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Visual Display Marketing The revolutionary technology for the next generation marketing campaign.

Display Marketing • • • • • •

Graphic Advertising Branding & Image Effects Reach Specific Demographics Interactive Communication Manage Advertisement on the Fly Images and video are ‘suspended in air’

• Stunning Display, add the ‘WOW’ Factor

Front & Rear Projection Unparalleled Image Quality Excellent Color Reproduction Impressive & Innovative retail display solution • On integrated glass walls • Suspend screen from ceiling on wires

Clearview Projection Transparent Rear Projection Spectacular "floating images“ Holographic effect No critical angle of projection

Interactive Screens ď ˝ Spectacular throughwindow interactive touch displays. ď ˝ Applied behind storefront windows to attract and interact with customers outside.

Designer Glass for TV & Media Displays • Remarkably sharp image quality, even in brightly lit environments. • Tailor made sizes • Direct mounting to walls. • Wood or aluminum base with sound.

List of Applications • • • • • • • • • • •

Stores and Shopping Malls Supermarkets and Airports Car Dealers Retail Stores & Restaurants Sports Bar and Arena’s Training and Conference Trade Shows and Exhibits Real Estate Developers Corporate Lobby Indoor or Outdoor Kiosks Museums

Projection Screen with Video  

Presentation material on Visual Mechanical LLC's projection screen products.

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