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Stretch Your Limits Aside from the physical benefits associated with yoga, including weight loss, increased energy and improved flexibility, it can help manage stress and the effects it can have on the body and mind. Because of its rise in popularity and the different ways to practice yoga, it has never been easier to do in the comfort of your home. Getting your own yoga mat, available at local sporting goods stores, is an inexpensive way to help sculpt your mind and body.

Monitor Activity on the Go Keeping track of your personal metrics, such as steps walked in a day, quality of sleep, heart rate and calories consumed, can be time consuming. Wearable wireless-enabled activity trackers automate this task and allow you to easily log your data on your smartphone or computer while also keeping up-to-the-second track of your progress. Fitness trackers, which are available at most local sporting goods and electronics retailers, can help you identify areas for improvement and reach your goals.



Providing Peace of Mind in 2017 for Those We Serve Specialized Therapy Services

• Granite, Marble, and Bronze Memorials • Cremation Memorials •Mobile Engraving • Cemetery Benches/ Park Benches • Private Mausoleums • Silk Cemetery Flowers • Monument Restoration(Cleaning and leveling monuments)

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Offering Synchrony A Revolutionary New System for the Treatment of Dysphagia from ACP

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