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Local clamming: A way of life This is the first article in a series examining the role bay clams play in the local economy.

by Douglas Finlay We set out in the late-morning light, Mike Rossi and I, an overcast day in which the clouds would, ultimately, maintain their composure. The waters were calm, almost serene, as we slowly rounded the northeast bend of Baldwin Bay on Our way east out to see for ourselves just what lurks beneath the sheen of the water's silvery-blue surface: fields of green. These fields of green have names to be sure, such as Trump's Hole, L-Y Bay and Egg Island, but what makes them green is their propensity to grow the clams that are an engine helping power the local South Shore economy, from the clammers that dig them to the retailers that sell them to the restaurants that turn them into delightful cuisine for Long Islanders. Indeed, clammers, or shellfishermen as they prefer to be called, earn anywhere from 12 cents to 25 cents and more per clam from fish retailers and wholesalers, and restaurants, depending on the size of the clam. The biggest clam is the chowder clam, which earns the least, followed closely by the cherrystone, the top neck and then the little neck, with the

little neck fetching the highest price because of its desired smaller size to restaurateurs in presenting a dish. With anywhere from 200 to 500 clams placed in a bushel basket because of varying sizes encountered when shellfishing, a decent day's wage after harvesting for 12 hours might be between $150 to $200. "Part-timers like myself will take a leisurely approach when shellfishing, so will average about $80 per day," said Mr. Rossi, vice-president of the Hempstead Shellfisherman's Association, which supplies several "TAKE OUR PARENTS TO SCHOOL DAY" at New Visions in Freeport. restaurants, retailers and wholesalers on Nassau's South Shore with shellfish. Mr. Rossi recalls a particularly good day several years ago before limits were put on the amount of bushels that could be taken from the bay per day, earning some $800. Conversely, restaurants on main streets and along canals will increase their earnings anywhere from between 5 and 25 percent when offering clam dishes and appetizers, such as clams casino; clams-on-the-half shell; stuffed clams; or linguini with clam sauce. Or, said another way, overall sales can be impacted anywhere from between 5 percent to 25 percent when clams are not available from the bays. STUDENTS AT STEELE SCHOOL, BALDWIN, hard at work. (continued on page 3)



exporter visits the "Doria" a. o


-o £ 3



Last weekend ihe dive boat Lockness left its port in Freertnrl. to sail 172 nautical miles south) dive the wreck Andrea^JtDjoiiiaC ( Andrea Doria sank on fiSulyjfes, ,\ 9$i H>~ *- * f '. i on a dark and fogg^^ii^lit^ ntt Nantuckel. Massachusetts, cluei to a collision with a ship called the Stockholm.. Captain John Gorman of Freeport led his crew. Gus Bricker. K e v i n Dornian. B i l l y G a m h r i l l . and Pat Rooney. (Pal has 97 dives on the Doria, anil was the perfect male to have on t h i s t r i p ) . Lockness left Freeport on Friday al 6 a.m. and sailed lo Monlauk lo meet its seven passengers, three from Texas, two from Detroit, two from New Jersey. In the dive world the Andrea Doria is the Ml. Hverest of d i v i n g : it lures people from all over ihe world. Diving ihe Andrea Doria is a lough dive, only -for expert divers, ll is in 250 feel of water with a lot of current, sharks and fog. The ship left Montauk al • 10 p.m. and sailed 100.2 miles to the Andrea Doria. Thev arrived at ihe dive sile at

8 a.m., finally hooking into the wreck by 1 1 a.m. Because of the current being so strong they had to wail it out until 1 p.m. before passengers and crew suited up and started their dive. The water temp was a cold 50 degrees. The visibility was good al 40'. Some artifacts came up. like whiskey bottles still sealed with whiskey in them, and a beautiful brass window. After a good day of diving there was a great dinner (made by the captain's wife Pat) and some diving stories were told. By I p.m. all were fast asleep.gelling ready for the last dive on the Doria. By 6 a.m. all were up and getting ready for the last dive, but disapointment set in because thai would never come because (he current was too strong lo send any of the divers in. By 10 il was time to leave (he Andrea Doria and sail back 100.2 miles lo Montauk...By 7:30 p.m. the ship w:as back in Montauk. We were saying goodbye lo seven new friends who shared a great adventure ihey always will remember. Can't wail till next year to dive her again!






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Friday, August 26 • Kid's Cafe. Friday evening supper for local families in need, 5:15 p.m.. ETS Youth Division. 87 Pine Street. • Film:/'Tray.""3 •& 1 pin., AA Daily Gratitude. 4 p.m., at the Freeporl Memorial Libraiy Saturday, August 27 • Book Bug Club. 10 a.m.. ETS Youth Division, 429 Atlantic Avenue. • SP: Internet For Beginners, 10 a.m.. Table Theater, 10:30 a.m.. at the Freeport Memorial Library. Sunday, August 28 • Fax-port Museum. 350 South Main Street, open 2-5 p.m. Monday, August 29 • Freeporl Village Court in session. Judge Cacciatore presiding, 7 p.m., 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers are welcome. • Bingo al Congregation Bnai Israel. 7:45 p.m., 91 North Bayview Avenue. • AA Daily Gratitude. 4 p.m.. at the Freeporl Memorial Library.

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Tuesday, August 30" • Archbishop Molloy Council # 1974. Knights ol Columbus. Our Holy Redeemer Church basement. 7:30 p.m. •Mechanical Univei'se VideoCouiw, 2 p.m.. al the Freeport Memorial Library

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Wednesday, August 31 • Freeporl Village Court in session. Judge Cacciatore presiding. 9 a.m.. 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers ait1 welcome.

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Clamming: a local way of life from page 1 (One retailer owner would ultimately refute that figure, saying that in wintertime clams from Massachusetts and the North Shore could be easily substituted to maintain the profit margin. However, he readily agreed that anyone buying South Shore Long Island clams was procuring among the best in (he world; and that other clams were poor subslutes indeed.) In many cases, restaurateurs will pay up to 30 cents for a little neck clam, and purchasing two bushels a day at 200 clams per increases both the clammers' bottom line and the restaurateur's bottom line when figuring in a charge of $7 or more for half-a-dozen clams. As Mr. Rossi skirted the bay in his "homegrown" flat-bottom boat that would give this reporter vertigo on even a calm day, heading east and eventually south to where we would find the clamming fields, Mr. Rossi first pointed to mid-Baldwin Bay and announced, "There are millions of clams in this bay and we want to meet with the state to see how we can get to them." He would become more specific later in the trip'about what he thinks can be accomplished to open the bay up to shellfishermen. Leaving the 5-mile-per-hour speed limit we picked up speed, terns oblivious to us and diving all around into the water to spear their morning catch of herring. Heading due east Mr. Rossi pointed to the narrow waterways between several channel islands we passed as areas some shell-" fishermen go down in order to dig for clams. They don't get many but, then, shellfishermen will look for any out-ofthe-way area where clams may be. "Some clammers have areas all their own that they may only get one bushel of

clams in spring, one iri summer and one in fall, and that's it. But they don't tell anyone else.'' Which leads to the question of whether shellfisherman are in competition with one another, and will find new fields in order to one-up other shellfisherman. There -is no competition, .he said, because they're all simply trying to make a living. "We'll work an area for a couple of days and then we'll go work another area because there are different areas to go to. And we don't want to deplete an area," he continued. Indeed, there has been dramatic depletion of the fields since the 1900s, remarked Roger Tollefsen, who told The Leader that "98 percent of all shellfishing has been depleted since the 1900s." He added, however, that between 1955 and 1975 the bays (the Great South Bay) were producing some 675,000 bushels annually, up from 60.000 bushels annually, suggesting that nitrogen levels were high enough for clams to grow. Now. he said, nitrogen levels are being attacked as detrimental to the health of the bays, levels which are, ironically enough, responsible for increases of clams at the same time. In fact, the Town of Hempstead's Department of Conservation and Waterways, with the help of the local Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), carefully scrutinizes shellfishermen's movements and catches using water constables to ensure too many clams are not being taken from the bay. "We currently license some 54 commercial shellfisherman," commented Ron Masters, the department's commissioner. Meanwhile, Mr. Rossi noted that while some shellfishernien may indeed have their favorite areas they like to clam, "We

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was not difficult to make comparisons with what this reporter then saw. There were three shcllfishcrmcn in water no deeper than their shins, as they bent over to forage clams from the sand. One even knell as he sliced the water. The striking pose could easily have been of workers in artichoke or potato fields in the west, or of workers bent over •in rice panics in the orient. This, apparently, was the vision of shellfishermen "harvesting" their crops. To be continued

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also tend to stick together for safety reasons, because we don't know what we're going to run into, like gelling cut bad on a piece of glass or broken shell" that requires immediate attention as they rummage the sand for clams. Additionally, sand can be too hard to work, depending on the time of season, so clammers have to move around to varying areas to see where the fields give up the clams. "Sand can be soft or too hard." he said. "Rakes won't go into hard sand because clams are lower than rake teeth can go in." He maintained that during the year there are some places that are hard which turn soft in the spring or summer. "We don't know why that happens." he offered, but they can harvest clams from that area once it turns soft. But when will one know when it turns from hard to soft'.' "To know when it turns we have to keep checking it. but we pretty much know when it will become soft." Then, he said, there are areas where the sand turns from soft to hard, and won't give up clams at all without a light. After a few minutes heading east we then turned southeast, maintaining our speed for a short distance before cutting power, turning a wide swath again anil then slowly idling up to our first field. It

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AT THE ZION CATHEDRAL INTERNATIONAL STREET FESTIVAL, county Legislator Dave Denenberg and Mayor Glacken are shown with Bishop Frank 0. White and Lorna Dean Mi|ler, recipient of the Bishop Frank 0. White Community Service Award, Jeanette Urbina and her daughter Arlan, family of Spc. Wilfredo Urbina, who received the Winston A. Grant Memorial Award posthumously, shown with the Winston A. Grant family and Mayor Wayne Hall of Hempstead.

Have fun in school! -

This issue of your community newspaper launches our schools coverage for the year. And it looks like it's going to be an exciting year. Do you realize that over 80 percent of the kindergarteners starting school this fall will be working in fields that don't even exist? It's a fact, according to LlWorks, which helped organize the first annual Long Island Technology Festival held at Eisenhower Park this past weekend. Kids there were busy riding the world's first digitalized rocking horse, getting rides on a robot that vaccuums, dancing to the instructions of a computer, and playing "mindball" and controlling a ball with their minds. Also on display were hybrid cars, solar ovens, and Cameron Engineering projects of all kinds, including the nearby refurbished Massapequa Preserve. What this means is that in addition to learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic (the three .R's), kids will need to learn more than how to do the jobs we do today. They will have to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by developing their ability to adapt and create. Since they will most likely need to spend their entire lives doing so, they will need to develop a love of learning. This makes the role of a teacher more important than ever. Teachers who can pass on their enthusiasm for their subjects hold the future of our world in their hands.

FREEPORTER JOYCE ROMMEL and Davjd Opatow, director of the Freeport Memorial Library, gave out information about the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the Long Island Tech Fest last weekend. photo by Paul Laursen

Parents, show you disapprove! One thing we don't want students to see when they go back to school is drugs. And according to the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse, drugs are more and more available, even in middle schools, and if more teens find drugs are available, more teens will use them. This is a very scary thought for parents, but there is good news, too. The most recent National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse found teens whose parents have voiced their disapproval of drug use are less likely to use them. According to the center's president, Joseph A. Califano, former U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, this means "parent power" is the most effective way to discourage teen drug use. So talk to your kids about drugs as soon as possible. We are lucky to have so many local groups of concerned parents and teachers that can help.

OUTDOOR FUN: On August 7 the Freeport PBA held its annual picnic at Coleman Country Ranch. From left are tim Nolan, corresponding secretary, Moria Nolan and James Nolan, Legislator Dave Denenberg, Danielle Durkin, Mike Rood, president, and Shawn Randall, vice-president.

j'USt Writ© lov loan dolano' ABSOLUTE UNCERTAINTY.'.The older 1 get. the more I see life in shades of gray rather ihan black and white. I am always ama/.ed at people who profess opinions witli such certainly, particularly about complex issues. My uncles Joe and Phil were two such persons. They seemed to enjoy argument for argument's sake. If one said "up." (lie other said "down." Their incessant quarreling, particularly at family occasions, reached the height of annoyance when they would debate issues about which each had limited knowledge, regarding events that neither had personally experienced, with an attitude that tolerated no compromise. My mother called them opinionated - they were her brothers. My father called them pains in the neck. When the arguing would reach the point of total disruption, my mother would attempt to bring a little levity to the occasion to end the debate. Referring to the punch line of an old vaudeville performer whose comic skits apparently included just such bickering as my uncles', she would ask, "Was you there, Charlie?"

Perhaps someone should now ask that same question of all of those people who are engaged in angry harangues about how the world and the life,within it have developed. Scientists, totally espousing the theory of evolution, call any mention of creationism, even by the new descriptive phrase, "intelligent design," a myth. Those espousing the position that the creation and development of life included an "intelligent designer" stress that evolution, while based on lots of scientific information, has many unknown components, some gaps, and still is only a theory. I must admit that I don't spend a lot of time pondering these topics, although I don't see why the theories have to be mutually exclusive. And why. 1 wonder, is any mention of multiple theories or some possible combination of the theories viewed as such an educational catastophe? Haven't we learned over time, in the fields of both science and religion, that our human knowledge and understanding are rather limited and sometimes incorrect? And haven't we also

been told that in education, it is important to present numerous perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions. Why. with this issue, unlike so many other topics presented to youngsters, does it have to be "either-or?" What is each group so worried about? The Indian writer, psychologist, and priest Anthony De Mello pointed out (lie foolishness of people arguing, sometimes to the death, one imperfect theory of life's mysteries over another imperfect theory of life's mysteries. The former president of Notre Dame University, Theodore M: Heshurgh. was reported to have said that when there is a conflict- between science and religion, it is probably both bad science and bad religion. Meanwhile, I tend to look at life's big and little mysteries much as I was taught to read literature in graduate school. In literature there is first the literal meaning, and I can remember vividly numerous professors challenging students to "find it in the text." This is similar to the approach of scientists who search out certifiable data. But beyond (he literal meaning, espe-

cially in poetry, there is the figurative or H symbolic meaning, which unpecls like c the layers of an onion. This level of reading helps us to explore life's most profound questions and to probe new depths of awareness. It was this part of the study 1*3 of literature which was the most challenging, required the most concentration, IJ and was premised on an open and receptive mind. It is this level of scrutiny which prishcs us toward the edges of that mystery which cannot be fully understood but which also cannot he totally dismissed. This desire to find answers to some of life's most essential questions is. perhaps, what prompted one author to say he chose to write fiction rather than non-fiction because he wanted to write about truth rather than just facts. Meanwhile, as I listen to those who espouse one theory to the exclusion of the other. I can only think of my two uncles arguing holly and endlessly about situations they never experienced. And like my mother. I am templed to ask a very simple question. "Was you there. Charlie'.'"

Baldwin school board adopts priorities

THE BALDWIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE welcomes personal touch car wash, 228 Milburn Avenue, Baldwin to the community with a .ribbon cutting ceremony. From left are Director Doug Diana, president Ginny Foley, Director Eric Mahler, new owners, Mike Pernicone and Paul Vallardio, Legislator Joe Scannell, new owner Steve Befante, Secretary Barbara Fullerton, President doris Duffy, Director Bob porter, Vice president Kathy Englehart and Director Sam landiorio.

The Baldwin Board of Education adopted its priorities for the 2005-06 school year at the August 10 meeting and wishes to share them with the community. The four priorities for the upcoming school year are: • As a committed leaching and learning community, the district will expand its capacity to set clear anil high academic expectations, achieve rigor in a thinking curriculum, and apply fair and credible evaluations that effectively measure student performance.

• The district w i l l conduct the review of curricula for F.nglish-as-a-sccondlanguage (ESI..), music, mathematics, and health. • The Board of Education w i l l collaborate with the new superintendent of schools to ensure a seamless transition and to introduce him to both the school community and the community at large. • The district will increase means of communication between itself and the community at large to include forums with constituents and other stakeholder groups.

Baldwin's first day of school is 1\iesday, September 6

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New Visions School of'Exploration and Discovery 80 Raynor Street Grades 1-4 ^Renee Crump, Principal 867-5390 • 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Childhood Center Columbus Avenue School 150 North Columbus Avenue Pre Kindergarten and -Kindergarten Peggy Miller. Principal 867-5240 a.m. session: 8:30-11 a.m. p.m. session 12-2:30 p.m. Archer Street. School: Language Arts, Mathematics arid Technology 255 Archer Street Grades 1-5 Paula Lcin, Principal 867-5250 • 9:35 a.m.-3:35 p.m.

Caroline G. Atkinson School 58 West Seaman Avenue Grades 5 and 6 Linda Carter. Principal 867-5265 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Bayview Avenue School of Arts and Sciences 325 West Merrick Road • Grades 1-4 Odette Wills. Principal 867-5255 « 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

J.W. Dodd Middle School 25 Pine Street Grades 7 and 8 John O'Mard, Principal 867-5280 7:50a.m.-2:10p.m.


1 •3



Leo F. Giblyn School: A Passport to Learning 450 South Ocean Avenue'. Grades 1-4 Harris Chandler. Principal 867-5260 • 9:35 a.m.-3:35 ft.m. .

B A L D W I N FIREFIGHTERS attack a gararge fire that broke out Sunday in Baldwin on D a I a I agh Avenue near Atlantic Avenue. photos by Mark Kasner

Freeport High School 50 South Brookside Avenue Grades 9-12 Kimberlee Pierre.-Principal 867-5300 7:30 p.m.



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Labor Day Weekend Sat. Sept. 3 - Sun. Sebi. 4 - Mon. Sebt. 5 11 am - 6 bm on Sunrise Highway & Washington Avenue

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to Ice Skate" at the Freeport Recreation Center



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polio© Freeport Nelson Zuniga, 21 of Pine Street. Freeport was sentenced to 70 years to life in prison'by Nassau County Court Judge Jerald Carter, Nassau County District Attorney Dennis Dillon announced. On July 13, he; was found guilty after trial of two counts of Murder (felony and intentional). Class A Felonies, 4 counts of Robbery, Class B Violent Felonies and 2 counts of Attempted Robbery in .the First Degree, Class C Felonies. The jury deliberated for approximately one day before notifying Nassau County Court Judge Jerald Carter that they had reached a verdict. Omar DeLarosa, 20. of L i l l i a n Avenue, Freeport. was sentenced last week to 23 year to life in prison by Judge Carter. He pled guilty to the lop count of Murder in the First Degree, a Class A Felony, on June-3. According to Mr. Dillon, "On September 19. 2003 Marina Musso. drove the getaway car for four individuals, Nelson Zuniga, Omar DeLarosa, Janny Paez and Fernando Moronta, in the robbery of two Rockville Centre residents. Just three hours later. Musso again drove the get- away car for Zuniga, DeLarosa. Paez and Moronta. after they brutally • murdered Anthony Batlaglia just steps from his Lynbrook home. Battaglia was on his way home from the Lynbrook train station when he was beaten, 'then stabbed by DeLarosa and ultimately shot by Zuniga. The victim was pronounced

dead at the scene." Marina Musso, 22, of Long Beach. Avenue, Freeport pled gui'lty to Robbery, a Class B Felony, and Attempted Robbery, a Class C Felony, on January 21. She is scheduled to be sentenced on September 15! Fernando Moronla 21, of North Long Beach Avenue, Freeport, pled guilty on February 8 to Robbery, a Class B Violent Felony, and Attempted Robbery, a Class C Violent Felony. He was sentenced to a 1 0-year determinate sentence and 5 years post release supervision by Judge Carter on August I. A fatal accident occurred in Freeport on August 20 at 12:35 a.m. According to detectives, the driver of a Chrysler Sebring. Vincent W. Jewels, 42, of Meisler Boulevard. Freeporl, was traveling on Meisler Boulevard when his vehicle struck the rear end metal wheel lift on a tow truck that was parked in a driveway protruding into the street. The driver suffered massive head and neck trauma and succumbed to those injuries at the scene. The victim's vehicle was impounded from the accident scene. There are no criminal charges filed against anyone x at this time. . A robbery was reported in Freeport on Sunday, August 21, at 3:20 a.m. According to detectives, two males were walking on Thelma Court near South Main Street when they were

approached by a group of 8 to 10 Hispanic males. One victim was robbed of cash at knifepoint. When the second victim attempted to intercede he was beaten unconscious by the group. Bureau of Special Operations Police Officers David and Clarke, on patrol in the area, observed one man removing the pants from the unconscious victim. He is identified as Santo A. Zapata, 20. of Madison Avenue. Freeport. He has been charged with Robbery. The injured victim was transported to Nassau University Medical Center where he is in stable condition. There is no further description of the other suspects, police said. Detectives request anyone w i t h information regarding this crime to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-T1PS. All callers will remain anonymous. Crimes Against Property Squad detectives report the arrest of -a Freeport man on Thursday. August 1 1. at 8:h5 p.m. for the possession of a forged instrument t h a t , occurred in Freeport on July 22 at 10:23 p.m. Detectives report that Hubbard Worthy, 55, of Colonial Avenue, did utter a counterfeit check from a Bellmore business and cash it at PLS Checking, 10 East Sunrise Highway. Two yet unarrested suspects assisted him. Crimes Against Properly Squad •Detective Robert Gaily arrested him al his residence. He was charged with Possession of a Forged Instrument.

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Abrahams: 81G grant for STRONG


Nassau County Legislator Kcvan Abrahams (D-Hemsptead) and majority ^1 members approved an agreement on a. f» ; behalf of the Youth Board, with S.T.R.O.N.G. YOUTH. INC.. in the amount of $81.465 to implement pro- era grams aimed at prevention of gangs and gang violence. Their services will include recruitment, intake and assessment, employahility skills training, life skills development, job placement, follow-up and evaluation. Legislator Abrahams also approved the m 2005-2006 budget for Nassau t~ Community College. The budget includes tn a $240 tuition increase for the 2(X>4-05 academic year, making the full-time tuition $2.350.


Summer Camp After SctlOOt Now enrolling for September

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Did you ever sit and watch babies for an extended period of time? They will squeal for joy as they are having fun even though they are unaware of it. William Glasser describes that fundamentally, the necessity of Love, Power and Freedom, are as basic as the need to survive. These are appreciated only through being learned. Many may however, wonder about the significance of the need to have fun. The author takes us one step further, equating having fun to learning, making it too a basic need. Think about this: When we decide that we no longer want to learn, we stop having fun. Now, for the age-old societal question: How might we keep our kids learning in class and at home? If keeping things stimulating is equivalent to having fun, and boring is the opposite of fun, we realize logically that when something is boring, learning is not going on. For example, the monotony of a task is not repetition so much of the lack of gaining new information (learning). Getting back to the teacher, (s)he must think of ways to stimulate or be novel. This is not an easy task. Glass in his Control Theory in the Classroom offers an evolutionary example to illustrate the learning/fun connection. Notice while older dogs and cats who no longer play could be said to have learned all they need to know, higher animals like apes and porpoises never seem to stop pursuing fun. Lower animals, in contrast, whose behavior is basically built-in, do not have much ability to learn and are not involved with fun. i.e. If you want a fun pet, you would not choose a turtle (p28).


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Freeport Library September exhibit

The Library September exhibit, "Through My Eyes," will feature genre paintings by Marc Josloff completed over the last 15 years. It will consist of CN watercolors. pastels, oils and prints cre00 ated in traditional style with a contemporary accent. The exhibit will be on view from rt Thursday, September 1, till Thursday. 1September 29. and the reception will be held Saturday, Seplember 10, from 2-4 H p.m.. All are invited. As a result of his various career expeuu riences in painting, graphic design Q < advertising, art education and art theraw py, his painting has taken on a sensitive W and original view of the world around us, both peopled and unpeopled. He has won major awards for his paintings and photographs. He was recently featured in-Watercolor Magic magazine and in 2004 had a one-man show in the Coney Island Museum entitled "The Enigmatic Coney Island Time

Machine." He will soon be highlighted in an upcoming "WM" article "Making a Splash." His painting "Boy on a Scooter at the Hotel Deville" was purchased by the Art Students League for their permanent collection.

Baldwin Library Clock dedication Join us at the Baldwin Public Library on Saturday, September 10, from 11 a.m. to I p.m. for the dedication of our magnificent Antique Street Clock that is proudly situated in front of the newly expanded library on Grand Avenue. To celebrate the occasion, there will be entertainment and refreshments. Performing in the Town of Hempstead Snowmobile will be Baldwin's own, the G-Slring Band, as well as the talented Nassau Dance Company. There will also be a children's raffle. To enter, stop by the Children's Reference Desk on September 10. The winner will be announced during the program and must be present to win. All

residents are invited to attend. The event will be held ram or shine. The donation of (his clock to the site was made possible by many Baldwinites who donated their time and energy to the fund-raising efforts of the Baldwin Community Leaders' Charity Softball Game of 2003. Funds raised from the



Leader is available at...

Being prepared - To help Long Island families prepare for any soil of emergency situation. Senator Charles Fuschillo. Jr. (8th Senate District) will host two Emergency Preparedness community meetings, one in Bellmore. the other in Freeport Both meetings are open to the public at no charge. Representatives of the American Red Cross and the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) will offer residents expert advice about how to prepare for and deal with an emergency situation.

Those in attendance will learn how to prepare a disaster supply kit, develop a family communications plan and a host of other important safety tips. The meetings, which begin at 6:30 p.m.. are scheduled for Wednesday, August 31, at Freeport Memorial Library, and Thursday, September 8, at the Bellmore Memorial Library. For more information about disaster preparedness meetings, call Senator Fuschillo's office at 546-4100 or visit

game were donated to BCADA. as well as towards the purchase of this clock to beautify our town and promote civic pride. This event will be followed by the official Grand Opening of the new library on Sunday. September 25. from I to 5 p.m.

Or At The Office Of

The Leader 1840 Merrick Ave., Merrick, NY

• Bob's Luncheonette 305 Guy Lombardo Ave. • 7-11 Guy Lombardo Avenue • Curiosity 191 Atlantic Avenue • Vincent's Stationery 363 Atlantic Avenue • Rite Stop 370 S. Bay view Avenue • CVS Pharmacy 403 Atlantic Avenue • Teamo 223 Merrick Road • Curiosity 183 Merrick Road • Compare Foods 111 W. Merrick Road •7-11 145 Sunrise Highway • 7-11 80 Brooklyn Avenue

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Freeport builds on notable year of achievement by Sue Morgan Freeport students, teachers, administrators and parents are looking forward to the start of (he new school term, to. be launched with the district's third annual "First Day Celebration and Community Barbecue"'on Thursday, September I. At the same time, they're looking at the past year to appreciate the strong foundation on which the new year will build. This has been an eventful and exciting year in the Freeport School District, with students earning top honors in highly visible forums and schools conducting programs and activities that'have won kudos from the community. The administration and faculty alike, will build on accomplishments of the 2004-05 school year to make the coming year as noteworthy as the past. This spring, Freeport's academics

carved out a strong position on the map of educational achievement on Long Island as the high school's Long Island Challenge team took first place in the televised academic competition sponsored by Newsday and Cablevision on Channel 12. Coached by social studies teacher Joe Powers, a team consisting of Daniel Okobi, Jr., Sarah Mahon, Yan Mei Luo, Marilyn Brendel and alternate Esther Lopez breezed past top-ranked teams in Nassau County and Suffolk to win the contest in their first outing. For their effort the students won a $10,000 check for the school district and $500 checks for each of them. The Freeport Long Island Challenge team was honored at the Nassau County Legislature, at an American Legion/Freeport Post presentation, at a school board meeting, and oti the floor of

the New York Stale Senate, among other venues. Three of our elementary schools were cited by the New York Stale Department of Education (SED) for being among the "most improved" academically in the entire state. (The fourth. New Visions, had already achieved a high enough level to qualify as most improved.) And schools involved in our English as a Second

Language (ESL) program were also commended by SED for their high level of English language competency. The Freeport School District's involvement with the community and with charitable works was highlighted greatly this past year, with schools participating actively in fundraising for a variety, of causes ranging from aiding tsunami sur(continued on page 23)


Your #1 Neighborhood Realtor 186 Atlantic Ave. Freeport NY (next to Bank of New York)


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FREEPORT'S BOARD OF EDUCATION with Superintendent Dr. Eric Eversley (left): Sunday Coward, President Michael Raab (third from left), Vice President Debra McQuillan (center), Ron Ellerbe and Carmen Pineyro.

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Welcome from Baldwin Superintendent Dr. Robert J. Britto As the new superintendent of the STAR further and share with you evi• Baldwin School District, the start-of the dence of qualitalively improved instruccx 2005-06 school year is particularly tion and student performance. V) exciting for me. During (he summer, 1 This new school year brings a sense of 8 met so many dedicatrenewal and promise in fN ed individuals who are so many areas. - For <N rightfully proud of the instance, 26 new proaccomplishments this fessional staff mem3) teaching and learning bers are joining the ranks of administracommunity has lors, teachers, and achieved, and I look forward lo meeting teaching assistants to •s many more members replace retirees and filling other vacancies. H of the community as the year progresses. All meet the slale's As your superinrequirements of being W Q tendent, I am dedicat"highly qualified." To support these individued to and focused on als to best serve our continuously improvstudents, the district ing leaching and Dr. Robert Britto will continue its very learning. To this end, successful orientation I will collaborate with and mentoring programs for new staff. board members, administrators, teachThanks to community support of the ers, parents, and other community members to introduce my vision and stratebond, the district has made significant gies for expanding the district's capacity improvement to its infrastructure. At the high school, safely improvements were to achieve academic rigor in every classmade to the entrance, the roof was room. I call this initiative Project STAR Supporting Teachers for Academic Rigor. Project STAR is based on the notion, that all students can learn to become smarter through effort-based teaching and learning. A district genuinely committed to this type of teaching and learning has clear and high expectations for all students, contentrich and thinking-oriented curricula, high quality teaching in all classrooms, and fair and credible evaluations of student learning. I will take opportunities throughout the year to explain Project 60

replaced, new efficient boilers were installed, and two science rooms were renovated. Other examples include roof repairs and new boilers at Brookside, a new all-wealher irack al Ihe middle school, a new roof and boiler replacement at Meadow, parking lot resurfacing and roof repairs at Milburn, parking lot resurfacing at Plaza, and stoop replacement and partial roof replacement al Shuberl. An upgrade of lechnology and lelephones is taking place throughout the district. .Of course our primary focus is on student performance. In the academic area, teachers in grades three and live will be preparing students for the new No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements in English language'arts and malhemalics, • as lesling in these two areas will be initialed this year. The district has adopted new social studies textbooks for grades one and two, and teachers in grades K-five will implement the new mathematics standards and core curriculum. The middle school will continue its literacy initiative with an eniphasis on

writing and reading comprehension. The high school will focus on Ihe implementation of academic and character development goals and will continue to incorporate reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking in all areas. "Seussical The Musical," written by the same team that created "Ragtime," will he presented at the high school in November. In athletic competition, our students have proved themselves winners in field hockey, football, soccer, 'volleyball, howling, marksmanship, winter track, wrestling, badminton, baseball, .lacrosse, softball, and track and field. I anticipate another exciting year of athletic achievements. To continue to open dialog with the Baldwin community. 1 invite you to join me on Wednesday. September 28. at 7:30 p.m., at Baldwin Middle School for a discussion entitled Focus on the Future of Baldwin Schools in which you can share your impressions on how the Baldwin School District can expand on its strong foundation of teaching and learning. See you there!



Friday. September 2 Saturday. September 3 Sunday. September 4


Saint Demetrios Church Parking Lot 2421 Hewlett Ave., Merrick, N.Y.

Continuing ed at Baldwin It's back to school lime for students of all ages. Why not take a class in the Baldwin School District's Continuing Education Program? Choose from a variety of course offerings in arts and crafts, auto and driving, computers and technology, cooking, finance and real estate, fitness and recreation, home and garden, languages, music, lest preparation, travel, and more. New classes this semester include web page design, holiday crafts, nail care, genealogy. Shakespearean acting, memoir writing, and community concert hand. The Continuing Education catalog may be obtained by calling Ihe Continuing Education office at 3779354 or viewed on the district website at Register by mail, or in person on Thursday. September 1. and Tuesday. September 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. in Ihe Baldwin Senior High School commons. Tile semester begins Monday. September 12.

Merrick, NY. Office Telephone #516-379-1368/5516

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ENTERTAINMENT & FUN Raffle, Music, Greek Dancing, Ping Pong, Basketball, Ring Toss, Apple Picking, Games and Activities for both children and adults!

School supplies It's that lime of year to slock up on new pens and composition notebooks! School supply lists for the Baldwin School District are available for each school on the district website at www.baldwin.k And just in case your child has not completed his or her summer reading, check the corresponding grade and subject summer reading list, also available on the district website.

5:00 PM to 11 PM 3:00PM to 11 PM 12 noon-11 PM


are welcome to loin the tuni

(From Meadowbrook Pkwy take Exit M8E,

follow Sunrise Hwy and" Hewlett Ave. The



Welcome from Freeport Superintendent Dr. Eric Eversley In a recent interview with The Leader, This earned recognition follows on other Freeport's new high school principal, successes the Freeport Schools have expeKimberlee Pierre, said that she has given rienced. Recently, the Freeport School herself the challenge of making Freeport District received word from the New York High School "one of the State Department of best high schools in the Education that five of our country." schools have been recogThis is an ambitious and nized as among the "most highly desirable goal. To improved schools" in New those of us close to the York State. recent outstanding A number of our achievements of our disschools have , also been trict, the goal seems entirecommended for improvely realistic. ment in performance of stuThis past year, our high dents for whom English is school's Long Island their second language. We Challenge (earn, particiare well on our way to pating for the first time in establishing a reputation as the competitive televised being a diverse suburban academic competition district in which students sponsored by Newsday Dr Eric Eversley and faculty and parents and Cablevision, won firstwork together to succeed place, outscoring top teams from districts and thrive as an admirable model of acathat had won the competition in past years. demic achievement. Almost immediately, Freeport High Human and fiscal resources are the critiSchool - and particularly its students cal ingredients of a quality school experibegan receiving recognition and commenence. Approval of our 2005-2006 school dations from community leaders, legislabudget allows all of our students the opportors, news media and .the general public tunity to build their academic competence. alike. Our high school students will have avail-

able the necessary academic, leadership and artistic portfolio-building opportunities that will make them competitive for college admissions and other post secondary opportunities. This year, we are proud to note that some of our students will attend' prestigious Ivy League colleges and uni-

versities including Harvard. Yale and Columbia. How do we build on our past successes and position ourselves to meet the academic challenges of (he future and work toward (continued on page 23)



Like to write? Your community newspaper is looking for peopie to write articles on a freelance basis. Ability to use a computer is a plus, and articles must be typewritten. Must have own transportation. For information, call Paul at 378-5320.

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ID 1659804-4BR/1.5BTH Colonial. Tin ceiling, LR w/frplc, den, new bath, huge deck. S455K


OPEN HOUSE 8/27 Sat 1-3

and 8/28 Sun 2-4 40 Miller Avenue ID 1688127 - 3BR/2BTH Victorian. New EIK/windows/roof. MBR suite. 2 car par w/loff $509 000

ID 1706878 - The Blair House. Jr 4 unit w/terrace. Galley kitchen, FDR. sunken LR Reduced! S189K

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ID 1721672 - 3BR/2BTH Brick Colonial. 2 fireplaces. Walk-up attic. Steam's Park! S429K

OPEN HOUSE 8/28 Sun 2-4 187 Lexington Avenue ID 1726645 - 3BR/3.5BTH CH Colonial. FDR, LR, frplc. Park-like grounds. S519K

1,500 sq.ft.-2nd Floor of 2 story office bldg. Across from LIRR. Walk to Village Hall & Police. Village Parking behind bldg. $2,500/mo. (516) 766-1400 Ext. 121

H ffi

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Senator Fuschillo amends SAVE Act

State Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District), a member of the Senate Education Committee, has in created additional protections for school children by expanding the SAVE (Safe schools Against Violence in Education) act to include school authorized activities that are not held •O on school grounds. The new law was in the Assembly by 1 sponsored Assemblymember Harvey Weisenberg (20th Assembly District). "By expanding the SAVE laws to include all school-authorized activities, we will eliminate any confusion about the rules and regulations that cover student conduct. This will give teachers, students and chaperones a clear understanding of the regulations they need to enforce and allow them to follow consistent school policy," declared Senator Fuschillo. "This law will clarify that students are bound by their school district's code of conduct at all schoolsponsored events, no matter where they are held." SAVE is a comprehensive approach which was formulated to address the need for school codes of conduct and uniform violent incident -reporting requirements. It was specifically intended to address incidents and behavior on school grounds, in school buildings or at school-sponsored extra-curricular events or activities. Under the legislation sponsored by Senator Fuschillo and Assemblyman Weisenberg, any school-authorized activity would be under the auspice of the Project SAVE. This would be regardless of geography, state lines and funding for any event. The SAVE legislation requires all school districts, with the participation of the public and the student body, to create a code of conduct for all students. This code would include rules pertaining to behavior, dress, and acceptable language at school functions. The code also specifies the standards for security and safety, and lays out the provisions for removal of students and outlines the regulations regarding detention and suspension of students who break the rules. Each school district's code also regulates procedures for notifying local law "enforcement of criminal code violations. "As a former teacher, school administrator, and coach, I know the need to provide our school children with a safe and healthy learning experience. This new law ensures that the responsibility to provide students with a safe and healthy experience rests with school representatives at any school sanctioned event whether on-campus or off-site," said' Assemblymember Weisenberg. "This new law is aimed at protecting children and that should be the goal of everyone involved." • "Consistency in the application of rules governing conduct at school and on trips is the key to teaching our stu. dents what are acceptable standards of behavior and this change will greatly enhance the safety of all our school children," Senator Fuschillo concluded. This new school safety law is effective immediately.

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Woodcleft Crab Shack

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Celebrating Our 7ff" Anniversary Seafood Market

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Freeport's 'First Day' fun! The Freeport School District is making plans for its annual gala "First Day Celebration." featuring a community barbecue, this year to be held on Thursday, September 1, from 2 to 7 p.m. at Freeport High School. All Freeport residents are invited to the event, which last year drew more than •3 00 2,000 parents, students, friends and dis3 trict personnel to partake of burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks and other summertime fun foods, courtesy of local businesses. "It's a wonderful, resident-friendly 3 way to kick off the new school year," H said Freeporl School Superintendent Dr. Eric L. Eversley. "This activity underQ >scores the very close, positive relationship between (he school district and the community. We're very proud of this tu strong relationship." Freeport is the only district in Nassau County that conducts such an elaborate "welcome back" celebration, with



administrators, faculty, board members, parents and local residents active in community affairs donning barbecue aprons, picking up cooking and serving utensils and helping out by serving food and providing soft drinks to attendees. "It's a fun activity for everyone," said Mike Singleton, the district's interim executive director for operations, who last year manned a hamburger grill and estimates that he served "what seemed like 500 hamburgers." First day of school is Tuesday, September 6, during which the district conducts a "Take Your Parent to School Day," inviting parents to accompany their students to school on thefirstday, attend their child's class and/or a special event planned for them. These "First Day" activities underscore to students that they have the support of parents and the community in their educational endeavors.

KIDS ENJOYED THE GAMES at last year's barbecue.



COME 'N GET 'EM! F r e e p o r t Superintendent of Schools Dr. Eric L. Eversley greets Mayor William Glacken at last year's "First Day" barbecue, which drew thousands of Freeporters to kick off the new school year and show their support for students' educational endeavors.

Freeport Recreation Center 130 E. Merrick Rd. Freeport, LI, N.Y. August 27-28, 2005 Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Repair Work * Minerals * FosUHi Jewelry * Silver * GoW; Crystals * Stone Setting Adults $3.50 . . . w/this ad $3.00 • Dealers 1 Child Under 12 w/parent - FREE N -Exhibits Chairman: J. Andersen P.O. Box 551 N. Bellmore, N.Y. 11710 • (516) 781-8410 § • Prizes

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s I CO

i to














sporting devils <a


by Linda Hendrickson

Attention athletes! Football began Monday, August 22 and all other sports begin Monday, August 29. If you are hoping to participate in foolball, girls or boys soccer, cheerleadI ing, girls or hoys cross country, girls tennis, girls volleyball or girls swimming this season, your permission card must be on file in the nurse's 3 office and you must have completed a H school sports'physical. The school doctor will be available' on a first-come, first-served basis on Tuesday, August 30. at 9 a.m. in the W health office at the high school. The weather has been brutally hot w and very humid. If you are working out on your own, here are come tips for preventing heat-related illnesses, • Remember that H u m i d i t y is actually a greater factor than temperature in dehydration - when the air is filled with water, sweat cannot evaporate and the body cannot cool down. • I f ' t h e temperature is 80 to 90 degrees and the humidity is over 70 percent, athletes should take a 10minule break each hour. Athletes-need to d r i n k plenty of water and should relax in the shade if possible. • Artificial turf absorbs more sunlight .and may be as .much as 20 degrees hotter than an adjacent grass surface. Also, the darker the surface. ' i the more heal it absorbs. Be especially attentive when practicing or competing on these surfaces in the heal. Wear light-colored, loose-filling gar-

ments made of cotton or other light•weight fabrics. • Jerseys should be a breathable knil-mesh material. • Bring an extra shirt and shorts to change into when clothes are saturated. • Remember - research suggests that the following populations are more susceptible to heat illnesses: women and girls..African-Americans, obese individuals, people with a previous history of heat illness, athletes with extra equipment, people taking certain medications, and athletes who aren't in top condition. Prepare and train correctly and carefully. Remember - if you are planning to play a fall sport, you must have completed a sports physical by one of the school-certified doctors. Your last chance will be August 24 and 30. If you have any questions 'contact Bob Zifchock's office. in the Athletic Director's Office will he able to answer any questions you may have.

RED DEVIL GRIDDERS have already begun prepartions for another exciting season of Freeport football.

Pe a sport - send us your team news

Student News NADIHE BURNETT of Ereeport received a j u r i s doctor degree from the Touro College Law Center. * 4- + Derrick Barker. Christopher" Howard, Danielle Riz.zi and Amanda Rubenstein. students from Baldwin High School, have, completed their studies at (he Nassau BOCES Cultural Arts Center in Syosset. They are among 96 students from 37 Long Island school districts that make up the center's talented class of 2005. Collectively, this year's graduating class was offered more than $4 million in scholarships and grants. Derrick Barker majored in music and is expecled to attend the Berklee College of Music, where he received a $22.000 l u l l t u i t i o n award: he also received a $500 Town of Oyster Bay ' Arts Council Scholarship. Christopher Howard majored in music and is expecled to attend the Eastman School of Music, where he received a $16.650 scholarship: he also received a Cultural Arts Center Scholarship and a $1,000 Town of Oysler Bay Arts Council Scholarship. Danielle Ri/./.i majored in dance and is expected to atiend the University of Massachusetts at Amhersi. A m a n d a Rubenslein majored in* Dance and is expecled lo attend the University of Utah. For information aboul the Nassau BOCES Cultural Arts Center, call Principal Ava Favara at 364-1177 or visit the Cultural Arts Center web site at .

Elton KehrkStetnberg





Y o.u ' L L






S E R V I C E S . .


Anita Bachrach

With over 65 offices and 3,000 sales professionals, we provide real estate, mortgage, and title services throughout Long Island (in its entirety), Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

516.623.4500 Ann DtamantMl*

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Scenes from the Baldwin school district



STUDENTS AT LENOX SCHOOL get together for Rainbow Day.

Baldwin school district hours The hours at (he Baldwin Schools are as follows: Grades K-5; 8:40 a. in. -3 p.m.; Middle School, "8: 1 5 a.m.-2:57

p.m.: Senior High School. 7:42 a.m. 2:34 p.m.

BALDWIN MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS engage in some friendly competition.



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The Leader 184O Merrick Ave. • Merrick, NY 11566 • Call 378-532O 'Nassau County Resident Only - Offer Exp. 12/31/O5


OHR WORLD YOUTH participants are blessed before their departure.

OHR goes to Cologne! w

THEY GOT A PEEK AT THE POPE: Our Holy Redeemer's Youth Day participants.

Freeport, Baldwin FDs assist in Roosevelt fire Arson/Boinb Squad detectives report the arrest of a Roosevelt man for an arson that occurred in Roosevelt on Friday, August 19, at 7:55 a.m. Detectives report that John Murray, 43, no known address, Roosevelt, who was previously told to leave the building that was under construction at 531 Nassau Road, intentionally lit combustible material on fire and cause the building under construction and adjacent buildings to become engulfed in flame. M u r r a y ' w a s aware that the Sunshine Deli. Nassau Road, was occupied at the lime he set the adjacent building on lire. The Roosevelt Fire Department, with assistance from North Merrick, Bellmore, Uniondale, Freeport, West Hempstead. North Bellmore, East Meadow, Lakeview, Franklin Square, Elmorit, Baldwin, and Rockville Centre Fire Departments, responded to extinguish the fire, now a block long. The block was shut down. The BP Gas Station was evacuated and closed for business along wjth several nearby residences. The Town of Hempstead Building Department, with Daniel Pasella in charge, ordered the demolition of the building. Arson/Bomb Squad Detective Raymond Thomas arrested Murray at

the. scene at 12:45 p.m. Murray was charged -with Arson and several outstanding warrants for open alcohol in a. public place.

World Youth Day this year is i'rr Cologne, Germany. The teens that were to go on this trip joined in liturgical celebration along with their families at Our Holy Redeemer Parish. Freeport. Msgr. Bob Guglielmone was the main celebrant and gave a final blessing for the travellers. The teens raised and borrowed a good deal of the money for this momentous trip. They are. anxious to

join about 80.000 other youth from around the world in Cologne, where they will also greet Pope Benedict XVI. It is hoped that through World Youth Day experiences the youth's faith will be enriched and cultural ethnic barriers will be lessened. We pray for their safety and for the youth of today who encounter so many struggles. We have news - all arrived safe!

Kosher Food Emporium Glatt Kosher Foods & Catering

Re-Opening,, Sunday/ August 28' We are back fully stocked with delicious latt Kosher products as well as with our Freshly prepared Glatt Kosher dishes.

PULSE is here to help Have you or a loved one experienced a medical error or unplanned outcome in your healthcare treatment? Have you wondered if you are the only one who has experienced the unexpected or if anyone else understands what you are ing through? Researchers, journalists advocates for a safer healthcare system are looking for you to share your story. PULSE (Persons United. Limiting Substandards and Errors in Healthcare) is a nonprofit organization based on Long Island working with world leaders in patient safety who are ready to hear your stories and learn from the patient's and family's perspectives. Please call us with your story and lei us know that you want to help by being heard. National telephone support groups are forming for those who can't leave home but want to meet others who understand: You are not alone. PULSE is here to help. Call 579-4711 to set up an appointment to speak with a patient consultant.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our fire closure. We appreciate your patronage at our Plainview store during this difficult time. Please Order Now For Labor Day & The High Holidays We look forward to seeing you and serving you, Lawy, LavMbtwb & Under Strict Supervision of

RABBI GERSHON KREUSER Mashgiach Temidi Chassidishe Shechita Soaked & Salted

SERVING ALL OF LONG ISLAND HOURS: SUN. 8-3 • MON.-WED. 8-6 • THUR. 8-7 • FRI. 8-3 Phone (516) 378Fax (516)

6463 • 379-4263 377-1456

ftaff Approved & Endorsed by: Rabbi M. Volk, Y.I. of Merrick Y.I. of N. Bellmore Rabbi J. Wohlberg. Cong. Ohav Sholom

Offshore windmills: a windy proposition? by Laura Schofer Is windmill technology really a green alternative lo fossil fuels, or have big utilities simply discovered there is money in alternative energy resources? Or, are fossil fuels quickly being depleted to where we can longer keep up with our energy consumption? These are the questions being raised by residents and environmentalists alike, who have yet lo arrive at a consensus as to whether building a windmill farm off the South Shore of Long Island can and will benefit the island's power needs in the future. "Let's call them what they are," remarked environmentalist Lisa'Senary. "They are wind factories, not farms: This is about industrializing our waters." But Gordon Raacke, executive director of Renewable Energy Long Island, said the wind project "sets the stage for a new era of clean, sustainable energy projects that protect our health, environment and quality of life."

June, 2004 LIPA chose Florida Power and Light (FLP) Energy to construct, own and operate the wind park. LIPA would buy all the energy produce! by the windmills. "LIPA is responsible for the cable jnterconnection and output," said Bruce Humenik of Applied Energy Group, who is working for LIPA and recently visited our offices along with Steven Stengel, manager of corporate affairs for FPL and Louis Coakley, manager of environmental permitting, to discuss several aspects of the project. ;

The offshore wind park Forty 3.6, megawatt wind turbines would produce 140 megawatts of electricity, enough to serve approximately 44,000 average-sized Long Island homes. The turbines would" be clustered within an eight-square-mile area soine 3.6 miles off shore - southeast of Jones Beach State Park and southwest of Robert Moses State Park. This area was picked because of water depth (no more than 50 feet deep) and is close to the power grid at the Sterling power station, in Amityville. "Here you History of the Wind Farm Project don't need any new power lines. If you go LIRA first publicly announced its interout east, you need more upgrades on the est in building an offshore wind farm in load," said Mr. Coakley. The facility 2003 with the support of the Long Island would also be a cluster design - four^ miles Offshore Wind Initiative, a coalition long by two miles wide "to capture the including LIRA and several environmental winds year 'round," he said. . groups. The turbines could be close to 440 feel Forty or so windmills would be sited, tall, with a wing span of 180 feet. FPL and three-to-six miles off the shore between LIPA are aiming to have this project'pnline Long Beach and Robert Moses State Park. by 2008. A number of public presentations were 'The power generated by the wind made in Freeport, Merrick. Bell more and plants will come to the island via a 138 kV Wantagh. Still, the public remains divided marine cable," said Mr. Humenik. on the issue. Vince Greco, who helped to spearhead • Directional drilling would be used to go under the barrier island thai separates the the closing of Freeport Eleclric's diesel ocean from the Great South Bay. The generated Power Plant 2, supported the cable would then use the path of an existwind .farm. So did Rob Weltner, president ing navigation channel, known as "The of SPLASH (Stop Polluting. Littering And Cut" in Amityville, to reach landfall in Save the Harbors). Massapequa. The entire project would be But Jay Pilli of Merrick. Richard and delivered as alternating (AC) current. Lisa Schary of Bellmore and Olga Phil Healey of the Biltmore Shores Browner of Wanlagh have all voiced conHomeowners Association in Massapequa cerns about'visual (or site) pollution, the said using The Cut is just one of a number impact on marine wildlife and birds, as of problems with the project. "That chanwell as on fishing and shipping. They also nel is only six feet deep and hasn'l been posed the question about whether winddredged in years. Is six feet deep enough? mills could effectively help solve the They haven't been able to give me an Island's energy problems. answer." Meanwhile, LIPA went ahead with its Mr. Humenik admitted the channel project, issuing a Request for Proposals. In

needed to be dredged.but could not say precisely how deep the cable needed lo be buried. Mr. Stengel said that "each wind turbine has its own mini weather center." a computer that would monitor wind speed and direclion. The blades would till ,in the direction of the wind and turn at aboul 11 to 22 revolutions per minute. Once the winds were over 55 miles per hour, the wind plant would shut down. The press kit given lo this paper said the average wind speed off our shores is 12.5 to 15.7 miles per hour. But Mr. Stengel said that for optimum capacity "you need winds in the mid-twenties." • "We believe there will be a 32-lo-35 percent capacity factor with 7.400 hours a year of some generation," said Mr. Coakley. In an article written by Eric Rosenbloom enlilled "A problem with Wind Power." found on the American Wind Energy Organization's website, offshore wind turbines throughout Europe produced on average less than 20 percent of their rated capacity because of variations in wind speeds. The turbines would need their own offshore substation, which would use a diesel generator holding between 230 to 280 gallons. "There will be a triple containment system. We have a spill control program in place and we'll do spill models." said Mr. Coakley. But FPL has never- built an offshore wind park - even though they have 45 wind'facilities on land and a total of 6.000 turbines located in 15 states: FPL assured The Leader that a rigorous permitting process would take place. "We're smarter than we were a few years ago," said Mr. Stengel. ".We have the benefit of the European offshore projects. They are very successfully run." Objections to the offshore wind park But Europe has begun to pull back on wind projects, according to Mr. Rosenbloom. The Danish government has cancelled plans for three offshore wind 1 farms and in the Netherlands 90 turbines were decommissioned in 2004. Ireland has halted all production. According to the information contained in the permit application, the Long Island offshore wind park could result in an emission saving of 235,(XX) tons of carbon

dioxide (CO2). 489 tons of sulfur dioxide (Sox) and 211 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Mr. Stengel said thai "you must keep in mind the growth* on Long Island. The choice comes down to offshore wind project or another oil or gas burner. We can never replace all of them | power plants], but it's a part of the solution." Yet in Denmark no power plant has ever been taken offline because of Ihe increase in wind generation. Last week. United States Senator Charles Schumer asked thai LI PA and Kcy.Span work together to clean up Ihe old baseload plants in Island Park. Norlhport and Port Jefferson, which are spewing tons of loxins into the air. Even the environmental groups who support the offshore wind park are calling for a repowcring of Ihe old plants. "We can no longer afford to continue to allow the energy industry to divert our attention from cleaner safer energy solutions." said Adrienne Esposilo of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. But Richard Kessel. chairman of LIPA, would rather concentrate on the offshore wind park for now. "We've' reached an important milestone in our effort to bring a major renewable energy resource lo Long Island so we can begin lo break the stranglehold thai OPEC has oiv our economy and environment." he said in a press release. "How dare Richard Kessel put a spin on this and infer that we arc unpatriotic." said Phil Healey. "Every time someone speaks out against tJiis project they are publicly attacked," said Lisa Schary. This is opening Pandora's Box when we industrialize the waters. What's next, oil rigs?" In closing.' Mr. Pilli told The Leader "This shoreline has attracted and been praised by millions. It was written about by Native American Indians, early colonists and poets such as Walt Whitman. We are all for renewable energy to-create electricity. Many of us have been follow, ing this science since Ihe middle 1970s when energy shortages first occurred. Photovotic cells, solar panels, fuel cells, geolhermal methods and hydrogen fuel are just a few of the disciplines that show promise. Shouldn't LIPA explore in depth all these options before it endorses $150 lo $200 million of taxpayer's money i n - a wind turbine farm?"

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Property tax exemption deadline is October 3

s <u

The Village of Freeport provides property tax exemptions under certain conditions. Only those property own•/•f ers who meet the specific qualificao-i tions should apply to the Village to Assessor's office for a lax exemption. 60 Property owners who are senior citizens, veterans, members of the clergy, or who are engaged in a non-profit operation or have made capital improvements, or who qualify for the business exemption, need to fill out an application. Residents who currently have properQ ty tax exemptions that must be renewed < OJ annually also should reapply to the vilJ lage assessor's office by the deadline. w Monday. October .1. Renewal applications have been mailed to everyone who received a renewable exemption on the 2005 tax roll. If you believe you are entitled to an exemption, and have not received an application, call 377-2256. Individuals or organizations which qualify for an exemption and must reapply annually include homeowners, coop and condominium owners, clergy and/or non-profit organizations who



meet the requirements for senior citizen, clergy, and/or non-profit organization exemptions. Residents who are receiving veterans' real property tax exemption as well as recipients of capital improvement and business exemptions need not reapply annually. Application forms are available at the, assessor's office, Room 105 in Village Hall, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for the following exemptions: senior citizen, non-profit, clergy, veterans, firemen, capital' improvement, and business. Additional information is available on Freeport's website.. in the Village Assessor section. Forms can be downloaded directly from According to Real Property Tax Law. applications for property tax exemptions must be received (not postmarked) by Monday. October 3, in the village assessor's office by 4:30 p.m. STAR exemptions are a separate application and must be filed with the Nassau County Assessment Department. For information on the STAR exemption call 5713000.

Baldwin chamber picnic The Baldwin Chamber of Commerce has announced that its previously rained-oul summer picnic has been.

rescheduled for Sunday, August 28, at Baldwin Park from noon to 4 p.m. The public is-invited.

SUPERINTENDENT DR. ERIC L EVERSLEY taking an interest in his students' well-being.

Free Irish classes begin The Jerry Tobiii Irish Language School's new semester of free weekly Irish language classes begin Thursday, September 15. in the new AOH Hall at 27 Locust Avenue in Babylon. 100 yards west of the Babylon LIRR Station. The

Mommy, Daddy and Me program begins at 7:15 p.m. Classes for adults begin at 7:45 p.m. All interested in Irish are welcome, including additional teachers. For details, call Jerry Kelly at (516)679-0465.

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper. - Robert Frost

PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: HOPE ABSTRACT. LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 07/15/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon. whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Adam D. Glassman, Esq., 1389 Pleasant Place, Hewlett Harbor, New York 11557. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL #254 6x 7/28. 8/4. 11. 18. 25. 9/1 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY , COMPANY. NAME: VICTOR HOMES LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 06/28/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Joel Schonfeld, 82 Dune Road, Island Park. New York 11558. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL 257 6T 7/28. 8/4, 11, 18. 25/ 9/1 - NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: 50 WATERFRONT LLC. Articles Of. Organization were filed with the Secretary Of State of New York (SSNY) on 12/18/04. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, C/o Harvey Weisman, 759 Langacre Avenue, Woodmere, New York 11598. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL 258 6T 7/28. 8/4, 11, 18, 25, 9/1

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: WASHINGTON AVENUE FOODS, LLC. Articles of organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 07/22/05. The latest .date of dissolution is 12/31/2025. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served: SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC. 143 Washington Avenue, Lawrence, New York 11559. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL #260 6x8/4, 11. 18,25,9/1.8 ' NOTICE OF SALE ' SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS. INC. AS NOMINEE FOR FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMERICA Plaintiff, AGAINST VERNON KING, ET. AL. Defendants). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 2/4/2005, I. the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the North Front Steps of the Nassau County Courthouse, 262 Old Country Rd., Village of Mineola, New York, on 9/2/2005 at 9:30 AM, premises known as 60 Brooks Avenue, Roosevelt, Hempstead. NY 11575. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the-buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York. Section, Block and Lot: 55-313-249, 250.

Approximate amount of lien $275,140.17 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #04012220. Guy R. Vitacco, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. 8AUM, P.C.. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 7/27/2005 FL 263 4T 7/28, 8/4. 11. 18 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: GOLD-MARK PROMOTIONS, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 07/26/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 340 Edward Avenue. Woodmere, New York 11598. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL#2656x8/4, 11. 18.25.9/1.8 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE FOR LONG BEACH MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST 2003-1, Plaintiff against CHARLES DARIO A/K/A DARIO CHARLES; et al.. Defendant® Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly entered. 6/2/2005 I. the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, NY on 9/6/2005 at 11:30AM premises known as 409 N. BROOKSIDE AVENUE, FREEPORT, NY 11520 ALL that certain plot, piece, tract or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town Of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York. Section. 0036 Block OOOM-00 Lot 00020 Approximate amount of lien $ 303,424.81 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed judgment Index* 1952/05 WILLIAM ANDREW CADEL Fsq,, Referee. Fein. Such & Crane, (Attorney's for Plaintiff) 747 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 201, Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. 10977 (973)538-4700 X 151. Dated: 7/20/2005 Our File#: WMNY 055 mu FL2664T8/4, 11. 18.25 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: LAUNDRY DEPOT EXPRESS CHURCH LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 07/2.0/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 420 Doughty Boulevard. Inwood, New York 11096. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL #268 6x8/11. 18. 2S. 9/1. 8. 15 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NASSAU New Century Mortgage Corporation, Plaintiff,

against Victor Acosta, if living and if any be dead, any and all persons'who are spouses, widows, grantees, mortgagees, lienor, heirs, devisees, distributees, or successors in interest of such of the above as may be dead, and their spouses, heirs, devisees, distributees and successors in Interest, all of whom and whose names and places of residence are unknown to Plaintiff, New Century Mortgage Corporation, United States of America, New York State Department " of Taxation and Finance, Angela Carthage. "John Doe", Defendants. Index No.: 05-003737 Filed: 7/26/05 SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS Plaintiff designates Nassau County as the place of trial. Venue is based upon the County in which the mortgaged premises is situated. TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT©: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in this action-and to serve a copy of your Answer or. if the Complaint is not served with this Summons, to serve a Notice of Appearance on the attorneys for the plaintiff within twenty (20) days after service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service (or within thirty (30) days after service is complete if this Summons is not, personally delivered to you within the State of New York). In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint. NOTICE OF NATURE OF ACTION AND RELIEF SOUGHT THE OBJECT of the above captioned action is to foreclose a Mortgage to secure $244,000.00 and interest, recorded in the office of the clerk of the County of Nassau on August 2, 2004 in Liber 27311, Page 760 covering premises known as 58 Bennett Avenue, Roosevelt, NY 11575. The relief sought in the within action is a final judgment directing the. sale of the "premises described above to satisfy the debt secured by the Mortgage described above. Dated: Bay Shore. New York June 29, 2005 By: Samuel J. Reichel. Esq. ESCHEN, FRENKEL & WEISMAN/ LLP Attorneys for Plaintiff 20 West Main Street Bay Shore, New York 11706 (631)666-7775 Our File No.: 17957 FL #269 4x8/11. 18. 25. 9/1 .' NOTICE OF SALE . SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NASSAU. WELLS FARGO BANK MINNESOTA, N.A.. AS TRUSTEE FOR DELTA FUNDING HOME EQUITY LOAN TRUST 1999-2 v. JOEL

BERBERENA, et al. Index No. 13840/03. Pursuant to Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered on June 7. 2005, I will sell at public auction on the steps of the CALENDAR CONTROL PART (CCP) COURTROOM OF THE SUPREME COURT OF NASSAU COUNTY. 100 SUPREME COURT DRIVE, MINEOLA, New York on September 13. 2005 at 11:30 am the premises known as 310 & 3IDA NORTH MAIN STREET, FREEPORT, New York 11520; Being in the Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, State of New York, bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the new easterly side of Main Street distant 83.36 feet southerly from the corner formed by the intersection of the said easterly side of Main Street with the southerly side of Independence Avenue; RUNNING THENCE south 89 degrees. 5 minutes east 92.73 feet to a stake; THENCE south 0 degrees 55 minutes west 41.84 feet to a stake; THENCE north 88 degrees, 59 minutes west 92.13 feet, to the said Easterly side of Main Street; (continued on next page) NOTICE OF •CERTAIN UNCLAIMED PROPERTY Held By KeySpan Energy Garden City, New York NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 402 of the Abandoned Property Law of the State of New York: (a) That a report of unclaimed amounts of money or other property held or owing by the above named corporation has been made to Alan G. Hevesi, Comptroller of the State of New York and that a list of the names of the person or persons appearing'from the records of such corporation to be entitled thereto is on file and open to public inspection at any one of the following district offices: In Nassau County. Hewlett, Bellmore. Hicksville. or Roslyn and in Suffolk County. Melville. Coram. Babylon, Brentwood, Port Jefferson. Patchogue. Riverhead and Bridgehampton where any such abandoned property is payable: (b) That such deposits, payments, and refunds together with interest due thereon and less lawful deductions, will be paid by it on or before the succeeding thirtieth day of September to persons establishing to its satisfaction their right to receive the same: and (c) That thereafter, in the month of October and on or before the tenth day thereof, such unclaimed deposits, payments and refunds, together with interest due thereon and less lawful deductions, still remaining will be paid to Alan G. Hevesi: Comptroller of the State of New York, and that it shall thereupon cease to be liable therefor. KeySpan Energy Garden City. New York



THENCE along the said easterly side of Main Street north 0 degrees 05 minutes 30 seconds east 41.68 feet to the point or place of BEGIN-x NING. Amount due per judgment S217.515.72, plus costs and allowances, all with interest and expenses. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. KARL C. SEMAN, Esq., Referee. PETER T. ROACH AND ASSOCIATES, P.C.. Atty for Pltf, 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 215. Jericho. NY 11753 FL #270 4x8/11. 18.25.9/1

NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - US BANK. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE FOR SASCO AAMES MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST, SERIES 2003-1. Plaintiff, AGAINST DION HORSEY, ET. AL., Defendant®. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 1178/2004, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the North Front Steps of the Nassau County Courthouse, 262 Old Country Rd., Village of Mineola, New York, on 9/9/2005 at 10:00 AM, premises known as 229 Commercial Street, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land,' with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Village of Freeport, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 55-210-6. Approximate amount of lien S205.638.35 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #2117/04. Frank D'Errico, Esq. Referee. DRUCKMAN & SINEL. LLP, Attorney for Plaintiff 242 Drexel Avenue. Westbury, NY 11590 Dated: 8/5/2005

New York on September 20, 2005 at 11:30 a.m. the premises known as 1 LOCUST COURT, FREEPORT, New York 11520; Being in Freeport, in the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, State of New York, bounded ancUtescribed as follows: BEGINNING at the corner formed by the intersection Qf the southerly side of Locust Court with the easterly side of Hempstead and Babylon Turnpike, also known as Babylon Turnpike; , RUNNING THENCE easterly along the southerly side of Locust Court, 100 feet; THENCE southerly parallel with Hempstead and Babylon Turnpike, 40 feet; THENCE westerly parallel with Locust Court, 100 feet to the easterly side of Hempstead and Babylon Turnpike: THENCE northerly along the easterly side of Hempstead and Babylon Turnpike, 40 feet to the corner aforesaid, at the point or place of BEGINNING. SAID PREMISES also being known as 1 Locust Court, Hempstead, New York. Amount due per judgment SI 18,693.06, plus costs and allowances, all with interest and expenses. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. JACK HOLLENBERG, Esq., Referee. PETER T. ROACH AND ASSOCIATES. P.C., Atty. for Pltf.. 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 215, Jericho, NY 11753 FL#279P4x8/18. 25. 9/1.8



NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: 3-PEAS-IN-A-POD, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the. Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/04/05. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2040. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 4140 Austin Boulevard, Unit F, Island Park, New York 11558. Purpose. For any lawful purpose. FL281 6T8/18, 25. 9/1.8. 15.22 . NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT OF SALE THE BELOW SALE WAS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED FOR AUG. 16, 2005 AT 11:30 A.M. AND IS BEING POSTPONED TO SEPT. 13, 20205 AT 13 A.M. AT THE SAME PLACE. RONALD JOSEPH MORELLI, ' REFEREE. • .SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY. ARGENT MORTGAGE COMPANY, LLC, Pltf. vs. PAUL FULLER, et, al, Defts. Index #04-015858. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale dated Mar. 31', 2005, I will sell at public auction at the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Dr., Mineola, NY/on Tuesday. Sept. 13, 2005 at 11:30 am., prem. k/a 29 Bauer Ave., Roosevelt, NY. Said property located on the Westerly side of Bauer Ave., 340 ft. Northerly from the corner formed by the intersection of the Westerly side of Bauer Ave. with the Northerly side of Clinton Ave., being a plot 100 ft. X 100 ft. Approx. ami of judgment is $250,457.45 plus costs and interest. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of'sale. RONALD JOSEPH MORELLI, Referee. KNUCKLES & KOMOSINSKI, P.C., Attys. for Pltf., 220 White Plains Rd., 6th Fl., Tarrytown, NY. #63989


NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: RJR HOLDINGS, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/01/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Franklin, Gringer & Gohea P.C.. 666 Old Country Road. Suite 202. Garden City, New York 11530-2013. Purpose: for any lawful purpose. FL 284 6T 8/25,9/1,8.15.22,19 .

Fl 771 4T8/11. 18. 25.9/1

• NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - AAMES FUNDING CORPORATION D/B/A AAMES HOME LOAN, Plaintiff, AGAINST CHRISTIAN LEE, ET. AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 7/7/2005, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, on 9/13/2005 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 100 Taylor Avenue, Roosevelt, NY 11575. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt. Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 55-410-37. Approximate amount of lien $312.090.63 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #2990/05. Alfred Reinharz, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P;C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo. NY 14240-1291 Dated: 8/4/2005 FL2724T8/11, 18,25,9/1 Notice is hereby given that a license, #1165618 for beer & wine has been applied for by the undersigned to sell beer & wine at retail in a Cafe/Deli under the alcoholic beverage control law at: Filipino Dream, Inc. at 980-982 Merrick Road, Baldwin, NY 11510 for on-premises consumption. Fl #?7B9yS/1fi ?fi

Fl ?B3 1TH/9S

SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU • " MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC., Plaintiff against ' DARRELL DEMILT. etal Defendant®. Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered on. July 1.4, 2005. I, the undersigned Refere.e will sell at public auction at the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, N.Y. on the 27th day of September. 2005 at 1 1 :30 a.m. premises Beginning at a point on the Southerly side of West Fulton Avenue (Fulton Avenue) distant 250 feet Westerly from the corner formed by the intersection of the Southerly side of Fulton Avenue with the Westerly side of Long Beach Avenue; being a'plot 135 feet by 56 135 feet by 56 feet. Said premises known as 201 West Fulton Avenue, Roosevelt. N.Y. 11575. Approximate amount of lien $326.289.07 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed judgment and terms of sale. Index no. 5606/04. William B. Saltzman, Esq.. Referee. Davidson Fink Cook Kelly & Galbraith, LLP ; Attorney® for Plaintiff 28 East Main Street - Suite 1 700 Rochester, N.Y. 14614-1990 Fl

PUBLIC AUCTION NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE OF COOPERATIVE APARTMENT BY VIRTUE OF DEFAULT of a Collateral Note and Security agreement dated on or about August 26, 1988 between James Schelkle and Elsie Schelkle and Citibank, N.A.. in accordance with its rights as present holder of the security. Citibank,. N.A., by David Farrell, DCA 860-694 and/or Matthew G. O'Grady,, DCA#1 1 79829, Auctioneer, will conduct a public foreclosure sale of the security consisting of 420 shares of capital stock of Diplomat Owners Corp., and all right, title and interest of Eric J. Rhodes in an to the Proprietary Lease to Apartment 3H, in the building located at 110 Brooklyn Avenue, Freeport, New York 1 1520 and any amendments, extensions, or replacements thereof, on September 21, 2005 at 9:15 A.M. at the North Front steps of the Nassau County Supreme Courthouse, 262 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York. Said security will be sold subject to unpaid maintenance charges and facts as to possession, occupancy, and the physical condition of the apartment as of the date of sale. The approximate amount due to Citibank. N.A., is $68,849.43 plus interest, together with the expenses of the sale and attorneys' fees. Dated August 1 7, 2005 Jon B. Felice &: Associates, P.C.. Attorneys for Citibank. N.A.. 1 1 East 44th Street, "Suite 805, New York, New York 10017. (Our File No.: CMIF-258) FL 287 3T 8/25. 9/1.8 _

be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #013052/04. John Peter Delia Ratta Jr., Esq., Referee,' STEVEN J. BAUM. P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 8/17/2005 FL 288 4T 8/25, 9/1.8. 15 ._ NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT - COUNTY OF NASSAU WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, FA, Plaintiff.

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OTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMTED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: R & B BRIDAL LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/03/05. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against It may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Anne Reulbach & Donna Boutet, 861 Merrick Road. Baldwin. New York 11510. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL, 290 6T B/25. 9/1. 8. 15. 22. 29 otice is hereby given that a license, .# 1168056 for beer has been applied for by the undersigned to sell beer at retail in a Cafe/Deli under the alcoholic beverage control law at: Jose De Jesus d/b/a Tu Amigo Deli & Grocery, 508 Uniondale Avenue, Uniondale, NY 11553 for onpremises consumption. ' FL291 2T 8/25. 9/1 Notice is hereby given that a license. # 1167989 for beer has been applied for by the undersigned to sell beer at retail in a Cafe/Deli under the alcoholic beverage control law at: Expedite Batista d/b/a Metro Deli. 1391 Jackson Street, Hempstead. NY 11550 for on-premises consumption. FL 292 2T 8/25. 9/1 ' Notice is hereby given that an Order granted, by the Supreme Court. Nassau County, on the 8th day of August, 2005, bearing the index number 05-009067, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Clerk located at 240 Old Country Road. Mineola. New York, grants me the right to assume the name of Jaye York. My present address is 235 E. Pennywood Ave., Roosevelt, NY 10575; the date of my birth is June 25, 1978; the place of birth is Nassau County, New York; the present name is Jerome John Baines. FL #293 8/25

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Defendant® Pursuant to ajudgment of foreclosure and sale duly entered 8/5/2004 I. the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the North Front Steps of the Nassau County Courthouse. 262 Old Country Road, Mineola. NY on 9/23/2005 at 9:OOAM premises known as 16 Tanglewood Lane, Freeport, NY 11520 ALL that certain Plot Piece Or parcel of land , with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York Section 36 Block 520 Lot 13 Approximate amount of lien $ 499,936.84 plus interest and costs Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed judgment lndex# 04/001408 PETER LEVY Esq., Referee. Shapiro and DiCaro 250 Mile Crossing Blvd., Suite One, Rochester NY 14624 Dated: 8/18/2005 filet 04-50654r jvl

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SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU ALLIANCE MORTGAGE BANKING CORPORATION, Plaintiff, AGAINST AUDREY J. STEPHENS. ET. AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 7/7/2005, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, .100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, on 9/27/2005 at 1 1 :30 AM, premises known as 55 Queen Street, Roosevelt, NY 1 1575. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt, Town of Hempstead. County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 55406-205. Approximate' amount of lien $253,765.20 plus interest and costs. Premises will


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Freeport schools' achievement from page 9 vivors, writing to soldiers in Iraq, raising money for the Red Cross and providing holiday baskets of food and clothing to the needy. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy visited two of our schools - Archer Street and New Visions - where she helped honor students for their achievements in fund-raising (for tsunami survivors) and reading, in a special program sponsored by Cablevision. And Nassau County Legislator Kevan Abrahams visited Freeport High School to participate in seminars around the theme "Increase the Peace." At Giblyn. students and faculty, with the help of a consultant under a cultural grant, pnxluced a colorful, original show focused on multicultural cooperation that was seen by students from oilier schools . and widely praised for the quality of the youngsters' performances. The newly developing science program • in the high school received a major boost when the first Science and Engineering Competition was held, and produced dozens of winners who received cash awards, donated by community businesses, colleges, and individuals. The awards, presented at an evening ceremony, were capped by a surprise donation of cash scholarships presented by Polytechnic Institute. Polytech gave 25 $20.<X)() scholarships to students entering the competition. This initial initiative is expected to involve more students this year, and more companies participating in encouraging Freeport students to explore further studies in the sciences and even to consider careers in science and technology. District Science Coordinator Dr. Nicholas Tzimopoulos - who helped establish the science program in- I lie-Lexington, Massachusetts school district as one of die best in die country - is now developing a unified science curriculum for the Freeport elementary schools that promises to be a major development in the history of Freeport's science educa-

tion. Freeport High School went international this past year, with the Select Chorale H traveling to England as part of an c -t •,/> exchange program. 60 students, led by D. Si music teacher Steve Pagano. visited a British music school among other venues. C In another activity with international no c overtones, one of our middle school students. Susan Castro of Dodd. drew a "Poster for Peace" that was selected to to he one of only 24 throughout the world o o that went on tour. Susan was the only '-/I New York Stale student who had a poster dial was selected and all of Freepoit m lakes a special pride in die international exposure her poster has already received. D Exciting initiatives are being planned al m the high school, with new principal Kim Pierre talking about establishing new and stronger bonds with die community, leading to increased real-world internships in which students can learn business and technical on-lhe-job proficiencies. A number of our athletic teams were designated "scholar-athlete" teams, which means all the students on the team achieved high academic scores, and the district is proud that its teams are able to boast academic accomplishment al die same lime they score well on (he field. F.xpansion of facilities characterized this past school year al some of the Freeport schools. Al die Bayview Avenue school, a new siate-of-lhe-art playground was established to replace the earlier one destroyed by fire. At a ceremony attended by Mayor William Glaeken. Superintendent Eric L. Eversley and many members of the community, the Bayview Avenue School's students and faculty turned out lo inaugurate one of the largest and most elaborate children's playgrounds in any public school on Long Island. Wilh die budget approved and new principals hired al (he high school and at Atkinson. Freeport is well-equipped to provide students in all ils eight schools with a productive and enjoyable new school vear.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Eversley from page 11 realizing our dream of becoming a nationally recognized district? How can I he Freeport community and its schools, working together, provide an environment thai supports students so that they can demonstrate their best performance and distinguish themselves and the entire district1.' Researchers have identified a number of factors, sometimes called "developmental assets." that, when present to a high degree, correlate particularly to student success. Listed here are a selected lew on which we wish to focus in the coming year and henceforth: • high expectations on the part of parents and teachers to encourage young people to do well: • family support, positive family communication, parent involvement with the student's school, and family boundaries in the form of clear rules, consequences and monitoring: • a caring and encouraging school climate that also provides clear rules and consequences: • a caring neighborhood (hat lakes responsibility for monitoring young peoples' behavior: • support from three or more non-parent adults, as well as positive parent and nonparent adult role models; • expectations that students will make constructive use of their time and be held

"0 £ m 10


accountable for appropriate use of their time: • knowledge dial students are valued in the community, seei'i as resources, and have opportunities for community service: • confidence dial children are safe al home, al school, and in the neighborhood/community. We wanl to enlist die support and participation of the Frceport community in ensuring thai our students have the advantages conferred on them by possessing these "developmental assets." The schools will be able to contribute significantly to this effort. Al the same lime, you will note lha'l many of lliese "assets" require specific actions by the family, loeal social and religious institutions, and die adults of the village. Independent action is necessary, but an active school, parent, and community partnership \\ill reap the highest dividends. We will work very diligently in the upcoming school year - and for years Ihereafter - to implement these factors and help realize the goal of making nol only Freeport High School but also the Freepoit School District as "one of the best in the country!" All'lliis is nol an easy agenda to implement. Working together, however. I am confident \ve can - ami will - succeed. Our children deserve our best efforts.


Freeport Public Schools

First Day Celebrations




Thurs, September 1 2pm- - 7 p m Freeport High School



To SCHOOL DRV Tues, September 6 School Based Parent/Child activities Community Volunteers Needed - Contact:

lycl'ia Robinson 623-2764