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September 7, 2009 School of Architecture College of Architecture Arts and Humanities Clemson University ARCH 251 L – Architectural Foundations I Fall 2009, all sections

Interpretation part 2_ Itinerary Due on Wednesday, September 9, at the beginning of class

Translating drawing to constructed space Lines and Planes define movement into and through space. Diagrams begin to capture that movement at any point in time. Models extend the diagram into 3 dimensional space that can be understood as occupied and constructed. Through interpretation, one medium (film) can be translated into architectural form. a.

Study: Take the diagrammatic translations you have drawn. Each diagram in the series will become a frame in the study model and will be arranged in the same progress. Translate the 3”x3” frame into a vertical 3” x 4-1/2” frame. The depth of each frame is at your discretion. Make the diagrams into a study model.


Translate the notations from the diagrams into 3-dimensional architectural components. Insert openings, planes and additional components to create a study model of the diagrams from the previous part of the exercise. The study model should be able to stand on its own through the construction of the model Materials: Bass wood, chipboard, plexi-glass, screen, aluminum rods, piano wire, etc, etc.

Itinerary Part 2  
Itinerary Part 2  

The second exercise in a sequence of three "mini" week long exercises. The first exploring "Pause," this one "Itinerary," and the third, "Tr...