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Circle K International

Volume 1, Issue 1

13 June 2008

Governor Gavin’s Remarks Greetings LAMISSTENN!!! It’s me Gavin! It seems to be that time of year again when I address you all. I guess I can’t be my “normal” self either. For a heads up, your District Board has been up to quite a bit since April 1. We have been enjoying every moment serving you so far and are looking forward to the future. Listed below are a few of the goals that we have been worked towards: 2008-2009 Primary District Goals 1) Focus on retaining our current membership by better educating members about CKI and the Kiwanis Family through a more in-depth Membership Development & Education program. 2) Increase leadership abilities by implementing more club officer training. 3) Increase district membership

by 21% and build five new clubs. 4) To have 40% of our membership attending district events. Something that we are very proud of this year is the new District Service Initiative. It is called PROJECT PLAY – Parks (and Playgrounds) Lead to Active Youth. The initiative focuses on giving children a safe place to keep up their health, and parks and playgrounds are the perfect place for children to exercise as well as entertain themselves. With this initiative, we will be building and re-building parks as well as promoting healthy activity. More information on this initiative will be coming to you soon!

just to this initiative! Please take a look at it: As of February 2008, the entire organization has raised $5,063.73. Well, I think I will save the rest of my thoughts for you guys at Summer Rally. I hope to see everyone this weekend. -Gavin T. Robert Louisiana State University District Governor

Also, we are still engaged in the Saving Lives: The Six Cents Initiative for CKI. International has a new website dedicated

As Secretary/Treasurer it is my job to type up incredibly fantastic board minutes and to approve reimbursement forms. It's quite

exciting work. No, I am not being sarcastic at all. Well, maybe slightly. However, this year, I am going to try and make my job more than just the standard paperwork. I want to help the members of LaMissTenn take the district to where it’s never been before. Presently the District Board is examining the concept of an annual large scale District Service Project, similar to LSSP right before ICON. It’s an exciting idea that has potential to really have a lasting impact across our

What’s in Store for Sum- 2 mer Rally Weekend? Representing the Magnolia State


Developing a Recruitment Campaign


Are You Ready for the Fall?


From An International Desk


A Deeper Look into Cajun Country


What Up Kiwanis Family?


Gavin Robert Governor

Summer’s Greetings as New Excitement Rallies Greetings everyone! Summer has arrived and we are all joyfully gathered in the wonderful and fantastic Hammond, Louisiana. How exciting! Well, I hope you are somewhat excited like I am. Anyway, this weekend is time for us to have some fun and look forward to the coming year and to think about where we want to go as an organization.

Inside this Issue:

district. Anyway, I wish everyone a fun and exciting weekend. Catch up with long lost friends and relax a bit. I certainly will during the board meeting. Have fun!! -Justin Quarles University of New Orleans District Secretary/Treasurer

Justin Quarles Secretary/Treasurer

Special points of interest:  Check out the recruitment

points in store for you!  See what one of the district’s leaving members has to say about her time in the historic LaMissTenn district!

Inside the Circle

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What’s in Store for Summer Rally Weekend?

Kayla Dowling Conventions Programs Coordinator

“For me, my Circle K experience started as a way to learn more about my new city and give back. I stayed because of the fellowship.” -Corinne Woodward

Corinne Woodward Immediate-Past Tulane President

As you may know, Southeastern Louisiana University is the host of this year’s Summer Rally that will be located in the City of Hammond, Louisiana. With the success of last year’s Summer Rally hosted at Northwestern University, this year’s committee worked hard to make it even more successful from the previous year as well as unique with the theme “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

an activity on Saturday during Summer Rally to go along with other activities organized at TADAC with the week’s theme “Going Green” for Summer Rally. The publicized Circle K event on Saturday will have activities such as “Green Trivia” and “How to make a Green Kite”. These activities will educate children about the environment. Southeastern Circle K volunteers worked The theme was inspired by a with TADAC at various events throughout the year, so areexservice project Circle K is invited to do with the Tangipahoa cited to share one of our comAlcohol and Drug Abuse Coun- munity projects with other cil in Hammond. Circle K was schools. given the opportunity to have Besides the “Going Green”

service project, Saturday will also be bringing back the “Mock house of delegates” with Roxie James as well as hosting informational sessions on Southeastern’s campus to get members ready for the fall. Friday night’s activities will continue along these lines with the game “Fill the water glass” that focuses on the Service Initiative “Saving Lives: The Six Cents Initiative with UNICEF.” We are excited to see everyone at Summer Rally 2008! -Kayla Dowling Southeastern Louisiana University Convention Programs Coordinator

A Most Memorable Farewell Circle K was definitely one of the best things during my time in college. It was a great outlet to meet new people, an opportunity to learn about and give back to the community, and develop myself into a leader. CKI gave me the chance to get outside the Tulane bubble and travel around our district and meet the rest of LaMissTenn. I know that not too many people from Tulane can say they’ve been to Tioga, LA! LSSP and ICON are definitely highlights over the past years. I enjoyed meeting so many new people. Where else can you add 30 new Facebook friends in one week? I really did see the three prongs of CKI within my 4 years: service, leadership, and fellowship. For me, my Circle K experience

started as a way to learn more about my new city and give back. I stayed because of the fellowship. I felt so welcome so quickly into this family. After a year I felt I was ready to help lead my club, which I continued to do for 2 more years. I had great role models to guide and support me. It has been fun watching everyone grow with me over the past years! I’m so proud and honored to have been part of the great and historic LaMissTenn District! -Corinne Woodward Tulane University

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Representing the Magnolia State Hi, my name is Edgar Meyer, and I have been recently elected as the lieutenant governor of the Delta Central Division of the Louisianna-Mississippi-West Tennessee District of Circle K International. It is my pleasure to serve a second term as a representative not only for the other members of my division but also for all other members of this great organization. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year. I intend to spearhead a more intense recruitment campaign here at Millsaps College in September, and I am anxious to see the excellent work of my current fellow members in their efforts to encourage new students to join Circle K. I also intend to focus much of my energy on membership retention as well as membership involvement. The

“Get ready to meet a

ton of other people from all over the country, and sometimes even Jamaica.” -Alisha Morris

Alisha Morris Gulf Coast LTG

members of my club's executive board this year and I have already discussed allocating chair positions to members who currently do not hold an office as a way to incite the spirit of involvement within them and, thus motivate them to commit more time and effort to service and leadership.

As for other goals, I would like to see our club do at least one service project each week and at least one large service project each month. Our club’s committee chair appointments will help facilitate the achievement of this goal.

Furthermore, I hope to form at least two new clubs this year in the state of Mississippi, if not in my own district. I am still working on forming a potential club at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. I will also be looking into forming other clubs at our neighboring colleges such as Belhaven College and Mississippi College. Gavin has recently informed me of an interested student at Alcorn State University in northern Mississippi, so I will be turning my attention in that direction as well.

Yours in service,

Don’t forget to register for ICON! Money and forms are due by July 1st!!

Once again, it is a pleasure and a privilege to serve all of you on the district board this year, and I look forward to seeing many of you at ICON in August. Thank you.

Edgar R. Meyer Lieutenant Governor, Delta Central Division

Edgar Meyer Delta Central LTG

Countdown to International Convention By the time most of us receive this at Summer Rally it will be less than two months away, actually right at about seven weeks so that major packing won’t begin for another few weeks at least, but there are other ways to get excited about ICON. Start practicing using the stairs because every year for the past three that I have gone, stairs are the number one way to get between floors. Start saving, you will be eating out a lot. The majority of your meals will be fast food or from a mall. Pick one thing you want to see in Denver, because if you have any time it will be minimal at best. If you have one thing in mind before you go you do not

waste that time trying to decide during you free time. Get ready to meet a ton of other people from all over the country, and sometimes even Jamaica. While some of this doesn’t sound like fun, these are the things later to look back and laugh at. ICON is a great place to meet others from the sub-region and other districts and to gather ideas for more projects. So get ready for four long, activity packed days with some of the craziest people you’ll meet. -Alisha Morris University of New Orleans Gulf Coast Lieutenant Governor

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Inside the Circle Developing a Recruitment Campaign By: Lauren Call When setting forth your strategy for your club’s new member recruitment campaign there are many things to consider. You need to know what exactly the rules are for your campus. I’m sure that the office that handles student organizations on your campus can tell you exactly what you can and cannot do as far as recruitment. Below I have listed a variety of creative and steadfast ways on recruitment that have worked on many of college campus.

Lauren Call Gulf Coast Zone Advisor

Here are some helpful hints from current and past Circle K members for fall recruitment!

'A' board…also called sandwich students checkout boards ID Holders "Ask me" buttons Interview on campus radio or TV staBanners…be creative (use bed tion sheets, hang in new places) Key Chain giveaway Bathroom stall advertising… Laundry machine advertising…people posters, fliers, newsletters, have time to waste calendars, etc. Letters to campus organizations Bookmarks List top ten reasons a student should Bookstore bag fliers join…add one every day and Bulletin board displays post in a visible area on campus Bumper stickers Buttons Cafeteria tray liners

Mail packages to some students…they love getting boxes Mail postcards to students

Mailbox stuffing Calendars (weekly, monthly, semesterly, or yearly) Mailing an invitation to students Campus announcements section of Mailing to fraternity and sorority serthe newspaper vice chairs Campus newspaper inserts

Messages on the corner of classroom chalkboards

Candy giveaway with information Multiple colors of the same flier hung attached next to each other Chalk sidewalks Newspaper articles and interviews Classified ads in the newspaper: MEMBERS WANTED Odd shaped posters Clothesline posters

Paint a vehicle and drive it around campus

Contact friendly Faculty members to read announcements in Paint a rock on campus class Paint windows on campus Create a scrapbook of posters and Put contact paper footprints on the other publicity from memberground leading to your meeting ship drive past Random Objects (such as manneDoor Hangers for residence halls quins) holding signs to attract Drives…can goods, clothes, school attention supplies, etc. Speak at campus meetings, residence hall meetings, club meetings, Facebook Ads etc. Hand out leaflets to students in line in the dining hall

Stairwell advertising

Have leaflets stationed at check out Stickers for dining hall Streamers or flags advertising Have someone handing out LolliStunts in places where many people pops with your message as gather

Table tents Tear or rip posters to make them stand out Trail of balloons leading to your meeting Trash cans posters Vending machine advertising…on machine and product inside machine Water fountain fliers Word of mouth If anyone needs any further assistance with templates for flyers, hands outs, etc. please contact a district officer or even me. We will be glad to get you this information. Let any district board member know if you need help in the development of your recruitment campaign, they are there to be a helpful resource to you. Good Luck and don’t forget that getting possible members to your meeting is only half the battle. Make sure they have a reason to stay around and that they feel included in your club.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Selling CKI By: Lauren Call In my previous article, I went over tips and ways of advertising and starting up your recruitment campaign. I cannot emphasize enough that you can never advertise too much on campus before your “Open Meeting”. You need to make big signs, table tents, flyers, etc. and put them everywhere. The more info that is out the greater chance you have to getting people to your meeting. So they are at your meeting now what do you do? Well for starts you don’t talk them to death. Make the meeting more about what they want to hear and less about what you have to tell them. Allow for them to interact with old members and find out what CKI is all about that way. A personal experience is a bigger sell then any memorized speech about CKI. So some of you are from new

clubs and you’re thinking well those things sound great, but we don’t have old members and we don’t have any personal experiences to draw from. Well some of you have Key Club experience and you tell about your own experience within the Kiwanis Family. It is important to try and get some people from other schools to attend your meeting. This helps to make you look more organized, allows for personal conversations about CKI, and most importantly shows that CKI is everywhere and not just something you are doing on your campus. Often the biggest thing you can do to recruit someone is get them to a project and let them experience first hand the possibilities of CKI. Plan a service project within a week or two of your first meeting…the earlier you get those prospective members involved the better. You can even do projects in the meeting. You

could advertise for a School Supply Drive along with your open meeting encouraging people to bring a school supply in to the meeting or make up cards for children in the hospital. Often you can get personal information about the child like their name along with their story and allow those at the meeting to personalize a card. Making those potential members feel like they are an important part of the group is essential in the recruitment process. All members need to feel like the time they spend working with CKI is a valuable use of their time. So while selling CKI can be an arduous task, there are many ways to do it in order to strengthen and grow your club.

Don’t forget that older students will make a great addition to your club as well! Encourage other students in your majors or other activities to come and see what Circle K is all about!!!

Are You Ready for the Fall? I know it seems far away, but the fall semester is just around the corner! Now would be a great time to start discussing your plan of action for recruitment with the rest of your club. Here are a few simple ideas, just to get the ball rolling: Set up a recruitment committee. You can appoint an existing member as recruitment chair, and form a group that will work together on executing ideas. Contact your school’s freshman coordinator to find out about incoming freshmen, and gather dates for organization fairs and orientations. Some offices may even be able to tell you what freshmen are former Key Clubbers!

Help out on move-in day!! This may seem silly, but you never know the amount of stress this day can put on families. Letting freshmen know that they have a bit of help on campus could mean a potential member, and a potential friend.

important factors in recruiting new members, because people first judge on looks. If your board can order a standard shirt, or even just wear the same colors, it will help out 100% and it will make you look more organized and outstanding.

Hold a social event in the first few weeks, instead of a regular meeting. Often, college students get really excited about free food. If you can incorporate food or something else fun into a social occasion, you will more than likely be able to draw in a larger crowd.

Do not forget your K family as you plan for the fall. If any of you need help with organization fairs or meetings, do not hesitate to let your LTG know so they can set up people from other schools to come out and give a hand. Good Luck!!!!

Make sure to appear professional, yet fun. Appearance is one of the most

Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG LSU Circle K

Meredith Pursell Bayou South LTG

“Letting freshmen know that they have a bit of help on campus could mean a potential member, and a potential friend.“ -Meredith Pursell

Page 6 “These skills include communication, determination, and the willingness to see others succeed by helping in any way possible.” -Kaitlin McCann

Don’t forget your district officers are always ready to help you with whatever you may need! Feel free to contact us anytime!

Inside the Circle

From an International Desk Hello!! My name is Kaitlin McCann and I am currently a senior at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) majoring in Elementary Education and English. I will be working with you for the next few months and I hope to get to know many of you during this time. Instead of simply telling you facts about myself, I have decided to tell you small pieces of information with the hope that you will be curious and contact me to find out the full story, so here goes. First, the action packed life of a ten year old is something I have recently become very acquainted with. Second, I have loaded car accident victims into an ambulance in a skirt and flip flops. And finally I don’t eat anything green. Now, let me explain a little more about my experience and my role as your Subregional Representative. During my four years in Circle K International, I have served in numerous leadership positions. Beginning as a club and district committee chair, I have progressed to hold the position of district editor and most recently district governor of the New Jersey District. At International Convention in Portland, Oregon last August, I was elected as Vice- President and have been serving in that position ever since. When a vacancy arose in the position of Subregion D Representative, I was eager to step up and fill the

vacancy, but also somewhat nervous. I have never lived anywhere outside of New Jersey and sadly, have not even visited some of the states that make up your amazing districts. However, I began to evaluate my skill set and how it would align with the position of Sub-regional Representative. I began to realize that although I may never have lived in Louisiana or been to visit Texas, I have skills which will allow me to assist your Sub-region over the next few months. These skills include communication, determination, and the willingness to see others succeed by helping in any way possible. With that said, I would like to briefly explain to you some of the things that I will be doing as your representative, in case you are not familiar with this position or its duties. I will serve as your source of communication with the international board. I will forward information to you from the board and also voice your opinions and concerns to the board in chats and board meetings. I will contact your district governors and help them transition into their new positions and start the year off with a bang. I will produce newsletters and have correspondence with numerous officers and members within the district. I have already set up a yahoo group to help spread information throughout the Sub-region in a more time -efficient manner. Lastly, I

will work to help your clubs and districts in any way possible. I am here to support you and that is just what I plan to do. With that said, I would like to once again offer my assistance to you, over the next few months while I serve in this position as well as in the future regardless of where our paths may lead. Thank you for being brilliant leaders and working to make our Sub-region and all of Circle K International great. I am fanatical about quotations, so I thought it only fitting to end with a quote from the author James Baldwin. It goes, “To be where we are, to pay the price we will pay, to survive, and to shake up the world the way we will is a rare journey.” Thank you for paying the price you have to pay to be part of Circle K. Undoubtedly, you have had to sacrifice sleep or free time to hang out at a nursing home or serve dinner to someone who would otherwise go hungry. I look forward to being part of your rare journey for the next few months and getting a chance to talk with and meet many of you. -Kaitlin McCann Sub-Region D International Representative

Volume 1, Issue 1

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A Deeper Look into Cajun Country

Hello CKI'ers! We at UL Lafayette hope you are all having a great time this summer! We are excited about the new CKI year and are anxiously awaiting the fall semester! Summer months at UL Lafayette mean one thing: summer orientations! We have put a big focus at this time on new member recruitment. We know our club has a ton of potential. We need to attract new members and inform them of what our club has to offer, in hopes of accomplishing our goals to expand CKI on our campus. As freshmen come to visit UL Lafayette during one of the six freshman orientations held, our members plan to be there to talk with anyone and everyone who shows interest in joining CKI. Each member of our club is asked to be present for at least two of the orientation sessions, which start June 18th. Specifically, we will be attending the time set aside for freshmen to be introduced to the different organizations on the UL Lafayette campus, known as the Student Organization Expo.

University of Louisiana Lafayette

Circle K International Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Lafayette

Two of our members are especially involved with these upcoming dates to reel in new members, as they have been elected to serve as "Recruitment Chairs." Trey Schmaltz and Logan Locicero have been working closely with our officers and members to prepare for these very important dates. So far, the two are planning to have fun and exciting information available at the orientations to distribute to freshman and a sheet for us to collect their names and email addresses. Contact information is a must! Meanwhile, our club also plans to get together before classes begin for the fall semester to welcome new members to CKI and to our beautiful campus. Our club is very excited about reaching out to find new members this summer and wishes everyone else the best of luck with their new member recruitment plans!

Have your club send in an article telling us what y’all are up to! Inform us about Circle K at your school!

Circle K International Hanna Olivier P.O. Box 151050 Jackson, MS 39210 Email: or 2008-2009 LaMissTenn District Board: Gavin Robert


Louisiana State University Justin Quarles


University of New Orleans Hanna Olivier

Bulletin Editor

Millsaps College Meredith Pursell

Bayou South LTG

Louisiana State Univeristy Alisha Morris

As you know, Circle K is an international community service organization that allows college students to provide help to those who need it. It encourages us to expand our leadership skills and interact with each other and the community.

Gulf Coast LTG

University of New Orleans Johnathan Collins

Piney Hills LTG

Northwestern State University Edgar Meyer

Delta Central LTG

Millsaps College TO BE FILLED

Natchez Trace LTG

Check us out on the web

Hanna Olivier

What Up Kiwanis Family? Jennifer Kaup Southeastern Louisiana University

Jen Kaup Kiwanis Family Chair

“We develop new friendships with people in our districts, our country, and all over the world, which last over distances and lifetimes. These experiences and memories are precious to us all and have made Circle K an organization that has a treasured place in our hearts.” -Hanna Olivier

Bulletin Editor

An Editor’s Note

For all of you who have never met me, my name is Hanna Olivier and I am so honored to be the historic LaMissTenn district bulletin editor for this upcoming year. I will be a junior at Millsaps College this upcoming year. My job as Bulletin Editor is to make sure you are informed about what the district is doing as well as know what you guys are doing in your clubs and with the K family in your area. Please feel free to talk to me anytime and let me know what you would like to see in the bulletins to come. I am most excited about working with the great members of our district as well as with the board we have elected. They are phenomenal people who are

already working their hardest to lead the district in a positive direction! I am also always available to answer any questions you have about anything Circle K related and beyond. I look forward to getting to know all of my fellow Circle K’ers better, Like I said, it is an honor to serve as your bulletin editor, and if you ever need anything, I am just a little ways north on Interstate 55!!! Yours in service, Hanna Olivier

Senior Digital Design and Photography Major Kiwanis Relations District Chair Buongiorno CKI!!! I am very proud to serve this year as your Kiwanis Family Chair on the district cabinet. My job is to keep in contact and strengthen relations within the Kiwanis Family. I need members who are dedicated to help me form a Speaker’s Bureau, which represents this district to inform and encourage Kiwanis family members to attend and participate in Circle K events. I am challenging all members in this district to attend at least three Kiwanis meetings, one Kiwanis event, three Key Club meetings, and one Key Club event. We all need to show Kiwanis and Key Club that we are here to help. The relations that we form within our family last a lifetime and will help in the future. This year, I hope to involve Kiwanis Family members in fundraisers, like the Six Cents Incentive. I plan to get all clubs to participate in Key to College, where you will be able to visit high schools in your area to talk to students about college life. This program is designed to help students with any questions or fears they may have about applying or attending college. I think it is vital to empower students with the knowledge they need to continue and succeed academically. With these goals in mind, it is important for us to work together within our Kiwanis family to make this year a success. I will be emailing out dates and times on Kiwanis Family events in all areas of LAMISSTENN. If you need information on when any of the Kiwanis Family groups meet, please call or email me. I can’t wait to see you all at Summer Rally! Yours in service,

Millsaps College


Bulletin Editor 985.237.4908

Inside the Circle  

 See what one of the dis- trict’s leaving members has to say about her time in the historic LaMis- sTenn district! 1) Focus on retaining o...

Inside the Circle  

 See what one of the dis- trict’s leaving members has to say about her time in the historic LaMis- sTenn district! 1) Focus on retaining o...