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Annual Report

Everyone deserves a home

Founding Chairman's review Dear friends, For the final time I present The Chairman’s Review for the Kids Under Cover Annual Report. As of November 2006, I will be handing over the position of Chair. The role will fall into the capable hands of Sarah Davies, our trusted Board member and friend. It is with great excitement I welcome and congratulate Sarah in her new role. My focus now is to move us towards becoming a national organisation. Ultimately, I want every child and family in crisis, within Australia, to have access to our services; no matter what their geographical location. This is an ambitious plan I know, but so was establishing Kids Under Cover. Imagine the Victorian community without Kids Under Cover and our unique service.

Ken Morgan Founding Chairman

‘Kids don’t live on the streets, they die’. I don’t know if you can live with that, I know I can’t. I urge you to join me and make a real difference to the lives of young people in need.

For the move forward we are going to need all the help we can get. So, for those of you sitting on your corporate hands, it’s time to sit up and take note. Kids Under Cover will become a major national force in the children’s charity sector. I urge you to step forward now and become a partner in this exciting time of expansion. Personally speaking, the past 17 years hasn’t all been wine and roses. At times I didn’t think I would make the dream a reality. If not for the love and dedication of my beautiful wife, I would not have made it through. The saying does ring true, ‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’ - and Lenka is mine. To the dedicated Board of Directors, some of whom have been here with me from the start, I say a heartfelt thank you. I know Sarah can depend on your vision and support as she steps up to the plate. To Petrina and the wonderful team at Kids Under Cover, who put in day after day and ask little in return – thank you. As we expand and grow, I feel strongly about retaining that sense of family you get from such a close-knit team.

For me, the most significant events of the past 17 years have been: • 1989, Lobby government for land, unions for funds, and major suppliers for building materials • 1990, First bungalow built • 1992, The first Kids Under Cover house is built on land donated by the State Government. The house is used to meet the growing demand for accommodation for young mums • 1994, The State Government acknowledges Kids Under Cover with a funding pledge • 1995, The first Kids Under Cover Umbrella Ball is held. The housing portfolio reaches 44 bungalows and 5 houses across the state • 1997, Catalina House is officially opened providing a safe and secure home for young girls in crisis • 1999, I speak to a National Rotary conference securing recognition and support from service clubs across Australia • 2000, The State Government pledges further funds to focus on early intervention work and prevention of homelessness • 2003, Community Service Organisation partners reaches 35. Results from housing program becoming apparent • 2004, Launch of the Kids Under Cover Scholarship Scheme and the completion of our most ambitious project yet – 4 x 2 bedroom units in Mildura • 2005, Total number of bungalows built since inception: 200. Total number of houses: 14 • 2006, Changes to planning regulations means Kids Under Cover is no longer required to apply for building permits for bungalows resulting in shorter construction lead time. There are so many significant moments in the last 17 years, I couldn’t possibly list them or do them all justice. None of this could have been achieved without dedication and passion. It is with this same dedication and passion I will expand Kids Under Cover nationally.

Until next time. God bless, Chairman’s Review Ken Morgan – Founding Chairman

Our focus is raising funds to construct purpose built, quality homes for homeless and at-risk young people. We have a Scholarship Scheme that provides the opportunity and the financial means for young people to complete further education such as VCE, TAFE, or tertiary qualifications.

Our Purpose: Kids Under Cover is not-for-profit organisation established in Victoria in 1989. Our focus is raising funds to construct purpose built, quality homes for homeless and at-risk young people. Some of these young people are victims of either physical or sexual abuse or are forced to live in cramped living conditions. Others struggle to live with parents who suffer mental illness and/or drug addiction. These factors seriously impede their ability to function effectively in day-to-day life. Kids Under Cover works in collaboration with 35 Community Service Organisations (CSOs). The CSOs work directly with the young people and identify the housing required in each individual situation. The two forms of housing Kids Under Cover specialise in are purpose built houses and relocatable bungalows. The houses are four to six bedrooms and are constructed on land donated by the State Government. The bungalows are freestanding, demountable units and are located in the yards of existing dwellings. While living in a Kids Under Cover home, the young people are encouraged

to attend school or participate in a recognised job-training program. The Kids Under Cover Scholarship Scheme provides the opportunity and the financial means for them to complete further education such as VCE, TAFE, or tertiary qualifications. Through responsive action with a focus on prevention, Kids Under Cover is able to deliver a service, which provides disenfranchised children and young people with the opportunity to experience family life, pursue educational aspirations and maintain a real sense of family.

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5 10 12 14 17

Highlights Executive Director


Stanford University

Record numbers housed

Financial grant allowed Executive Director to attend Stanford Leadership Program in USA.

189 young people housed in Kids Under Cover homes.

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Donate a car

Scholarship scheme


Future education

Car Donation program launched at the Melbourne International Motor Show.

12 applicants embarked on a dream to complete a course in their chosen field.

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Umbrella Ball

New Zealand


Spreading the word

The Kids Under Cover Ball received a State Award for Excellence from the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

KUC Executive Director and General Manager asked to speak at a National Conference on homelessness in New Zealand.

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Office relocation Our new home

KUC move into independent office space to accommodate growth.


Performance Building works

Financial resources


Expenditure 2005/06 8






0 24 6


New Buildings Works, Bungalow Relocations & Maintenance Educational Fund Costs Fundraising Expenses

0 21

11% 2%




Employment Expenses







3 18 12


Administration/ Operational








Number Of Buildings

Income 2005/06

Income Grant and donations 278



Fundraising Interest received 394





720 178




Grants (Government, Philanthropic)















Donations (Business & Other)

Amount Received ($ thousand)

Net event and fundraising 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06



90 281 320 307









Net Income ($ thousand)


Planning for the future The face of the modern family is changing and society is baring witness to a significant rise in single parent and blended families, and a marked increase in general family breakdown across Australia. It is proven, young people who are homeless during these impressionable and formative years (15-18 years old) are at grave risk of creating a long term homeless cycle which is often extremely difficult to break. Kids Under Cover first ensures these young people have a safe and secure place to call home, then we provide them with a life changing ‘handup’ through our education scholarship scheme. This holistic approach to care is what makes Kids Under Cover unique.

Jo Swift Chief Executive Officer

There are many causes and effects of homelessness, with family breakdown ranking high as a considerable cause factor.

In Victoria, the implementation of the new Children, Youth and Families Act has put children and young people and their issues into a place of greater public prominence. New initiatives will strengthen prevention and support for at-risk families and young people in out-of-home care – both of which fit with the Kids Under Cover program. We met our target of building 30 bungalows this year which now gives us 130 bungalows in our portfolio and 13 houses. This year we have provided accommodation for over 200 children and young people. Next year we aim to build 40 bungalows and 60 the following year. We’re currently building a bungalow every seven days and we aim to reduce that figure to every five days within the 07/08 financial year. Changes in legislation have meant the reduction of red tape associated with building a bungalow. This has allowed us to expedite our service delivery. We have also decided to outsource our building projects to a registered building company. This will incur a greater cost to the organisation but we envisage a significant increase in our service delivery allowing us to meet the growing demand for our service.

On a personal level, this was a memorable year for me. I was presented with the opportunity to undertake a three month study tour to the USA and UK. I was awarded one of two inaugural SEEEN (Social Economy Executive Education Network) scholarships which allowed me to attend the Executive Program for Non Profit Leaders (EPNL) at Stanford University. This intensive two week program was the experience of a lifetime. Fifty non profit executives from around the world joined together to share knowledge and learn from world renowned lecturers. The Shane Warne Foundation also contributed to the tour, enabling me to visit 12 non profit organisations in the USA and UK. My time was spent researching how reputable organisations have replicated what they do in order to become national entities. This valuable knowledge has been instrumental in our planning approach to national expansion. The trip also presented a rare chance for me to step outside the organisation and reflect on the past, present and future. Kids Under Cover is at yet another pivotal point in its development as we move into an enormous phase of growth. In order to succeed in becoming a national entity, it was agreed we could learn from organisations who had experienced the challenge first hand. I would like to thank the Board of Kids Under Cover, SEEEN and The Shane Warne Foundation for giving me this valuable opportunity. Thank you also to General Manager, Jo Swift for supervising our relocation and staff recruitment in my absence. This year we have seen larger than expected growth in our human resources and I must say it’s a joy to work with a new and invigorated team. To the Board, thank you also for your unwavering support and your ability to adapt to these rapidly changing times. It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.

Frequently asked questions:

‘Kids Under Cover believes every young person has the right to a safe and secure home and a sound education. We work to make this belief a reality.’

Q: When did Kids Under Cover start? A: Kids Under Cover was established in 1989 by Ken Morgan. This action was in direct response to the Burdekin Report which highlighted the extent of youth homelessness in Australia. Q: What types of homes do you build? A: We build two types of homes; 4-6 bedroom houses and fully demountable bungalows. The houses are built on land donated by the State Government. The bungalows are built in the yards of existing houses with our most popular style being one bedroom with a bathroom. The bungalows are fully demountable and can be relocated when they are no longer required in their current location. Relocations can occur a number of times during the average 15-year lifespan of a bungalow. Q: Where do you build? A: We have bungalows and houses located all over Victoria. In 2007/ 08 our focus will shift to introducing services interstate with a pilot program in Queensland. Q: Who are the young people you help? A: The young people we help are currently in government care, have a disability, in foster care, in the care of other family members including grandparents or are at risk of homelessness due to intolerable living conditions within the family home. We accommodate children and young people from 0-24 years of age, with the most common age bracket being 15-18 year olds. Q: Who cares for the kids? A: We work in conjunction with 35 Community Service Organisations (CSOs) who identify a young person or family in crisis. The CSOs apply to Kids Under Cover for the appropriate housing solution. From here the CSOs deliver the care model based on the needs of the individual or family in question. Once the young person is settled, Kids Under Cover presents the opportunity to return to study or complete further education via our Scholarship Scheme. Q: Who can apply for a bungalow? A: Only Kids Under Cover Community Service Organisation partners can apply. This process helps to ensure the health and safety of the young person in question is paramount at all times. Ongoing care and maintenance of the bungalow is achieved through regular contact with our CSO partners. Q: What outcomes do young people experience? A: Evidence suggests there are significant improvements in overall behaviour and self-esteem, improved quality of life for all involved, reduced risk of homelessness, improved independent living skills, maintenance of a family unit and enhanced educational opportunities. Q: Where do you get your funding? A: Kids Under Cover has several funding streams. These include State Government, trusts and foundations, general donations, magistrates’ court funds and events. This variation allows us to operate with a certain sense of security.

The Acreage For a local Geelong welfare agency, the purchase of a rural retreat was a dream come true. The home located on the property could accommodate six young people and carers/staff. The idea of the retreat was to provide troubled young teens the opportunity to partake in a wide range of educational, employment, training, recreational and day programs while residing in a safe environment. Almost immediately the need for the service far outweighed the supply. After a passionate plea to Kids Under Cover it was decided two 2-bedroom bungalows would be constructed on the property. This has allowed access to the services for four more young people at risk.

The Board Ken Morgan

Trevor Fasham

Director Ken Morgan KIA Kids Under Cover Chairman and Founder Role: To stand as the figurehead of Kids Under Cover and practice strong leadership for the Board and staff to follow. ‘My focus has moved from developing a state icon to launching our successful model interstate. Every child deserves access to a safe and secure home and a sound education. I am focused on making this a reality.’

David Lee

Director QR Accounting Services Kids Under Cover Treasurer Role: To Ensure financial reporting excellence for Kids Under Cover with the major focus on full disclosure.

Director Fashan Homes Pty Ltd Kids Under Cover Vice Chairman Role: To assist with the execution of all house and bungalow projects with a design focus on encapsulating the essence of a real family home.

‘Every donor has the right to know how their dollar has contributed to the organisation. It’s more than a legal right, it’s a moral obligation we have to each and every one of them’.

‘I feel very passionate about designing houses the young people and carers can be proud to live in. This goes a long way to removing the stigma young people feel living in out-of home accommodation.’

Petrina Dorrington

Tim Stannage

Kids Under Cover Executive Director

Kids Under Cover Director

George Ermer Consultant

Kids Under Cover Director Role: To extend the network of contacts and develop sustainable fundraising opportunities and events. ‘Our events present a wonderful opportunity for us to increase our income and say thank you face to face to those who support us’.

The Patrons Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum Herb Elliott Daryl Somers Athol Guy Tommy Emmanuel Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Role: To develop a strong state model to allow the organisation to move national. ‘We can only sustain our current projected growth with strong strategies and a committed team. I’m proud to say we have both.’



Role: To approach the growth of Kids Under Cover with an entrepreneurial eye, exploring opportunities to engage with corporate supporters on a higher level. ‘Having recently joined the Board, I look forward to injecting new and innovative ideas for future direction.’

Barry Markoff

Director ICMI Speakers and Entertainers Kids Under Cover Director Role: To increase the current Kids Under Cover profile through celebrity associations and event exposure. ‘I want to turn Kids Under Cover into a household name – it deserves it. I have never seen a charity which operates with such passion and dedication to the cause as Kids Under Cover.’

Working at Kids Under Cover is more than a job. It’s belief and dedication to the cause which make the staff at Kids Under Cover proud to be involved in helping at-risk young people. As part of their development our team is encouraged to continue their education and develop leadership abilities. As we grow, so do our staff - both in dedication and willingness. Brian Chenu

Director Chenu and Associates Kids Under Cover Director Role: To create artistic event design concepts for Kids Under Cover and to Chair the Fundraising Sub-Committee. ‘Our committee has arrived at some forward thinking decisions which are having an enormous positive impact on the growth of the organisation.’

Leadership team Petrina Dorrington

Jo Swift

Executive Director

Chief Executive Officer

Simone Fullerton

Nikki Carmel

Project Manager

Marketing Manager

Sharon Ridley

Nastassja Freischmidt

Sarah Davies

Vice President, Student Affairs, Swinburne University of Technology. Kids Under Cover Director and incoming Chairperson Role: To Chair the Kids Under Cover Scholarship Scheme and assume the role of Chairperson for Kids Under Cover. ‘It’s all about keeping young people safe and helping them build their lives. I want every young person in a Kids Under Cover home to realise their educational goals via our Scholarship Scheme. We should not accept anything less.

Administration Manager

Administration Assistant

Teegan Beschi Event Co-ordinator

Louise Whiting Property Co-ordinator

Amanda Burns Housing Project Officer

Nina Reicher Building Administration Assistant


Occupancy and outcomes report The 2006/07 Occupancy and outcomes report has provided Kids Under Cover with tremendous insight into the effectiveness of our accommodation programs. This year’s online survey achived the ultimate response rate of 100% for both bungalows and houses. The responses providing us with important information on how we can improve the programs. In the last financial year a total of 311 young people were provided safe accommodation through our bungalow and housing programs. The key points we have ascertained from the surveys are detailed below.

Bungalow program • 208 young people resided in a bungalow for some or all of the 12 month period • 31 new bungalows were constructed • 6 existing bungalows were relocated • We achieved an increase of 10 constructions/ relocations compared with the previous year • 95% of our bungalows were used for accommodation purposes • 5% were used for other purposes such as counseling and therapy (seven bungalows out of the portfolio)

Bungalow types 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


Occupant status Child protection


‘At risk’


• 70% were located in Metropolitan Melbourne

Supported Accomodation & Assistance Program (SAAP)


• 14% were located in the Geelong and Colac area

Disability clients (intellectual disability).


• 58% of occupants were male • The average age of the young person was 17.7 years • 90% of the bungalows constructed before 1 July, 1996 and utilised solely for accommodation purposes were occupied for the full 12 months

Occupant circumstances In full-time or part-time education


In full-time or part-time employment




Community program

The 10% gap was due to: – Transitional and short-term foster care placements – Time to assess the successfulness of a young person’s move to alternative accommodation whether independent living, permanent foster care placement, etc in case the move was unsuccessful the bungalow would be available as a back up – Vacant’ room was a second bedroom being used as a study/lounge

Kids Under Cover program success Research project

Kids Under Cover is currently undertaking an evaluation of the bungalow, house and scholarship programs. Through this evaluation we will explore the assumptions and logic which underpin the Kids Under Cover programs. The information will be obtained by speaking with bungalow, house and scholarship recipients, as well as with our member CSOs, key government agencies and other stakeholders. We will also review existing literature and external contextual data.


Kids Under Cover will collaborate with The Nous Group on this project. The Nous Group recently undertook the Kids Under Cover National Expansion Plan and have been assisting with our move into Queensland. Results of this project will be made available on our website from February 2008.


This study will provide us with valuable data on the benefits of our program and will allow us to make improvement to our service.

House Program • A total of 93 young people resided in a Kids Under Cover house

House types

• 27% of occupants utilised a Kids Under Cover house for the entire 12 month period

3 Bedroom


2 Bedrooms


5 Bedroom


6 Bedroom


• 61% of occupants utilised a Kids Under Cover house for between 1 and 6 months* • 39% of occupants utilised a Kids Under Cover house for between 7 and 12 months • 72% of occupants were aged between 16 and 24 years • In the 13-15 age range there were 3 times more females than males

House occupant circumstances In full-time or part-time education




In part-time employment


• In the 16-18 year old bracket there were twice as many females than males • 10% of occupants were aged under 5 years * The most frequent explanation for the fast turnover was complicated dynamics between the young people residing in the house.

Positive outcomes The following were identified as positive outcomes of our program:

Accommodation Support Models

Young person:

Kids Under Cover houses provided accommodation support according to the following models:

• Reduced risk of homelessness (59%)

Visiting youth support workers:


• Provided own space (78%)

Lead tenant:


• Improved independent living skills (62%)

Residential (24/7 live-in staff):


• Improved quality of Life (76%)

SAAP case management:


• Improved self-esteem (67%) • Improved behaviour and communication skills (50%)

Outcomes – Houses

• Assisted young person to stay at school (42%): to secure employment (22%)

Improved self-esteem


Improved independent living skills


• Created a more secure environment (56%)

Improved contact with family of origin



Improved communication skills


• Improved physical space in the household (81%)

Enhanced educational opportunities


• Helped maintain the family unit (55%) • Reduced sibling rivalry (47%) • Improved relations with parents (50%) • Improved contact with family of origin (32%) • Increased carer’s capacity to care (59%)

Outcomes of residing in a Kids Under Cover House were:

Portable Environmental Recyclable hut (PER hut) After receiving a kind donation from the Pratt Foundation, Kids Under Cover embarked on an exciting project – a trial portable building unit.

The unit, known as the Portable Environmental Recyclable Hut (PER Hut) is architect-designed and made from recycled, compressed fibre board. It can be built in approximately three days and dismantled, ready for relocation, in less than one day. The clever design and eco-friendly construction make the PER Hut a practical accommodation option for our at-risk young people. This option is also a practical and cost effective way for us to fill a gap in our service delivery of short to medium term placements. The construction fees for the PER Hut are also considerably less than the other forms of housing currently used by Kids Under Cover. The first PER Hut was erected in the backyard of a carer family in an outer Melbourne suburb. All appropriate Victorian building regulations and planning approvals have been obtained and we are excited at the prospect of expanding the use of the PER Hut throughout Victoria and eventually replicating the project in Queensland.

Joseph and Andrew – A space of their own When Joseph and Andrew’s father was diagnosed with terminal Huntington’s disease, they knew they were in for a difficult time but could never have anticipated just how difficult home life would become. Their parents were divorced but with the onset of the disease their mother chose to move back into the family home to support her children and ex-husband. She began sharing her daughter’s bedroom, which allowed her ex-husband a room of his own. As Huntington’s disease causes loss of brain tissue, motor functions became impaired and involuntary muscle movements increase the need for personal space. This left Joseph and Andrew, aged 16 and 19, sharing one of the three small bedrooms within the house.


Consequently, Joseph decided to move out of home. Unable to afford suitable accommodation, he found himself ‘couch surfing’ from one friend’s house to the next. After six months he began associating with some rough crowds and on one occasion was arrested at Flinders Street Station. Kids Under Cover recognised the enormous improvement a bungalow would make in keeping the family together at such a difficult time. A two-bedroom bungalow was constructed at the rear of the family home, allowing each family member their own personal space and the chance to come to terms with the impending loss of their father. Joseph is now living in safe accommodation close to his family.

Accommodation types and construction

Kids Under Cover constructs purpose built, quality homes for young people whose families are a breaking point as well as foster families in need of extra space.

Bungalows are built in the backyards of existing dwellings and can be dismantled and relocated to another site once the young person or carer no longer requires the additional space. The young people who live in our bungalows are generally older teenagers more suited to semi-independent living. Kids Under Cover builds 4 types of bungalows. The most common types of bungalows have 1 and 2 bedrooms with bathroom. Bungalows can be constructed and fully fitted within 7 days.

Construction In 2006/07 Kids Under Cover was inundated with bungalow applications from people in desperate need of our assistance. This year we decided to make some important changes to the way our service is delivered which will enable us to assist more young people and families in need. In April 2007 Ainley Projects assumed responsibility for management of our building projects, a task that was previously handled in-house. With their extensive experience in the building industry and professional approach they are helping us to achieve even greater efficiency in service delivery. Outsourcing the management of construction has allowed us to focus on further developing the bungalow, house and scholarship programs. Ainley Projects now liaises directly with Trevor McLaughlin, head of the Kids Under Cover building crew. Trevor has brought together a team of skilled tradesmen who continue to produce high quality work. Trevor’s commitment is unshakable and we are very fortunate to have him as the front man of the Kids Under Cover building crew. The demand for our service continues to grow and we are pleased to announce the appointment of a second building crew which will come into effect late 2007.


Strategic plan What we achieved in 2005 - 06

Goals to 2008

We built 18 new bungalows and relocated 12 existing bungalows. A total of 30. Strategic target met

Building, Retention and Location

Introduced fixed pricing arrangements with trade contractors

Reduced building time frame from 10 to 7 working days

Identify mechanisms to deliver new and relocated bungalows quickly and efficiently

Cost per bungalow maintained from 04/05

Streamline Property Maintenance

Improved project management systems with the implementation of a precedent system

Developed relationships with Anstat, Archicentre and Total Concept Window Furnishings to reduce bungalow costs  e made a decision to move the building project management from the KUC office to a construction company. W Work has commenced on sourcing a construction company and achieving favourable pricing arrangements without compromising quality We are working with Visy and PER Architects to trial an alternative, cost effective bungalow Implemented an on-line maintenance system and engaged state-wide contractor to carry out KUC maintenance works. Aim to reduce costs 98% completed one-off inspection of the KUC property portfolio by volunteer property inspector New building regulations introduced 13/06/06 making bungalows exempt from requiring a permit Exploring alternative low cost product for bungalow units Internal review of housing model – decision made to focus on bungalow program

Property Usage and Occupancy

On-line occupancy reporting – 95% response rate

KUC properties utilised to their maximum potential

Service agreements – partly achieved 90% of bungalows were permanently occupied during 05/06

Develop Service Agreements between KUC and partners’ CSOs

Received $72,500 funding for education scholarships

Education Scholarships

Incorporated education scholarship funding plan into major gift program

Develop a plan to fund the KUC scholarships

Partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide the student mentoring component of the scholarship scheme Incorporated scholarship scheme into KUC branding Four students continued from 2005 and eight new for 2006 $31,000 was awarded in scholarships to young people Scholars recognised for their achievements at an awards presentation Established a Scholarship Scheme endowment fund to guarantee long term funding of the program

Justin When Justin and his four younger siblings were removed from their mother’s care, the relief was overwhelming. They would no longer bear witness to her alcohol-induced psychosis or tolerate her physical outbursts. They would probably never see another partner treat her like a punching bag.


Justin had lived a thousand lifetimes in just 12 short years. To save the children from becoming separated and lost in the welfare system, Justin’s grandparents agreed to become their primary carers. With the assistance of a new Kids Under Cover bungalow, Justin and his siblings can now start a safe new life together.

Building projects

Regional Victoria 31 Bungalows 5 Houses



1 Bairnsdale

10 Eaglehawk

19 Nhill

2 Ballarat (2)

11 Gladysdale

20 North Bendigo

3 Bendigo (2)

12 Heathcote Junction

21 Nyah

4 Beulah

13 Lah

22 Quambatook

5 Broadford

14 Lancaster

23 Riddells Creek

6 Casterton

15 Long Gully

24 Sale

7 Clunes

16 Mallacoota

25 Tongala

8 Colac (2)

17 Mildura (5)

26 Warrnambool (2)

9 Daylesford

18 Morwell (2)

27 Wodonga



4 13

27 15 20 10 3 9




25 14 12 5




0 House and Bungalow

0 House


0 Bungalow



11 8


(2) Number of Houses, Bungalows or both.

New Bungalows 2005/06 Suburb

Care Category


Melbourne Inner Northern

Type B

At Risk

Family of six residing in a 3 bedroom home. Bungalow provided for a young adolescent at serious risk of homelessness.

Melbourne Inner Northern


Office Of Housing

Young mother and new baby residing with Grandmother due to family breakdown.

Melbourne Outer Northern


Disability Services

Family of four all with disabilities provided with bungalow to house adolescent to improve his independent living skills for a better future.

Melbourne Inner Eastern


Community Care

Two carers and five children residing in 3 bedroom home. Bungalow provided for adolescent female who was sleeping in the lounge room.

Melbourne Inner Eastern


At Risk

Family of seven residing in 4 bedroom home, one child with high needs disabilities. Bungalow provided for young adolescent for study and general living space.

Melbourne Outer Eastern


Community Care

Four children residing with Grandmother, required additional space to live and study. Bungalow provided for adolescent.

Melbourne Inner South Eastern


Office Of Housing

Bungalow provided for adolescent to enable support into semi-independent living and general life skills.

Melbourne Inner Southern


Community Care

Foster carers with four children in permanent care. Bungalow provided for young adolescent boy for space and a place to study.

Melbourne Outer Southern


Office Of Housing

Family of five residing in 3 bedroom home. Bungalow provided for adolescent boy to continue study and remain at home.

Melbourne Outer Southern


Office Of Housing

Family of six residing in 3 bedroom home. Cramped and intolerable living conditions. Bungalow provided for adolescent girl at risk of homelessness.

Melbourne Outer Western


Disability Services

Family with five children, the youngest with cerebral palsy. Bungalow provided for adolescent to study and provide extra space within the home.

Melbourne Outer Western


Community Care

Family fostering four children. Bungalow provided to house foster carer’s two oldest children to make space for foster children in the family home.

Melbourne Outer Western


At Risk

Four generations including a child with severe disabilities. Bungalow for adolescents to create space, accommodate needs of the disabled child & reduce risk of homelessness.

Regional Victoria Barwon Region


Office Of Housing

Foster carer providing supported care for adolescent girl who would otherwise be at risk of homelessness.

Regional Victoria Barwon Region


Office Of Housing

Mother with two teenagers residing in 2 bedroom home. Bungalow provided for young adolescent to increase study opportunities.

Regional Victoria Northern


Office Of Housing

Grandmother caring for three orphaned grandchildren in a small cottage. Bungalow provided for adolescent for living & study space. Bungalow for family to remain together.

Regional Victoria East Gippsland


Office Of Housing

Family of seven living in 3 bedroom house surviving in cramped living conditions. Adolescent at risk of homelessness.

Regional Victoria La Trobe Valley


Community Care

Provision of extra space for a foster carer providing homebased care for young people in crisis.


Facts and figures on homelessness Homelessness starts at a young age

Jennifer 15 Jennifer and her sister Karin were as close as teenage sisters could be and life was good in the McNamara household – until they suffered the loss of their father. As devastating as it was, they bonded together and forged ahead as a family. No one could have dreamt lightning would strike twice and, without notice, their mother passed away after a very short battle with cancer. Karin was old enough to go it alone and was prepared to care for Jennifer as best she could. Grief eventually overwhelmed the girls and Karin could no longer care for their complicated needs. Jennifer was placed in a foster care situation for 18 months. During this time, both girls had the opportunity to access counselling and work through their grief. As time passed, the girls became close once more and a reunification seemed imminent. The only hurdle was the lack of space in Karin’s home. Kids Under Cover provided a bungalow enabling the girls to reside together while still having their own space.

It is estimated that 90% of young people who become homeless have their first experience of homelessness when they are still at school and aged 15 or younger. The Burdekin Report, 1989

Homeless kids don’t finish school Only 51% of homeless youth in Victoria stay within the school system – homelessness has a significant impact on finishing your education, finding a job and earning money. Youth Central – Youth homelessness in Australia, 2001

11,100 children seek help alone In 2002-03 53,800 children (under 18) accompanied their guardian to a homeless service. 88% of accompanied children were 12 years and under. 11,100 children arrived at homeless services on their own. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 2004

Babies and toddlers are most at risk More than 150,000 Australians used crisis accommodation in 2004-05. More than 40% were children…and most of them were very young… babies and toddlers under four years old. Australian Institute of Health Welfare report, 2004


Service flow chart

Young person

Community Service Organisation

Kids Under Cover


Government assisted funding

Bungalow or House

How you can help Workplace giving


A terrific way to give, feel good and receive a tax relief all at once! It’s as simple as signing a form allowing your employer to remit funds on your behalf. At the end of the financial year you receive a tax receipt in time to lodge your return.

Visit our website:

Speak to your pay officer or Human Resources department. Planned giving Take the opportunity to be remembered long after you have passed by leaving a bequest in your Will to Kids Under Cover. This truly is the gift that keeps giving. Please consult your solicitor on how to incorporate this into your existing Will.

Speak to Sharon on (03) 9429 7444. Associations, clubs & special events Do you know of a club or association who could nominate Kids Under Cover as its fundraising beneficiary? If so, we can provide prizes & a guest speaker to help make it an event to remember.

Speak to Nikki on (03) 9429 7444. Fundraising Through your workplace or your network of friends, encourage them to come up with inventive ways to raise funds. Examples include: Casual dress days at work, swear boxes, dinner parties where guests pay to come, trivia nights or a donation in lieu of Christmas or birthday gifts. We can supply all you need to make your idea come to life.

Call the office and speak to Nikki on (03) 9429 7444.

Post a cheque or money order to: Kids Under Cover PO Box 3038, Victoria Gardens, Richmond 3121

For more information contact Sharon on (03) 9429 7444 Event sponsor or donor Over the course of the year, Kids Under Cover conducts a number of award winning events. These include a Ball and a Grand Final Luncheon. If you feel you could contribute in any way to the success of an event, please contact us.

Speak to Teegan on (03) 9429 7444.

Donate your car! In the USA, car donation is a popular and effective way of raising funds for not-for-profit organisations. The donor gives their car to the not-for profit organisation which sells the car and the proceeds go back into funding the work of the organisation. Kids Under Cover operates a car donation program in Victoria to raise funds to continue building houses and bungalows for homeless and at risk children and young people. For more information on this exciting new program, contact us.

Teegan on (03) 9429 7444 or visit

Scholarship scheme

Year two of the Scholarship Scheme has seen the projected growth met and greater than expected interest from our existing supporters. Both results have pleased and excited all involved.

We currently offer scholarship opportunities to all young people residing in Kids Under Cover houses and bungalows. We recognise and acknowledge, on many occasions, natural children of foster families make many sacrifices in order to accommodate the foster child. Consequently, in the future, we would like to extend the scholarship opportunity by way of thanks. Although we are still some way off making that dream a reality, we continue to strive for this ambitious goal. Of the 12 applicants who met the selection criteria and were accepted, the breakdown of courses chosen were as follows: • Business Administration • Beauty Therapy • Nursing • Arts and Graphics • VCE • Hospitality • Social Science Three applicants later withdrew from the final funding offer for the following reasons: • Gained full-time employment • Missed out on the chosen course • Changed direction of their life and may reconsider educational opportunities in 2008.v

Melissa & Shay-Lee 19yrs old & 3yrs old

Ever since Melissa could remember, life in her house was difficult. After years of neglect by her parents, Melissa’s mum decided she could no longer manage the children and placed them in foster care. For Melissa, foster care started a life of unsettled placements and lost schooling. No foster family had committed to Melissa for more than two years at a time. Melissa often admits she wasn’t the easiest kid to care for with issues of trust and communication constantly under question. After meeting and falling in love with a young man, Melissa believed life was finally changing direction. Even after discovering she was pregnant, Melissa still had a positive outlook on the future. When the baby arrived, the reality of life came with it. Melissa knew the only way she could keep her child was to try harder and do better than her own mother had done. She approached Kids Under Cover for an education scholarship to embark on a nursing course. The nursing qualification would not only provide her with an income, it would also help her manage and understand her debilitating disease, Lupus. Melissa and Shay-Lee now live independently in a leafy Eastern suburb. The study is hard, but failing is not an option for Melissa. As Melissa continues with her studies, little Shay-Lee thrives with her new friends at crèche.

Our thanks

Contributions 2005/06 We gratefully acknowledge all of our donors – both large and small. As we now have so many generous contributors we cannot comfortably list everyone. You know who you are, and so do we. Thank you for your support and thank you also for making a difference in the lives of our young people in need. To anyone we may have overlooked, our sincere apologies and thank you for your generosity.

$1,000 and Over

$5,000 and Over

Ansett Down To Earth Club (VIC) Benalla Magistrates Court Boroondara Central Lions Club Buildscaff Pty Ltd Chelsea District Lions Club Inc Cooke, Mr David Corkjoint (Vic) Pty Ltd Crosby, Mr Stephen E J Lyons & Sons Pty Ltd Echuca College Fletcher Jones Support GPT Group Harman Family Chiropractic Lancefield Community Project Lions Dandenong Luncheon Club Marathon Food Industries Pty Ltd Master Builders Association of Victoria Mercedes Benz Australia Millard Tyre Centre National Australia Bank Nungaron Pty Ltd Pialba Tyre & Battery SM Brands Pty Ltd Tabcorp The Boston Consulting Group The Decor Corporation Pty Ltd The John D and Lyla Harris Charitable Foundation The Michael & Andrew Buxton Foundation The PMS Foundation Townshend Homes Varian Australia Wiredex Pty Ltd Witchmount Estate Yarra Bend Social Golf Club Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd

ANZ Executors & Trustees Comp Ltd. Herzog, Mr Izzy Holmes, Mr Jon Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund Melbourne Magistrates Court Rao, Mr Sunil Rotary Club of Brighton SEEEN Stanford University The Benevolent Society The Ilhan Foundation The William Angliss (Vic) Charitable Foundation United Way Sydney Vodafone Australia Foundation Wood Family Foundation Zoltans Pool Products Pty Ltd

$10,000 and Over Brambles Industries Limited Buildsafe Independent Housing Group Mogal Marine Pty Ltd Rotary Club of Bayswater Southern Spirit Inc

$20,000 and Over Bruce & Jane Dyson Foundation Gandel Charitable Trust Melbourne Newsboys Club Foundation St Vincent De Paul The Calvert-Jones Foundation The Panel Christmas Wrap Ltd Pilotlight Australia The Portland House Group

Trusts and Foundations With the delays in the building permit process (prior to qualifying for a permit exemption), we were applying for less funding from trusts and foundations. We pride ourselves on reporting and delivering projects to funding bodies on time. We felt this process could be jeopardised with the frustrating delays experienced.


Our Charitable Foundation figure listed in the profit and loss is also significantly less than last year. This is due to the one-off donation from The Shane Warne Foundation made in the last financial year. A special thanks also to The Gandel Charitable Trust for their support of the Youth Services Collaboration Project.

We are proud to acknowledge individuals and organisations for donating proceeds from the following events

Events Supporter events • Bayswater Rotary Art Show • Beraldo Coffee – Coffee sales at a charity bike ride • Angela Bowles – Funds in lieu of birthday gifts • BP Australia – Cinema Night • East Ivanhoe Traders Christmas Appeal • Going Gone Charity Auction • Golden Messenger/Virgin Blue garage sales & Spring Fling ‘05 • Lancefield Community Tree Sale • Mal Bradley – The Biggest Loser • Master Builders Association of Victoria Awards Dinner Raffle • Mercedes Benz Australia Driver Education Course • North Sydney Girls High – Year 11 Advertising Assignment • Tintern Girls Grammar School Fete • Yarra Bend Social Golf Club Charity Day

To anyone we may have overlooked, our sincere apologies and thank you for your support.

Kids Under Cover events Donate A Car

11th Annual Umbrella Ball

Melbourne International Motor Show staged the launch of the Kids Under Cover Donate A Car program. The program is based on the highly successful USA model.

The Kids Under Cover Umbrella Ball continued to be the fundraising cornerstone for the organisation. A total of 800 supporters were humoured by the antics of Laugh Out Loud, marvelled at the talent of Casey Donovan and the Australian Girls Choir and danced the night away to Mike Brady, Lisa Edwards and Band.

The launch was marked with the auction of a 1978 Mercedes Benz, kindly donated by Izzy Herzog. Auctioneer Bill Wellwood and the team at Shannons worked the crowd for an outstanding result.

Scholarship Scheme Both recipients and supporters of the Kids Under Cover Scholarship Scheme came together to celebrate milestones at an afternoon tea held at the Melbourne Museum. Awards were presented to each recipient to acknowledge their achievements. This gathering presented a wonderful opportunity for supporters to meet recipients directly benefiting from their support. More about the Scholarship Scheme on Page 16.

Pigdon Five Minute Video Film Festival It’s not exactly an ‘Oscar’, but the Golden Gumby is as coveted by actors and producers as any tacky Hollywood statue. Following on from the appearance of guest judge Rachel Griffiths in 2005 we were delighted to engage one of Australia’s greatest local talents, Sigrid Thornton. Sigrid conveyed humour in her role as guest judge, eventually awarding the Golden Gumby to Shoeless Productions. This event is held as a profile raiser. It presents a perfect opportunity for Kids Under Cover to network and socialise with friends of the organisation in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Grand Final Luncheon 2005 As the Eagles and Swans prepared to do battle, Victorians were coming to grips with the AFL flag leaving the state once again. This didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for celebrating Grand Final Week at The Point Restaurant. On a magnificent day a sell-out crowd enjoyed arguably Melbourne’s best view of Albert Park. While healthy debate raged over which team would take the flag home, the Hafey and Parkin families made up the footy panel, providing personal accounts of life in a footy obsessed household.

Channel 9 news reporter Mia Greves and popular sporting identity Garry Lyon performed the role of MCs and managed to inject an infectious sense of humour. Total amount raised on the night: $221,000 net. Our heartfelt thanks to the following organisations and individuals who generously donated their goods and services: Kmart, Tyrrell’s Wines, GTV9, Foster’s Australia, Superprint, Crown, Staging Connections, The Frame Shop Fairfield, Thomson Real Estate, JeanMichel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, Peregrine Adventures, Megagraphics, KIA Australia, Golden Messenger, Warwick, Fletchers The Kitchen People, Harvey Norman Hoppers Crossing, United International Pictures, Air Pacific, Air Fiji, Tabcorp, Vibe Communications, Din San Nursery, ICMI Speakers and Entertainers, Chenu and Associates, Citrus Internet, Keshett Jewellers, Quaff Restaurant, Paris Kyne Master Milliner, Sharp Direct, Fusion Store, Mal Bradley Hair and Beauty and Zoom Digital Print.

Angel Award Every year the Ball presents a wonderful opportunity to recognise a long-term Kids Under Cover supporter. The ‘Under Cover Angel Award’ is presented to an organisation or individual who has shown dedication to the Kids Under Cover cause, over and above what could reasonably be expected. We are excited to announce this year’s recipient is Superprint. We would like to acknowledge their continued contribution & thank Gary and Greg for their support.


Event supporters


A Taste of Siam ABC ACMI Adam Elliot Aesop Air Fiji Air Pacific Airport Luggage Alepat Taylor All Care Installations Andrew Antler Luggage Aristel Networks Armadale Retrovision Audi Australia Pty Ltd Audi Centre Melbourne Auscellardoor Australian Girls Choir Australian Grand Prix Corporation Australian Liquor Marketers Authentic Fossil Avenel of Melbourne Barbara van Ernst Barry Hall Group Barry Markoff Bayside Blades Bellarine Estate Bertocchi Small Goods Beuna Vista International Bluff Mirror and Glass Bradyworks Brian Chenu BridgeClimb Sydney Buffet & Finger Catering Bunnings Moorabbin Bushells Community Cash Promotion Cadbury Schweppes Capital Liquor Carly Muir Carrington Gifts Casey Donovan Cashmore & Associates C-Direct Channel 9 Charz Boutique Chenu & Associates Chez Bob Armadale Chris And Marie Plant Farm Clive Peeters Coca Cola Comcater Commander Comme Kitchen Copper Workshop Crazy Johns Crown Ltd Damien Fleming


Danimado Nominees Darling Towers Executive David Byard David Lee David Parkin De Bortoli Wines Dick Johnson Racing Din San Nursery Domaine Chandon Don Kyatt Donnez Hair Salon Douge Tonge Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant Eagle Ridge East Brighton Cellars Eljay Dynamics Entertain with Linen Enzo De Amicis Enzo Restaurant Equity Transport Group Europcar Expo Hire – Exhibitions & Events Farmers Arms Retreat Feathers – Brighton Felice Pittella Ferndale Confectionery Fiji Visitors Bureau FILA First Auto Wholesalers Fisher & Paykel Fletchers the Kitchen People Flinders Golf Club Florina’s Greek Tavern Foster’s Australia Frank Van Handel Fusion Store Gary Peer George Ermer Gilbert Dodin WordLink (Aust) Pty Ltd Glen Erin Vineyard Retreat Goga Wellness Beauty Studio Golden Messenger Gordana Visic Grampians Sunrise – Holiday Cabins Greg & Gale Wicks Grundy TV GWP Mangagement Haigh’s Chocolate Harvey Norman Hoppers Crossing Hawker Britton Hickinbotham of Dromana Holmesglen Institute of TAFE Hopetoun – Rehabilitation Hospital Hotel Enzian Howard Bull



Hulls Rob MP ICE Accessories ICMI – Entertainment & Speakers Imagine If Creative Solutions IMAX Theatre International Armoured – Military Vehicle Collection Jack Absalom Jack’s Antiques Jasper Hill Vineyard Pty Ltd Jean-Michel Cousteau – Fiji Island Resort Jeff Wignall Group Jimmy Barnes Jo Swift Just Squeezed Karma Music Management – Les and Mrs Leah Kausman Ken Ball Ken Morgan Ken Morgan KIA Keshett Jewellers Kia Motors Kick Start Media Kimberly-Clarke Professional King River Estate Winery Kingston Links Golf Kmart Knight Granite Hills Knobs & Knockers Kodak Korjo Travel Products Korren Hoffman Kuene Salon La Luna Bistro Lagoon Confectioners Lako Pacific Limited Lancefield Show Committee Laugh out Loud – (aka The Music Men) Laura Boselli Lincoln Sentry Linfox Lisa Edwards Lombard the Paper People Long Island Country Club Mal Bradley Hair & Beauty Margaret Walker Margo Perkins Marie Way Mark Besen Mary & Steve the Caterers MASP Masterfoods Snackfood Maureen Hafey Mavis Lester Max Walker Maze Distributions









Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne Museum Melbourne Short Stay – Apartments Melbourne Symphony Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Michonne van Rees Mike Brady Mingarelli Tiles Minh Tan II Mirror and Glass Co Mitchelton Wines Montalto Vineyard – and Olive Grove Moorooduc Estate MoVida Myles Audio Visual Hire Naxos Music Negociants Australia Network Ten News Custom Publishing North Melbourne FC Norton Waxes Oakwood Wines Oneida Orgran – Stacey Wightley Pappagallos Restaurant Paris Kyne Master Milliner Paul & Melinda Junginger Peninsula Golf Penisula Hot Springs Peregrine Adventures PerformArts Peter Bartholemew Peter Bassett Signs Peter Brock Foundation Peter Rowland Catering Peter Way Petrina Dorrington Polytech Powercor Pro-Sport Management Pure Oz Quaff Restaurant RACV Red Rock Red Star Coffee Rhonda Cusack Richmond FC Riverbank Socks Rogers and Company Foods RollsPack Roma Foods Romanca Jasinski Ron Barrassi Rosie Brown Roving Enterprises Rutherglen Wine & Spirit Company Pty Ltd Sandy Breen Productions Sarah Davies


Sarah Furness Seven Night Club Sevens Productions Shark Fin Group Sharp Direct Simon’s Seafood Restaurant Slade Bloodstock P/L Something Different Antiques Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd Sportsmart Spring Valley Golf Club Staging Connections Still Water Villas Studio 514 Stumpy Gully Vineyard Superprint Susan Gordon-Brown – Photography Swift & Moore Swimming Australia Tabcorp Tahbilk Winery Tall Poppy Wines Tamarr Imports Tangelo Fine Foods TarraWarra Estate Tasman Group Services Tattersall’s TCI Teneketzis – Property Consultants Tek Imaging The Australian Girls Choir The Como Melbourne The Dunes Café The Frame Shop The Point, Albert Park Lake The Promotions Factory Thomson Real Estate Tim Stannage Token Artists Tommy Hafey Torq Print Total Balance Group Trevor Fasham Tyrrell’s Wine United International Pictures Victoria Police Blue Victorian Florist Supply Vittoria Coffee Pty Ltd Warwick Fabrics Waxed Wealth Creator Magazine Woodlands Yarra Trail Pty Ltd Yering Station Zoom Digital Print



The total income was $1,697,529 which reflected an increase of 10%. We expect this trend to continue enabling us to deliver on the growing need in our community.

Treasurer’s Report 2005/06 It brings me great pleasure to present the 2006 Fiscal Year Financial Report. Kids Under Cover has ‘enjoyed‘ a year of solid overall growth in assets and revenue, although some of the individual revenue streams were down compared against our performances over the last fiscal year. The total income was $1,697,529 which reflected an increase of 10%. We expect this trend to continue enabling us to deliver on the growing need in our community. Both increases in funding from public sector through our building program, and private sector through foundations have contributed to this increase.

In terms of expenditure, the largest increased division for a second successive year was staff wages and entitlements. This total expenditure increase has occurred through restructuring our team after recognising certain activities required upgrading to full time staff participation. We have deferred some desired revenue activities so some wage costs will have contributed to future revenue streams. We expect there will be further team growth for the 06/07 year as we continue to develop our platforms of growth interstate.

Looking beyond the financial reports in this document, the true value of the organisation is evident in the total value of pro bono services acquired for this financial year. More than $500,000 of goods and services allowed Kids Under Cover to deliver its unique service on a frugal budget – a sincere thanks to all who gave of their time or service for the benefit of ‘our kids’. Thank you to the Board and staff for their hard work and dedication to making a real difference in our community and thank you to all who support this wonderful organisation.

Our vital statistics are:

Bungalows Houses



















Our gross revenue split between public and private sector for the last six years:

Private Sector Public Sector Total

2006 $

2005 $

2004 $

2003 $

2002 $

2001 $



















We are eagerly looking forward to the challenges we will face to increase our fundraising activities and revenues to implement our national expansion plans.

David N Lee – Treasurer


Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2006 Balance Sheet as at 30 June 2006 Notes

2006 $

2005 $












Current assets Cash Debtors Prepayments Security Bonds/Deposits

Non current assets Property Plant and Equipment

























Other Assets Total assets

Current liabilities Sundry Creditors Provisions


Non current liabilities Long Term borrowing Provisions Total liabilities





General Fund



Asset Revaluation Reserve



Total members funds



Net assets

Members funds

The accompanying notes form part of this financial report.


Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2006 Statement of changes in equity as at 30 June 2006 General Fund $

Asset Revaluation Reserve $

Total $




Balance at 1 July 2004 Surplus/(Deficit) Balance at 30 June 2005 Surplus/(Deficit) Balance at 30 June 2006













2006 $

2005 $

The accompanying notes form part of this financial report.

Statement of cash flows for the year ended 30 June 2006 Notes

Cash flows from operating activities: Cash receipts in the course of operations


Interest Received








Payment for Property, Plant and Equipment



Net cash used in investing activities



Bank loan



Net cash provided by financing activities



Cash payments in the course of operations Net cash provided by operating activities


Cash flows from investing activities:

Cash flow from financing activities:

Net Increase (Decrease) in cash held Cash at the beginning of the financial year Cash at the end of the financial year








The accompanying notes form part of this financial report.


Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2006 Notes to the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2006 1. Statement of Significant Accounting Policies This financial report is a special purpose financial report prepared in order to satisfy the financial reporting requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act Victoria(1981). The committee has determined that the association is not a reporting entity. The financial report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act Victoria and the following Australian Standards: AASB 1031


AASB 108

Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors

AASB 110

Events after the Balance Sheet Date

AASB 117


AASB 107

Cash Flow Statements

AASB 101

Presentation of Financial Statements

AASB 116 Property, Plant and Equipment No other applicable Australian Accounting Standards, Urgent Issues Group Consensus Views or other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board have been applied. The financial report has been prepared on an accruals basis and is based on historic costs and does not take into account changing the money values, or except where specifically stated, current valuations of non-current assets. The following material accounting policies, which are consistent with the previous period unless otherwise stated, have been adopted in the preparation of this financial report. (a) Depreciation of Property Items of property including buildings and leasehold property but excluding freehold land are depreciated over their useful lives. The straight-line method is used. Assets are depreciated from the date of acquisition, or in respect of internally constructed assets from the time an asset is held ready for use.


(b) Property Residential Buildings

(f) Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Buildings are constructed with, at times, donated materials and labour. On completion of each building, a certificate of occupancy is granted; the building is leased to the most appropriate local welfare organisation, which administers the building for the provision of shelter to appropriate children.

Revenues, expenses and assets are recognised net of the amount of GST, except where the amount of GST incurred is not recoverable from the Australian Taxation Office. In these circumstances the GST is recognised as part of the cost of acquisition of the assets or as part of an item of the expense. Receivables and payables in the Balance Sheet are shown inclusive of GST.

Property is brought to account at cost or at independent or directors’ valuation, less, where applicable any accumulated depreciation or amortisation. Residential buildings are depreciated in the year following completion.

(g) Adoption of Australian Equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards

Land where residential buildings are erected upon are leased for a nominal charge from the Office of Housing and local councils.

First-time adoption of Australian equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards.

(c) Superannuation Plan

Kids Under Cover Inc. has prepared financial statements in accordance with the Australian equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS) from 1 July 2005 as it relates to accounting policies in Note 1(a).

The incorporated association has registered with the CARE productivity superannuation plan, Vicsuper Fund and Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia. Contributions are made in accordance with those plans. (d) Income Tax The incorporated association is a registered Australian charity and as such all donations it receives of $2 or more are an allowable deduction under Division 30-1 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (The Act) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office as from 1 July 2000. The income of the incorporated association is considered to be exempt under Division 50 of the Act and therefore income tax has not been provided in the financial statements. (e) Recognition of Income Grants and donations received are brought to account when entitlement is beyond doubt. Proceeds from the Charity Ball are brought to account as and when received.

In accordance with the requirements of AASB 1: First-time Adoption of Australian Equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards, adjustments resulting from the introduction of AIFRS have been applied retrospectively to 2005 comparative figures excluding cases where optional exemptions available under AASB1 have been applied. These accounts are the first financial statements of Kids Under Cover Inc to be prepared in accordance with AIFRS. The accounting policies set out above have been consistently applied to all years presented. The association has elected to adopt the exemptions available under AASB 1 relating to AASB 132: Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Presentation and AASB 139: Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement.


– A gift of a lifetime

Kids Under Cover Inc Level 1, 53 Burnley Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121 PO BOX 3038, Victoria Gardens, Richmond, Victoria, 3121 Phone: (03) 9429 7444 Fax: (03) 9429 6299 Freecall: 1800 801 633 Email: Web: ABN 76 604 592 013 Incorporation Number A0021918B

Paper donated by Spicers Paper

Printing donated by Vega Press

Design and production by The Ball Group

Thank you for the overwhelming generosity of the following organisations who all kindly donated their time, services and expertise.

Kids Under Cover  

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