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Volume 1, Issue 5 March 7, 2009

Gavin’s Goodbye Greetings LAMISSTENN! It has been a pleasure serving you this 2008-2009 Circle K Year! I will miss traveling on your behalf, but I have many wonderful memories of this year. While I have enjoyed serving our communities, I must say what I have enjoyed most is simply getting to know each of you and coming to value your friendship. As I am ready to retire as your governor, I am also coming to grips with the reality of leaving office. I have been a member of the District Board for the past two years, and I cannot

Inside this issue:

recall a time during my membership in this organization in which I have not served my home club of Louisiana State University or the members of this District. So now what do I do? Well, you will see!

Success in the Big Bayou


A Year in Review


What is Love?


I know that the members you elect to serve you as the 2009-2010 District Board will do a great job. Hope you enjoy this 50th Annual LouisianaMississippi-West Tennessee District Convention!

An Editor’s Note


Gavin Robert

Yours in Service & Friendship,


Gavin T. Robert 2008-2009 District Governor Special points of interest:  Listen to your district

Don’t forget to keep in touch!!! Hey Guys!!! As our year wanes to an end, make sure that you keep in touch with your club members and the new friends you’ve made this weekend. We want to build relationships that will last throughout the summer and the years to come! Keep in touch with your Kiwanians and Key Club correspondents too!!!

board reflect on their year!  Get some reminders

about important events and opportunities available to you as the board changes over!

Inside the Circle

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Name this Sitcom??? Win a prize!!! Thank you for being a friend, Travel down a road and back again, Your heart is true, You’re a pal and a confidante, THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND!!!! Send me your guess via email, and the first correct submission gets a prize!!!

A New Voice Message from your CKI District Administrator: Springtime is upon us. The season for new growth is an excellent time to begin our new growth for Circle K International (CKI) . I first began my involvement with KI as a Key Clubber & then a CKI member on the TX/OK district. I actively participated with CKI at Delgado Community College, Southern Nazarene University and LA Tech University. As I was completing my master’s degree at LA Tech, I joined the Ruston Kiwanis Club. I have been the Ruston Club’s representative for our local Key Club for over 4 years and for our Circle K Club for 10 years. I am currently Div 18’s Lt Gov and your upcoming LaMissTenn CKI Administrator. I am looking forward to actively working with you to accomplish the following goals for the upcoming year:

Increase you clubs activities A district project that represents the International level of CKI Your own service projects to serve the community The local Kiwanis Club’s projects to serve the community Increase our district membership Request resources and assistance Support and encourage divisions with local projects Be involved

Increased Communication (to better serve our Grow your club communities) Start new clubs Communication between the CKI district council and the District Administrator and StaffI encourage our club presidents and members to Communication between your CKI Clubs and attend the CKI Convention in Natchez, Mississippi. I your local Kiwanis Club am looking forward to working together to serve our communities. Communication between your members within Kari Quinnelly your clubs

Success in the Big Bayou Greetings LaMissTenn!!! The CKI’ers of LSU hope you are having a great time at DCON and that your school year was filled great accomplishments. Our club has done ranging projects this year from building at Habitat for Humanity to making art crafts with homeless children. Before I write more about CKI at LSU, here’s a little background of our club: LSU CKI has served LSU and the Baton Rouge community for almost 50 years. We were charted in 1959 and have been serving ever since. Our LSU chapter has worked with many CKI partners such as UNICEF, and March of Dimes, as well as local Baton Rouge organizations like Boys Hope Girls Hope, Greater BR Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul and affiliates, and many others. Although we have become closer to those organizations and the people we serve, our club needs to reflect on the club itself. Like many other clubs in the LaMissTenn district, LSU has undergone decreases in membership and participation in service projects and attendance at CKI activities. Our club at one point had over 100 members back in the 90’s!! The qualities of CKI that made those students join are still here, we just need to advertise it. I believe that our newly elected Executive Club Board has so much promise to accomplish their goals in recruiting new members and creating a great platform in which they will base their administrative year. When talking about recruiting after our elections one of our board members-elect said “10 new members? No, we are going to recruit 250 new members!”. That is the kind of enthusiastic attitude we all should promote! We are looking forward to the 2009-2010 executive year with CKI, by creating new and lasting relationships with our members, potential new members, and the Kiwanis Family! Along with the rest of LSU CKI, have a great weekend! Remember, “Live to Serve, Love to Serve!” Claudia “Gabby” Valbuena LSU CKI President

Volume 1, Issue 5

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A Year in Review I am very pleased with the amount of service that our club has completed this year. While membership retention is still an ever present concern considering the actual number of active members in the club, I can say that our club still has taken up the slack on the service front in comparison to the past two years. I am also glad that we have made efforts in contacting and meeting with our sponsoring Kiwanis Club, though they have not been as communicative with us as we have with them. In addition, while I have exceeded my personal goal of completing one hundred community service hours, I am still disappointed in my unsuccessful efforts to charter three clubs for my our division. Our prospects, Holmes Community College, Mississippi College, and Copiah-Lincoln Community College seemed very promising, and they still do as the potential members do want to be a

part of Circle K International. The only problem is they do not want to pay the money for a chartering fee. I am still going to continue to try to speak with Mr. Ron Ainsworth about ways in which he might be able to help with the chartering fees for one or maybe even two of the potential clubs. As for what I would like to see the next district board accomplish, I believe the main issue that needs to be improved is communication. I had mentioned the idea of biweekly conference calls or online chats for the district board and for any other of the district members who may want to chime in. I feel that this improvement will allow the district board members as a whole to cooperate with each other more effectively. The chats will also give board members an incentive to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion before they have to report them in the next call or chat. Secondly, I believe that through this

increased frequency of semi-formal meetings, the lieutenant governors especially can be assigned a certain number of colleges to work towards chartering as well as a schedule to follow in order to charter them successfully. And the best aspect of the system would be that all of the board members could help each other out when they needed help. I also think that by giving the district members a chance to speak during the chats, they will be able to have a greater voice in the decision-making processes of the board, and the board members will have more opportunities to listen to the needs and concerns of their constituents. Thanks, Edgar R. Meyer Delta Central Division Lieutenant Governor

What is Love? I love CKI! Yes, it’s true. This year has been fantastic in so many ways. The clubs have done such a wonderful job with recruitment and service and Kiwanis relations, and I am super proud of everyone. I know that it has not been easy, and there were a lot of times when you just wanted to give up; I promise that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Every little bit that we do to help our clubs is one step toward changing the world. Every new person that comes to check out

a meeting could be the key to saving someone’s life. I think you all have done a great job of harnessing your strengths and improving this organization, even if only a little bit. I will admit that there have been a few battles this year, but all in all I think it was pretty successful, and it was DEFINITELY a lot of fun. Between dressing up like Indiana Jones at TIOGA, becoming a member of SHADYNASTY at Y’all, and now celebrating our 50TH D-CON (AMAZING!!), I have had the

time of my life! Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this wonderful year, and special thanks to Kayla who has worked so super hard to make our District Convention as amazing as it should be!!

Edgar Meyer Delta Central LTG

ICON and LSSP are in Birmingham, AL this year at the beginning of August! I hope all of you are ready to make the journey to an amazing ICON!!!

Please contact the new district board with ideas and comments! Let your voice be heard!

This year’s gonna be hard to top, but I can’t wait for the next one! I love you all! Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG

Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG

Circle K International


Hanna Olivier P.O. Box 151050 Millsaps College 1701 N. State Street Jackson, MS 39210 Phone: (337) 501-2247 Email: or

Live to serve, love to serve.

We’re on the web!!!

An Editor’s Note Hey Everybody!!! I am so sad to say that this is my last bulletin! I really hope all of you have enjoyed this year’s publications and have great suggestions for the new editor that is coming in. I have learned so much from you guys and the district board! This experience is definitely one that I will remember forever. All the travels this year have expanded my mind and shown me what Circle K means different people. It is so great that each of us can take some-

thing completely different from this organization, but come together to help others. I encourage all of you to stay as involved as possible in this amazing organization!!! You will only get out what you put into it! Live to serve, love to serve!!! We are all capable of making this world a better place!!! Yours in service,

Hanna Olivier

Hanna Olivier

Bulletin Editor

Bulletin Editor La-Miss-Tenn District

DON’T FORGET: We are raising money for an AED to put in one of YOUR local schools!!! So get out there and raise some money!!! And just remember...someone is going to get to cut the board’s hair!!!


Governor Success in the Big Bayou Gavin Robert  Get some reminders about important events and opportunities avail- able to you as the board...

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