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Take a stand against violence by Kim Weaver Violence. What purpose does it serve? Hurting, destroying, and killing each other and for wha^? Yes, violence is inevitable but it can be controlled. However, these days the violence has gotten out of control. It is like a wildfire, spreading and raging with more and more intensity as it destroys everything in its path. Unfortunately, violence is universal and violence has been around since the beginning of time. The major turning points of history were due to violence.' The murder of Abel by Cain, the persecution of Jesus, the Civil War, the Holocaust, World War I and World War II all were forms of violence. Sometimes I think were living through World War III. Not only are we fighting against other countries but we are killing each other in our own country. Terrorists aren't our only enemies, but we are each other's enemy. Society commits violence for territory, respect and power but now reasons for violence are senseless. So I ask: why? Because I don't have the same complexion, because I don't have the same beliefs, because I was

wearing the wrong color, because I was walking down the wrong street, or just because. Anyway you look at it there are no plausible and justifiable reasons for violence. This inferno needs to be

to always promote a nonviolent atmosphere by always encouraging love and peace. I hope each one of you would do the same. A change has to start somewhere so let it be today, by you and I.

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from page 6 and their stand for nonviolence. We are celebrating nonviolence. We borrowed the expression from the MLK Center in Atlanta and it is our campaign message. Nonviolence: Learn It, Live It, Teach It. Tedd Levy Executive Director, Freeport Pride

quenched and the only way for that to happen is through sharing love and peace. Today I stand before my community and vow to be and stay nonviolent. I vow


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