and water Dupes Vega, e.g. African nut Dash of panache Apple or pear Charge Moo Some dash widths Mouths, to Pliny Spanish couple Dark brew



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ACROSS 1. Aromatic compound 6. Jet or man 10. Epsilon’s follower 14. Vacillate 16. Ranis’ garments 18. “____ in My Heart” 19. Vast plain 20. Nanook’s house 21. Pound product 22. Of the ear 24. Cessation 25. Farm females 26. Stead 29. “Make ____ for Daddy” 32. “____ Living” 34. Cease, to a tar 36. Plumber’s tool 38. Succession 42. Prevents

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WEEK OF MARCH 11 TO MARCH 17, 2012 LUCKIEST SIGNS THIS WEEK: PISCES, ARIES & TAURUS ARIES If you have been planning a trip or a weekend getaway, there will be some minor last minute changes to be made. This is no cause for concern, and everything will return to normal very quickly. TAURUS You will find it hard to stay true to your convictions this week. Try to accept that everyone is different. You will find a way to reach a compromise as long as you refrain from imposing your beliefs on others. GEMINI Get ready for some major negotiating at work. Your leadership skills will shine and results will turn in your favour. CANCER You have a lot of work and obligations to attend to this week. The details might threaten to overwhelm you but you will be able to accomplish everything as planned. Let yourself feel proud of your efforts. LEO Despite a bumpy start to a family or business project, you will be successful. If you dig through the pockets of an old coat you may find a small fortune. VIRGO You are a naturally curious person and this week you will spend much of your spare time mulling over existential questions. This is also a good week to give lots of attention to your home and family. LIBRA There is some travel in store for you this week. If you have been worried about a family member, you will receive news that it was just a bad scare and that everything will be all right. SCORPIO At work an agreement will need to be reviewed in detail. In your intimate relationship, there are a few things you will need to discuss in order to find balance again. SAGITTARIUS This week is busy in all kinds of ways. If you have been waiting for a promotion at work, you will finally be rewarded for your efforts and your leadership. CAPRICORN An accumulation of fatigue will hit you this week. You won’t need much more proof that it is time for a short vacation or a little getaway to the countryside. AQUARIUS Expect to have an active social life in the next few days. Your loved ones entice you to take part in some exciting activities. All this fun will also help you heal your mind. PISCES Some important responsibilities are coming your way. If you are offered a promotion at work, be sure to weigh the pros and cons with your family. After all, they are the ones who might suffer from a change in your schedule. 2 01 P2 I H ES ONE-OF-A-KIND E FR : de Co

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

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Business & Professional Services Directory on Page 16

Regular Classifieds on Page 14 Wanted

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Adair Construction Ltd., Moosomin, SK is seeking a construction labourer. Wage starts at $11/hr. Able to assist in roofing, fencing, and carpentry. Criminal record check required. 1-306-435-7871 Career Hunt SK looking for employment? See us online at EXPERIENCED WINCH TRACTOR and BED TRUCK DRIVERS for drilling, rig moving trucking company. Phone, fax, email or mail. Email rigmove@ Phone 780-842-6444. Fax 780-842-6581. H&E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 1 Ave Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7.

SPRING SEASON 2012 Customer driven, aggressive crop input retailer, along with grain farm operation, requires motivated individuals to join it’s team in Norquay, Kamsack and Sturgis. Successful applicants must display a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, with an appreciation for outstanding customer service. Start Date: Monday, April 16, 2012. POSITIONS AVAILABLE: (Seasonal) * Semi-drivers

(class 1A required)

* NH3 Delivery drivers (class 1A required)

* Equipment operators

(farm experience an asset)

* Yard help

(no class 1A required)

All positions offer competitive wages. Please apply to: Braden Hudye Hudye Soil Services Inc. Box 550, Norquay, Sask. S0A 2V0 Ph: 306.594.2330 Fax: 306.594.2410 Email: bradenhudye@ Speedway Moving Systems Requires O/O for our 1 ton and 3 ton fleets to transport RVs throughout N. America. We offer competitive rates and Co. Fuel cards. Paid by direct deposit. Must have clean criminal record and passport to cross border.1-866-7366483; www.speedway

Mature Couple as resident lodge managers, Pawistik Lodge, Mile 190, Hanson Lake Road. Duties include: Store management, basic bookkeeping, all duties related to the operation of a fishing lodge. Qualifications: knowledge of boats and motors, general construction knowledge, good customer relations. Please reply with resume to: Scott Jeffrey: 1-8005264177. Email:

TH ROCK has positions for road construction workers, BASE - heavy equipment operators (Finish Grader Op). Asphalt - (paver, roller, screed, raker). Heavy Duty Mechanic (service truck). General labourers. Forward resume to: Fax 403-568-1327;

TH Vac Services, Kindersley Sask is now hiring drivers & swampers. Competitive wage, benefits package, scheduled days off. Tickets an asset. Fax resume to 306.463.2919 or call Don @ 306.463.7720. WELDERS WANTED. Journeyman 2nd and 3rd year apprentices with tank manufacturing experience. Automated Tank Manufacturing Inc. Located in Kitscoty, Alberta. 20km West of Lloydminster is looking for 15 individuals that want long term employment and a secure paycheque. Journeyman wages $33. - $37.50/hour. Wages for apprentices based on hours and qualifications. Benefits, training programs, full insurance package 100% paid by company, profit sharing bonus. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine for an appointment or send resume to: or production@autotanks. ca. 780-846-2231 (Office), 780-846-2241 (Fax).

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Questions? Contact us! Phone 306.543.5777 Toll-free 1.800.463.2272 Email Web site:

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LCBI High School Outlook, SK is a co-educational faith-based boarding school operating in the Lutheran theological tradition. LCBI High School offers a high quality education for grade ten, eleven, and twelve students using the approved Saskatchewan curriculum. LCBI has a global appeal with students in recent years from China, Mexico, Brazil, Norway and Germany. Come experience a taste of LCBI. Everyone is invited to: Open House April 28, 4:00 – 10:00 pm For more information: 306-867-8971 Look for us on Facebook

The Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel Visit www.saskrate for copies of the applications and supporting documents, or to submit comments. SaskEnergy Delivery Rate Application Public Meetings March 22, 7:00 p.m., Ramada Hotel, Regina March 27, 7:30 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn, Saskatoon The Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel Visit www.saskrate for copies of the applications and supporting documents, or to submit comments.

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Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS Wheat, barley, rye, triticale, feed pulses, spring threshed heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Western Commodities 877-695-6461

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SGI Auto Fund Rate Application Public Meetings March 28, 7:30 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn, Saskatoon April 2, 7:00 p.m., Delta Hotel, Regina


FINANCIAL SERVICES $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

FOR SALE Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’ s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at

RURAL WATER TREATMENT Tell them Danny Hooper sent you.





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Letter of Appreciation When we were approached by Mr. Doug Rue of Freshwater Holdings in July 2011, it was an opportunity for us to sell our farmland at a very fair price. Mr. Rue visited our home and he explained the process, which went forward very quickly. We received payment on September 15, 2011. We appreciated Mr. Rue’s friendly and understanding manner. There were no difficulties and he kept in touch throughout the transaction.

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AVAILABLE BACHELORETTE Widowed, 56, 5’8”, 133lbs, slim, attractive, and a non smoker. Loves people, animals and children. A soft caring lady who always makes the best of any situation life throws her way. As a farmer and a nurse she knows what hard work is all about. When it is time to relax she loves to travel to her holiday home in Aruba.

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Heavy, dense, small, square straw bales, tarped. Call Elwood Smith, 528-4422. 17-18p(3t)

WANTED TO RENT– Looking to rent farm land. Might consider crop share. Phone 746-4626, leave message. 15-18c

WANTED– pair or set of four 205-75R-14 all-season or good winter tires. Call 5397549 (Govan). 47ctf WANTED– pre-1968 Canadian and pre-1965 USA silver coins. Paying eight to twelve times face value. Sterling cutlery, teapots, etc. Also scrap batteries –$5.00 each, radiators, copper, brass, catalytic converters, etc. Call (306) 484-2061 or (306) 528-7514. 15-18c(3t)

TRAILER– Large utility trailer. Suitable for hauling bales or bulk products. 20 feet long, 8 feet wide. Heavy duty steel frame, with 2 x 10 wood decking and sides, tandem axles, heavy duty tires and ball hitch. Electric brake capable. Call 484-2246 to view or for more details. Asking $3,800. 45ctf(9ctf)

St. Patrick’s Supper – Sunday March 18, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Raymore School Gym. Sponsored by Raymore Sacred Heart Parish. 18c Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association 42nd Annual Banquet and Awards night will be held at Danceland at Manitou Beach on Saturday, March 31. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Awesome Taxidermy display, door prizes, silent auction and raffle prizes. Entertainment provided by Double Vision, Canada’s only identical twins magic show. Everyone welcome. Tickets are $35.00 and must be purchased prior to March 24. For tickets, call Ed Bergen at 363-2072. 17-18c

FOR SALE– 320 acres SW22 D and NW15 28 21 W2. PasUN FO ture andLahay land, fenced and t s in nta 155 acres alfalfa u cross fenced. o M imes T / mixed grass. Remainder native grass, water, mule and whitetail deer, beaver, muskrats, upland birds and waterfowl – cattle and hunter heaven. Ernie Oblander, Box 328, Semans, S0A 3S0, phone 5244923. Tenders by March 31, 2012. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. 15-18p(3t)

FOR RENT FOR RENT– Senior Social Housing and one three-bedroom Family Housing. Rent is based on income. For information, contact Nokomis Housing Authority, 528-2204. 3ctf HOUSE FOR RENT– Large 4 bedroom house for rent or sale in Drake. Available immediately. Call 363-2131 or 363-2072. 17-18c REAL ESTATE FOR SALE– 709 3rd Ave., Raymore – 1910 character home on 100x140 lot, four bedroom, main floor laundry, two car detached heated garage, large deck, new insulation, siding, windows in ’98. For more info call (306) 7462268. 17-20c(3t)

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY PERMANENT PART-TIME CASHIER/STOCK CLERK required for Strasbourg Co-op Assoc. Guaranteed 32 hrs./wk for an energetic, physically fit person with good customer service skills. Drop off resumes or mail to: Strasbourg Co-op, Box 460 Strasbourg, SK S0G 4V0. Phone 725-3034. 17-18c(3t) Bergen Industries– Employment Opportunities - blasters, welders, preppers: see page 10 for details. Call Al Bergen @ 306-363-2131. 18-19c


CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366).

KATCHEWAN E WORKERS ED. Carson Services, a diviof Flint Energy es is hiring trade ionals for various ons in tchewan. We competitive and benefits! e apply at or 866)-463-5468

Need your computer fixed? For quick & reliable service and great rates, give us a call! (Please leave a message) Jesse @ 484-2223 (Govan). 15ctf


OVERS! Enjoy a y, profitable as a professional iner. Government dited program nt loans and . Ben Kersen & Wonderdogs. wonderdogs.bc.c 0-961-6616.

RS WANTED: career opportunity nding growth ial to learn how ate rail defects. Experience d!! Extensive travel, meal ance, 4 weeks on & benefits ge. Skills Needed ity to travel 3 s at a time Valid se w/ air brake sement. High l Diploma or Apply at careers, keyword DO NOT FILL IN R STATE.

such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’ s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/ U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, sulfur, smell, manganese from well water. Since 1957. Phone 1-800-BIG IRON;



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A T T E N T I O N R E S I D E N T I A L SCHOOL SURVIVORS! If you received the CEP (Common Experience Payment), you may be eligible for further Cash Compensation. To see if you qualify, phone toll free 1-877-988-1145 now. Free service!


Westcan Feed & Grain 1-877-250-5252 Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS Wheat, barley, rye, triticale, feed pulses, spring threshed heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Western Commodities 877-695-6461

FINANCIAL SERVICES $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1877-776-1660.

Available at Govan Country Care Home, bed for one male occupant, plus male respite bed, Level 1 or 2. For more information call 484-4533. 18-21c(3t) COMPUTER SERVICE

Folio Line



THINKING OF SELLING FARMLAND? If you have farmland to sell in any part of Saskatchewan, I have buyers. NO COMMISSION FOR SELLERS. I have sold tens of thousands of acres of farmland in SK in 2011, and have buyers with cash for more. TO BE SURE, deal with a licensed, experienced, high success rate Farm Land Real Estate Professional. Contact me at; 306-530-8035 or Email

HARRY SHEPPARD SUTTON GROUP RESULTS REALTY Regina, SK Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties.


REALBUSINESS ESTATE OPPORTUNITY FOR SALE: 55 PLUS ACTIVE ADULT Living. Large Ground Level Townhomes. 306-2410123. www.diamond LAKE VIEW HOMES Vernon, BC. Convenient location in Okanagan Landing. Established neighborly landscaped community. Low maintenance quality built homes. Pool, Tennis, Picnic & Fitness Center. On Site Boat & RV Storage. Next to Beach, Boat Launch & Marina. Direct access to walkways & bike trails. Level entry & 2 storey homes available $429,000. Call Scott 2 5 0 . 5 5 8 . 4 7 9 5


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Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744

STEEL BUILDINGS BIG BUILDING SALE... “CLEARANCE SALE YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!” 20X26 $4995. 25X34 $6460. 30X44 $9640. 40X70 $17,945. 47X90 $22,600. One end included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

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New Polar Peak Lift. The most ski runs and vertical in the Canadian Rockies.

Operating in a fully integrated EPC environment or as a standalone general TENDERS AVAILABLE construction contractor, WorleyParsonsCord’s track record in oil and gas A HOME BACHELORETTE SOLD EXAMPLES FOR SALE BY TENDER: E? Cable TV or FOR SALE Bengough 22 1/4’s transmission, gas processing, petrochemicals, power generation and heavy 43, 5’7”, 131lbs, Under the provision of Speed Internet? Bethune - 2 1/4’s divorced, feminine, AUTOMOTIVE The Tax Enforcement n Help. Everyone Blaine Lake - 85 acres funny,and realistic and ADVANCE ENGINEFlight oil sectors is unrivaled. living may apply. Cupar programs - 5 1/4s Act out the allowance Rural ved. Call Today. compassionate.

852-1122 Protel nect.

Davidson - 6 1/4’s Elfross – 18 1/4’s Emerald – 22 1/4’s Eastend - 2 1/4’s Grenfell - 3 1/4’s Harwarden - 1 1/4’s Lestock - 5 1/4’s Lake Alma – 9 1/4’s Marcelin - 7 1/4’s Moose Jaw - 8 1/4’s Nokomis - 8 1/4’s Ogema - 36 1/4’s Prince Albert - 1 1/4’s Saskatoon - 2 1/4's Semans - 7 1/4’s Simpson - 10 acres Viscount - 3 1/4’s Wadena - 4 1/4’s Wakaw West - 41/4’s Watrous/Young 29 1/4’s Mobile Home Park Weyburn - 21 1/4’s

Takes care of herself, is loyal and dedicated. Enjoys all the finer things in life, music, travel, skiing, cooking and is the ideal home maker. Of Eastern European decent. Is seeking a man who is resourceful and wants a traditional lady in his life. Without love life is not meaningful.

Municipality of Prairie Rose No. 309 offers for sale the following property: Blk/Par A Plan No. 62H06273 Extension 0 As described on Certificate of Title 87H08481 (formally known as the Yellowhead Esso) Please visit for details.

WorleyParsonsCord is currently hiring for the following positions throughout Alberta: • Pipefitters KIMBERLEY SKI and VACATIONS • Rig Advertisements welders AMAZING SNOW!! statements contained ve the gift of herein are the sole Discover Canada’s • Welders Helpers warmth... responsibility of the best family ski resort, Matchmakers Select soft natural snow over BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY persons or entities that Temple 1888-916-2824 • IronpostWorkers a wide variety of the advertisement, Guaranteed service terrain. Beautiful Gardens and the Saskatchewan WANTED 11 yrs est 1000’s of mountain village with a GRANDE • PRAIRIE ift Cards Labourers Weekly Newspaper local genuine screened large selection of older well kept 44 unit, Association and singles, photos & ski-in/ski-out lodging. uy online at one storey motel. membership do not WANTED: Buying all profiles. Customized • Owned Crane Operators Booming again! memberships through wild fur coyotes etc, For great deals call make any warranty as 1-800-718-7727 screening process. 866-693-3764 since 1997. $3.2 to Antlers and old traps. Call DOUG the accuracy, • CWB Structural Welders and talk to our live 306-955-2266 Phone Bryon at 306and Rejuvenate.. million. Consider farm completeness, truthfulagents or visit EMAIL: tarts with warm etc. as trade. May ness or reliability of 278-2425 or Phil at • Construction Managers neral water... finance. 780-488-7870. 306-278-2299. • Project Managers • Construction Superintendents • Foreman • General Foreman • Safety Advisors


Construct your career with us! Apply online at or via email: Phone 1-855-483-2626.

FOR SALE– Why Pay More Elsewhere? “Everyday Low Price”. All major appliances selling at cost + $10. Watrous Furniture & Appliances, 9463542. 25ctf Foil-wrapped potatoes ready for you to bake. Choose the colour of foil you would like for your club, group, function or special occasion (wedding, birthday, Easter, etc.) Call Bernice to place your order 725-4486. 11,15,18p(3t) CONDOLENCES

Our deepest sympathy to the family and many friends of our beloved Riley Wagner who passed away suddenly on March 1, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today, tomorrow and always. Dennis and Linda (Grams) 18p Jarrett

Gary Wagner


For great deals call WorleyParsonsCord offers extensive experience in field construction, NEED CASH FAST? 866-693-3764 Online Land Auction: 2 GET A LOAN ANY and talk to our live module fabrication and Western Quarters R.M. of TIME YOU WANT! agents or visit Sell assembly in the energy industry across Hudson Bay, SK #394, or Pawn your Valuables LAND FOR SALE Canada. SE & NE 16 42 5 W2. Online Securely, From Bidding closes December 10. Harvey Balicki 306-922-6171, Lorne Campbell 306-921-9736. P.L. 915694




Discover 5 legendary Alpine Bowls, 29 feet of powder and a wide variety of ski-in/ski-out lodging.

DO-IT-YOURSELF STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR Make an offer! Ask about free delivery, most areas! Call for quick quote and free brochure - 1-800-6685111 ext. 170.

Bill Lewis and/or Sharon Crittenden will be available as a tax consultant at the following place and times: Town of Nokomis – at the R.M. of Wreford Office, commencing Thursday afternoon, March 1 and every Thursday afternoon thereafter until March 29, 2012. Please call 528-2202 for an appointment. 14,16,18,20p The person that hit the door at the Car Wash in Strasbourg on Saturday, February 26/2012 please come forward and report it to 725-7757 or 7254440 before March 20/2012, after this date the surveillance video will be turned over to the police. 18p

Taking offers for cash rental for 2012 crop year respecting NW-25-24-22-W2 (110 cultivated acres) and NW-14 -24-22-W2 (135 cultivated acres). Please submit an offer in writing to Pauline Duncan Bonneau, Q.C., Executor for the Estate of Ron Frizzell, 1580 - 2002 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0R7. Phone: (306) 569-1713.

Ph (306) 584-3640 Fax (306)-584-3643



Classified Ad Rates Classified Advertising Deadline: 12 Noon Thursday G.S.T. will be payable on all of the following charges.

Minimum Charge: $5.00 for 25 words or less. Additional words charged at 15 cents each. $2.00 invoicing fee applies if ad(s) cost is under $25. $10 fee for one-column photo in classified ad section. Display ads booked into the classified section will be charged at a 68 cents per agate line rate. Ads may be inserted for more than one issue, however there will be no refunds for cancelled ads. Classified rates also apply to obituaries, memorials, births, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions, greetings placed in the classified section. Event announcements placed in a community news section are referred to as “Reader Ads” and are charged at classified ad rates. GST is payable on classified ads. There will be a charge for articles or write-ups submitted more than 60 days after the event. Announcement ads placed outside the classified section: Obituaries, Memorials, Wedding and Anniversary write-ups: $3.10 per column inch, one inch minimum. (35 words equals approx. one column inch.) $22 minimum. Wedding, anniversary, special occasions, birthday greetings: $25 flat rate for a 2 col. by 4 inch ad. Photographs in ads: $10 for a one column photo, maximum 2 inches deep; $15 for a two column photo, maximum 3 inches deep.

will be in the

Strasbourg and Nokomis areas the week of March 19 For appointments call toll free

1-877-332-3322 or Marilyn Danielson ANSWER TO PUZZLE NO. 597

T NO BLE S OR rs/ orde over ken one

Birth Announcements: $9.

Piano Tuner


men line. unce ate er ag


GST is payable on announcement ads. Legal Notices: 68¢ per agate line.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS in advertising/orders/ information taken over the telephone The publisher reserves the right to revise, discontinue or omit any advertisement or to cancel any advertising contract, for reasons satisfactory to the Publisher without notice or without penalty to either party. All advertising subject to Publisher’s approval. Right reserved to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with Standards of Acceptability to the Publisher, to lighten or change type, borders or illustrations. The Publisher reserves the right to add the word ‘advertisement’ or the abbreviation ‘adv’ to any or all advertisements or to place the words ‘General Advertisement’ at the top of any display advertisement. The Publisher will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, misleading or offensive to its readers.

Last Mountain Times 528-2020 Nokomis 725-3030 Strasbourg Office Hours: 9 - Noon and 1 - 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday at Strasbourg and Nokomis Friday: 9 - Noon and 1 - 4 p.m. at Nokomis

NEWS drake

Dorothy Wolter • 363-2148

Condolences to the Caroll Prystupa families on the passing of Caroll on February 29 in Lanigan. Celebration of her life was held on March 8 from the Lanigan Town Hall. Condolences also to the families of Helen Funk who passed February 28th at the age of 92. Among the mourners are Henry and Ella Funk and family, once residents of Drake. Funeral service was held on March 2 from Mount Royal Mennonite Church and interment took place in Laird Cemetery. Helen was born at Laird. Over 100 people attended the 100th birthday celebration of Catherine Yauck in Central Parkland Lodge on February 29, the day of her birthday; Leap Year. March 3 the Watrous Winterhawks motored to Drake to play the Drake Canucks Novice team and after three periods the Winterhawks out played the Drake Canucks 13-7. Tristan Schickerowski was the Drake goalie while Easton Ediger of Watrous defended the Watrous net. Winning the 50/50 was D. Sundquist of Watrous. The second game on March 3 at 3:00 p.m. was the Drake Canucks Initiation and the Humboldt Bron-

cos doing battle. The Broncos managed to score 10 times while the Drake Canucks came up with six goals. Bauer Dumanski scored three times as did Tate Schmidt. The referee was Hadley Schmidt. Winning the pot of gold was Lisa Morningstar. At 8:00 p.m. March 3rd the Drake Canucks and Watrous Winterhawks met, which Drake won 6-1. Shots on goal were 60 to 31 for Drake. At 12:19 of the second period Rick Toman with Nick Kalnicki scored. At 14:10 Kyle Bergen scored with Brad Schroeder and Chad Bartel assisting. Scoring the first goal of the third period was Spencer Braaton with Nick Kalnicki and Matt Rintoul assisting. At 2:50 Danny Ewen

scored the fourth goal with Rick Toman assisting. At 15:07 Lane Manson scored and Patrick Ullyott assisting. Last to score for Drake at 18:15 was Spencer Braaten with Matt Rintoul assisting. In net for Watrous was Evan Reifferscheid and David Spooner for Drake. Winning over $300 was Craig Anderson of Watrous. Get well wishes, thinking of you and prayers for Wally (Lenora) Penner, Sam Bouphaphanh, Isabel Krieger, Helen Kornelsen, Ed (Leila) Kornelsen, Elizabeth Friesen, Anne Braun; all doctors, nurses, caregivers, folks in hospital, lodges, mourners of family and friends and anyone at home and just not feeling up to par. Back on February 24 the Redverse Midgets Rockets had businesses named on their sweaters like CIBC, Gordis Const., Murray’s Store, Hoff Motors, OK Tire and Auto, and more. All had numbers; unique.

NEWS lockwood Phone 528-2020

Nokomis United Church Men’s Annual Pancake Supper, Tuesday, March 13, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. in United

REPORT The 2011-2012 All Star ballot is out. The following players that have been nominated for MVP of League and local MVP of League: MVP nominations: Avonlea – Shay Neufeld; Bethune – Dustin McAngus; Cupar – Tyler Stewart; Lumsden – Lance Morrison; Raymore – Tyrell Shulko; Southey – Chad Mazurak; Strasbourg – Neil Kodman; Wynyard – Bryan Kauk. MVP local nominations: Avonlea – Calvin Watson; Bethune – Lucas Ulmer; Cupar – Justin Schulhauser; Lumsden – Jesse Matlock; Raymore – Tyrell Shulko; Southey – Travis Mohr; Strasbourg – Eric Schultz; Wynyard – Aaron Lindal. We’ll share the balance of the nominations over the next couple of updates. It has been obvious that we have had some challenges with our first round of playoffs and we apologize for that. On the evening of Friday, March 2, the Cupar Canucks were in Lumsden to try and finish their series. They were leading 2-1 after an overtime victory the previous Saturday

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

evening in Cupar. The game resulted in a 5-2 win for Lumsden. The fifth game was held in Cupar on Saturday, March 3, which ended with a 4-2 win for Lumsden, winning them the best of 5 series 3-2. The Raymore Rockets were at a 1-0 lead in their series with Wynyard with game two in Raymore on the evening of Friday, March 2 (resulting in a win for Wynyard) and game three on Saturday evening in Wynyard, which Raymore won. Also on Friday evening, the Avonlea Arrows swept the Southey Marlins in their series in Avonlea. The game resulted in a 7-2 win for Avonlea. The Strasbourg Maroons and Bethune Bulldogs didn’t play game three on Friday evening, but played game four on Saturday evening in Bethune, with Bethune winning 13-7. The Bulldogs defeated the Carlyle Cougars twice to advance to the semi-finals of Provincial ‘C’ and played in Kyle on Friday evening. No other games have been finalized in that series. It will be posted on our Provincial page on our website ( when we receive that

Church basement. There will also be a bake table. Everyone welcome. 17-18c

information. Scores and box scores will be posted on our website on the 2012 Playoff page. I will tweet all scores of all games as I receive the information which you can access from your computer, you do not have to have a twitter account to see the scores and if you do have a twitter account please follow GeraldT Gerry Tomkins HHL President


Bernauer Farms Ltd.

Leroy, SK • Tuesday, April 3, 2012 • 10 am


2– 1998 JOHN DEERE 9400

2009 JOHN DEERE 4895 36 FT

1 OF 2– 2011 BOURGAULT 5810 52 FT & 6550


From the West side of ST GREGOR, SK, go 20 km (12.5 miles) South on Hwy 667, then 4.8 km (3 miles) West, then 2.8 km (1.75 miles) South OR from LANIGAN, SK, go 15.9 km (9.9 miles) Southeast to ESK, SK, then 20 km (12.5 miles) North, then 4.8 km (3 miles) West, then 2.8 km (1.75 miles) South.


�- ���� John Deere ���� �WD • Versatile ��� �WD • John Deere ���� MFWD • John Deere ���� �WD • Massey Ferguson ���� �WD • �- ���� John Deere ����STS Combines • �- ���� Honey Bee SP�� �� Ft Draper Headers • ���� & ���� John Deere ���� �� Ft Swathers • Ford TL���� T/A Sleeper Truck Tractor • Freightliner FLD ��� T/A Sleeper • Peterbilt ��� Longnose T/A Sleeper Truck Tractor • Ford LN��� S/A Grain Truck • International R��� Grain Truck • �- ���� Ford F��� XLT Crew Cab �x� Pickup Truck • ���� Doepker �� Ft Tri/A Grain Trailer • Doepker �� Ft T/A Grain Trailer • Lode King �� Ft T/A Grain Trailer • Trailmobile �� Ft T/A Dry Van Trailer • �- ���� Bourgault ���� �� Ft Air Drill • �- ���� Bourgault ����ST TowBehind Air Tank • Bourgault Commander ���� �� Ft Cultivator • Kello-Bilt ��� �� Ft Breaking Disc • ���� Bourgault ���� �� Ft Heavy Harrows • Degelman �� Ft Heavy Harrows • ���� Schulte Jumbo ��� Conveyor Type Rock Picker • Schulte Jumbo ��� Conveyor Type Rock Picker • ���� & ���� John Deere ���� �� Ft High Clearance Sprayers... AND MUCH MORE!

For up-to-date equipment listings, please check our website:

Ron Bernauer: 306.365.4631 (h), FOR MORE 306.365.7354 (c) INFORMATION: Gerald Bernauer: 306.365.3125 (h) 306.365.7759 (c) Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager – Dan Steen: 306.361.6154 or 800.491.4494 18c&19-20c-c

on this day in history

March 13, 1914 W.O. Mitchell was born on this day at Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

-printed with permission from Highway Hockey League

LEADING PRODUCTS AND EXPERT ADVICE Viterra offers exceptional crop protection products to meet your every need. From our own exclusive VT Crop Protection line to other leading brands, you’ll find the right products for your unique situation. Our team of experts ensure that you’ll get the valued advice you need to protect your crop investment. For proven products and trusted advice, visit your local Viterra ag retail today. • Protects against the most serious early season diseases in wheat, barley and oats. Protects the seed as soon as it is treated. • Raxil MD offers outstanding control of seed and soil borne diseases with easy application. • Has extremely low viscosity allowing it to be applied in cooler temperatures without becoming too thick.

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• A NEW water-based seed treatment. • Specifically designed to protect cereals against wireworm damage. • Co-packing with StressShield™ provides a convenient defence against yield losses in wheat, barley, and oats caused by wireworms as well as, seed and soil borne diseases.


Strasbourg Ag Retail - 306.725.3200

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

S D Business & Professional


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R. Lamont, C.A. R. Frape, C.A. 106 Ave. B East — Wynyard Phone: 554-2324

LEWIS AGENCIES LTD. • INCOME TAX • • ACCOUNTING • William E. (Bill) Lewis B. Comm., C.G.A. Box 239, Imperial S0G 2J0

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Dr. Michele Ackerman Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Trenching, Demolition, Land Clearing

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Earl, Marianne, Al and Dave Phone: 528-2007 P.O. Box 337 Nokomis SK S0G 3R0



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...This Space Available! Call for details.

Glen Hart, M.L.A.

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Legislative Office 203 Legislative Building Regina, SK S4S 0B3 Tel: (306) 787-4300 Fax: (306) 787-3174 Toll Free: 1-877-723-4488

Fax (306) 946-3883 Toll Free 1-888-239-1658

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Watrous, Sask.

Last Mountain–Touchwood OPTOMETRIST


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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

RCMP report


Beth Anderson • 524-4914

Classmates of Jessie (Kippan) Landon and friends of the Kippan family will be sorry to hear of her passing recently in Chase, BC. Mr. Kippan owned the Kippan Garage beside the Adanac Hotel in Semans, and was very active in community sports, especially curling. His sons Lloyd and Clare will killed in World War II and the family later moved to Vancouver. Jessie was married to Grant Landon, formerly of Semans. -submitted by Ida Waylett _____________________ Looking for some extra copies of this week’s newspaper? Pick some up at the Co-op grocery store!

From our Dear Mr. Degenstien, I do wish Semans and some of the other towns would send in more news – it’s there, just not sent in. So many changes since I left Semans, and I know very few there now. It was a wonderful town to grow up in, and (as my title which was chosen for the 1982 Historical Society book says) it will be “Always a Hometown”. Thank you very much, and good luck with the Times! Ida Waylett 304 – 2623 Richmond Ave

R.M. of Mount Hope No. 279

will be held in the Semans Gym on Wed., April 4, 2012 commencing at 5:30 p.m. SARM President, Dave Marit as well as Vice President, Ray Orb will be in attendance to recognize the 40 years of service of our Past Administrator and Assistant, Jim and Sandra Down. Tickets are $10.00 and available from the R.M. Office and Semans Credit Union.



Nokomis break in Police are still investigating a break in that occurred in Nokomis in the early morning hours of Thursday, March 1. The Nokomis Recreation Centre was broken into by persons unknown. The extent of damage or loss has not been released. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Watrous Detachment of the RCMP. Vehicle hit and run The Southey R.C.M.P. is looking for the public’s assistance in solving a crime that occurred on Monday, March 5 at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Highway 22 at Markinch. A van was turning right off of Highway 22 and was passed on the right by a black newer model SUV. The SUV

sideswiped the van and entered the ditch, drove for a distance, and then was able to get back on the highway and continue east. The van suffered damage to the passenger side, and the black newer model SUV sustained damage to the driver’s side. If anyone knows the owner, or driver of the black SUV, please contact the Southey/ Strasbourg RCMP or your local police service. Missing teen Yorkton Municipal RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing 15 year old girl. Senacca Reyes was last seen in Yorkton on February 29 at the Yorkton Regional High School. She is described as approximately five feet two inches tall and weighs 100 pounds. She has black shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. Yorkton Municipal RCMP have received reports that Reyes could be in Regina, but

that has not been confirmed and they have been unable to locate her. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Senacca Reyes is asked to contact the Yorkton City RCMP at 306786-2400, or the Regina Police Service. Highway fatality near Whitewood On March 4, at 6:30 pm members of the Moosomin RCMP Detachment responded to a single vehicle rollover, 6 kms east of Whitewood on the #1 Highway.A

1995 green Dodge Caravan was found in the ditch. The van was Westbound #1 Hwy with 5 male occupants when it is unknown as to how they ended up in the ditch. The van had also struck a power pole during the roll over. Whitewood and Moosomin EMS attended the scene. Road conditions were good at the time of the accident and traffic flow through the area is normal. One 26 yr old male passenger, Brendan Phillips of Regina is confirmed deceased, and the injuries of the other 4 occupants is not known at this time.

NEWS raymore Barb Sentes • 746-4382

See the March 13 issue of The Market Connection (page 14) for news on the Raymore

Seniors Girls Curling team who recently won Silver at Provincials in Weyburn.

Changes in fuel distribution services Midwest Agro, the longtime Esso fuels distributor in southwest and east central Saskatchewan has consolidated its services into five locations in southwest Saskatchewan after major changes took place in the distribution of Imperial Oil’s agricultural fuels over the past ten months. Up until July, 2011, Midwest Agro had operated Esso fuel distribution bulk stations out of 14 locations in Saskatchewan for 29 years under the management of David Jessiman at Midwest Agro’s head office in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan. Last spring the Esso fuel distribution was assumed by a new operator, Wigmore Petroleum, a division of Wigmore Crop Production Products based near Grand Coulee, Saskatchewan. The Raymore location changed over in July, 2011. After Wigmore ramped up their fuel distribution business over the fall months in 2011, in mid-December Viterra and Imperial Oil came to an agreement whereby Viterra would take over as Imperial Oil’s Esso commercial and farm fuel representative on the prairies. Viterra acquired the bulk fuel assets, and entered into a long-term agreement to serve as a branded reseller, hauler and cardlock operator of Esso fuels throughout parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. Viterra already operated an extensive network of full-service agri-business outlets throughout western Canada, and the Imperial Oil assets were strategically located within Viterra’s prairies service areas. “Fuel is a natural extension to Viterra’s service offerings and business model. Viterra can now

provide this essential product line to our customers and bundle it with financing options to assist growers with their seasonal cash flow needs,” said Viterra spokesman Doug Wonnacott in a prepared news release last November 8. “The agreement

was signed following a selection process by Imperial Oil and successful due diligence conducted by Viterra.” These changes have had a local impact, where the Midwest Agro office in Raymore is now closed. However the Esso bulk

station is still open in Raymore, with the administrative duties being handled out of Viterra’s office at Booth Siding. Three of the five former Midwest Agro employees in Raymore have found work with the new operator of the fuel service.

Great Opportunity at SCE! Immediate opening for

PARTS COUNTERPERSON Southey Location We are the largest John Deere parts organization in Saskatchewan, with 8 locations in our dealership network. This is your opportunity to be a part of the growth and establish an exciting, stable career with competitive wage structure, excellent benefits, and career path potential, backed by the best support in the industry ...all while enjoying the quality of life that comes with living in Southey! We are looking for someone who: - is self motivated, and driven to serve customers needs - is knowledgeable in the area of farming and has basic computer skills - would enjoy working in a positive “SCE” team environment Agricultural parts retail experience would be a definite asset. If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, please reply in writing or e-mail to: South Country Equipment Attention: Drew Watson Box 129, Southey, Sk. S0G 4P0

D&R Accounting Personal & Corporate Tax Farm Planning and AgriStability Applications Bookkeeping Small Business Consulting


Riach Financial Financial Planning RRSP – RRIF – RESP – TFSA – RDSP – Pension Insurance

Office hours will commence: Nokomis Monday, March 5th and every Monday, 2 to 5 until March 26th Nokomis Legion Hall


Wednesday, March 14th and 28th only from 1 to 3 Semans Recreation Centre

For an appointment, please call 528.4621 or 866.528.2032



Bill Riach |

tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

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Sports news & commentary Pee Wee Maroons on to Provincial C Final Nokomis Novice Chiefs second win of season at Raymore – March 3

The Strasbourg Maroons Pee Wee Hockey Team have led a successful quest for a provincial title! On February 23 the Peewee Maroons went to Carnduff and lost 5-4. However, when Carnduff came back to Strasbourg on February 26, the Maroons won that game 8-4, therefore winning the two game, total goal series. In the next round, Strasbourg played Gull Lake in Strasbourg on March 4. They won this game 14-3, and traveled to Gull Lake for the second game on March 8 which they also won 10-5. Next they go on to play the winners of the Spiritwood/Wynyard match up for the Provincial C Pee Wee Championship. Most of the Strasbourg Pee Wee Maroons are pictured here. One of the missing players was Dallas Gotch, who is recovering from surgery. However, his teammates are thinking of him as they hold up his jersey.

Leedahl Top D-man of the year Kurt Leedahl of the Nokomis Chiefs senior hockey team has been awarded Top D-Man of the year in the Long Lake Hockey League. Congrats Kurt! -photo submitted by Adam Hendry

Photos by Keith Braun.

UPCOMING SPORTS EVENTS Phone 528-2020 • 725-3030

NOTICE Along with placing ‘reader ads’ under town news headers, we now offer the option to also place your ‘reader ad’ on the Sports Page to promote your upcoming sporting events. If you already have the same reader ad in either the community news section and/or the classifieds, you can place the same reader ad on the sports page at a 20 per cent discount.

Mickelson’s career one of the best ever Is it possible a golfer could be rated among the Top 10 of all time even though he has never been ranked No. 1 in the world at any time in his career? That’s the question surrounding Phil Mickelson, the sweet-swinging American lefty with the maddening habit of crashing and burning at the most inopportune times but who, in 2012 at the age 41, is showing signs of having one of his best years ever. Mickelson, of course, has been Tiger Woods’ foil for the past 15 years on the PGA Tour. While Woods cemented his status as either 1 or 1A alltime with 71 victories (and 14 majors) in his first 14 years on tour, Mickelson had to be satisfied with good, but not great. Lately, though, it’s like the two have changed places. There’s Phil, standing on the podium, holding a trophy, kissing his wife and hugging his kids. And there’s the recently

divorced and publicly humiliated Tiger – despite the occasional flash of brilliance – shooting a lot of 75s, putting like he’s using a rusted tie rod from a ‘78 Buick, and wondering not whether he’ll ascend to the throne occupied by Jack Nicklaus as the best of all time, not whether he’ll win a major this year, but whether he has what it takes to win a tournament – any tournament – again. Mickelson, slated for induction in the World Golf Hall of Fame this year, had a great California run in February, winning the Pebble Beach Pro-Am by crushing Woods on the final day (64 to 75) and losing in a playoff the following week at Los Angeles. He will definitely be one of the favourites at next month’s Masters, the first major of 2012 and at a golf course, Augusta National, where he has won three of his four majors and missed the top 10 only twice since 2000. Meanwhile, we return to the question: Can Mickelson pos-

sibly be ranked among the top 10 greatest golfers of all time despite not being the top golfer of his era? The answer is yes, and here – to give you and your friends something to debate over a beverage after golf’s opening day this spring – are the rankings from someone who is not necessarily a Mickelson fan but who appreciates skill and flair that the Californian lefthander definitely possesses: 1. Jack Nicklaus, until he is dethroned in the ‘majors’ category, if ever; 2. Tiger Woods; 3. Ben Hogan; 4. Sam Snead; 5. Bobby Jones; 6. Byron Nelson; 7. Arnold Palmer; 8. Phil Mickelson; 9. Walter Hagen; 10. Tom Watson. I know, that leaves out the likes of Faldo, Sarazen, Player, Trevino and Ballesteros, so let the arguments begin. • Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: “I wonder if sports photographers ever go to psychologists to improve their

For all your collision repairs, glass repairs and replacements, contact

LORNE’S Collision Center


Raymore. SGI Accredited.

Now doing Light Mechanical

Call Lorne Huber at 746-5800 or 746-5805.

Open Monday thru Friday.

from the sidelines focus.” • Phil Taylor of Sports Illustrated, on NBA star Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace: “The forward formerly known as Artest hasn’t inspired any countries to lay down their weapons just yet.” • Comedy writer Jim Barach: ”Hal Steinbrenner says he is going to cut the Yankees’ payroll to $189 million a year. That way the whole team’s salary can be covered through hot dog and beer sales at home games.” • Barach again: “Hank Haney says in his book that Tiger Woods was interested in at some point joining the Navy SEALs. Although when it came to women he had the appetite of a shark and the hands of an octopus.” • R.J. Currie of sportsdeke. com: “Reports out of Edmonton say NHL bench boss Tom Renney is still suffering from headaches. No, not from the concussion, from coaching the Oilers.” • Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “Former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob tossed a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches – 19 feet longer than the recognized world record – inside a hangar

at McClellan Air Force Base in northern California. Updated Ayoob scouting report: ‘Still has an excellent arm, at least on paper.’ ” • Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, on the overemphasis on 40-yard sprint times for NFL quarterback prospects: “Peyton Manning and Tom Brady can’t outrun the cast of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ and they’ve done pretty well for themselves.” • Carl Steward of the Oakland Tribune, on word that Manny Ramirez will wear uniform No. 1 with the A’s this season: “Somewhere, Billy Martin is punching the lid of a box.” • Headline at SportsPickle. com: “Ryan Braun feeling lucky enough to enter 2012 Tour de France.” • A tweet from’s Steve Rushin: “MLB’s 10-team playoff format doesn’t go far enough. Let fans vote online for which two teams play in the World Series.” • Ostler again, with a spring training questionnaire for ball players: Which of the following would you like to see banned from the clubhouse? (a) Beer;

by Bruce Penton (b). Beer, until “happy hour” (the fifth inning); (c) The media; (d) The manager; (e) PEDsniffing dogs. • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: Can you believe a silent movie actually won the Oscar? What next – the 1910 Hudson Roadster winning the Daytona 500? • CBS’s David Letterman, the reason behind actress Reese Witherspoon’s visit to the Bronx Bombers’ springtraining camp: “The Yankees are taking a look at her as a possible Alex Rodriguez girlfriend.” Care to comment? Email: Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are those of the writer

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tuesday, march 13, 2012 • last mountain times

What do cows, running horses and Vincent Van Gogh have in common? Canada Post issued three stamps last week in the ongoing Art Canada series, celebrating the work of contemporary Saskatchewan sculptor Joe Fafard. The stamp designs showcase the rich diversity of subject matter, approach and choice of media Mr. Fafard has explored throughout his career. Throughout his career, Joe Fafard has fashioned many sculptures of animals, with an emphasis on cows and bulls. The domestic stamp features one of Mr. Fafard’s popular bovine sculptures, a work cast in bronze called Smoothly She Shifted. The U.S. stamp in this year’s Art Canada issue features Dear Vincent, a painted earthenware sculpture depicting Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. The sculpture presents the painter, palette in one hand, lit candle in the other, painted in colours Van Gogh often used in his paintings. The international stamp showcases a sculpture called Capillery, depicting three horses laser-cut from steel and bronze. A horse is also featured on the First Day Cover for the Art Canada Issue, this time in the form of a detailed charcoal drawing called Fancy. These stamps are not the first time Joe Fafard has had a con-

The Truth Behind “In Like a Lion out Like a Lamb”

nection to the post office. His father, Leopold Victor Fafard, was the Postmaster for the small town prairie post office of Ste. Marthe-Rocanville, Saskatchewan. As a means of honouring both Fafards, Canada Post has chosen Ste. Marthe-Rocanville as the honourary cancellation site of the issue’s Official First Day Cover.

Is there any truth to this saying??? Weather sayings are as colorful as our imagination. While many sayings are based on careful observations and turn out to be accurate, others are merely rhymes or beliefs of the people who came before us. Those people often believed that bad spirits could affect the weather adversely, so they were cautious as to what they did or did not do in certain situations. Those beliefs often included ideas that there should be a balance in weather and life. So, if a month came in bad (like a lion), it should go out good and calm (like a lamb). With March being such a changeable month, in which we can see warm spring-like temperatures or late-season snowstorms, you can understand how this saying might hold true in some instances. We can only hope that if March starts off cold and stormy it will end warm and sunny, but the key word is hope. However, this saying seems be to more of a rhyme rather than a true weather predictor. Some other March related lore includes: •A dry March and a wet May? Fill barns and bays with corn and hay. • As it rains in March so it rains in June. March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers. Source: Sandi Duncan Managing Editor of the Farmers’ Almanac


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Overheard at the coffee shop Yeah..he used to have hair too, ya know!

I hear it‛s the LMT editor‛s birthday this week...


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Clubroot Resistance

46S53 Built-in Resistance to Sclerotinia

45S52 Built-in Resistance to Sclerotinia

“ brother won $50,000 in the lottery. He figures he‛ll almost break even after buying tickets since 1975...” NEW 2012 JOURNEY CVP – 2.4L, rated @ 38mpg $20,670 plus taxes: 48m @ 4.99% = $523.51/m. 60m @ 4.99% = $428.97/m.

45H31 New RR with Same Yield as 45H29

72m @ 4.99% = $366.07/m. 84m @ 4.99% = 321.26/m. 96m @ 4.99% = 287.74/m.

ESaS..d.e Ea s y! YOUR BUSINM

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Lynn Sonmor, Sales Manager (Regina) email: | ph: 306.775.1547 | fax: 306.775.1257

to Date! Financing available on all canola and corn seed at prime % interest rate.

Hanmer Seeds Ltd. (306) 484-2261 Govan, SK


A dve rt is in g

46H75 Highest Yielding CL

(3 t

View our inventory online at




On Highway 20 in Nokomis. Call 528-2171


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