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Google Mail Extras Google Mail has an assortment of gadgets that you can add to your email account. These can be found by clicking on the SETTINGS link in the upper right of your Gmail account and choosing LABS from the links that come up in the new window. The gadgets that you already have enabled will appear at the top. If you see any gadgets that you want to add, just click on the ENABLE radio button next to the gadget. When you are done making any changes, make sure


MAIL-Shows a Google map preview of all addresses found in an email.

to click the SAVE CHANGES button at the top or bottom of the window. If you neglect to do this, the gadgets won’t appear in your email. These labs can change anytime, so you might want to check back every once in a while to see what’s new. Below are listed some gadgets that you might find useful.

EXTRA EMOJI-Makes more emoticons available.

CANNED RESPONSE-You can create a message that you use often and just hit a button to have the text appear. GOOGLE MAPS PREVIEW IN

SUPERSTARS-Adds more star icons options

GOOGLE DOCS GADGETAdds a box in the left column which displays a list of your Google Docs. INSERTING IMAGES-Allows you to insert images in your email messages

UNDO SEND—Stops messages from being sent for a few seconds.




Britannica Smart 2 Math Copyright


Make Your Own Magazine Cover


Math Maven Mysteries


Math Continuum 4 Artificial Anatomy


Click on the graphic above to find free printable worksheets for your class!

Education World If you can ignore the ads on this website, there is a wealth of information on Education World. There are lesson plans, professional development, tech integration, newsletters, clipart, grants, worksheet library, website reviews, traceable monthly calendars, etc. If you only have a few minutes, I’d suggest

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going to the Tools and Templates page, at http:// tools_templates/index.shtml On this webpage you can find all sorts of certificates, calendars, posters, signs, graphic organizers, letters, etc. These are definitely useful and time saving resources for all teachers.



Current Free Books at MeeGenius Jemima Puddleduck The Little Red Hen The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Magpie’s Nest The Lion and the Mouse Three Little Pigs

MeeGenius MeeGenius is a free collection of on-line (audio) picture books for children. Their library includes classic titles such as the "Little Red Hen,” "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Pinocchio" and the "Lion and the Mouse.” Listen to the stories read aloud or read them independently. The audio playback and word highlighting makes these books perfect for the beginning reader. The ability to personalize the text with student names should immediately increase the engagement

level for any reader. Students will love being able to include themselves and friends as characters in the book. It is also possible to edit and adjust the complexity level of the text to better fit student reading abilities. The currently available platforms for this online library include the Web, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. MeeGenius invites aspiring authors and illustrators to submit their own stories. Older students can use this site as a way to create books themselves.

Be aware: There are books for sale at this site. Be sure to click on the link for "Free Books." Looking for a quick way for students to practice stoichiometry, significant figures, balancing equations, and other problems? Use this interactive game to solve these problems. More is scheduled to be added to the site in the future. View the tutorial on how to move the player through the levels. No login is required to play. However,

teachers can create an account for students and require student logins to keep track of progress. Students are not required to provide an email address when registering. Though the music is uplifting, the only way to turn off the sound is to turn off the volume on your computer. Be sure to check the rules and select your level before you play.

Britannica Smart Math Britannica SmartMath is the perfect online companion for your elementary math program. With 35,000 math problems that cover 91 topics all aligned with NCTM standards, students are never presented the same question twice, so there is no item fatigue. As TECHNOLOGY


they practice, the difficulty level of the questions increases progressively according to performance; if appropriate, topics for remediation are suggested. While this site is for paid subscribers, there are many activities that can be used in the classroom for free.

There are study guides and practice available. The testing sections are not available without a subscriptions. The program is setup to align with the Everyday Math series. http:// try_it_out.jsp






Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright The Library of Congress created this animated series of quick, short videos explaining what copyright is all about and why it is important for your students to protect their creations. There is a timeline of some of the milestone copyright laws, frequently asked pertinent questions such as, “Is it okay to use someone else’s work or for anyone to use my work?” and everything you need for actually registering a copyright electronically. For those of you who may choose to use a printed version of these materials, you can click on the link to view a plain text version of all the activities. Students are never too young or too old to learn about and be reminded about copyright responsibilities.

Big Huge Labs Magazine is an online magazine cover creator. Students can create custom magazine covers from photos on Flickr or photos uploaded from the computer. This would be a great tie-in to a persuasive writing unit. Discuss with students why magazine covers need to be persuasive. Students can create a custom cover for a multitude of projects. This might be a fun Mother’s day/Father’s day gift as well! On the left is an example of a magazine cover created on this website.

Math Maven Mysteries Are you looking for a new twist in your math lessons? Why not use these ready to go math mysteries! Most of the mysteries present students with a short story to read and then a quick math problem to solve at the end. These mysteries are sure to engage your students and promote creative thinking. Although the website may appear as a simple list of activities, this website is a gem. The list of mysteries includes the title, difficulty level, and skill necessary. There are three difficulty levels and eight varieties of skills (including Geometry & Spatial Relations, Fractions & Ratios, Whole Number Operations, Logical Reasoning, and others). There is also a teacher's guide that includes objectives, standards, how to use the activities, extension activities, and assessment.


Math Continuum For Grades 3-9

This site contains many visual explanations of Math topics including interactive practice activities. Each explanation begins with a definition of the topic (such as adding or subtracting fractions), then moves on to practicing the skill with the interactive pieces. Practice activities at the end of each topic are very visually appealing and will appeal to most students. One of the most useful portions of the site is the glossary which contains definitions of many Math terms along with examples of the terms in use. This site would be useful for students to practice skills already learned; however, the explanations are not in-depth enough for beginning to learn concepts. Create a link on classroom computers or in the computer lab to use as practice. Use the glossary as a resource on your interactive whiteboard or projector when definitions are needed for math terms. Provide a link on your class website or blog to the glossary for students to access at home. Display the site on your interactive whiteboard, choose a subject such as adding/ subtracting fractions, then click the link titled "topic" and choose the final

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item in the sequence - in this instance it is an activity called The Small Flood. These activities are perfect for whole-class practice in each subject.

Artificial Anatomy How well do you know your anatomy? Play Artificial anatomy’s Body Parts to test your retention. Here’s how you play. When you see a mystery image on the left of the screen, you’ll be prompted to identify the body part. Use your mouse to find and select the proper body part from the full size anatomical model. Don’t forget to look for additional answers by turning Jerome (the anatomical model). To learn more, you can also click on the History, Preservation and Collection tabs. Challenge students to write the specific reasons why they chose a certain body part on Jerome. Ask what is unique about that structure and how each structure is particularly suited for the organ and its function. Credit for many website reviews in this issue go to Teacher’s First and iLearn Technology.


WEVS tech tips and tools

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