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LongfellowMiddleSchool LiteraryMagazine 2022-2023 Whirlwind


“Build me straight, O worthy Master! Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

From The Building of the Ship

Literary Magzine

Longfellow Middle School

2000 Westmoreland Street

Falls Church, VA 22043

June 2023

Sponsors: Andrea Duggan

Diana Gibson

Tom Grady

Faculty Advisor: Aidan Vigil

Principal: Dr. Jim Patrick

District: Fairfax County Public Schools

Contact: alduggan@fcps.edu

Cover Art: Gallery Walk

By Entisar Neji

With artwork by:

Jean-Lloyd P.: Beethoven

Lucas J.: Parrot

Leah R.: Kaleidoscope

Naise K.: Beach Day

Ayla H.: Distrust and Francis Forever

Entisar N.: Point of Creation

Whirlwind is a student magazine published annually

Lonely Flower

I am a flower, alone in this field

I hear the breeze passing through the leaves.

I see the grass swaying to and fro.

I want someone to love, someone to care.

I see nothing but this valley for miles and miles.

I want to share my fragrance, color, and light.

I am the loneliest flower.

I want to be in a bouquet, with daisies and roses and lilies

I am a beautiful flower like them.

I fee the warm, bright sun on my petals. I dream that someday I will be loved. I try to stand tall for that one day.

I hope I won’t stay lonely for long.

I am a lonely flower.

Stormy Night

A light breeze gone rogue, roaring violently Wind howls and thunder growls in mad attacks

Raindrops falling, loudly but silently

Walls of buildings grow cracks as lightning tracks

There’s flashing, crashing, ever so frightening And thunder blares, all around glaring white

A glowing force of fire called lightning

An unforgiving explosion of light

Unnervingly precise strikes, don’t look back Hard rain, each drop sharpens into a spear Chasing the innocent through nights of black Thunder claps so loud the whole world can hear

One big thunderstorm, vicious and eerie Dark nights of depression, bleak and dreary

When it rains

The hammering downpour seemed to threaten my skin.

The vicious lightning seemed to scream in my face.

The gloomy clouds seemed to stare in silence.


2 Whirlwind
~Karrie H. ~Oviyah R. ~Sophia W.

A Walk in the Rain

A storm is brewing, can you see?

Beneath the clouds it waits for me

Crackling lightning, booming thunder

Dangerous winds that tear asunder

Electric bolts light up the sky

Fearsome gusts that howl and fly

Great torrents of rain pour down

Heaving waves that make us drown

Incredible power, raw and wild

Jagged branches that snap and pile

Kicking up dirt and debris


Lashing out with harsh, cruel glee

Majestic and terrible, all in one

Nature’s fury has just begun

Out of control, it rages on,

Punishing all until it’s gone

Quiet finally reigns again,

Restoring peace where there was pain

Storms may come and storms may go

Taking with them what we know

3 Whirlwind d
~Emma T.
4 Whirlwind
Chair ~Karen S.
5 Whirlwind
Teacups ~Karen S.


She sits atop a tall tree, hidden by leaves Listening to the birds’ playful banter from above. She watches the fawns gallop fervently in the green ryegrass below, Grinning at their childish innocence. She weaves a bristly wreath of golden leaflets And places it on her fiery red hair, Letting out a gentle sigh of satisfaction. She gingerly picks a lavish green pear from the tree branch above Sinking her teeth into the succulent pome, She relishes the mellow flavor and soft texture. And for hours she sits perched up on the branch, unbothered by time, slowly savoring her fruit. Oh, what could be better than this?

6 Whirlwind
Lemon Anaya D.


Art is the voice of the soul, The expression of the heart, the thing that makes us whole. It’s the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of the light, The magic of the moment, the power of the sight.

It’s not just a painting, it’s a story to tell, It’s a journey, an adventure, a way to rebel. It’s a message, a meaning, a way to connect, It’s a reflection, a mirror, a way to reflect.

It’s the brush of the canvas, the stroke of the pen, The sound of the music, the dance of the men. It’s the rhythm of the beat, the melody of the song, The harmony of the voices, the lyrics that belong.

It’s not just an image, it’s a feeling inside, It’s a memory, a dream, a way to abide. It’s a hope, a faith, a way to survive, It’s a love, a passion, a way to revive.

It’s the power of the mind, the strength of the will, The courage of the heart, the spirit of the thrill. It’s the creativity, the imagination, the way to create, It’s the inspiration, the vision, the way to relate.

So let’s embrace the art, feel the power within, Feel the beauty, the magic, the way to begin. Live the dream, let’s live the life, Feel the passion, let’s feel the strife.

Art is the voice of the soul, The expression of the heart, the thing that makes us whole. It’s the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of the light, The magic of the moment, the power of the sight.


Ink drops on paper

Source of atomic impact

Click, clack, tap. All gone.

~Charlie W.

7 Whirlwind
~Entisar N.
Cherries ~Nura M. Flowing Out of Me ~Mary R. Chili Peppers

Changing Home

Leaving behind years of memories

Moving on to a new chapter of my life

Having to say goodbye

To a home I will miss

Stuff leaving their places

Boxes filling up every room

A new beginning awaits ahead of me

I approach a new period for my life

Excited in the past

Yet scared in the moment

Seeing home for the last time

Never to see it again


Memories in the Wind

A path through the woods, into a clearing

Behind a wall of trees there lies

Crumbling ruins from a forgotten time

Decaying wood and tumbled-down stone

Everything tells a story of memories

Flowered vines crawl up the old stone walls

Great pillars and arches now crumble

High into the heavens they had once reached

Intersecting tree roots cover marble floors

Joyful things had once taken place here

Killed by the never-ending flow of time

Lives of many had once here gone on

Many stories now left untold

Now the castle is in ruins, and all of the lives now done

Only memories remain, whispered in the wind

Peaceful though the woods may seem

Quiet in the sunny morning

Running and weaving through the trees

Some of the spirits seem to speak in the breeze

They whisper their memories as you gaze at the ruins

Under the forest branches they dance, whispering in the wind

~Palak A. Architectural Design

A Chinese Dream

9 Whirlwind
~Avesta S.
10 Whirlwind
Slain Dragon


Fear is a hunter

Stalking silently in the shadows

Cold, calm, calculated Waiting for the right time to strike

Fear is a prison

Keeping you trapped In a dark, isolated room With no way to escape

Fear is a weapon

Hurting you, tormenting you Making you choose

Between one sacrifice and another


Some say it’s the world’s most dreadful issue. That every negative idea ties to it, It ought to be a bad thing, right?

“Fear is like a glimpse of hell.”

“Fear causes death.”

“Fear is just hindrance.”

“You need to face your fears.”

But it’s absolutely pointless

The painful truth is that fear is our savior

Everything in the world is caused by fear

Everything you’ve ever touched only exists right now

Because fear was there

Think about something so basic like simply breathing

Your body breathes because it’s scared it won’t see light again

Your mother lectures you because she’s scared you’ll end up on the streets

Athletes can’t bear the fear of loss

So they train tirelessly so they can win

Fear is the snake of emotions

That waits for a chance to attack

And slithers in that backyard of your mind

Fear is a powerful force

It drives us to evolve

Fear is an inevitable disease

But it’s a necessity

Fear will leave you in the dark

But a world without it, is a world of devolution

Those cavemen two million years ago wouldn’t have found fire if they weren’t scared of the cold

Which is why you shouldn’t

No can’t, you can’t face your fears, avoid your fears, Don’t hate your fears

Or replace your fears

You should solve them

11 Whirlwind
Escaping Your Fears ~Jimin L.


When we started this unit, I was skeptical.

Slam Poetry Lesson

I thought it would just be like those poems we read in fourth grade where it’s just some story and no deep emotions go through.

The kind where you stay awake at night freaking out about how your grade is gonna drop because the poem was meant for a weird form of entertainment, and the teacher expects you to find some metaphor that obviously was never there.

Basically, a Jabberwocky 2.0.

I expected to be waking up on silver days and dreading the next few weeks of Creative Writing.

But then the video played. And I wasn’t.

‘Cause when the person started talking I didn’t see a piece of wood.

I didn’t see some accomplished being that is worshiped, like actors and singers being treated like a saint.

I saw a guy. A person. A human being who didn’t put over-the-top effort into looking nice just because he was on camera.

And this guy spoke of his departed sister, of his parents and problems and life experiences. He cut himself with a knife from his own memories and bled.

And he bled.

He bled with every word

Every word was so personal I could have sworn I heard the soft dripping of his blood gently caressing the stage he stood on.

He didn’t cover his wounds, in fact he wore them with pride. And he let it all out in a strong but soothing voice, like a gentle slap across the face.

And I was hooked at all of the words he said I felt the heaviness of his words when he was done.

I can’t call this a poem because this wasn’t the poetry my teachers tried to get us to respect.

This was a deep speech of a life story and I walked out of class dazed knowing I’d found another way to write and another way to let out anything on my mind.

12 Whirlwind d

This is just to say (Inspired by William Carlos Williams)

I have not turned in the final paper that was worth fifty percent of our grade and if I did I would probably have an A in your class instead of a C-

Forgive me

I was insanely busy destroying my friends at video games


One plus one is two Math even in this haiku Learning through and through

Open Eyes

Middle School in a Nutshell

Doors open to the big building

Everyone here at 7:30 sharp

Falling behind can happen if not careful

Good grades going on if you pay attention

Help is granted when you need it

I hear the sounds of lockers being slammed closed

Just get to class on time

Kids turning into young adults.

Pencil of no Return

A life as a pencil sounds pretty miserable

Because you are the tool everyone needs yet forgets

Can somebody figure out why they’re so unattainable?

Does no one really have them, they come in large sets

Even if you do find one laying around,

Five out of six are eraser-less, as I’m sure you have found

Giving a friend one to borrow is more like a gift

How does no one realize it’s theft?

13 Whirlwind d
~Mimi P.

Whispers of the Woods

The vast forest is a sanctuary

It’s a home and habitat for many

Covered with powder in January

It’s a place that welcomes most and any

The aged trees stand there like tall skyscrapers

The smell of damp pine cones and fragrant ferns

Rabbits and badgers being warm neighbors

Under the ground you can find roots and worms

Shuffling bears looking for ripe berries

Scurrying squirrels searching for a meal

East of this forest lies the Canaries

Near the thicket is a lake, gleaming teal

The organic smell and moss-veiled trail

This sight can never be up for sale

~Audrey K. Slow Body, Slow Mind ~Eleanor S. Under the Microscope ~Fatima F.

First Period Science, Seventh Grade

He talked, and as he talked

My mind could not grasp his words

Which rolled softly around the classroom

And floated to the ceiling

So I drifted out the window

Like a leaf

Into the cool dark green shade

Of the live oak tree

Hoping he would not notice the empty seat

In the front of the room

As he talked and talked and talked

Branching Out

~Zoya M.

Fairy Dance

Little fairies dance

Tiny flowers glistening

Beauty in Nature



The serene river, My retreat from the bustle Of everyday life.

~Brianna H.

Luck Blooms in Spring

In spring’s gentle breeze

Four-leaf clovers dance and sway

Luck blooms with delight

~Elaine T.


Small green grasshoppers

Ants crawling all over me

Little bugs, big things


15 Whirlwind d
~Sadie M.

What Humans Owe Animals

The Animal Welfare Act. The Humane Slaughter Act. The Endangered Species Act. These laws and a few others make up the small number of federal animal protection laws in the US, while states also have their own regulations about animal rights. However, the laws are often not well-enforced, allowing many inhumane practices to go unchecked. Some activists believe that humans should do more to protect animal welfare. In contrast, other people think animals are inferior to humans and, therefore, do not have the same rights. This fierce and ongoing debate raises a question: how far should humans go to protect animals?

The short answer is farther. Every year, millions of animals around the world have their basic rights violated when they are used for medical testing, with many being killed in the process. In fact, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) states that 110 million animals die in US laboratories annually. Others are subjected to experiments without pain relief, including 20% of mice and rats used in invasive, painful surgeries. Shockingly, 99% of laboratory animals are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act, which shows how insufficient the current animal welfare laws are.

Animal testing is also often unreliable and wasteful. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 95% of drugs that are proven safe and effective in animal tests fail human trials. 100 working HIV vaccines have been created for monkeys, but every single one failed to prevent humans from developing AIDS, and more than 93% of experimental cancer drugs did not pass human trials after testing successfully on animals. Scientists have been curing diseases in mice for decades, taking up time and resources to conduct experiments that do not produce human-relevant results. Humane alternatives to animal testing do exist—including human-based microdosing, in vitro technology, sophisticated computer modeling, and organoids—that are cheaper, faster, and more accurate, PETA advocates. The government should pass more adequate laws to protect laboratory animals or simply get rid of animal testing altogether.

Another set of inhumane practices exists in the meatpacking industry. In the US, 99% of animals used for food live on factory farms, where they are packed into tiny enclosures with barely any space to move around and genetically modified to maximize output while minimizing costs. Animal Equality reports that 13.8 billion animals are killed on these farms every year. One of the most abused farm animals are chickens, which are not protected by the Humane Slaughter Act. More than 9 billion are slaughtered annually for meat, and 250 million male chicks—deemed too slow-growing for meat— are ground up alive. Meanwhile, the 380 million hens

exploited for eggs are confined to small spaces where they cannot even spread their wings. Many have their beaks cut off to prevent them from pecking and harming each other.

Over 9 million cows face similar horrific conditions. Males are killed for veal, and female cows are artificially impregnated to produce milk and then slaughtered when they can no longer do so. Calves are taken away from their mothers as little as 30 minutes after birth, according to Animal Equality, and are fed milk replacers while humans drink the milk intended for the calves. Young cows are also branded for easy identification and have their horns and tails cut off to provide a more sanitary environment and protect workers from injury.

Additionally, pigs in factory farms are confined to tiny indoor pens, with mothers kept in crates during pregnancy and when giving birth, which they are forced to do for many weeks in a row. Piglets, who often become bored and bite their siblings, have their tails cut and their teeth clipped without painkillers. More than 130 million pigs are slaughtered each year in the US. Instead of being confined in the brutal environment of factory farms, animals should be able to roam freely and live without the constant fear of death.

Animals are also losing their habitats because of humans. The organization Animal Matters states that 80% of global biodiversity loss is caused by habitat destruction, which is mainly driven by human activities such as agriculture, deforestation, and land development. While some zoos house animals to prevent the extinction of endangered species, humans are the ones who are polluting and destroying their natural habitats in the first place. Many zoo animals are forced to live there simply for human entertainment. They are deprived of their natural habitats and ways of life, have less room to roam around than they would in the wild, and are exposed to unnatural interactions with other species including humans. Because they can be so unethical, zoos for human entertainment should be banned.

Indeed, animal testing, factory farming, and keeping animals in zoos are all unethical practices that require stricter, better-enforced regulations. Millions of animals are subjected to painful experiments and even die in laboratories. Others are squished together in factory farms, where they endure terrible living conditions before being slaughtered. Many animals are not protected by federal animal welfare laws, making their lives even worse. Although animals may not be as technologically advanced as humans, they are nonetheless intelligent beings with their own societies and ways of life. Humans should do more to protect animal rights.

16 Whirlwind d

Recalling Memories

A funny thing memories are

Before, it was clear as day what I had been doing

Clearer than the Weddell Sea, the clearest body of water

Dreams, that’s what it feels like now

Even if I try so hard to recall a moment, I can’t,

For it is a memory and a memory only

Gaining more means also losing some that’s just how it is

Hence, moments are only meant to be experienced once

Forest Takedown

Axes swinging, slicing, screeching!

Bears and their cubs flee from the show

Creatures, oh creatures must leave their homes

Deer and company scamper away, but will they go?

Even magical beings fled, unicorns, pixies, ogres, gnomes.

Guns go BOOM! And friends become ghosts

Hunters kill and hang up the heads

If they’re feeling bolt, the heads stare from bloody posts.

Just let this be a warning to you

Killing is wrong, deforestation is very bad

Let there be forests for future people too

Might your kids ask, “What happened to the forests, Dad?”

I Am a Lion

Sleeping in the night

~Dylan B.

17 Whirlwind d
~Helai M. Happy Birthday Mr. Bradford ~Owen F. Elephant ~Nura M.
Thinking about tasty prey
I am their worst fear
18 Whirlwind
Untitled ~Jimin Lee
19 Whirlwind
~Sarisa S. Oil Pastel Mixed-Media Collage Oil Pastel Mixed-Media Collage ~Charlotte C. ~Gia P. ~Jackson P. Oil Pastel Mixed-Media Collage Oil Pastel Mixed-Media Collage


Like Losing Your Heart

Losing a friend is like losing your heart

A piece of it’s gone, never to be found

You think it’s fine but she’s such a large part Everything is numb; you can’t feel the ground

Walk through the halls, see a flash of her face

The world starts to spin, your vision a blur

You knew her so well, she walks with such grace

Now when she walks all it does is deter

A storm of memories hits with a pang

Such fun times together, why did it end?

A flash of lightning, a memory, BANG.

The wounds now wide open, why won’t they mend?

Losing a friend is like losing your heart

Your heart will chip away part after part

20 Whirlwind d
~Sadie M. ~Ayla H. ~Habiba Y. Self Portrait Francis Forever
21 Whirlwind
Portrait of Lana Del Rey ~Gia A.

This is just to say…

(Inspired by William Carlos Williams)

I have taken your charger

During science class

I didn’t ask so you were upset.

Forgive me

I'll give it back

Your computer was already charged ~Garrett

Lonely Charger

I am a school charger

I hear the students searching for me

I see my owner forgetting me again

I want to finally be plugged in

I am a school charger

I want to be taken from class to class

I am a school charger

I feel lonely without my laptop

I dream of being used

I try to sneak into my owner’s backpack

I am a school charger


GPT the scam

A.I. lowered our IQ

All for just a grade


In my hand, a sleek device

A window to a world beyond An iPhone to do whatever.

A connection to those far away, I swipe and tap with ease, Navigating apps and screens, From messages to email

A camera that captures moments, Memories in a snapshot form, A music player in my pocket, It’s more than just a phone, It’s an iPhone

The Epic Battles of Fortnite

Action-packed battles rage on in Fortnite

Building structures to gain the upper hand

Creative strategies are key to success

Dancing and emotes provide a great laugh

Excitement that comes with each game

Fortnite offers a unique experience

Gliding around in the sky

Hunting for loot can be a thrill

Intense firefights that keep you on edge

Jumping onto the battle bus to join the fray

Killing opponents to secure the win

Last man standing is the ultimate goal

Making friends while you play

Never give up the hope of victory

Outwitting the competition is the best feeling ~Arion

22 Whirlwind d d
~Jack R. Subject 47

Pandora’s Box

Do you see me?

A single little light

Confined in this box of darkness

This box of violence and greed

Do you feel me?

The only one left

After she released the others Her only crime was curiosity

Do you pity me?

Trapped within these walls

While many evils roam outside Knowing I can vanquish them

Do you hear me?

Crying out from this cage

Begging, pleading to be let out Into a world of paradise lost

Will you release me?

A bright beacon of hope

Confined in this box of fear

Just waiting to be set free


Bound to the soil

Sweet creature

The moon has vanished and a thundercloud has set its weight upon you.

Palace of Eons

Holy sacred land

Statues and pillars aros

A palace is found

Goblet of Eon

A cup in your palms

Which tells fortune’s destiny

Is right in your hand

23 Whirlwind d
~Sadie M.

Cycle of Life

Sprouting pink flower

Cold breeze lifting the dead leaves

Life sprouted again

Journey to the New World

Small flying duckling

~Ivan V.

Fighting the cold winter breeze

Fighting for its life

~Ivan V.

Hyacinth Hyacinth Tragic blossom

Withdraw from your casket, for the sun has risen.

Dying Phoenix I Am/I Want poem

I am a mighty phoenix

I hear my own croaks of pain

I see the scattered feathers of my own shattered wings

I want to live

I see the smoke rising from my once-burning body

I want to breathe

I am a dying phoenix

I want to start over again

I am a phoenix waning to ash

I feel a sense of peace

I dream of being a baby bird, no longer in the pain of my own flames

I try to reach out and brush the marble shell around me

I hope my second life could be just a little better than my first

I am a phoenix

24 Whirlwind d
~Bridget P. Azaleas Flamingo ~Emma Z.

Mythic Creature

25 Whirlwind ~Ellen Z.
26 Whirlwind
O’Clock on
Friday Morning
~Sadie M.

Spirit Animal Voices

In the shadows, a figure appears

Whispers secrets into your ears

Their voice sends a chill

As they speak of their thrill

Leaving you trembling in fear

~Entisar N.


Silently standing beside you

Hollow unfilled outlines of a sketch not quite finished

A phantom replica with no face or detail drawn in

Distorted figures mimicking motions and movements

Oversized heads and limbs swelling in sunlight

Wandering next to their keeper perfectly in sync

Spectral, unspeaking, faceless creatures

~Ella W.

27 Whirlwind d
~Olivia G.


Writing is nature

It, too, can flow freely

Leaving lasting marks


Writing is like a chicken, You never know what road to cross ~Damien I.



The sky is red

A grape is blue

An ant can dance

A daisy can too

Elephants can jump

Lions can fly

Trees can hum

Fish can read

But when I share these thoughts

They all look at me

And wonder

If I had gone mad

Maybe I have

I think to myself

But after all

I am just imagining

A world where people

Live underwater

A world where whales

Soar freely through the air

All in my mind

These beautiful thoughts

Not understood by many

But still lots and lots

Nothing is perfect

Neither the mind

But it’s okay

I live in a world that I design

One Story

One story changes

Everything about yourself

One story mends you ~Amalya M.

The Curious Bunny ~Nora B.


Amidst the chaos and the noise,

Beneath the starry, tranquil skies,

Creation blooms in all its glory

Dancing freely, wild and gory

Echoes of a distant past

Fading slowly, but they last

Growing stronger, day by day

Hope and love, they find their way

Infinite possibilities, infinite dreams,

Joyous laughter, heartwarming schemes

Kaleidoscope of colors, ever so bright

Luminous aura, shining through the night

~Ren A.


The marbles fly throughout the air

They fall and clatter

Fall from a spaceship

High above

They glisten and shine

And break into pieces

They reveal the truth

29 Whirlwind
~Josephine E. The Butterfly’s Path Neverland ~Lita B.

Reading in the Rain


A single feather

Drifts through the window of a Hundred-story building Spark!

~Charlie W.


A big new idea

Helps to calm someone’s big fear

Writing heals your thoughts

30 Whirlwind
~Emma D. ~Amalya M.


Take your life

Scrumple it

Fling it across the river

Revise it

Doodle smiley faces on it

Squash it flat

Blow it up

Smooth it over


Irish Blessing

May your hot beverage never be cold, May you never get sick on a weekend then get better on Monday, May you never hit your funny bone, May your pencil never break while taking notes in class, Until we meet again


A butterfly Floating

Over a river




The crazy

All the random crazy words



Lighting up

The dreamscape

A little bird told me

A little bird told me

Chirped into my ear

A secretive whisper

I don’t think I should hear

About fairies

And diamonds

The scary

The shy ones

That a mystery

Has been solved

It wasn’t me

Who stole the sun

It was quite fun

Gnomes ~Mimi P. Made Up



The stroke of the hand

Going across the paper

Creating something

~Phineas H.

The Pencil

The pencil moving To and fro creating Something beautiful

~Phineas H.

A New Start

A new story starts With plot twists and characters It’s my own story

32 Whirlwind
Butterfly Book Box ~Mary R. ~Ella W. ~Phineas H.

The Open World

Writer’s Block

A blinking cursor

Standing out on my blank screen

Like it’s taunting me


A flurry of clicks

~Yanling L.

Lines spilling onto the page

Stories pouring out


My notebook is full

I must buy another one

To fill with more words

~Yanling L.



An empty page

An empty glass

An empty jar

And an empty head But

Resting upon the mantelpiece

A syllabus of dialect

Catches my gaze


~Emma Z.

~Aryan R.

~Anaya D.

Pen in hand, words flow

Empty page becomes a story

Writing is magic


Ink on paper, tales

~Elaine T.

Whispered secrets come alive

Writing is my voice


Empty notebook waits

For stories yet to be born

Writing is creation

~Elaine T.

~Elaine T.

33 Whirlwind

Night Clouds

34 Whirlwind
~ Moriah L.


Silent void that leaves you floored

Planets of wonder, a breathtaking sight

A frontier yet to be explored

Exploration, a quest that has long been ignored


Stars and planets that still shine today

Glimmering from billions of miles away, And hanging across the night sky

It sounds unreal but

Sometimes I wish I could fly up with you Into the infinite space of a galaxy

I wonder if you would always stay with me

Embracing me and taking me to your past

However, I’m afraid that one day, somehow, You will give out your last burst with me.

Tic, Tic.

Tic, Tic. Time is running And I can’t keep up. My fingers stand still on the keys. I beg them, Dance, Dance! But they stay. I can’t do it, I tell myself. I just want to get it over with, Feel the joy of the finish. The satisfaction of completing it. I close my eyes, I think.

A Bright Mind

Starry Dream

In a sea of stars

I dream to be beautiful Up above the world

I think hard.

I type one word, Then another. Then a sentence, Then a paragraph. I have it. I did it.

35 Whirlwind
Kaleidoscope ~Leah R. ~Liza T.

Clearing in the Woods

Trees Upon the Hill

Up on the hill, the trees are standing tall With branches reaching up high towards the sky On the twigs and branches the birds they call They sit and they sing as the time goes by

The trees sway gently in the blowing breeze, And one by one, leaves fall and touch the ground. The birds chirp merrily, never at ease, Until the sun sets and the night comes ‘round.

As the stars appear, the birds in their nest, While foxes roam the fields and forests near. Nor a sound from the birds; they are at rest. The night sky is peaceful, nothing to fear.

Oh, trees atop the hill, how much you’re worth, A true beauty on this beautiful earth.

Moonlit Valley

Moon hits the mountain

As the wolf packs start to howl

The moonlit valley


The stillness of night, Thoughts dance in silence around me, Peace for a brief moment.


Early, bleak autumn

A warm, generous wind blows

Despite the weather

36 Whirlwind



In a bitter winter, I sit at home Hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up A warm blanket; I’m finally alone The poor frozen paws on my little pup

Snow falling from the clouds gracefully Scarfs, jackets, hats, gloves, mittens, and much more For this to last forever, hopefully Glittering icicles, beauty galore

Ice skating with friends, constantly falling Gingerbread houses, ready to now build The need for shovels, I will go shopping Oh shoot, with tons of snow my driveway’s filled

For in the snow with my dog I will play To this freezing winter, I say please stay

A frostbitten nose

Child-like wonder with no bounds

A smile with no goal ~Jae

Haiku of the Seasons

Bright flowers blooming

Birds and bees and butterflies

Rain falls in showers

Out comes the hot sun

Sandy beach, fresh ocean waves

Beautiful sunset

Red, orange, yellow

Leaves drifting down to the ground

Crunching beneath feet

All around is white

Covered by a snow blanket

Birds fly to the south

~Lily D.
~Lydia O. Under the Microscope ~Jacob X. The Red Fox P.


The snake moves through the grass

Looking for it’s prey to eat

The rat is surprised

Parrot ~Lucas J. ~Anaya D. Full Moon ~Saachi T. Clay Snake ~James C. ~Juliet K.

Mountain Climb

One upon a time on a mountain climb

It was late in the summer of ‘08

I’ve been on this mountain a long time

It’s been all day and it’s getting real late

The sun just set and there’s nowhere to go

All I want is a glass of cold water

I set up camp on the nearest plateau

I sit here thinking about my daughter

All alone on this mountain is no joke

I am frightened to see what the night brings

Seconds later I hear a quite loud croak

Out here I have heard some really weird things

Soon the night will pass and the sun will shine

I will dream and dream and I’ll be just fine

The Past

The past is defined by time no longer existing Even though it no longer exists, it is not truly gone

Some days it looms over us like a tall, tipping tower

Other days it breezes by like a soft wind

The past is gone we cannot change it But that past may determine the future The future is our mystery that life holds for later It comes quick when we waste the present

The present is wasted when we linger on the past When we linger on the unchangeable So keep your head up and your eyes open Don’t forget the past

But live in the present and look for the future

39 Whirlwind
Pristine ~Angela Y.

I’m Doing a Limerick!

I’m supposed to be writing a limerick

But you know I think like a brick

Because pressure works best

Some folks are a pest

Oh look, this did the trick!

Under the Microscope

The Child and the Balloon

A child had a balloon

He let go and it went to the moon

Up, up and away

It ruined his day

Will aliens see it soon?

A Giraffe Named Billy

There was a giraffe named Billy

His neck was super silly

When he moves is neck

It can reach Quebec

But then his neck gets chilly

Team at the Bay

There once was a team from the Bay Whose hitters would come out to play They swung with great might And sent balls out of sight

And their fans cheered them all the way ~Tyler J.

40 Whirlwind d
Lollipop ~Karen S. ~Kiara D.

Lollipop props for “Willy Wonka, Jr.”

Life of a Dandelion

A seed in the dirt

Breaking through the ground

Climbing up to the sun

Daring to look around

Everything is big

Flowers are the only sound

Gripping its roots

He’s lifted upward bound

Imitating the wind

Joyfully blown around

Killed for a wish

Lowered back to the ground ~Soraya

Arrogant Deer

There once was an arrogant deer At others, he often would sneer Then he saw a beauty, He went to meet this cutie But he ran right into a mirror!


Old Mrs. Prattic lives in our attic, Some claim she has long been insane, Others they tend to be more pragmatic, Blaming all the noise on the drain. She talks all day long more than ecstatic, And goes on walks clanking her chain, She’s never seen just heard with the static, Knocking things over without strain.

Mrs. Prattic who lives in our attic, You certainly must go explain, Why you always live solely erratic, But still you insist to remain.

Oh Mrs. Prattic you’re so dramatic, But sadly it is all a pain, For you are merely just a fanatic, ‘Cause you’ve kicked the bucket in vain. ~Soraya

Under the Microscope ~Mimi P.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are the best They are so fluffy and warm My eggs are with salt

Chick fil a



Kraft mac n cheese is no match for theirs

Fries all salted

Ice cold milkshake

Long lines to get your food

Always crave it on Sundays

Not Me, but Coffee

Look, don’t get me wrong

I “love” your sugar-filled tea! But it ain’t the same As my black coffee

Black and dark, fills my cup

No cream, and no spice


No Cake

There was once a little boy from a lake

He wanted a treat to make

They asked, “How’d it go?”

He replied, “Oh no.”

What burst in the oven was cake

And of course, no sugar!

Perhaps I have bitter taste, But I still tried your sugar-filled tea! Which, by the way, was gross.

I have an open mindset! But, I’ll stick with my black coffee


42 Whirlwind
Ramen ~Venita W. Clay Cheeseburger ~Kim A.


Bacon is so good

Bacon is my greasy love

Bacon is my life

I Love Cake


Juicy steak

Buttery goodness

Pink and brown will never disappoint

Soft, fluffy, delicious, beautiful, sweet Works of art, both to the eye and the mouth Some take so long they take weeks to complete Cakes are different, some with sweet, some without

Cakes can be for birthdays, cakes can be snacks

Cakes can be for weddings, cakes can be art Cakes can be many things, and that’s a fact Cakes can have many flavors, some are tart

Oh cake, how I love you oh very much

When I see you, my mouth waters a lake

Oh cake, you are so fluffy to the touch I cannot stop thinking of you, my cake

Oh sweet, sweet love, oh if I only knew For now it is time, and I shall eat you

43 Whirlwind
Pig and Bacon Teapot Set ~Madeline A. Pankcakes ~Lila S.
44 Whirlwind
~Abigail L. Mushroom Teapot ~Joudy M. Heart Mug ~Kiery R. Valentine’s Day ~Palak A. Festive Elephant Teapot ~Rachel M. Clay Cup
~Mary R. Succulent Teapot ~Sariah S. Cactus Teapot ~Emma T. Elephant Teapot
46 Whirlwind
~Ayla H. Dreamscaper




My eyes snap open; the sheets are cold and drenched with sweat. I stumble to my dresser and dig my nails into the varnished wood as a feeble attempt to ground myself. Standing alone in the middle of my cabin. I can vaguely feel the sea breeze nipping at my bare ankles as it billows around my nightgown.

When I bring my head up to look at myself in the mirror, I flinch. Staring back at me is a girl with a haunted look in her eyes, her long ebony hair tangled from restless sleep. I take a deep breath and grab my hairbrush with trembling hands. The feeling of a brush running through my hair soothes me, this time when I look in the mirror I see myself. My porcelain skin is tinted pink from the chill and my rouge-painted lips blue.


Lightning illuminates the dark room for half a second. In my peripheral vision, there is another shadow of a girl. I almost get whiplash from turning so fast.

But no one is there…

The whispers come again.



Then the pain comes,

It feels as if there’s a crown of thorns piercing my skull and a cold hand around my throat. My legs are swept out from under me by an unseen force, and then I am alone. Writhing on the floor. Terror covers me like a heavy blanket.



This time it’s like there are a million voices screaming at me. Blood is gushing from my nose. I grip my head with both hands, rolling on the floor, shrieking for it to stop. The pain and the sound. I lay here for a while feeling the boat rock back and forth, back and forth. I sync my breathing with the sway of the ship. My muscles are tense from the stress. A million voices screaming, wailing in misery. I wonder if it is all over.



Although it’s quiet I can immediately feel that something is wrong. The hair on my arms stands on edge and my body begins to move. The sensation feels like I am a marionette dancing on a string. But who’s my puppeteer? I find myself on the deck of the ship. It’s raining and the wind is howling; the sea is uneasy.

Then my strings pull me starboard.

I try with all my strength to resist the strange urge to dive off the ship into the choppy waters. I fall to my knees and crawl away but still my puppeteer drags me. The cold rain bites at me as I try to claw the floorboards. My knees and elbows are bloodied from the struggle.

I am at the rail now

My body is shaking. The sea is raging.

47 Whirlwind d ~Goose A.
The Marionette

The Forgotten Dog

Everyone loved me

“Fetch,” they said

“Good dog” is what I always heard

Have they forgotten about me?

I sit at the door, lonely

Jealous of all my friends outside

Keys at the door, how I miss that sound

Lost in my mind

Nobody home

Oh, how I miss you

Please come back

My Dog

Always wanting to go on walks and meet new people

Barking and wagging his tale all day long

Cuddly, cute, and always by my side

Delightful and putting smiles on faces

Eager to play with his endless energy

Friendly and so furry and soft to touch

Giving love and making funny sounds

Hugs, kisses, and licks are what he loves to give

48 Whirlwind
Hot Dog ~Claire P. ~Siryn G. Bella, Clay Teapot ~Liza T. I Voted ~Angela Y.

d Dinner

Maybe you didn’t hear

My kind request for dinner

Now I will bark loudly ~Kiara C.

Let’s Play

I’m a happy pup

A wagging tail, a wet noise

Show I want to play with you ~Kiara C.

Red Ball

I’m not done playing

I’m lying here till you throw

My Squeaky red ball

~Kiara C.

49 Whirlwind
~Alice T. ~Angela Yang Designs by Alice Queen Scarlet ~Goose A. Playground ~Emma T.


As I pull out my earbuds and plug them in I open the app that says ‘spotify’ underneath I click onto my playlist and click the top song

I listen to the instruments,

The beats, the tune, then the lyrics

I focus on each instrument

Dancing in my ears

I listen to the lyrics while humming along

As the song ends and another one starts to play

I do the same thing I did the last

I hum and I listen to all the beats

Until this one ends

I listen to songs on repeat for hours

Memorized each word

I pause the song and take out my earbuds

To do the same thing tomorrow.

The ball at my feet, speeding down the field

The defense crashes in on me, swiping for the ball

I maneuver outside of them, continuing my pace

I wind up for the shot, the defense tries to block

I pull the ball back, making them all fools

Space created, a currency more valuable than gold

I take two touches to the left, I see a line to the goal

Line up the shot while the defense closes in The shot flies, seemingly in slow motion

Softly plants itself in the top left net

Crack a smile, return to my side with my team

The best feeling in all of sports ~Austen

McLaren Madness

Acing the races

Best sports car ever

Cons are not a thing

Demolishing the competition

Everything about it is action packed

Failure is not included

Gears of a beast

Hunting down its prey ~Hunter

50 Whirlwind d
~Olivia K. Olivia’s Hobbies Saxaphone ~Saachi T. Dribble


An inspiration to many people around the world

Best ever to do it.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the GOAT

Dedicated his life to the sport

Eager to take on new challenges

Fighting adversity and age

Grinding and hustling all his life

Hate makes him stronger

I will be on his side until I die.

51 Whirlwind
~Jean-Lloyd P. Beethoven

d Waves

Peaceful crests of sea

Surfers love to ride them high Waves can touch the sky


The rickety old planks stained a dark brown

Tourists all visiting from far and wide

The boardwalk is the place to go in town

People on the beach playing in the tide

Shops and stands aligned down in a big row

Smells of fried food and junk that clogs the heart

Rays from the sun beaming down in a glow

Carnival games and fun rides at the start

Tickets to win the stuffed prizes all hung

The scuffs and squeaks of flip flips stomping near Souvenirs of tee shirts and tank tops strung

Musing blasting that everyone can hear

A place to be with family and friends

The day I dread is when summertime ends~ Sydney W.

52 Whirlwind
The Undersea Adventure ~Youssef T. Beach Day ~Naise K.

The Beach

Summer at the beach

Sun cream all over your skin

Waves crashing all day

Koi Fish

Kois of different colors symbolize different things

Outlive their owners, have a life span of 200+ years It could be sold for an average price of $250K

Fascinating size of up to three feet

Is one of the strongest fish out there

Some symbolize wealth, love, success, and good fortune

Hanako, a legendary koi, lived from 1751 to 1977 (226 years)

The Great Days

Once there was a time with only great days Where the sun was high, and the grass was green

Where there wasn’t any trash in the bays It was a great time and there was no queen

Birds flying everywhere in the night sky

So tranquil, waking up to chirping birds

So quiet you could hear someone who’s shy

No days of lies or any empty words

Only days of youthfulness and freedom

Long days at the beach hearing the waves crash

Sitting in the sand, making a kingdom

Getting home and not having a new rash

The days of summer are getting short

Realizing I only have a quarter

53 Whirlwind
Pigeon ~Karen S. Fish
~Katie Ockerman



The beautiful view

The sunrise climbing the sky

Lighting up the world


Fierce, blazing flames

Of red and orange

Engulfing everything

Leaving barren, ashen land

Fire is the destroyer

But in the darkest of hours

On the coldest of nights

It is the savior

54 Whirlwind
~Angela Y. ~Richard Deng ~Angela Yan ~Akshay Sudhakar
Mystery Box

The Tragedy of Pompeii

Once upon a time, in the city of Pompeii

Nearly two millennia ago

The people were going about their day

Unaware of the nearby volcano

Then suddenly the sky turned black

Covered by a dark ash cloud

Lava bubbled up through Vesuvius’ cracks

And started to flow down

The sky was burning violent red

The mountain spewing deadly gases

The citizens could only look on with dread

As their town was drowned in ashes

Inside their homes, many tried to hide

Only to be buried under the rubble

Others fled to the streets outside But even there, there was trouble

Vesuvius spit out more molten rock

And rained fire on Pompeii

The escape routes were soon blocked

So everyone began to pray

The sky was burning violent red

The mountain spewing deadly gases

The town could only look on with dread

As its citizens were drowned in ashes

55 Whirlwind
Uh Oh, UFO ~Nezar B.


a killer

Little white Birdie, Went down to the bog, Little white birdie

Spied through thick fog. Looking for a beast, That makes the bravest man cry, The animal kingdom is his feast, You’re as good as dead if you meet his eye. The bird soon finds the scaly slimy fright, And climbs into it’s murderous mouth, Like it’s asking to see the light!

Fear not my friend,

For this will not be the little guy’s end. You see, this trainer has tamed the hound, With a partnership that makes their worlds go round.

Slowly he starts to peck like a hen, At the little bits of meat, left in the dark den. The bird cleanses the alligators teeth, Until they are refined like pearls, and beautiful like a reef. The two wave goodbye, no needs left to tend. That’s the end of my story, About two unlikely friends.

Declaration of Feet Independence

When it is time for someone or something to break away, It is only necessary to explain why.

We, the Feet, have patiently suffered through all mistreatments. We were the ones who held all the weight. And yet, others still complain that we have a stinky smell. While other body parts breathe fresh air, We are hidden away in a layer of clothing called socks.

When we declare our independence, We hope the other body parts will realize That they will surely struggle without our help.

We refuse to keep doing tiring work, With the bossy brain ordering and the lazy nose smelling us. We are free to do whatever we may wish to do.


There was a kid from Argentina

Who was a great ballerina

She won all of her shows

And once received a red rose

From a man who looked like a hyena

Architectural Design

Possum ~Ayla H. ~Abigail Loschert

I Was Your Pride and Joy

I am the protector of your feet

I hear the squeaks I make when I move

I see my laces being tied

I want to be worn every day

I am a pair of shoes

I want you to play basketball with me

I am the shield of your soles

I feel old, worn out, but fulfilled

I dream of the time you first bought me

I try to remember when you first tied my laces

I hope to see other shoes at the park

I am the protector of your feet


A blissful paradise tailored for me

With green grass and she sea a vibrant blue

A wondrous place where I can be free

Where everyone is genuine and true

A divine scene, filled with faces cheery

Greeting you with friendly smiles full of love

Where is this paradise, you may query What is this utopia I speak of?

The place you seek is not from high above Nor is it far below the ground you stand

The answer is one that you may not love

It is not somewhere that exists on land

But a video game that I cherish A paradise that will never perish

Sloth ~Hanjoo J. Rising Spiral ~Venita W.

All is Well

You lie in bed with your feet dangling out of the covers. Your eyelids grow heavier by the second as you begin to drift away. Something grazes your feet. It’s probably just the cat, but why is it grabbing your ankles?

Its icy fingers begin to grip your legs as you feel its overgrown, slimy claws tapping your flesh. What is this? You’re fully conscious, but you can’t move one bit.

You can hear the low gurgling of the creature while it slowly creeps up towards you, its movements are gradual , yet you can’t do anything to defend yourself.

You try to scream and kick, but you are not in control of your movements no matter how hard you focus. Your eyes widen in panic as the creature towers over you.

As its face slowly comes into view, you get a glimpse of its eyes and are hit with this sudden sense of nostalgia, although you are quite certain this hasn’t happened before.

Its eyes give off a bizarre feeling of warmth the longer you stare into them. Oddly familiar, soft, and friendly. You lose your thoughts as a wave of uncanny calmness passes through you before you come back to your senses.

The creature opens its mouth to speak, and it repeatedly whispers your name. Your heart is pulsating in your throat, how does it know your name?

You feel so helpless in the moment, you still can’t move and you’re ready to accept your fate. This isn’t as bad as drowning, at least I don’t have to see my boss tomorrow. You tell yourself in a desperate attempt to calm down before you get devoured.

You relax yourself and think about all that you loved about this life one last time before you kick the bucket.

Miraculously, you can feel yourself slowly gain control over your body just as you were letting go. The tingling sensation took over your body from the tips of your fingers, your numbness fades away. The sudden surge of power came with a sudden surge of confidence. You get ready to throw a punch when you suddenly jolt awake.

You look at your hands, you can control your movements again, you can feel your limbs again. Was it all fake?

All is well. Until it isn’t anymore.

The presence of its lingering malice is prevalent in the space, directing your attention into a peculiar corner in your room.

There you see it.

Your full length mirror.

Stained in dark inky letters.

58 Whirlwind d
~Saachi T. ~Saachi T. Grand Canyon Zig Zag

The Flower Field

I lived on a beautiful farm where almost nothing could go wrong; “almost.” It was May 24th, 2019. Me and my friends were playing at this big flower field. We always went there because it always smelled good. It was our spot where we would go every day. But after this day we would never go back.

We got there at around 8:35 a.m. we noticed that the flowers were getting too long, but we didn’t think anything of it so we started this game called don’t move.

To play, someone closes their eyes and counts to three, then opens them. The others must get over a line before the timer goes off. If the person who is counting sees you move, you have to restart.

It was my turn, and my two best friends were ready to start. I turned around and started to count.

“1 2 3!” I said. I looked and saw one of them move. “You, Annie!” I shouted.

She had to go back to the start.

I counted again. “1 2 3!”

I turned around and AnNiE WaS gOnE!!!!

No one had seen her leave. I began to worry. We looked around but no Annie. We to go tell her mom when we heard a loud scream. Not a normal scream, a mother giving birth scream.

We looked around again. We knew that that was Annie screaming.

Depression Poem

Depression and heartbreak are a heavy load, A burden that's hard to bear on your own. It's like a dark cloud that follows you around, And it's hard to see the light when you're feeling down.

It's like a storm that rages inside, A battle that's hard to win, and hard to hide. It's a pain that cuts deep, and leaves a scar, And it's hard to heal when you're feeling so far.

But know that you're not alone in your fight, There are others who struggle with the same plight. You're strong, you're brave, you're not defined, By the pain that you feel, or the tears you've cried.

It's okay to feel sad, it's okay to cry, It's okay to ask for help, to reach out and try. You'll find your way back, to the light and the sun, And you'll learn to love again, and to have fun.

So don't give up, don't lose hope, You're stronger than you think, and you can cope. The pain will fade, the scars will heal, And you'll find a love that's true and real.

59 Whirlwind d
Field of Flowers ~Josephine E.
~Umar L.

Blind Contour Drawing

New Year’s Day

A whole new year

Brimming with new opportunities

Can’t have any fear

Days of helping communities

Energy to hit the gym

Finally, out with the old and in with the new

Getting a new trim

How could this year go?

I haven’t a clue

60 Whirlwind d
~Olivia K. Comfy Chair ~Bhuvi A. Dream Chair of Mysteries ~Nura M. ~Reed A.


I have seen you cry in the messy bedroom, You wanted to seem strong, You never wanted me to see you cry, Forgive me, for I love you so much, And I wanted to hug you as you cried.

I know it’s not easy, and you work long hours, With more than one mouth to feed Maybe it would be easier to bear with just one, So you wouldn’t have to see the sad face of the one you love, But we will get there.

We will live in the house on the hill, We won’t be looked down upon, We will have to money to eat lots and lots of food, We won’t have to reuse our old clothes and shoes, We will be happy.

So shed as many tears as you want, Hug me as many times as you need, Because we will never cry tears of sorrow again, Only tears of triumph.

61 Whirlwind
~Rachel M. Architectural Design Beach House ~Rachel M. ~Madeline A. Dream House


A frightening way to feel

Nose bleeding and biting your nails

X-raying everyone and overthinking

I don’t know what I am feeling

Eating disorders and depression

This is life as a teenager. So all I have to say is that

Your mental health matters and you matter

Five Deadly Sins

Good whispers in my ear, “More, more, more!”

I crave, I yearn For wealth, for poer, For everything and anything That could satisfy my desire

Envy seeps into my heart

“Why not me?”

I compare, I resent Others’ happiness, others’ success, As I feel trapped in my own lack, Inadequacy and unworthiness.

Wrath boils inside me, “How dare you!”

I lash out, I strike, As anger consumes me, And leaves me feeling alone

Pride swells in my chest, “I am better than you.” I boast, I strut, In my own perceived superiority, As I believe I am entitled To everything, I want more and more.

These five deadly sins, We all have fallen prey At one time or another, And must be mindful Of their destructive power, Before they consume us whole.

62 Whirlwind
~Ayla H. ~Ayla H. Portrait of Christian Bale Distrust

Study of Girl With Pearl Earring

There She Is

I enter the school bathroom

There she is, checking her hair. Her makeup. Her outfit. Her skin.

Meanwhile rumors like vines wrapping around people’s minds

Creeping around school to make them believe

Information that isn’t true

That never will be true

I enter the school cafeteria

“It’s just a joke!”

Her friends are saying

Is it really just a joke?

There she is, blinking back her tears

While her eyes begin to redden

While her insecurities come back

To greet her

No one knows

What goes on in her head

If only, if only

Her eyes weren’t red

I enter my math classroom

Watching her anxiety lurk

As she bites her nails

As her legs shake

There she is, caring about

What everyone thinks

Tonight she’ll cry herself a lake

I enter my house

Replaying everything I saw in my head

There she is

Suffering so much

Although no one seems to realize

She is a stone under a bright layer of paint

A girl just wants to eat fries

Without the judging lasers from their eyes

Is that so much to ask?

63 Whirlwind d
~Karrie ~Nura M.
64 Whirlwind Nightscape ~Elsa C. Running ~Declan B.

A Shattered Instance in Time

The world is coming to a close, I can feel it dripping down the drain. But the love I feel overcomes death, Into an empty bliss beyond this world.

I love my dear husband, And my lovely son.

The world is moving by faster than ever, I’m blind other than the forgotten faces.

The pictures on the wall don’t make sense anymore, Their smiles are fading into the ink. It’s just a burning memory, that’s all it is. Not much left but late afternoon drifting..

I can’t remember the days before, I don’t know why I’m here.

The sound of the strange man in my room frightens me, Like I’m everywhere at the end of time.

I can’t tell where my life begins, all I can do is shed my tears. The place I reside in is beautiful, I wonder who lives here. I can’t feel the rest of my life, my soul is unknown. I wish that one day I could find my home.

A Tale of True Love

There was a maid so fair and bright

She longed for love like the moonlight

Her heart was pure, her soul was true

But nobody had come to woo

One day a knight rode through her town

His eyes like jewels, his hair a crown

He saw the maid and fell in love

And he vowed on the skies above

They met beneath the starry sky

Their love did grow, their hearts flew high

They pledged to be forever true

And agreed beneath the shining dew

Their love did last until the end

Their hearts did beat as one, my friend

The maid and knight lived happily

Forevermore, eternally

65 Whirlwind
Midway ~Alex X.
66 Whirlwind
~Karen S.
Aquatic Themes

In the summer, You are sunshine. In the spring, You are snow, Waiting to be blown away You dot the fields, Yellow or white. And although some may call you a silly little thing, You are more.

You provide food to curious cooks. You give happiness to cheerful children. Your properties help discovering doctors.


Yet year after year, People pluck you from the ground They take you close, They whisper... A wish.

And blow your soft, dainty seeds. The scene is beautiful. Little white birds soaring through the air.

But in reality…

All you do is fill my lawn

With your pretty little seeds. They grow and grow until there are Hundreds of green and yellow


Although you are beautiful, You are a menace.

Although you are beautiful, Every other step I take dandelions rest under my shoe. Although you are beautiful, You contaminate my yard.

You are a dandelion, You conquer the grass and the yards of every place imaginable, And you are a fraud. You don’t even make wishes come true.

67 Whirlwind d
Flowers ~Hlafira S.
68 Whirlwind
~Joudy M. Aquarium and Museum ~Lola Jugensen Architectural Design ~Tristan Banford Cafe
69 Whirlwind
~Bridget P.

I Am a Rejected Book

I am a rejected book

I hear humans drowning themselves in electronics

I see all my other friends getting picked over me

I want to be the one they choose

I see humans indulge in conversations, but not about me

I want to be the topic

I am a lonely book

I want to be shown off

I am a despondent book

I feel people skim my pages

I dream of leaving an impact

I try to make them escape reality

I hope to leave these shelves

I am a rejected book

I Am a Secret

I am a secret

I hear quiet whispers from friend to friend I see furtive glances being cast around I want to be concealed

I hear rumors spreading through the school I see smirks when people find out I want to be revealed

I am a secret

I feel the wary unease of my keeper I try to be reassuring

I dream of all the truths I could betray I hope to be discovered, yet I want to stay hidden

I am a secret

70 Whirlwind
Wander ~Shirley W.

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Untitled ~Katie O.

Longfellow Middle School

Literary Magzine

June 2023

Gallery of Me ~Jimin L.

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