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LMInspire’s Influence Can Grow Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu


Dear Readers, By the Grace of Allah (SWT) I introduce to you the first revised issue of our community magazine - LMInspire. With an editorial team of passionate young brothers and sisters from all over Leicester, full of enthusiasm, we are eager to highlight the positive contributions by Muslims towards society at large. In this issue, you’ll venture through a broad range of subjects ranging from nutrition of the beloved Prophet (SAW), to current events in the Muslim World, to a personal view on the veil and much more! Our aim is to educate and inspire ourselves and others so that we can bring positive changes to our local community. We pray that this is the beginning of something amazing and you find inspiration through this new initiative Insha’Allah. Please do let us know how you find this issue and advise us on what you’d like us to cover in the future issues. We welcome your feedback and are looking for more people to help us make this project successful. I look forward to hearing from you. Jazakumullahu khairan – May Allah (SWT) reward you all with Goodness. Wassalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

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Inspiring Students

by: Asma Amla

De Montfort University As a student at DMU I am very proud to not only represent DMU university but to also represent the DMU Islamic Society, also known as The ISoc. The university not only has general facilities but facilities that cater to the needs of the Muslim population too. ISoc is run by many volunteers and a committee that works together to hold successful events. The best thing about ISoc is that the university has allowed us to have segregated prayer rooms, each with ablution facilities, where we are able to peacefully communicate with Our Lord. Alhamdulilah – All praises be to God.

A few students tips: 1. Get organised – It is quite important that you are able to balance your social life with your studies to get the best out of university life 2. Textbooks – They are typically expensive so buy used ones where possible (available from Amazon, eBay etc) and you can sell them when they are no longer needed 3. Studying/assessments – Make a timetable and stick to it. Aim to have assessments completed 2 days before so that you have time to carefully review them 4. Money – Spending money on unnecessary things is easy, so carry limited amount of money on you so you are not tempted to spend. A lot of money is spent on food so why not try making your own sandwiches, which are so much cheaper than buying them ready made. 5. Keep up to date with what is going on with your university as certain events that are run are made to help you throughout your university life.


Missionutrition by: Latifa Parvin

With the book of complete guidance, the Glorious Qur’aan, we have the best of example People have decided that they know what for us, the Prophet Muhammed (saw). He is best for us, the way we dress, what gadgets defined the key fundamentals in having a good we should buy, how we should walk, talk and nutritional healthy diet—MODERATION. even what we should eat! We are constantly bombarded with the latest fad diets , food PROPHET(SAW) said, “The son of Adam does crazes, weight loss/ weight gain fetishes. not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It It is time we turn back to the one and ONLY is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few ONE who knows what is truly best for you mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do and for me - our CREATOR believe it or not, that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one this Deen has prescribed how we should take third with food, one third with drink and one care of our health. This body of ours is an third with air” (Tirmidhi) AMANAH from Allah to us, one which we will be accountable for on the Day of Reckoning. Along with a balanced nutritional diet, the How perfect is Islam, and how Merciful our Prophet saw had an active lifestyle, and was Lord, that we are not in a moment of darkness engaged in activities such as horse riding, archery, swimming, walking a lot, running and even for our dietary and health needs. wrestling. “The believer eats in one stomach “O Believers! Eat of the good and pure (lawful) whilst the disbeliever eats in seven.” that We have provided you with and be grateful to Allah, if you truly worship Him.” (2:172)


MISSIONUTRITION a healthier look at diet & etiquettes of eating, from the Qur’aan and Sunnah...

With the book of complete guidance, the Glorious Qur’aan, we have the best of example for us, the Prophet Muhammed (saw). He defined the key fundamentals in having a good nutritional healthy diet—MODERATION. PROPHET(SAW) said, “The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air” (Tirmidhi) Along with a balanced nutritional diet, the Prophet saw had an active lifestyle, and was engaged in activities such as horse riding, archery, swimming, walking a lot, running and wrestling. “The believer eats in one stomach whilst the disbeliever eats in seven.”


Ibrahim A.S.

by: Sumayyah Khan

Ur in Iraq is where he was born Even as a youngster to Islam, his allegiance was sworn Abu Al-Ambiya was also his name Mentioned 60 times in the Quran, now that’s fame! Thrown in the fire for being right 10 years later, still willing to fight Allah had his back, that’s protection like no other No bodyguard on this earth could give that kinda cover Turn to Allah when you feel life is a struggle Inshallah for that we will defo get ajar (reward) Ready to sacrifice his son, Ismail One of the reasons why we celebrate Eid No hesitation he obeyed the command What would you have done if the knife was in your hand? He was giving Da’wah when he was 16 years old And you? Playing games on your blackberry bold He had Jannah in his sight he was aiming for gold Your never in the Masjid coz you say it’s too cold Better fix up before you’re wrapped in white and you’re all alone


Don’t complain when the debt collector comes…coz your body? It’s a loan. Too late then, no one’s fault but your use regretting, you were always told! Waking up for prayer you think that’s hell? What about the story of the Zam Zam Well Hajar (as), alone in the desert not a soul to tell 7 times she climbed those mountains, praying for help! But Allah was there she didn’t need no one else If the shoe was on your foot would you have tripped and fell? This story is no one else’s but Ibrahim (as)’s, may peace be on his soul Learn that patience and perseverance is KEY if Heaven is your goal If gold and silver bricks is what makes your final abode Sweet smelling musk wafting through the air, whatever you desire before you even think it...It’s THERE! Rich beyond belief, fast cars and designer clothes But first? Change your ways, submit to Allah or your 1st Hell is your 6 foot hole! Always remember…when times are hard and friends are few

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Views on the Veil by: Mohammed Sacranie

And when you ask them (the Prophet’s wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and their hearts.’ QURA’AN (33:53)

Whether its countries attempting to impose bans, or curious people wandering about the reasoning behind the so called ‘strange’ garment, the topic of the veil is one that has been attracting more and more attention recently. Even though I’m a male, and probably, well not probably, definitely will never be required to wear the veil, I would still like to take this an opportunity to express my thoughts on the matter. So, here are my views on the veil and how I have come to think this way.

It all started when I was discussing Islam with a good friend of mine at work. During one summer weekend we left work and were walking through the city centre, it was at this moment that he asked me; ‘Why do Muslim women wear the veil?’ I took some to think before attempting an answer, he’s a law student, and thus he has a habit of seeing things in a more detailed light. I knew different analogies for the veil (like the one with the two sweets on the floor, one in a wrapper and one without, which one would you choose?) but I was reluctant to use these examples, to me they sound too much like their in favour of the male and I knew he would pick up on this. They aren’t wearing the veil for us to choose them. I knew this, but how to articulate it?

9 ‘Look around you bro’, I said to him, ‘Why are these women even wearing clothes? They’re doing it because they consider some parts of themselves to be private, precious. So if a woman decides that she wouldn’t like to keep only certain parts of herself covered, she would much rather keep everything concealed because she considers everything as precious, then what’s wrong with that?’. I waited for a response; ‘I know what you mean’, I felt like my face had lit up, ‘I’d always thought they were doing it to save themselves for their husbands, don’t get me wrong I like that idea but I can see the logic behind it now’. He advised me that this was the general impression within his community; everybody thought that the women were doing it for their husbands, it seemed so oppressive! That’s my first view point; women don’t wear the veil because men want them to. Women wear the veil because they want to.

The Hijab is IFFAH (Modesty). The Hijab is Tahara (Purity) The Hijab is a Shield The Hijab is Taqwah (Righteousness) The Hijab is Eemaan (Belief or Faith) The Hijab is Haya’ (Bashfulness) The Hijab is Gheerah (protectiveness)

My second view point is one of disappointment. This stems from a video I saw on YouTube that affected me quite deeply. The video was captured recently after the veil ban in France. 3 police officers were dragging a sister in a veil into a police car while she was screaming and trying to free herself from their grip. I must admit I was almost moved to tears, partly because this sister was displaying such bravery and courage, but also because this said a lot about the state of the world in which we live. Allow me to elaborate; this woman’s crime, for which she was actually being arrested, was no more than covering her body. What kind of world do we live in now, where women are actually arrested for covering their bodies? I’m absolutely shocked that women (predominantly non Muslim women) aren’t outraged by this! I mean, whether a woman wears a veil or not, it’s simply degrading to arrest women for covering their bodies! This concludes my second view point; whether you wear a veil or not, this is about freedom, dignity, and modesty. This is about valuing women, Muslim or not, as the treasures of our community that they are.


Jalal Ibn Saeed “The Hereafter” visits Loughbrough University, Lecture on

by: Burhan Mohammed Uddin

The Noble Qur’an, 2: 216

It may be that you like something which is bad for you and it may be that you dislike something which is good for you, but only Allah (God) knows and you do not know.

The Noble Qur’an 4:78

Jalal Ibn Saeed gave a tremendous lecture at Loughborough University on the humbling topic of the Hereafter; Death, torment of the grave and the Day of Judgment. He did a fantastic job fitting all three topics into just over 1and a half hours. He said, “death is a lecture on its own, the punishment of the Grave is a week and the Day of Judgment will take forever!” The most attractive aspect of his lecture is his ability to draw the viewer’s attention and grab their imagination, stirring up the emotions inside a person. And a topic like this is for no other better to describe this today other than Jalal Ibn Saeed. As Muslims we believe that life is short and is a journey from the womb to the tomb. We need to fill our lives with righteousness obeying the commands of Allah (God) and following the example of the final Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Death is something inevitable and we must ready ourselves for the moment when death will hit us, the Angel of Death will not wait for us to prepare when Allah commands him to take our soul from our bodies. This topic should make us think, this world for a Muslim should be a journey to the next life. Living a life of submission to Allah (God) will give us peace, for only God, the Creator knows what is best for us.

Death will reach you even if you build a tower reaching the heavens. The lecture was organized by Al-Hera, a Muslim youth organization in Loughbrough and by Loughborough University Islamic Society, LUIS. Sheikh Jalal was taken to the local Bangladesh Social Association building where a meal was prepared for the welcomed guest. He gave the Muslim youth great inspiration and an increased boost in Faith so that they can move forward helping the community in the best way they can. He also invited the Al-Hera organistaion senior members Ridwan Karim to think about a prospect of having a “one eid” prayer and celebration outdoors in Loughborough so that the day of ‘Eid can be celebrated on one big day with fun fairs being present for the children. Al-Hera are currently analysing prospects to accomplish “one eid” project for‘Eid ul Fitr 2012, inshaAllah.


by: Burhan Mohammed Uddin

Whoever studies the book (this Qur’an) as it should be studied the gain is theirs and whoever rejects it the loss is their own. *Noble Qur’an 2:121

A student of the late Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy upon him) Shaykh Dr. Fahad Al-Mutairi gave a short talk for around 25 people in the King Street Masjid. He told the Muslims that the “biggest ni’ma (blessing) for us is Islam and ‘Iman (Faith).” He also mentioned that “Ni’ma does not reach everyone” and we must take advantage of what Allah subhanu wa ta’la has blessed us with. A great speech given in Arabic was translated by the humble Brother Mustapha a Loughbrough University Graduate from UAE, his roots from war-torn Palestine.

have in Islam, the Religion of Allah (God). the Religion of Allah (God).

He also mentioned that the turmoil in the Muslim countries is not a surprise, and is predominantly not because of oil or gold, but mainly to affect the Faith Muslims

A final key point the Sheikh mentioned was that “our main goal of the attainment of sacred knowledge”, i.e the Qur’an and Sunnah. The just law of God,

and we should all strive to get knowledge of it plus the knowledge of the world, i.e in Universities should mainly be with the intention to serve Allah’s religion” through learning, for verily we are quickly returning back to our lord.



OUR CONDITION by: Mohammed Sacranie

Allah does not change a condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

The Qur’an – Chapter 13 Verse 11

alarmed though, weighing in at less than 100 pages, it’s a very manageable read.

The book we’re going to be reviewing in this issue is called Agenda To Change Our Condition. You don’t have to look further than the authors to know it’s going to be a productive read; Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir are never short of words of wisdom to share. The book was published in 2008 by Zaytuna publications and the ISBN is 978-09702843-1-0. It consists of an introduction, 5 chapters and 3 appendices. Don’t be

Let’s start with the title. The thing I love most is that it’s very concise; the book is exactly what it says on the cover. Derived from the verb agere meaning ‘to do’, the word Agenda literally means ‘things to be done’. So an ‘Agenda to change our condition’ literally means; ‘Things to do to change our condition’. Interesting, especially with the state of our ummah at this moment in time. Concepts such as Taqwa – Awareness of God - are made clear, along with explanation as to why this must be attained. The authors offer an understanding on how to achieve Taqwa by providing practical tips on how to undergo this change – with charts to keep track of your progress. The book is very well constructed, written in an

easy to read manner, in an organized and logical way. It also has motivational quotes throughout to keep you going in those difficult times! Here’s an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into; ‘Generally speaking, we are powerless, bereft, morally bankrupt – objects of history rather than subjects of history… Our condition is far from that of our noble forbearers. The question arises: How did we reach this state? Before responding to this question, we should ask a more important one: How do we get out of this state…?’ I would recommend this book to my friends, family and my brothers and sisters in Islam. The knowledge within its pages has benefitted me as a Muslim and a citizen of this land; I sincerely believe that if each and every one of us set off on this journey, through time and effort, we would surely reach our destination.


Charity week It was beautiful to see how many people donated to this worthy cause of raising money for orphans and needy people around the world. DMU, along with the hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, take part in Charity Week each year, which is organised by Islamic Relief. Whether it was baking for the bake stall, or being at the stalls, or selling Krispy Kremes, or running around campus and town centre trying to get as much donations as possible, it really was truly inspirational for everyone to dedicate their time and effort to this awesome and united experience. As broke as students are, they still opened their hearts and donated to those who need it most. This year at DMU, we made handprints and wrote messages on a massive piece of paper which will be sent to the donated countries. A special shoutout goes to all the volunteers that took part during the week!

by: Asma Amla

Allah’s Messenger Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said, ‘The example of the Believers in their mutual love, mercy and compassion for one another is like one body; if one limb complains then the whole body responds to it in restlessness and fever.’

-Sahih Muslim


Zanzibar by: Azra Jamal

Zanzibar, my mother’s birthplace. An island located in the Indian Ocean, 25 miles from the Tanzanian coast, stretches it’s shores 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. The island is characterised by soft sandy beaches harmoniously blending into crystalline waters with fringing coral reefs. With its charming existence of historic Stone Town, Zanzibar is known to be the only ‘happening’ ancient town in East Africa. The inhabitants of Zanzibar are known as Zanzibaris, their culture as Swahili and their lan-guage as Kiswahili. The word Swahili is derived from the Arabic word Sawahil which means ‘of the coast’. The culture and language reflect the amalgamation of African, Arabic and Asian influences on the people. 96% of Zanzibar’s population are Muslims. Arab traders who visited the East African coastline dating back to the 1st century brought Islam to Africa. The representation

15 of the Islamic faith is evident in the Zanzibari lifestyle through its sounds of the call to prayer throughout the island to the chaos in the alley-ways caused by people rushing to prayer from dusk to dawn. The islands of the Zanzibar archipelago have been influenced by a blend of styles borrowed by many nations. This is evident in the style of architecture. A central role of influence from the Sultanate of Oman can be seen from the dominance of Arab designs in the art and architecture of the island. However, over centuries, Persian, Indian and European designs were incorporated. The rich and historical buildings of Stone Town still remain as a testament to an era of wealth and Zanzibar is known for its intricate alleyways prominence. that are full of life during the day and silent by night. From children running through the streets holding their Quran and getting late for madressah, to elderly people going out for a stroll while bicycles and motorbikes would zoom pass dodging people through the narrow spaces. As you walk along the maze of Stone Town, you are surrounded by rich cultural heritage. The locals are always welcoming and open to tourists, where there is a vibrant atmosphere on the streets. The markets are full of fresh aromas from spices, and street food, to sweet smell of traditional Zanzibari qahawa (black coffee) and halwa (sweet). As you walk along the labyrinth of cobbled streets, you are surrounded by the energy and charm of Stone Town. Handiwork on doors, balconies and facades of buildings date back in history, where little has changed in the last 200 years.



by: Aneeza Yusuf

uslim Poverty Relief is a small but very successful charity based in the United Kingdom. They have two main objectives; to provide relief from poverty in the form of various forms of charitable aid, and at the same time, to clarify misconceptions and better our understanding of Islam. They have given out aid in many countries and in many forms, for example, they set up a clean water system back in 2007 in Bangladesh. Also they have sent aid to Palestine, Sri Lanka, Malawi and Somalia amongst the many others! This inspiring charity provides beautiful, succinct, reports of the countries that they have helped and describe WHAT they did, WHERE and WHEN. This is great as you can visually see where the money you donated has gone to and WHO it is helping.

Check them out at: http://www.

The site is easy to navigate around and explains clearly their values and ideologies about the beautiful concept of charity. Also LIKE their Facebook page on: https://

Let us all help in this noble cause and provide for our brothers and sisters in humanity who are in need of our humbled efforts to easing their hardships. Smile, its a charity!

Donating is easy! Simply go on their website – shown below – and click on the “Donate Now” link and it’s as simple as that! You can also join their mailing list so that you can keep up to date with all their latest projects and ventures. Also, when you donate, MPR keeps you in the loop of what’s happening with your money and how their current projects are going. There are many ways to get involved with MPR. You CAN simply donate, BUT why not be creative? SPREAD the word about this Inspiring Charity at your local mosques and community centres! Do a sponsored walk or a bake sale and donate the proceedings to MPR. The possibilities are endless and involving a charitable deed with a fun activity makes it that bit more enjoyable!


Al-Hera Youth Group Winter Conference 2011 by: Burhan Mohammed Uddin

The Al-Hera Youth club annual winter conference once again did not fail to live upto expectations with plays, nasheeds, talks by Shaykh Shafi Choudhury and talks by the rising Muslim youth of Loughborough. The Al-Hera Youth group are an organization who are based in Loughbrough, helping the youth to improve their understanding of the beautiful religion of Islam. The founders of the group have given much dedication to this ongoing battle of helping the new generation of Muslims take the batton forward and proclaim this divine message of There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. During the year of 2011, 1432-33AH Al-Hera organized many lectures in joining hands with Loughborough University ISOC. Lectures such as Jalal ibn Saeed (The Hereafter), Hamza Tsozrtziz (Atheism & Islam), Azzam Tamimi (The Holy Land) were some of the main highlights of the year. Aqeedah classes were also taught by the eloquently spoken Shaykh Shafi Choudhury. The sisters also have their own Youth Group which is part of AlHera known as Ilham. It is a bright idea as the Muslims of the future will surely require mothers who are amongst the best of

Muslims. It also gives sisters the opportunity to carry on learning in an Islamic environment after reaching High School. MashaAllah, they are also lead by strong women of the community. May Allah strengthen the efforts of Al-Hera and their partners to educate the youth. May all of us reading this understand the importance of having good companionship in this life so that we may be amongst the same gatherings in the life to come InshaAllah.


Tie Your Camel

by: Ahlam Riyashy

There are times in life when we wonder to ourselves “Why has this happened to me?! Why is my life upside-down?!” We fill ourselves with so much grief and distress. We blame other people, our loved ones, and even worse, sometimes blaming God. So easy it is to place the blame on others yet we fail to look at OURSELVES. Subhanallah... Little do we realise that sometimes it is US who put ourselves in difficult situations. It is OURSELVES who have dug the dark hole we are in. There are those who say “This is what Allah has written for me. This is my fate.” This is a great misconception. Indeed Allah has written what your fate will be, but understand that He has NOT influenced your actions. 10% of what happens in your life is out of your control but 90% is! It is US who make our lives. YOU are the one in control and YOU are the one who chooses who you want to be. I’ll give you an example. A person may say “Inshallah I’ll pass tomorrow’s exam”. The results come out and they have failed. What caused them to fail? Will they say “It is what Allah has written for me”, or will they look deeply into the reason and realise they hadn’t revised? Allah isn’t the One who makes choices for us. Allah wants US to make those decisions ourselves using knowledge and faith.

One day Prophet Muhammad (PBuH) noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it and he asked the Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet (PBuH) then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah.” Hadith, At-Tirmidhi

You can only say “This is what Allah has written for me” once you have “tied your camel”. So do your bit, and leave the rest to Allah. Next time we are faced with a difficult situation, let us remember to reflect within ourselves.

“And that man can have nothing but what he strives for.”

Quran, An-Najm 53:39

May Allah increase us in understanding. Ameen.


KIDS ONLY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Rasulullah Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam

General Knowledge Quiz

said, “Say ‘Bismillah’, eat with your right hand and eat what is near you.”

1. What is the first month of the Islamic Calendar? 2. True or False: Surah Al-Fatiha is the last surah of the Qur’an?

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! See how many differences you can find within 30 seconds!

3. What do we call the Angels who write down what we do? 4. What do you say when you sneeze? 5. What date was the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) born? LOOK BELOW FOR THE ANSWERS!

CHOCOLATE RICE CRISPIES This recipe doesn’t take long, but make sure you get an adult to help you! What you’ll need: Cooking chocolate Rice Crispies A bowl of hot water A pan A wooden spoon Paper cases

Method With an adult’s help, boil a pan of water. Place a bowl of chocolate (a bowl which fits comfortable on top of the pan!) on top of the water. Leave the heat on low heat, and melt the chocolate. Pour rice crispies into the chocolate, mix well. Very quickly spoon the rice crispies into the paper cases, and decorate with cake decorations if you like! Leave them in the fridge for 10 minutes, and they’re ready to eat!

How many times can you say this tongue twister as fast as you can? READY… SET…. GO!

Is there a pleasant peasant present?

DID YOU KNOW? Most people blink about 17,000 times a day!!!

Answers: 1. Muharram » 2. False » 3. Kiraman Katibin » 4. Alhamdulillah » 5. 12th Rabi Al Awwal


Inspiring Team

Muhammad Burhan Uddin is an ambitious brother with a keen interest in global politics and journalism. He keeps himself updated with current events affecting the ummah and is also studying Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Al-Kawthar Institute in Leicester. He actively gets involved in teaching children Al-Huda supplementary school in the weekend in Loughborogh and desires that someday he will be able to impart sacred knowledge, which he is seeking himself, to the next generation of Muslims. Ahlam Riyashy, an adventurous, big hearted individual who makes the most out of everything that she chooses to do. From climbing Mount Snowdon to helping out in the smallest ways for charity, she is a dedicated and hard working individual who is a true example for all of us Muslim sisters out there. Apart from studying Pharmacy at DMU, she likes to call herself Complicated Creation as she ponders over the beauties of life. I tell you this girl can talk and talk and MashaAllah such beautiful words too! I pray she is able to achieve the very best in this life and the akhirat, Ameen.

Azra Jamal is currently at De Monfort University,studying psychology with education. Her passion lie in doing charity work, travelling, and attending Islamic events. She also plays an active part in the community as she is part of Empower youth academy where she mentors students. Besides being one in a million, her humility and kindness have no bounds. She never fails to bring happiness and joy to those around her and those she meets. All of which add to her humble character. Attiya Ahmad, a DMU undergraduate studying Psychology and Education. She aspires to hold the career of teaching young children in the near future. MashaAllah, she is passionate about keeping fit, and is very active in different activities and projects within the community. She is a keen woman, working hard towards her dreams. It doesn’t take a lifetime to know someone’s nature. Being unacquainted, Attiya and I got to know each other over a phone call and MashaAllah I admire Attiya for her activism and calm nature. She is someone who is very easy to get on with. May Allah bless her, Ameen.

Mohammad Sacranie studying Business Management and Computing at DMU in his final year. MashaAllah he has shown himself to be self-motivated, committed and determined in achieving his goals. He has also demonstrated negotiating and organising skills, a sense of responsibility and capacity to work hard under pressure. He is able to relate to a wide range of people, as proven by his excellent verbal and written communication skill and also varied Islamic rap or poems. Coming to his character, he is very intelligent and meticulous who loves to talk more about the reality of the world through his intelligence Allah has gifted him. Also he is very enjoyable to have laugh with. May Allah SWT keep brother Mohammad in the best possible health and bless him with all the blessings....Ameen

21 Latifa Parvin, not simply a colleague but a very good friend of mine here at DMU! She is a diligent, passionate student aiming to become a pharmacist insha’Allah. Latifa is very much so an active member of the ISOC here, attending many of the events throughout the year as well as having the trusted position in being a Prayer room officer. Now, of course it isn’t all about all work and no play - no! Latifa loves trying out new and different kinds of cuisines when she has the time as well as going for long walks and discovering new things about the city she is living in for the duration of her studies here. Anybody who befriends this girl is truly blessed to know someone of such beautiful character.

Sumayya khan is a university student currently studying history and politics. She is an enthusiastic individual who has a creative mind that allows her to write poetry and perform spoken word pieces that greatly inspire many. She is active in many aspects of life, from organising events to keeping fit by playing sports. Her caring personality allows her to uplift any spirit that feels down. She is an enthusiastic individual and has determination that allows her to plough through anything life throws at her

Aneeza Yusuf, a studious and confident individual who knows what she wants from life. Currently studying Pharmacy, she’s determined to achieve her aspirations in becoming a Hospital Pharmacist abroad Insha’Allah. With her contemplative mind and thirst to learn more about Islam, Aneeza aims to make a positive impact in the world be it through social media to raise awareness of current issues, or by helping with the ISoc fundraisers. Aneeza loves learning about different cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds albeit being proud of her own roots. Aneeza is a friend of mine, whom I have been very blessed to meet. May Allah bless her always, Ameen.

Asma Amla is a student, sister and a social butterfly! She has studied economics and business management at De Montfort University and has harmoniously balanced her academic and social life. She has successfully played a significant role in the Islamic society for the last 3 years and actively participates in her community by attending and organizing events. She is a sports coach for Empower Youth Academy and keeps herself fit by attending basketball every week. She also writes poetry and spoken word pieces in her free time. Her vibrant energy is contagious!

Muntazir is a gifted graphic designer, and chief designer here at LM Inspire. Prior to LM Inspire Muntazir was designing for De Montfort University Isoc and after seeing his work we knew we had to get him on board! With limitless talent and creativity he transforms words on paper to works of art, MashaAllah. Having completed a year in art and design foundation, Muntazir is looking to go into his 1st year of a bachelor of Arts in graphic design after summer, inshaAllah. Outside university he enjoys going to the gym and having barbeques, if it isn’t raining that is! Muntazir is a crucial part of the LM Inspire team, May Allah reward him for all his efforts, Ameen.


Glossary Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu = May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you Assalaamu alaikum = Peace be upon you Alhamdulillah = Praise be to God Ameen = “Amen” May God accept our prayers A.S (Alaihi wa sallam) = Peace be upon Him Insha’Allah = God Willing Masha’Allah = As God Willed Subhana’Allah = Glory be to God Jazak’Allahu khairan = May God reward you with Goodness PbuH = Peace be upon him/her RA (Radhiallahu anhu/anha) = May God be Pleased with the him/her SWT (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) = the most Glorified and most Exalted SAW (Sall allahu alaihi wa sallam) = May God honour him and grant him peace

What to expect in the next Issue...? Picking up Paper And the Secret to Success


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INSPIRING CHARTIY “No religion is higher than humanity”

>> Focuses on local events that affects the community.

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