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EASTER’S HERE! The Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores hosted its annual Easter Parade for a colorful mix of parents and children looking for some fun – and Easter goodies! Along with Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg and Hempstead Town Clerk Mark Bonilla are chamber member coordinator Martha Verdi,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


the ever-present Easter Bunny, and a group of paraders who braved cool breezes on an otherwise sunny Saturday. Merchants along Bedford Avenue handed out chocolate Easter eggs and other goodies to the children – after they posed with the Easter Bellmore Life photo by Douglas Finlay Bunny for photos. See page 9 for more photos.

Wee Friends making good use of Gunther School by Kimberly White Wee Friends Nursery School and Day Camp has rented out the Jacob Gunther Elementary School in Bellmore. Wee Friends, at both 1865 Beech Street in Wantagh and 2600 Regent Place in Bellmore, provides a day camp for children from ages three months through kindergarten. With another location in Merrick, Wee Friends opened at Gunther in September. Extensive flood damage caused by superstorm Sandy at its Merrick location hastened Wee

Friends’ complete move to Gunther, and the close of the Merrick location. Only classrooms on the first floor are being used at the Gunther location because all have a bathroom and younger children are involved. Supervision is also easier on the main floor. Continued economic uncertainty has created success at the Gunther location in Bellmore. BellmoreMerrick teachers, both moms and dads – the clientele Wee Friends in Bellmore serves – are working to tie up economic ends, causing them to send their children to daycare.

It gives the teachers who are also parents the opportunity to drop off their kids before school and pick them up once school ends. Wee Friends serves the same clientele in Wantagh. Wee Friends has been around for 37 years. Barbara Feman, teacher director, says, “Wee Friends focuses on the development of the whole child,” with cognitive teachers who help the kids learn concept skills with hands-on activities. Laurie Kass, a teacher at Wee Friends, is bringing in fish to her class of four-year-old students to dissect. They will be given surgical gloves

and will be looking at the eyes and bones of the fish. The unit they are studying is “Under the Sea,” and what the environment is like down there. That environment may tell something about why fish eyes are the way they are, as well as the bones. Everything the children learn intertwines with their unit. Barbara Feman calls these projects “an outgrowth of a learning experience.” Wee Friends offers a balance of arts and sports. Music and dance teachers interact with the kids for a half-hour every day and experiment with different types of music. (continued on page 5)

NAMES MAKE THE NEWS: Read about your neighbors! 64 local people’s names w ere in your community newspaper last w eek. Maybe yours is in this week! See inside.

New laws to release Sandy funds? page 3

Husband, wife die in shooting page 7

New Pathfinders blaze trails page 11

Let us entertain You page 25

Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 2

FOR A HEALTHIER YOU: Calhoun students enjoyed their annual Health Fair last week as vendors came and set up show to show the heathier side to life. At bottom left, students get fit with aerobic exercises that increase circulation to speed up metabolism for optimum physical conditioning. Top left, students serve fruit to promote healthy eating. Above, focusing on strength and pinpoint exercises can help prevent serious injury in the event of a random inciphotos by Jacob Derwin and Doug Finlay dent. See story on page 5.

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Withholding rightful funds “It is unconscionable that insurance companies and banks are withholding money their customers rightfully deserve,” said Legislator Denenberg. “The money belongs in the people’s hands. It’s time for them to pay up so that Sandy victims can continue getting their lives back on track.” The first bill Legislator Denenberg and the Democratic caucus support would amend the County Administrative Code regarding Unfair Trade Practices to provide a more speedy approval of insurance claims, as carriers are suspect-

ed of purposefully delaying and denying payment to customers in need, he said. Under this law, if the insurer wrongfully denies a valid claim, fails to answer a claim within 30 days or delays payment without providing reason for doing so, they will be fined and subject to lawsuit by the county attorney. The insurance company would also be liable for the customer’s full insurance payment, plus interest, as well as reimbursement of other subsequent damages including (but not limited to) emotional distress, property damage and attorney’s fees. The second would require banks to promptly release homeowners’ insurance payments in the event of a major disaster. This would ensure that once the money is released, customers would receive their payment in a reasonable amount of time – not several weeks or months. Historically, banks or lending institutions that hold the mortgage on a home are considered “part owner.” Any insurance claim that is paid out for damages must be signed off by the homeowner and bank or lending institution that holds the mortgage. Numerous complaints from residents state that bank delays and burdensome requirements have delayed their ability to move forward with necessary home repairs. This also affects local businesses and contractors, too, since they are relying on rebuilding Nassau County to help them recover the business they lost as a result of Sandy. Insurance experts who blog on insurance websites have told Bellmore Life that insurers have paid a majority of the

FUNERAL HOME Family to to Family Family Family Service ServiceSince Since1914 1914

claims based on personal coverage, explaining that is where homeowners get cash to get started. But the specific federal flood insurance claim requires a lengthier analysis of damage, and all those analyses then must go to the federal government for action. Common understanding within the industry is that if a comprehensive flood analysis is done at a first visit, homeowners would not get money to start for some time. “We don’t need anymore red tape or governmental layers in an already laborintensive paper process,” said one agent. It was noted that some homeowners have also taken upfront monies and fled the area, making security an issue for banks who hold mortgages on those homes. Jurisdiction over banks? Brian Nevin, spokesman for Nassau County Exectuve Edward P. Mangano, told Bellmore Life that “Obviously, we would support anything that could help our residents get access to their funds so that

they could quickly get on with the work of rebuilding their homes.” But he added that “we also know we don’t have any authority over banks, it is both a state and federal issue. If we can get that authority over the banks, any legislation might work.” Frank Moroney, director of communications for the Republican Majority Legislative caucus, said, “The threshold is whether or not enforcement rests with the county. It is a thoughtful remedy that is worth looking at. However, the mechanism already exists under the [state] attorney general’s office. Nassau County does not have a banking department; it does not have an insurance department. This is not to devalue the proposal. Sometimes you have to make a proposal in order to catch people’s attention.” For information call the state consumer hotline at 800-342-3736, M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Or you can visit –With Arielle Martinez and D. Finlay

FEMA extends TSA program With 140 Nassau County households still relying on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program, the agency – at the request of the State of New York – has approved a 21-day extension to the TSA program, which allows eligible survivors from superstorm Sandy who cannot return to their homes to stay in participating hotels. The new checkout date for those in the TSA program is Sunday, April 14. FEMA is calling applicants eligible for the extension to notify them of the new checkout date. The temporary TSA program allows eligible superstorm Sandy survivors whose houses have been severely damaged or destroyed to stay in a hotel for a limited time. The cost of the room and taxes are paid directly to the hotel by FEMA. The extension was approved to help those applicants still eligible for the program to remain in hotels as

FEMA and its state and local partners work to identify longer-term housing solutions. All TSA applicants staying in hotels are evaluated for continued eligibility. FEMA continues to work in coordination with state, local and voluntary agency partners to assist applicants through outreach and comprehensive casework to identify and transition them to more suitable temporary or long-term housing. Meals, telephone calls and other incidental charges are not covered, and applicants are responsible for any lodging costs above the authorized allowance. The program does not reimburse previously incurred hotel expenses. While there were 18 county registrants as of March 21 registering for FEMA assistance for the first time – and eight on March 20 – the deadline for registering for FEMA assistance is still this Friday, March 29, at 6 p.m. – D. Finlay

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Legislator Dave Denenberg (DMerrick) is looking to introduce new county legislation to help residents struggling to pay for repairs to their homes following superstorm Sandy. Last week he announced he has introduced two new bills that would potentially help release much-needed funds from insurance companies, banks or mortgage lenders who have delayed payment to Nassau residents having a hard time paying for heat, electricity and construction. Homeowners are forced to dip into their savings accounts because insurance companies and banks are holding up the process by delaying payment and misinforming their customers, he said. With these two bills, Legislator Denenberg and Democratic legislators hopeful that Sandy victims can receive the money they need to rebuild their homes and find some sort of normalcy restored to their lives.

Page 3 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

Proposed county laws could help retrieve homeowner funds

Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 4

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More than a number The SAT tests, for which college-bound students spend their entire education K-12 preparing, have been scientifically designed to determine how well they will do at the university. Educators say if they have a good math background and have done a lot of reading of literature, history and current events (newspapers and news magazines) they should do well. Yet in an ever-more competitive society, so many take the test taking strategy courses that promise to increase scores that not taking one may be a disadvantage. Others spend hours memorizing the vocabulary that commonly appears on the test. But at least they do not start in grade school. However, a new trend applying business principles to education, measuring outcome by test results, has created a monster, because now elementary school children are being tested on what they could not possibly know, then taught it and then tested again just to provide these measurements of teacher effectiveness, a policy which totally lacks common sense and can be very discouraging to the children. If they react by giving up in despair, we lose. If they react by treating the tests as a joke, we lose too. When teachers are forced to “teach to the test” they will be producing classrooms full of students who resemble sausages, all the same. They will not be nurturing individual talents. They will not be seizing “teachable moments” that come when children express their natural curiosity about a topic, and are open and excited about learning it. That moment is not easily recaptured. What kind of classroom do you want for your child? You have the opportunity to hear what local educators are saying about it soon. Wantagh Elementary School Principal Dr. Don Sternberg will be among the panelists at a conference titled “More than a Number: How State Testing is Affecting the Educational and Emotional Health of Students,” on Wednesday, April 10, from 7- 9 p.m. at Hofstra University’s Adams Playhouse in Hempstead. The event is sponsored by New York State Principals, School Leadership 2.0 and Hofstra. Others taking part in the panel discussion include: Dr. Bill Johnson (superintendent, Rockville Centre School District) Dr. Carol Burris (principal, South Side High School, Rockville Centre) Dr. Sean Feeney (principal, The Wheatley School, Old Westbury) Sharon Fougner (principal, E.M. Baker Elementary School in Great Neck) Dr. Sheri Lederman (teacher, E.M. Baker Elementary School) Nikhil Goyal (student author from Syosset High School) Dr. Lola Nouryan (psychologist, Hofstra University) Leonie Haimson (parent advocate and head of Class Size Matters).

READY, SET...SCRAMBLE! Hundreds of parents jump in along with their children as they begin the hunt for Easter eggs at Newbridge Road Park to see what’s in them. It’s all over just as quickly as it began, too. See more photos on page 8. Bellmore Life photo by Douglas Finlay

bellmore bits LIBRARY VOTE: The North Bellmore Public Library will hold its annual budget vote and Trustee Election on Thursday, April 7, from 1-9 p.m. in the library’s community ©©© BINGO-CHINESE AUCTION: The Ladies Auxiliary of the Bellmore Fire Department will hold a Bingo and Chinese Auction night at Bellmore FD headquarters, 230 Pettit Avenue, on Friday, April 26, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Admission is $8, $4 for 10 years and under. Admission includes bingo card pack, door prize, coffee, tea and dessert. Healthy food choices available. Handicap accessible. To purchase tickets or reserve a table call Valerie at 860-9389. ©©© FILM FESTIVAL: The annual Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) will celebrate its 16th birthday at home at the Bellmore Movies from Thursday, July 18- Thursday, July 25, a date change from its original second week of July. There will be hundreds of independent films – many from around the world, film panels, networking, celebrities and parties. For information visit, email or call 571-3168. ©©© NORTH BELLMORE SCHOOL BOARD: The North Bellmore School District Board of Education will meet at the Martin Avenue School, 2616 Martin Avenue, on Thursday, April 11, at 8 p.m. All are welcome to attend. ©©© FUNDRAISER: Billy Dwyer from Boy Scout Troop 192 at the Bellmore Presbyterian Church will hold a fundraiser at Wendy’s on Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh tonight, March 27, from 5-8 p.m. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to his Eagle Scout project, which is to build an aviary to house endangered animals at the Tackapausha Preserve in Seaford. He asks for your support in making his Eagle Scout project become reality. ©©© DORA THE EXPLORER: Plaza Theatrical Productions present “Dora The Explorer Live: Dora’s Pirate Adventure!” through Saturday, March 30, 11 a.m.;

Saturdays, April 6, 13 and 20, 11 a.m.; and Sunday, April 7, 1 p.m. at the Bellmore ShowPlace, 222 Pettit Avenue. Dora, her best buddy Boots the Monkey, and the rest of their friends embark on an exciting trip to Treasure Island. Along the way, the audience will use their mapreading, counting, musical and language skills to successfully help Dora reach the treasure. All ends happily with a “yo-ho-ho!” Tickets are $10 per person. The performance runs for one hour and is followed by a meet-and-greet with the cast. Birthday parties welcome! For individual and group ticket information and reservations, call Plaza Theatrical Productions at 599-6870, or you can visit ©©© CHSD TRANSPORTATION: Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District parents are reminded that New York State Law requires a written transportation request annually by April 1 from parents or guardians of students (grades 7-12) who plan to attend private or parochial schools. Requests must be submitted prior to April 1 for the school year beginning September. Transportation application forms for the 2013-2014 school year are available at the BellmoreMerrick CHSD business office, 1260 Meadowbrook Road, North Merrick 11566. Or you can visit the district website ©©© H O L I D AY B A S K E T S : Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg will join with Long Island Cares on Friday, March 29, at 11 a.m. at his office, 2818 Merrick Road, to distribute a limited number of Easter food baskets for those in the community who could benefit from them. Preregistration is required. For information call Legislator Denenberg’s office at 409-8524. ©©© TOY DRIVE: County Legislator Dave Denenberg, with the Bellmore Lions Club, extends his holiday toy and book drive. Like other holiday drives, this effort collects books and toys for donations. However, this drive extends the season for giving beyond the holiday season and is intended to provide toys and

books for hospitalized children and/or children in need. In the aftermath of Sandy, when so many people have lost so much, this is something the community can do together to bring joy to children in its communities. Unwrapped toys, gifts and books may be dropped off at Leg. Denenberg’s district office, 2818 Merrick Road, Bellmore, weekdays from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. ©©© BELLMORE SCHOOLS TRANSPORTATION: Bellmore School District parents are reminded that New York State Law requires a written transportation request annually by April 1 from parents or guardians of students grades K-6 who plan to attend private or parochial schools outside the school district in which they legally reside. Requests must be submitted prior to April 1 for the school year beginning September. Transportation application forms for the 2013-2014 school year are available at the Bellmore School District business office, 580 Winthrop Avenue, Bellmore 11710, or on the website at under the “District” tab. New students to the district must call the superintendent’s office at 679-2911 to register their child/children, even though they will be attending a private or parochial school outside the Bellmore School District. ©©© CLUB EVENTS: On Sunday, April 7, the Republican Club will hold a Comedy Night at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $20 per person. ©©© BATTLE OF THE BANDS: The Bellmore-Merrick Wellness Council and the Rock Underground will present a Battle of the Bands on Saturday, April 19, from 7-11 p.m., at the Brookside School auditorium, at 1260 Meadowbrook Road. Admission is $10, cash or check. Make checks payable to Community Wellness Council. Funds raised go to support the “Midnight Madness” Post Prom event. For information call the council at 992-1073. ©©©

For parents of children with special needs, the future can hold much uncertainty. Autism and other developmental disabilities are on the rise, meaning that a growing number of children will require lifelong care. In light of the deep cuts made to special needs funding at state and federal levels, it’s important that families properly prepare for the future. Parents cannot rely on government aid alone to provide for their children’s well-being, and expert advice has become

crucial to safeguarding assets and benefits. On Thursday, April 25, at 8 p.m. the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, in conjunction with BellmoreMerrick SEPTA and Community Parent Center (CPC), will host the workshop How to protect your child legally and financially, offered by Andrew Cohen, Esq. and Mitch Weisbrot, CLU, that addresses eligibility for government benefits, guardianship, estate planning and supplemental needs trusts. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Weisbrot are fathers

of children with disabilities who frequently lecture together on the subject of disabilities. In addition to being a member of the New York State Bar Association, Mr. Cohen is a charter member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners and received Exceptional Parent magazine’s Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished Service Award at Citi Field in May 2010. Mr. Weisbrot is a charter member of Northwestern Mutual’s Special Steps Program and a member of Sid Jacobson

Jewish Community Center’s Special Needs Advisory Committee. The seminar, How to protect your child legally and financially, will be held in the B169 room at Calhoun High School, 1786 State Street, Merrick. For information, call Cheryl Gitlitz, LCSW, at 992-1349. To learn about the speakers, you can visit and – Wendy Tepfer, CPC

Calhoun health fair shows how to live a healthier lifestyle Calhoun High School’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club hosted its annual Health Fair on Friday, encouraging students and staff to commit to a healthier lifestyle. The Calhoun gymnasium was filled wall-to-wall with stations for students to try health-food options, different exercises and activities, and learn about their health. Local businesses also donated their time to the fair, such as Vanity Hair Salon – which is giving away a prom package for a lucky high school student who wins its raffle – and local cosmetology places such as European Wax. Popular eatery Souper Fry had a table where it gave out free soup samples, and Professionals Athletic Center was helping measure students’ jumping

abilities with a special measuring tool. Other vendors included Cross Fit, Synergy, La Mystika, Swirlz World, Olga’s Hair Salon and Hope Fitness. Student-run stations included rhythm gaming areas for students to play physical games such as “Just Dance,” which shows how video gaming can be fun exercise, and a make-your-own fruit salad and oatmeal station. Alongside physical health stations showing at the fair, there were mental and emotional health stations as well. A mind-teaser game was set up a booth, as well as a Gay-Straight Alliance booth run by the members of the GSA club at Calhoun. Periodically throughout the day, a group of student dancers would gather in the middle of the gym and lead everyone at the fair in Zumba, a popular dancercise sweeping the nation. “We brought in some new vendors,”


WALKIN’ THE LINE: Community Parent Center’s booth had students walk the line with glasses that simulate drunkenness to show the real effects of driving and drinking.

Good use of Gunther School New pool coming Activities focus on areas of art, library, movement, tennis, science, math enrichment and music. But of note is that the outside play area at Gunther is being redeveloped to include a pool, though there are other playgrounds where the kids can still

March 31st 10 AM Service


All are welcome. Come join in the celebration of this holiest of Sundays and rejoice in the assurance of the Resurrection that you are loved indeed.

The Friendly Little Church Around The Corner

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Easter Sunday

said Keri Cinelli, the health teacher in charge of SADD and the Health Fair, “and we added some new stations for women’s health, but we kept most of it the way it’s traditionally been.” With everything from drunk-driving simulators at the Community Parent Center booth to professional massages, the SADD Health Fair has once again promoted health and wellness in all its different forms.

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play for a half-hour or so. The pool will be completely finished in about four to five weeks, which the children are excited about. Children’s enrollment is on the upswing at Wee Friends since it picked Gunther as a new location. For information visit the Wee Friends website at

For an interview, call Owner/Broker Tony Smith at SAS Real Estate 516-781-5050


by Jacob Derwin

Page 5 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

SEPTA to meet on future benefits preparation

B e ll m o r e M e t h o d i s t C h u r c h C l ar en d on Av en ue 2 2 1 -1 2 20 Easter Sunday, March 31: 10:30 a.m., worship service. Bellmore Pres byterian Church 27409 Martin Avenue 7 85-2590 Maundy Thursday, March 28: 7:30 p.m. Communion in the Sanctuary. Good Friday, March 29: 7:30 p.m., Bellmore/Merrick Community Service together at the Merrick United Methodist Church. Easter Sunday, March 31: 9 and 10:30 a.m., Resurrection of the Lord, Communion. Center Point Church 2658 Corner Lane 826-0432 Good Friday, March 29: 7:30 p.m., service will be held at 98 Jerusalem Avenue, Massapequa. Easter Sunday, March 31: The 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and noon, services will be held at 98 Jerusalem Avenue, Massapequa. Gr a c e E v a n g e l i c a l L u t h e r a n C hu r c h 1 2 9 4 B e ll m o r e A v e nu e 78 5-5 02 9 Wednesday, March 27: 7:30 p.m. Holy Week prayers. Maundy Thursday, March 28: 10 a.m. service; 7:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday Liturgy. Good Friday, March 29: 10 a.m. service; 3 p.m. Way of the Cross for children; 4 p.m. egg coloring; 7:30 p.m. Good Friday Liturgy. Saturday, March 30: 7:30 p.m., Easter Vigil service. Easter Sunday, March 31: 8 a.m. Holy Communion service; 9 a.m. Easter Breaksfast, followed at 10 a.m. by Children’s Easter Egg hunt. 10:30 a.m., Holy Communoin service. N e i g h b o r h o o d A s s e m b ly o f G o d 28 32 Mer ri ck R oa d 8 26 -65 2 3 Friday, March 29: 7:30 p.m., Passion service. Easter Sunday, March 31: 6:30 a.m., Sunrise service at Mill Pond, Merrick Road, across from church. 10 a.m., Easter celebration. S a i n t B a r na b a s t h e A p o s t l e C h u r c h 232 0 B edf o rd A ve n ue 78 5-0 05 4 Holy Thursday, March 28: 9 a.m. morning prayer; 7:30 p.m. Mass of the Lord’s Supper, followed at 11 p.m. by the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Good Friday, March 29: 9 a.m., morning prayer; noon, Outdoor Stations of the Cross; 3 p.m. Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. 7:30 p.m. Good Friday evening prayer service highlights the seven last words of Jesus from the cross featuring musical contata, “The Seven Last Words,” by Theodore Dubois. Included are readings from the scriptures and the Veneration of the Cross. Holy Saturday, March 30: 9 a.m.,

morning prayer; 7:30 p.m., Easter Vigil, lasting about two hours. Easter Sunday, March 31: 7, 9, 10:30 a.m. and noon Masses; 10:15 a.m., Family Mass in the Holy Family Chapel. S a in t Jo h n L u th er an C h u rc h 2 150 C e n tre Av en ue 7 85 -4 33 1 Maundy Thursday, March 28: 7:30 p.m. Maundy services. Good Friday, March 29: 7:30 p.m. Good Friday services. Easter Sunday, March 31: 10 a.m. Easter Services. S a in t Ma rk th e Ev an g e l ist Ep isco p al C h ur ch 1 6 9 2 B e l l mo r e Av en u e 679 -118 4 Holy Thursday, March 28: 7 p.m., Mass. Good Friday, March 29: noon, Stations of the Cross. 7p.m., Mass. Easter Sunday, March 31: 10 a.m., Mass.

Merrick C ur é of A rs C h urc h 2 32 3 Me rri c k A ve n ue Holy Thursday, March 28 9 a.m. Morning Prayer 8 p.m. Mass of the Lord’s Supper Good Friday, March 29 9 a.m. Morning Prayer 1 p.m. Outdoor Stations of the Cross 3 p.m. The Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion (Service) followed by Confessions 8 p.m. Stations of the Cross

Merr ic k Un i ted Me th odi s t C hu rch 14 25 Me rri ck Ave nu e 3 78-9 222 Holy Thursday, March 28: 7:30 p.m., Maundy Thursday Love Feast, Holy Communion will be observed. Good Friday, March 29: 8:20 a.m.-2:40 p.m., and 4:20-6:40 p.m. prayer vigil in the chapel; 7:30 p.m., join with members of other churches in the Bellmore-Merrick communities for Good Friday worship service. Easter Sunday, March 31: 10 a.m., celebrate the Resurrection. C om mu ni t y Pres by ter ia n C hu rch 2101 Wil l iam P la ce 3 78-7761 Maundy Thursday, March 28: 7:30 p.m., candlelight Tenebrae and Communion service. Easter Sunday, March 31: 10 a.m. Easter service with special music and a ‘living cross.’ Easter bonnets are welcomed!

East Meadow Ch rist th e Kin g Ep iscop al Ch ur ch 2 408 Fifth St reet , Ea st M eado w 731- 3902 Maundy Thursday, March 28: 7:30 p.m., Holy Eucharist. Good Friday, March 29: 7:30 p.m. Good Friday Liturgy with Stations of the Cross. Mass of the pre-consecrated. Easter Sunday, March 31: 10 a.m., Solemn Festival celebration of


Ecumenica l Easter dawn worship at J ones Beach The Long Island Council of Churches invites one and all to its Easter dawn worship service at Jones Beach beginning at 6:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday, March 31, rain or shine, at Jones Beach State Park “Easter celebrates resurrection, new life in the face of death,” observes the Rev. Thomas W. Goodhue, executive director of the LICC. “After all the destruction caused by superstorm Sandy along the South Shore and elsewhere, it is good to welcome Easter and celebrate recovery as dawn breaks on the beach.” This year’s preacher will be Rev. Goodhue, and his sermon will focus on “Hanging on for Dear Life or Leaping Toward New Life.” He will also have a story for children, who are encouraged to attend. Soh Young Lee-Segredo, a member of Freeport United Methodist Church, and members of the Multi-Cultural Peace Mission Choir, will sing, as will Don Warner from Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church. Enter Parking Field 6 and head due south toward the beach, where there will be large LICC banner directing you toward the gathering place. Parking is free at that hour. The service is brief (about half an hour) and informal. Worshippers are encouraged to dress warmly and bring beach chairs or blankets. Worshippers also are encouraged to bring nonperishable food or monetary donations for the LICC’s emergency food pantries, which have been inundated with requests for help this year, particularly from senior citizens and from those affected by Sandy .

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Holy Saturday, March 30 9 a.m. Morning Prayer 4 - 4:45 p.m. Confessions 8 p.m. Easter Vigil

At Th ese Newsstan ds

Easter Sunday, March 31 Masses in the Church: 7:30, 9:30, 11:15 a.m. and 1 p.m. Mass in Parish Center: 11:30 a.m. S a cr ed H ea rt C h u rch 7 20 M err i ck Av en u e N or th Me rri c k 37 9-13 56 Holy Thursday, March 28: 11 a.m., Chrism Mass (Rockville Centre). 7:30 p.m., Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Good Friday, March 29: 3 p.m. Liturgy of the Passion and Death of the Lord. 7:30 p.m. Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday, March 30 10-11 a.m. Confessions (Church) 8 p.m. Easter Vigil Easter Sunday, March 31: Masses are 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

the Day of Resurrection.

Rite-Stop 1445 Newbridge Rd.

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Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 6

Easter church services in your neighborhood

Nassau police received a call at 12:44 p.m. on Thursday from the 32-year-old son of Felice, 60, and Carolina Stanco, 61, saying he had found his parents dead when he came to their home. He had received a call from the employer of one of his parents saying they hadn’t shown up for work. Nassau County Inspector Kenneth Lack told Bellmore Life and other reporters gathered outside 202 Leonard Street, North Bellmore, that Mr. Stanco shot his wife Carolina with a rifle before turning the gun on himself. Detective Lieutenant John Azzata, commanding officer of the police department’s Homicide Squad, told Bellmore Life that

interviews with people who knew the couple revealed that Mr. Stanco may have been suffering from hallucinations, such as people following him. It could not be acertained by press time if Mr. Stanco was prescribed medication to resolve the hallucinations, or whether any medication at all had been prescribed. It could not be learned if Mr. Stanco suffered from hallucinations before. Det. Lt. Azzata confirmed that the couple had had dinner with their children – their son as well as a daughter – the night before the murder-suicide.

Page 7 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

North Bellmore husband, wife die in shootings

202 LEONARD STREET was the scene of a fatal shooting. photo by John Scalesi Jr.

Woman sentenced in ex-husband’s death Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said that in the late evening of November 16, 2011, Ms. Boland and her ex-husband, Walter Boland, with whom she still lived on Waltoffer Avenue, got into an argument that escalated when she alleged that he threatened her with a sharpbladed instrument. Ms. Boland said that she grabbed it out his hand and stabbed him with it once in the abdomen, driving it upward and four inches deep. Ms. Boland, against whom her exhusband had a valid order of protection,

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Boland told family, friends and coworkers that he had stormed off after an argument and hadn’t returned. When his body was discovered, she told them that she was worried it might be her ex-husband. “This was not self-defense and it was no accident. Nancy Boland killed her ex-husband, dumped his body on the side of the road, and then lied to anyone who asked,” Ms. Rice said. “No matter how thoroughly she attempted to cover her tracks, she could not hide from what she had done,” the DA concluded.

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told police that he refused to be taken to the hospital, and that she left him at home to go to work the following day. When she returned home, she found the victim unresponsive. After dressing him and attempting to feed him, she concluded that he was dead but waited until after dark to drag his body to her mother’s car. She dumped his body on the Wantagh State Parkway bike path north of Sunrise Highway, where it was found by a jogger in the early morning of November 18, 2011. After stabbing the victim, Ms.


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A North Bellmore woman was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to stabbing her exhusband to death during an argument in November 2011, and then dumping his body on the Wantagh bike trail. Nancy Boland, 57, pleaded guilty to every charge against her in January, including to Manslaughter, Aggravated Criminal Contempt, Criminal Contempt, three counts of Tampering With Physical Evidence, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. The DA’s office recommended a 12-year prison sentence at the time of her plea.

HUNDREDS of families came out on a cool breezy Saturday to Newbridge Road Park for an egg hunt sponsored by the Town of Hempstead. At left, Supervisor Kate Murray welcomes one family. Bands ‘n rides were part of the fun, as were the cast of characters.



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Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 8

An Egg-hunting we will go...

Page 9 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

Welcome to the Easter Parade

Bellmore Life photos by Douglas Finlay

EASTER BUNNY walked with local luminaries to open the annual Easter Parade sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores. At right, Olivia Caleca, 5, Noelle McIntosh, 7, and the young Miss Rowley, 5 – all from Bellmore – along with Hempstead Town Clerk and Bellmore resident Mark Bonilla, chamber Treasurer Gene Judd and Martha Verdi join with the bunny. Bottom right, twins Miles and Ryder Bachisin and mom Erica enjoy an easy moment with the Easter Bunny.

A Sweet Passover And A Happy Easter


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2585 Merrick Road, Bellmore






Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 10

PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF SPECIAL DISTRICT MEETING OF THE BELLMORE MEMORIAL LIBRARY TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY OF NASSAU, NEW YORK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special District Meeting of the qualified voters of the Bellmore Union Free School District, Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, will be held in the Bellmore Memorial Librar y, 2288 Bedford Avenue, Bellmore, New York, on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. prevailing time, for the purpose of voting, by voting machine, upon the following items: To adopt the Annual Budget of the Bellmore Memorial Library for the fiscal year 2013-2014, and to authorize the requisite portion thereof to be raised by taxation on the taxable property of the School District; and (2) To elect one (1) Trustee to the Bellmore Memorial Library board to fill a five year term commencing July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2018, as a result of the expiration of the term previously held by Wendy Forgash. FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that for the purpose of voting at such meeting on April 3, 2013 the polls will be open between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. prevailing time, and the voting will be held in the Bellmore Memorial Librar y, 2288 Bedford Avenue, Bellmore, New York; and FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a copy of the statement of the amount of money which will be required for the ensuing year for the Bellmore Memorial Library’s purposes, exclusive of public monies, may be obtained by any resident of the School District during the fourteen (14) days immediately preceding said meeting, except Sunday, from the Library, located at 2288 Bedford Avenue, Bellmore, New York, during regular business hours; and FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that petitions nominating candidates for the office of Trustee of the Bellmore Memorial Librar y shall be filed at the Bellmore U.F.S.D. District Office, 580 Winthrop Avenue, Bellmore, New York not later than 5:00 p.m. prevailing time Monday, March 6, 2013. Each petition must be directed to the District Clerk, must be signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters of the District, and must state the residence of each signer and the name and residence of the candidate; and FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to the provisions of Education Law, personal registration of voters is required, and no person shall be entitled to vote at the meeting whose name does not appear on the register of the School District prepared thereof. All persons who shall have been previously registered for Annual or Special School District Meetings and who shall have voted at any such Annual or Special Meeting held or conducted at any time within the four (4) calendar years prior to April 3, 2013 shall be entitled to vote at this Special District Meeting. In addition, all those who are registered to vote with the Board of Elections of Nassau County pursuant to Article 5 of Election Law shall be entitled to vote at this Special District Meeting. FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to the provisions of the Education Law, absentee ballots for the selection of a Trustee of the Library and for the adoption of the annual budget may be applied for at the District Clerk’s office located at the Winthrop Avenue School, 580 Winthrop Avenue, Bellmore, N.Y. during regular business

hours. Such application must be received on or before March 21, 2013, if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, or by 5:00 p.m. on April 2, 2013, if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter; and no such ballot will be canvassed unless it shall have been received by the District Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. prevailing time, on the day of the vote/election. A list of all persons to whom absentee ballots have been issued will be available in the Bellmore Memorial Library during regular business hours on each of the five days prior to April 3, 2013 except Saturday, Sunday and holidays; and FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a qualified voter whose ability to appear personally at the polling place is substantially impaired by reason of permanent illness or physical disability and whose registration record has been marked “permanently disabled” by the Board of Elections pursuant to the provisions of the Election Law, shall be entitled to receive an absentee ballot pursuant to the provisions of the Education Law without making separate application for such absentee ballot. FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Registration will meet at the Bellmore Memorial Library in said district on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of preparing the register of the school district for such Special District Meeting and for any meeting of said district subsequent to the Special District Meeting; at such time and place any person will be entitled to have his or her name placed upon such register provided that he or she is known or proven to the satisfaction of the Board of Registration to be entitled to vote at the meeting or election for which such register is to be prepared and as is authorized by the Education Law of the State of New York. FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public information hearing will be held at the Bellmore Memorial Library, Bellmore, New York on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of discussion of the expenditure of funds for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES BELLMORE MEMORIAL LIBRARY Randy Yee, District Clerk DATED: January 2013 BELLMORE, NEW YORK BL 390 4T 2/13, 27, 3/13, 27 NOTICE OF SPECIAL DISTRICT MEETING NORTH BELLMORE PUBLIC LIBRARY NORTH BELLMORE TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD NASSAU COUNTY, NEW YORK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Librar y District Meeting and Voting upon the appropriation of necessar y funds and tax levy to meet the estimated expenditures of the North Bellmore Public Library for the fiscal year 2013-2014, and the election of a Library Trustee for a full five-year term, to the position currently encumbered by Vincent Maiello, whose term of office will expire June 30, 2013 will be held at the North Bellmore Public Librar y at 1551 Newbridge Road Nor th Bellmore NY 11710 opposite the firehouse in Nor th Bellmore, on Thursday, April 11, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and as much longer as may be necessary for all voters then present to cast their votes. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN THAT: 1. Pursuant to Education Law Section 2014, personal registration of voters is

required and no person shall be entitled to vote at said meeting and election whose name does not appear on the register of said Library; and 2. Any person shall be entitled to have his name placed upon such register provided he is known or proven to such Board of Registration to be entitled to vote at the meeting or election for which such registration is prepared to vote at general elections; and 3. Qualified voters may register at the North Bellmore Public Library on Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Voters having previously registered for any Annual or Special Library or School District Election or Meeting, or who shall have voted at any Annual or Special Meeting or Election held or conducted at any time within the past four (4) calendar years prior to the preparation of the register, or who are registered to vote at any general election pursuant to Article 5 of the Election Law of the State of New York are considered registered to vote. Such register will be filed in the office of the Director of the North Bellmore Public Library five (5) days preceding such Special District Meeting and will be open for inspection by any qualified voter of the District during such days between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. 4. In accordance with Education Law No. 2018-a, application for absentee ballots for the Library Special District Meeting may be applied for at the Library. Such application must be received by the Board of Registration at least seven (7) days before the election if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, or on the day before the election, if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter. The Board of Registration shall make a list of all persons to whom absentee voters' ballots have been issued, and have it available during regular office hours until the day of election. Such list shall be posted at the polling place during the election. No absentee vote ballot shall be canvassed unless it is received not later than 5:00 PM on the day of the election. BUDGET PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a Public Hearing will be held on Thursday March 28, 2013 at 7:30 PM at the North Bellmore Public Library for the purpose of discussion of the said expenditures of funds and the budget thereof. Copies of the proposed 2013-2014 Library Budget will be available at the Nor th Bellmore Library during regular librar y hours (9AM-9PM Monday-Thursday, 9AM-6PM Friday, 9AM-5PM Saturday and 1PM-5PM Sunday) commencing fourteen (14) days immediately preceding the Special District Meeting of April 11,2013 and at the polling place on the day of the Special District Meeting. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the candidates for the office of Library Trustee shall be nominated by petition. Each petition shall be directed to the Secretary of the Library Board of Trustees and shall be signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters of the District, shall state the residence of each signer and shall state the name and residence of the candidate and specific vacancy for which a candidate is nominated, including at least the length of the term of office and the name of the last incumbent, if any. In the event that any such nominee shall withdraw his candidacy prior to the election, such person shall not be considered a candidate unless a new petition nominating such person in the same manner and with the same limitations applicable to other

candidates is filed with the Secretary of the Library Board of Trustees. No person shall be nominated by petition for more than one separate office. Each petition shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the North Bellmore Public Librar y between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, not later than the thirtieth (30th) day preceding the day of the election, to wit: March 12, 2013 at 5 PM. BY ORDER OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES NORTH BELLMORE PUBLIC LIBRARY BL 392 4T 2/20, 27, 3/13, 27 File No. 2011-367338/A SURROGATE'S COURT - NASSAU COUNTY FIRST SUPPLEMENTAL CITATION THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, By The Grace of God Free and Independent, To: VINCENT ANTHONY BASILEO, if living and if dead, to the heirs-at-Iaw, next-of-kin and distributees of said VINCENT ANTHONY BASILEO, deceased, whose names and places of residence are unknown and if they died subsequent to the decedent therein, to their executors, administrators, legatees, devisees, assignees, and successors in interest whose places of residence are unknown and if any of the said above distributees named specifically or as a class be dead, their legal representatives, their husbands or wives, if any, distributees and successors in interest whose places of residence and post office addresses are unknown and cannot after diligent inquiry be ascertained. A petition having been duly filed by Theresa Basileo, domiciled at 121 Laurel Lane, Syosset, New York, 11791. YOU ARE HEREBY CITED TO SHOW CAUSE before the Surrogates Cour t, NASSAU COUNTY, at the NASSAU COUNTY COURT HOUSE, 262 OLD COUNTRY ROAD, Mineola, New York on the 10th day of April, 2013 at 9:30 A.M., in the Estate of ANTONINO M. BASILEO, lately domiciled at 121 Laurel Lane, Syosset, New York, 11791, in the County of Nassau, why an Order should not be made: A. Authorizing THERESA BASILEO, as Administrator of the Estate of Antonino M. Basileo, to settle and compromise the claim for conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death against Kerr Corporation, Grobet USA and Ingersoll-Rand Company for $ 1,830,000; B. Amending and modifying the Limited Letters of Administration that were issued to the Administrator on October 21, 2011, to permit THERESA BASILEO to compromise and settle the estate's claim for conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death, and to collect the proposed settlement amount of $1 ,830,000; C. Allowing THERESA BASILEO to execute and deliver to Defendants all documents necessary to effectuate the proposed settlement and discontinue the pending action in Supreme Court; D. Allowing Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. the sums of $604,739.22 for legal fees and $15,782.34 for disbursements, pursuant to the Supreme Court Order of Special Master Laraine Pacheco dated January 16, 2012; E. Allowing THERESA BASILEO to reimburse herself the sum of $12,769.00 for funds she advanced to pay the Decedent's funeral expenses; F. Authorizing that 70% of the net settlement proceeds be allocated to wrongful death, which is equal to $837,696.61; G. Authorizing that 30% of the

net settlement proceeds be allocated to conscious pain and suffering, which is equal to $359,012.83; H. Directing that the following payments and distributions be made from the settlement of the cause of action related to the Decedent's wrongful death and conscious pain and suffering: (i) THERESA BASILEO: $837,696.61 for the portion of settlement proceeds allocated to wrongful death; (ii) ESTATE OF ANTONINO BASILEO: $359,012.83 for the portion of settlement proceeds allocated to conscious pain and suffering; and I. Authorizing THERESA BASILEO, as Administrator, to distribute the sums allocated to the ESTATE OF ANTONINO BASILEO, for the Decedent's pain and suffering, as set for th in her account and below: (i) The sum of $14,770.38 to THERESA BASILEO for administrator commissions attributable to pain and suffering proceeds, pursuant to SCPA §2307; (ii) The sum of $12,000 to be paid to Rivkin Radler LLP, attorneys in the Surrogate's Court Proceeding; (iii) The sum of $191,121.22 to THERESA BASILEO, representing her distributive share pursuant to EPTL § 4-1.1; (iv) The sum of $47,040.41 to ANTOINETTE MARIE BASILEO, representing her distributive share pursuant to EPTL § 4-1.1; (v) The sum of $47,040.41 to VINCENT ANTHONY BASILEO, representing his distributive share pursuant to EPTL § 4-1.1; (vi) The sum of $47,040.41 to JOANNE BASILEO TOCANTE, representing her distributive share pursuant to EPTL § 41.1; J. Dispensing with the filing of a bond; K. Judicially settling THERESA BASILEO's account; and L. Granting such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper. Dated, Attested and Sealed, February 20, 2013 (Seal) HON. EDWARD W. MCCARTY, III Surrogate S/Michael J. Murphy Chief Clerk Attorney: Albert W. Petraglia Address of Attorney: Rivkin Radler LLP 926 RXR Plaza Uniondale, New York 11556 (516) 357-3178 NOTE: This citation is servedupon you as required by law. You are not required to appear. If you fail to appear it will be assumed that you do not object to the relief requested. You have the right to have an attorney-at-law appear for you. BL 395 4T 3/6, 13, 20, 27 NOTICE OF FORMATION of limited liability company (LLC). Name: Uxscope, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) on 2/15/13. Office location: Nassau Co. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be ser ved and address SSNY shall mail a copy of process is c/o Markotsis & Lieberman, P.C., 115B Broadway, Suite 2, Hicksville, NY 11801. Purpose: any lawful purpose. BL 396 6T 3/13, 20, 27, 4/3, 10, 17 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals to supply One (1) 1500 GPM Custom Pumper, with options for additional Pumpers and related accessories for the use of the Wantagh Fire District, Wantagh, New York: will be received by the Board of Fire Commissioners of said district at District Administration Building at 2045 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh, New York 11793 on or before April 29, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. And then at

said office, publicly opened and read aloud. (in accordance with Section 103 of Article 5-a of the General Municipal Law) The information for bidders, general requirements of contract, form of bid and specifications may be obtained at the office of the District Superintendent, located at 2045 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh, New York 11793. The specifications will be available after March 25, 2013. The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Wantagh Fire District, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, New York or its duly appointed representative reserves the right to waive any informalities in or reject any or all bids or my part of any bid or to accept that bid or any part of that bid which in its judgment is for the best interest of the said fire district. Each bidder must deposit with his bid, security in the amount of not less than five (5) percent of the base bid per vehicle. No bid shall be withdrawn pending the decision of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Wantagh Fire District and said bid price shall be in effective for a period not less than sixty (60) days from date of bid opening. Note: return sealed envelopes to be marked “Bid for Fire Apparatus" Michael G. Antonucci Superintendent Wantagh Fire District Dated: March 18, 2013 BL 398 1T 3/27 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a resolution was duly adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners of the WANTAGH FIRE DISTRICT, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, State of New York, on the 18th day of March, 2013, subject to permissive referendum as provided for by the Genera! Municipal law. An extract of the resolution is as follows: Wantagh Fire District maintains a Buildings and Grounds Capital Reserve Fund under sec. 6-g of the General Municipal Law, in which account is sufficient funds to accomplish the purposes herein after set forth, namely, to purchase and install a Por table Generator Project including Station Connections, in order to maintain the efficiency of the Wantagh Fire District in the discharge of their duties in preserving the lives and property of the residents of the Community and the said project is deemed in the best interest of the residents of the Wantagh Fire District. The resolution further provides that there be transferred from the present Building and Grounds Capital Reserve 6-g of the Wantagh Fire District a sum not to exceed One Hundred TwentyFive Thousand ($125,000.00) dollars and the District Treasurer is authorized to effect such transfer from time to time to effect the beginning of such project. This resolution shall not take effect until thirty (30) days, unless in the meanwhile a permissive referendum as provided by the General Municipal Law is required to be held. Dated: March 18, 2013 By order of The Board of Fire Commissioner Michael G. Antonucci Superintendent BL 399 1T 3/27 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a resolution was duly adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners of the WANTAGH FIRE DISTRICT, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, State of New York, on the 18th day of March, 2013, subject to permissive referendum as provided for by the General Municipal law.

Bellmore Jewish Center 2550 Centre Avenue 781-3072 Wednesday, March 27: 7:55 p.m., Yom Tov ends. Thursday, March 28: 6:15 a.m., Morning Minyan. Friday, March 29: 6:15 a.m., Morning Minyan. 6:59 p.m., candle lighting. 8 p.m., Shabbat evening serv-

ices. Saturday, March 30: 9:30 a.m., Shabbat services. Sunday, March 31: 9 a.m., Morning Minyan. 7:01 p.m., candle lighting. 7:30 p.m. services. Monday, April 1: 9:30 a.m., Yom Tov services. 8:01 p.m., candle lighting. 8 p.m., Services - evening Yizkor. Tuesday, April 2: 9:30 a.m., Yom

Tov services-Yizkor. 8:02 p.m., Yom Tov ends. Temple Beth-El 1373 Bellmore Road 781-2650 Wednesday March 27: 7 p.m. services. Thursday, March 28: 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. services. Friday, March 29: 7:30 a.m. and

6:45 p.m. services. Saturday, March 30: 9:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. services. Sunday, March 31: 9 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. services. Monday, April 1: 9:15 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 2: 9:15 a.m. (Yiskor at approximately 10:30 a.m.) and 7 p.m.

Save your photos from the storm Victims of superstorm Sandy can gather their photos damaged in the October storm and take them to a free scanning event at Nassau Community College (NCC) on Sunday, April 7, where the images will be scanned, digitally retouched and preserved for their

owners. The event, a team effort between the NCC Art Department and CARE for Sandy (Cherished Album Restoration Effort) will be open to NCC staff, faculty, students and Nassau County residents. Each individual or family will be

PUBLIC NOTICES An extract of the resolution is as follows: Wantagh Fire District maintains a Buildings and Grounds Capital Reserve Fund under sec. 6-g of the General Municipal Law, in which account is sufficient funds to accomplish the purposes herein after set forth, namely, to purchase the Building Flood Protection, in order to maintain the efficiency of the Wantagh Fire District in the discharge of their duties in preserving the

lives and property of the residents of the Community and the said project is deemed in the best interest of the residents of the Wantagh Fire District. The resolution further provides that there be transferred from the present Building and Grounds Capital Reserve 6-g of the Wantagh Fire District a sum not to exceed Seventy-Five Thousand ($75,000.00) dollars and the District Treasurer is authorized to effect such transfer from

time to time to effect the beginning of such project. This resolution shall not take effect until thirty (30) days, unless in the meanwhile a permissive referendum as provided by the General Municipal Law is required to be held. Dated: March 18, 2013 By order of The Board of Fire Commissioner Michael G. Antonucci Superintendent BL 400 1T 3/27

eligible to bring up to 50 photos to be scanned. Once they have been scanned they will be posted on the CARE for Sandy website to be “adopted” by approved retouching volunteers. Once digitally restored, the high-resolution images will be given back to the photos’ owners. The original photos will be returned after they are scanned. NCC students studying photography and computer graphics are working on previously scanned images. Photos that have mold and water stains, sand, dirt, mud, ash, smoke, fire-charring, scratches and tears can usually be repaired, provided entire faces have not been obliterated. To participate in the event, photos must be separated, reasonably clean and dry. Images that are wet cannot be


scanned and slides, negatives and VHS tapes are not being accepted at this time. Permission may be granted to CARE for Sandy, which was formed from superstorm Sandy, to share the images online to help promote the cause. For details on how to prepare the photos, what to expect, and pre-registration you can visit the website at The process will take several months to complete. All guests will need to sign in on the first floor of the G Building at the NCC campus, One Education Drive, in Garden City on April 7, from 11 a.m.6 p.m. NCC IDs are required. All other guests will be required to sign a waiver to participate. Scanning will take place in the Photo Lab/Rm GC 23 (in the basement).

PIZZA & A MOVIE Bellmore Movies 222 Pettit Ave. Sponsored by:

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Passover services in your neighborhood

PRINCIPLED AWARD: Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray (left) and Councilwoman Angie Cullin (right) present the Town of Hempstead Pathfinder Award in the Education Category to Lorraine Poppe, principal of Kennedy High School.

SUMPTUOUS AWARD: Town Supervisor Kate Murray (left) and Councilman Gary Hudes (right) present the Town of Hempstead Pathfinder Award in the Business Category to Monica Tarantino and her sister Rose Fuger – who could not attend the ceremony – owners of A Taste of Home Bakery in North Bellmore.



Robert Cammarata, D.D.S.

Grunfeld & Associates, LLC

2461 Merrick Ave., Merrick

Complete Legal Services for your Residential and Commercial Real Estate Wills & Trusts • Corps & LLC’s • Income Tax


Free Consultation by Phone:

General Dentistry Special Attention Given To The Apprehensive Patient Evening and Saturday Hours Available

516-478-8306 • 572 Theresa Ave • West Hempstead

Clinical Professor, NYU College Of Dentistry

Dr. David H. Krinsky, D.M.D. F.A.G.D. Family Dentistry 2160 Centre Ave., Bellmore – 785-2171 • General Dentistry For Adults & Children • New Bonding Techniques • Senior Citizen Discount Insurance Honored • Bleachings • Cosmetics Office Hours By Appointment Including Eve. & Sat.

Dr. Charles J. Puglisi, D.M.D. Dedicated to Excellence



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All Personal Injuries

Home and Hospital Visits Available

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Life - Annuities - Long Term Care - Auto - Home Diego (aka Dick) S. Furnari, CLU Emeritus Agent, Service With Prudential Since 1961 The Prudential Insurance Company of America 3366 Park Ave., Suite 213, Wantagh, NY Tel 516 783 0673


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The Medicaid process can be difficult, stressful...and often overwhelming! I will provide personal assistance, advice and guidance through:

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William M. Goldrick, Esq

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Hempstead Pathfinder Award winners honored

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Over 47 Homes Sold And In Contract This Year! Over $21 Million Sales Volume 2012! Over $250 Million In Local Properties Sold

Your #1 Local Sales Team 2012!

M A N H AT TA N | B R O O K LY N | Q U E E N S | L O N G I S L A N D | T H E H A M P T O N S | T H E N O R T H F O R K | R I V E R D A L E | W E S T C H E S T E R / P U T N A M | F L O R I D A

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No doctor would ever prescribe tobacco... so why do pharmacies sell it?


52% of all pharmacies in New York State still sell tobacco products. It’s time to end this practice. Lend your support at

Page 15 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

$36,528 RAISED FOR CANCER! Mephan High School recently held its St. Baldrick’s event, a headshaving fundraiser in which volunteers have their hair completely cut off to raise money to cure childhood cancer. Hempstead Town Clerk Mark Bonilla of Bellmore and county Legislator David Denenberg congratulated the dedicated individuals who gave countless hours of time and talent to bring a St. Baldrick’s event to their school. As of the latest tally, $36,528 was raised by this event. Standing with the two elected officials are Sandy Rizzo, Mepham Principal Michael Harrington, Elyssa Gershman and Karl Hintz, along with students about to have their locks shorn.

Bellmore-Merrick Summer Teen Program 2013 Grades 7 & 8 July 1 – August 9 9:30am – 3pm Bellmore-Merrick Summer Teen Program is open to all incoming 7th and 8th graders residing in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School district in September 2013. The program will be held at the Brookside Administration Building, 1260 Meadowbrook Road, North Merrick.

Early Bird Price $1,395 Only until May 1st • $1445 After May 1st Includes: Outdoor sports + Gym activities + Arts and Crafts Dance + Cooking + Day trips + Special events You provide a bagged lunch; we provide an afternoon snack

Optional 8am drop-off available

NEW for SUMMER 2013! STUDENT SELECTED: Kennedy High School sophomore Blake Linzer will attend the 2013 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference.

For more information, please call Alice Markinson, Director of Camping Services at (516)766-4341 or email


• Option for additional weeks of summer fun! • • Pizza Tuesdays! •

Bellmore Merrick United Secondary Teachers

Henry and Annie Stampful

Bellmore Movies

Calhoun H.S, Grand Ave, MS Mepham H.S, Merrick Ave, MS Kennedy H.S, Meadowbrook Alternative Program Mike Dolber, Pres.


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2300 Merrick Road 516.623.4500

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Happy Easter & Passover!

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Passover & Easter Greetings

Best Wishes For A Happy Passover 8497AP212JB

Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy Easter & Passover Amanda, Danielle, and Aron

Ensign Laurence D. Solowey Post 652

19th Legislative District


571-6219 • 409-8524

Bernard Hoffman, Post Commander • David S. Zwerin, Dept. NY Commander

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Rabbi Scott Hoffman President Barbara Rothstein Hebrew School Principal Ellen Marcus

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Rabbi Emeritus Paul Kushner

Happy Easter

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Temple Israel of South Merrick

Have a Joyous Passover and Happy Easter!

Happy Passover

Pres. Pamela Brandenberger

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Assn’t.Rabbi Dir. of Ed. Mickey Baum

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Best Wishes for a Happy & Healthy Passover

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Legislator & Mrs. Dave Denenberg

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Passover & Easter Greetings

Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 18

Passover & Easter Greetings Wishing The Bellmore Community A Very, Happy, Healthy, and Joyous Easter and Passover Season

Best Wishes For A Sweet Passover & Blessed Easter!



Mark Bonilla Hempstead Town Clerk

DIANN FEIG 783-5900 Ext.33 Diann Feig

Lic. Broker Associate

Serving The Community Since 1982

2464 Merrick Road • Bellmore •


Bellmore Jewish Center 8481MR2612JB

781-3072 Rabbi - Raphael Ostrovsky Cantor - Elliott J. Yavneh President - Ian E. Wald Principal - Fran Oosterom

Wishing All A Happy Passover and Easter

Kate Murray Supervisor, Town of Hempstead 489-6000

2300 Merrick Road 516.623.4500



Wishing you a Happy Easter and Sweet Passover! Merrick Flower Shoppe

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Wishing You and Yours a Happy Passover and Easter

From my Family To Yours A Sweet Passover & Happy Easter Experience Is Not Expensive... It’s Priceless


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Best Wishes For a Happy & Healthy Passover

Health & Happiness For The Passover & Easter Holidays

Wishing You a Happy Passover and Easter!

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East End of Park Ave. Wantagh • 826-5555

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Wishing My Friends and Neighbors A Happy Passover and Joyous Easter! 8496AP212PR

David Stempler General Manager


Tina Canaris Lic. Broker Associate

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Have A Joyous Passover and Happy Easter

Susan Sorid • 297-9341 “A Name You Know And A Name You Trust” 2770 Sunrise Highway, Bellmore • 679-8787 To ensure desired time, please place your holiday orders A.S.A.P.

Best Wishes For a Sweet Passover and Happy Easter!

Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores

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From the

From the


A Sweet Passover & A Happy Easter To All


Wishing All A Sweet Passover & A Happy Easter

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Passover & Easter Greetings

Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 20 UNDERPASS UNDERWAY: These two photos show par t of the construction of the $2,473,000 state Depar tment of Transpor tation project to replace the original 1930s, 160-foot-long pedestrian tunnel under Ocean Parkway from the Central Mall at Jones Beach to Parking Field 4. The project is on time and within budget for replacement by Memorial Day weekend. photos courtesy of NYSDOT

Maplewood School Summer Program 2166 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh T - 221-2121

The Jewish Early Learning Center of Merrick-Bellmore enables its young children to grow academically and socially through the SPICES approach to education. That is, they address the children’s Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual development. Licensed by NYS, small classes and warm, certified teachers guarantee individualized attention and the highest commitment to the students. Children are recognized for their uniqueness and the Jewish ELC does its best to cultivate their individuality through learning and playing. Jewish traditions and values along with an array of subjects like math, literacy readiness and dramatic play are incorporated into the classroom curricula. Programs focus on areas like sensory and perception development, self-help, motor skills and emotional growth. Children are encouraged to grow through learning and creative expression during indoor and outdoor playtime. Facilities include a beautiful indoor, air conditioned classroom with many windows and skylights, and a beautiful outdoor shaded playing space with 3 play sets to accommodate all ages, along with a wide variety of outdoor toys. Kosher breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks are served daily to ease the burden on parents. Flexible schedule of half days, full days and extended hours are available for children aged 12 months to 4 years old. The Jewish ELC also offers a great first camp experience for your very young child, with water play, sports, baking and specialist instruction in gymnastics, music, karate, drumming and more. Special discounts for early registration! For a preschool or summer experience ‘where every child counts’, choose the Jewish Early Learning Center of Merrick-Bellmore!

Situated in a spacious, wooded area, Maplewood's activities include a serene blend of athletic fields, sunny playgrounds, shaded lawns and two in-ground, heated pools. A non-sectarian, private school, Maplewood is chartered by the New York State Board of Education for Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Our Nursery School, Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum encourage freedom of expression, and development of self confidence. A spectacular Summer program is offered for ages 3-12. Visit us at Camp Iconic 2600 Regent Place, North Bellmore T: (516) 781-8800; Wee Friends Day Camp 1865 Beech Street, Wantagh T: (516) 783-0600; Wee Friends Day Camp and Camp Iconic are sister camps, owned and operated by the people who established the well-respected nursery schools/camps over 35 years ago. The camps offer the benefit of two separate campuses to accommodate the needs of both older and younger campers. Wee Friends in Wantagh allows for the nurturing an development of young campers, while Camp Iconic provides the step-up to individualized programs, focusing on the interests of an experienced camper. Both camps are set on park-like grounds, and offer beautiful, in-ground swimming pools. The camp-day includes both swim instruction, and the fun of free-swim. Well-trained athletic coaches are present to instruct, advise and delight your child in sports that include soccer, tennis, basketball, t-ball, gaga, and more! Creative specialists are scheduled in ceramics, drama, musical arts, woodworking, movement, cooking, and nature. Weekly special events and themes encourage participation and just plain fun! Well-trained and experienced adults comprise the staff at both Wee Friends and Camp Iconic, where camp groups are kept small, with excellent supervision. Tuition includes daily lunch and snack. We invite you to arrange a campus tour, or call or visit our websites for additional information.

Future Stars Summer Camps offer the finest weekly specialty day camps at two convenient locations, SUNY College at Old Westbury and Farmingdale State College. Summer 2013 camps run from June 24 – August 16. Programs are directed by experienced and qualified teachers and coaches who share a passion for working with children. At Future Stars Summer Camps we play with confidence, enthusiasm, and a genuine love of the game! Stop by our on campus Open House events on Saturday 5/4 from 10am-2pm to view the facilities, meet the directors, and get enrollment savings. Future Stars at The College at Old Westbury Conveniently located on Rt.107 minutes from the LI Expressway in Nassau County. A picturesque 500 acre campus offering programs in Baseball, Basketball, Circus Arts, Dance, Drama, Lacrosse, Magic, Multi-Sports, Soccer, Swim, Tennis, and Volleyball. Call 516-876-3490 for more information. Visit for details. Future Stars at Farmingdale State College Conveniently located on the Rt.110 corridor on the Nassau/Suffolk border. A beautiful 300 acre campus offering programs in Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Multi-Sports, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball. Call 631-609-0438 for more information. Visit for details.



Jewish Early Learning Center of MerrickBellmore Preschool & Daycare, & Exciting Summer Program Merrick, NY 11566 • 516-833-3057 •

Page 21 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

Specialized schools AND CAMP DIRECTORY

Twin Oaks Country Day School & Camp 458 Babylon Turnpike, Freeport 516-623-4550 For over 35 years, Twin Oaks has been a leader in camping for all ages. From tots to teens we offer a full program of sports, crafts, swimming, drama and a full summer of special events, which are sure to make each child cheer with excitement. 2 heated pools, spacious fields, an Arts and Crafts center, a large indoor gymnasium/theater and state of the art playgrounds make Twin Oaks the perfect place for your child to spend the summer. Elective programming including, a “Broadway style production”, “Cool Crafts”, “Culinary Magic” and many more offered to our 2nd thru 4th grade campers. Our Gemini Teen Travel Program from 5th thru 8th grade and our Gemini Adventure partial travel program from 4th6th grade are the best travel programs around. Join the fun for summer 2012. The excitement of Twin Oaks continues all year long in our nursery school with the thrill of lFor over 35 years, Twin Oaks has been a leader in camping for all ages. From tots to teens we offer a full program of sports, crafts, swimming, drama and a full summer of special events, which are sure to make each child cheer with excitement. 2 heated pools, spacious fields, an Arts and Crafts center, a large indoor gymnasium/theater and state of the art playgrounds make Twin Oaks the perfect place for your child to spend the summer. Elective programming including, a “Broadway style production”, “Cool Crafts”, “Culinary Magic” and many more offered to our 2nd thru 4th grade campers. Our Gemini Teen Travel Program from 5th thru 8th grade and our Gemini Adventure partial travel program from 4th6th grade are the best travel programs around. Join the fun for summer 2013. The excitement of Twin Oaks continues all year long in our nursery school with the thrill of learning. Our caring, nurturing staff provides the best education. Our fully accredited school prepares your preschooler for and easy transition into elementary school. Our hands on academic experiences are available from toddlers to our Full Day Kindergarten. Call us and give your child the gift of learning. Our caring, nurturing staff provides the best education. Our fully accredited school prepares your preschooler for and easy transition into elementary school. Our hands on academic experiences are available from toddlers to our Full Day Kindergarten. Call us and give your child the gift of learning.

Hofstra Summer Camps 250 Hofstra University Hempstead, NY 11549 (516) 463-CAMP (2267) Treat your child to the best summer ever! Hofstra Summer Camps, the largest university-based camp on the East Coast, offers outstanding resources and facilities and two exciting summer choices: Hofstra Specialty Camps and Hofstra Sports Academy Camps. Specialty campers spend half the day in one of more than 20 specialty areas—like musical theater, fine arts, science, video game development, baseball, tennis, and more—and the other half in recreational activities, including instructional swim in our Olympic-sized pool. For campers whose interests are strictly athletic, Hofstra Sports Academy Camps are the perfect choice. Hofstra offers soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, pep band, dance and cheerleading camps, and new this year, wrestling. Supervised by Hofstra’s NCAA head coaches, these popular camps will teach your child the skills and techniques they need to succeed.

South Shore Country Day School & Camp 55 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE! 1149 Newbridge Road North Bellmore 785-3311 South Shore Country Day School & Camp has been operating a private preschool and elementary school, as well as a summer day camp since 1958. South Shore provides your child with a developmentally appropriate educational experience. Programs include Mommy & Me, Terrific Tots, Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Kindergarten Enrichment, First Grade and Second Grade. Specialty programs include field trips, music, computers, gymnastics, and Spanish and more. They have NYS Certified Teachers and the school is chartered by NYS Board of Regents. South Shore Day Camp has programs from Tots to Teens! Camp activities focus on promoting self-esteem, making friends and having fun! Morning, Mini Day, and Full Day Sessions are available with 2-3 or 5 days options. South Shore’s safe, secure campus includes air conditioned buildings, a tree-house playground, in-ground pools, and athletic fields. Daily nutritious snacks, lunch, and door to door airconditioned mini bus transportation is included. Our Teen travel program for grades 7 and 8 includes 4 overnight trips at no extra charge. Our Explorer program for grades 5 and 6 include 1 overnight trip at no extra charge. We do not charge extra for morning or evening extended hours! All our prices include everything! There is no fine print!

See us on Facebook! Visit their web site at Come to our Open House Sat. Apr. 13, 12-3 p.m. Sun. Apr. 21, 12-3 p.m.

Twin Oaks Country Day School & Camp



Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 22

Specialized schools AND CAMP DIRECTORY

A jury has convicted Carlos Segura, 30, of Brooklyn of burglary, robbery and assault for his role in a violent home invasion in North Bellmore, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced. Mr. Segura was convicted of six counts of Robbery, four counts of Burglary, two counts of Assault, three counts of Unlawful Imprisonment, and Escape. He faces up to 25 years in prison at his May 7 sentencing. DA Rice said that at approximately 8:30 a.m. on September 19, 2011, Segura and two other men, Gustavo Arroyo and Eduardo Cruz, exited a vehicle being driven by Dario Guerrero and approached a North Bellmore home. Mr. Cruz entered the home through

the unlocked front door and began beating a female resident before signaling to Mr. Segura and Mr. Arroyo to come inside. Mr. Segura, armed with a gun, and Mr. Cruz and Mr. Arroyo, both armed with knives, tied up three residents of the home and began to search for money. A fourth resident who lived in the home’s basement was also tied up before having his cell phone and $350 stolen from him. During the course of the robbery a male resident of the home, who had been out during the robbery, returned home. When he attempted to open the front door, Mr. Arroyo grabbed him and tried to pull him inside. The male resident broke free of Mr. Arroyo and ran from the house into the street screaming for help.

The three defendants fled the house and got into the waiting car being driven by Mr. Guerrero. Bellmore Life reported that a good Samaritan called police to provide details of the car while following it. Nassau County police officers then were able to pick up the fleeing car driving eastbound on Merrick Road into Merrick. Upon stopping the vehicle on Babylon Road near Merrick Road, an officer ordered all four men out of the car and then attempted to arrest Mr. Cruz, who resisted and refused to be handcuffed. Mr. Segura and Mr. Guerrero jumped back into their car and drove straight at the officer. The officer fired at the vehicle, striking Mr. Guerrero in the left leg. Mr. Arroyo fled on foot but was arrested a

short time later, as was Mr. Cruz. Mr. Guerrero was arrested after a traffic stop on Sunrise Highway in Wantagh in front of Wantagh Ford, with a bullet hole in the windshield. Mr. Segura was arrested in a cab heading back to Brooklyn after a traffic stop on the Southern State Parkway. Mr. Arroyo, Mr. Guerrero and Mr. Cruz, all of Brooklyn, are awaiting trial. “This was a savage attack against a group of people who barely had enough time for breakfast before being subjected to such violence,” DA Rice said. “Thanks to the excellent work of members of the NCPD and members of my office, however, this defendant will spend a very long time behind bars.”

Specialized schools AND CAMP DIRECTORY Merrick Community Nursery School 69 Willis Ave. Merrick Summer Camp 2013 For info call 868-6000 or 868-1071

Camp Friedberg 15 Neil Court, Oceanside 766-4341 Did you know that Camp Friedberg offers a wonderful camp division specially created for campers ages 2-5? If there is a magical place for your child’s first camping experience, this is it! Unlike other big camps that simply “tone down” activities designed for older children, our pre-school camps are specially designed for our very youngest campers. Preschool camps take place at our three community based sites, conveniently located close to home in Long Beach, Merrick and Oceanside. Each site is fully-equipped with indoor and outdoor play areas designed for physical activities and the development of basic sports skills. Our facilities provide the perfect settings for arts & crafts, music, cooking, storytime, Jewish cultural events and so much more. Special events include pony rides, circus acts, puppet shows and trips to nearby places of interest that make the summer even more memorable! A strictly kosher lunch geared to the preschool appetite is included in all full and mini-day programs. All campers have water-play activities and supervised free and instructional swim. Flexible days and hours are available at all sites.

Merrick Community Nursery School and Camp, a unique non-profit cooperative school with classes for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Our Summer Camp is for 3-6 year olds with choice of 4, 6 or 8 week sessions. Half or extended days available. During our summer session you will find the same high professional standards, positive environment and enriched program geared specifically for the pre-school child. Programs such as: • weekly themes* • special activities • creative movement • music • water play • science projects *fairy tale theater, olympic fever, scavenger hunt, carnival days and more Our 1/2 acre tree-lined playground and filtered inground wading pool provide outdoor fun. Experienced & certified early childhood teachers and counselors oversee each day. Full or 1/2 day - 2, 3 or 5 days starting at $480.

Open Houses Saturday, 4/2, 4/9 and 5/7, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Wednesday, 4/6 and 5/18, 11:00 a.m.-2 p.m. Register now for summer & fall classes.

We are now offering two 3-Week Sessions of Theater Camp Ages 6-17 DAY CLASSES WILL BE HELD MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

First Session: July 8 – July 26 At Conclusion, on Friday, Saturday & Sunday “13 The Musical” will be performed! Second Session: July 29 - August 16 At Conclusion, on Friday, Saturday & Sunday‘ “80’s Rock the Musical” will be Performed! • Each Week’s Classes will also consist of 2 hours of Dance & 2 hours of Group Voice • Within each Session there will be One Master Class offered by a Broadway Performer & Musician • All Students receive 4 tickets to a Performance of his or her session COST OF EACH SESSION IS $600.00 (SIB-


Call for more information, or e-mail us at Serving the community for over 50 years!

Rising Stars Performing Arts Center 1750A Merrick Ave. Merrick, NY 11566 (516) 208-7503


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Man convicted of North Bellmore home invasion

Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 24

Cl assified Action Ads DEADLINE FRIDAY FRIDAY @ 12PM

Your Classified Ad Automatically Appears In 4 NEWSPAPERS Covering 6 TOWN AND THE INTERNET

We Accept VISA/ Mastercard

Choose from 3 cost-effective options Classified 1 Inch Box Ads 23-25 words all 4 newspapers per week rate: 1x = $35; 4x = $30 ; 13x = $26; 26-52x = $23.50

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Classified Action Ads


$27 for 20 words, running copy. $1 for each additional word.




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Spring Fair


SPRING FAIR SAVE THE DATE Sunday,April 14, rain/ shine. Gifts for everyone and raffles. The event is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1282 and held at 160 West Merrick Road, Merrick. For more info. call 208-5253 or 868-7882

Tutoring SAT PREP CLASSES N. Merrick. Semi -private four people per class 2 hour weekly sessions. All subjects covered each class. MARCH classes forming now!! Call 516-442-0638 for more information.

Help Wanted ADVERTISING SALES Print and online Earn $$ and help your community, at the same time, will train. Please call Linda Toscano, Publisher, L&M Publications Community Newspapers


516-378-5320 Ext-19

House Cleaning CLEANING AVAILABLE House & Apartments Best rates in town. Monday-Saturday Excellent References. Honest, & Reliable. Own transportation. Years of Experience. Spring /Fall cleaning. 100% Guaranteed Call 516-455-8643

Rental Wanted BELLMORE ONLY! Looking for a house to rent with option to buy, with cash down. Mom & Adult son. No Pets. 516225-5618

Stephen Weiss

Adoption ADOPT - Happily married couple wishes to adopt! We promise unconditional love, learning, laughter, wonderful neighborhood, extended family. Expenses paid. (Se habla espanol.)www.DonaldAndEst 1-800-965-5617

Business Opportunity Riverside Hotel and Bowling Center For Sale- Located in the Olympic Region of the Adirondacks, 8Lane Brunswick center, cosmic bowling and sound system, Qubica auto scoring & AMF SPC synthetic lanes installed 6 years ago, established leagues with 37 year annual tournament, turn key operation with many improvements - $300,000 (800) 9823747

Career Training Your Ad Could Be Here!

Call 378-5320

TRACTOR TRAILER TRAINING - Financial aid, Pell Grants, POST-911 GI Bill and housing, if qualified! National Tractor Trailer School, Liverpool, NYCALL TODAY: 1800-243-9300 Consumer Information:

Collectables CASH BUYER, 1970 and Before, Comic Books, Toys, Sports, entire collections wanted. I travel to you and Buy EVERYTHING YOU have! Call Brian TODAY: 1800-617-3551

Health BUY REAL VIAGRA, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Propecia & more... FDA- Approved, U.S.A. Pharmacies. Next day delivery avaiable. Order online or by phone at, 800-467-0295

Help Wanted AIRLINES ARE HIRING ñTrain for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified -Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-296-7093 Driver- Qualify for any portion of $.03/mile quarterly bonus: $.01 Safety, $.01 Production, $.01 MPG. Two raises in first year. 3 months recent experience. 800-414-9569

Home Improvement HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED OR SETTLED? Contact Woodford Brothers Inc, for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN. lk Cty License #41959-H Nassau Cty License #H18G7160000

Lawn and Garden Privacy Hedges- SPRING Blowout Sale! 6' Arborvitae (cedar) Reg. $129 Now $59. Beautiful, Bushy Nursery Grown. FREE Installation/ FREE Delivery! 518-536-1367 w w w. l o w c o s t t r e e s . c o m Limited Supply!

Out of State Real Estate Sebastian, Florida Affordable custom factory constructed homes $45,900+, Friendly community, No Real Estate or State Income Taxes ,minutes to Atlantic Ocean. 772-5810080, Limited seasonal rentals

Vacation Rentals OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1800-638-2102. Online reservations:

Wanted CASH for Coins! Buying ALL Gold & Silver. Also Stamps & Paper Money, Entire Collections, Estates. Travel to your home. Call Marc in NYC 1-800-959-3419










Tax Preparers,



Classified Ads

Tutors, Music

for added

instructors and

sales impact

Real Estate etc...


Call for our


Special rates

SAWMILLS from only $3997.00- MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N


ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality, Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV Authorized. Call 8882 0 1 - 8 6 5 7


CONTRACTORS/LAWYERS Place your legal notice in L & M Publications Call (516) 378-5320

With one simple call to our newspaper, you can tap into a network of more than 200 community newspapers, covering New York State. The most effective classified advertising you can buy. With NYSCAN you can cover the whole state, or select the regions you want to target.

ARE YOU A SENIOR HOME OWNER? Distressed by the high cost of home ownership? Seeking companionship at home? Needing help with some chores?

HOME SHARE/ LONG ISLAND May be able to help you! Home Share/Long Island links senior homeowner who have extra room in their homes with adults who need an affordable place to live. Personal interviews, background checks and reference investigations are provided. Possible matches are offered, but the decision is yours. For more information, call (516) 292 - 1300 Ext.2312 HomeShare/Long Island is a collaborative partnership with Family Service League, Intergenerational Strategies, and Family and Children’s Association. Family and Children’s Association acts in compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968

Rock Underground fuels Battle of the Bands by Kimberly White Funds for the Midnight Madness postprom event at Zachary’s Night Club in East Meadow are being provided by the Battle of the Bands event created by the Community Wellness Council and The Rock Underground in Bellmore. Emilio Manzo, president of the the Wellness Council, told this newspaper he approached The Rock Underground on Bedford Avenue to help get the event started. Since funds this year have proven harder to come by to sponsor the postprom event, Mr. Manzo asked Steve

Eplan, co-owner of the Rock Underground, to get local bands to attend the event and to make it a success. To add diversity, Mr. Eplan contacted local bands of all ages to compete in the battle of the bands. There was no age limit to which bands could compete and who could not. County Legislator Dave Denenberg suggested a diversity of bands in order to attract different tyes of music. Mr. Kaplan said 11 bands will be competing, from middle school students to adults. The bands attending will include Kamelot, Platypus, Baked Goods, Still Life and Exit Strategy. All

members of the local community and schools include those from Mepham Calhoun and Kennedy High Schools, and Merrick Avenue Middle School. All the bands are well experienced and have played at local locations in the Bellmore-Merrick community, such as school events organized by high schools in the district, and charity events. The event there will feature three guest judges who are all musically involved in one way or another. One judge is Richard Gilley, the band teacher over at Merrick Avenue Middle School. Joe Rock, the DJ of the WBAD radio

station, will be the MC of the event. The event will take place at Brookside School on Meadowbrook Road on Friday, April 19. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the first band goes on stage at 7 p.m. For information or to purchase $10 tickets, stop by the Community Wellness Council at the Brookside School on Meadowbrook Road in North Merrick or The Rock Underground on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore. Kim White interns at Bellmore/Merrick Life as part of the Calhoun Senior Experience class.

Coffee, cake and concert for cancer research On Saturday, April 27, from 7-9 p.m. the social hall in Temple Beth Am of Merrick and Bellmore will be the location for the first-ever “Coffee, Cake and Concert� presented by Relay For Life team Footprints for a Cause, and the Temple Beth Am Youth Group, BATY. With dozens of desserts for guests to enjoy, hot drinks and acoustic music performances from some of the best local acts around, the “Coffee, Cake and Concert�

will be a fantastic fundraisng concert for people of all ages to attend. Admission will only be $5 for attendees 18 and younger, and $7 for attendees older than 18. “Why spend $10 on a movie you aren’t even going to like and waste

your Saturday night, when you could come to this event, spend much less, and have an awesome time with some friends while raising money for cancer research?� said Melissa Robinson, vice-president of BATY and a member of Footprints for a Cause. Some of the acts

PUBLISHER /GENERAL MANAGER Hudson Catskill Media Corporation, Hudson, NY, is seeking a proven leader adept at providing organizational leadership with a strong focus on revenue generation. Seeking growth in a diverse mixed media portfolio of publications, operational efficiency in all departments, editorial guidance and strategic new product development. Must provide community leadership with a track record of holding senior level board positions in community based organizations. MBA preferred, Masters in Journalism accepted. Must have held leadership positions in prior work, at least at the Director level. Send letter of intent, resume, salary requirements to John B. Johnson (GM), 260 Washington St., Watertown, NY 13601 or email:

ROOFING • CHIMNEY • SIDING • GUTTERS • Roof & Chimney Leaks Stopped • Any Roof Repairs & New Installations • Chimney Cleaned, Repaired & Rebuilds • New Siding & Window Installations • Gutters Cleaned, Repaired & Replaced

24/7 Service

Own Your Own Home Have a Southernly-Facing Roof Little to No Shading Credit Score of 680 Pay an Electric Bill

Roof Diagnostics Solar is now qualifying 50 homes for a FREE home solar system. Call 631-297-2424 to see if your home qualifies!


M eceiv re R Befo

Looking for 50 Homeowners to Qualify for a FREE Home Solar System

The U.S. Government and State of New York have financial incentives that provide homeowners the opportunity to replace your electric provider with solar power.

1-888-909-3505 OFentFed % 5 2 ust Be Prinesg Estimate

include Kevin Burke, Jacob Derwin, members of Baked Goods, and Think Outside the Bach, with more acts being added on as the event gets closer. Mark your calendars and be sure to come to the “Coffee, Cake and Concert� on April 27, from 7-9 p.m. All proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society, and it’s sure to be an awesome Saturday night! – Jacob Derwin

0% interest for up to 60 months


Suffolk License #36641-H - Nassau License #H18H3730000

&(57,),(' +20( +($/7+ $,'(6 ,00(',$7( +,5( :25. $9$,/$%/( Paid Vacation • Direct Deposit • 401K • Paid in Serrv viice • Referral Bonus v





Suffolk 631-654-0789 Nassau 516-681-2300



To Place anAd in L&M Publications Call 378-5320




Manufacturer’s Recall Recently Announced Are you suffering after being implanted with a



Modular Hip Implant? Have you experienced failure of your Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant, resulting in pain and other complications that may have required revision surgery? If so, please know that we are investigating these injuries – and those caused by other brands such as DePuy,






1.800.LAW.6789 |

 !"#$" %%&'  %())*


Pinnacle, Biomet and Wright – for possible legal action. Weitz & Luxenberg can help you understand your legal options. For a free consultation please call us today at 1-800- LAW-6789 or visit us on the web at






We are also investigating

METAL ON METAL HIP REPLACEMENTS from other manufacturers

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Prior results do not guarantee a future outcome. We may associate with local firms in states wherein we do not maintain an office. No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of NJ. If no recovery, no fees or costs are charged, unless prohibited by State Law or Rule. Gary R. Klein, Esq.

Page 25 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life


Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 26

ENTERTAINING LIFE Get your entertainment here You don’t need to go far to find great entertainment and activities. Check out these opportunities, practically in your backyard! Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, 794-9303 April 3 – Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival. April 20 – Miranda Lambert. April 21 – Muse. June 1 – 98 Degrees. June 1 – New Kids on the Block. June 1 – The Package Tour: NKOTB with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. NYCB Theatre at Westbury Westbury, 334-0800 March 29 – Chris Tucker. March 30 – Peter Rabbit.

March 31 – Long Island April Fools Comedy Jam. April 4 – The Beach Boys. April 6 – Jerry Lewis. Aprl 7 – Pajanimals Live! April 12, 13 – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. April 19 – Abba the Concert. April 20 – Rain: a Beatles Experience. April 21 – Wayne Newton. April 26 and 27 – Lewis Black. May 1 – Alabama. May 3 – The Tenors. May 4 – George Lopez. May 5 – Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. May 10 – Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx. May 11 – Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. May 11 – The Whispers and Stephanie Mills.

March 15 – ZZ Top. May 17, 18 – Johnny Mathis. May 25 and 26 – Chicago. June 1 – Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller: Bolder and Fresher Tour. The Paramount Huntington, 631-673-7300 April 2 – Don Henley. April 4 – The Bouncing Souls. April 5 – Former SNL Stars Jon Lovitz, Chris Kattan and Tim Meadows. April 6 – DATSIK. April 10 – Stone Sour, featuring In This Moment and Hell or Highwater. April 12 – R5. April 15 – Joe Walsh. April 18 – Living Colour. April 19 – Aimee Mann. April 23 – Three Days Grace. April 24 – Steel Panther.

The Song Box presents.... The Seaford Song Box, now in its 13th season, will present Tina Lear and “a capella” group Wild Ginger on Saturday, April 27. There is no Song Box presentation for March. A pot-luck buffet is served during the break between performers, so bring something if

you’re feeling creative! Please make advance reservations by sending an email to You will be sent a confirmation and directions via return email. If you have no email make reservations at 579-5365.

April 30 – Limp Bizkit. May 3 – Dana Carvey. May 7 – Asking Alexandria. May 12 – Todd Rundgren. May 17 – Rusted Root. May 23 – Colbie Caillat with Vicci Martinez. Mulcahy’s Wantagh, 783-7500 March 30 – Drop Dead Sexy. April 5 – Dueling Pianos then Big Shot. April 12 – The Red, White and Blues Band. All shows are subject to change without notice. Above lists may not be complete. Visit the venue websites or call for further information and to confirm times.



Bellmore Life, 1840 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY 11566

CLASSIFIED SERVICE DIRECTORY Call 378-5320 to place your ad in this section CHIMNEY CLEANING






K&H Carpentry

Marc Bromberg Painting

• Chimney Cleaning • Cement Repairs • Stainless Raincaps • Animals Removed • Owner Operated




Driveways - patios Uprooted Sidewalks Our Specialty - Lic. & Ins. Family Owned & Operated Member Bellmore Chamber Lic. in Long Beach & Village of Freeport



Home Repairs

The Painter of Choice to...

Small Jobs Specialist

• help select an elegant palette for your home • trust in your home • be extremely neat & clean • call back the same day

(You Goof, I Fix)

Custom Carpentry Interior Trim Work Cabinets • Furniture Closets • Mica Work


Free Estimates

Lic & Ins


30 Years’ Experience Specialist In: • Decks • Siding • Windows • Kitchens • Baths • Basements • Conversions • M/D • Dormer Extensions


Custom Wood • PVC • Chainlink Professionally Installed & Repaired Iron, PVC & Aluminum Railings 2207 Newbridge Rd. Bellmore Lic.. Ins.

Terms Available

We Take Visa and MasterCard


If you have a plumbing problem Don’t panic!... For prompt professional and courteous service call...


Licensed and Insured

All phases of residential repairs and alterations



Emergency service available 24 hours a day


License #H173393000


• Appliance Repair • Mowers • Snow Blowers • Furniture Repair • Painting • Minor Electrical & Plumbing • Landscaping • Clean-Up • Motorized Bicycles CALL Tony @ 516-428-5158

Interior/Exterior • Sheetrock/Plaster Water Damage Repair Owner Operator/Expert Craftsmanship Local Merrick Resident


Patronize Our Advertisers They Are Here to Serve You! Call 378-5320


N.Y.S. Certified Backflow Testers

MERRICK HOUSE & GARDEN • Spring Cleanups • Weekly Maintenance • Full Service Program • Landscaping Designs • Weekly Maintenance • Sandy Storm Damge Repairs 996-7003



516-766-4583 516-223-1296 516-623-6939 50 Years of Prompt Reliable Service

EMPIRE TREE SERVICE Tree and Shrub Removal Pruning, Stump Grinding Free Chips • Free Firewood Owner Operated for over 20 yrs. Licensed and Insured

Call Brian • 781-6536


Rely on the Milro Man.

TRUST«Is more im mp portant than thee number of Bed ed droom r s and Baths! Alllow me to take care of all your Real Estate needs!

‹ Fire, Soot & Water Damage Cleanup ‹ Mold Remediation ‹ *LY[PÄLK 3LHK 9LUV]H[VY ‹ Sewer Backups

Frank Schilero,

3366 Park Ave, Wantagh NY 11793

Offfice i : 516-221 221-7362

Cell: 631-219-3336






RE E/MAX A In nnovations



This is Our Island, too.


Licensed Broker Associate Legend Award Winner

(516) 458-6001

#1 Real Estate Agent For 2011 & 2012 In Merrick & Bellmore Ranked In The Top 10 In Long Island Out Of 1,730 Agents.

Bonnie constantly out produced the industry averages with top awards in sales. Call her for all your real estate needs!


2300 Merrick Road

Bellmore 1,299,999

Merrick 699K

Merrick 514,990


Bellmore 689K

Bellmore 949K

Bellmore 659,000









Page 27 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Bellmore Life

Renovations, Repairs & New Construction


Bellmore Life Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Page 28

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