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by Francis Eppes and remained in the Eppes family until 1979. The area was first settled in 1613 and was first known as Bermuda City and later as City Point. During the American Revolution, British soldiers commanded by Benedict Arnold marched through area. Appomattox Manor was used in the Civil War as the Union headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg. It is now part of Petersburg National Battlefield. In June 1864, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant arrived at City Point several months and one bloody campaign after President Abraham Lincoln made him commander of 800,000 Union troops. As Union forces were tightening their grip around Petersburg, Lincoln visited Union Headquarters at Appomattox Manor, spending three weeks of the last month of his life watching the war come to an end. The site is now owned by the National Park Service as part of Petersburg National Battlefield.

Appomattox Plantation is located at the corner of Cedar Lane and Pecan Avenue in Hopewell. For more information, call (804) 7323531. St. John’s Episcopal Church St. John’s Episcopal Church is steeped in history at its location on Cedar Lane in City Point. As City Point began to grow, the Rev. Malcolm MacFarland arrived and the church was first organized in April 1840. The Eppes family, which owned Appomattox Manor, donated the land upon which the church sits and the building was finished and consecrated as the first church in City Point in June 1842. The church bell, which was purchased in 1843 for $84 (about $1,900 in 2008 dollars) and now sits on a brick pedestal in the churchyard, once hung from an oak frame in the yard and was later attached to the roof of the church. It was later taken down when it was determined that the roof could not

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