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Stitcher is Best teacher


Melanie Stitcher, a first grade instructor at J.A. Maxwell Elementary School, has been voted Best Teacher in the Best of McDuffie for 2015. Stitcher has been a faculty member at the elementary school for 10 years and works under the direction of Principal Donna Bennett and Assistant Principal Kim Tam. Stitcher believes her primary responsibility is teaching and loving all of her students from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday and beyond. “The key to my success as an educator is to embrace each moment as a learning opportunity by including the heart, mind and body of each child in my classroom,” Stitcher said. “Relationships with my students’ parents are just as important as my relationships with the children themselves.” Stitcher also attributes her success to “working with an amazing group of people who keep me on my toes each day. As Max the Lion would say, J.A. Maxwell is GREAT!” After learning about being selected as best teacher, Stitcher said she was humbled. “I am overwhelmed and humbled by this honor and respectfully thank those who voted for me.”

Dozier Heating & Air is Best HVAC Company

THURSDAY • February 25, 2016

Melanie Stitcher

Dozier Heating and Air Inc. has been named the top HVAC business in McDuffie County. Voters selected the company as Best Heating and Air Company in the Best of McDuffie for 2015. The business, owned by Bill and Jordan Dozier, opened 68 years ago, with 66 of those years at 301 West Hill Street. They attribute their success to all of their employees and by being honest and treating people the way they want to be treated. Dozier Heating and Air Inc. is open 24 hours a day, seven days a


week. “We would like to thank the people of Thomson-McDuffie County for once again selecting us best HVAC Company. We are truly blessed to have the continued support of the community through all these years,” said Connie Dozier, the office manager.