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Lake Mills Recreation Department

Summer 2018 Program Guide

Play. Learn. Live.

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Welcome to the Summer 2018 Program Guide! NEW this summer…. 


Summer Playground Program – Save your spot now!!

Program Guide Design!

Recreation Supervisor – Brooke Pfund!

A word from our District Administrator… Dear Lake Mills Area School District Community, As we finally transition from our Wisconsin winter to our much anticipated spring weather, we all look forward to all the offerings of our outstanding Recreation Program. Our Recreation Program truly offers

opportunities for all of our community members from Preschool through golden and everyone in between. If you have not used our programs, now is a perfect time to make the leap to physical, emotional, and social wellness. As a department of the Lake Mills Area School District, the Lake Mills Recreation Department (LMRD) shares our mission of “Preparing All of Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Opportunities”. In terms of strategic goals, LMRD specifically supports our goals of Nurturing the Whole Child, Embracing the Village Philosophy, and Serving as Responsible Stewards. The Recreation Department continues to grow! Brooke Pfund has joined Ben and Jane as a full-time employee to continue that growth and to continue to meet your needs, your family’s needs, and our community’s needs. I am grateful for all the enriching and affordable opportunities that the LMRD brings to our community. I hope that you will take the time to review this guide and take advantage of all that LMRD has to offer! Sincerely, Pamela A. Streich, District Administrator


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General Information INDEX


Adult Athletics

Ben Dayton — Recreation Director

Fall 6’s Volleyball— Adult ............................................. 8

Open Gym— Adult Men ................................................. 8

Brooke Pfund — Recreation Supervisor

Open Gym— Adult Women ............................................ 8

Ultimate Frisbee Pick Up Games— Adult ...................... 8

Jane Riedl — Recreation Supervisor

Community Resources ................................................ 18, 19

Disc Golf Course. ............................................................. 17 Disc Golf Rentals.............................................................. 17

Pam Streich — LMSD District Administrator

Discounted Attraction Tickets .......................................... 17 General Information ........................................................... 4


Older Adult Activities ................................................ 15, 16

120 E. Lake Park Place • Lake Mills, WI 53551

Registration Info ........................................................... 5, 6


Summer Playground Program ............................................ 7

Monday- Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm

Youth Athletics— Summer

Closed: 7/4, 9/3

Pick Up Basketball ........................................................ 11


Sports Sampler Pre-School ............................................ 11 • Recreation Department

Youth Athletics— Fall 4K Parent/ Child Soccer Skills ..................................... 14

Phone 920-648-8035

Fall Rec Soccer ............................................................. 14 Junior Soccer ................................................................. 14

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NFL Flag Football League............................................. 12 NFL K-1 Mini League ................................................... 12

Lake Mills Recreation Department– WI

Traveling Flag Football League..................................... 12 Tackle Football ................................................................. 13

Location Key

Youth Athletics— Summer Camps

Campus Field ................................... Campus St.

Co-ed Football Camp..................................................... 10

Faville Park ..................................... Faville Road

Co-ed Tennis Camp ......................................................... 9

Lake Mills Elementary (LMES) .... 155 E. Pine St

Co-ed Soccer Camp ....................................................... 10 LMHS Boys Basketball Camp......................................... 9 LMHS Girls Basketball Camp ......................................... 9 LMHS/LMMS Midwest Volleyball Camp ...................... 9 Rec Basketball Camps ................................................... 10 Rec Co-ed Volleyball Camp .......................................... 10


Lake Mills Middle (LMMS) .......... 318 College St Lake Mills High (LMHS)................ 615 Catlin Dr LMHS Practice Fields ..................... E. Lake Park Pl Rotary Park .................................... Sandy Beach Rd Wallace Park ................................... 675 Industrial Dr

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General Information Cancelation Policy: A full refund will be issued if a

program is canceled by the LMRD due to low enrollment or a facility usage conflict.

Self-cancelation Policy: Before the start of program-

Participants may request to drop out within 2 weeks of a program before the start date of a program, including practices and games. Those who drop under 2 weeks of the start date may be charged additional fees which are listed below. 1) To receive a check refund, participants will be charged a $3 administrative fee. Additionally participants may be asked to cover the cost of any supplies or equipment that were ordered in advance of the program. 2) Participants may also choose to roll over their entire fee in program credit. This credit may be applied towards their next program.

Refund Policy: In the event that an adult or child partici-

pant requests to drop out from a program or league at any time prior to the start of a program the following refund procedures will occur.  During the program- Individuals and in Non team activities who request to drop-out after the start of a program but before the halfway mark will forfeit 50% of their registration fee. Any adult team that chooses to drop out after the start of a program forfeit 100% of their registration fee.  No Refund will be offered after the halfway point of any program.  Medical Withdraw- If a participant can no longer continue to participate due to a medical emergency, that participant will receive a prorated refund. The individual must provide a signed doctors letter in order to receive a refund.  Relocation Refund- If a participant or the participants family moves out of any time before the start of a program will receive a refund minus the cost of supplies if ordered already. If the participant moves after the start of a program they will be issued a prorated refund.

Weather Cancelations: In the case that school may be

canceled due to bad weather we will be canceling all recreation department activities. Weekend cancelations will be done via email, Facebook posts or contact from your child’s coach.

Fees/Late Registration: Fees are based off of the

minimum amount of participants needed to successfully run a program we will do our very best to anticipate needs for now and the needs for the future of our programs so that we may set our prices accordingly. To ensure proper planning we may set deadlines for our programs. Those who register after a set deadline will have to pay an additional $10 late fee and may also run the risk of not being able to participate if the program is full. .


Residency: For program enrollment residents are those

who reside within the Lake Mills Area School District boundaries, open enroll to LMASD, or work within the school district. Residents pay the fee dir ectly befor e the “R”. The second fee listed is for non-residents “NR”. Non-Residents are those who do not reside within the Lake Mills Area School District or attend school at LMASD. Residents support the school district through tax-dollars, while non-residents pay to participant through higher registration fees. Non-Residents will be responsible for paying a minimum of an additional $10 per activity and participant they register.

Concussion information: In 2011 the State of

Wisconsin passed Act 172. Which requires any child under 19, who participates in an organized athletic game or competition, to receive information about concussions and their symptoms. Annually parents and the athletes must return a signed copy of the “Parent and Athlete Agreement” prior to their participation in a rec sport.

Insurance: The Lake Mills Area School District and Lake

Mills Recreation Department do not provide medical or accident insurance for any program participants both residents or non- residents. Participants are strongly encouraged to obtain their own insurance coverage prior to participating in programs.

Age/Grade Requirements: All youth program age

restrictions will be based on the first day of the program unless otherwise specified. All grade restrictions will be based on the 2018-19 school year. Summer will officially mark the new school year. Age and grade requirements are set to benefit all children and make instruction easier for the program leader.

Notice of Non-Discrimination: No person shall, on the

basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, marital or parental status, age or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity, including employment.

No News is Good News!!: After signing up for a program

you may not receive a confirmation. Consider yourself registered for that program. Please be sure to mark your calendar with the dates for each program. If a program requires specific information we may send out an informational sheet via email. You may also check your rSchoolToday account for a list of all past registrations from your account.

Typo, Human Error, We Goofed…!?!

Occasionally there may be an error in days, times, registration requirements or fees in the brochure. When such errors occur, our staff will do everything possible to correct the situation promptly. We thank you for your patience and understanding when these situations arise. For the most up to date info check our web page. Photo Policy: Participants or their parents (if participant is under 18) permit the taking of photos, audio and videotapes during Recreation Department activities for publication and use as the Recreation Department deems necessary. If you do not want a picture or video taken of yourself, please inform the director or instructor prior to the start of the program.

QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

How Do I Register?? 4 easy ways to Register... 1. REGISTER ONLINE!!! **NEW**


Online registration with our NEW registration site will open, Tuesday, April 3. Blue Sombrero will no longer be used to register for any programs. Please follow the instructions below:

Registration forms and computer access are available in our office during our hours of operation, Monday–Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Cash, check or credit card are accepted. Please bring exact change.



Go to our new website: 2.

Browse the website! Classes are divided up into categories (adult, youth, older adult) and from there , subcategories (athletics, athletic camps, summer playground program...etc).


Once you have selected the appropriate class you would like to register for, click ‘Add to Cart’. You may add several classes to your cart. By clicking ‘Back to Catalog’ you can continue to search for classes.


Once you have selected the class(es) you would like to register for, click ‘Check Out’.


If you have not registered for a Rec Dept. program on the new site, please click the ‘Create New Account’ button. There will be a ‘Student Participant Information’ Page, followed by a ‘Payer Information’ Page. If you ar e both the participant AND the payer, check the ‘Student/ Participant is also the Payer’ box on the ‘Payer Information’ Page, and it will automatically autofill. This is where you will create your User Name and Password to log in to your family account. Click Continue.


To finish enrolling, assign a participant by clicking ‘Assign a Person’ to the right of the class name. You may add any class specific notes by clicking ‘Add’ under the ‘Notes’ column. You may also delete a class from your cart by checking the box under the ‘Del’ column. If Resident and Non-Resident pricing apply, this is when you will choose the correct fee(s). Click ‘Check Out’ to proceed.


Confirm the classes you wish to sign up for, followed by ‘Payment Information’. You may chose to securely store Credit Card information if you wish for future payments.


Click ‘Submit Payment’ to finish enrollment.


IF YOU ARE A RETURNING USER when you click ‘Check Out’ click the ‘Login to My Family Account’ button and log in using your User Name and Password.

10. To view your Account, use the ‘View My Account’ Tab at the top of your screen. From here you can see Reservation and Payment History and edit Family Members Info.


For your convenience, we have a drop box located outside our office door. Registration forms and payments can be securely placed in our drop box at any time of day or night.

4. REGISTER BY MAIL You may have received our registration information via email or through our website. You can mail in your completed registration form to: Lake Mills Recreation Department (LMRD) 120 E. Park Place Lake Mills, WI 53551

Introducing rSchoolToday Our *NEW* Online Registration System!!! NOTHING KILLS A PROGRAM QUICKER than everyone waiting until the last minute to register!!!! Please pre-register in advance of the deadline. If there are not enough participant signed up by the deadline, classes will be canceled.

QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Lake Mills Recreation Department Registration Form 120 E. Lake Park Place, Lake Mills, WI 53551 * 920-648-8035 Parents/Guardians Name:


 I am interested in Coaching: Name


Email (Preferred):

LM Resident

Phone: (Preferred)




Emergency Contact:

Non-Resident (add $10)

Zip Phone

(In case parent/guardian cannot be reached) Allergies/Medications:

Name of Participant


John Doe - Example

Basketball Camp







1/1/2004 M

*Shirt Size




Add Late/Non Res Fee $10 Total Fee $

Special needs or health concerns: *Shirt Sizes: (Youth) YS, YM, YL or (Adult) AS, AM, AL, AXL

Method of payment: Cash

Check #

Please make checks payable to: Lake Mills Recreation Department or LMRD WAIVER AND RELEASE

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Lake Mills Recreation Program, the undersigned parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the player named above: 1. (a) Agree that prior to participating, they will inspect the facilities and the equipment to be used, and if they believe that anything is unsafe, they will advise their coach or supervisor of such condition(s) and refuse to allow their children to participate. (b) Agree that the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will instruct the minor that prior to participating, they should inspect the facilities and equipment to be used and if they believe that anything is unsafe, they should advise the coach or supervisor of such condition(s) and refuse to participate, without fear of reprisal by any coach, sponsor or other agent of the Lake Mills Recreation Department Program. 2. Acknowledge and fully understand that each participant will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, and severe social and economic losses which might result from their own actions, inaction, or negligence as well as the actions, inactions, or negligence of others, the rules of play, or the condition(s) of the premises or the equipment used. Further, there may be other risks unknown to the Lake Mills Recreation Program and/or it’s coaches, sponsors and agents not reasonably foreseeable at this time and assume all forgoing risks and accept personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability, or death. 3. Intending to be legally bound, hereby release, waive, discharge, or covenant not to sue the Lake Mills Recreation Program, the Lake Mills School District, the City of Lake Mills, Sponsors, Supervisors, Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, or the other agents, all of which are referred to as “releases” from all liability from the undersigned, his or her heirs and next of kin for any claims, demands, losses, or damages on account of injury including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or part by the negligence of the “releases” or otherwise in connection with association or participation in and/or arising out of my travel to participate in a Lake Mills Recreation Program. 4. In the event that the player named below sustains injury or illness while participating in a Lake Mills Youth event, I/we hereby authorize any emergency first aid, medication, medical treatment, or surgery deemed necessary by licensed medical personnel. I/we also give my permission for attending medical personnel to execute on my behalf permission forms regarding treatment of my minor participant or other necessary medical documents and to act in my/our behalf if I/we am not immediately available to do so. 5. My/our child has completed a physical exam, given by licensed medical personnel in the last 24 months, and is physically fit to compete in activities related to the Lake Mills Recreation Department. Photo Policy Participants or their parents (if participant is under 18) permit the taking of photos, audio and videotapes during Recreation Department activities for publication and use as the Recreation Department deems necessary.




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Summer Playground Program Registration Deadline: May 1 Register within the first 7 days and RECEIVE $10 OFF YOUR REGISTRATION FEE 2018-19 Grades: 5K-7 Overall Program Structure:

Date: J une 11– August 31 Time: Befor e Summer School: 7:00 am – 8:00 am

Half Days: Noon – 5:45 pm Full Days: 7:00 am – 5:45 pm Location: LMES/ LMMS Registration Fee: Single Child Fee - $50 Family Fee - $75 Registration Information: All families will be r equir ed to pay a non-refundable registration fee to reserve your spot in the program. We will have a registration maximum of 75 children, there will be a wait list for all registrations beyond our maximum. Children will be taken off of the waitlist in order as spots become available. If registering online, follow the directions at the bottom of the page regarding pricing.

Students and parents will love the structure and ease of our program which will offer you and your children seamless care between LMASD Summer School and the Summer Playground Program. Our program is designed to offer your children a fun, active, and enriching experience all summer long. Camp will take place outdoors for the majority of the day, every day, children should dress accordingly and bring sunblock/bug spray. On rainy days or days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit or over 104 heat index we will utilize the cafeteria and gym space. Dates and Pricing: Payment will be accepted by check or credit card. We will be collecting weekly schedules and fees on Mondays for the following week of care. Schedules and payments will be accepted on site.

Full Day

6/11 – 6/15



Payment and schedule due 6/4

Half Day *

6/18 – 6/22




Half Day *

6/25 – 6/29




Blended week**

7/2 – 7/6




Half Day *

7/9 – 7/13




Half Day *

7/16 – 7/20




Blended week**

7/23 – 7/27




Full Day

7/30 – 8/3




Full Day

8/6 – 8/10




Full Day

8/13 – 8/17




Full Day

8/20 – 8/24




Full Day

8/27 – 8/31




Care Type




Program Dates and Payment Schedule above


Locations: Half Days Grades 5-7: LMMS Half Days Grades 5K-4: LMES Full Days Grades 5K-7: LMES Field Trips: We will par ticipate in weekly walking field trips throughout the community. We will also plan 4-6 Special Field trips to fun and exciting locations via bus. On our Special Field Trip days an additional $10 fee will be added to cover the cost of transportation and the activity. On all special field trip days all students will be attending the trip. Parents will be able to pick up after we return. Lunch: All students will be r equir ed to br ing a lunch everyday. Lunch will not be provided. Snacks will be provided daily (1 snack on half days, 2 snacks on full days). Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for.

QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Adult Athletics ADULT BASKETBALL OPEN GYMS This is your opportunity to play some basketball, meet some new friends and get some exercise in! These programs are open to all adults interested in playing pick-up basketball. Adult Men’s Open Gym Day: Tuesday’s Dates: Ongoing


All participants must fill out a waiver prior to participation. Waivers will be available for print online on our website. Hard copies will also be available at open gyms.

Ongoing program locations are subject to change. Please check the facilities calendar frequently for location/time changes and cancelations.

Time: Apr il – September…………..7:30 - 9:00 pm October – March…………...8:00 - 9:30 pm Location: LMMS Gym Fee: FREE!! Adult Women’s Open Gym Day: Sunday’s Dates: Ongoing Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm Location: Januar y - May ………LMHS Lower Gym June - December……………..LMMS Gym Fee: FREE!!

FALL 6’s VOLLEYBALL LEAGUES LMRD offers an adult volleyball league for ages 16 (parent consent required) years and older. From the highly competitive Power leagues, to the just for fun Women’s B league there is something for all skill levels. All games will be refed. **NEW THIS YEAR** ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY ONLINE (Roster and Team Fee submitted to the Rec Office by Team Captain) Registration Deadline: August 1st

Day: Men’s Power - Mondays Women’s Power & B - Wednesday’s Dates: Men’s - August 27 - November 19

ADULT ULTIMATE FRISBEE— OUTDOOR PICK UP GAMES Have you heard of Ultimate Frisbee? Imagine combining a football field with goals on each end, the constant movement of soccer and Frisbee all in one game! This is a non–contact sport that is easy to learn and fun for all ages. All games will be co-ed and teams will be divided evenly each week.

(No Games 9/3) Women’s Power & B - August 29 - November 28 (No games 10/31& 11/21) Game Times: 6:30, 7:30 & 8:30 pm Location: Men’s - LMES Women’s Power - LMES/ LMMS

Women’s B - LMES

Day: Thur sday’s Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

League Level

Team Fee

Individual Non-Resident Fee (Paid when player registers)

Location: LMHS Pr actice Fields

Men’s Power



Women’s Power



Women’s B



Dates: May 17 - Ongoing

Fee: FREE!


QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Youth Athletics- Summer Camps **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** LMHS YOUTH BASKETBALL CAMPS


Camp Goals: It is our goal to maintain a high standard of teaching and player development. Our approach is to focus on important areas of player development while having fun. Shooting, ball handling, footwork and decision making skills will be emphasized at all levels. Camp coaches are LMHS Varsity Boy’s Basketball Coach, Steve Hicklin and Varsity Girl’s Basketball Coach, Brandon Siska, along with members of both basketball teams. Camp includes a take home item if registered by registration deadline. Walk-ins accepted on day of camp.

Camp Goals: This camp incor por ates exciting and challenging games with drills as an introduction to basic tennis skills for beginners. Our focus is on having fun and developing the skills for a life-long sport. The camp will be lead by LMHS Varsity Tennis Coach, Cam Dary along with members of the tennis team. This camp is a fundraiser for the LMHS Tennis Program. Each participant will receive a customized tennis ball canister! Rackets recommended but not required. Walk-ins accepted on day of camp.

LMHS Boys Youth Basketball Camp

Dates: J uly 10 - 12

Registration Deadline: May 25

Location: LMHS Tennis Cour ts

Dates: J une 11 - 14

Fee: $25

Location: LMMS Gym

Registration Deadline: July 1

2018-19 Grade



5:00- 5:45 pm


4:00- 5:00 pm

Fee: $45 2018-19 Grade



1:00 - 2:30 pm


2:30 - 4:00 pm


LMHS Girls Youth Basketball Camp

Registration forms will be available at the Rec Dept.

Registration Deadline: June 8

Grades (2018-19): 5-12 Dates: TBD

Dates: J une 18 - 21

Time: TBD

Location: LMES Gym Fee: $45


2018-19 Grade



1:00 - 2:30 pm


2:30 - 4:00 pm

Midwest Volleyball Performance is coming to Lake Mills to run the 2018 Team Camp! MVP is made up of a group of current and past professional players who are excited to pass along the volleyball knowledge and passion to the next generation of athletes. At MVP we stress the all-around player as well as learning through live play. We will focus on individual skill development and position specific training.

QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Youth Athletics- Summer Camps **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** LMHS YOUTH CO-ED FOOTBALL CAMP


Camp Goals: This non-contact camp is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental skills, basic strategies and teamwork of football. On the last day players will compete in fun games including PPK and Ultimate Football games! Grades 6-8 are encouraged to attend as this is a great way to start warming up for the season. The camp is lead by LMHS Football coaching staff and players. Camp includes a t-shirt if registered by July 6. Participants should wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts and tennis shoes or non-metal spikes and should also bring along a water bottle and mosquito repellant. Walk-ins accepted on day of camp with no shirt guaranteed.

Camp Goals: LMRD summer basketball camp for both boys and girls entering 4-8th grade will focus on the fundamentals of basketball while having fun and improving their skills. New drills and skills will be taught each week. If you are looking to improve your basketball skills then this is the camp for you! Minimum of 10 participants.

Registration Deadline: July 6

Fee: $25/R; $35/NR

Dates: J uly 23 - 25

Registration Deadline: June 14 Day: Thur sday Dates: J une 21& 28, J uly 12 & 19 Location: LMMS Gym

2018-19 Grade


Location: LMHS Pr actice Fields

4-8 Boys

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Fee: $30

4-8 Girls

3:00 - 4:00 pm

2018-19 Grade



3:00 - 4:30 pm


5:00 - 6:30 pm

LMHS YOUTH CO-ED SOCCER CAMP Camp Goals: This soccer camp will help polish your technique, improve your tactics, educate your feet and get a jump on your season. The camp will be led by the LMHS Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer Coaches and players. The first 125 participants will receive a soccer ball, soccer bag and snacks! Participants may bring their own ball, but it is not required. Walk-ins accepted on day of camp. Registration Deadline: July 13 2018-19 Grades: 5K-8 Dates: J uly 30 - August 3 Time: 8:30 - 10:30 am

REC CO-ED VOLLEYBALL CAMP Camp Goals: This camp is for both boys and gir ls that want to continue working on volleyball skills during the summer. We will work on setting, passing, serving and attacking the ball. Participants will need to wear tennis shoes, knee pads and bring along a water bottle. Minimum of 10 par ticipants. Registration Deadline: June 22 2018-19 Grades: 5-8 Day: Fr idays Dates: J une 29 - July 27 Time: 1:30-2:30 pm Location: LMMS Gym Fee: $25/R; $35/NR

Location: Rotar y Par k Fee: $35


QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Youth Athletics– Summer **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** PICKUP BASKETBALL


Pickup basketball is for boys and girls entering 5-8th grade in the fall. Players will learn to pick fair teams each week and call their own fouls. Coaches may also work in some skill development from time to time. Players can stay the whole time or just drop in. We encourage fair play and accept all ability levels. This program will be supervised by several volunteer coaches.

This is a great way to introduce your children to a variety of sports. Each week we will cover skills that are used in sports. This program uses a variety of sport and balance equipment in a fun and playful atmosphere! Adult involvement is required. Min.10/ Max. 20 participants.

2018-19 Grades: 5-8

Registration Deadline: June 6 Age: 3-4 Year Olds

Day: Wednesdays

Day: Wednesdays

Dates: J une 20 - August 1 (No Class 7/4)

Dates: J une 13 - July 18 (No Class 7/4)

Location: LMMS

Time: 5:00 - 5:45 pm

Drop in Fee: $1.00

Location: Wallace Par k

2018-19 Grade



1:00 - 2:00 pm


2:00 - 3:00 pm

Fee: $20 R/ $30 NR

Scholarships are available for kids who would like to participate in LMRD sponsored sport programs. These funds are available to Lake Mills School District Residents. We encourage those who are in need of financial assistance to contact the Recreation Department offices for more information. Office Phone: 920-648-8035


QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Youth Athletics– Fall **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** NFL FLAG 5K-1 MINI LEAGUE


NFL FLAG Mini League is a volunteer coached program that will teach the basics of Flag Football. Players will learn fundamentals such as catching, throwing, hand-offs, flag pulling, defensive play and game rules. No additional practices will be scheduled.

Can I hear you say “Are you ready for some flag football”! Game times will depend on number of teams, games may start as early as 4:45 pm. Coaches will pick their own practice time depending on their availability. There will be a coaches meeting on Thursday, July 26 at 5:00-6:00 pm in the LMMS Cafeteria.

Registration Deadline: July 20 2018-19 Grades: K-1

Registration Deadline: July 20

Day: Thur sdays

2018-19 Grades: 1-4

Dates: September 13 - October 18

Dates: September 11 - October 17

Time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Location: Faville Par k

Location: Faville Par k

Fee: $40 R/ $50 NR

Fee: $30 R/ $40 NR 

1st Graders are allowed to play either NFL Flag Mini OR NFL Flag Football League.

Both NFL Flag Mini League AND NFL Flag Football League participants will receive a reversible NFL FLAG jersey and their own set of flags to keep!

Divisions/ Grades

Game Day

AFC Grades 1&2


NFC Grades 3&4


Late sign ups will be charged a late fee of $10 plus the additional cost of shipping for jersey and flag set.

**NEW** TRAVELING FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE New this year is the Travel Flag Football League geared towards kids entering 5th and 6th grade. This traveling flag football league will play on Thursday nights, both in Lake Mills as well as Jefferson. Games will be comprised of two 25 minute halves and teams will be 7v7, with three blocking linemen each. All games will be refed. Jerseys will be provided by the Rec Dept. Coaches will provide players with practice and game schedules. There will be a coaches meeting on Thursday, July 26 at 6:00-7:00 pm in the LMMS Cafeteria. Registration Deadline: July 20 2018-19 Grades: 5-6 Day: Thur sdays Dates: September 13 - October 18 Location: Faville Par k (Lake Mills) Riverfront Park (Jefferson)

Volunteer Coaches Needed!!! These programs, as well as most all of our youth sports programs rely heavily on the support of our parents/guardians. If you are interested in coaching please indicate so when you register your child on rSchoolToday.

Remember, John Wooden once said “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a LIFE”.

Fee: $50 R/ $60 NR


QUESTIONS?? CALL 920-648-8035 •

Youth Athletics– Fall **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** TACKLE FOOTBALL LEAGUE We will be participating in the USA Football Heads Up program. All coaches will be Heads up Football certified. LMRD Tackle Football Program participates in the Jefferson County Youth Football League. All home games will be played on Saturday mornings at the Campus field. Each individual coaching staff will set a practice schedule which will be sent out to their team. Each coach will have team specific player/parent meeting to discuss their team specific goals for the season. All teams will practice at the High School Football Practice Field. There will be a mandatory Parent Meeting on Tuesday, July 24 from 6:00-7:30 pm in the LMMS Cafeteria. *Note: Players must have a physical performed or an alternate year card filled out before participating, so schedule your appointment early! Participants may chose to take a baseline concussion test by contacting their doctor. Registration Deadline: May 25

Volunteers Needed!!!

2018-19 Grades: 7-8 Game Days: Satur days Game Dates: August 25 - October 13

(No Games 9/1)

The Youth Tackle Football program relies on the support of our parent volunteers to provide a quality game day experience. Up to 8 volunteers are need to run just one game. Volunteer positions include: Chains, Water Person, Concession Stand and Broadcast Booth.

Game Times: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm Fee: $90 R/ $100 NR Other Important Dates: Equipment Hand Out: Wednesday, August 1st Please note, any player who misses Equipment Hand out day will be fitted on Monday, August 6th at 4:30 pm in the LMMS Cafeteria. First Practice: Monday, August 6

Weigh in: Wednesday, August 8 at 5:00pm at LMHS tr ainer s r oom Picture Day: Wednesday, August 8 dir ectly following weigh in

WHAT IS THE USA FOOTBALL HEADS UP PROGRAM?? Heads Up Football is all about safety. As a part of USA Football, Heads Up Football requires all coaches be certified using their curriculum. This curriculum specific for football safety promotes high standards and consistent performance. The coaches certification is made up of four courses including information on concussion recognition and response, heat preparedness and hydration, sudden cardiac arrest, proper equipment fitting, and lastly, shoulder tackling and blocking techniques. For more information on the USA Football Heads Up program visit:


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Youth Athletics– Fall **All grade registrations are based off the 2018-2019 School Year!!** 4K PARENT/CHILD SOCCER SKILLS


An introduction to soccer, this program will teach your youngster the basic fundamentals of soccer using fun games and drills! Our lead instructor will guide both parents and participants through the entire program, giving parents basic knowledge and skills to continue teaching your child even after the program ends. This is a SATURDAY ONLY program. Each child participant will receive a soccer ball!

The Junior Soccer League will play a combination of both 8v8 and 11v11 games. Teams will be set week to week by coaches. Coaches will work together to plan mass practices during the week and coach games on Saturdays. Participants will get the opportunity to play their last game on the LMHS Varsity Soccer Field!!

Registration Deadline: July 13 2018-19 Grades: 4K Day: Satur days Dates: September 8- October 6 Time: 9:00 - 9:45 am Location: Rotar y Par k

Registration Deadline: July 13 2018-19 Grades: 6-8 Day: Satur days Dates: September 8- October 20 Game Times: 9:45 am - 11:45 pm Location: Wallace Par k Fee: $25 R/ $35 NR

Fee: $25 R/ $35 NR

FALL REC SOCCER 5K-5 Grade Rec Soccer is for children in grades 5K-5. Players will have fun learning the fundamental skills and rules need to play soccer. Practices will start 2-3 weeks before games start. Both practices and games will be held at Rotary Park. Coaches will contact participants with league schedules and team practice information. Mandatory Coaches Meeting will be on August 8, in the LMES Commons from 6:00-7:00 pm. Coaches will pick up equipment, rosters, and schedule practice times at the meeting. Registration Deadline: July 13 2018-19 Grades: 5K-5

2018-19 Grade/ Division

5K-1 (U6)

U6 league is played on a condensed field. Games will be 3v3 with no goal keeper. Players will use a #3 ball. U6 league is focused on having fun and learning the game of soccer. Scores will not be kept.

2-3 (U8)

U8 league is played on a condensed field. Games will be 4v4 with no goal keeper. Players will use a #3 ball. U8 league is focused on having fun and learning the game of soccer. Scores will not be kept.

4-5 (U10)

U10 league is played on a condensed field, but is a more advanced level of play. Games will be 6v6 with a goal keeper. Scores will not be kept.

Day: Satur days

Dates: September 8 - October 20 Game Times: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Location: Rotar y Par k Fee: $25 R/ $35 NR



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Older Adult Activities DAY TRIPS 

Day trips include travel, ticket purchases, and scheduling of events. Participants may be responsible for tipping or additional purchases, while on the trip.

Trip will meet at the LM High School Auditorium Parking Lot. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early.

All registrations due one week prior to trip date, unless noted below.

For more information or help registering, please feel free to contact the Lake Mills Recreation Department at 920-648-8035 or stop in our office (120 E. Lake Park Place).

Rotary Botanical Gardens- Janesville, WI April showers bring May flowers. Come visit this award winning 20-acre, non-profit botanic showcase with over 24 different garden styles and 4,000 varieties of plants. Day/Date: Wednesday, May 16 Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Fee: $20 R / $30 NR

Wollersheim Winery Tour- Prairie du Sac, WI Learn about the 160 years of history behind this gorgeous winery, follow the tour past the vineyards, through the fermentation room, and into the underground limestone aging cellars. Tour complete with Wollersheim wine samples! Day/Date: Wednesday, J une 20 Time: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm Fee: $25 R / $35 NR

Mail Boat Tour- Lake Geneva, WI There are only handful of places left in the country where mail is still delivered by boat and none with a more exciting and scenic tour like this! Ride along and deliver mail to 75 homes around the lake. Lunch to follow at your own expense. Day/Date: Wednesday, J uly 18 Time: 8:15 am - 3:15 pm Fee: $55 R / $65 NR


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Older Adult Activities SENIOR WALKING Days: Monday - Friday Dates: Ongoing - Ends June 8 DATES OFF: April 14 and 17 May 28 Time: 6:00 am - 7:45 am Location: LMHS Upper Gym and Halls Fee: FREE During the winter months we open a welcoming door to the seniors who are looking for a warm and safe place to walk. Participants should use the main entrance to the school. Walking maps of the High School including distances and select routes are available at the Rec Dept. CLUB 55– LAKE MILLS SENIOR CENTER Days: Tuesday and Thur sday Dates: Ongoing Time: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Lactation: Lower Level, Fir st Congregational United Church of Chr ist, (307 W. Madison Street, Lake Mills, WI) Fee: FREE!! Club 55 is a not-for-profit senior center with the mission to provide in a charitable manner, a gathering space to enhance the well-being and independence of older adults by providing programs for staying engaged and active. We are supportive of the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of the older adult community. Club 55 is open to all!! Website: lakemillsseniorcenter.or g E-mail: lakemillsseniorcenter @gmail.or g Phone: 920-918-3176


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Lake Mills Disc Golf Course Location: E. Lake Par k Place - Behind the High School Practice Football Fields Fee: FREE to the public Our Disc Golf Course is… 

9 holes (Par 3-4)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm PROHIBITED

Great for all ages and experience levels!

Got Discs? Disc Golf rental are available at the Recreation Department Office. Each 24 hour rental comes with 3 discs and a carrying case. Call for availability 920-648-8035 Rental Fee: $3 Disc Rentals FREE on Wednesdays!!!!

Discounted Attraction Tickets The Recreation Department is offering discount tickets to the following places. Buy tickets here to avoid the gate prices! Please call prior to pick up to ensure availability. Tickets will be sold Memorial Day through Labor Day. Available in office only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ALLOWED

Milwaukee County Zoo

Six Flags Great America – Any Day

Season: Open Year Round (Tickets expire 12/31/18)

Season: Apr il 21 - November 10, 2018

Adult Ticket Gate Price: $15.50; You Pay: $11.25

Child Ticket Gate Price: $12.50; You Pay: $9.25

Ticket Gate Price: $77.24; You Pay: $50.25 FREE Admission: Age 2 and under

Child Ticket Ages 3-12 years old

Six Flags Great America – WPRA Week

FREE Admission: Age 2 and under

Season: J une 30 - July 8, 2018 (Tickets valid one day only)

Noah’s Arc Water Park

Ticket Gate Price: $77.24; You Pay: $38.25

Season: May 26 - September 3, 2018

FREE Admission: Age 2 and under

Ticket Gate Price: $37.35; You Pay: $28.00

Mt. Olympus Theme & Water Park

FREE Admission: Children 35” and under

Season: May 26 - September 3, 2018 Ticket Gate Price: $39.99; You Pay: $10.00 FREE Admission: Age 2 and under


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Community Resources ROCK LAKE ACTIVITY CENTER Rock Lake Activity Center is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. It is the mission of the Rock Lake Activity Center to positively affect the health and wellness of the community through quality programming and activities. Location: 229 Fr emont Str eet, Lake Mills, WI Hours: 24-hour access for members Office/ Drop In Hours: M-TH, 8:00 am – 11:00 am 6:00 pm – 8:00pm F, AM hours only Phone: 920-945-0156 Website: https://www.r ocklakeac.or g/home.html

L.D. FARGO PUBLIC LIBRARY The mission of the L. D. Fargo Public Library is to serve the people of Lake Mills and the surrounding area as a reading, learning, entertainment, cultural, and technological center. Location: 120 E. Madison Str eet, Lake Mills, WI Hours: M-TH, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm F-SAT, 9:00 am – 5:00pm SUN, Closed Phone: 920-648-2166 Website: Check out their website for a list of events, programs and Library Card Applications!

Check our their website for membership/Drop In pricing and activity pricing and details.

LAKE MILLS CHAMBER of COMMERCE ARTS ALLIANCE of GREATER LAKE MILLS Created in 2005, the Arts Alliance creates greater visibility for the arts in the greater Lake Mills area. AAGLM supports, develops, and promotes the visual, literary and performing arts through an alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses in order to enliven, entertain, educate and enhance the quality and economic vitality of Lake Mills. Website: https://www.aaglm.or g/new-cover-page/ To become a member or see what events AAGLM has coming up visit their website.

LAKE MILLS PARKS & FORESRTY The mission of the City of Lake Mills Parks & Forestry Department is the commitment of effective and responsible management of city owned parks and recreational areas, cemetery, urban forest and resources which enrich the quality of life within the community; and to maintain and operate all facilities and resources to accepted standards of safety, cleanliness and efficiency for the citizens of Lake Mills. Phone: 920-648-2344 Website: (Departments, Parks and Forestry) For a list of parks in Lake Mills or for more information regarding Park Shelter Reservations visit their website or contact their office directly.


Lake Mills Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to support the business community, foster new business growth and promote tourism, making Lake Mills a better place to do business, to work and to live. Phone: 920-648-3585 Website: http://www.lakemills.or g/ E-mail: chamber @lakemills.or g Visit their website to make your business a part of the Lake Mills Chamber of Commerce!

LAKE MILLS FOOD PANTRY The Lake Mills Food Pantry serves individuals and families in the Lake Mills School District. Qualifying clients may use the pantry once a week and select their own food choices from our shelves, freezer, and refrigerator. Our goal is to provide a variety of food in a respectful environment to anyone who finds themselves in need. Location: 720 E. Lake Str eet (St. Vincent de Paul Building) Hours: T, 8:30 - 10:30 am TH, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Phone: 920-945-0382 Website: http://svdplm.or g/food-pantry/ Learn how you can help by donating or becoming a volunteer or to see if you qualify for Food Pantry assistance, visit their website.

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LAKE MILLS CO-ED SAND VOLLEYBALL Registration Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018 Leagues: Wednesday Nights– 45 minute time limit on games Rec League (No spiking by men) Relaxed Rules B League (No spiking by men) B Power League (Men can spike) Thursday Nights– No time limit on games Combination of Power B League and B Leagues (Power league rules, Men can spike)

Dates: Leagues star t Wednesday, May 30 & Thur sday, May 31 Entry Fee: $80 (no r efer ees) CHECKS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE CITY OF LAKE MILLS Mail Checks to: Jane Riedl N7204 Faville Road Lake Mills, WI 53551 New teams will be placed on a waiting list until after the deadline. If previous teams are not signed up by the deadline they may lose their spot. There are only 30 spots/teams allowed for Wednesday and Thursday night leagues. So reserve your teams spot now! Limited to the first 30 teams. ** This is a Non-Affiliate Program. Co-ed Sand Volleyball is not part of LMRD Programming **

What’s your passion? If you have a hobby or skill that you would like to share with others in the community, and get paid to teach! Then we have an opportunity for you! All new programs would be starting in the Fall! Currently, we are looking for Senior citizen activity instructors, Tot activity leaders, Outdoor activity leaders, and more! Feel free to call us at 920-648-8035 for more information!

LOOKING TO VOLUNTEER? Contact the Recreation Department for a volunteer application/background check. We can send you a list of the openings that we currently have.

Call Us at 920-648-8035

LOOKING FOR A JOB??? Please stop in our office to fill out an application . Jobs are seasonal and openings fluctuate with the sports being offered that season.


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Lake Mills Recreation Department 120 E. Lake Park Place Lake Mills, WI 53551 Phone: 920-648-8035 Fax: 920-648-5795

Play. Learn. Live. 20

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Summer 2018 19 brochure final 4