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18 EXPLORE 2017

Cedar Lane and the church offices may be reached at 804-458-8142. City Point Early History Museum The City Point Early History Museum is located in the St. Dennis Chapel in the National Historic District of Hopewell. The chapel was constructed in 1887 as a Catholic chapel for Navy personnel. In 1981, the private home was deeded to the Historic Hopewell Foundation. It was restored and opened to public in 1995. Currently the exhibit called “Seeking

Freedom Where the Rivers Meet: Contraband, Colored Troops and City Point� is there until 2015. The museum is located at 609 Brown Avenue and is typically open by appointment only. For information, call 804458-4682. The Beacon Theatre Built in 1928, the historic Beacon Theatre is located at the intersection of North Main and East Cawson Streets in Hopewell. The art-deco, 650-seat theater showed its last movie in the 1950s.