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Program Overview

Selection Criteria

The SMART Exemplary Educator program spans the globe to recognize teachers who improve educational outcomes through the innovative use of SMART products.

The SMART Exemplary Educator program is open to teachers, technology coordinators and administrators worldwide. All SMART Exemplary Educators must meet the following criteria:

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SMART Exemplary Educators receive the following:

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SmartBoard Exemplary Educator


you’ll want to visit


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A certificate of recognition Preferred access to attend SMART events regionally and nationally A one-time $199 credit to be used for any of SMART's training offerings as noted in the program acceptance letter Updates on SMART products and the chance to evaluate new products

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Use SMART products innovatively to improve learning results Show commitment to developing effective educational practices Share these practices with other educators

A no-charge copy of SMART Ideas conceptmapping software A SMART Exemplary Educator laptop bag

Experience Applying


SMART Exchange


Selection Process

Scholastic & SMART-


You can apply to join the SMART Exemplary Educator program at any time - there are no deadlines and no limit to the number of educators who may be accepted.



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This is a two-step application process. The first step requires that you complete the online application form. You are asked to describe why you want to be a SMART Exemplary Educator (maximum 300 words). You should also list any conferences where you have presented in the last three years (include the year and the presentation topic). To save time, you can prepare these supporting documents ahead and paste them directly into the online form.

NWOCA Training


Magic Pen



The second step is to submit a lesson activity in SMART Ideas or Notebook software that shows how you use technology to improve learning. Your lesson activity will help us determine your level of competence with SMART products and give you the opportunity to have your lesson activities considered for publication on Continued on next page



Selection Process Continued To help you develop publishable lesson activities to be correlated to national standards, please consider the following components and click on the links below for more detailed guidelines. • Submit your lesson activity in notebook or SMART Ideas software. SMART Ideas software must be version 5 or above. • Include a teachers note at the beginning of the lesson activity. • Establish clear learning objectives. • Provide clear instructions for the educator and the students. • Any material not from the Gallery must be referenced and copyright free. For your convenience we have created Teachers Notes and a Notebook Software Activity Guide to help you develop creative and interactive lesson activities. We accept all grade and subject areas but are currently most interested in high school lesson activities.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach him to use the Net and he won't bother you for weeks.

My Experience in Applying for Exemplary Educator I decided to apply to be a SMARTBoard Exemplary Educator to gain access to exclusive materials online. Another big incentive was that I could download the concept mapping software for FREE!! A single license of SMART Ideas software is $59. This software is comparable to INSPIRATION, but it’s integrated with the SMARTBoard. A $199 credit towards SMART training is also available. The application can be found at SMART+Exemplary+Educator/ Application.htm

The application is very straight forward—just one page online. I then made up a few activities to submit. Within a few days I heard that my application had been received (Nov. 20). On Dec. 20 I received notification that I had been accepted. At this point SMART sends you exclusive login information and the code to unlock the concept mapping software, SMART Ideas. If you have any questions, or need some help, please contact me. Lyn Moxim

SMART Exchange - The SMART Exchange is a free resource center and community network that provides a wealth of resources for technology-enabled learning. Exchange ideas and find the information you are looking for, including recent research, best practices, success stories and daily tools. You need to join to be able to download Notebook files, but it’s free!








Scholastic Online SMARTBoard Activities Scholastic has a great website with lots of resources to use with your students. One of the pages has many lessons created in Smart Notebook software. They have lessons for the following topics: Famous People in History, Math and Science, Back-to-School, and Earth Day.

Link: You might also want to click on the different tabs at the top of the page. There are student activities that your class might enjoy and even use on the SMARTBoard. You can choose a grade level from PreK to 12 and subject area, so there’s a little something for everyone. There are even stories for the that the kids can read online, or have read to them.

Another SMARTBoard Site A teacher wrote and wanted to share this webpage that has SMART Notebook activities. Check out: smartboard/ This site is definitely worth a peek!

Interactive Plagiarism Website You Quote It, You Note It! This interactive site is meant to help students understand what is and is not actually plagiarism. It allows students to "pick" a student to walk through the tutorial with and does a good job of ex-

plaining why something is plagiarism and how to fix it. The actual tutorial takes about 10 minutes. Although this is geared to Acadia University students, it is very pertinent to middle and high school students, as well, and very easy to understand.


NWOCA Training NWOCA offers free training to our staff. The classes are offered at Four County and at Owens Tech. Particularly noteworthy are the SMARTBoard and Moodle class offerings. The schedule for Four County is shown at the left. So sign up, visit, then click on the SCHEDULE TAB and choose the location to see the available classes. To sign up, click on the REGISTER icon on the far right of the class name.

www .wau se

SMARTBoard Cool Tool—The Magic Pen The MAGIC PEN is a useful 3 in 1 tool. It spotlights, magnifies, and creates fading objects.

Using the SPOTLIGHT is a great way to focus the students’ attention on a particular object.

To use the MAGIC PEN, click on the icon on the toolbar. It’s the icon to the left of the paint can.

If you draw a square or rectangle with the MAGIC PEN, you will magnify that area. Your SMARTBoard screen will look like this:

If you draw a circle or oval with the pen, it will spotlight that area of the screen. Your SMARTBoard screen will look like this:

on.k 12.o h.


the screen and it will slowly disappear in ten seconds. The MAGIC PEN tool is not used when you are designing a lesson, but is used when presenting the lesson to your class.

Make the most of your SMARTBoard!

The third function of the MAGIC PEN lets you draw anything on

If you would like some help learning to create lessons using the Notebook 10 software, please email Lyn Moxim to setup a time during your conference period.