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71st Year, No. 44 Freeport, N.Y. 11520

Thursday, November 2, 2006

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McCarthy vs. Blessinger in the by Linda Delmonico Prussen In New York's Fourth Congressional District, incumbent Carolyn McCarthy is running for her sixth term and facing off against challenger Martin Blessinger. Congresswoman McCarthy was first elected to congress in 1996. Prior to being elected as con£i CM. \\orn an, Mrs. McCarthy was a licensed nurse. In December of 199?. her husband was killed and her son was injured when a crazed gunman randomly shot into a rush hour commuter train returning from New York City to Long Island. It was this incident that fueled Congresswoman McCarthy's desire to enter the


duties, emergency medical services and firearms training. Mr. Blessinger is married and has two children. More candidate biographical information can be found at the end of this story.

The candidates on the issues: Iraq Martin Bkssinger: Mr. Blessinger admits. "It's not simple thing and I'm no£'< the inside." He said the challenge in the area would be to promote a democracy with a theocracy spreading throughout the region. Mr. Blessinger said empowering women is key. Unfortunately, he said, the outbreaks of vio-

The Arson/Bomb Squad reports the details of a house fire that occurred on October 26 at 11:57 a.m. in Freeport. According to detectives, Freeport Fire Department responded with 60-70 firefighters to a call for a fire on Cottage Court where, on the second floor, they discovered resident Apiroglu Atilla, 48, who was transported to South Nassau Communities Hospital, where he was proMartin Blessinger arena of politics in a campaign against gun violence. Mr. Blessinger, 59, has been a resident of Nassau County since 1963. He was employed by the Nassau County Police Department between 1966 and 19S7. as a police officer and a sergeant. During his 21-year tenure, he was involved in many aspects of police work, including patrol


Carolyn McCarthy.lence can be expected because of the current economics in Iraq. "When you have people who have nothing to lose, they have everything to gain." Mr. Blessinger said-he expects this war to be "long-term." He said, "We are fighting an ideology." Mr. Blessinger also said the United States must remain adaptable. "The best advantage we have is flexibility."

Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said, "I don't think the war is going well and there are an awful lot of Republicans who feel the same." Mrs. McCarthy said, "1 was happy to hear the president is looking at other options. We need a change. We all want to see peace there." Mrs. McCarthy said she believes the United States went into the war in Iraq


unprepared and without enough cultural knowledge. She said;the citizens of Iraq need to'be made to take on more responsibility for governing their country. "They have to realize they have to fight for their own country," Mrs. McCarthy said. "The Republicans and Democrats should be working together for a solution."

•;'•;-- -;'' - VvS'; J'^Csw.^'Ssix

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nounced dead on arrival. His exact cause of death will be determined by the Nassau County medical examiner's office. The fire is believed to have started on the second floor and has been deemed non-suspicious at this time; the Nassau County fire marshal's office will continue the investigation. Four other residents were occupying the building at the time of the fire and escaped uninjured.

FREEPORT 223-8486

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FREEPORT 546-4300



Village trustees ap by Jim Golding



Freeport trustees approved an amendment to the local tax code Monday allowing tax exemptions for persons with disabilities. o The action took place at a public hearing that was a continuation of the previous week's hearing on the issue. The hearing was adjourned last week and continued this week because a section of the new law had been omit<B ted from the public notice. Mayor Glacken said that the board could legally have passed the amend4) ment at its October 23 meeting: "The custom has been to publish the entire text. It's better to publish the entire law," he said. According to a press release from the village, "The exemption will take effect for the 2008-09 tax year that

led tax exemption

begins March 1, 2008." (It was erroneously reported in last week's Leader that it would become effective in the 2007-08 tax year). The new exemption will have a graduated income level ranging from a maximum of $27,000 to qualify for a 50 percent reduction on village taxes, to less than $35,400 for a 5 percent reduction, the press release indicated. Applications will be available beginning July 1, 2007. Applications and more information are available from the tax assessor's office, 3772256. Trustees passed the local law to conform to new state legislation passed by the Legislature in August.

ay, November amend Chapter 128 of the Code on housing standards with%sf.rjew article on "actions of real estate 6r%fe8p, agents and/or-salespersons." Trustees approved a $92,000 contract with Vastech Contracting Corp. of Long Island City for replacement of overhead doors at the Freeport Fire

If a person would move the world, he most first move himself - Socrates

Other business

can't we be friends../'

Board members have scheduled a

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Across 1. Advance; proceed. 6. Love at First ^_. 10. Move toward. 14. Italian for "love." 15. Jacob's twin. 16. Expression of doubt. 17. Pityriasis _, a skin disorder. 18. Highly self-satisfied. 19. Clothes. 20. Foot-operated pedals. 22. Come into view. 24. Edible part 25. Licorice-flavored spice. '26. Flight of steps. 29. Destroy. 30. Light in color. 31. Working out. 37, Rub out. 39. Historical period.

40. Spanish for "sir." 41. Below bass. 44. Against. 45. Yemen seaport. 46. Armor plate hanging from the fauld. 48. _ beetle or elephant, 52. Large grain bin. 53. Ride at full speed. 54. Weirdness. 58. Length times width. 59. _ Korbut, Russian gymnast. 61. About. 62. Talk wildly. 63. Ry high. 64. John _, British actor. 65. Type of butter fat. 66. Stops.

67. Banded chalcedony.

1. Trading center. 2. Cupid. 3. Pinkish red. 4. Softest, smoothest. 5. Exhaust manifold. 6. Hem in. 7. Distinctive doctrines. 8. 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. 9. Having good inherited characteristics. 10. Boxlike enclosures. 11. Michael _, U.S. actor. 12. Blend. 13. Envelop; enclose. 21. Give off coherent light. 23. Items reduced in size. 25. Invisible radiations. 26. Detailed description. 27. Luau ingredient. 28. AldaorThicke. 29. Showed again. 32. Small, three-masted vessel. 33. Food flavoring. 34. Small hotels. 35. Short, informal letter. 36. True _. 38. Muse of love poetry. 42. Fatty. 43. Excite. 47. Keys or Silverstone. 48. Seaweed gelatinlike products. 49. Isaac's mother. 50. _ Graff, U.S. actress. 51. Carnivorous plant name. 52. Makes callous. 54. Mild oath. 55. _ Bombeck, U.S. writer. 56. Go off quickly. 57. Sound; healthy. 60. _ Chaney, U.S. actor.

Department's headquarters and Bayview substation. They also approved the sale of a 1983 Kawasaki police motorcycle to the Freeport Police Benevolent Association for $460. The board adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel and real estate issues and 46 litigation items, including 34 tax certiorari actions.


Friday, November 3 • ESOL/GED, :9 a.m., Talking About Literature, 12 p.m., AA, 4 p.m., Afr. All. Genealogical Soc. at Freeport, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. Saturday, November 4 «Book Bug Club. 10 am., ETS Youth Division, 429 Atlantic Avenue. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., Scandinavian Society, 10 a.m., CR: Etiquette for Children, 10:30 a.m.,DAR, 12 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. Sunday, November 5 • Freeport Historical Museum, 350 South Main Street, open 2-5 p.m • Concert: Japanese Music and Dance, 2:30 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. Monday, November 6 ° Freeport Village Court in session, Judge Cacciatore presiding, 7 p.m., 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers are welcome. 9 Bingo at Congregation Bnai Israel, 7:45 p.m., 91 North Bayview Avenue. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., CR: PC Workshop, 10 a.m., Athena, 11 a.m.., Lecture: Mozart, 2 p.m., AA, 4 p.m., YA: Kaboom, 6:30 p.m., Toastmasters, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library.. • Freeport Village Board of Trustees, Village Hall, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 7 • Archbishop Molloy Council # 1974, Knights of Columbus, Our Holy Redeemer Church basement. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Novembers Freeport Village Court in session, Judge Cacciatore presiding, 9 a.m., 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers are welcome. • ESOL/GED, 10 a.m., Current Events, 1 p.m., AA, 4 p.m., CR: Girl Power, 4:30 p.m., Code Four Business, 6 p.m., CR: Homework Express, 6 p.m., Audubon Society, 7 p.m., Camera Club, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. •Enrico Fermi Lodge, OSIA, 7:45 p.m., Fireman's Exempt Hall, 9 N. Long Beach Road. "Freeport Exchange Club, 12:30 p.m., Bedell's West Wind 0

Thursday, November 9 • Freeport Rotary Club, 7 p.m., at 42 Woodcleft ° ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., News, Notables and the Nation, 2:30 p.m., CR: Homework Express, 4 p.m., Global Associates, 6 p.m., Freeport Chess, 6:30 p.m., CR: Circle Time, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. "Freeport Environmental Commission, 8 p.m., Village Hall . • Freeport Village Planning Board,, 7:15 p.m., Village Hall. .• Explorer Post 406, Freeport Fire Department Headquarters, 15 Broadway, 7 p.m

Mayers and Robinson vie for NAACP presidency he said. Mr. Robinson is working towards a degree in criminal justice and is a supervisor for Esteem Security. He Incumbent Douglas Mayers will face lives in Roosevelt. challenger Wilton Robinson in an elecMr. Mayers said the "NAACP makes tion for the office of President for the sure that the African-American and Freeport-Roosevelt Chapter of the minority communities are not forgotten. National Association for the We need access to jobs and eduAdvancement of Colored cation. We want to see diversity People (NAACP). The elecin the workplace. We want tion will take place on affordable housing and we will Wednesday. November S, at fight to the bitter end to achieve the Transfiguration Church in these goals. Education and Freeport. NAACP members affordable housing — these are may vote between the hours the mandates that come from of 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. our national organization." Douglas Mayers has been The Freeport president of the local branch Roosevelt branch of the of the NAACP for the past Douglas Mayers NAACP was founded in 1972. four years. He was born in Today there are "600 card-carBarbados and migrated to the rying members of this branch," United States in 1969. He is said Mr. Mayers. "When I came semi-retired and lives on the we had about 26 members and I Freeport-Roosevelt border. asked people to give me a "I can sit here today chance to expand membership." because of this great organiMr. Robinson said there are zation," said Mr. Mayers. "I "about 300 members and we believe that ever.' Africanhaven't reached out to the American should be a cardyoung people in our communicarrying member of the NAACP," he said. " Wilton Robinson ties. The civil rights movement in the '50s and '60s involved the Challenger Wilton young people. But after the Rev. Dr. Robinson also believes that the NAACP Martin Luther King and Malcolm X died "helped to lift civil rights to a new level." the civil rights movement seemed to lose He first became involved with the its fight. I want to bring it back. We have NAACP in 2003 and a year later became to teach our children. We need to look a member of the executive committee of back to press forward and let our chilthe local branch. An incident of discrimdren know about the fight for rights." ination at Nassau Community College, "1 have greatly increased memberwhere Mr. Robinson was attending ship," said Mr. Mayers, "and I have been school for criminal justice, convinced working closely with organizations such him that "someone has to fight for others as ACORN on creating affordable housand the NAACP is one of those places to ing in Nassau County." Mr. Mayer also help defend the average man, the poor," by Laura Schofer

pointed to his work in gaining employment opportunities for AfricanAmericans with companies such as Cablevision. "1 have also taken the county [Nassau] to task over ignoring bids from minority companies. Finally a small tech company out of Freeport received a contract," he said. If re-elected, Mr. Mayers wants to continue to press the Town of Hempstead to provide job opportunities and make sure there is no disparity in salaries. He also wants to have the Office of Minority Affairs removed from the county executive's purview and placed underneath the legislature. Mr. Mayer also wants to "fight for affordable housing in Garden City where the social service building is located. That's public land, taxpayer land and we want it." Mr. Robinson believes the NAACP

should be more involved in addressing the gang issue. "We need to have a place where young people can congregate. I'd sr push for that. We also have to lead, show D. kids we care. They are looking for family and for inclusion. As parents and adults we should open up a center, a family center. That would be a good first step," he said. "I'd also like to work I cr closely with the schools. Kids need a trade and jobs." Mr. Mayers also believes young people need employment. "You will stop O o\ gangs when you give kids something meaningful to do. Summer jobs are closed to African-Americans and Latino r cc kids. Offer them employment. HEVN [Helping end Violence Now] and other organizations like that need to be properly funded. I would push for funding. Meetings are just a waste."


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The League of Women Voters of Nassau County, New Media Printing, and our own local sponsors, Vincente Jewelers, Compare Foods, SparacoLieberman Realty and Atlantic Bayview Wines and Liquor, bring you the non-partisan 2006 Voters Guide in this issue. We are all indebted to the league volunteers for their work in registration drives, serving as moderators in debates and studying important issues such as campaign finance reform. Please consider contributing to this vital defender of democracy. And don't forget to vote on Election Day!

CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: The Miss Freeport V Party Boat recently hosted students from the Uniondale School District aboard for an educational program. The children got to experience a "Hands On" marine biology program that proved to be both educational and enjoyable. A citation for the "Safe School Healthy Students" grant was presented to the Uniondale School' District by Village Trustee Donald Mauersberger. This citation is awarded to promote healthy childhood development, engage students in activities that strengthen their minds and encourage them to stay in school. It helps to create safe learning environments, and prevent youth violence and drug abuse - in essence, their "Freedom to Learn." If you would like any more information about these programs, please call the Miss Freeport V at 378-0555.

Our election choices Nationally and on a statewide level, we see many reasons for the pendulum to swing back to the Democrats, basically because we love the democratic ideals on which our constitution is based. It is never healthy when one party acquires too much power for too long. For this reason, we would return Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, and elect County Legislator Dave Mejias to the seat long held by a local icon, Pete King of Seaford. For governor, we would elect Eliot Spitzer, for attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, but perhaps for purposes of control, the comptroller should be from the Republican side. And on the local level, we would keep our state senators, Dean Skelos, Kemp Hannon and Charles Fuschillo of Merrick and their agenda of reducing property taxes, building affordable housing and searching for new energy sources. For state Assembly, we would cross party lines to bring in some new blood, Democrat Dan Torres from Baldwin, Republican J. Barrington Jackson and keep two relatively new assemblymen who have shown great promise, Tom McKevitt and North Merrick's Dave McDonough. We have long held that judges should not be elected directly but chosen by their profession, with those appointing them being held accountable in any elections. However, as is our custom, we want to recognize our local candidates, Baldwinites Valerie Bullard and Andrea Phoenix. We hope our readers will join us in supporting the bond vote to acquire more open land, which is necessary to preserve a clean water supply. Dare we dream some land can be acquired to help make the Meadowbrook trail a reality?

FREEPORTER RECEIVES HISPANIC HERITAGE AWARD: Supervisor Kate Murray (2nd right) and Town Clerk Mark Bonilla (right) are pictured with Gloria Rodriguez of Freeport (left) at the town's celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month which recently took place at Hempstead Town Hall. Ms. Rodriguez, who provided the musical entertainment for the program, presented Max Rodriguez, special assistant to the town clerk (2nd left), with a festive hat typical of her native country of Guatemala. During the program, six individuals of Hispanic descent were presented with the Town of Hempstead's 2006 Hispanic Heritage Award for their professional success and community service.

FLU SHOTS: Our Holy Redeemer Outreach and Peternana Terrace are joining forces to administer the Senior Flu Shot Program. This program (for seniors only) will be held at 45 Wallace Street, Freeport, on Friday, November 10, between 1 and 4 p.m. Appointment is a must. Please call 868-8289 or 378-4072 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday, to secure an appointment. This program is sponsored by the Nassau County Department of Citizens Affairs, the Nassau County Department of Health and Nassau University Medical Center. OLD KING COLE: The Freeport Senior Citizen's Center will present "Cole Porter, You're the Top," an audio visual presentation performed and edited by Jack Schnur, on Wednesday, November 8, at 1 p.m. upstairs in

the Restaurant/Lounge. Mr. Schnur will sing some of his favorite Cole Porter Tunes: "You're the Top," "What is this Thing Called Love," "Just One Of Those Things," "At Long Last Love," "From This Moment On" and "I Get a Kick Out of You." Admission is free and refreshments will be served afterwards. HOLIDAY EVENTS: Here's an important message for any local organization that is planning a holiday event! Remember that our special Holiday Issue will come out the week of November 13 this year. Make sure you send us your important information in advance, preferably by Monday, November 6. The Holiday Issue is read by thousands of people so don't miss this opportunity to spread your holiday message!

lUSt \A/ritefc>yloan WHY A CONNECTOR?...Did you ever wonder why the Grand Central Parkway by Glen Cove swoops down south a few miles before it then veers east to become the Northern State Parkway? That section of road, called the connector, was a concession to reality that Robert Moses made decades ago. Not one to duck fights and a man who took great pride in overcoming opposition to get the job done, that great builder, who in death i$ either revered or reviled, recognized that he would not win that particular fight. There was no way that his major building project and highway would ever be allowed to go through the landscaped acres of those rich and powerful North Shore residents. And so, he bowed to reality and "Ihe connector" was built, through the residential real estate of the less affluent. That thinking is the same reason why the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway, Route 135, stops abruptly at Jericho Turnpike. What should have been the access road to a bridge across the Long

Island Sound to Connecticut wasn't. Many of these kinds of concessions aren't even debated publicly. Years ago, without the now-required Sunshine Law, many of these deals were done exclusively under the table, behind the scenes. Today, many such decisions still don't reach public debate because developers mentally eliminate even their possibility at the planning stages, perhaps even before the planning stages. Some of the most critical issues of our times and our area remain unresolved because of this mentality. Sufficient affordable housing - for our elderly, our young workers, our new-to-the-workforce professionals - much less housing needed for those with low incomes, remains unbuilt because of concessions to the rich and upper middle class.. Elected officials pay lip service to the need for such housing and suggest limited initiatives which would produce few actual results. They resist addressing the larger issues despite obvious needs. They ignore the fact that because demand so exceeds supply, many middle-class communities are beins

Baldwinites give input by Joan Delaney With one part festive and a second part serious discussion, the Baldwin Board of Education's semi-annual Community Input Meeting, held on October 25, continued the district's almost 15-year history of encouraging residents to provide their own agenda by asking questions and voicing concerns. The first section of the autumn input meeting is.ahvays lively, with PTA pres-

idents and students honoring the board during Board of Education Recognition Week. With some of their token gifts reflecting the theme, "Reaching for the Stars," board members received from Milburn PTA their own star named "Boe" which resides in the constellation Hercules as well as Meadow School's "Baldwinopoly," a board game sponsored by community businesses which was developed as a school fundraiser. on page 71

destroyed by illegal overoccupancy. The same holdsjrue for long-term initiatives to deal with future energy needs. At public meetings, LIPA Chairman Richard Kessel has said that Long Islanders won't take the issue of energy seriously until they turn on their light switches and their rooms remain dark. At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, environmental scientist and certified ecologist John Waffenschmidt of the Covanta Energy Corporation spoke of the necessity of more waste-toenergy recycling plants, such as the one located off the Meadowbrook Parkway, but of the resistence of communities. Whether it is the rich and famous of Cape Cod and Malibu or our own locals who want to continue to enjoy unimpeded views at Jones Beach, resistence abounds relative to windmills despite acknowledgments that something must be done to harness more energy. A local candidate for the New York State Assembly refused to give his opinion on the Jones Beach windmill issue recently saying that it was a NIMBY (Not in my backyard) issue and he didn't live there. But who should make those kinds of decisions? How long should discussion take place? What is the necessary input of local residents who would suffer from any negative effects? And what are the truths behind so many of these critical issues? As a journalist who has attended scores of public .meetings, especially hearings related to zoning, my sympathies are with citizens who do not have the financial resources and free time to represent themselves properly at all the necessary legal venues, most of which are held in the daytime. Developers and corporations can easily engage in stall

tactics, ask for adjournments, and pay huge sums of money for hired consultants who are willing to testify to whatever "facts" are necessary to support their clients' positions. Residents do not have those kinds of resources. What they should have, however, is elected officials who have taken oaths to promote the common good. That does not mean that these officials should simply pander to NIMBY elements who want nothing in their own backyards. Neither should elected officials be in the pockets of those developers whose lobbying efforts often include targeted campaign contributions, job offers to family members or other inducements to affect governmental decision-making. Instead, residents and governmental leaders must address critical issues with open minds. We must re-establish trust and provide honest objective information as we engage in needed debate and discuss possible viable compromises.. Think of all those behmd-the scenes deals which continue to take place every day. Think of them the next time you navigate the "connector," a drivingnightmare of merges and lane changes which, despite some improvements, still creates traffic havoc. And most importantly, think of that connector when you cast your ballot on November 7. Ask yourself a very simple question. "Which of the candidates on the ballot today do you think would have said, 'Create a detour' if they were part of the decision-making crew advising Robert Moses. When you have the answer, pull the lever instead for the candidate who, you believe, will represent the common good of all citizens today.

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FIRST CHURCH BALDWIN, UNITED METHODIST, 881 Merrick Rd, Baldwin, 2231168, Rev. Elizabeth Perry; Worship Service & Sunday School 10 a.m.; Youth Fellowship Sunday, 6:30 p.m EBENEZER CHURCH OF SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST, 97 Broadway. Michael R. Bernard, Pastor; Saturdays, Church at Study, 9:15 a.m.; Morning Service, 11 a.m.; Youth Service, 4 p.m. 379:1054 DEAN STREET CHAPEL, 23 West Dean itreet. Sundays, Breaking of Bread, 9:15 a.m.; Adult Bible Class, 10:15 am.; Family Bible Hour, unday School (pre-K through seniors), 11:15 a.m.; Wednesdays, Prayer Meeting, 8 p.m SOUTH NASSAU CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 3147 Eastern Parkway, Baldwin, 379-0720, David Dooley, Minister. Sunday School, 9:30 am.; unday Worship Service, 10:45 a.m.; Wednesday Adult Bible Study, 8 p.m., Youth Group, 8 p.m.. ST. PETER'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN !HURCH, 2332 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, 2231951. The Rev. Edward G. Barnett, Pastor. The iervice of Holy Communion, 10 am. ALL SAINTS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH ANGLICAN) - 2375 Harrison Avenue, Baldwin, 223-3731, The Rev. Dr. Charles G. Ackerson, 'h.D., Rector. Sunday: Holy Eucharist, 8 a.m.; unday School, 9:45 am.; Sung Eucharist, 10 a.m. Wednesday: Holy Eucharist 10 a.m.; THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF BALDWIN, 717 St. Luke's Place, Baldwin, ft York 11510, (516) 223-2112 Welcoming and Supporting Individuals and Families to 5row in Faith! Sunday Services at 10 o'clock 'astor: Rev. Mark E, Greiner <> <> GLESIA CENTRO BIBLICO DE FREEPORT - 50 North Main Street, 546-0473, '. Luis Vargas, Senior Pastor. Sunday services. 'ABERNACLE OF FAITH, 286 West Merrick toad, Freeport, Walter Gibson, Pastor. Sunday Services, 8 and 11:30 am. and 8 p.m.; Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Friday night service, 8:30 p.m.; VIonday and Tuesday Bible School, 7:30 p.m. "HE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF 'REEPORT, South Ocean Avenue and Smith itreet. Sunday Worship at 10 am. Rev. Eddie J. usino. BETHEL A.M.E. CHURCH, 420 North Main street. Reverend Dr. Harry J. White, II., Senior 'astor, Sunday Morning Worship Service 9:45 ..m., Holy Communion - Every 1st Sunday., senior Program - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10a.m., Radio Program-WTHE 1520 AM - Thursday Morning - 11 am. BALDWIN JEWISH CENTER, 885 Seaman .venue. Daily minyan, Monday and Thursday 5:25 a.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 6:35 .m.; Friday services 8 p.m.; Saturday services 9 .m. and 5:50 p.m.; Sunday services, 9 a.m. FREEPORT UNITED METHODIST :HURCH, 46 Pine Street, 378-0659. Rev. Dolores Henderson, Pastor. 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning Worship Service with Nursery Care Available and Church School Classes for Pre-K:th grade. :ONGREGATION B'NAI ISRAEL, 91 North Jayview Avenue, 623-4200. Conservative, egaliarian congregation. Friday services, 8 p.m.; Saturday services, 9:30 am. Weekday minyan ollowed by breakfast, 6:45 a.m. Sunday servics, 9 a.m., followed by breakfast. Religious chool, pre^K through high school. Adult educalon. SOUTH NASSAU UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION, 228 South Ocean ivenue, 623-1204. A liberal faith ommunity where all people and beliefs are welome: Sunday services 10:30 am. Childre's reliious education, youth groups, childcare, small group interactions, social justice work and special vents.


Sundays - 9:30 am. - Worship Service; 10:45 a.m. Sunday School" and Adult Education; 11 a.m. Spanish Mass. WORD OF LIFE MINISTRIES, 80 West Merrick Road, Freeport Non-Denominational; Stephen and Roseann Brower, Senior Pastors; Sunday morning Worship 10 am.; Children's Church 10 a.m.; Nursery available. Wednesday Care Groups in the homes; Friday evenings min istries.; Care (Home and Hospital visits) Children's Ministry 7:30 p.m., 18 month residen tial program for substance abuse. Bible Education Center. 546-3344. FREEPORT CHURCH OF GOD, 580 Babylon Turnpike. Reverend Linette Clark, Pastor Sundays, Sunday School 9:45 a.m.; Morning Services 11:15 a.m.; Evening Youth Services 6 p.m.; Sunday Night Service 7 p.m. Tuesdays Prayer Service 8 p.m. SALVATION ARMY, 66 Church Street, P.O Box 725, Sunday: Morning Worship .11 a.m. Afterglow Service 12 p.m.; Home League Ladies Group Thursday 11 a.m.; Bible Study Friday 1] a.m.; Mid-week Service Wednesday, 12 p.m. Senior Citizen Center, Monday to Friday, 8:0( a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Family Supper Program on Tuesday 5 p.m. followed by Scouting activities 5:30 to 7 p.m. Call (516) 378-4557 . TRANSFIGURATION EPISCOPAL CHURCH - (ANGLICAN), South Long Beach Avenue and Pine Street. Tuesdays Holy Eucharist 8:45 a.m. Sundays, Holy Eucharist 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday School, noon. CHURCH OF OUR HOLY REDEEMER, 37 South Ocean Avenue. Weekday Masses Monday 7:30 p.m. (Spanish), 7:30 a.m. and 12:10 p.m., Thursday, 7:30 p.m. (Spanish); Friday 12:10 p.m. followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet; Saturday Morning Mass in the Church, 7:30 a.m. Saturday Evening (Sunday Vigil Masses) 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. (Spanish); Sunday Masses 8:00 a.m., 9:30 (Family), 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. (Spanish); Miraculous Medal Novena, Saturday following 7:30 a.m. Mass. Blessed Sacrament Chapel open 24 hours. ST. CHRISTOPHER'S R.C. CHURCH, 11 Gale Avenue, Baldwin. Sunday Masses: Saturday at 5 p.m.; Sunday at 7:30 a.m.; 9:30 a.m. (Folk Group); 11 am. (Choir); 12:30 p.m.; 5 p.m. (Contemporary Music Group). Daily Masses: Monday through Friday: 7 and 9 am.; Saturday: 9 am. Holiday Masses: Please consult the weekly Bulletin the Sunday before the holyday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF FREEPORT, Pine Street and South Long Beach Avenue. Sunday Worship - 10:45 a.m.; Sunday School for adults & children, 9:20 arn.; Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer, 8 p.m.; 379-8084. COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 301 Atlantic Avenue. Sundays, Sunday School for all ages, 10 am.; Morning Worship Service, 11 a.m.; Evening Praise and Prayer Service, 6 p.m.; Wednesdays, Evening Bible Study in Spanish and English, 7:30 p.m. Second and fourth Fridays, Youth Night in Church gym, 8 p.m. GREATER SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH, 129 East Merrick Road. Reverend Mallette, Sundays, Morning Service, 11 am.; Evening Service, 9 p.m. Thursdays, Prayer Meeting, 8 p.m.; Sunday School, 9:30 am. SOUTH BALDWIN JEWISH CENTER, 2959 Grand Avenue, Baldwin; Rabbi Robert Judd. Conservative. Twice daily minyan. Weekdays: Sunday 9:30 am.; Monday-Friday 6:50 am.; Sunday-Thursday 8 p.m.; Shabbat: 8 p.m.; Shabbat morning 9:30 a.m.; Sat. afternoon 10 minutes before sundown. Religious school; Adult education. Mens Club & Sisterhood. 223ZION CATHEDRAL, COGIC,, 312 Grand Avenue, Freeport. Bishop Frank Otha White, Senior Pastor; Dr. Frank Anthone White, CoPsastor. Sunday: 7:30 and 11:15 am., Worship Services; 10 am., Sunday School. Tuesday:: 121 p.m., Noonday Prayer; 6:30-8:30 p.m., Spiritual Empowerment Service; 6 p.m., Youth Activities.

Baldwinites give input to school board from page 5 Adding enjoyment to the glitter and bows, was a sneak preview of the high school's upcoming musical "Damn Yankees" with a cast of ballplayers representing the long-suffering Washington Senators singing "Heart," as in "You've Gotta Have Heart." First-time Baldwin director Gene Forman introduced his cast and noted that Baldwinites who see the show "can still get the feel of a team playing in October." Showtimes for the play, described by Peter Freeman, the district director of fine and performing arts, as "a Broadway classic from the height of 1950s theater," are Thursday, November 16, (4 p.m.), Friday and Saturday, November 17, and 18, (8 p.m.) and an additional show on Sunday, November 19, ( 3 p.m.). Prices range from S5 on Thursday to $9 at the other performances. • •• Part two of the input meeting contained more serious topics. The board and Superintendent Robert Britto clarified rumors regarding a fight at the high school, discussed the link between a district's poverty designation and its free lunch program, explained improvements to curricula, especially mathematics, debated the merits of academic rigor versus "just too much" work, and outlined the board's ongoing decision-making process that must balance what the district can afford versus those enhancements which residents would like. The recent altercation at the high school, board President Mary Jo OiHagan explained, was "typical teenage subject matter - 'He insulted my girlfriend' " rather man anything gang-related as rumors suggested. Dr. Britto said that he and Assistant Superintendent Michael Roccoforte had just completed hearings involving six cases with several of the students receiving appropriate district-level suspension penalties and one case referred to the juvenile justice system. Because of special circumstances, one case is pending. Dr. Britto described the fight, which resulted in injuries, as "an aberreration"

to an otherwise quiet opening and first month of school. Ms. O'Hagan noted that additional security cameras were "helpful in knowing what went on." Because of confidentiality requtteifients, further details could not be shared. Another discussion focused on the connection between the designated poverty index of a district and its free or reduced lunch program. In many published reports, Baldwin is shown as having no students with family incomes below the poverty line because that designation is based on the number of students receiving free or reduced lunches. Since Baldwin has no such program, it appears that Baldwin has no students living in poverty. Resident Julia Hammacher, who served on the Baldwin Educational Assembly's committee to study the issue, briefly outlined its findings. She said that many people believe that Balchvin is "leaving a lot of federal money on the table" by not having a free lunch program, but their committee's study showed that not to be the case. With estimates of a 5 percent to 8 percent poverty index based on recent census numbers that include Baldwin's zip code area, there would be few students eligible for such a program, making Baldwin eligible for only limited funding. Those monies would not offset the significant cost of establishing such a program - refitting buildings, "catering" both a required breakfast and hot lunch, rescheduling transportation to provide busing for those breakfasts, hiring additional staff, and increasing utility costs. Referring to people's perceptions, she added, "We're not as poor as we feel we are." Commenting on the more important question, "Are there hungry children in Baldwin?" Dr. Britto said that he had bluntly asked that question to administrators last year. He said, "I was assured that no one goes hungry." Ms. O'Hagan noted that building administrators deal with that issue personally and privately when they suspect a problem. She also added that within state reports, there are

other ways for a district's poverty level to be estimated, although most published figures use the school lunch numbers. Regarding the larger issue of state reporting to the media, resident Deidre Oriani, who is a teacher herself, deplored the publishing of standardized test results to the media long before they are made available to either school districts or parents. "What is the point of the testing?" she asked, prompting board discussion of its long-standing problem with the state's use of testing results. "We recently sent a letter to the commissioner," noted Dr. Britto, speaking of his participation with area superintendents of schools in requesting the "research" the state uses as a basis for its testing and grading process. "We TOILed' [Freedom of Information Law] the request," he said, noting that the initiative came both from districts whose students achieve high on the tests as well as those who are struggling. 'It isn't simply a matter of sour grapes. That information has never been provided." For many years, Baldwin board members have questioned the political purposes of the increased required testing and the publication of results in the media in a manner which show comparisons without any sense of other background information which would make the information more relevant, such as a community's assessed valuation, per capita spending, tax rates and ability of residents to access and pay for private tutoring. The testing, they believe, seems to have veered from a process which was helpful in providing schools with infor-



"Your Success Is Our Goal"

• Residential • Commercial • Waterfronts


Saturday, November 11 10am - 2pm First Presbyterian Church 178 S. Ocean Ave • Freeport

mation to identify students in need of help to one which has become a competitive exercise among districts. In fact, I results are so late in reaching districts, that children have long moved on to the next grade, making remediation of specific student deficiencies more difficult. Also, the delayed information also precludes a district from being able to identify needed program modifications in a timely manner and to adjust budget to codes appropriately. Other discussion focused on district initiatives to improve the understanding of math, requests to add foreign language to the elementary level, and busing protocols, especially those for young B. a children. Resident Stanley Gittleman, a member of the Baldwin Educational Assembly and himself a retired teacher, again gave a lengthy presentation to support his request for the district to initiate the use of a formal program to address the social/emotional learning needs of students. Concerned with people's inability to handle their own emotions and make correct choices, Mr. Gittleman would like to see something more done. "We need to think of the long-term future...We need to eliminate destructive instincts. .We don't have to wait for a catastrophe," he pleaded. The next meeting of the Board of Education will take place on Wednesday, November 8, at 8 p.m. at Steele School, although a public presentation of the audit to the Board of Education, which serves as the district's audit committee, will take place at 7:30 p.m. That same information will also be presented later at the regular board meeting.


JohnO-Conrior .ftokeriO^

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at oo

<u 60 «


Freeport Library

Current events

The library resumes ,(its popular monthly Current Events in Perspective series conducted by Michael o D'Innocenzo, Professor of History, Hofstra University, on Wednesday, 1 November 8, at 1 p.m. , Professor D'Innocenzo holds an § endowed chair as The Harry H. Wachtel Distinguished Teaching OS "O Professor for the Study of Nonviolent &o Social Change and is also a Kettering 1 H Foundation associate. He also codirects Hofstra's Public Policy Institute. This series is made possible by a generous grant from the Dr. Rudolph and Mildred Joseph Foundation. SO

Literature Talking About Literature is a monthly book discussion series that meets on the first Friday every month from noon to 1:30 p.m. Each discussion is led by an educator or librarian. You may pick up your copy of the book about four weeks in advance of each program; you must return it on the day of the discussion. As registration is not required, you are always welcome to attend any or all of these stimulating discussions. Bring a brown bag lunch and a friend; dessert and beverage will be provided. The work chosen for November 3 is "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri and the leader is Dave Opatow. This is a portrait of the immigrant experience that follows the Ganguli family from their traditional life in India through their arrival in Massachusetts in the late 1960s and their difficult melding into an American way of life.

Japanese music On Sunday, November 5, at 2:30 p.m., the library will present Kikyo Genso, a concert of Japanese music and dance performed by Chris Merwin and Kishiko Hasegawa. The program will include traditional Japanese folk music and dance. This unique musical rendition will be played on the bamboo Shakuhachi flute and will consist of Zen meditation pieces, classical, and folk songs.

events and the movers and shakers shaping our world today. He will offer his opinion and insights for opportunities for audience discussion. Baldwin Library Get organized! On Wednesday, November 8, at 7 p.m., professional organizer Judi Cohen will show you how to set up a "plan of action" to de-clutter and organize your space. She will also teach you how to create filing systems to tame that paper flow. Get great tips for downsizing and finding items when you need them. Telephone or in-person registration began at the Adult Reference Desk on November 1, Call 223-6228, Digital photography On Wednesday, November 29, at 7 p.m., Stu Gershbn, the Digital Doctor, will discuss megapixels and how they determine what kind of digital camera is best for your type of photography. The type of computer you have at home and other technical aspects affecting your photos will also be covered. Telephone or in-person registration begins Wednesday, November 8, at the Adult Reference Desk. Call 2236228. Stitchy women On Mondays, November 6 and December 11 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. join other yarn lovers for the "Stitchy Women" - Knit and Crochet Circle. Bring your current projects and get help with that new stitch or exchange tips and techniques with others as your needles fly!

Memorabilia View "Phantom of the Opera" memorabilia collected by Baldwin resident Diana Brewster at the library for the month of November. Diana is delighted to have this display because she wants everyone to get more of an idea about "The Phantom of the Opera," the story behind it, the many different ver-, sions of it, etc.

Photo Exhibit View beautiful photographs by local artist Lynn David Nathanson at the library for the month of November. Lynn and her husband, Marvin have lived and worked in Baldwin for 35 years. In her own words: "For many years, I have been observing the world through the lens of my camera - preferring nature with its variety and sur-^

prises - but also capturing my travels, children, animals, days' beginnings and endings as well, and just about anything else that piques my interest." Many of Lynn's photographs adorn the walls of South Nassau Communities Hospital and North Shore University Hospital.

Barbie On Tuesday, November 14, at 7 p.m. join Bernie Kivowitz for the first-hand, fascinating story of the Barbie Doll, a 20 century icon and her creator and cofounder of Mattel Toys, Ruth Handler. The story of the Barbie Doll reflects the changing world of women in work and fashion. Telephone or in-person registration begins at the Aduit Reference Desk on November 1. Call 223-6228.

^yrlni P R O B U C t t l »Y


Answers to Crossword Puzzle From Page 2

News, Notables and the Nation On Thursday, November 9, at 2:30 p.m., Howard J. Shurdut will resume his program '*News, Notables and the Nation" which will continue on through June. He will explore the

NOV. 14 • 19

GERIATRIC CARE ASSOCIATES Health Care for Seniors Geriatric Medical Care "The way it ought to be" Traditional MEDICARE on assignment QUALITY Care, NOT "Managed Care" (Not an HMO)

NOV. 21 - 26

Primary Care Physicians

Lawrence M. Rand, MD Geraldine Rand, P.A.C.

Board Certified Internal Medicine Over 24 years experience in geriatric practice Office Address - 2631 Merrick Rd., Bellmore Full Panel of Medical & Surgical Subspecialists-All on Medicare Assignment Admitting privileges - South Nassau Communities Hospital On-site X-ray and Laboratory services For Information or an Appointment

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Buy tickets at www.disney@nke.eom Ticket Centers, Arena Box Offices or call (63t) 888-9000, (201) 507-8900, (212) 307-7171 (609) 520-8383, (845) 454-3388 For Information call (51 6) 794-9300 Nassau Coliseum, (201) 935-3900 Continental Airlines Arena Groups (20+) call (516) 794-9303 Nassau Coliseum (201 ) 460-4370 Continental Airlines Arena

TICKET PRICES: $15.00 - $22.50 - $27.50 - $32.50 limited number of VIP Floor and VIP seats available. Call for details. (Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply.)

Remembering Leon Groder Leon Groder of Freeport died suddenly on Wednesday, October 18. He was 67 years old. His son Jeffrey Groder of Seafbrd said his father "was a man that was held in high regard by all who knew him." Leon Groder was an accountant by profession but a humanitarian by avocation who always offered a helping hand. Just ask the waitress at the local diner where Leon patronized. One evening he overheard this woman on the telephone, discussing her troubles. After discussing this woman's plight with his wife, Elaine, Leon returned to the diner with money in hand to help her out and begin again. "He was land," said son Jeffrey. "When he saw someone weak he sought no advantage, he only sought to help, to make them better." Leon Groder was bom on January 1, 1939 in Aruba. He spent his childhood there as well as in the United States during World War U "because of the wartime strife in Aruba," said wife Elaine. He returned to the United States several times during his teen years, including a trip to the Catstills, where he met his future wife, Elaine. They were both 15 years old "Leon went back to Aruba but we corresponded," said Elaine. After finishing his education in Aruba, Leon returned to the United States and attended Adelphi University. He graduated with a degree in accounting. Leon was a naturalized American. In 1961, Leon married Elaine. They %vere married for 45 years until his death last week. Son Jeffrey said that "even on his worst day there was not anything he would notdoformy mother. At the end of the day he loved [my mother] most of all." Elaine said her husband "was always there for me and our family. He was very

doting." Leon and Elaine Groder spent the first days of their marriage living in Brooklyn, then Farmingdate, where their two children Randi and Jeffrey were bom. Then in 1968 the couple brought their young family to Freeport "We shared a very special childhood," said Jeffrey speaking about himself and his sister, "There was one thing always in my house that could not be diminished - the love of our mother and our father. We had fun in that house as kids and we continued to have fun there with our children even after we left It was a place we could always go Leon to at any age for good times and laughs, and as a sanctuary for advice." Leon Groder loved animals, particularly dogs and cats. He had a passion for reading mystery novels and thrillers. He spoke Dutch and Spanish as well as English. He also loved to travel with his wife, Elaine, "We loved going everywhere. We especially enjoyed cruising," Elaine said. One of Leon's greatest passions was for his four grandchildren - Talia and Jordan Berry and Juliana and Evan Groder. "He was always there for them," said Elaine, "He was a big fan and enjoyed attending their school events and sports. He was so proud of their accomplishments. He always bragged about them." "There was no greater cheerleader for Talia than her Leo [grandfather Leo], He would always tell me how proud he was of her," said son Jeffrey. "Jordan shared a special relationship with his Leo, his Grandpa. Jordan is a movie lover and his Leo took hirrtib every movie he wanted to go to. He did it not because he

For over a cemury, ihe besl keep secret of well-croomed women...

liked the movies necessarily, he did it because he loved Jordan," added Jeffrey. He said his own children, seven-year-old twins Juliana and Evan, were also very much loved. The day the twins were born "was one of the happiest of his life." He would tease Juliana about her doll which sent her into peals of laughter and with Evan he "would grab him and squeeze him and nibble his ears," said "Jeffrey. Jeffrey had his own spe rial memories of his father. Leon always encouraged his children to do their best and when Jeffrey was a boy he remembers forgetting to do his Groder homework one evening. Crying, he finally confronted his father who "hugged me and said, 'don't worry. It's a mistake.' It seems like a small dung, but it is

not He saw me weak and he could have achieved compliance by scaring me," said Jeffrey. "In mis case he saw me suffering and got compliance by helping me. By being kind he got more man compliance. By kindness he instilled in me an even more fierce desire to please and do well. He made me a better person." Leon Groder is survived by his wife Elaine Groder, his daughter, Randi Berry, son Jeffrey Groder, son-in-law Nathanial Berry and daughter-in-law Theresa Groder as well as his four grandchildren, Talia Berry, Jordan Berry, Juliana Groder and Evan Groder. Leon Groder is also survived by his brother-in-law Eugene Hirschfeld, sister Marie Schneider and brother David Groder. He was predeceased by his brother Maikie Groder. Leon is also survived by many loving friends. Leon's son Jeffrey is an attorney. His daughter Randi is a registered nurse. Elaine Groder works for L & M Publications.


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Vote on Wednesday November 8th 6-8 pm I at Transfiguration Church S. Long Beach Ave (comer of Pine st) • Freeport (back parking lot/entrance to the gym)

Contact: 516-670-4749 or 347-731-3876

McCarthy vs. Blessinger in Fourth Congressional District from page 1 Osama Bin Laden

•«? D-

vo CM

I' 1 O

Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger does not believe the war in Iraq has distracted the United States from the search for Osama B in Laden. Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said though she voted for giving the president the right to go to war in Iraq, "We should have been concentrating more on that [the capture of Osama Bin Laden]."

War on terror


Martin Blessinger: On spending for the war on terror, Mr. Blessinger said, "I have no problem spending. I just want it to be effective." He said a majority of the money spent on homeland security should be spent to safeguard New York. He said, "As a major mark of arrogance they [terrorists] go back to where they hit." Mr. Blessinger said surveillance is absolutely essential. Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy believes strongly in taking precautions in the war on terror and that New York, without a doubt, should be getting more of the money for homeland security than areas in the country far less 'likely to be attacked. "Terrorists want to ijgo for some place big," she said. The two •areas she thinks should get the most financial support for protection are New York and Washington DC.

Minimum wage Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger is against raising the minimum wage. He said, "It's inflationary and I'm against it." He added, "You legislate yourself out of those lower income jobs." Mr.

Blessinger Said, "Nobody can live on minimum wage - the minimum wage was never meant to be a livable income." Mr. Blessinger said minimum wage jobs are meant to be student or second-income type jobs. He added, "I think the market should regulate it within reason." Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said if Democrats take back the House she estimates a bill raising the minimum wage would be passed' within the first 100 days. She noted that the first time she voted to raise the minimum wage was back in 1997. Mrs. McCarthy said, "To me, it's the right thing to do."

Energy Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger said on the subject of energy, "The United States, the Congress and the President are all way out of step on this issue. They're way behind the curve." Mr. Blessinger said the U.S. dependency on foreign oil is a security issue. He said, "We have to have a clearly defined energy policy to get us off the drug of foreign oil." Mr. Blessinger said, "We should utilize those things we have here until a better source comes along." Some of those things he thinks should be more heavily relied upon include: solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, and more progress in the area of fuel efficiency, such as hybrid cars. ....., -- - . • • . . - . • -••„-.••••> . . . - • That better source, that Mr. Blessinger believes will become practical within the next 50 years, is nuclear fusion. He thinks the process of nuclear fusion is safer than the currently used process of nuclear fission. He said in the process of fusion there is less risk of explosion, radioactive material is minimized and that the

amount of energy is infinite. Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said, "We on Long Island are at the end of the fuel chain for all of our energy sources." She added, "We should be doing more for conservation and we have to start looking at other ways." Mrs. McCarthy is in support of the proposed windmill project off of Jones Beach and for research and development into other alternative energy sources as well.

protection at the borders.

Amnesty Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger said amnesty for those in the country illegally is unacceptable. On citizenship he said, "Everybody should get an even playing field." Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said, "For those here illegally, it should be harder to become a citizen."


Language debate

Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger said, "All legal immigrants are welcome." Mr. Blessinger said his solution for the problem of illegal immigration is first border protection. Beside the new physical barrier to be built he said he would also enlist the National Guard to assist in border patrol. Next, he said, "We set up a viable worker program, who they are, how long they're going to stay and who are they working for." Mr. Blessinger said the agency could then contract workers to companies looking to hire. He said immigrants should apply to this agency, or "clearing-house" for workers from their native country. Employers would pay taxes on these workers and, "employers hiring undocumented workers would be fined." Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said, "We need to also look at border security in the north. No one is even paying attention to the north." She said increased border protection is necessary not just because of illegal immigration and terrorism but also as protection against drug trafficking. While she supported the fence being built, she would prefer to see a more "high tech" form of

Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger said, "One of the main unifying forces of the nation is language. Everything here should be done in English. That is the glue that helps us to communicate." Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy said, "Immigrants should learn the language better. English should be our official language." She added, "If you are going to be an American you have to assimilate into our country." She said on the subject of bilingual education, those immigrating here as high school students in their later teens years may require bilingual education to make the transition.

Abortion Martin Blessinger; Mr. Blessinger is pro-life except in the cases of rape, incest or saving the life of the mother. He would support a ban on late-term "partial-birth" abortions. Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. McCarthy is pro-choice and would not support any kind of ban on "partial-birth" or late term abortions. She said, "When you have that particular procedure, I would say 90-99% of the time it is for the (continued on page 12)









dng more money home to the district because he will be a Democrat working in a Democrat-controlled Assembly.

1 I

Work hard to reform Albany and private property tax relief by reformulating unfair tax mandates.



Hold monthly community meetings to bring government and services closer to his constituents.




a Fight to implement the Memo of Understanding and Management Plan for the Meadowbrook Corridor which will create a preserve in the woodlands for the public to enjoy. This year is a year of change. Your vote does matter. On Election Day start with Birnbaum then vote the whole Democratic line. Endorsed by Legislator Dave Denenberg

BIRNBAUM FOR ASSEMBLY Paid For By Friends of Donald Birnbaum


Frecport Democratic Is Proud to Support Our DEMOCRATIC CANDID ^

'\"v \ \





Carolyn McCarthy Congress District 4

fldam Small

Dave Meijas

Eariene Hooper


State Senate


Congress District 3 State flssembty District 18


Elliot Spi Qoverno



District 19


ocratic Justi


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th Paid for by Freeport Democratic Club Not authorized by any candidate committee

Fourth Congressional District from page 10 health and welfare of the mother." Mrs. McCarthy said it should be up to the ethics board of the hospital to decide if such a procedure should be done on a case-by-case basis. of

fc Disaster plan for Nassau County


Both candidates are concerned about having a workable disaster plan in place for Nassau County. Martin Blessinger: Mr. Blessinger said, "Nassau County is really lacking a disaster plan and I'm scared." 3 Congresswoman McCarthy: Mrs. H McCarthy said, in October 2005 after returning from a trip to flood-ravaged New Orleans, she held a disaster plan summit with both Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and Suffolk .8 H County Executive Steve Levy. Mrs. McCarthy said inadequacies in disaster procedures were addressed, communications between the various agencies involved should a disaster strike have been improved and command centers were created. Mrs. McCarthy said she would continue to work on improving the plan for both counties.

Biographies Carolyn McCarthy Born Carolyn Cook in Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y., January 5,1944; graduated from Mineola High School, Garden City Park, N.Y., 1962; graduated, Glen Cove Nursing School, Glen Cove, N.Y., 1964; licensed practical nurse in ICU section, Glen Cove Hospital, Glen Cove; elected as a Democrat to the 105th and to the four succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1997present).

Honors include: Newsday's 100 Long Island Influentials, Long Island Business News' Long Island Top 50, Congressional Quarterly's 50 Most Effective Legislators, Redbook Magazine's Mothers and Shakers, Ladies' Home Journal 100 Most Important Women, and Advertising Age's list of "Most Impact by Women in 1999," and The American Organization of Nurse Executives' 2003 Honorary Member Award.

Martin Blessinger Mr. Blessinger has worked in Nassau County coordinating fire/police disaster planning. He spent three years in Albany as a member of the NYS Emergency Medical Services Council (a quasi-legislative branch of the NYS Health Dept.) Mr. Blessinger worked as the co-chief Administrator of the Nassau County Fire/Police Training Academy, as the administrator of Medical Control at Nassau University Medical Center, in the Emergency Services Bureau as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) and supervisor and as the deputy commanding officer of the Nassau County Police Department Firearms Training Unit. His political experience includes: committeeman, assembly district leader, executive committee member, and legislative delegate, Nassau County Conservative Party, technical advisor and website administrator, Nassau County Conservative Party, campaign scheduler for NYS candidate for Comptroller, campaign consultant for candidate for Nassau County executive, campaign consultant and fundraiser for candidate for Congress, campaign consultant for candidate for District Court judge.


by Linda Hendrickson Will Porter's 97-yard opening kickoff return put Freeport on the road to a 30-6 win over the Port Washington Vikings. Porter rushed for 118 yards and two touchdowns on six carries. He had 215 all-purpose yards. Chris Edmond was the other workhorse during the game as he rushed for 165 yards on 14 carries and racked up two touchdowns. Lamar Finch was awesome on defense. "He made 13 tackles and caused a rumble that resulted in a 39-yard touchdown run for Porter," reflected Coach Russ Cellan. Edmond, who plays both ways, contributed 11 tackles to the defensive efforts. The Red Devils finished with 327 rushing yards. Shannon Robinson scored in the first quarter on a 2-yard run as the Red Devils jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead in a 36-0 romp over the Uniondale Knights. Porter rushed for 138 yards on 17 carries and scored two touchdowns. Robinson scored another TD on a four-yard run in the third while Donnie Hodge scored on a 6yard pass from Robinson. Edmond added 103 yards on 11 carries as the Red Devils rushed for 335 yards. Finch, a linebacker, did an outstanding job on defense with 14 impressive tackles and one interception. Freeport remains undefeated with a 6-0 record. The week before Freeport outran and outplayed Hicksville in all aspects of the game as the Red Devils outscored the Comets 3613. Robinson completed 10 of 18 passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns. Porter ran for 90 yards and one TD on 17 carries and scored two more TDs on passes from Robinson. Porter has averaged 17 carries in the last three games, Edmond led the defense with two blocked shots and 11 tackles.

Julio Martinez had four saves in goal as Freeport's Varsity Soccer Team defeated Farmingdale 6-2. Kevin Escobar scored off a cross from Emmanuel Gamez while Herman Collazo scored off a cross from Escobar. Junior Campos and Heyman Revis-Bonilla both scored unassisted goals late in the game. The Red Devils will take on the Syosset Braves on Tuesday. Anna Marie Bellaflore, Dianna Perez, LaPortia Hackworth and Anabel Lopez each won their points in a disappointing 3-4 loss in the Conference IVA Championship Match against West Hempstead. "We were in the match the whole way," commented Coach Linda Hendrickson. The final match came down to a 6-4,6-7 and 4-6 loss for the Lady Devils who finished the season with an 11-1 record and the Conference IVA title. "There should be many post season honors for this group," commented Hendrickson. "Time will tell." The Marching Band looked impressive as they played for Freeport's last home game against Port Washington. Senior Drum Major Scott Wiener directed the National Anthem for the last time and gave one big salute to his band as the brass and drums played on. Wiener hopes to major in music in college and has also been a four-year member of the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. Scott Rodriguez, Andel Clemmings, Jamal Vanable, Natalie Dzienius, William Stevens, Joe McPartlin, and Alex Bollbach were all recognized as graduating seniors who have played in the four Marching Band for four years. All of them have played and/or sung their way through the music halls at FHS and will be missed next year. Other seniors recognized at halftime, were Murielle Desbrunes, James Gilbert, Adriana Guardado, Ayana Walker and Ray McGuire.


Sunday November 12 2 - 6 pm The City Cafe


987 Stewart




Senator Fuschillo Working Hard... Delivering For Our Community For Taxpayers • New State property tax rebate for every^homeowner • Income-tax credit for families with school-age children • Sweeping reforms to STOP Medicaid fraud & abuse • $10,000 college tuition tax deduction For Safe Neighborhoods • Expansion of Megan's Law • Tougher laws against drunk driving • More protections forrapevictims For Better Schools • Record state dollars for local schools • Special funding for libraries & youth programs • Betterfinancialaccountability in school district spending



<o > o

2 -a 1

is "S <u

PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY. EMIGRANT MORTGAGE COMPANY, INC., Pltf. vs. MERVIN L. JONES, et al, Defts. Index #05-019884. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale dated June 22, 2006, I will sell at public auction on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006 at 1-1:30 a.m. in the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Dr., Mineola, NY, prem. k/a 150 Grand Ave., Freeport, NY a/k/a Lots 290, 291 and part of lots 283 and 289 both inclusive, as shown and designated on a certain map entitled, "Map of East Randall Park, Freeport, Nassau County, L.I., N.Y." and filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County of Nassau on April 23, 1904 under the file number 45. case number 328. Approx. amt. of Judgment is $126,170.01 plus costs and interest. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. GARY DAVID KESSLER, Referee. KNUCKLES & KOMOSINSKI. Attys. For Pltf., 220 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY. #67605 FL922P IT 10/12, 19.26. 11/2 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME.COURT:- COUNTY OF NASSAU - THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE FOR THE CERTIFICATE HOLDERS OF CWABS, INC. ASSETBACKED CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-2, C/O COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. INC., Plaintiff, AGAINST TROY A. PHILLIPS, ET. - AL., Defendants). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 8/23/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 11 /14/2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 64 Forest Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Villag'e of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 55-344-0019, Approximate amount of lien $229,753.46 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #5749/06. Jonathan A. Moore, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM. P.C.> Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/5/2006 FL 925 4T 10/19. 26. .11/2, 5 NOTICE OF SALE

SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY Property Asset Management, Inc., et al. Plaintiff©":-. vs. Corin Ellis, et al, Defendant© Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES, P.C., 2 Summit Court, Suite 301, Fishkill NY 12524 (845) 897-1600 Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale entered herein on or about August 24, 2006, I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder at Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola, New York 11501. On November 21, 2006 at 11:30 AM Premises known as 94 Horace Avenue, Roosevelt, NY 11575 ALL that certain plot, piece or parcel of land situate lying and being at Roosevelt, in the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York. Section: 55 Block: 446 Lot: 133 As more particularly described in the judgment of foreclosure and sale. . Sold subject to all of the terms and conditions contained in said judgment and terms of sale. Approximate amount of judgment $336,715.02 plus interest and costs. INDEX NO, 005491/06 Christopher Coschignano, Esq., REFEREE FL 926 4T 10/19, 26, 11/2.9 NOTICE OF SALE

SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE, Plaintiff© vs. MARK PELLETTIERE, Defendant© Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES, P.C., 51 E. Bethpage Road, Plainview NY 11803 516-741 -2585 Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale entered herein on or about August 23, 2006, I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder at Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court. 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, NY 11501. On November 21,2006 at 11:30 AM . Premises known as 154 Gordon Place, Freeport, NY 11520 ALL that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section:62Block:92Lot: II As more particularly described in the judgment of foreclosure and sale. Sold subject to all of the terms and conditions contained in said judgment and terms of sale. Approximate amount of judgment $500,801.93 plus interest and costs. INDEX NO. 020837/05 Michael Balboni, Esq., REFEREE FL 927 4T 10/19, 26. 11/2.9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU Washington Mutual Bank f/k/a Washington Mutual Bank, FA successor by merger to The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB Plaintiff, AGAINST

Vernon Wade, et. al. Defendant© Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sate duly dated 8/25/200 6 I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola, New York on 11/14/2006 at 11:30 AM premises known as 171 Pennsylvania Avenue, Roosevelt, New York 11575 All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York Section, Block and Lot: 36-484-128, 129, 130 and 257 Approximate amount of Hen $208,625.16 plus interest and costs Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #1035/06 Cornelius Droogan, Esq., Referee Steven J. Baum, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff, P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo. NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/10/2006 FL 928 IT 10/19, 26, 11/2,9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU Washington Mutual Bank f/k/a Washington Mutual Bank, FA Plaintiff, AGAINST Vanessa Ramirez, et. al. Defendant© Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 8/4/2006 I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Cour t Drive, Mineola, New York on 11/14/2006 at 11:30 AM premises known as 20 Archer Street, Freeport, New York 11520 Ail that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York Section, Block and Lot: 62-048-0003 Approximate amount of lien $341,742.07 plus interest and costs Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #5474/06 Donald W. Henderson, Esq., Referee Steven J. Baum, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff, P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/10/2006 FL9294T10/19. 26. 11/2.9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU Option One Mortgage Corporation Plaintiff, AGAINST Rosa Lee McKenzie, a/k,'a Rosa Lee Moor a/k/a Rosa Lee Moore, et. al. Defendant© Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 9/5/20061, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Cour t Drive, Mineola, New York on 11/14/2006 at 11:30 AM premises known as 108 Henry Street, Roosevelt, New York 11575 All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt. Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York Section, Block and Lot: 55-427-83 and 84 Approximate amount of lien $133,856.86 plus interest and costs Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #7642/06 Dawn Lott, Esq., Referee Steven J. Baum, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff, P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/10/2006 FL9304T10/19, 26, 11/2,9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF NASSAU, EMIGRANT MORTGAGE COMPANY, INC., Plaintiff, vs. IZETTA D. BROWN, ET AL,, Defendant©, Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale duly filed on June 1, 2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the Nassau Supreme Court, Calendar Control Part Courtroom, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, NY on November 21, 2006 at 11:30 am, premises known as 9 Clinton Street, Freeport, NY. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section 62, Block 87.and Lot 213, Approximate amount of Judgment $181,949.34 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index # 20903/05. Jeffrey L. Stadler, Esq.. Referee Berkman, Henoch, Peterson & Peddy, P.C., 100 Garden City Plaza - 2nd Floor. Garden City, New York 11530, Attorneys for Plaintiff FL9334T10/19. 26. 11/2.9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE OF ARGENT MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST, ASSET BACKED PASS THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-W2 UNDER THE POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT DATED AS OF APRIL 1, 2005, Plaintiff, AGAINST DEBORAH RICHARDSON, ET. AL., Defendant©. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 9/15/2006,1, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 11/21/2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 61 Park Avenue, Freeport, NY 11.520. All that certain

plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village- of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section: 54, Block 85, Lot 112. Approximate amount of lien $345,219.56 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #06-007560. Christopher L. Grayson, Esq., Referee. ESCHEN, FRENKEL & WEISMAN, LLP, Attorney for Plaintiff 20 West Main Street, Bay Shore, NY 11706 Dated: 10/12/2006 FL9354T 10/19. 26. 11/2.9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, •INC. "MERS" AS NOMINEE FOR COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS, INC., Plaintiff, AGAINST DAWAN ALLISON, ET. AL., Defendant©. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 9/7/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 11/21/2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 54 South Ann Drive, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 62-206-18. Approximate amount of lien $378,841.27 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #13448/05. Cary David Kessier, Esq. Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/12/2006 FL9364T10/19.26,.1.1/2. 9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU TRIBECA LENDING CORPORATION C/O COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. Plaintiff, AGAINST GREGORY WEATHERBY, ET. AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 8/23/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 11/21/2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 51 West First Street, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 62-061-207 & 208. Approximate amount of lien $321,605.30 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #6150/06. Anthony F. Altimari, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291. Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/12/2006 FL9384T 10/19, 26. 111I, 9 NOTICE OF SALE

SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY. NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Pltf. vs. SEENARINE SINGH; ALLIANCE MORTGAGE BANKING CORP., Defts. Index #102/06. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale dated Aug. 4, 2006, I will sell at public auction on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. in the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court. 100 Supreme Court Dr., Mineola, NY, prem. k/a 240 East Dean St., Freeport, NY a/k/a Section 55, Block 241, Lot 25. Said property located on the Southerly side of East Dean St., 74.28 ft. Westerly from the corner formed by the intersection of the Southerly side of East Dean St. with the Westerly side of Frederick Ave., being a plot 60 ft. x 125 ft. Approx. amt. of judgment is $296,564.69 plus costs and interest. This is a First Mortgage. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. KARL C. SEMAN, Referee. DRUCKMAN & SINEL, LLP, Attys. for Pltf., 242 Drexel Ave., Westbury, NY. #67684 FL940P 10/26. 11/2. 9. 16 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NASSAU, JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, AS TRUSTEE ON BEHALF OF THE REGISTERED CERTIFICATES HOLDERS OF GSAMP TRUST 2004-SEA2, MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2004-SEA2 v. MATTIE GILLIAM, et, al. Index No. 019694/05. Pursuant to Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered on July 27, 2006,1 will sell at public auction in the CALENDAR CONTROL PART (CCP) COURTROOM OF THE SUPREME COURT 100 SUPREME COURT DRIVE, MINEOLA, NY 11501 NASSAU, New York on November 21, 2006 at 11:30 AM am the premises known as 1 LOCUST COURT FREEPORT NY 11520; ALL that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being Freeport, In the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, known and designated as Lots Numbered 1 and 2 on the certain map entitled, "Map of Parkview, situated In Freeport, Long Island, owned by New bridge Realty Corp." and filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County of Nassau on March 18, 1927 as Map No. 715 Which when taken together are bounded and described as.follows; BEGINNING: at the corner formed by the intersection of.-the southerly side of Locust Court with the • •

easterly side of Hempstead and Babylon Turnpike, also Known as Babylon Turnpike; Amount due per judgment $134,273.74, plus costs and allowances, all with interest and expenses, sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. STEPHEN D. KUTNER, ESQ., Referee. PETER T. ROACH AND ASSOCIATES, P.C., Atty for Pltf 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 215, Jericho, NY 11753. FL941 4T 10/26, 11/2,9. 16 ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a license number 1181355 for an eating place beer license has been applied for by the undersigned to sell beer at retail in an eating place under the Alcohol Beverage Control Law at LA MANGA DEU INC. 55 SOUTH MAIN STREET, FREEPORT, NY 11520 for on premises consumption. Fl 94? ?T 1Q/?6. 11/7 Notice is hereby given that a license, number 1183391 for Liquor has been applied for by the undersigned to sell Liquor at retail in a Restaurant/Bar under the Alcoholic beverage. Control Law at La Mia Pizza, Inc. 42 -46 S, Main Street, Freeport, Nassau County for on-premises consumption. FL 943 2T 10/26, 11/2,9 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - WELLS FARGO BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR SECURITIZED ASSET BACKED RECEIVABLES LLC 2005-FR5 MORTGAGE PASSTHROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-FR5 C/O COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS, Plaintiff, AGAINST CHRISTOPHER WOLF, A/K/A CHRIS WOLF, ET. AL., Defendant©. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 8/23/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 11 /21 /2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 259 South Brookside Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being In the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County ot Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 54-208-246, 247 & 248. Approximate amount of lien $360,323.63 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #1883/06. Gerard DeGregoris, Jr., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo/NY 14240-1291 Dated: 10/18/2006 FL 944 4T 10/26, 11/2.9, 16 NOTICE OF SALE ™ SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU CHASE HOME FINANCE, LLC SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION Plaintiff against RONALD DELEON, Defendants. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 10/16/06, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the CALENDAR CONTROL PART (CCP) COURTROOM OF THE SUPREME COURT, 100 SUPREME COURT DRIVE, MINEOLA, NY 11501 on DECEMBER 5, 2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 453 RAY STREET, FREEPORT, NY 11520. ALL that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the INCORPORATED VILLAGE OF FREEPORT. Town of HEMPSTEAD, County of NASSAU and State of New York. Section 54, Block 316, Lot 72, 73, & 74. Approximate amount of lien $312,204.63 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed judgment. Index No. 1375/05. JOHN HALL, JR., ESQ., REFEREE. STEIN AND SHEIDLOWER, L.L.P., ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF ONE OLD COUNTRY ROAD, SUITE 113, CARLE PLACE, NY 11514 DATED OCTOBER 23, 2006 - FILE NO. FCHASE 18329 EL-ff$5Qj-dXi1 1 72. 9.

16. 23


SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE FOR THE STRUCTURED ASSET INVESTMENT LOAN TRUST, 2005-4, Plaintiff against CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, JAMES WILLIAMS, LINDA WILLIAMS, MAYRA WILLIAMS, et al Defendant©. Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered on March 9, 2006. I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the CCP (Calendar Control Part Courtroom) in the Nassau Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, N.Y. on the 5th day of December, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. premises Beginning at a point on the northerly side of Putnam Avenue (also known as Forest Avenue) distant 660.89 feet easterly from the corner formed by the intersection of the northerly side of Putnam Avenue with the easterly side of Pennsylvania Avenue; being a plot 179.60 feet by 88.93 feet by 179.20 feet by 106.31 feet. Said premises known as 178 Putnam Avenue, Freeport, N.Y. 11520. Tax account number: SBL#: 55-151-216 & 317. Approximate amount of lien $366,962.61 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed judgment and terms of sale. Index No. 15769/05. Michael Balboni, Esq., Referee. Fein Such & Crane, LLP, Attorney© for Plaintiff, 747 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 200, Chestnut

PUBLIC NOTICES Ridge. N.Y. 10977 4x 11 /2, 0 16 25

NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT, NASSAU COUNTY. COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. INC. Rlf. vs. 108 LAUNDROMAT CORP.. et at Defrs, index #04-009207. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale dated Sept. 15. 2006. I will sell at putfc aucfic-n at CCP (Calendar Control Part Courtroom). 103 Supreme Court Dr.. Mineolo. NY on Tuesday. Dec. 5. 2CCb at 1' :50 am. prem. v/o J Jonr^on 3 lace. Freeport. NY. Said property located at the corner formed Pv the intersection o~ *ne westerly side of South Ba\viev. Ave. v. ith -r-.e northerly side of Johnson Place, &e:ng a cioS ?e,40 ft. x 51 ft. x 100.5? ft. x 51,01 ft Approx. ami. of judgment is $23.775,19 plus costs arsd interest. Sold subject to terms end condfltors of filed judgment and terms of sale. GUY R. ViTACCO. Referee. HECKER. COLASURDO & SEGAIL P.C.. Atrys. for Pitt'.. IDS Corporate Park Dr.. White Plains. NY. #67653 FLS952P 4x 11 n, 9. 16. 23 NOTICE TO BIDDERS FURNISHING OF SANITARY SEWER GREASE CONTROL PRODUCTS FOR

THE INCORPORATED VILLAGE OF FREEPCST NASSAU COUNTY. NEW YORK Notice is hereby given that the Purchasing Agent of the Incorporated Village of Freeport. New York will receive sealed proposals for "FURNISHING OF SANITARY SEWER GREASE CONTROL PRODUCTS" until 1T:CO A.M. on Tuesday. November 21. 2006 in the Main Conference Room of the Municipal Building. 46 North Ocean Avenue. Freeport. New York, 11520. at which time and place they will be opened publicly and read aloud. Plans, Specificaftous and forms of proposal may be seen and obtained at the Office of the Purchasing Agent. Municipal Building, 1st Boor. 46 North Ocean Avenue. Freeport. New York, 11520. (torn 9:00 A.M. on Friday. November 3. 2006 until 4:00 PM. Friday. November 17.2006. Under this contract the successful bidder wBl furnish and deliver to the Deportment of PubTc Works Complex. 355 Albany Avenue. Freepcrt. New York, Five (5) gallon pails of Jet foam or product equal in specifications: and Naturclean-33 8 oz water-soluble bags in 25 pound pails or product equal to the specifications. The Board reserves the right to reject any or <& bid proposals received and subject to these reservations, shall award the contract to the lowest qualified and responsiDle fcidde;. Bias which, in the opinion of the Board, are unbalanced shall be rejected. in submitting a bid. bidders agree not to withdraw their bid within forty-five (45) days after the date for the opening thereof. Rebecca WStarrs Purchasing Agent Village of Freeport VILLAGE OF FREEPORT Issue Date - November 2.2006 Freeport Leader FL9531T11/2 NOTICE OF PUBUC HEARiNG RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Freeport. by virtue of the authority invested by law. shall conduct a public hearing to be duly held on rrse 13fh coy of November 2006. (adjourned from September 25. 2006) to consider the re-zoning of the premises known as and by 256 and 256A Sportsmans Avenue. Section 6Z Block 88. Lots 282-284. from 'Business B District" to "Residence A District". FURTHER RESOLVED, that the foregoing notice of public hearing shaB be entered in the minutes of the Board of Trustees of the

Installations & Repairs, Alarms, Phones, CCTV, Intercoms, Antennas 623-5800 Lie 12000005061


incorporated Village of Freeport. and published in the Leader and a printed copy thereof posted conspicuously in at least three (3) public peaces fn the Incocpoiated Vfflage of Freeport. Nassau County. New York. STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY OF NASSAU. VILLAGE OF FREEPORT. SK L CAROLYN THOMAS. Gef< of the Viage of Freeport. Nassau County. New York, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a fcue and correct copy of said notice duly • catsnansed by the Board of Trustees of the said Village at a meeting of the said Board of Trustees, caBng for a pubSc hearing to be duly fieSd En the Conference Room of the Municipal Building of the ViBage of Freeport. New York on the 13th day of November 2006. at 8:00 O'clock in the evening, and of the whote thereof, as entered upon the minutes of the proceedings of the said Board kept by me as vabge Cterk. IN VOTNESS WHEREOF. I hove hereunto set my rsand and affixed the Corporate Seal -of said vaage this 27th day of October. 2DOS. Carolyn Thomas VStoge Cterk Dated: Freeport. New York October 27. 2005 LEGAL NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the offices to be SJea at the Freeport Viage Election of March 20. 2037 and the terms thereof, ore as follows: Two (2) Trustees, each for a term of four yeas, to expire April. 2011. DATED: November 2. 2C06 Carolyn Thomas Viaoge Cterk FL9551T 11/2 Lego! Notice NOTICE OF MEETING TO HEAR COMPLAINTS PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. Pursuant to Section 1406 of the Real Property Tax Law. THE ASSESSOR OF THE Village of Freeport. NY, has filed on November 1.2006 the Tentative Assessment Roil for the fiscal year beginning March 1, 2007 with the VBage Ctefk at her office in the Municipal Buitding. 46 North Ocean Avenue, in such VSage where it may be seen and examined by any person at ait times during the business hours until the third Tuesday of November (November 21. 2006). On the third Tuesday of November (November 21. 2006) at said Municipal Building between the hours of 4:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M.. the Board of Review and the Assessor will meet for the purpose of completing such assessment' rcS and of hearing and determining comptoints in reicticn thereto, Persons complaining of assessments will be required to ffe a statement under oath specifying the respect in which the assessment complained of is incorrect as provided by law. Prescribed form for the filing of grievances in connection with the Tentative Assessment roll may fee obtained from the office of the Assessor between the hours of 8:30 A.M and 4:30 P.M. \VT3aT! G'ocken Mover Renaire Frierson-Davis. ~rustee Donaioi Milier. Trustee Wiiiam White. Tiustee Donald Mauersberger, Trustee Bemadsne Quintan, Assessor ,'i P5.* IT l; n ST5 PuAN RSVIEW BOARD MEETING No\ ember 9 2CC6 NOTICE IS HEREBY given that c Public Heorinci win be rieid before the Site Plan Review Ecc-a' on Thursday. November 9. 2CC6 at 3:00 P.M.. in the Incorporated Village of r reepor- \'c : n Conference Room Jo North Ocean Averse. Freeport, New York, on the applications of cases as they appear on the co' INTERESTED PROPERTY OVVNE5S S"3 o^er ce-sons should appear at the cooxe "me or.a

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place to have questions answered and to voice opinions. 1. SP-1606 -V/L S/O 100 Irving Avenue -Walter Kiernan. Modification of approval dated 7/22/04 to construct a new 2-story 1-family dwelling. Section 54. Block 336. Lot 129. Residence A 2. SP-2049 - 42-44 Guy Lombardo. LLC.- 40-48 Guy Lombardo Avenue. Modification of approval dated 3/9/06 for facade renovation on east & south elevations: facade repair to north and west elevations. Section 55. Block 219. Lot 26. Business B. 3. SP-2190 - 119 North Main Street - Man Keung Lau. Application for new 2' high CMU retaining walls and planters. Section 55. Block 263. Lots 136.137.138. Service Business 4. SP-2191 - 696 S Bayvtew Avenue - Douglas Deito. Application to construct a new 3-story 1 family dwefing. Section 54. Block 338. Lot 121. Restdenqe. A 5. SP-2192 - 3-25 North Main Street - Cindy Williams. Application to install 379'of 8' high chain link fence w/privacy stats - no slats across the front. Section 55. Block 264 Lot 60. Service Business 6. SP-2193 - 52 Bergen Place - Kurt Rivenbergh. AppBcatton to construct a 2-story. 4 unit multiple dwelling. Section 55. Block 268. Lot 3. Residence Apartment District BY ORDER OF THE PLANNING BOARD Carolyn Thomas. Village Cterk FL9S71TT1/2 NOTICE OF ADOPTION RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Freeport. by virtue of the authority invested by law. conducted xj public hearing held on the 30th day of October. 2006. adjourned from October 23. 20C6. to amend the Code of the Incorporated Vffiage of Freeport. by amending Chapter >85. entitled "TAXATION" by adding a new Article VII!. entitled "Tax Exemption for Persons with Dtsabames". Sections 185-45. 185-46 and 185-47 to allow a fax exemption for those individual with disabilities, as foitows: A LOCAL LAW TO AMEND CHAPTER 185 OF THE CODE OF THE VILLAGE OF FREEPORT ENTITLED TAXATION.' BY. ADDING NEW ARTICLE VIII ENTITLED "TAX EXEMPTION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES'. SECTIONS 185-45. 185-46. AND 185-47 TO ALLOW A TAX EXEMPTION FOR THOSE INDIVIDUALS WiTH DISABILITIES. Section 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Board of Trcrees of t*-g Incorporated Vffiage of Freeport. Nev. Vox, new Article Viii of Chapter 185 of the Code of the Village of Freeport, Sections 185-45, 185-46, and 185-47. which reads as follows, is hereby adopted: Article VIII TAX EXEMPTION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES § 185-45. Exemption stated. Real property owned by one or more persons with disabilities, or real property owned by a husoandl wife, or both, or by siblings, at least one of whom has a disability, and whose irccrr.e. os hereinafter defined, is limited by recsc~ ef sjc~ o'isccility. sbaB be exempt from •oxc'c-' c\ :ne incorporated Village of .-.-eecct to ~e extent of fifty per centum of the cssessea \ emotion thereof as hereinafter proviced'. 5 ' S5-fe. CcrscitJons for exemption. A \c exerrctior, shall be granted unless an c^-^o: cpc'cattor-i is made therefore as hereircter set fern. 3. No exemption snc.I be granted if the income c ; -ne ov.-r-.e-s of the property is equci to or exceecs $32 400.00. C.~~e e\te~- cf the exemption shall be deterA '^.c i~*cc~~e

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Call The All Around Handyman for all your household rrepairs and renovations 'Ceramic Tile, Carpentry, Sheet Rock, Electrical, etc. No job too big or too small Free Estimates 516-417-3172

Percentage of Assessed Valuation Exempt From Taxation Tax Year 2007-2008 Not more than $26.000 50% More than $26,000. but less than $27.000 45% $27.000 or more, but less than $28.000 40% $28.000 or more, but less than $29,000 35% $29.000 or more, but less than $29.900 30% $29.900 or more, but less than $30.800 25% $30.800 or more, but less than $31.700 20% $31,700 or more, but less than S3Z600 15% S3Z600 or more, but less than $33,500 10% $33.500 or more, but lessthan $34.400 5% - Tax Roll 2008-2009 Not more than $27.000 50% More than $27.000. but less than $28,000 45% $28.000 or more, but less than $29,000 40% $29.000 or more, but less than $30.000 35% $30.000 or more, but tess than $30.900 30% $30,900 or more, but less than $31.800 25% $31,800 or more, but less than $32.700 20% $32,700 or more, but less than $33,600 15% $33,600 or more, but less than $34,500 10% $34.500 OF more, but less than $35.400.00 5% Tax Roll 2009-2010 Not more than $28.000 50% More than $28.000. but less than $29.000 45% $29.000 or more, but less than $30.000 40% $30.000 or more, but tess than $31,000 35% $31.000ormore,buttessthan$31.900 30% $31.900 or more, but less than S3Z800 25% $32.800 or more, but less than $33,700 20% $33.700 or more, but lessthan $34,600 15% $34.600 or more, but lessthan $35.500 10% $35.500 or more, but tessthan $36,400 5% Tax Roll 2010-2011 Not more than $29.000 50% More than $29.000, but less than $30.000 45% $30.000 or more, but tess than $31.000 40% $31.000 or more, but less than $3ZOOO 35% $32.000 or more, buttessthan $32900 30% $32,900 or more, buttessthan $33.800 25% $33.800 or more, but less than $34,700 20% $34.700 or more, but tess than $35,600 15% $35.600 or more, but tess than $36,500 10% $36.500 or more, but tess than $37.400 5% D. The annual income referred to in the above table shall be that income for the income tax year immediately preceding the date of the making of the application. E. For purposes of this Article: (1) "sibling" shall mean a brother or a sister, whether related through half blood, whole blood or adoption. (2) a person with a dtsabiSty is one who has a physical or mental impairment, not due to current use of alcohol or illegal drug use, which substantially limits such person's ability to engage in one or more major life activities, such as caring for one's self, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working, and who 0) is certified to receive social security disability insurance (SSD1) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits under the federal Social Security Act, or (ii) is certified to receive Railroad Retirement Disability benefits under the federal railroad Retirement Act. or (iii) has received a certificate from the state commission for the blind and visually handicapped stating that such person is legally blind, or (h/) is certified to receive a United States Postal Service disability pension. An award letter from the Social Security Administration or the Railroad Retirement Board, or a certificate from the state commission for the blind and visually handicapped, or an award letter from the United States Postal Service shall be submitted as proof of disability. F. income tax year shall mean the twelve month period for which the owner or owners fifed a federal personal income tax return, or if no such return is filed, the calendar year. Where

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More Choices. Right Before Your Eyes. Across America, consumers are experiencing a dazzling new technology on their TVs. And consumers in the Village of Freeport can be next. A real and better alternative to cable has finally arrived. It's Verizon FiOSTV. And, from New York to California, from Massachusetts to Texas, households all across the country are now free to choose this dramatic new entertainment experience. Verizon FiOS TV features: • • « ' • •

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Standing Up For Taxpayers


New State property tax rebate for every homeowner

Income-tax credit for families with school-age children

On-time State budget with NO tax increases

r o> PS


• Sweeping reforms to STOP Medicaid fraud & abuse •

$10,000 college tuition tax deduction for every family

State audits of all school district finances

Elimination of state "marriage penalty"

Standing Up For Safe Neighborhoods •

Expanded Megan's Law to require registration of EVERY sex offender

%/ Fighting to keep dangerous sexual predators in "civil confinement" •

Strengthened laws against drunk driving

\S Guaranteed more protections for victims of rape

Standing Up For Better Schools •

Brought home record state dollars for local schools to help.,, • Reduce class size • Build more math & computer labs • Train students for rewarding careers

Secured special funding for libraries & programs for kids

I/ Delivered $10,000 college tuition tax deduction for every family



o o

Election Day • Tuesday, November 7th • Polls Open 6 AM to 9 PM







Atlantic Bay view (N


"Vthtre Trust find Stnii-e Cou 111 W. MERRfCK RD 120 N. MAIM ST FREEPORT FREEPORT 546-8033 223-8436

329 GUY LOMBARDO AVE 114 s. LOOT BEACH AVE FREEPORT • 378-2525 FREEPORT www.spafaeoSiefearraan.coiw



o Z

3 H



Brought to you by the League of Women Voters of New York State® & the League of Women Voters of Nassau County Your complete guide to voting, with questions and answers from the candidates.

Sponsored, American Express

The LWVNYS Voters Guide is copyrighted by the League of Women Voters of New York State Education Foundation. For reprint information, please contact the LWVNYS at 518-465-4162 or email

Milleridge Inn Carriage House Broadway (Routes 106/107), Jericho, New York

1/2 mile on right side from LIE exit 41N or Northern State Parkway exit 35N Special Guest Speaker to Analyze the Election

Richard V. Guardino Executive Dean of Hofstra University Center for Suburban Studies

$40.00 in advance/$45.00 at the door A full luncheon will be served • Choice of entrees: Beef, Chicken or Fish For further information call the Nassau County League office at (516) 431-1628 or mail check payable to LWV of Nassau County before Nov. 1 to :

The League of Women Voters of Nassau County PO Box 539, Point Lookout, NY 11569

TMnks •to:-Ne!;

era ,



H c


Election Day

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - Polls are open 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Voting is an important part of being a U. S. citizen. The people who are elected this year will make decisions about tilings that directly affect your life, like your taxes, the education of your children and/or grandchildren, and changes in the laws of our state and nation. Voting is your chance to choose the decision makers and tell them what you want. In NYS, before you can vote you need to register (sign up). To Vote You Must: • Be a U.S. citizen • Be 18 years old by November 7, 2006 • Live at your present address for at least 30 days before Election Day • Be registered to vote On Tuesday, November 7,2006, voters in New York State will be asked to vote for candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, NYS Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, State Senate and State Assembly, and for judges of various courts. There may also be ballot proposals, such as approval to spend tax dollars on a particular project.


I cr

TO THE VOTER: The League of Women Voters of New York State is a nonpartisan organization working to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. To compile the information in the 2006 VOTERS GUIDE, questionnaires were sent to all candidates on the ballot. The candidates were asked their stands on important current issues. Responses are in the candidate's own words and were limited in length. A few had to be cut when they exceeded our limit. Not all candidates responded by our deadline. Information herein has been verified with the New York State Board of Elections as of September 26,2006. Marcia Merrins, President Paula Blum, VP Voter Service LWVNYS

LWVNYS Announces New Smart Voter Website The League of Women Voters of New York State is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Smart Voter campaign information website (www. to the voters of New York. The Smart Voter website was developed by the LWV of California and has been used to inform voters in that state for over 10 years.

vote on November 7

This fall, the Smart Voter website in NY will contain information on candidates for the offices of U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, NYS Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller and Senate and Assembly, Candidates will be able to access the site via password to post information about their candidacies, including pictures and biographies, endorsements, campaign events, and issue papers. The site is completely free for candidates and voters to use. In addition, voters in Westchester County can take advantage of the advanced features of Smart Voter. Residents can enter their street address and access a wealth of information, including a personalized list of offices and candidates, polling place location and directions, and the type of voting machine that is used at their polling place. For more information, please log on to the new Smart Voter website at, or contact the LWVNYS.

The League of Women Voters of New York State • 1-866-598-6971 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Guide Sponsored By... Atlantic Bayvie WINES &UQUOBS 380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421 111 W. MERRICKRD 120 N. MAIN ST 114 S. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 223-8486 546-8033 546-4300

Trust and Service Count"




1 CT\ H

UNITED STATES SENATOR TERM: 6 YEARS » SALARY: $165,200 • U.S. Senators are concerned with issues at the federal level. They enact laws, approve treaties, and discuss public policy issues. Each state has two senators, each of whom serves statewide.


Questions: Replies toAese questions are printed as received with, ,no correction or spelling, punctuation of grammar.

•I <u o "O


& H


The American occupation irt Iraq wntinwes to be enormously costly in doliajsg and in lives. What is ; y<wr position on how our government should proceed?

the roll-out of the Medicare Prescription JKrag program so far, ana what changes would ,you propose to mate it,better? '

do TOW stand on the current balance between: , security aad -civil rights? '•'

(i) = incumbent Roger Calero Socialist Workers RESIDENCE: New York City CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 736-2540 FAX: (212) 736-2540 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: High school graduate. OCCUPATION: Former meatpacker, now editor of The Militant/El Militante, a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people. SWP's 2004 presidential candidate. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Active in winning solidarity for workers' and union struggles. I am using my campaign to build the movement for the legalization of all immigrants.

My party calls for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of U.S. imperialist and all "coalition" troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. No to economic sanctions and military threats against Iran! End Washington's cold war against Cuba! Independence for Puerto Rico! Hands off Venezuela! Cancel the foreign debt of semi-colonial countries.

The assault on Medicare is a disaster for workers and retirees and a boon for the drug and insurance companies. The health care system should be nationalized to provide universal, government-guaranteed, lifetime medical coverage for everyone in this country. Our camaign says: No cuts to Medicaid or Miledicare programs!

The main target of Washington's spying operations and "anti-terrorism" activities are working people in the U.S. and other countries. My party opposes all government spying, secret courts and warrants, and torture techniques like those exposed in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons (and used regularly in U.S. prisons against workers).

Hillary Rodham Clinton (i) Democrat, Independence, Working Families EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Senator Clinton was elected to the United States Senate in 2000, after nearly 30 years of service on behalf of children and families. She serves on several Senate committees covering issues that include health, education, environment, aging, and the military. She attended Wellesley College and Yale Law School.

I have spoken out at length regarding the difficult and dangerous situation we confront in Iraq. I have consistently and persistently criticized the Administration's handling of the war. This complicated issue cannot be oversimplified. I refer you to the many speeches and statements I have made regarding this issue.

While I voted against the bill, I have been working hard to fix the problems plaguing the Medicare prescription drug program. I have co-sponsored legislation to reduce the complexity and fix the donut hole, and released a guide, in English and Spanish, to help New Yorkers navigate the transition.

The President must be able to pursue terrorists, defend our national security with the best technology available, and act within the law. If the President feels he needs more flexibility he should engage Congress so that we can craft laws that both protect our citizens' safety and uphold our Constitution.

Howie Hawkins Green RESIDENCE: Syracuse CAMPAIGN PHONE: (315) 425-1019 FAX: (315) 474-7055 EMAIL: WEB: www.hawkinsforsenate:org EDUCATION: Dartmouth College OCCUPATION: UPS freight unloader EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Active in movements for peace, justice, and the environment since the late 1960s. Former Marine who organized opposition to the Vietnam War. Teamster active in US Labor Against the War. Author of articles on politics, economics, and social theory. Editor of Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate (Haymarket, 2006).

Bring the troops home now. Withdraw immediately and unconditionally. The mission of installing a puppet Iraqi government to secure US military bases and control the oil undermined US national security by draining the treasury and generating worldwide hostility toward the US. The US. should pay reparations to Iraq for reconstruction.

The 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Bill is corporate welfare for the giant drug companies and a shameful attempt to privatize Medicare. We should .universalize Medicare through publicly financed, universal health insurance for all. This system would bulk purchase drugs to achieve a 40 percent discount, as the Veterans Administration does.

National security should protect democratic rights, not compromise freedoms in the name of security. We should: Repeal the Patriot Act. End government surveillance of law-abiding citizens and" civic groups. End secret detentions, arrests without charges, secret "evidence," no access to attorneys, military tribunals for civilians, and renditions for torture.

K. T. McFarland Jobs & Security

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Jeffrey T. Russell Libertarian RESIDENCE: Clifton Park CAMPAIGN PHONE: (518) 373-8002 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: BS1972 in Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute OCCUPATION: retired computer programmer with NYS Office for Technology EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Over 50 years appreciation for the founding principles of this country and desire, so long as respect for the rights of all to live their lives as they desi they don't violate others' rights.

We should pull our troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible without endangering them. The money we are spending on it could be put to much better use here at home. We should stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, which tends to breed hatred of the US.

Government programs tend to be confusing and inefficient. Because of the lack of competition, they have no incentives to provide better services and contain costs. We should phase out and eliminate Medicare, and we should encourage people to look for, other insurance programs that will better meet their needs.

Civil rights do not have to be sacrificed to make us secure. Searching old ladies and small children at airports does nothing to protect us from terrorist attacks. Tapping the phone calls of innocent people and examining the _ , r list orlibrary books they read do nothing to make us safer.

John 0. Spencer Republican, Conservative, Right to Life RESIDENCE: Yonkers CAMPAIGN PHONE: (914) 909-2685 FAX: (914) 332-4272; EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: After two years at Westchester Community College, during the height of the Vietnam War, John enlisted in the United States Army. He was chosen for Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a Lieutenant. OCCUPATION: John is President and CEO of Spencer Consulting, Inc. Currently he holds no political office. He was term limited after serving two consecutive terms as Mayor of the City of Yonkers. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: John was a Vice-President at Bankers Trust when elected to the Yonkers City Council.

Having served in a war, no one is more committed to bringing our troops home as soon as possible. Our elected representatives, including Senator Clinton, committed us to the war in Iraq. We cannot cut and run. Iraq must be stablized or it will become a breeding ground for terrorist activities.

It is a good start but there is more that can be done to protect our taxpayers and particularly our seniors. We need to streamline benefits and ensure that low-income or fixed income seniors get the help they deserve. No Medicare beneficiary should ever leave a pharmacy without their prescription.

It is paramount that we keep our '"1 Country safe. The greatest threat to our liberty is the threat of terrorism. Violent terrorists wear no uniform and don't play by the rules. I fully support the Patriot Act and NSA wiretapping of suspected terrorists to prevent another attack on U.S. soil.

William Van Auken Socialist Equality RESIDENCE: Queens CAMPAIGN PHONE: (718) 729-4312 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: Four years college OCCUPATION: Full-time writer for the World Socialist Web Site - - the most widely read socialist Internet publication, providing daily analysis and commentary on world events, workers' struggles, politics and culture. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: 35 years in the socialist movement, with continuous involvement in workers' struggles in both the US and internationally.

The SEP calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, for those who conspired to launch this war to be held criminally responsible, and for the vast resources wasted on militarism to be used to meet social needs in the US and internationally.

This bungled drug plan was created not to benefit Medicare recipients, but to boost big drug and insurance profits—the same interests financing Hillary Clinton's campaign. These giant firms should be transformed into public utilities, utilizing their resources to assure comprehensive publicly funded health coverage for all, regardless of income.

Attacks on democratic rights are ultimately a byproduct of deepening social inequality, with the ruling elite scrapping constitutional protections in order to defend its vast wealth against working people worldwide. The Republicans and Democrats' "war on terror" has made Americans less secure by alienating millions of people around the globe.

The League of Women Voters of New York State • 1-866-598-6971 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Atlantic Bayvie WINES & LIQUORS


380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421 www.eomparesupermark@ts.ccmi


Where Trust and Service Count"




TERM: 4 YEARS • SALARY: $179,000 • The Governor is New York State's Chief Executive. The Governor's responsibilities include preparation of the state's executive budget and the execution and enforcement of state laws- The Governor is also Commander-in-Chief of New York's military and naval forces.


Questions: Replies to these questions are printed as received with no correction of spelling, punctuation or grammar.



aaindepersdentconanjssioitonredis^ tnctag* Please explain your answer v s

Z o


(i) = incumbent John Brodcrick Right to Life


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Clifton plans to BRING BACK FREEDOM TO NEW YORK by immediately capping property taxes. Step 1 towards eliminating the tax and restoring complete sovereignty to homeowners. He also will eliminate state income taxes, beginning with elimination of the tax for all making under $75,000

Clifton plans to BRING BACK FREEDOM TO NEW YORK by supporting an independent oommisson whose mission is to END ALL GERRYMANDERING or other vote-rigged structures in the state, so more voters will be freed to vote in more naturally defined and competitive districts. He also supports PAPER BALLOTS and will resist all voting schemes based solely on electronic devices.

Clifton plans to BRING BACK FREEDOM TO NEW YORK by supporting the decentralization of the power generation and distribution systems, and development of all feasible or alternative energy sources.

Maura DeLuca Socialist Workers RESIDENCE: New York City CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 736-2540 FAX: (212) 736-2540 EMAIL:"nyswp2006campaign@i, WEB: EDUCATION: Master's degree. OCCUPATION: Garment worker; Chairperson of the New York Young Socialists chapter. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Active in the fight to defend a woman's right to choose abortion, and in the fight for unconditional legalization of all undocumented immigrants. Attended the September 7 inarch and rally for immigrant rights in Washington, DC.

The resources exist to fund schools, health care, and other social needs without taxing workers. My party calls for a massive federally funded public works program to put millions to work at union scale. No cuts in present or future Social Security benefits, Medicaid programs, or workers compensation.

The debate on redistricting is between the rulers' capitalist parties - the Democrats and Republicans — over who will continue to represent the interests of the wealthy. My party is a working-class alternative that supports workers' fights against the bosses' drive for profits, which threatens our jobs, safety, and lives.

The energy industry should be nationalized in order to stop gouging and provide affordable, reliable power for all working people. This is an international question, as much of humanity lives in darkness. We support the right of all nations to develop whatever energy sources they deem necessary, including nuclear power.

John Faso Republican, Conservative RESIDENCE: Kinderhook EDUCATION: John Faso graduated from Archbishop Molioy High School in Queens and the State University of New York at Brockport. He received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1979. OCCUPATION: Partner in national law firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips, LLP EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Served in the New York State Assembly from 1987-2002. Chaired Governor Pataki's 1994 budget transition team that developed the first reduction in state spending in 52 years, closing a $5 billion deficit Served as Assembly Republican Leader from 1998-2002. Candidate for state Comptroller in 2002.

My plan caps the allowable growth in local school taxes, reforms mandates that drive up local spending without improving education, and consolidates of non-educational functions like payroll processing at the BOCES level. I would double the current STAR exemptions, if we enact a tax cap and mandate relief.

I support redistricting reforms that promote transparency in the process and include statutory Stan-, dards that take into account existing communities of interest and jurisdictional boundaries. As governor, I would veto any plan that is a partisan gerrymander regardless of which party benefits.

Maintaining and promoting a diverse energy supply helps safeguard against future shortfalls in individual energy sources and reduces our dependency on foreign oil. Renewable energies play a vital role in diversification. We must also reauthorize the Article X process to speed development of new energy generating facilities. McCourt Green RESIDENCE New York dry CAMPAIGN PHONE: (631) 587-2911 FAX: (212) 662-9746 WEB: wvwjjHXDurrforgovernor.oc»n EDUCATION: Unfinished 6th grade. Honorary grade school cert from Irish <>ovt OCCUPATION: Author (S books). Actor, Lecturer, Broadcaster, No Political Office EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Same as others. Never been Governor before. Having worked as a laborer a broadcaster I can assemble a great phalanx of talent to run our state.

People should not have to pay more than 20% of income for property taxes repairs heating insurance. Profit making entities should pay 20% of profits or 20% of valuation whichever is mre. Money spent on so called defense should be allocated to defend people's homes against taxes & deterioration.

Yes. I support such a commission New York State is blessed with natwhich should have as members ural resources sun wind water. All agronomists judges accountants government transportation schools writers construction workers clergy hospitals & buildings must use naturalists all from out of state. .alternative energy sources. AU buildings must have automatic No politicians allowed! ' shutdowns when not in use.

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The answer is to fix the inequitable taxes that are, at the very least, taking food from the tables of many families and even further, robbing us of the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labor as definea by the right of the pursuit of life, liberty and liappiness.

Emphatically, YES! The African Concept that It Takes a Village to Raise a Gold is a well accepted model by society. Methodologies used by our elected officials to destroy our villages and neighborhoods through reapportionment for personal gain must be stopped ana those villages and neighborhoods destroyed must be revived.

In my proposal titled the Phoenix Bird Rising Project, the basis of a five year plan for greatly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy are outlined. The changeover and reduction in cost for energy-source usage will serve to reduce the pass-along material costs to the consumer.

My property tax relief program would provide $6 billion in relief over 3 years, concentrated on the middle-class New Yorkers who need it most. Our 3-year Sll billion savings plan would pav for this program and leave sufficient additional savings to pay for other critical spending items I have proposed.

Yes. Having the Legislature draw the district Unes for their own elections is a classic conflict of interest. It has significantly reduced electoral competition and it runs counter to our basic democratic principles. We must end mis conflict of interest by transferring redistricting authority to an independent, non-partisan commission.

Investing in clean, renewable energy to reduce pollution and energy costs — and to diversify our energy supply — is a key part of my energy plan. On June 25, David Paterson i hensive < However, for wind projects, must respect communities' concerns about turbine siting.

John C h t t o n Libertarian RESIDENCE: Jamaica CAKfPAIGN PHONE: (S77) 769-4014 FAX: (877) 769-4014 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: John Clifton was born in Georgia and grew up in New York, mainly in Jamaica, Queens. He attended PS 50 (valedictorian, 1969), IS S, Andrew Jackson HS, and the New School for Social Research. OCCUPATION: Clifton is a social worker and Navy veteran. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Clifton chaired the Libertarian Party of New York from 2005-2006. He was the LPNY Senate candidate in 2000.


Jimmy McMillan

Rent is Too Damn High Will 1,1111 1 . \iiii.i\sski

Voice of the People RESIDENCE: New York CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 246-7S11 EMAIL: Contact information via email at website listed below. WEB: EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Bill is a political journalist who, for more than ten years, continues to identify and expose systemic corruption in government such as housing, education, the environment and elections, to name a few. Bill's highly regarded problem solving skills in the corporate community makes him the only obvious choice for governor. Eliot Spilzer Democrat, Independence, Working Families RESIDENCE: New York CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 529-2006 FAX: (212) 979-2607 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: &A., Princeton Universitv, 1981; I.D., Harvard Law School, 19S4 OCCUPATION: Attorney General of Ivfew York State EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Whether it was protecting investors, going after polluters, or prosecuting drug companies that were lying to seniors,! worked to protect thepublic interest as Attorney General — and 1 would continue to do so as Governor.

The League of Women Voters of New York State • 1-S66-59S-6971 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Guide Sponsored By... Atlantic Bayview-



329 GUY LOMBARDO AVE FREEPORT • 378-2525 www.sparacolieberinan.coin


FREEPORT 223-8486

120 N. MAIN ST 114 S. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT 546-8033 546-4300


"Where Trust and Sen-ice Count"



NEW YORK STATE LT. GOVERNOR TERM: 4 YEARS • SALARY: $151,500 • The Lieutenant Governor helps the Governor to implement statewide policies and projects. In the event the Governor is removed from or leaves office, the Lieutenant Governor serves as Governor. The Lieutenant Governor serves as President of the Senate. Although information is presented separately in this Voters Guide about candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, they will not be listed separately on the ballot. When your vote is cast for Governor, you will be voting for that candidate's running mate as well. We decided to provide separate information about the Lieutenant Governor candidates, because should the Governor be unable to serve at any time, the Lieutenant Governor will have to govern the state. Voters should, therefore, know something about the candidates running for this position.

JD | O >>

jReplies to these questions are printed as reegrVed with no coflc«cttQ»L (i) = incumbent

Alison Duncan 3

Green RESIDENCE: New York EMAIL: WEB:// EDUCATION: 1998: BA in Economics, BFA in Music Theater, magna cum laude, Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford OCCUPATION: A/V Technician, Crowne Plaza Manhattan Postbacc Pre-med student, City College EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Member, State and Executive Committees of the GPNYS Delegate, Hotel Trades Council Board member, WOW Cafe Theater and the Green Party Office Committee. Volunteer, St. Vincent's hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, City College

Wendy L. Holibaugh Right to Life RESIDENCE: White Plains (Town of Greenburgh) CAMPAIGN PHONE: (914) 686-9262 EDUCATION: University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla. BA Business Management 1982 Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY MS School Admin and Supervision 2003 OCCUPATION: School Administrator EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Active in politics directly and indirectly since 1987. Concerned citizen, informed electorate, registered voter for 29 years.

Ben O'Shaughnessy Socialist Workers RESIDENCE: Albany CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 736-2540 FAX: (212) 736-2540 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: Junior at SUNY-Albany. OCCUPATION: Student Member of Young Socialists National Steering Committee. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I am active in defense of the Cuban Revolution, and participated in the 2005 anti-imperialist World Youth Festival in Caracas, Venezuela. I have participated in the mass workingclass demonstrations demanding legalization now for all immigrants.

My background is in economics and health care. My leadership positions include organization director, board member, and union delegate, As governor, I would use my leadership skills to enact universal health care, criminal justice reform, equal rights for LGBT, an end to the death penalty, and a renewable energy policy.

My qualifications to serve are that I would govern with intellect and core moral values. These values consist of honesty, integrity, excellence, responsibility, compassion, and discipline to name several. The most important qualification is my respect for life and the unborn. The Declaration of Independence guarantees this right to life.

My organization, the Young Socialists, participates in struggles from union battles to protests against the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We explain that the Cuban Revolution shows what workers and farmers in this country can do by taking political power and joining the worldwide struggle for socialism.

Eliot Spitzer and I want to restore hope to New York, I'm running because the lessons I learned from my family, my hometown in Harlem and from working in Albany compelled me to try to address New York's critical problems. Together, we want to bring promise back to the state. - •

David A. Paterson Democrat, Independence, Working Families RESIDENCE: Harlem PHONE: (212) 529-2006 FAX: (212) 370-7750 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: David A. Paterson received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor degree from Hofstra University. OCCUPATION: David A. Paterson was elected to the New York State Senate in 1985. He has served as its Minority Leader since November 2002, becoming the first non-white legislative leader in New York State Ijistory.

I am a Ph.D. in mathematics with 50 years' teaching experience, forty eight of which are above the secondary level; I have directed 14 masters theses, and published about three dozen (mainly research) papers in my field. I am director of the M.A. in Math Program at SUNY-NP.

Donald Silberger Libertarian RESIDENCE: New Paltz PHONE: (845) 399-6905 FAX: (845) 357-3571 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: William Penn Senior High School of York, PA: I was graduated in 1948. Harvard College: I was graduated in 1953. University of Washington in Seattle: M.S. in 1961. Ph.D. in 1973 OCCUPATION: Mathematics professor at the State University of New York in New Paltz EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Besides my above-average academic and scholarly credentials, I have acquired some wisdom from copious reading.

I have worked in the New York State Governor's Office, and then served as a business executive, and for the past nearly thirteen years as the Executive of a large county government. I am thoroughly familiar with governmental challenges confronting our state and it's diverse communities.

Scott Vanderhoef Republican, Conservative RESIDENCE: Blauvelt PHONE: (518) 610-2565 WEB: EDUCATION: Alfred University - BA; Columbia University College - MA; Pace University Law School - JD; Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from STAC, and Laws from Dominican College; OCCUPATION: Rockland County Executive -1994- Present; EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Attacked Medicaid Fraud by Providers, Created 600 acres of Open Space, Lowered County Property Tax 8%, Environmental Attorney, Former business executive, Former School Board member and President .

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Donald Winkfield Voice of the People

The League of Women Voters of New York State • 1-866-598-6971 « • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters

By, „ $/? SP^^Llffl^^jta^LTY be^^f ^.»^,«^

Atlantic Bayview ;WlNgS & LIQUORS " 380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421


FREEPORT • 378-2525 www.sptsracoUebef' www.comparesupermarkets.€om

111W.MERR1CKRD 123 N. MAIN ST f 14 §. LONG BEACH AYE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 546-430® 546-8033 223-8486

"Where Trust and Service Count"

21 ATLANTIC AVi • FRiEPOHT 868-7818



TERM: 4 YEARS • SALARY: S151.500 • The Attorney General is New York States Chief Legal Officer. The Attorney General defends and protects the people of the state. In the Attorney General's office there are over 500 attorneys and over 1,800 employees, including forensic accountants, legal assistants, scientists, investigators and support staff. The Attorney General has offices across New York State.


Questioiis: Replies to these qwesfioas are printed as received with no correction of spelling, punctuation or grammar.

TheNeiv^crfcStateAttorngs-GeneraliSthechifir prosecuSorfbrthestate-andfeedefendertrffee people Forwhieha4f>ectofihejobdo>'outhink

.,_^.,__ v _. v( ,^ _ % _ „. . „ a«8»D*«8^ar|4jKW««»Aiy9a A -stowry — - - - ...»-—v.I

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\ T. Conrov. ]r.

Right to Life


M. Cuomo

Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: New York CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 425-1110 FAX: (212) 586-0166 EMAIL; WEB: EDUCATION: FOrdham University; Albany Law School. OCCUPATION: Attorney. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Cuomo served as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton Administration. Previously, Cuomo worked as an Assistant District Attorney and at a private law finrL He is the founder of HELP, a non-profit organization providing transitional housing for the homeless.

Christopher B. Garvev Libertarian RESIDENCE: Village of Amityville, Town of Babvlon CAMPAIGN PHONE: (631) 598 0752 FAX: manually switched EMAIL: WEB: NY. EDUCATION: Columbia University Schoo'l of Engineering A.B. Columbia College 1973, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University 1981, Awarded the Order of Barristers. Winner New York County Lawyers Association Anti-trust Moot Court Competition, Sacred Heart Higri School, Yonkers OCCUPATION: Patent Attorney, Sailing Instructor EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Civil Rights Litigation

Mitrtin Koppol

Socialist Workers RESIDENCE: New York City CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 736-2540 FAX: (212) 736-2540 WEB: EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree. OCCUPATION: Staff writer for The Militant, a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people in English and Spanish. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Long-time defender of the Cuban Revolution; active in building September 2j demonstration to free the Cuban Five. Active in fight for independence for Puerto Rico.

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Harrison, New York CAMPAIGN PHONE: (914) 684-2406 FAX: (914) 6S6-4148 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: Albany Law School, J.D., 1975 State University of New York at Buffalo, BA., 1972 OCCUPATION: Attorney EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: District Attorney of Weslchester County, 1994-2005 County Court Judge, Westchester Count)', 1991-1993 Assistant District Attorney, Westchester County, 1975-1990 Chief, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse 1978-1990 "

K.ic ho I Trcichlcr

Green RESIDENCE: Hammondsport CAMPAIGN PHONE- (607) 569-2114 EMAIL: rachel®\-oterachel.or^ WEB: EDUCATION: University of Texas School of Law, JD, 19S1 Harvard University, AB, 1973 OCCUPATION: Lawyer in private practice, environmental bookseller, volunteer activist EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: LeBoeuf, Lamb, Associate in NYC, 19S1-19S7 Debevoise & Plimpton, .Associate in NYC, 19S7-19S9 Solo practice. 19S9-Present, Era Books, 1996-Preser,t Green Party, Volunteer Activist, 1995-Present Sierra Club', Volunteer Activist, 1995-Present

I will lead the fight to get illegal guns off our streets, dean up the corruption in Albany, protect pensions and health benefit rights, and stop corporate pollution of our air and water. I will work closely with Governor Spitzer, as I did with President Clinton and D_A. Morgenthau.

As Attorney General, I will investigate the activities of public authorities to discover any fraud or other illegalities. I will fight for legislation to force prior review and approval of public authority debt and for public authorities to be required to make available on-line full financial disclosure of their activities.

As Attorney General, I will draft and fight for legislation to establish an independent redistricting commission, as other states have done. Currently, the majority parties in both houses of the State Legislature redraw district lines every ten years, permitting those in power to maintain the status quo.

Legislative and administrative corruption is difficult for individuals to remedy. Libertarian, and not beholden to an incumbent party, I can attack such corruption. Between government power and. individual rights, I favor individual rights. NY's Attorney General is elected, with primary loyalty to the people, rather than to other government branches.


Careful scrutiny of re-districting, backed up by willingness to litigate. Litigation against unconstitutional election laws, and unconstitutional administration of election laws.

The Attorney General's office, like the cops, the courts, and the rest of the capitalist government, does not represent all the "people," but represents the wealthy against working people. My party stands in deiense of workers against the continuing offensive by the employers and their parties — the Democrats and Republicans.

That public authorities such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority are nests of fiscal abuse is no secret to workers. I would focus on supporting struggles to organize trade unions, use and extend union power against the bosses' assaults; baddngjnghts against cop hrutality, for immigrants' rights, and against the death penalty.

The elections are designed so that only the wealthy and their servants can be elected. Working-class candidates like me are excluded from debates and media coverage. We support extension of the right to : vote and be represented to workers and oppressed nationalities, including those who have been in prison.

For 30 years as a prosecutor, judge and District Attorney, not only did I gain experience and achieve results, unique in this race, as a prosecutor; I also represented just one client: The People of the State of New York. A prosecutor both seeks justice and protects the people.

I will investigate allegations of fraud or corruption wherever they arise, including in New York's public authorities; and I will scrutinize bonds issued by public authorities to ensure that their purpose is consistent with the authority's statutory scope of responsibility.

- As it is the responsibility of the Attorney General to defend any redistricting plan in court, the Attorney General should assume the further responsibility of providing sound advice to the Legislature, while it is formulating this plan, to ensure that it is fair and appropriate under the law.

As Attorney General I will defend the rights of the people of the State of New York to vote in free and fair elections and to have democratic local self-government Without these rights, governmental decisions are made without input from and contrary to the interests of most people.

Public authorities were created for the invalid purpose of getting around the state constitution and borrowing money without legislative approval. They operate exempt from public scrutiny. The Public Authority Reform Bill enacted last year is an unworkable attempt to manage a rotten system. Public authorities need to be eliminated.

- New litigation, to overturn: Schulz v. NY, in which a NY Court wrongfully sustained unconstitutional backdoor borrowing. - Investigate any spending or giveaway, that hints of self-dealing, by public authorities.

push for New York to adopt larger, multi-member legislative districts. Studies show that districts with at least five seats are effectively immune from gerrymandering. With large, multi-member districts and proportional voting, how district Unes are drawn makes no difference.

The League of Women Voters of New York Slate • 1-866-598-6971 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Guide Spon

- . >-»#> -, MT^ N&>-;,*„;'*;


"Whtre Trust tout Service Count"




NEW YORK STATE COMPTROLLER TERM: 4 YEARS » SALARY: $151,500 • The Comptroller is the New York State's Chief Financial Officer. Among the Comptroller's responsibilities are: managing and protecting the state pension fund, auditing the spending practices of all state agencies and local governments, reviewing the New York State and City budgets, reviewing and approving all state contracts, and administering the State Oil Spill Fund.


talle&yotadafe '

would tecfucte over- ' """•' e,

ite!tfew'YMf^¥«i&;StaM \ ''<; ,

<U .Q I



ft') = incumbent This is gross fiscal irresponsibility. Libertarians believe in small government. Government should not be in the real estate business, the insurance business, legislating morality or perpetuating the welfare state mentality.

All future employees should be enrolled in a 401-K type system, where the state will match contributions on a 50-50 basis. Current employees' overtime should be restricted to prevent inflating salaries to increase pensions.

As a Libertarian, I believe we should work to end government as a health care provider. Private enterprise nearly always is more efficient than government. Until such end is met, government should end prosecution of victimless crimes and shift those resources to persuing fraudsters.

The State's cash basis accounting and its multiplicity of authorities allow State government to spend today and tax tomorrow. Such an opportunity is irresistible to politicians, who see the device as necessary for reelection. They may be correct but it's a Comptroller's job to thwart the attempt to disassociate spending from taxes because the bills always come due eventually.

I have proposed that new State and local employees be placed in a "Tier 5", a defined contribution plan that would approximate the retirement benefit available under Tier 4 until the unwise pension enhancements of 2000. A defined contribution plan would make it more difficult for State leaders to make pension enhancements while ignoring the cost to the taxpayers.

The Comptroller has 34 Medicaid audits of the NYS Health Department, most of them about processing accuracy rather than fraud detection. That emphasis must shift. Moreover, counties should be permitted to assist the State in rooting out provider fraud as well as client fraud. We also have to understand that inefficient use of services probably wastes more money than is lost to fraud.

I am using my campaign to promote and participate in the resistance by working people to the growing assaults on our rights and living standards by the ruling rich and their government—from Albany to Washington—to continuing cuts in social services from educition and welfare to housing.

Faced with unrelenting attacks on wages, pensions, healthcare, and social security, workers have to fight to preserve what we've won over decades of struggle, like the New York transit workers' strike in 2005. Workers need a labor party, based on the unions, that fights in our interests.

The biggest fraud is that of the. ruling rich and their government. William Clinton's administration dismantled social welfare for the most vulnerable. We need a revolutionary movement thai can lead a fight by workers and our allies to take power out of the hands of the ruling billionaire class.

Michael"A. Cronmnler Right to Life

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Alan C. Hevesi d) Democrat, Independence, Working Families RESIDENCE: New York CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 696-9308 EDUCATION: PhD, Public Law & Government, Columbia University OCCUPATION: New York State Comptroller since January 2003 EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: As State Comptroller, identified $2.1 billion of savings through hundreds of audits, saved local governments $1 billion through pension reform, initiated reform campaigns to increase accountability of public authorities, reduce reliance on debt and improve fiscal practices.

Authorizing spending that grows twice as fast as revenues is not fiscally responsible. The budget relies on a one-time surplus to fund ongoing spending and authorizes $16.5 billion in new debt. My comprehensive debt and fiscal reform agendas would dramatically improve the State's financial practices and long-term fiscal health.

After years of uncharacteristically low contribution rates due to market performance, in 2003, the State and local governments were facing a substantial increase in required contributions. I achieved passage of legislation that saved the State approximately $620 million in SPY 2003-04 and local governments saved approximately $950 million. Since 2003, we have had 3 years of reductions in contributions.

Our audits have identified $340 million in inappropriate Medicaid payments. We won a legal challenge to the Comptroller's authority to audit Medicaid billings. Audit activities are enhanced by an investigations team that helped end coverage of erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders and works with authorities to deter fraud.

A $114 billion budget loaded with subsidies to corporations, mall developers and sports associations is fiscally irresponsible. Payments in Lieu of Taxes, giveaways that reward the already well subsidized, are irresponsible. Responsible spending would include incentives for jobs, education programs, sustainable environmental projects, organic agriculture and affordable housing.

Retiring government employees have earned their pensions. Rather than cut pensions, reorder budget priorities to reduce taxes. Instead of giveaways to corporations, cut developer handouts and recoup fraudulently earned incentives, e.g., economic development subsidies for jobs that were never created. Pass effective whistle blower legislation to recover massive Medicaid overpayments.

Increasing the number of auditors assigned to reviewing payments to pharmaceutical companies and other providers; hiring oversight workers to scrutinize patient records; centralizing audit functions in the Comptroller's office and criminalizing Medicaid fraud would be a start to recouping millions perhaps billions of NYS budget dollars lost to fraud.

john I. Cain

52 .H

Libertarian RESIDENCE: Congers CAMPAIGN PHONE: (914) 671-0365 EDUCATION: B.S. Wagner College -197.3; M.A. Montclair State College 1980 OCCUPATION: Insurance marketing and education EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: 1988-91 - Clarkstown Zoning Bd of Appeals, 1991-2005 - Planning Bd Town of Clarkstown; 1983- present - Rockland County Worker's Comp Self Ins Committee; 2005- present - Chairman Rockland County Worker's Comp Self Ins Committee ]. Christopher Callaghan

Republican/ Conservative RESIDENCE: Waterford (Saratoga County) CAMPAIGN PHONE: (518) 233-1471 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: BS in business administration & accounting from SUNY Albany OCCUPATION: Saratoga County Treasurer (recently retired) EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: 35 years in government accounting and finance

Willie Cotton Socialist Workers RESIDENCE: New York City CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 736-2540 FAX: (212) 736-2540 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: High school graduate OCCUPATION: Sewing machine operator and active member of UNITE-HERE, Local 63 EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: An activist in the fight for Black rights and against police brutality, I have also helped to organize activities to demand freedom for five framed-up Cuban revolutionaries in U.S. jails.

Julia Willebrand Green RESIDENCE: New York City CAMPAIGN PHONE: (212) 877-5088 FAX: (212) 877-1127 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: TESL, Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.D. American Studies, City College of New York, B.A. OCCUPATION: Fulbright Professor, Hungary. Assistant Professor, Center for Labor Studies, SUNY EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Chair, Manhattan Citizens' Solid Waste Advisory Board, Citywide Recycling Advisory Board (CRAB), Chair, Conservation Committee, Appalachian Mountain Club Delegate, United Federation of Teachers

The League of Women Voters of New York State • 1-866-598-6971 • « Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Atlantic Bayvlew WINES & LIQUORS 380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421




www.comparesupermarkefs.€om 111 W. MERRICKRD 120 N. IVIAiN ST 114 S. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 546-4300 S46-S033 223-8486

Where Trust andService Count"



UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS TERM: 2 YEARS • SALARY: $165,200 • U.S. Representatives are concerned with issues at the federal level. They enact laws, propose the federal budget, and discuss public policy issues. Representatives are apportioned among the states according to population.

H c

i. z o

Replies to these ^estkas ^printed as received wife1 oo correction of spelling, paisSbatSwror grammar,, .'" "

cT (i) = incumbent




Kocco C.ilisc

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We must continue to train Iraq's military and police so they can secure their own country.

While 80% of seniors have a favorable impression of their Medicare Part D benefits, we should continue to strengthen the program in the future. Just as we expand Medicare Part 6 benefits as needed, I would support dosing coverage gaps and extending enrollment deadlines if necessary.

I support the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance of terrorist communications to this country and the SWIFT program. I do not support giving Geneva Convention rights to illegal combatants.

We have no plan for how we are getting out of Iraq. Congress needs to ask the tough questions and demand that we train Iraqis to defend themselves so we can bring our troops home. Congress must hold hearings on war profiteering and prosecute profiteers.

The program was an enormous giveaway to drug companies. The program needs to be changed to allow Medicare to directly negotiate with drug companies to lower costs. Direct importation of prescription drugs from other countries must also be allowed. And the so-called "donut hole" of coverage needs to be closed.

The threat of terrorism is a real concern, and our country must take all legal actions to prevent another attack. Any measures the United States government takes to protect us must be authorized by legal statute, and Congress must provide the necessary oversight to ensure our civil rights are protected.

The liberation of Iraq may be costly but what is the price of inaction or failure? America and Israel's security is at stake. Our enemy is broad-based, imbedded and determined. The terrorist's goal is, at the very least, to neutralize the USA as a world power. This cannot be permitted.

Medicare part "D" has helped low income people afford their prescription drugs. One problem is the confusion it causes. Chain pharmacies might set up dirties to assist the elderly. The opportunity to choose a provider might be expanded. We can encourage combining Epic with Medicare to increase coverage.

If there were a "real conflict" between security and civil rights, I would support our liberties. I know of no instance that would indicate any violation has occurred. It's American to be suspicious of authority, but it has to be understood that a balance between these principles must be drawn.

This Administration must formulate an exit strategy in specific terms as soon as possible and it should be before the election. I do not favor a date specific withdrawal, but I do want our troops home as soon as possible. In the meantime, I continue to fully support our troops.

I opposed this law as it did not reduce prescription drug costs. Nevertheless, seniors have been paying less, which is good. I remain concerned about those who fall into the "doughnut hole" and will be forced to pay the full cost for their drugs, which is what I would correct.

I strongly support civil rights for every American citizen, but we live in dangerous times and some consideration must be given to those steps needed to preserve our security and freedoms. I supported the Patriot Act, but would have preferred more sunset provisions to be induded in it.

People's I Peter T. Kins; (it

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE Seaford EDUCATION: St. Francis College, RA. History, 1965; Notre Dame Law School J.D., 1968 OCCUPATION: VS. Congressman EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Practicing Attorney; Town Councilman; Nassau County Comptroller; Congressman - Chairman of Homeland Security

Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: N. Massapequa CAMPAIGN PHONE: (516) 756-3011 FAX: (516) 756-3015 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: BS - SUNY Albany 1992; JD - Fordham Law School 1995 OCCUPATION: Nassau CountyLegislator EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Nassau County Legislator 2004-present

4TH DISTRICT M.irlin \\. Blc

Republican, Conservative RESIDENCE: Floral Park CAMPAIGN PHONE: (516) 673-4346 EMAIL: EDUCATION: Sewanhaka HS, NYS Institute of Technology: BS Behavioral Science with honors OCCUPATION: Police Officer/Sergeant Personal Investor EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Police Supervisor, Coordinated Fire/Police Disaster Planning, Co-Chief Administrator - EMT/AEMT Academy, Administrated Medical Communications Facility, Representative in Albany - NYS EMS Council, Deputy Commanding Officer NCPD Firearms Training Unit, Private Investor Carolyn McCarthy (i)

Democrat, Independence, Working Families RESIDENCE: Mineola CAMPAIGN PHONE: (516) 873-9087 FAX: (516) 873-9524 EMAIL: WEB: EDUCATION: Mineola High School, 1962 Graduated Nursing School, 1964 (LPN) OCCUPATION: Congresswoman, •Jth Dist. NY completing 5th term EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: See Above

The League of Women Voters of Nassau County • 516-431-1628 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Guide Spon Atlantic Bayview. WINES & LIQUORS " 380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421


111 W. MERRJCKRD 120 N. MAIN ST 114$. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 223-8486 546-8033 546-4300

"Where Trust and Service Count"




TERM: 2 YEARS • SALARY: $79,500 • The Senate and Assembly are concerned with issues at the state level. They enact laws, pass a state budget, and discuss public policy issues.

(i) = incumbent

6TH DISTRICT Kemp Hannon (i) Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Garden City EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: J.D., Fordham Law School; B.A. Boston College; is chairman Senate Health Committee; responsible for EPIC (most comprehensive prescription plan in nation), property tax refund check, and STAR, among others.

Over the years, I have dramatically increased aid to schools to lower property taxes. Trie state aid formula needs to be changed so Long Islanders can get more of what they give to Albany.

The legislature is a forum to resolve conflicts. Differences which are easy to resolve never get to the Legislature. Resolving differences, especially by compromise, often leaves adherents on each side of an issue a bit dissatisfied. Such unhappiness results with some people blaming either the Legislature or the political process for choosing the Legislature. Independent commissions will never resolve such disappointments.

Casilda E. Roper-Simpson Democrat RESIDENCE: Hempstead

No Reply

No Reply

8TH DISTRICT Charles . Fuschillo, r. (i) Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Merrick EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Elected in 1998; Chairman, Senate Consumer Protection Committee; author of the strongest consumer-protection laws in the country; led the fight to combat drinking and driving; fought to increase aid to education and increased funding for breast cancer research. B.B.A., Adelphi University.

Ensuring the best possible education for our children is Over the years there have been many legal challenges one of the most important responsibilities the state has. to the current system. The courts have repeatedly I have co-sponsored legislation to create the Office of upheld the drawing of legislative districts, which Medicaid Inspector General. It is estimated that by comply with Federal Law. The process is conducted fighting fraud and waste, New Yorkers will save near- , in open public meetings held throughout the state. ly $2 billion. I fully support these dollars being used I fully support the open process. for education. The Senate continues to advocate for a blue ribbon commission to study and recommend alternatives to property taxes.

Adam E. Small Democrat RESIDENCE: Merrick EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: A cum laude graduate of SUNY at Buffalo Law School and children's rights attorney; an expert on domestic violence and counsel to the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

We need to, first and foremost, attack the issue of Medicaid waste and fraud. State taxpayers are losing $12 million a day due to Medicaid fraud and abuse. I support strengthening the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Secondly, New York pays $4.7 billion dollars a year in interest on its debt. We need to make immediate efforts toward paying down our debt by using budget surpluses and implementing a "pay-as-yo'u-go" policy for future capital projects.

I strongly support an independent, bi-partisan commission to re-evaluate the process of legislative redistricting. For too long, in Albany, the goal of incumbents nas been to protect their districts to ensure reelection as opposed to the intended goal of creating a fair and balanced election process for all political parties and especially for the voters.

Odelia Coldbere Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: Lawrence EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Graduated Cum Laude from Pace Law School after earning my MBA from SUNY Binghamton University. I have the energy, skill, drive and fresh ideas to turn New York around.

Long Island's public schools have a nationally renowned reputation. But, the quality education once found on Long Island is more and more at risk because of Albany's inattention to our local property tax burdens. Proper funding for our schools can be achieved by de-politicizing the school funding formula. In creating a transparent funding mechanism and ensuring fiscal responsibility, I will fight to make the right choice for Long Island's families and our future.

Yes, I am in favor of reforming Albany and strongly support the creation of an independent redistricting . commission. The process of redrawing districts has become politically charged and is often misused for political gain. We need to reform the redistricting process by creating a non-partisan redistricting panel, one that is independent and not beholden to politicians. Redistricting reform will prevent the disenfran: chisement of millions of voters.

Dean G. Skelos (i) Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Rockville Centre EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Experienced legislator currently serving as Deputy Majority Leader. Author of original EPIC law, Megan's law, DNA database expansion, Medicaid fraud legislation and elimination of Statute of Limitations for Rape Victims. B.A., Washington College in Maryland and J.D. Degree, Fordham University.

As parents and elected officials, it is our responsibility to provide children with access to high-quality public education. With rising property taxes unduly burdening homeowners and jeopardizing our education system, the Senate enacted the STAR program, dramatically increased state school aid and established the School Property Tax Rebate Check initiative. Moreover, the Senate continues to advocate for the creation of a Blue Ribbon Commission to recommend alternatives to the existing school property tax system.

The reapportionment of congressional and state legislative districts is strictly governed by the U.S. Constitution, NYS Constitution, Voting Rights Act and various decisions from both state and federal courts. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice monitors redistricting in select counties. Developed through a series of public hearings, passed in bipartisan fashion, signed by the governor and endorsed by state and federal courts, this process includes numerous checks and balances and protects all New Yorkers.


The League of Women Voters of Nassau County * 516-431-1628 • • Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters

Sponsored By...

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•- .-,

/', v




329 GUY L0MBAR®0 A¥E

380 ATLANTIC AVE FREEPORT 378-9421 www.eomparesuperinarkets.eoni

111 W. MERRICK RO 120 N. MAIN ST 114 S. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 546-4300 546-8633 223-8486

"Where Trust and Service Count"

25 ATLAWTIC AVE • FiEEPOHf 838-7818


NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY TERM: 2 YEARS • SALARY: $79,500 • The Senate and Assembly are concerned with issues at the state level. They enact laws, pass a state budget, and discuss public policy issues. Question*1" . ' ."* , , ., to these oues^pns are printed as receivea with no correchonot spelling,-punctuation or grammar.

Public education is financed through property f raising taxes and state ninds. What other means cfraisi revenue would vou support? rr . -

Legislative districts have been determined on a partisan basis. Would you support establishing an independent ^ commission as a more open and ethical way to create^ o ^ the districts? Please explain. - -: ^ x "\ "' ^ v .'\^^~

14TH DISTRICT I will not support any new taxes and will continue to deliver record school aid to mv district.

Robert D. B.irw (i) Republican, Conservative, Independence

Yes, if the commission is truly independent and not filled with career politicians.

H c *i CO CL

o < ci>


RESIDENCE: Lynbrook EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: 1 am a six year incumbent Assemblyman. Education: B.A. in Communications, Hot'stra University, 19S2.

D.inicl A. Torres Democrat RESIDENCE: Baldwin EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: As an IT professional with a master's degree in engineering, I am very proficient at finding solutions to complex problems. The 14th A.D. deserves a representative that will work to unite people in an effort to find solutions to our problems while achieving equality for all people.

I feel that too much funding for education comes from property taxes and that we must rely on too much local funding for schools. This structure prevents us from attaining economy of scale and creates an unfair funding situation where our districts receive less funding while taxpayers in those districts are over burdened with property taxes that are proportionally higher when compared to their incomes. What we need is for the state to assume a larger role in funding education while also providing an environment where school budgets may benefit from economy of scale.

Absolutely. Furthermore, I would like to see restrictions on drawing district lines that are based on geographic features rather than demographics. This would force random demographic mixes in districts where the electorate would be more representative.

Thomas McKevitt (i) RESIDENCE: East Meadow EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: B.A., summa cum laude, Hofstra University; J-D. Hofstra Law School; legislative aide to a NYS Senator; Town of Hempstead Deputy Town Attorney. Dolores D. Sedacca

Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: East Williston EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Many years and accomplishments as a civic activist, elected official, business owner, parent and currently working toward a B.A. in ILR, have given me the skills and experiences necessary to serve effectively.

18TH DISTRICT Earlenc Hooper (i)

High school taxes are making it increasingly difficult for people to live on Long Island. State funding to Long Island school districts must be increased to lessen the reliance on property taxes. Other means of raising revenue, such as a local income tax that has been suggested by some, must be studied in detail to determine if a workable system can even be designed.

An independent commission could be a more open way to determine legislative boundaries. However, there would have to be assurances that such a commission would truly be independent and not swayed by various persons or groups with an agenda.

For fiscal year 2005-2006, the New York Lottery brought in over $6.7 billion. Only 32°o of that revenue source went to aid to education, 56% went to prizes and the remaining 12% was disbursed for operating expenses, etc. In keeping with the spirit and intention of the lottery, I believe mat the proportion of the prize winnings should not exceed the portion given to education. Last year, if 10% were shifted from prizes to education, it would have meant an additional $647,120 million passed down in state aid. It is my intention to sponsor legislation which will revise the current lotten' formula in order to increase the allocation of

Yes, I would support an independent commission. I believe that citizens, when given choice and opportunity, reside in neighborhoods for social, geographic and economic factors and not because of party affiliation. The current deliberating process simply perpetuates the status quo guaranteeing the re-election of incumbents. The public hearings present the lines which have already been drawn by the party in power. There is no public participation and I believe that the public should be actively involved iin this process from start to finish.

Income taxes (they are more equitable).

Am undecided.

No Reply

No Reply

Savings not taxes. Complete restructuring of the manner in which money is spent needs to change. I recommend a multifaceted approach: (a) eliminate the layers of taxing authorities. We should have a general services administration operating water districts, sewer districts, lighting districts, etc. (b) We should pass a SarbOx law to make it criminal for a school board to deliver a misleading financial statement, (c) Capital equipment must be pooled by the various school districts.

Gerrymandering is designed to keep incumbents in office, which in effect causes lack of accountability. Today district lines are drawn for only two reasons (a) to elect and (b) to re-elect those parties who draw the lines. Independent commissions must form districts geographically not politically. In this manner an accountable, representative, fair and democratic government will exist. I disagree with the courts, which have decided that this is a political and not legal issue.

The current system could be improved by helping to reduce school spending through consolidation of common services. Also, I advocate a regional cost adjustment in distribution of state funds. Long Island does not get an equitable share of state funding based on its enrollment Adjusting this would increase state aid for Long Island to help reduce property taxes.

I support the creation of an independent commission to assure an open and less partisan process in establishing legislative districts.

UCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I fed qualified for re-election b"ased on my 18-year record of service delivery to the public education, infra-structure (roads), child care, health issues, etc. I have an MSW from Adeiphi University and am an adjunct professor of social work there.. 1. Barrmston Jackson

Republican, Conservative RESIDENCE: Hempstead

19TH DISTRICT Donald 11. Hirnhaum

Democrat RESIDENCE: Merrick EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Am a former Assistant District Attorney, New York City and Nassau Count}'; fiduciary for disabled veterans; lecturer, Nassau High School students /parents on law and substance abuse; lawyer/partner in private practice. David Cj. McDonoueh (i)

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Merrick EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Have served 5 years as a member of the Assembly following 25 years of community service including President of Nassau County Council of Chambers of Commerce; graduate of Columbia University.

The League of Women Voters of Nassau County • 516-431-1628 • • for mote election information.

2006 Voters Guide Sponsored By, s

Atlantic Bay view,




GUY LOMBARDO AVE FREEPORT • 378-2525 www, www.coniparesupermarkets.coin

111 W. MERRICK RD 120 N. MAIN ST 114 S. LONG BEACH AVE FREEPORT FREEPORT FREEPORT 223-8486 546-8033 546-4300

H n O. CD

17TH DISTRICT Republican, Conservative, Independence


Where Tntsi and Service Codnt"


NASSAU COUNTY OFFICES CO = incumbent (ai) = appointed incumbent

S O4


<u o T3


NASSAU COUNTY FAMILY COURT JUDGE TERM: 10 YEARS • SALARY: $136,700 ELECT 3 Merik R. Aaron (ai) Republican, Conservative RESIDENCE: Hewlett EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I bring unique experience to the Family Court having been a former H.S. teacher, assistant principal and district director of curriculum. I hold a J.D. in Law, Ed.D. in Educational Administration and an M.S. in Guidance Counseling. Was found "highly qualified" for Family Court Judge by the NYS Non-Partisan Screening Committee.



TERM: 6 YEARS » SALARY: $122,700 ELECT 1

TERM: 6 YEARS • SALARY: $122,700 ELECT 3

Valerie I, BuJlaid (i)

Democrat RESIDENCE: Rockville Centre EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Thirty-two years legal experience, including six years experience as Judge, Nassau County District Court; former litigator, former Special Professor of Law; past president, Nassau County Bar Association; education level: Juris Doctor, 1974.

Francis U. Ricign

Stacy Fleisher Bennett -a <a


Democrat, Independence RESIDENCE: Glen Cove EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I am a partner in a Nassau County law firm specializing in matrimonial and family law; member of NYS, N.C., and Women's Bar Associations, Matrimonial and Family Law Committees, Model Custody Litigation Committee and Board Member, North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center.

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Garden City EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate of St. John's University School of Law; presently, Presiding Judge of the District Court's new "DWI Part", where all private attorney Driving While Intoxicated cases are litigated in one courtroom, before one judge Has extensive experience in all phases of District Court practice.

Robert G. Bogle Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Valley Stream EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Village Justice, Acting City Judge, Chief County Court Attorney, Deputy County Attorney; written four legal textbooks; started court community service program for delinquent youth; Adjunct Professor; J.D., Hofstra Law School.

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Uniondale • . EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Found "well-qualified" by N.C. Bar Association; current NYC Administrative Law Judge; attorney 17 years; private practice over 10 years; former County Legislator, deputy town attorney, senior court attorney, and legal aid attorney.

Terrence R

Andrea Phoenix ;<r ,-, #s ?**'

A, vY- '^"v/5 >

^,T;^VT^ri' t



Ellen R. Greenberg Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: Roslyn Heights EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I have been an attorney in Family Court for 21 years; have extensive experience in all Family Court matters; hold a J.D. degree from Cardozo Law School

Andrew M.iEngel Democrat, Working Families . -RESIDENCE: East Meadow EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Graduated Brooklyn College Law School in 1979; litigation and appellate attorney for 25 years; appointed Mediator of attorney/client grievances; Court Examiner in guardianship proceedings; presently Principal Law Clerk to a Justice of the Supreme Court, Nassau County.

Republican, Conservative, Independence RESIDENCE: Seaford EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Law Clerk to Acting Supreme Court Justice; Major, JAG Corps, US Army Reserve; served in Iraq, Bosnia, Guatemala, Germany; court attorney, District Court; prosecutor, Traffic Violations Agency; graduate, Touro Law School; lifelong Seaford resident

Patricia E. Doyle Republican, Independence RESIDENCE: Syosset EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Twenty-two years as attorney in Family Court; currently Court-Referee deciding custo.dy/visitation cases; fourteen years advising judges of Nassau Family Court and 7 years as a Law Guardian representing children. I hold a J.D.

Democrat, Working Families RESIDENCE: Baldwin EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a District Court Judge since 2001; was a Nassau County Assistant District Attorney; and received a J.D. from Hofstra Law School.

"*" -.->'>.... ^ . ••"..?.. ti^a ^ f<s .

\..,./ ."<" , '{J',^"-.''' . / ?t?.f . """•*' ^ .. t*& -.

Democrat RESIDENCE: Baldwin EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: A graduate of Hofstra Law School; an attorney in private practice with ten years of extensive court experience; a community volunteer.

lane K. ShretiKel


Conrad D. Singer Democrat, Conservative, Working Families .RESIDENCE: Hicksville EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: I have extensive experience in Family Court matters with hundreds of appearances on neglect, abuse, and juvenile delinquency cases, and family offense, visitation and custody matters. I serve as Great Neck Plaza Village Justice.J.D., Pace University School of Law, 1989.

Republican, Conservative, Independence, Working families RESIDENCE: Valley Stream EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS: Supervisor, District Court Law Department; Law Clerk, Appellate Division, two years; Supreme Court Law Secretary, eight years; Deputy Town Attorney, Town of Hempstead, seven years; teacher, seven years; Law School graduate.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE FROM LWVOTS COLLEGE VOTING GUIDE This publication can help college students-to decide whether to vote in their prior district/state or at their college address. VOTE BROCHURE What voters need to know about Election Day before they head out to vote in November. FIRST VOTE A terrific primer for first-time voters. This brochure contains the basics of voter registration, selecting a political party, voting procedures, when elections are held, how to vote absentee, and how to vote while away at college, among other voting basics. Multiple copies of this brochure are available FREE for high school and college classes, or classes of naturalized citizens, by contacting the LWVNYS office at . The League of Women Voters of Nassau County • 516-431-1628 • « Visit for more election information.

2006 Voters Guide Sponsored By, SPARACO-LlEBERMAN REALTY

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"Where Trust and Service Count"



Don't forget to vote for THE NASSAU COUNTY PROPOSITION on the ballot above the candidates'names In order to preserve open space, natural lands and scenic places, protect drinking water sources, reduce water pollution, remediate brownfield sites, and expand and improve p'arks; should Local Law No.10 - 2006 be added to the Miscellaneous Laws of Nassau County authorizing the issuance of $100 million dollars in bonds to fund and implement an Environmental Program, to require a vote of thirteen members of the Nassau County Legislature to approve all projects proposed under the Environmental Program and to create a tax and special revenue fund dedicated exclusively to paying off the debt sen-ice on the bonds? EXPLANATION OF NASSAU COUNTY PROPOSITION This referendum seeks voter approval to add a local law to the Miscellaneous taw of Nassau County authorizing the issuance of $100 million dollars in bonds to fund and implement an Environmental Program to preserve open space, natural lands and scenic places, protect drinking water, reduce water pollution, remediate brownfield sites and expand and improve parks.

1. GO TO THE RIGHT PLACE * Poll locations can change. Be sure to locate your polling place before you go to vote. Check www.VOTE411 .org or contact the elections office or board of elections for your county, city or state. 2. BRING I.D. * You may need to show I.D. at the polling place. To be safe, bring your driver's license or another photo I.D. In some places, a current utility bill, paycheck or other document that includes your name and street address may also work.

4. GET HELP * Poll workers are there to help you. They'll show you how to use the voting machine or give you a provisional ballot if you need one. Ask, or read the signs at your polling place, which have instructions, list your voting rights and say how to file a complaint.

The local law also provides that the revenues generated from the increase are to be placed in a Special Revenue Fund, kept separately from other county funds, to be created for this Program and spent only on the debt sen-ice associated with the bonds issued. The County Executive is directed to provide an annual report on the Program to the Nassau County Legislature. I

5. STAY AND VOTE * You probably won't have to wait too long. But even if the line is long, don't leave without voting. The outcome of this election will be important!

The LWV and democracy need you! Membership AppKcaBsn QlndmduaiMembershg>/$55Year" ?^C Q Household Membership /$80Year»^ upw' ^««st*iwasMe^x^^; (2 people} ' •:' ,1 >' ^•»\\5\s-^'--i\.$'.i-'5s«vj.j,4 V-^5^" i^tN ± ^~\k -<-^ ^ Q Carrie C Cart Membership / $7S >^8r« l^^u^bte pn^bu!ion^%kf 3 Susan '' \'Ssii; i!i»T' ili .>.ft$^^'\lsi9lMs sl~.'^Mf ' :: You can also donate on-line at J

and increases our Impact, *The League of Women Voters is not limited to women. *,T}»e LWV is not a artisan ofizatic>nancS does not s u o r t f or oppose political jarties'br caro^ •The LWV is not afraid to fight i9;pijeel<!«§ocr3cy.

Membership is open to Leagues across NY state, membership at every Jevetloc enables you to support the L all three levels, and provides the state and national issues., or caB our toH-free at I-866-598-697J.


••I Atlantic

Q Check (Payable to the League of WomenVSe QAmEx Q Mastercard QVtsa

2006 Voters Guide r\


, •**<*" ^rynr-SiT^-sw * ' '-%?< -> ' ^#¥«sv»s\:»«

380 ATLANTl FREEPORT 378-9421



z o I'

3. GET A BALLOT * Don't panic if you registered to vote but your name is not on the list. Get help from a poll worker to make sure your vote is counted. You should be given a provisional ballot or given directions to another polling place.

The approval of as well as the funding for each of the projects funded by the bonds will become part of the County's Capital Plan upon approval by a super-majority vote of thirteen members of the Nassau County Legislature. The Program is to be funded by the bonds and paid for by an increase of approximately $16 per household in the County's property tax.

"T"he gloves are off and vvofne^jQCiiJen are fighting for I democracy. For over UQ years ihe {jeajjiyjf of S a e n Nfoters has fought to promote the rights of to be heard, to vote.


Wiaz Tnat and Service Count"




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It is with regret that The Leader learned that Hykiem Coney, a young man from Roosevelt who turned his back on gang life, was shot and killed last week. Although not a member of the Freeport community, he was a familiar figure in the fight to save our children from gang life and violence. He worked hand-in-hand with Bishop J. Raymond Mackey and the organization Helping End Violence Now or HEVN. The Leader last saw Hykiem Coney at a HEVN task force meeting in February. Hykiem was standing outside the church, speaking with The Leader. He said the cut on his face was the handiwork of local gang members. The cut, he said, was a warning to stop his crusade against gang life and violence.

It was snowing that day in February. Hykiem looked down the street and shrugged when asked if he was scared. "Maybe I don't have long to live," he said. Hykiem had been the leader of a street gang in Hempstead called The Outlaws, but then he turned his back on the violence. He worked to help those in the gangs get out and others to avoid gang life. His good deeds will live on. Hykiem Coney was 24 years old when he died. He was shot twice early Sunday morning, October 22, after leaving a bar in Uniondale. He died several days later on Wednesday, October 25. The Leader extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Hykiem Coney. --Laura Schofer

The Leader Thanks NEW MEDIA for their sponsorship of this week's LWV Voters Guide.

PUBLIC NOTICES from previous page title is vested in either the husband or the wife, their combined income may not exceed such sum, except where the husband or wife, or exhusband or ex-wife is absent from the property due to divorce, legal separation or abandonment: then only the income of the spouse or ex-spouse residing on the property shall be considered and may not exceed such sum. Such ir>corr>e shall include social security and retirement benefits, interest, dividends, total gain from the sale or exchange of a capital asset which may be offset by a loss from the sate or exchange of a capital asset in the same income tax year, net rental income, salary or earnings, and net income from self-employment, but shal not include a return of capital, gifts, inheritances or monies earned through employment in the federal foster grandparent program and any such income shaH be offset by all medico! and prescription drug expenses actually paid which were not reimbursed or paid for by insurance, in computing net rental income and net income from self-employment no depreciation deduction shall be allowed for the exhaustioa wear and tear of real or personal property held for the production of income. G. No exemption shaS be granted: (1) UnSess the property is used exclusively for residential purposes, provided, however, that in the event any portion of such properly is not so used exclusively for residential purposes but is used for other purposes, such portion shall be subject to taxation and the remaining portion only shaS be entitled to the exemption provided by this section; (2) UnSess the real property is the Ijgal residence of and is occupied in whole or in part by the disabled person; except where the disabled person is absent from the residence wttte receiving heaffivretafecl care as an inpdtient of a residential health care facility, as defined in section twenty-eight hundred one of the public health law. provided that any income accruing to that person shaB be considered income for purposes of Ihis section onty to the extent that it exceeds the amount paid by such person or spouse or sibling of such person for care in the facility. H. For the purposes of this section, title to that portion of real property owned by a cooperative apartment corporation in which a tenantstockholder of such corporation resides and which is represented by his shares of stock in such corporation as determined by its or their proportional relationship to the total of outstanding stock of the corporation, including that owned by the corporation, shall be deemed to be vested in such tenant-stockholder. I. That proportion of the assessment of such real property owned by a cooperative apartment corporation determined by the relationship of such real property vested in such tenant-stockholder to such entire parcel and the buildings thereon owner by such cooperative apartment corporation in which such tenantstockholder resides shall be subject to exemption from taxation pursuant to fhis section and

any exemption so granted shall be credited by the appropriate taxing authority against the assessed valuation of such real property; the reduction in real property taxes realized thereby shall be credited by the cooperative apartment corporation against the amount of such taxes otherwise payable by or chargeable to such tenant-stockholder. § 185-47 Application for exemption. A, Application for such exemption must be made annually by the owner, or all of the owners of the property, on forms prescribed by the State Board, and shall be filed in the office of the Village Assessor's Office on or before the Village's taxable status date and be approved in order for the exemption to be granted. Failure to mail such application form or the failure of such person to receive the same shall not prevent the levy, collection and enforcement of the payment of the taxes on property owned by such person. B. At least-60 days prior to the first day of October, which is the taxable status date of the Incorporated Village of Freeport. the assessing authority shall mail to each person who was granted exemption pursuant to this section on the latest completed assessment roll an application form and a notice that such , application must be filed on or before taxable status date and be approved in order for the exemption to be granted. Failure to mail any such application form and notice or the failure of such person to receive the same shall not prevent the levy, collection and enforcement of the payment of the taxes on property owned by such person. Section 2: This local taw shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of States Office. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the foregoing notice of the public hearing shall be entered in the minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Freeport, and published in the Leader and a printed copy thereof posted conspicuously in at least three (3) public places in the Incorporated Village of Freeport. Nassau County. New York. STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY OF NASSAU. VILLAGE OF FREEPORT. ss: I. CAROLYN THOMAS. Clerk of the ViDage of Freeport, Nassau County, New York, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of said notice duly authorized by the Board of Trustees of the said Village at a meeting of the said Board of Trustees, after, a public hearing duly called and held in the Conference Room of the Municipal Building of the VBtage of Freeport, New York on the 3qth day of October. 2006. at 8:00 O'clock in the evening, and of the whole thereof, as entered upon the minutes of the proceedings of the said Board kept by me as Village Clerk. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Corporate Seal of said Village this 31 st day of October, 2006. Carolyn Thomas Village Clerk Dated: October 31,2006 Freeport. New York FL 958 IT 11/2


a. o a>

H O>

<U O 03 "O I




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