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Winter/Spring 2014 PLAY, LEARN, LIVE!



A Look Back By: Ben Dayton- LMRD Recreation Director Welcome to a new year. Before we get too far into the 2014 we would like to take a step back and reflect on 2013. At the beginning of the last year I started my new position as Recreation Director here in Lake Mills. What a great first year it was. The overall support of the community and our outstanding volunteers have been great. Without the support of our volunteers we would not be able to provide the community with a wide variety of quality recreational programs. Along with our wonderful volunteers we also receive an overwhelming amount of support from our local businesses and business owners. They help to support our youth programs by sponsoring both youth and adult teams. Thanks to their sponsorships we are able to keep our programs affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Join facebook: Have you “liked� us yet? It took us a little bit of time but we have successfully joined facebook. LMRD supporters are now able to stay up to date with us via social media!

GOAL!!!!! At the start of last year we set 4 simple goals for the department.

Develop new programs: In 2013 we moved our flag football program to NFL Flag, we also added a 2/3 grade league and a 5K/1 grade skills program. In its first year we had 114 participants! In all we added 16 new programs and replaced 3 of our existing programs. If you would like us to try a new program or if you would like to teach a class let us know!

Conduct a community survey: Early February we conducted a short survey asking the community for some input what they are looking for with recreational programming. We ended up collecting over 300 responses!

Focus on current programming: What is our bread and butter? Our current programs! Here in Lake Mills our programs generate tons of interest for example our youth soccer program alone had over 330 participants! To help our volunteer coaches we developed packets for most of our programs. These packets are like a road map to their season along with tips on how to coach young kids. Additionally we have utilized end of season meetings as well as participant surveys to gather data on how to improve each program.

Chicago Shopping Trip Shopping on the Magnificent Mile!

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A Look Back New Brochure Volunteer Profile Rec Tips Q and A Upcoming programs

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The New Program Brochure With Spring and Summer swiftly approaching, folks around here are starting to think about baseball and softball. So are we! Over the past few weeks we have fielded several phone calls and emails from our patrons asking about the summer baseball programs like Tball, Coach Pitch and Tball Basic Skills. Don’t

2 worry we did not drop those programs! LMRD will now be promoting our programs through a seasonal brochure. Some of you may have already seen one come home in your child’s backpack or you may have received a digital copy in your email. These seasonal brochures are a great way for us to pass all our program information onto you!

out, so if you start to hear that others have seen it and you have not, don’t worry it is coming soon. We will also have paper copies available in our main office as well as each Lake Mills Public School and St Paul’s school. This is just another way for you to stay connected with what’s going with LMRD!

We will publish 3 brochures annually, the seasons are Summer (sent in April), Fall (sent in August), Winter/Spring (sent in December). Those of you who are signed up to receive emails through your school will be able to receive a digital copy before the paper copies are sent I

YOUTH MEDAL LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL Medal League Volleyball! Thank you to coach Bourassa for leading our first two practices! The kids had a great time getting back in to the “swing” of things!

Volunteer Profile With Jessica Sellnow - LMRD Volunteer Coach

It takes many volunteer coaches to make a successful youth sports program run. Each season parents volunteer their time to teach our kids the love of sport. Most importantly they teach them how fun it is to play sports and stay active! Q: What sports do you volunteer for? A: I currently volunteer with the soccer, t-ball, and basketball programs Q: What was your favorite sport as a child? A: My favorite sport as a child was basketball. I drove my parents crazy dribbling in our unfinished basement; and watching college basketball games with my dad taught me a lot. Q: What do you like most about coaching? A: Seeing the kids work together and improve within the season is very rewarding as a coach.

Q: Tell us about your favorite LMRD coaching moment. A: One of my favorite coaching moments with the LMRD is last summer in t-ball. A young boy caught his first line drive on the pitcher’s mound. The look on his face was priceless!!!.? Q: What would you tell someone who is interested in volunteer coaching for the first time? A: I would en courage anyone to volunteer their time because at this age sports is about having fun and working hard. Parents and other coaches are always willing to help one another. I knew nothing about soccer, but as my daughter is showing more interest we are learning together. Starting out as an assistant coach is available for those who cannot offer their time full-time.


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LMRD Q and A Q: Does the Recreation Department have a website? A: Yes, we do! Visit us @

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Shopping Trip

Or go to the Lake Mills School website and click on the District tab to find the Recreation Department. Q: How do I find out what youth activities are available? A: The current brochure is available to view at the Recreation website. We also have hard copies available in our office. Q: Are volleyball stats available on line? A: Yes they are, navigate to the programs and find adult athletics, click on the stats tab. Check to see what place your team is in! Q: Will the baseball diamonds be ready for the start of the season? A: Yes they will be ready in May for practice and games in June. Q: What does the R and NR mean on the registration form? A: R is for resident (Means you live in the Lake Mills School District) and NR is for non-resident. If you open enroll to LMASD you may use the resident price. Q: Where is the 24 hour drop box? A: It is at the back door of the District Office, 120 E. Lake Park Place. Check it


Rec Tips For our very first Rec Tips article we look to what one of the most popular news worthy topics in the headlines right now. The Weather! This winter has been one of the coldest on record and not to mention the constant snow storms that seem to never end. This brings up two different struggles that we have here in Wisconsin. Keeping the snow out and the unpredictable weather we get. Snowy shoes and Gym floors don’t mix! Snow, water, and salt are not good to have on our gym floors. Water can seep into the wood fibers, causing discoloration, decay and warping. When participating in activities inside the gym be sure to bring a second set of shoes to change into, so that you can hit the gym floor running and not sliding. Spring in Wisconsin Some days we will have bitter cold then the next day it’s raining. We have some of the wackiest weather around so as the spring sports calendar approaches we want to give you these helpful tips. 1. Layer up! It is a good idea to wear or bring several layers of clothes to your spring outdoor activities. Usually the only time a game will get canceled is if the rain is too heavy or if there is lightning. 2. Keep some plastic bags in your car. You can use the plastic bags to put muddy shoes in or wet clothes. Doing this may help you avoid a trip to the car wash.

On December 14th 2013 LMRD and Johnson Creek Rec partnered up to run our first Annual Chicago Shopping trip. The trip was a huge success, to say the least. Shoppers traveled stress free by coach bus down to the windy city. We were dropped off in style right in the heart of Chicago’s premier shopping district, Michigan Avenue. Participants were able to go at their own pace to enjoy the diverse shopping experience. Some of our participants event took a short break to enjoy one of the many great restaurants in the area. At the end of the night shoppers were able pack up their bags and relax on the way back home. We hope that you can join us next year!


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Upcoming Programs For a full listing of all our activities head to our website at NEW!!! Spring Rec Soccer 5K-5 Grade Registration Deadline: March 7 New this year Spring soccer! LMRD offers a pure recreational soccer program for children in 5K- 5 grade. Players will have fun while learning the fundamentals, rules and skills of the game. Level Code 5K/1 (U6) SS.K1 2/3 (U8) SS.23 4/5 (U10) SS.45 Game Dates: Saturday mornings – April 12 - May 17 (6 Weeks) Location: LMHS Practice Fields (E. Lake Park Place) Fee: $25/R ; $35/NR (Tax included) ESYBL Little League Baseball Registration Deadline: March 14 LMRD Little League Baseball program is open to both boys and girls who are currently age 9-12. Players must be 9 prior to May 1. Current 2013-14 school year 4 graders who are 8 year-old will be allowed to play in the AL league Level Code AL ( ages 9-10) LLS.AL NL (ages 11-12) LLS.NL Dates: Late May thru late July Fee: $40/R ; $50/NR (Tax included) Pony-Teener League Baseball Registration Deadline: March 14 LMRD Pony & Teener Baseball program both participate in Travel Leagues (parent transportation required). Player will be divided into teams depending on numbers. Participants cannot turn 16 before August 1. Team Code Pony-Teener 13-15 YBS.PT Dates: Late May thru late July Fee: $80/R ; $90/NR (Tax included) NEW!!! Baseball & Softball Open Gyms Dust off your glove and warm up that throwing arm. This is a great chance to get yourself warmed up for softball before the weather starts warm up! No pre-registration required. Must sign waiver upon arrival. Softball Age Bracket Time U8-U10 8:30 am - 9:30 am 12U-14U and non HS players 9:30 am - 10:30 am Baseball Age Bracket Time AL (9/10) 10:30 am - 11:30 am NL (11/12) and non HS players 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Day: Saturday Date: March 8 – March 29 Location: LMHS Lower Gym Fee: Free!

Try our NEW online registration option and mobile event program display for all LMRD activities. This is a free app that is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Check out what is going on by scrolling through the event feed or search for specific programs. There is a $1 service fee charged for each registration. Check it out today! Girls Softball U8-U16 Registration Deadline: March 21 Windmill Girls Fast Pitch Softball is an ASA sanctioned league. Girls are divided into divisions according to their age as of January 1, 2014. Division/Age Game Days Code Fee(Tax included) 8U (6-7-8) Wednesdays WSS.8U $40 R ; $50 NR 10U (9-10) Mondays WSS.10U $50 R ; $60 NR 12U (11-12) Tuesdays WSS.12U $50 R ; $60 NR 14U (13-14) Thursdays WSS.14U $50 R ; $60 NR 16U (HS players) Wednesdays WSS.16U $50 R ; $60 NR Dates: Early June - Late July League T-shirt: OPTIONAL tournament T-shirt add $10 to your fee and make note on your registration form. Adult Men’s and Women’s Volleyball 4’s Registration Deadline: March 21 Our Adult 4’s leagues are perfect for individuals looking to meet new people and have fun. . Day/Dates: Wednesdays, April 9 – May 21 Game Times: 6:30, 7:30 & 8:30 pm Location: Men at LMHS Upper Gym, Women at LMMS Gym Fee: $10 Per player (Tax is included) Intelligent Investing: What You Think You Know Might Hurt You! Registration Deadline: March 14 Topics discussed will included: Time Value of Money, Compounding, Capital Markets (cash, bonds, stock), Value vs. Growth Investing and Separate Accounts vs. Mutual Funds. Code: IIWS.AE Day/Date: Thursday, March 20 Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Guest Speaker: Adam Ryback of Kevin Bay Investments Location: LMMS Library Fee: FREE! Step UP- Co-ed Youth Fitness Registration Deadline: March 21 In this program kids will run through a circuit training routine filled with fun games and challenging exercise. We will also take a moment to teach lessons on nutrition labels, portion sizes, and positive food choices utilizing information from Grades 5K- 2 3:30-4:30 pm ; Code: SUWS.K2S3 Grades 3-4 4:30-5:30 pm ; Code: SUWS.34S3 Day/Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4/1-5/8 Fee: $50

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