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ESL Classroom Orientation: Welcome to Wake Tech ESL classes at White Plains United Methodist Church Class Logistics: • 4 days a week/ class meeting time (9am to 12Noon). • Be sure to sign in and sign out each day. • Break time for students is at 10:30(Break is 15 minutes) • Level C &D can participate in Crossroads Café. • For site information or to practice ESL go to our ESL Blog at • Weather closings: If WTCC is closed there are no ESL classes. If Wake County schools are closed, no ESL. If Wake County schools are delayed, no ESL. • 75% attendance is required. * Must arrive within first 30 minutes (by 9:30am) and not leave before the last 30 minutes (11:30am) of class to be counted as present * If student misses more 25% of the classes, he or she will not be permitted to continue class * Students who attend 85% will get a Wake Tech Attendance Certificate at the end of the term. ** Students should not attend class if they are sick (have a fever) and can be asked to leave if they come and appear sick Important things to Remember: • Turn cell phones off or on vibrate. Do not use in classrooms. • No Smoking inside or outside the Church. No Alcohol. • Please stay on this floor and do not go upstairs. Do not call the church office. • Students cannot bring friends or children to class. (No visitors) • Please park in the back parking area. • We are guests in the church and please take care to keep the church clean. Make sure you put trash in the trash can (not in recycling). Don’t use the church supplies and leave the bathrooms clean. • Please keep your valuables (bag, money, phone, etc.) with you at all times. • If you need to wait for a ride after class, wait at the back. • Drive carefully in the parking lot.

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