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Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Forecast

Created by LucyMorphew (MOR10292063)

We are approaching change. A time that, isn’t in the present, but looking to the future and yet, is reminiscent of the past. Whilst our knowledge is growing, we are stepping further into the unknown, making new discoveries and embarking on new adventures to better ourselves, others and the human race. We are becoming aware of the consequences for our past actions and are now looking to each other and ourselves to help our planet and our fellow man. With this revolution upon us I feel we will regress, looking back to times we have known and loved, searching for a sense of security to help us through this change.

The generation of today looking back to their childhood. The home, once again, a traditional safe haven. And yet, embarking on new and exciting adventures into the unknown.

This is what I believe for 2014

The Space Race Looking into the development of the space race and futurism. How will this have and impact within fashion, beauty and lifestyle?

90’s Revival The musical influence behind the revival of 90’s fashion and the underground festival lifestyle that’s producing this trends return.

No one messes with it Following the recent food & Horse meat scandals and the realisation of unawareness, will we see a rise in food knowledge and homemade or natural products and resources? How will this affect fashion?

Female Identity Is female identity changing? Whilst the world is fascinated with William & Kate will the importance of family life and the sanctity of marriage become the main value of today’s generation and of those to come?

90’s Revival We are beginning to see a bubble up of 90’s revival throughout street style and the urban boutiques. With the mix of baggy, cotton fabrics, neon brights, light denims and the return of the infamous beanie hat, ‘grunge’ seems to be making a new and improved come back. We are now seeing more of a unisex style tribe emerging, where men and women alike are donning the same styles, designs and brands, almost sharing the graphic t shirts beginning to emerge. With the come back of old fashion brands, such as BOY London, with their flat peak caps, monochromatic colour scheme and bold lettered T shirts. This is seemingly creating a more relaxed and casual look and lifestyle, where women are choosing a vintage trainer rather than a stiletto for a night out. This, I believe is deriving from the change and development from the underground club scene. As musical technology is developing further it seems as though electronic, techno and house music is beginning to re take the world by storm. With a lot more DJ’s emerging and creating soundtracks that are slowly beginning to hit the charts, it would seem that you are no longer necessarily in need of vocal talent to become a success in the music industry. With this, comes the increase of a festival like lifestyle, as the amount of dance festivals and events are on the rise and looking to hit the main stream. With people travelling not just around the UK (hotspots including the major cities, e.g. London, Birmingham, Manchester & Nottingham) but around Europe too, with people flocking to Croatia and the Istrian Coast as well as classic Ibiza, just to hear and watch these DJ’s perform and par take in this party lifestyle. I believe that by Autumn/Winter 2014 this trend will have developed further with it hitting the high street and larger fashion brands. The colour scheme will develop from neons and brights to a darker and grungier colour palette. Mixed shades of greys will appear along with deep navys, greens and reds for the winter season. Darker denims will come back, along with chunkier fabrics and almost unflattering shapes. It would seem that the 90’s are back to stay.

Space Race As our curiosity is growing, boundaries are beginning to be pushed in terms of new discoveries in science and space. Over the last few years we have seen a rise in general interest in science and our universe, with more documentaries and even entertainment with scientific and universal content.

Last year we saw Red Bull break the record for the ‘speed of sound in freefall,’ with Felix Baumgartner freefalling from the edge of space at 128,000 feet. It was a huge moment in scientific history, pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. Also this year we are beginning to see an increasing interest in outer space, with Lynx holding a competition for men of the general public, where they can compete for a place at LSA’s space camp for a chance to join their international space crew. 2014 is also to be the year where Richard Branson is opening ‘Virgin Galactic,’ where he hopes to be launching daily flights into space for the public (although at a hefty fee) to be able to experience the world and outer space from a different perspective. The project has been being worked on for nearly 10 years and will be pushing the boundaries of modern day life. Now, I believe this will be the start of a major trend for 2014, with people’s interest and intrigue growing for the unknown; this will filter down into the fashion and beauty brands bringing with it a variety of colours, textures, fabrics and shapes. I feel garments and colours will become more ‘futuristic’ including, hues of silvers, blues and purples, with a lot more red and greens for mid winter and the festive season. Metallic’s will make a huge comeback with a mix of new fabrics like foil and interesting sequins which will create an interesting twist for the trend. I also feel that we will begin to see a mix of galactic prints and patterns appearing for the high street and larger stores.

No one messes with it Due to this years breaking news within the catering industry and the scandal that is now causing the government to question many farms throughout Europe. It seems to have shocked the nation, causing them to wake up to our general ignorance caused by sheer laziness. People are now becoming a lot more wary of the kinds of foods they are eating and feeding they’re children and families. People now need to know what they’re purchasing and consuming and be able to trust that the source is preferably local and a good one. I believe that in 2014 we will begin to see a lot more individuals partaking in making their own essentials, like food, keeping healthier lifestyles and knowing exactly what goes in to the production of their food and other products. For years we have seen different companies and fashion houses alike become more environmentally friendly, where their production involves recycling, bio degradable materials, helping foreign communities, with brands such as Edun, a global fashion brand that brings about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa. But after this year, I feel it will have an even larger impact on the fashion industry, with a lot more fashion houses trying to be consumer friendly with even more brands beginning to pop up where their products and clothing have been produced healthily and honestly. This, I believe, will create some new and interesting fabric ideas with a colour palette that’s a lot more neutral yet bright and earthy with deep oranges natural and different shades of brown for A/W 2014. Garments may also have more of a tribal feel and prints to them with different textures and patterns.

Female Identity The last couple of years have seen an incredible world wide appreciation and fascination with the Royal Family, due to such events like the queens jubilee, the Royal wedding and now the news that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is to be expecting a baby. The world is on the edge of theirseat. With Kate becoming such a world wide icon she is seemingly also becoming quite the role model for the younger and up coming generations. With the tabloids and fashion magazines watching her every move, younger women and teenagers are beginning to look up to a more sophisticated role model possibly implying that the younger girls will aspire to be more like her, possibly with values changing towards family life style and the sanctity of marriage . Like wise, there seems to be a slight regression in values. As a large number of women are now exclaiming how they would prefer to run the home and become stay at home mothers rather than pursue careers. After all the fight for equality between men and women throughout history and in the work place, it would seem as the though running the home is becoming, once again, more important due to our traditional roots. I feel that for fashion this means that hem lines will drop to the knee and below, we will begin to see a lot more winter pastels along with a variety of earthy tones of brown, tan and grey. Tweed and plaid fabrics will make a come back and a general heritage and traditional style will also play a large part within this trend.

To Conclude I believe that this is what we have to look forward to in Autumn/Winter 2014, a wide range of colours, new fabrics and exciting textures. As we make new discoveries, create history and return to traditional values these trends will develop and reflect us and our journey.

A/W 2014 Trend Forecast  
A/W 2014 Trend Forecast  

A fashion students overview of the upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2014