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to the 2014 Mena Bearcat Spring Sports Program.

The Mena Star is proud to be the publisher of this program, and we would like to thank the community for their support of Mena High School Athletics and the coaches for your positive impact on the students. We look forward to a great season!

Go Bearcats and Ladycats!

dye Mena La th r o f h c a the d co working in r is the hea n te e n e u b H s a y h a , Ray g, and Coach R ing the fall r in the sprin u m D a . w te o ll n a ena High cats softb r 21 years M o f t t a ic lf tr o is g ol D girls Mena Scho boys and r o f h c a o dc is the hea E. His fam P d n a h lt a s He nd School. , he teache ls Hattie a m ir o g o r s in s la tw c , and Inside the , Shannon e if w is h s atily include School. He h ig H a n e . fM ived AnnaBeth graduate o ere he rece a h is w r s a te s n n u a k Coach H ies and inrsity of Ar b e b o iv h n U is t H a on. ege g his kids in Educati tended coll in e c h c n a ie o c c S d f ro g, an his Bachelo and fishin g n ti n u h e lud all. terests inc ll and softb a tb o o f e u ag in youth le

chool a Public S n e M e th na working in of the Me n h e c e a b o s c a h d Rose e hea uring season. D Coach Pete t years, and he is th ts r o p s g ofin r r eigh inator and ring the sp d u r d o system fo o m c a e te . aseball e run gam tball team Bearcats b Rose is th o , fo n o y s it a s e r s a E. orts Bearcats v aches Health and P e the fall sp th r fo h ose te e coac acie and fensive lin classroom, Coach R ni, his daughters K parwife, Leila Inside the on, and his r is a h A s e k d n a lu inc andson H His family tin, his gr s u A n o s ttended is se. Natalie, h hool. He a o c R S e h li ig il is H B a and received h e h ate of Men u e r ents, Paul d e a r h g w a se is in Edersity, Coach Ro aptist Univ eceived his Master’s B s a x e T t r Eas y. He ity. college at Kinesiolog n Univers in ti s e u e r A g . e F d joys n om Steve Bachelor’s h Rose en fr c a ip o h C s r l, e o d o shLea f sch , music, fi y ucational il m Outside o fa is h time with spending ti un ng. ing, and h

Mena Pube th h it w r nd yea r 10 in his seco coached fo is ly s e u o s io d v le re in B en on ving p Coach Kev , he has tak ar, after ha g e n y ri is p s th is e m h syste . During th l District. T m o a o te h lic School c r e S c n c o o cats s the Mari of the Lady ne coach. h years with c a o c d a e n of h defensive li am. His fam ll rh a u the positio tb D o e fo is u y at Lo and e varsit teaches PE son Beau, e fall, he is th h ir , e m th o d ro n s a , las Inside the c lude his wife Nicole c in emrs chool in M S ily membe h ig H n where exi. Overto daughter L University raduate of g t s a ti p is a e r B o s a d tion. He late d Ouachit a e Coach Ble d ic n n e u tt m a m e o from eech C essee. H Education dies and Sp phis, Tenn h tu lt S a l e a H c li d e n ib in B on in PE a ach Bledso ti o a C ic , he majored if e rt m e ti c ding his free is teacher , and atten ity. During lf received h o rs g e g iv n in y U State ily, pla Henderson ith his fam w e m ti g ndin enjoys spe his kids. games with

blic e Mena Pu th h it w r a ch for urth ye e head coa is in his fo th y s e a tl s n e e B rv e s s as ig spring, he Coach Cra ll, he serve e fa th e g th n g ri n u ssis. Duri trict. D is also an a occer team s School Dis d n h a ig r, h r to a io ts sen oordin the Bearca defensive c ll a . tb o fo h rs at hig tball Team o o F h d 8th grade ig n H the senior a r th io 7 n u to J istory for the e teaches H tant coach h , m o ro s s nd la ters Rylie a Inside the c h g u a d l. ir e o , and th dle Scho wife Sarah Mena Mid is h s e d lu c ted in He gradua His family l. o o h c S igh of of Mena H with his Bachelor ’s te a Harper. u d ra g 3 7 200 in 200 Craig is a University te ta S n ily, o ers ith his fam w from Hend e m . ti n g o Educati spendin he enjoys Science in , e m ti e e fr During his ities. tdoor activ u o d n a , g fishin

nd l District, a o o h c S a n e Me g the year with th ams. Durin t te rs k fi c a is tr h e h th is in teams whic d coach of a ll e Ed Kelley a h tb e o th fo is earcats spring, he the Junior B Bearcat athletes. f during the o h c a o c e head river ’s grade fall, he is th ing 7th, 8th, and 9th as well as D , s ic iv C e ach th grad has him co d teaches 9 E , m o ro s n and s In the cla s, Jonatha n o s o tw n e and went o d they hav l, n o a o , Education. h th c e S B h y d in is Ro on Hig is graduate Ed’s wife te of Harris a re e u h d w ra , g y 1 it 8 a 19 nivers Mark. Ed is nsas Tech U a rk A t a e g , he lle l activities o o to attend co h c s h it lved w e lake, 1985. ing or invo as well as time on th h c a o c ’t n is mily, When Ed . with his fa e m ti g d canoeing n in a d , n g e p in s ik s h enjoy orts, in water sp g n ti a ip ic rt pa


ol Mena Scho e th h it w r assisnd yea in his seco eason as an wins is t s h rt g o ri p s W g tt n Coach Sco is spending this spri all team. During the igh e ftb h o s d ior h n District, a r the Mena Ladycats adycats sen L e th r fo h fo ac ughtant coach on, he is the head co classes thro . .E P s r a e u s fo s versees ter sport cott also o S . m a te ll Paragould, in l o basketba o h c S r. ool yea st High aout the sch uated from Ridgecre sical Educ y h P in e a degre , from Scott grad t on to get econdary Education n e w n e th Arkansas, lth, with a minor in S ssee. ne ea tion and H rsity in Jackson, Ten ad 18 com h t h g ri e iv W n Coach Union U hools. g to Mena, in m o c ve other sc rried for fi to r m o fr Prio e c a of experien ve been m bined years his wife Andrea ha Ally in 5th grade. Scott and nd have a daughter s, Scott considers rs, a vitie twelve yea es to hobbies and acti m When it co ome body. himself a h

Andrea Hu ghes is in h During the er first yea spring, she r with the M is ena Schoo team. Duri an assistan l District. ng the rest t coach wit of the scho h the Lady for the jun cat softball ol year, sh ior high g e was the a irls basketb ssistant co coach for th a ll te a m ach s e junior hig , as well a h s v the assista o In the clas ll e y b a ll teams. nt sroom, An drea teach Physical E es 8th grad ducation. e Health, a Andrea is m s well as arried to Ja cob Hughe ters: Kiyle s, and they e, Annlyn, have three and Sophia daughAndrea is . a 2003 gra went on to duate of M graduate fr e om Rich M na High School, and in 2010, a ountain Co s he nd then ea mmunity C rned her B Education o a ll c h e g elors of Sc from Hend ience degre e erson State Andrea en e in U nive joys spend four-wheeli ing time w rsity in 2012. ng, and any ith her fam thing outdo ily, hiking ors. She als , o loves to re ad.


School the Mena h it w r t a e his first y the assistan in is e is h n , n to o g s nin ends orts sea Aaron Pen e fall, he sp e spring sp th th g g n n ri ri u u D d d rteams. District, an Bearcat va ts baseball e a th rc a h e it B w e h c ll coa coach for th tant footba is s s . a n a g th r high team io n time as bo ju are teachin e is th t s ic a tr ll is e d l as w e schoo sity team, ties with th u d r e th o tary. t on Aaron’s am Elemen igh School, and wen rh u D e is u Uniide H P.E. at Lo erson State te of Lakes d a n u e d H ra g h g a u He is n thro ge educatio e ll o c is h t ersity. to ge nd a State Univ s a s n a er, Andy, a rk th A ro b d n a a s y a versit and h s. d is John, med Primu ing, a n g o d a Aaron’s da s o ha g, fish nda. He als joys huntin n e n ro a sister, Ama A coaching, Outside of g golf. and playin

Thomas P owell is in the Mena his first y ear of coa School D ching and is Thomas is tr teaching the assista ict. During the s in pring spo nt coach winter sp for both s rts seaso orts seaso n, occer team n, he is th Boys Bas s. During e head co ketball te the ach of th ams, and with the J e Junior during fa unior Bea H ll ig he is an a h rc ssistant c In the cla ats Football team. oach ssroom, T homas tea at Mena che Middle S c hool, and s three science clas classes at ses Mena Hig two Civic h School. s/Econom Thomas a ics ttended a t and grad cred Hear t Catholic uated hig h school School, th at Arkans at Saen went o as Tech U n to attend niversity, of Scienc c ollege where he e degree got his B in Health Outside o a c h a n elors d Physica f coachin l E d u doors, be g c , a Thomas tion. ing active enjoys an , and spen y th in g outding time with his f amily.


. ena Schools M h it w r a e dy nt in his secon a an assista is is t s d o a r h F C d , a n Ch ty seaso oaching du ing sports c r r p e s e th o th g is or Durin ms. H all coach f e track tea tb e th k s h a it b w t n h tcoac ssista boys baske h ar is the a e ig y h e r th io n g ict the ju durin school distr r high and e io n th e h s it e w th s both dutie 6. had’s other C . s m a te s 3 through he e ball d a r g r o f . chool, and .E S P h g ig in h H c a n r are te rom f Aco y degree f graduate o g a lo is io s d e a in h C aK to receive n o t n e w then and y. basketball, h Universit c g e T in y s a la s p n a d ith Ark g an ding time w s exercisin n y e jo p n s e ’s d e a h h , C ings ing these th o d t o n ’s e if h his family.

2014 Mena Track

Abbie Smith MHS Track

3/6 @ Booneville - High School 3/10 @Booneville - 7th Grade 3/31 @Clarksville - High School 4/1 @Clarksville - Junior High 4/1 @Mansfield - Hgh School 4/3 @Dardanelle - Junior High 4/10 @Dardanelle - High School 4/14 @Waldron - 7th Grade 4/15 @Waldron - Jr./Sr. Girls

4/17 @Waldron - Jr./Sr. Boys 4/18 @Booneville - Junior High 4/24 Junior High District Meet @Booneville 5/1 High School Districts @Waldron 5/8 State Track Meet @Nashville



2014 Mena Ladycats Softball Schedule

3/3 vs Foreman - @Mena 3/4 vs Mansfield - @Mansfield 3/7 vs Nashville - @Nashville 3/10 vs Ashdown - @Mena 3/12 vs Horatio - @Mena 3/13 vs Lake Hamilton - @Mena 3/15 JV Tournament - @Greenwood 3/17 vs Ashdown - @Ashdown 3/18 vs Alma - @Alma 3/21-22 Farmington Tournament - @Farmington 3/31 vs DeQueen - @Mena 4/1 vs Cossatot River - @Mena 4/4-5 River City Rumble - @Van Buren 4/7 vs Greenwood - @Greenwood

4/10 vs Dardanelle - @Mena 4/11 vs Dover - @Dover 4/15 vs Booneville - @Mena 4/17 vs Maumelle - @Mena 4/18 vs Ozark - @Ozark 4/22 vs Waldron - @Waldron 4/25 vs Pottsville - @Mena 4/28 vs Northside - @Mena 4/30 vs Foreman - @Foreman 5/1-5/5 Distrcit Tournament - @Mena 5/9-5/11 Regional Tournament - @Mena 5/16-5/18 State Tournament - @Monticello 5/23-5/24 State Finals - @Fayetteville (To be played at Bogle Park)

2014 Mena Bearcats Baseball Schedule

3/5 vs Lake Hamilton - @Mena 3/6-8 Mena Tournament - @Mena 3/13-15 Horatio Tournament - @Horatio 3?17 vs Booneville - @Mena 3/21 vs Subiaco - @Subiaco 3/28 vs Ozark - @Ozark 3/29 vs Smithville (Double Header) - @Smithville 3/31 vs DeQueen - @DeQueen 4/1 vs Subiaco - @Subiaco 4/4 vs Dardanelle - @Mena 4/5 vs Foreman (Double Header) - @Mena

4/7 vs Sheridan - @Mena 4/8 vs Waldron - @Waldron 4/11 vs Dover - @Dover 4/15 vs Booneville - @Mena 4/17 vs Maumelle - @Mena 4/24 vs Horatio - @Horatio 4/25 vs Pottsville - @Mena 5/1-5/5 District Tournament - @Mena 5/8-5/10 Regional Tournament - @Lincoln 5/15-5/17 State Tournament - @Nashville 5/23-5/24 State Finals - @Fayetteville (To be played at Baum Stadium)


Ladycat Senior Meagan Boyd



2014 Ladycat Softball




Jordan Ward

Jami Miller

Bailey Bunch

Kenzie Spurgin

Lexi Brooks

Fabienne Klein

Hannah Lochala

Riley Schnell

Daryan Torix

Kensie Sawyer

Taylor Harper

Lexi Hansard



Macy Brotherton

Ashley Philpot

Reagan Sikes

Brandi Harrison

Ariel Hartin

Shelby Poor

Madi Brotherton

Ansley Simmons

Delaynee Penny

Autumn Birtcher

Addison Smith


2014 Bearcat Baseball




Cameron Robinson

Roy Morgan

Taylor Schuller

Chism Maye

Konner Miller

Preston Miller

Brandon Fields

Bronson Castillo

Hunter Hobson

Ryan Ozanich

Braxton Lance

Ross Graves

Seth Puckett

Greg Craig

Jon Beckman

Zack Sanchez

Jackson Daugherty

#30 Kevin Harris

Kelly Jo Miller

Hunter Johnson


2014 Ladycat Soccer




Veronica Vanbuskirk

Olivia Wuermli

Maddie Morris

Rachel Cunningham

Meagan Boyd

McKenna Law

Tyler Luce

Abbi Goodner

Leonie Haug

Shauna Horner

Carly Gear

Monica Soriano

Madison Peppers

Raquel De Frutos

Shawnna Howard

Jade Ferguson

Brooke Hastey

Madeline Palacios

Lacey Howard

Emali Bilderbeck

Cece Metcalf

Katelin Haines

Allie Sessler

Annika Ehlert


2014 Bearcat Soccer




Jordan Strickland

Nick Renard

Osten Cunningham

Tim Banik

Mason Martin

Zach Atchley

Diego Ferado

Borja Prieto

Travis Mos

Eduardo Carvajal

Mathew Andrews

Brennan Ayres

Zane Sherrer

Elijah Barnes

Shane Atchley

Colten McDaniel

Nathan Brown

Van Rigby

Joby McPherson



2014 Junior High Track



Aaron Thornsberry

Axell Morris

Basil Shaner

Brandon Deramus

Brock Strother

Caleb McLellan

Colton Sawyer

Connor Harvey

Corey Curry

Coy Burford

Daniel Davis

Ethan Donaldson

Ethan Holloway

Fisher Neufeld

Ian Martin

Jacob Ward

Jeremy Standridge

John David Kahn

Jonathan Gunn

Jordan Foster

Joshua Swint

Karson Miller

Matthew Bowser

Nick Myers

Noah Swall

Peyton Tomblin

Roberty McIntyre

Torrey Voisin

Zeb Wilson

Zion Barnes



The Ballfields at Union Bank Park

H o of m e

Ladycat Softball & Bearcat Baseball

Randall Whorton Field at Bearcat Stadium

Ladycat & Bearcat Soccer

H o of m e


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Lady Cats “At first they will ask you why you are doing it... Later they will ask you how you did it!” -Unknown JordanHard work & dedication, there is no limit. Love, Dad, Mom, Taylor, & Dexter


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Best of Mena - 1998-2013

2014 spring sports program  
2014 spring sports program  

2014 Mena Bearcat Spring Sports Program