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UPCOMING RELEASES JUNE Agonist, The – Prisoners (6/5) Altars – Conclusions (6/5) Children 18:3 – On The Run (6/19) Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme (6/19) Everclear – Invisible Stars (6/26) For All Those Sleeping – Outspoken (6/19) Ghost Inside, The – Get What You Give (6/19) Icarus the Owl – Love Always, Leviathan (6/21) Lions Lions – To Carve Our Names (6/19) Looking Forward – Down With The Ship (6/19) LostProphets – Weapons (6/19) Make Do And Mend – Everything You Ever Loved (6/19) Memphis May Fire – Challenger (6/26) Miss May I – At Heart (6/12) Motion City Soundtrack – Go (6/12) Sleeping With Sirens – If You Were A Movie... (6/26) Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance (6/19) Throw The Fight – What Doesn't Kill Us (6/5) Vampires Everywhere! - Hellbound and Heartless (6/19) Whitechapel – Whitechapel (6/19) With Shaking Hands – Armor of Light (6/10) Write This Down – Lost Weekend (6/5)

JULY A Bullet For Pretty Boy – Symbiosis (7/31) Baroness – Yellow & Green (7/17) Capital Lights – Rhythm 'N' Moves (7/17) Early November, The – In Currents (7/10) FEEL GOOD! - Weekend Life (7/1) For the Fallen Dreams – Wasted Youth (7/17) Glass Cloud – The Royal Thousand (7/3) HeartCakeParty – Mock Heroic (7/17) Of Mice & Men – The Flood Deluxe Reissue (7/24) Periphery – Periphery (7/3) Pierce the Veil – Collide With The Sky (7/17) Saving Abel – Bringing Down The Giant (7/17) Thick As Blood – Living Proof (7/10) Woe, Is Me – [N]umbers Deluxe Reissue (7/17) Word Alive, The – Life Cycles (7/3)

6/26/2012 Philadelphia, PA @ UACA (W/ Every Minute Can Kill) 6/27/2012 Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage @ Champions Bar (W/ Every Minute Can Kill) 6/28/2012 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar (W/ Every Minute Can Kill) 6/29/2012 Norfolk, VA @ The Wesley House (W/ Every Minute Can Kill and Honour Crest) 6/30/2012 Greenville, NC @ The Tipsy Teapot (W/ Every Minute Can Kill and Honour Crest) 7/1/2012 TBD, NC @ TBD (W/ Honour Crest) 7/3/2012 Spartanburg, SC @ The Soundstage 7/5/2012 Gainesville, FL @ 1982 Bar (W/ Drayton Sawyer) 7/6/2012 Orlando, FL @ Bombshells (W/ Drayton Sawyer) 7/7/2012 Panama City, FL @ Axis (W/ Drayton Sawyer) 7/8/2012 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's (W/ Drayton Sawyer) 7/9/2012 Memphis, TN @ TBD (WORDS LIKE DAGGERS ONLY) 7/10/2012 St Louis, MO @ Fubar

RECENT NEWS BREATHE CAROLINA have premiered their new video for “Hit And Run” on VEVO POLAR BEAR CLUB announced a new live acoustic album coming out at the end of July THIS DAY WILL TELL have released a single from their upcoming new record THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS have signed with InVogue Records, and have a new record coming this Fall HANDGUNS will release their debut this September Vocalist Elliot Coleman has parted ways with TESSERACT BLAQK AUDIO have signed with Superball Music / Big Death CASEY JONES has released a Documentary No Sleep Records have signed ADVENTURES YELLOWCARD have announced their new record, Southern Air, to release in August GREEN DAY have released a trailer for their next album

MOLOTOV SOLUTION have called it quits To go with their new album, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK have released a music video for “True Romance” Ex COHEED AND CAMBRIA bassist, Michael Todd, has plead guilty to armed robbery AETHER REALM have released a new single from their upcoming new record A TRAGEDY IN PROGRESS have released another new single from their upcoming debut full length


BANDS YOU SHOULD HEAR Want to see your band here? Send your band history, location, discography information, upcoming news (such as album releases, tours, etc), band pictures, latest video and music to

THE WORD ALIVE (Progessive/Industrial Metalcore) Location: Phoenix, AZ Record Label: Fearless Records Albums: Empire (2009), Deceiver (2010), Life Cycles (2012)

The Latest: The band will be releasing their sophomore full length, Life Cycles, July 3rd. The band is currently finishing a tour in Japan before they return stateside and head out for the All Stars Tour with Suicide Silence, Dance Gavin Dance, and more. Why Are They Recommended?: The Word Alive have strong writing that has become more technical with every release. Their new album, Life Cycles, is highly electric, progressive, and industrial.

Background: Formed in 2008 as a side project for Craig Mabbitt of Escape the Fate, The Word Alive only played six shows before having to recruit a new vocalist (due to Mabbitt’s touring schedule with his full time band). Enter Tyler “Telle” Smith, formerly of In Fear And Faith and Greeley Estates. In 2009, the band signed to Fearless Records and released their debut EP, Empire, which garnered a surprising amount of attention for such a new band. The band continued to grow and tour, and by August of the next year, they had put out their first full length (Deceiver).


(Indie Rock/Folk) Location: Brooklyn, NY Record Label: None Albums: Daly City (2010), Behind My Back (2011), Dispensers (2012) Background: Formerly Julian & the Lopez Dispensers, Dispensers have self released several EP’s, each of which has had a unique life of its own. With a sound that has evolved every step of the way, the band has explored alternative rock, indie, pop, experimental, and more.

The Latest: Dispensers don’t only have a new name and sound, but a new EP to broadcast it all. The three track piece is just as well crafted and interesting as the band’s previous works, so long time fans will certainly swoon over it like the others. Julian had this to say: “This past January, we went to the studio and cranked out our 3 newest songs on our selftitled EP. During that visit to the studio, we realized that our new material was a really big departure from what we used to do and we thought it merited a name change. While our older material is pretty heavily derivative of 60 ′s pop songs and girl group or “doo-wop” sounds, our new stuff is more modern. We love bands that can be dancy AND dreamy: Stereolab, Broadcast and the sounds of 60′s cambodian music and bollywood music. We plan to spend our summer writing and writing and gigging some around NYC, too. Perhaps by the end of the summer we will have another EP and then by the fall a tour.” Why Are They Recommended?: Each release from this group has been gold, and the new EP is no exception. Dispensers have major talent in writing and performance, making them a rare musical unit.

everclear (Synthesized Alt/Rock) Location: Portland, OR Record Label: eOne Music Albums: World of Noise (1993), Sparkle and Fade (1995), So Much For The Afterglow (1997), Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1 (2000), Songs From An American Movie Vol.2 (2000), Slow Motion Daydream (2003), Welcome to the Drama Club (2006), Invisible Stars (2012) Background: Fronted by Art Alexakis, who had a very troubled youth that soon brought him to music, Everclear formed in 1992 after several hard years of Art trying to work the industry in Los Angeles. Once moved over to Oregon with his pregnant girlfriend, the band came together and recorded the EP, Nervous & Weird, and full length, World of Noise (both put out in ’93). It was in 1995, when Everclear put out Sparkle and Fade with their new label, Capitol, that the band became highly successful for the years to follow. The Latest: Everclear are about to release their first new record in six years. Invisible Stars hits shelves at the end of June via eOne, and it’s an excellent comeback. The band will also be on the Summer Land Tour taking place late June through early August, alongside Gin Blossoms, Lit, Sugar Ray, and Marci Playground. Why Are They Recommended?: Everclear owned the ’90s with their awesome alt rock. They came up alongside such other great bands of that time as Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, and Weezer (to name a few). Now, after a six year absence, the band is back with an excellent record that shows they still have what it takes to dominate their scene.

FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS (Melodic Hardcore) Location: Lansing, MI Record Label: Razor & Tie / Artery Recordings Albums: Changes (2008), Relentless (2009), Back Burner (2011), Wasted Youth (2012) Background: Formed in 2003, this metalcore formation released three demos and a self titled EP independently before signing to Rise Records for the release of their first three full lengths (starting with Changes in 2008). In 2011, the band brought in two replacement members: Brandon Stastny on bass and Dylan Shippey on drums. After their run with Back Burner, For the Fallen Dreams made the move from Rise Records to Artery Recordings. The Latest: The band is preparing for the release of their fourth full length, Wasted Youth, coming out via Artery/Razor & Tie on July 17th. The album features some of the band's best writing, showing that the member changes of 2011 did not phase the group in the least bit. Starting August, For the Fallen Dreams will be on the All Stars Tour alongside Suicide Silence, The Word Alive, I See Stars, and more. Why Are They Recommended? For the Fallen Dreams really brought the heat during Back Burner, and Wasted Youth is even better. The melodic sequences are more memorable, the heavier sections are more constructive, and the writing has matured into a new breed of entertaining metalcore.


(Melodic Screamo/Rock) Location: San Diego, CA Record Label: Fearless Records Albums: A Flair For The Dramatic (2007), Selfish Machines (2010), Collide With The Sky (2012) Background: Founded by brother Vic and Mike Fuentes in 2006, Pierce the Veil came from the ashes of Before Today (Equal Vision Records). The brothers wrote a new album, changed their band name, and gathered new members for their run with A Flair For The Dramatic. The band went back to the studio in 2009 to record Selfish Machines, which really helped shoot the band into stardom, along with all their impressive tours. The Latest: Pierce the Veil have now signed with Fearless Records and recorded their third full length, Collide With The Sky. Set to release at the end of July, the album is an evolved machine of the band. Everything is tighter and more impressive, making it an instantly memorable album. The band is currently on Warped Tour 2012. Why Are They Recommended? Pierce the Veil have an infectious blend of melody and fury, making their albums highly enjoyable and interesting. Their latest work, Collide With The Sky, is another step up for them.

For the last couple years, Every Minute Can Kill have been evolving until an awesome underground machine. Their first album, Get Your Groove On, showed the band exploring metal elements at the forefront, diving into melody on occasion. However, with the release of “Purpose”, their 2011 single, the band showed a new direction for their sound; one that was an unstoppable beast. The song was then followed by the release of Faceless Creatures in January of 2012, a four track EP that tells a great story while musically transforming the band from track to track. No matter what they try, it appears that Every Minute Can Kill have what it takes to become huge in their scene. >> Interview w/ Trevor Jennings (Vocals) by Nathaniel Lay Since you're fairly underground (for now), let's start readers off with a history for a band. Every Minute Can Kill was always sort of around, but it wasn’t until 2010 that we had a complete lineup and we could start writing. We finalized our line-up in early 2010 and started writing. That summer we went to a local studio and by September we had our first release and we started performing locally. Since then, we’ve been evolving as people and musicians; the last two years have really been a learning experience for us. We stepped up our game musically and release a second EP, Faceless

Creatures that we’re very proud of and also took on a new bassist, Danny, who has really been a great addition to the band. Tell us about your releases, including both albums and your singles. In 2010, we released Get Your Groove On. It was six tracks and our first attempt at putting something out. I still have some favorites from it, but I don’t think we really showed what we could do until “Purpose” came out in 2011. We progressed as musicians, and while we were short on cash, we wanted to show that so we put everything we had into “Purpose”, and it's still one of our favorites. Finally, in January of this year we followed up “Purpose” with the four song EP Faceless Creatures. I think most people will see the progression we’ve all made as musicians. Everyone was really at their best with Faceless Creatures; we all got really creative, and we’re all very proud of how things came out. At the beginning of the year, you put out a new EP. How has it been received by fans and critics? We’ve gotten a great reaction from fans. While I think some fans got scared off by the “sudden change”, we’ve had a lot of fans come forward and tell us how much they love the new sound and the hard work that were put into the story behind it. We’ve heard some really great things from fans. As far as critics go, I’ve seen a few reviews and most of them have been positive. I think the biggest complaint I see is that there isn’t more, that we only did an EP and we had to cover a lot of ground in just four tracks. That part really wasn’t up to us though. We had a strict budget and we wanted to put

out a well recorded piece of music. We went with quality over quantity. Why the title "Faceless Creatures"? What is the story behind the lyrics? Faceless Creatures comes from the line “I’ll go down to the bottom of the pit. Through levels of faceless creatures, each darker than the last” from the end of the last song “The Abyss”. It’s one of the darkest moments on the EP where the main character is essentially being shown as what he truly is and being punished for it. The entire EP is one story, told out of order and sort of in a “fog”. Overall as the story is being told the main character is hiding things from himself, the last song is essentially his moment of clarity. “His Name Was Mayhem” – This song is basically just a murder scene. The main character is watching helplessly as a madman enters the room and has a conversation with an unnamed woman. He tries to help but for some reason he has no control over his own body and he can only watch as the woman panics and ends up being killed. “Her Name Was Salvation” - Here our main characters are introduced. Eli Macarthur is trying to escape his past when he finds himself falling deeply in love with the other main character, “Lily Grey”. He see’s her as his “angel”, his “salvation”, and at the end of the song he marries her. The entire time a figure from his past disputes the relationship, claiming that he knows Eli’s true colors and that he can never be saved. The end of the song features one of the happiest moments on the EP where Eli and Lily get engaged and are completely in loved, but it is followed quickly by the third character saying “I’ll kill this lie so you can keep your life, you’ll thank me in due time”. “The Vessel” – This is the song where everything comes together. Eli has been hiding his past, Lily is becoming suspicious, and the third character (revealed to be Eli’s brother) confronts both of them at gun point. Eli admits everything to Lily and she is shocked by what she hears. Eli begins to beg for her forgiveness but his brother decides to end things himself. His brother attempts to kill Lily and making a snap decision Eli kills his own brother. Lily is further disturbed and decides to leave. Eli loses control and all of the events of the first song play out, ending with Lily’s murder. The song ends with the frantic screaming “I killed her myself” repeatedly, finally ending with “then I turned the gun around”. “The Abyss” – This is the final track and its basically my own musings on an afterlife. Eli is reflecting on all of his poor decisions, all of the mistakes he made, and in the end finds himself as another “faceless creature”, another lost soul. How did you go about writing this album? Musically, we wanted to include a lot of darker post-hardcore elements, but also mix in some cool blues parts and really just make our own sound. We also wanted to make each song portray a different emotion, to have its own tone and feel. Lyrically, I wrote all of the songs out of order and it wasn’t actually until about halfway through that I realized a way to interconnect all of the stories. I wrote “The Abyss” first and it was just about an unnamed character going through this portal into an after life. After I wrote pieces of the other songs I realized who that character could be and then I had to

discover what he could have done to deserve that fate. The story sort of built itself, but on top of settings I already created before the characters were there. When it came to recording, where did you go? Who did you work with? We went to The Brick HitHouse in Massachusetts. It’s the longest trip we’ve ever made as a band and we actually had planned on another studio within New Jersey, but when the opportunity to work with Shane Frisby with the budge we had came around we took it. Shane has done Bury Your Dead and The Ghost Inside, as well as some smaller acts that had a similar sound to our music and we really liked what we heard. It was great working with him, we were on an extremely tight schedule, but he made the entire process really easy and helped us get the exact sound that we wanted. We highly recommend Shane and we can’t wait to go back.

How was the process? Starting off, one of the main things we wanted for the new EP were good drum sounds. We didn’t want samples, we wanted the actual drum sound and we wanted it to be good and that actually ended up being Shane’s specialty. We had just four days to record the four songs, and the first two went into getting the drums perfect. But we’re so glad we had the time to make that happen. We think they came out great. We did a lot of the guitars digitally, it put more sounds and effects at our disposal, but we also wanted to do some parts with actual amps and Shane gave us that opportunity as well. Day 3 was essentially all work with guitars all morning and afternoon, a half hour break for the best Chinese

food I’ve ever had, and then singing. Vocals were another part where we didn’t want any digital fakery. It took all of Day 4, but at the end of the day every part was hit just right. Shane had the patience to let me hit every note I felt I needed to, and even helped me restructure a few parts in the studio. We also avoided doubling most of the screams which was great. I think everything came out raw, but strong. Shane definitely had to tell me to “man up” a few times though. In the past, you released a cover song. Do you have any more planned? We had a lot of fun recording and performing our Ke$ha cover, and we’re glad people enjoyed it, but at the end of the day I think some people took that song too seriously. If we’re being honest, we can definitely write a better song than Ke$ha can (haha), so for the time being that’s what we’re focusing on. We’ll probably cover other songs in the future, but that’s not what we are. We don’t want covers to be a major part of our musical career. Why did the awesome "Purpose" single of 2011 not land on the new EP? Will it ever see maybe a reworked recording down the road? To be honest, I don’t think we ever really considered putting it on the EP. We’ve always been tight on money as a band, everything we do is generally out of pocket, so I think we just wanted to focus on new songs. It’s not an official decision but if we ever get the opportunity to record a full length there’s a good chance “Purpose” may end up on it. Have you guys done anything acoustic? Considered it? We self recorded an unplugged version of “Her Name Was Salvation”. It’s very raw, but its an interesting version of the song. We’d love to get into a studio and capture the real beauty of acoustic music in the future though.

Are you writing any new material yet? When can we expect more new music? We just began writing a few new jams. We’re writing very openly. There’s no deadline, no track limit, we’re just writing. We’re at a point where if we got signed we would be willing to do a full length and really give it our all and put out a great record, but I’m not sure if we could do that on our own. How has 2012 been treating you thus far? Well we got to put out a new EP and start performing it live, but we need more shows! Luckily we’ve got our first ever tour coming up this month and hopefully we’ll be hitting the road again in the near future. You have the Audiopinions Tour coming up soon. Tell us about that. Persistent Heart Media helped us become a part of that tour. There’s a lot of great people working on it and we’re really happy to be a part of it. We’re only on a short section of it but we’re hitting PA, NJ, MD, VA, and NC, so we’re definitely going to have a good time. The other two bands Words Like Daggers and Sky Came Burning are awesome, so we can’t wait to hit the road with them. What do you have planned after that trip? Nothing planned currently. We just joined up with Infamous Empire so we’re hoping they can get us out on the road again. We definitely want to do more touring, we have so much fun with our live show. Any plans for the end of the world this December?

We’re converting the van into an Ark. Hopefully things go well (haha). "...more impressive than most of the national acts leading this scene" - AMP Magazine "Seriously, why the fuck have they not been picked up by a label yet?" - Lexington Music Press "Angry, nasty, brutal and driving songs with huge epic sing-along choruses!" - Daily Unsigned "Melodic, hard hitting but also filled with meaning." - NewPost-Hardcore

With a new album this month, titled Nation, Dr. Acula have returned with a more constructive metal record that could very well take fans by surprise. Having put out several albums in the last couple years, including the excellent Slander release of 2011, the band has once again wasted no time to put out some new material for its growing fan base. Building a Nation of your own should be difficult, but Dr. Acula make it seem easy. >> Interview w/ Kevin Graffeo (Bass) by Nathaniel Lay With your new album, Nation, there's audio bits of warning signals and more. Can you tell us how you chose what to go with the theme of the album? We wanted it to come across as a takeover. We followed closely a theme of global take over and how we are just interrupting normal life to bring you our pissed off message. What made you go for this destruction theme? Why did you choose Nation as the title?

The idea for Nation was just to start a following through our fans. It started as an idea when we had a shirt design with a flag and our logo. Then it snowballed into this huge idea of us taking over the music scene and taking total control. Tell us about the album cover. Who did it? Where did the idea come from? The album artwork was all done by MikeHardcore. He did the artwork for Slander and is the graphic artist for ADTR. I am going to guess he was givin’ a basic idea of what the NATION was and ran with it. I think it came out awesome. What kind of lyrical content will fans find on this record? Pissed off and aggressive lyrics, vulgarity, and they are about everything we hate as a band and about life. Not too much time has passed since Slander. Do you guys like returning to the studio as soon as you can to record new music? Are you always writing? We kind of just felt like we wanted to start writing and Ricky and Bill would toss riffs back and forth at sound checks. Once Slander was out for a little bit, subconsciously we started writing Nation without knowing 100% what it would sound like or when it would be done. With Nation, it seems you guys have moved a little away from the "party core" antics to a more constructive, metal sound. Was this a conscious move? I feel like for the most part it was. We are six pissed off guys and wanted everyone to know this isn’t the same Dr. Acula you would find in 2005. We knew we wanted a heavy, angry record. You just released two new singles. How did you go about choosing those songs? How are fans responding?

One of the singles, “Ironic Enclosure” is also the track we used for our new video out Monday the 18th and the other is just a band favorite. A lot of kids are shocked, a lot like the new songs they’ve heard. Then you get the kids who have no clue what they are talking about what so ever and ask for like pig squeals and stuff like that. Feedback has been good though. What can you tell us about the video for “Ironic Enclosure”? I can tell you it looks awesome. Our best video to date. That’s all I can tell. You'll see soon. Where did you guys record Nation? How was the experience? We recorded Nation in New Jersey again. It was an easy thing to take care of. The studio is only an hour at most from where some of us live and it was the same producer so it was just fun and easy going. What's your touring schedule for this summer? We are with Modern Day Escape, and our label mates, The Bunny The Bear, who are out in support of their new album. That goes until July 7th. Then we have some headline dates before finishing up a two week East coast run with our buddies in Legend. Are they any other announcements you have for fans?

Be Ready For The Nation.

Head to our REVIEWS section to check out more on Nation


It's that time of year again. Warped Tour. This summer's line up includes Rise Against, Lostprophets, Sleeping With Sirens, Transit, Every Time I Die, Yellowcard, Anti-Flag, New Found Glory, and many others. If you were to glance at the complete list, you'd definitely wear a smile on your face. Why? This year's line up is GOOD. Luckily, so is the 2012 compilation supporting it. In recent years, Warped Tour CD's have really become pointless to music fans who actually buy albums throughout the year. While this new collection has its share of “WTF” songs, as well as several spelling errors on the casing (Really? That's just sad), it flows quite well, has plenty of great punk and indie tracks, and is a solid play all the way through. So for this issue of Lexington Music Press, we break it down for you...all 50 fuckin' tracks. Oh, and if you want to know which disc is best, here's your answer: numero uno. *Tracks done in RED are considered “Focus Tracks” (as in, they're the best)


DISC ONE 1. RISE AGAINST - “Midnight Hands”, from the album, Endgame This was a great choice for opening track. It shows Rise Against at their best, returning to a more punk fused sound during their latest record, Endgame. While the band has always kept true to themselves, they have become a little more mainstream and alternative over the years. With “Midnight Hands”, the band found level ground with it all, coming up with a song reminiscent to a blend of Bad Religion and Foo Fighters. 2. YELLOWCARD - “With You Around”, from the album, When You're Though Thinking, Say Yes “With You Around” comes from the latest Yellowcard album, which brought the band back to glory. Not since Ocean Avenue has the band sounded this good. While “With You Around” wasn't the best track on the album, it was in the top three. 3. TITLE FIGHT - “Shed”, from the album, Shed Going with the title track of an album makes sense, considering it usually the band's focus song of the collection. So for Title Fight, Warped Tour chose “Shed” off their new album. While the band may not be as big as some of the others on the tour, Title Fight is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Their gruff sounding mix of punk and hardcore is very rock-out worthy. 4. THE USED - “Now That You're Dead”, from the album, Vulnerable With Vulnerable, The Used went back to their older styles, blending In Life And Death and Lies For The Liars. “Now That You're Dead” is one of the more energetic and fueled tracks of the album. It's hard not to love the chorus to this song: “How can it feel so right when it's so wrong? / Now that you're dead, it's kinda turning me on / You're not with Jesus Christ, you're just gone / Now that you're dead, it's kinda turning me on”. 5. NEW FOUND GLORY - “Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing”, from the album, Radiosurgery This wasn't one of the top tracks of Radiosurgery, but “Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing” is an excellent summer track nonetheless. 6. MAN OVERBOARD - “Rare”, from the album, Man Overboard Personally, “Rare” took me forever to like when I first heard the new Man Overboard album this year. As a result, I feel like there were plenty of better songs to have chosen for this compilation. How about “Dead End Dreams”? That was the top track of the album, easily. Still, “Rare” is good. Man Overboard just can do a lot better than this song. 7. FIREWORKS - “Arrows”, from the album, Gospels This album feels old enough that I think Warped Tour should have gone for a b-side, rarity, or completely new track. Instead, they got “Arrows” from the band's last album, which was great. It just seems like they could have have gone for something unreleased with this band. 8. TRANSIT - “Skipping Stone”, from the album, Listen & Forgive The latest Transit album was damn near perfect, so it's great that the band made the compilation. “Skipping Stone” wasn't one of my favorite tracks off the record, but it's still a very solid choice to introduce the band to possible new listeners.

9. I CALL FIVES - “Back Up Plan”, currently unreleased This is what we like to see from Warped Tour compilations: unreleased tracks. It used to be that these collections featured more of these, but it's been a few years since they've really gotten back into it. “Back Up Plan” is a pretty good song, but I Call Fives have put out better material than this. Nonetheless, it's awesome that they put on something unreleased for fans to get excited over. 10. ANTI-FLAG - “Broken Bones”, from the album, The General Strike The latest Ant-Flag album was definitely a step back in the right direction for the band, bringing to mind the For Blood And Empire record. “Broken Bones” is one of the best songs on The General Strike, so it makes for an excellent addition to this compilation. 11. FOUR YEAR STRONG - “Not To Toot My Own Horn, But Beep Beep”, from the album, Rise Or Die Trying While this is a good track from FYS, it is also years old. This is one of those cases where Warped Tour became lazy collecting songs for their compilation. The band has really changed direction in sound since this old album, so it's a misinterpretation for new listeners. 12. WE ARE THE OCEAN - “Overtime Is A Crime”, from the album, Go Now And Live Considering this band has a new album coming out this Fall from the label that released this compilation, it seems absurd that a new song (or maybe a basement demo of a new song) wasn't included for the compilation. Instead, a track from their last album makes an appearance. It's a good song from a good album, but why the hell did we not get a new song instead?! 13. HOSTAGE CALM - “The 'M' Word”, from the album, Mixed Signals Compilation While this isn't an unreleased track, it is kind of a rarity. It appeared on the Mixed Signals compilation from Run For Cover Records in 2011. As a result, there's a good chance a lot of people haven't heard it. “The 'M' Word” is really catchy and enjoyable, so it has a good place on this CD. 14. POLAR BEAR CLUB - “Bottled Wind”, from the album, Clash Battle Guilt Pride Polar Bear Club have a new live acoustic album on the way, so it would have been nice to hear a b-side track from that instead of a song PBC fans already know very well. Nevertheless, “Bottled Wind” is a winner from a winning album somewhat recently released. 15. DAYTRADER - “Firebreather”, from the album, Twelve Years It's awesome that this Daytrader song made it onto the compilation, and let me tell you why: this is a new band that has an amazing, unique sound. Their Rise Records debut, Twelve Years, was a huge fucking surprise and has gone down as one of the best releases of 2012 thus far. “Firebreather” is also one of the top three tracks of the album, so hell yeah! 16. SHARKS - “Able Moving Hearts”, from the album, No Gods This is a band that I don't think is receiving too much attention in the states yet, despite No Gods being their second album released by Rise Records over here in America. What was great about this record is that it showed how much Sharks had progressed since their first collection. With a fresh punk/rock sound, Sharks is the kind of band that can appeal to a large variety of ages. Bonus fact: the band is going back into the studio this Fall for their next record.

17. MAKE DO AND MEND - “Lucky”, from the album, Everything You Ever Loved Everything You Ever Loved is the band's first record with Rise, and was actually just released within the last month's time. This means “Lucky” is still very new and fresh. Yes! 18. I AM THE AVALANCE - “Holy %$#!”, from the album, Holy %$#! Here's another title track song. Holy Shit! (fuck the censorship) marked the long awaited return from I Am The Avalanche, and goddamn was it a good record. Every song on it was golden, so really they could have put any of its track on this compilation and fans would have been happy no matter what. For those of you who do not know this band, get off your asses and fucking check them out. 19. A LOSS FOR WORDS - “Wrightsville Beach”, from the album, No Sanctuary No Sanctuary came out earlier this year, so it's still new, as is this song. There's a good chance that not too many people know it yet since A Loss For Words are still rising in the ranks, but this track should get more people heading their direction. 20. CHUCK RAGAN - “Meet You In The Middle”, from the album, Covering Ground Chuck Ragan just keeps getting better. Covering Ground was about as good as it gets, so including “Meet You In The Middle” on this compilation was genius. The song is an upbeat acoustic/folk anthem of sorts; you know, the kind that used to define Warped Tour years ago. 21. BRIAN MARQUIS - “They Used To Call It The Blues”, from Snow Damage This is an interesting track for several reasons. Brian Marquis is from Therefore I Am, and this track comes from his debut solo EP. The other cool thing about this is Brian will be on the entire tour playing on the acoustic stage. Placing this track alongside with Chuck Ragan was a great idea, as both are of similar style. 22. INTO IT. OVER IT. - “P R O P E R”, from the album, Proper Proper released in 2011, so it seems that Evan Weiss (IIOI) should have had a chance to record something special for this compilation, whether it be a new song or just an acoustic version of one of the tracks off of Proper. Still, this is a great song to introduce to new fans. 23. KOJI - “Giants Sleeping”, from the Into It. Over It. Split Getting a song off of a split, or special vinyl in general, is always a good call because there aren't too many people who keep track of these releases. They're usually kept on the down low, so only die hard fans get a hold of them. So throwing on this Koji track from the Into It. Over It. Split was definitely cool. 24. BLACKLIST ROYALS - “Brothers and Sisters”, currently unreleased BR did the right thing by putting an unreleased track on this compilation. Not only does it make the song more valuable and worthy of attention, it comes at good timing considering the band is going to be recording a new album this summer in the midst of doing Warped Tour. 25. NOTHINGTON - “Far To Go”, from the album, Borrowed Time Nothington are apparently special; they aren't even playing Warped Tour, but got put onto the compilation because “they are a good band and you should check them” (words right from the CD packaging). Well, kudos, because this is a good sounding track. I will have to look into this band now. Job well done!

DISC TWO 1. ALL TIME LOW - “Coffee Shop Soundtrack”, from the album, Put Up Or Shut Up Really? Not only is this song like three or four years old (it's off their debut EP), but it's also appeared on a previous Warped Tour compilation! That's just lazy. Look, we know their last album sucked, but one of its songs should have been put on here instead. At least it would accurately portray the band as they sound today. 2. OF MICE & MEN - “Ohioisonfire”, from the album, The Flood This is a good song from a good album, but here's the problem: Of Mice & Men are about to release the deluxe version of this record, which will have some new tracks and shit on it. So why not put one of those on here instead? It would get people more hyped up on the deluxe release if they had done that. Oh well... 3. BLESSTHEFALL - “40 Days”, from the album, Awakening This was one of the more memorable songs off the latest Blessthefall record, so solid choice. 4. MEMPHIS MAY FIRE - “Prove It”, from the album, The Hollow I love MMF, but they have a new album coming out in just a week, and yet a song from The Hollow was used for this compilation. Come on! They should have put one of the Challenger tracks on here to get people stoked on its release. 5. THE GHOST INSIDE - “Engine 45”, from the album, The Ghost Inside The Ghost Inside will be releasing their new record in a couple days (at the time of writing this), so it was a smart move for one of the new songs to show up on this compilation. “Engine 45” definitely has a new, slightly evolved sound being displayed. The clean vocals sound unique and work great. Rather than just blend into the formula, they stand out. Some fans may get upset like they did with the latest Stick To Your Guns record, but this shit is good. 6. EVERY TIME I DIE - “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space”, from the album, Ex Lives This was the opening track of the new ETID album, and it's a real ferocious start to the record. It's probably the most frantic song on the album, so it's a cool choice for the compilation. Personally, I think I would have gone for “Revival Mode” because it was the most unique song they've ever recorded, but that's just me. “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” is still a bad ass track. 7. FALLING IN REVERSE - “Good Girls Bad Guys”, from the album, The Drug In Me Is You Ronnie Radke made a great comeback with this Falling In Reverse debut, and while this was one of the more generic rock songs of the album, it's still a fun and catchy one. Fans of Ronnie's old work, from before his prison sentence, should definitely check out his new band. 8. FOR TODAY - “Fearless”, from the album, Immortal The latest For Today record was really strong and memorable. “Fearless” was not only the opening track of the album, it was one of the most forward hardcore hits of the collection.

9. TONIGHT ALIVE - “Listening”, from the album, What Are So Scared Of? Personally, I didn't really care for the album from which this song comes. However, fans of Paramore and VersaEmerge will probably eat it up. 10. WE ARE THE IN CROWD - “Better Luck Next Time”, from the album, Best Intentions Following one female-fronted band with another, We Are The In Crowd at least has a male vocalist to accompany throughout. “Better Luck Next Time” isn't one of the band's best songs, but the album it came from was very solid and enjoyable. 11. DIVIDED BY FRIDAY - “Prove It”, from the album, Prove It Divided By Friday bring to mind Fall Out Boy every time I hear them. The band released a debut EP on Hopeless last August, and “Prove It” is the title track. It's good, but the band should have been able to contribute something new to this compilation, even if it was just an acoustic version of one of their songs. 12. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - “Tally It Up, Settle The Score”, from the album, Lets Cheer To This Lets Cheer To This was an excellent album, but “Tally It Up, Settle The Score” wasn't really one of its strong tracks. There were so many other better choices to represent this band. 13. CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! - “In Friends We Trust”, from the album, Something For Nothing Rather than talk about this song, I rather just say that I hate this band and I recommend this track be skipped. It isn't bad, but does nothing special to stand out. 14. NEO GEO - “Sex Robot”, from the album, Neo Geo Considering that Neo Geo have a new single, why wasn't it put here? “Sex Robot” came off the band's self titled record released last summer, which is more than enough passed time to have recorded something new for this compilation. Nevertheless, “Sex Robot” is a really good song to shows off this interesting synth-laced rock band. 15. MISS MAY - “Hey Mister”, from the album, At Heart At Heart is the brand new Miss May I record, so putting the opening track on the WT compilation was a great decision. If you like this song, definitely pick up the new album, because it gets even better than that. 16. IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - “Button It Up”, from the album, Ruining It For Everyone This band is awesome live, and their last album was pretty good. However, why didn't they get a remix or something fresh for this compilation instead? 17. SKIP THE FOREPLAY - “DJ”, from the album, Nightlife Dubstep isn't a style I like, but Skip the Foreplay do a good job blending it with their metal formula. Granted, I prefer the sections without all the electronics and auto-tune, but the overall product is an enjoyable one. “DJ” comes off the band's new album, Nightlife, released this past May. 18. VANNA - “I, The Remover”, from the album, And They Came Bearing Bones Vanna really showed some muscle with their latest record, which came out shortly after last summer's Warped Tour run. The band is really coming into their own, tightening up and becoming more impressive with every release. Whether you're a fan or not of Vanna, check out this song before passing judgment.

19. CHELSEA GRIN - “Everlasting Sleep”, from the album, My Damnation Chelsea Grin have a new EP out this month, so one of those new songs should have been used instead. However, My Damnation was a great album, and a little better than Evolve anyway. 20. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE - “Abigail”, from the album, Creatures Motionless In White are actually working on a brand new album, so it would have been really cool to have maybe a new demo or something thrown on here. However, “Abigail” was a good song to get new listeners interested just in time for new material on the way. 21. BALLYHOO! - “Last Night”, from the album, Daydreams “Last Night” is the highly rotated Ballyhoo! single currently, so this makes perfect sense to include it on the compilation. Having never heard this band before, I'm glad they're on Warped Tour; their brand of punk/rock/reggae is very good. Since this song has made me want to find the band's latest album, I'd say it did its intended job. 22. MURDERLAND - “Another Homicide”, from ?? I couldn't find much of anything on this band or song, so if it is from a new album, I don't truthfully know. All I can say is that Murderland is a new band (they formed early last year), and that “Another Homicide” is a decent punk track that catches my interest enough. 23. COLD FORTY THREE - “Hundred Dollar Bail”, from ?? Once again, Warped Tour dropped the ball when it came to including the album info for this track. However, this band is currently recording, so maybe this is a new song? Whatever the case, this pop punk band from California is light hearted and enjoyable sounding. 24. THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS - “Monster Hands”, from the album, A Lion And A Guy “Monster Hands” comes from the band's last album, but there's a new EP on the way, so including one of its song would have been better. However, Warped Tour obviously wanted to include a handful of unknown bands at the end of this disc, and they all are good choices, so it's hard to complain. 25. LOST IN SOCIETY - “Everybody's Gone”, from the album, Eastern Empire Why is this three year old song on here? Lost In Society have put out multiple newer collections since Eastern Empire. least, it's a good song.



Verdict: RIYL: STICK TO YOUR GUNS & TERROR It’s no secret that THE GHOST INSIDE’s newest record, Get What You Give, was, has been and will be a hot topic. Once it was revealed Jeremy McKinnon of A DAY TO REMEMBER fame was to be involved, the rumors were off the charts. With the release of the mighty track, ‘Engine 45 ′, the shit talking commenced. “They sold out.” “I knew Jeremy would make them do cleans.” “I hated Returners.” All of these things are from the mouths of babies as they obviously don’t listen to real music and only ‘like’ a band when it’s cool to. While hearing the clean vocals was a shock, and to find out it’s Mr. Vigil killing these cleans, it’s no surprise. Their band brothers in STICK TO YOUR GUNS are still hard and credible, and they have employed cleans for a good while now, and it’s not like Vigil hits these insane highs. These only add a new deeper level of realism and purity in his always poignant lyrics. Musically, Get What You Give is the perfect combination of Fury And The Fallen Ones and Returners. They don’t stray far from what makes them THE GHOST INSIDE. Melody. Groove. Passion. They bleed and breathe hardcore and it shows in the music they play and perform. Nothing about Get What You Give screams sell out or even shows any sign of the band slowing down. What it does show is a band fully coming to grips with themselves and what they can do. To try and find anything wrong with this record, or to even attempt to choose a ‘favorite’ part is pretty pointless as it’s a damn near perfect record. This is obviously just one opinion and it shouldn’t be taken as gospel. THE GHOST INSIDE have quickly become one of hardcore's heroes. Get What You Give just further cements this fact. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Hardcore >> Recommended Listening: ‘Engine 45′, ‘Face Value’ and ‘Deceiver’ >> In Conclusion…Get What You Give is THE GHOST INSIDE’s most dynamic and mature record to date. Don’t miss out on this explosive band.

MISS MAY I At Heart [Rise Records] Verdict: 6.5/10 Metalcore giants, MISS MAY I, return with their newest slab of high energy, metal fueled tunes. At Heart is the band's 3rd full length and they have managed to capture the high energy their live shows project. Levi Benton’s vocals aren’t just sounding better, they sound more confident and fuller. The musicianship is as tight as ever and filled with even more ‘metal’ and that ‘bounce’ they have quickly become known for. Going so far as to say the band have matured would be premature, as they surely aren’t done growing as a band. The unfortunate part about At Heart is that, while the songs are good and a few stick out as very memorable, they just aren’t really hitting the mark. At Heart is almost Monument Pt. II. There are few surprises on the album's 13 tracks (well, 12 if you disregard the pointless :48 second intro). Not to say they aren’t still talented and amazing artists, it’s just, with a band of this caliber and promise, they need a strong hand to push them. Piss them off if you will and force them to write a fierce and savage record. With that being said, MISS MAY I still hold the title of NOT falling into the usual metalcore trap of trying to sound like everyone else. They are distinctly MMI. Keep tabs on MISS MAY I and give At Heart a fair chance, the best is yet to come for these boys. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Metal >> Recommended Listening: ‘Hey Mister’, ‘Sirens Song’ & ‘Road Of The Lost’ >> In Conclusion…MISS MAY I are a future force to be reckoned with. At Heart is a small stepping stone for the band. Already a fan? This is all for you. Never heard them or think you hate them? Give this a fair shot…you might be surprised. BURIED IN VERONA Notorious [UNFD] Verdict: 6.5/10 Australia has, over the years, proven to be a hotbed of talent. The musical climate Down Under is ripe with hungry artists breaking molds and owning their respective genres. Bands like PARKWAY DRIVE and I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN have become legendary across the globe. In 2010 BURIED IN VERONA released the incendiary Saturday Night Sever. If showed the metalcore genre was safe and sound. Notorious is no different really as it stays true to what makes this genre interesting and sometimes fun. Mixing crushing grooves and rhythms with passionately shouted vocals (reminding one of JJ Peters of DEEZ NUTS) that run from hoarse shout and pissed off growls to the seemingly unnecessary clean vocals. Tracks like 'LionHeart' seem out of place, but aren't terrible and easily forgiveable due to the fact that they ARE in fact good songs. What makes Notorious simultaneously good and forgettable is the fact that at times it sounds too much like BRING ME THE HORIZON. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it makes Notorious sound a little forced and unoriginal. It's when they step up and throw down like champions, like on tracks 'Maybe Next Time' and 'Couldnt Give 34 Fucks', that BIV shine. Was Notorious worth all the hype it was receiving as opposed to THE BRIDE? Perhaps. But ultimately it's all up to personal taste. Could Notorious have been better? Again, it's all up to personal taste. Is it bad? Not one bit. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Party Core/Metalcore >> Recommended Listening: 'Maybe Next Time', 'Couldnt Give 34 Fucks' & 'Perceptions' >> In Conclusion...If metalcore is what you crave abut you're tired of all the ASKING ALEXANDRIA and ATTACK ATTACK! clones then look no further than Australia's own BURIED IN VERONA. WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel [Metal Blade] Verdict: 7/10 RIYL: SUICIDE SILENCE, BORN OF OSIRIS & IMPENDING DOOM With each consecutive release, WHITECHAPEL add new elements to their already impressive formula. With their 4th full length, they achieve a higher level of musicianship by slowing things down a bit and adding more atmosphere. Fans were already treated to a taste of this with the Recorrupted EP's first track, 'Section 8', and then later with the 'Hate Creation' single. Both tracks were perfect representations of the direction WHITECHAPEL were and are headed. Still unmistakeably heavy and groovy, but with a more confident self awareness that writing the same tired riffs and drum patterns album after album gets you no where unless you're AC/DC. Starting off the self titled is a killer mood enhancing piano intro that mistakenly lulls the listener into thinking this isn't WHITECHAPEL. 36 seconds in, it becomes painfully obvious what's happening. 'Make It Bleed' is sure to have floors littered with injured fans for years to come. It isn't until tracks 3 and 4 that they hit full stride and the unmerciful beat downs begin. WHITECHAPEL have found their groove with their self titled and show no signs of slowing down. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Death Metal >> Recommended Listening: 'I, Dementia', 'Faces', and 'The Night Remains' >> In Conclusion...WHITECHAPEL have moved beyond an almost stagnant genre and made a more diverse and mature record with their self titled.

MADBALL Rebellion EP [BNB] Verdict: 9/10 RIYL: TERROR, AGNOSTIC FRONT and any real and pure hard core band In MADBALL's 23 year career, they have embodied everything right in the world of hardcore. Hard hitting music that matches lyrics that hold meaning. Its members have always been honest and upfront with anything they have ever said, done and recorded. It's these traits that have made them legends and kings in the hardcore community. The Rebellion EP is yet another example of why MADBALL have been and always will be held in such high regard. Swinging hard , as they always do, Rebellion is 6 tracks of honest hardcore, with 2 tracks being rerecorded classics from the bands EP, Ball Of Destruction. Freddy MADBALL continues to give fans, new and old, what they crave with his opinions on life and real life stories, while musically, MADBALL remain, well, themselves. If you have never heard a MADBALL song before or if you are a diehard, the Rebellion EP is a beautiful release and will be just as relevant 23 years from now as anything they have ever done. Show the Kings some love and listen to the real deal. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Punk/Hardcore >> Recommended Listening: All 13 minutes. >> In Conclusion...MADBALL have always been and will always be one of hard ores shinning stars. The Rebellion EP further cements their status. SWORN IN Start/End and “Let Down� (Single) [We Are Triumphant] Verdict: 9/10 RIYL: COALESCE, CONVERGE, BERMUDA SWORN IN, from Grayslake, Illinois, make a style of heavy music that hasn't been heard or felt since the late 90's and early 2000's (when bands like COALESCE, TURMOIL and BURNT BY THE SUN set their respective genres on fire). Mixing together a lethal dosage of Death Metal inspired chaotic hardcore. SWORN IN are in a class all to themselves amongst all the scenesters that currently litter up venues and malls across Arizona. Brutally heavy and unapologetic in their approach, Start/End is easily one of the most intense EPs to be released in forever. No part of its 6 tracks reek of another more popular band. What it does is show that there are a few bright lights that know how to unleash themselves without cloning whatever is the most popular at the moment. Start/End is even offered up for free via the band's label's amp page. Donations are of course welcome. To further show their commitment, they even released a new single not to long ago. 'Let Down' shows SWORN IN are in it for the long haul and plan to keep wrecking all preconceived notions that you need to sound like whatever is the flavor of the month. Paying homage to the trailblazers that created over half the current crop of 'whatever-core genres' that keep popping up is what sets SWORN IN apart and in the right direction. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Metalcore >> Recommended Listening: Every last track, including the single. >> In Conclusion...SWORN IN are a devastatingly unique and welcome throwback to a time when heavy didn't mean 'look how cool I am', but how many people and speakers can we destroy. Support your new favorite band and piss off your neighbors. DR. ACULA Nation [Victory Records] Verdict: 8.5/10 When DR.ACULA released 2011's Slander, it showed a newer, more focused side to the spastic chaos of their past. Taking the best parts off of Slander and writing around it, plus injecting and exorcising their anger and distaste in the music scene around them, Nation is a pissed off beast of an album. The vocals and lyrics are more vicious and poison filled than anything DR. ACULA has done before, and the music is meatier and dirtier. It cries for rebellion and putting an end to all the bullshit. Nation is the sound of a band hungry and hell bent on calling out anyone and anything that gets in their way. Fans of the band know that DR. ACULA are as notorious for their use of samples as KILLWHITNEYDEAD are. Nation may not be as littered as previous releases with them, but the ones used have more meaning and punch. Touring relentlessly has helped these boys become a tighter unit, and honestly, that spells trouble for all the bubble gum wannabes out there. If you thought that DR. ACULA were merely a joke and not worth taking the time to listen, then let Nation be the wake up call you need. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Party Metal >> Recommended Listening: 'The Party Is Over (Locked On Target)', Nation', and 'Suburban Superstar (Strung Out On Strong Island)' >> In Conclusion...If party metal, like older DR. ACULA or ATILLA, are too obnoxious for your tastes, look no further than Nation. The revolution has begun. Join the DA Nation now.

THE OVERSEER We Search, We Dig [Solid State Records] Verdict: 9/10 Like a cross between Underoath and Therefore I Am, The Overseer play Christian hardcore that is often surprisingly technical, atmospheric, and engaging. Since their unsigned days, the band has really come a long way with their sound. Immediately jumping to a big label (Solid State) for their debut, The Overseer really went all out with We Search, We Dig. Right from the start, the record shows off the band’s ability to be heavy and fierce, while also blending progressive elements to expand upon the sound. Instrumentally, The Overseer shine in every aspect. Switching seamlessly from brutal and intense, to melodic and moving, the players making up this four piece really pull their weight. Then you have the vocals that feature both frantic screams and deep bellows (which are used sparingly), and smooth and impressive cleans. The first absolutely recommended track comes with “Amend”, a song that gradually builds, all the while keeping up strong atmospheric elements, before finally erupting. Next, would be “Mendacious”, a shorter track that almost plays out like an interlude. It sets the tone of the album perfectly, bridging “Dreamer” to “Traitor” with ease. From start to finish, We Search, We Dig features amazing writing and performance. The Overseer could easily be the next Underoath, and take control of their scene. They certainly have the chops for it, as clearly heard on this excellent debut. – By Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Christian Progressive Hardcore >> Recommended Tracks: “Amend”, “Mendacious”, “Lost”, “Estrange” >> In Conclusion: The Overseer have really taken their sound to a new level with the signing to Solid State and the release of their label debut. We Search, We Dig is highly impressive and memorable. CHILDREN 18:3 On the Run [Tooth & Nail/EMI] Verdict: 8/10 Children 18:3 aren’t new, and yet, On the Run is the first album of theirs I’ve actually heard all the way through. I’m kicking myself a bit now, because this is a very good rock band. With raw, yet smooth instrumentals, and duel vocals (male and female), Children 18:3 have a great, energetic rock sound that is easily contagious and entertaining. While I found the female vocals to be the most alluring (place special attention on “We’ll Never Say Goodbye” and “Always On The Run”), the male singer is also very good, sporting one of the gruff rocker voices that has the ability to level out. Tracks like “What About Justice?”, “Jenny”, and “Why Are You Afraid of the Dark?” are easily some of the top tracks primarily featuring the male vocals (who assumes most of the singing duties on the record). From start to finish, On the Run is an increasingly interesting and memorable album. There aren’t really any dull moments to be heard, though not every track is hit either (in all fairness). But overall, Children 18:3 have recorded a great release with this twelve track effort. There’s a lot to love here, so don’t wait like me to hear this band. – By Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Christian Rock >> Focus Tracks: “We’ll Never Say Goodbye”, “Always On The Run”, “Why Are You Afraid of the Dark?” >> In Conclusion: On the Run is an album that gets better and better with repeated listens. Fans of rock need to apply.

MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK Go [Epitaph Records] Verdict: 9/10 Like with their last record, My Dinosaur Life, Motion City Soundtrack have turned their dial lower once more. Go is primarily even paced throughout, rarely jumping out with “pop” explosiveness we’ve heard on their previous releases. For those who did not care for My Dinosaur Life, there’s probably a good chance this one won’t do it for you either. However, if you loved the new direction like I did, then you must check out Go. It is a little slower, but that’s OK. The songs are still highly memorable and even catchy. Some favorites include “True Romance”, “Son of a Gun”, and “Timelines”. Instrumentally, Go focuses a lot more on even beats that are more beautiful and melodic, instead of upbeat and fast. Justin’s vocals are better than ever, showing a lot more pitch exploration this time around. Of course, long time fans will certainly be interested to know how the lyrics are, considering their a strong point for the band. With Go, Justin writes a lot darker and thought provoking, discussing death, vulnerability, self discovery, and the short existence of the human life. Sound fun? Even with the subject matter, the songs generally sound very sweet (surprisingly). Even “Everyone Will Die” has a cute air to it from start to finish. Go may surprise some fans with how mature it is, but given the chance, this will go down as another hit from MCS. The band has once again written an excellent record worth hearing again and again. – By Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Rock/Pop/Alternative >> Recommended Tracks: “True Romance”, “Son of a Gun”, “Timelines”, “Everyone Will Die”, “The Coma Kid” >> In Conclusion: Motion City Soundtrack have proven once again they know how to write a damn good record. Fourteen years into their career and they’re still releasing gold.

ICARUS THE OWL Love Always, Leviathan [Persistent Heart Media] Verdict: 8/10 RIYL: pmtoday, Tides of Man, Lovehatehero ICARUS THE OWL is a new band that employs an interesting blend of progressive rock intricacy and pop-punk melodicism. Each of the twelve songs on Love Always, Leviathan showcases how the band wants to push as much fun and frenzy into a three-and-a-half-minute song. The best song on the album illustrates that point; “Nuclear Towns” is incredibly addictive and yet, it’s a bit awkward. The song features a few time signature changes that come across slightly “off” for lack of a better word, and one of the harmonies seems a bit out of place upon the first listen; however, the flair and freaking fun that the band exudes shines through, pushing the track past those listening obstacles. The band carries with it all of the “hummability” of punk with the musical acumen of progressive rock, qualities that usually don’t run together. In fact, it’s that combination that is what makes the album so endearing: it serves as a great summer album for those who feel they have “outgrown” pop-punk. Take “Tear Down the Mountain” or “Peppertree” as examples: there is an inherent harmony between the melodic and progressive elements of the band’s sound that carries each tune above the generic punk standard. Where the band really shines is with “Chemicals and Flesh”, which finds the band treading in COHEED AND CAMBRIA’s territory with a heavier edge and longer track duration. It’s a testament to the band that they can keep the listener’s attention with short and long tracks. The bottom line here is that ICARUS THE OWL’s newest release comes with an asterisk: these Oregon gentlemen have certainly released a very solid album, but the promise of what the future holds is even more impressive. The band clearly has a bright future ahead, and this album is a clear indicator of the potential ICARUS THE OWL possesses. – by Nicholas Senior >> Classification: Math Rock/Pop >> Recommended Listening: “Nuclear Towns” and “Peppertree” >> Conclusion: ICARUS THE OWL has crafted the perfect summer album for those that have “outgrown” the simplicity of pop-punk yet miss the fun of the genre.

WRITE THIS DOWN Lost Weekend [Tooth & Nail] Verdict: 8.5/10 In 2010, Write This Down came out of nowhere with an awesome debut that made me an instant fan. Naturally, I was very excited to hear the band’s next record, Lost Weekend, when I got wind of it a couple months back. With their first record, Write This Down felt they were too much all over the place with their sound. As a result, they made a conscious effort to go after specific strengths with their sophomore release. With more anthem-like tracks, breakdowns, and rougher vocal work, Lost Weekend comes out easily memorable and fun. While some may complain about the lyrical content (which deals a lot with being on the road), the songs themselves are highly energetic and passionate because of the topics explored. Humorously enough, one of the best tracks on the record is actually the tongue-in-cheek “I’ll Make You Famous”, which is thoroughly entertaining and catchy. While the majority of Lost Weekend is very much hard rock and explosive, the band does take some detours to balance things out. This includes the cover of “Don’t Speak”, the sorrowful “Cheap Affairs”, the quick and acoustic “Minnesota Interlude”, and the grand closing track, “Song And Dance”. Throughout Lost Weekend, fans will find track after track of great music worth playing again and again. There’s a very good chance that this record will get you just as hooked on Write This Down as their debut did, if not more so. – By Nathaniel Lay >> Focus Tracks: “Lost Weekend”, “I’ll Make You Famous”, “The Older I Get The Better I Was”, “Cheap Affairs”, “Song And Dance” >> Classification: Hard Rock/Hardcore >> In Conclusion: Write This Down have avoided the sophomore slump with another hard hitting and memorable record release. Lost Weekend is a more tightened and defined effort, and will surely move the band further in their musical career.

BERMUDA The Wandering [Mediaskare Records] Verdict: 8/10 RIYL: ION DISSONANCE, MESHUGGAH, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH & VOLUMES Hailing from Southern California, not Australia, BERMUDA perform a brand of progressive heaviness that is reminiscent of MESHUGGAH but with an angrier approach. Destructive and powerful, The Wandering, the bands 1st full length, rages and decimates everything in it’s path, without being too over the top but having just enough face smashing brutality to keep the masses excited. Trying to remain still or not feel and act upon the urge to destroy or ‘dance’ till you drop while listening to this record is a damn near impossible feat. BERMUDA aren’t out to change this genre, but show that there is a delicate balance of too much and not enough. They stay right on course and continue their carnage throughout the albums 11 tracks. Focusing mostly on what makes a metal record, well, metal: Pure, Unadulterated Aggression. They even experiment even further by incorporating different vocal styles on the track ‘Sachael’. Yes, they use cleans, but they aren’t nasally or distracting and add an element of haunting atmosphere. The musicianship shines through on the track ‘Lagrange Pointe’ as guitarists Tyler Lazano and Michael Fabiano create a soundscape so vivid and invigorating, you almost forget to be angry. This leads into the most MESHUGGAH like track on the record, title track ‘The Wandering’ is a monster of a beat down and leaves the listener for dead, but begging for more. The Wandering‘s 45 minute run time may distract some listeners used to barely 30 minute full lengths, but every second is worth the listen. BERMUDA may not be game changers, but with The Wandering, they prove that’s not a bad thing. Someone needs to show how it’s done. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Thrash Metal >> Recommended Listening: ‘Intuitions’, ‘In Trenches’& ‘Polaris Breach’ and ‘Obstruction’ if you’re brave enough. >> In Conclusion…BERMUDA have unleashed a monstrous record with The Wandering. Nothing here is beautiful or pretty. Get over it. This is true aggression.

ALTARS Conclusions [Strike First Records] Verdict: 7.5/10 RIYL: LEGEND, SLEEPING GIANT & THE GHOST INSIDE Writing and performing genuinely passionate hardcore/metal isn’t an easy feat when it’s almost easier to sell yourself out and clone the top Hot Topic artists at the moment. Luckily, there are more than a handful of artists performing their music to it’s fullest extent and making believers of all those lost. ALTARS, formerly MONUMENTS, are one of these newer, passionate bands. Filled to the brim with awe inspiring breakdowns, groove filled rhythms and pure vocals that make the listener want to learn the words to scream along to. After releasing their Opposition EP last year, it was clear ALTARS were meant for something more. The release of Conclusions furthers this belief. Among the albums 12 tracks, the listener is treated to a bevy of beat downs and few mellower moments with tracks like ‘Portlen’ and ‘Ryland’. Both are instrumentals and done in the same vein as anything that HASTE THE DAY would have done. Opening off this attack is the ‘One-Two Punch’ of ‘Red Brick Army’ & first single ‘Scum’. If these two tracks were any indication of what the listener is in for, then hold on. Every song writhes and undulates with an aggressive but melodic message of hope and faith in Jesus, yes, Jesus. Do not let that deter you though. Many other writers will call ALTARS ‘cookie cutter mosh metal’, but they are so much more than that. Evoking and projecting their heartfelt passion is a huge plus and that makes Conclusions far above and beyond what the Opposition EP displayed, that it would be easy to almost assume this was a new band. ALTARS are easily joining the ranks of some of the futures best and brightest. Conclusions is just a small example of what to expect. - by Jon Hole >> Classification: Hardcore >> Recommended Listening: ‘Red Brick Army’, ‘Scum’ and ‘Montreal’ >> In Conclusion…Fans of rhythm heavy, aggressive but positive music need to check out ALTARS new record Conclusions.

EVERCLEAR Invisible Stars (eOne Music) Verdict: 9/10 For their first record in six years, Everclear return strong with the twelve track Invisible Stars. Like a blend between Unwritten Law and Weezer, this popular 90′s band has not lost their touch at all over the years. The contemporary synthesizers work great, and none of it makes the band feel like they’re going for a new sound. Every song offers something worth your wild, whether it’s the more catchy numbers that catch your attention (such as “Falling In A Good Way”, “Be Careful What You Ask For”, “I Am Better Without You”), or the more steady, even tracks (such as “Santa Ana Wind”, “Wishing”, “Rocket For The Girl”). Either way, Everclear come through for their fans. Invisible Stars may have taken forever to get here, but it was worth the wait. Well balanced, mature, and classic, this is a must have release for any fan of the band or of the time period (90′s alt rock). – by Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Synth Alt/Rock >> Recommended Tracks: “Falling In A Good Way”, “Be Careful What You Ask For”, “I Am Better Without You” >> In Conclusion: Everclear may have taken their time to return, but at least they did it in style. This is one of the best alternative rock releases in a long time. SIRENS & SAILORS Wasteland EP [Tragic Hero Records] Verdict: 7/10 Tragic Hero bands can be hit or miss. More recently, they've been miss. However, Sirens & Sailors are fairly well known in my area thanks to Baltimore's Fans4Bands, so hearing about their signing was exciting. They could do better with a different label, but at least this will get their debut EP out on shelves this way. Wasteland consists of six tracks, one of which is an introduction. The band has a mostly vicious sound, but they do incorporate clean vocals for choruses, giving them that melodic edge to their formula. Instrumentally, Sirens & Sailors show strong hardcore influences. It's in their vocal arrangements that their metal side comes out at the front. “Mirror For My Medusa” was the first track to really stand out to me, its fuel coming from the atmospheric chorus and faded ending mainly. Then you have the highly memorable “No Light Without A Dark”, its balance of great breakdowns and swinging chorus putting it on top easily. As a whole, Wasteland is a solid introductory EP; it doesn't blow you out of the water, but it manages to catch your interest. - by Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Metalcore >> Recommended Tracks: “Mirror For My Medusa” and “No Light Without A Dark” >> In Conclusion: Sirens & Sailors have a good sound to them, so hopefully on their full length, the band will expand their formula enough to gain an edge on the competition.

LIONS LIONS To Carve Our Names [Hollywood Waste] Verdict: 9/10 Rising in the ranks is Lions Lions, a band that brings to mind the very early days of From First To Last and Near Miss. Combining punk, rock, hardcore, and screamo, To Carve Our Names is memorable throughout its eleven tracks. The opener, “Milestones”, could be repeated a handful of times in a row before the listener would feel ready to move forward into the album; but then they'd face the same “problem” with “The Undertow”. These songs are just so well crafted and entertaining, you can't help but want to play them again and again. Whether you like the punk rock moments the best (“Milestones”, “The Undertow”, “Carry On”), or the hardcore and screamo fused (“Stable As Stone”, “White Flag”), or the rock anthems (“The Right Steps”, “Losing Balance”, “Grounded”), To Carve Our Names cover a lot of ground for its various listeners. Lions Lions have released a damn good record with this one, and if it doesn't put them on top, then nothing will. - by Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Punk/Rock >> Recommended Tracks: “Milestones”, “The Undertow”, “The Right Steps”, “Letting Go”, “Our Colors” >> In Conclusion: Lions Lions have an excellent formula that bridges multiple genres with ease on To Carve Our Names. There's a lot to love with this release. FOR ALL THOSE SLEEPING Outspoken [Fearless Records] Verdict: 8/10 For their sophomore release, For All Those Sleeping show a new vicious side to themselves, constantly pummeling your speakers with angry lines, breakdowns, and chaotic attitude. The melodic elements are still here, and actually have become stronger, but the focus has definitely turned to being as brutal as possible (for the most part). The first actual song, “Once A Liar [Always A Fake]”, is an instant beast of a song, attacking dishonest people with spitting rage. Hell, even the next song, “Mark My Words”, shows muscle with the opening line, “You're fucked now”. In fact, this becomes an instant downfall of the record; the lyrics are so bent on being angry that they come off too generic throughout. There are exceptions, of course, but the listener will mainly remember the “fuck you” lyrics over the well written ones. Despite this problem, Outspoken really doesn't have too many other faults. It's not for everyone (there's still a lot of people who hate this metal/pop combination), but this record is definitely more memorable and fun than the band's debut. Just listen to “Follow My Voice” if you want any indication of what power this band has in them. by Thomas Lehane >> Classification: Metalcore fused with electro/pop >> Recommended Tracks: “Once A Liar [Always A Fake]”, “Tell Me The Truth”, “Follow My Voice”, “Life On Fire”, “One Kiss” >> In Conclusion: This darker side to For All Those Sleeping is a good one, and will hopefully be recognized as such. It will be interesting to hear the band continue to explore this rage down the road. WITH SHAKING HANDS Armor of Light [Independent] Verdict: 9.5/10 The new EP from With Shaking Hands, Armor of Light, is an incredible production highly recommended to any fan of electro-fused metalcore. Much better than most of the band leading the scene right now (including I See Stars, At the Skylines, and Woe, Is Me), With Shaking Hands have really come into their own with this new collection. “Creation” is a key and string introduction that leads smoothly into the highly memorable and intensely satisfying, “Still Waters”. If this song doesn't get stuck into your head, then this is not your kind of music. While the metalcore is still at the forefront, the use of electronics does take over from time to time to steal the show. Take “Arma Lucis” for example; this track features some crazy production that increases the heaviest sections tenfold. In fact, every time the electronics come forward, they really take the formula to the next level. Armor of Light is, to put it simply, an amazing EP that should get the band signed no problem. Hell, it even comes with an acoustic version of the awesome “Still Waters”, and damn does it sound good. With Shaking Hands better be here to stay. - by Andrew Marshall >> Classification: Electro-fused Metalcore >> Recommended Tracks: “Still Waters”, “Arma Lucis”, “Better Than Gold” >> In Conclusion: With Shaking Hands has more talent than most of the bands leading their scene currently, so people need to fucking pay attention this band. RESTLESS STREETS In, And Of Myself [InVogue Records] Verdict: 8/10 Once again, InVogue has brought us a band that sounds right out of the Rise Records roster. Molding metal, hardcore, and melodic screamo, Restless Streets come swinging right out the gate with “The Concealer” on their debut EP. Instrumentally, the band sounds more or less like so many others populating the scene right now; but VOCALLY, Restless Streets shines through its screeches, growls, and cleans. The song structures are creative and often brutal, coming out fairly impressive and engaging (especially “At the Ballet”). In, And Of Myself isn't necessarily a great EP, but it does grab your attention and keep you listening from start to finish. It certainly shows a band with promise, especially when Restless Streets are pulling melody into the mix (spin “IJUSTWANTYOUHOME” or “At the Ballet” for clarification). Like a cross between The Plot In You, Before Their Eyes, and The Word Alive, the band definitely have a formula that is very popular right now. This debut EP should be enough to get them on the radars. - by Andrew Marshall >> Classification: Metalcore >> Recommended Tracks: “IJUSTWANTYOUHOME”, “Dr. Doctor”, “At the Ballet” >> In Conclusion: Restless Streets have a lot going for them, making this four track EP just too short. A full length is certainly anticipated.

BOUNCING SOULS Comet [Rise Records] Verdict: 10/10 Time has been kind to the Bouncing Souls, who have been punk rock legends since the early '90s. With over ten releases under their belts, the four piece is still stronger than ever. Having recently signed with Rise Records, Bouncing Souls are showing that their label home can expand from the metalcore scene with success. Comet is an instant hit that keeps listener glued to their speakers from start to finish. Just as memorable as such legends as Screeching Weasel, the band's brand of music is a perfect construction of the genre. There isn't a single dull track to be heard on Comet, and tracks like “Fast Times” and the acoustic closer, “Ship In A Bottle”, will require repeated listens for days. The only downside of this album is that it only lasts for thirty-four minutes. Bouncing Souls are fucking kings, as usual, with Comet. – by Amy Lockley >> Classification: Punk Rock >> Recommended Tracks: “Fast Times”, “Coin Toss Girl”, “We Love Fun”, “Ship In A Bottle” >> In Conclusion: Bouncing Souls never disappoint, and Comet is no exception. I just wish it was longer. LOSTPROPHETS Weapons [Fearless Records] Normal Edition Verdict: 8/10 Deluxe Edition Verdict: 9/10 The new Lostprophets album, Weapons, is the first in America since Lost Transmission some six years ago. The normal edition of this album is where we'll get started. Kicking off with the single, “Bring 'Em Down”, this track almost feels reminiscent of the band's famous Start Something days. As a result, it may get some longtime fans expecting a part two of that album, but this isn't the case. While “Bring 'Em Down” and “Another Shot” could feel very much like that era, the rest of the album takes elements from every other LP album, while also expanding their brand of rock into something slightly more “arena” in structure. “We Bring An Arsenal” is a great fuse between punk and hard rock, “Jesus Walks” sounds like something that would have ruled during the '90s alternative scene, and “Better Off Dead” seems to be going for an old school Linkin Park vibe. However, the rest of the album consists of melodic and soaring rock that tends to fall a little to the side. It's not that any of it is bad by any means, but the other tracks just don't really jump out. Luckily, the deluxe edition of this album really makes up for the unbalance. Hell, the b-sides and garage sessions found in the additional tracks are better than most of the normal edition's songs. “The Dead” and “Save Yourself” are especially memorable. Weapons is certainly no Start Something part two, but then again, it was never meant to be. Some fans may have been hoping for such a case, but they'll have to get over it. Weapons is still a very solid rock record from the famous Lostprophets. - by Amy Lockley >> Classification: Rock >> Recommended Tracks: “We Bring An Arsenal”, “Jesus Walks”, “Better Off Dead”, “The Dead”, “Save Yourself” >> In Conclusion: Personally, I think this album may place fourth place in the LP discography, but that doesn't mean it's poor. In fact, it is still a very solid and enjoyable record. I guess I'll always be stuck on the attitude and passion of Start Something... MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Challenger [Rise Records] Verdict: 8/10 Memphis May Fire is a band I've enjoyed following for the past few years. I was introduced to the band with their Trustkill full length, Sleepwalking, and instantly fell in love with its mix of heavy rock, screamo, and thrash. They then had the Between the Lies EP, which was a little lighter, but still memorable and fun. That release then brought them to my favorite label, Rise Records, for the release of their next full length, The Hollow. This record felt much darker and heavier, and fans took to it like bugs to a light zapper. Now we've got Challenger, the band's latest work, and it could be a toss up with listeners whether they love it or hate it. The first half of the album most closely resembles a cross between Sleepwalking and The Hollow, while the second half takes the best elements from Between the Lies and expands upon them. Surprisingly, the first half of Challenger interested me the least. It wasn't until track five that the record started to get me hooked on what it had to offer. The song, which is titled “Vices”, had a great speed and aggression to it that was instantly enticing, while the chorus was melodic without being too catchy. “Legacy” then brought in more hardcore vibes than anything else on the record, providing some great breakdowns along the way. However, it was the next two tracks that came out on top. “Miles Away”, which feature Kellin of Sleeping With Sirens, is a passionate slow song with a lot of atmosphere and heart. It is then followed by the “fuck you” track of the album, “Jezebel”, which calls out all the band whores clawing at the stage to sleep with the performers. Ultimately, chances are that Challenger will fall behind The Hollow in popularity, but it is still a strong album with some excellence songs. - by Nathaniel Lay >> Classification: Screamo/Metal/Hardcore/Rock >> Recommended Tracks: “Vices”, “Legend”, “Miles Away”, “Jezebel” >> In Conclusion: The new MMF album feels slightly unbalanced, like the songs were all written without thought of how they would be put together, but it is still a strong addition to the band's catalog.

CHELSEA GRIN Evolve EP [Artery Recordings] Verdict: 6/10 Evolve seems like an appropriate title for the new Chelsea Grin EP, considering that the band does show some new faces on this record. “Lilith” introduces some clean vocals to the deathcore mix, which may feel like a bit of shock to some. However, it's these sections (and the new atmospheric elements) that make this EP more interesting. Without these expansions, Evolve would be too noisy and unpleasant. “Confession” incorporates the cleans very sparingly, using them more as frantic cries for help than smooth singing, but they work well when placed. However, when you get to “Don't Ask Don't Tell”, this is where longtime fans will possibly throw a fit. The closing track features some great melodic moments, and the singing found on it sounds great. Unfortunately, it is only in the EP's few moments of expansion that Chelsea Grin sound good this time around. The remainder of Evolve is quite annoying and tedious. It's a real shame too, because My Damnation was quite good. - by Jacob Moore >> Classification: Deathcore >> Recommended Tracks: “Lilith”, “Confession”, “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” >> In Conclusion: With Evolve, Chelsea Grin do expand upon their formula several times. Surprisingly, it's in these moments that the EP becomes interesting. Without them, these new songs would completely fall flat. LINKIN PARK Living Things [Warner Bros. Records] Verdict: 8/10 With the last Linkin Park record, A Thousand Suns, it took me some ten spins before the songs started to grow on me. Luckily, with Living Things, it only took two spins to get me thoroughly interested in the new material. While this collection does continue that atmospheric rock formula of A Thousand Suns, it also rewinds time several times to bring back the old school elements that made the band famous to begin with. Once again, it's the rap sections that shine brightest on Living Things. The opening track, “Lost In The Echo”, has a good balance between the singing and rapping, making it a strong start for the album. From there, Living Things gives us “In My Remains” and “Burn It Down”, both of which may lead fans to think that this will become a sequel to the long winded Thousand Suns record. Luckily, “Lies Greed Misery” brings the album back around, leading with a very strong and memorable rap track, accompanied by some Meteora era screams. The song also sounds like it may have come from the Reanimation album of years back, as does the short lived “Victimized” track (which could have been so much more if the band had written it as a longer piece). Living Things may still feel too weighed down by the slower, more atmospheric material on it, but those sections are all tighter and better constructed than previously, at least. Given several spins, this record can win over even the oldest fans that fell in love with music thanks to Hybrid Theory all those years ago. – by Jacob Moore >> Classification: Atmospheric Rock w/ industrial and hip hop elements >> Recommended Tracks: “Lost In The Echo”, “Burn It Down”, “Lies Greed Misery”, “Victimized”, “Until It Breaks” >> In Conclusion: Living Things is better than A Thousand Suns, thank God, and is easier to become engaged by, but it still suffers from being too slow. Longtime fans will probably never hear another LP record in the likes of Hybrid Theory or Meteora again, sadly.


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