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LMFAO: Who are you? I mean... Who we are!

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LMFAO is educational! No way! We are not going to talk about why a company’s acquisition of another... Never mind, too lazy to continue. Educational here is to give you gyaan on topics which will actually matter in your life and not stuff that can be found in a boring old textbook.

LMFAO is humorous! Yes We love making fun of things which a student usually experiences in school or college. We may not be able to help you, but we sure can make it funny. 3


V alentine’s Day and the days before

that, India sees a huge political and religious fiasco where political parties and moral police groups mostly comprising of unemployed youth threaten to attack young lovers who celebrate the festival of love. I say unemployed youth because; if these people had real jobs they wouldn’t be roaming the streets and conducting espionage on those who are celebrating the festival. I have two jobs, so you won’t expect me in the streets on Feb 14th. More strident groups, like the infamous ones in Maharashtra, have attacked and burned down shops selling Valentine’s Day cards as well as destroyed florists who sold flowers on the holiday. ‘This shameless festival has been celebrated by our young people’, wrote a political leader in his mouthpiece print 4

media. But it is totally contrary to Indian culture. We should focus on good work, good thoughts, love and harmony in our society, and not let such Western culture spoil us. The words love, harmony, good work and good thoughts are very contrary to burning down shops and preserving peace in society. If these shops on Valentine’s Day sold contraband for rave parties held on that day, I can see why some activists would find it as a reason to object. But it was flowers, greeting cards and soft toys. Where is the harm in that? Also, in case they haven’t noticed, nearly every gift shop sells the above mentioned throughout the year and not just on Feb 14th. They merely stock up for Valentine’s Day. The political and moral police groups object citing ‘Valentine’s Day is a conspiracy by the west to pollute India’s culture and values’. This is just one among the many illogical statements they make about what we must do and must not do. Here is a list of things that are not part of ‘Indian culture’: 1) Eating with a spoon or fork: Indians accepted this style of eating after accepting some aspects of British culture. 2) The aspect of blowing candles out on a cake: Baking cakes dates back to prior 16th Century. Adding candles to the cake and blowing them out, these records date back to the 18th century GERMANY! All my friends from whatever community they are from blow out candles on their birthday cake. 3) The Constitution of India: This colossal document that is longer than most engineering mathematics textbook is not entirely based on Indian Culture. It is a derivative of multiple cultures including American and European. The concept of Democracy itself has its origins in 6th Century BC in Greece. 5

4) Salwars / Chudidars: This has its origins in ancient Persia. Although some records of Salwars date back to 10th century Egypt as well. There are other cultures in Europe that referred to the garment as “seamless shirts�. In fact, many of these cultures found that making this garment was savings in cost because; fewer cuts had to be made unlike shirts; thus resulting in less wastage. There are so many more practices which we follow that are not inherent to Indian culture which I can list. Western medicine is practiced in every major hospital in India. Rarely do you see Ayurveda completely part of the treatment process in hospitals. In fact almost every film made in India is based on a love story between a boy and a girl. Ok not all of them, there are some films where love stories are between members of the same gender. How come we do not see political and moral police groups object to any of the above mentioned? Why is the objection very selective? We are a country that has seen influences not only from the British, but French, 6






Our culture is a blend of everything not any one in particular. There is so much irony in their protests, ancient Indian culture (which moral police groups claim to be protecting) is filled with erotic and sexual images. Indeed, the Hindu god of love was Manmatha, who made couples fall in love with each other by shooting arrows made of flowers from a bow composed of sugarcane. The Greeks have their similar God, Cupid. The famous Khajuraho Group of Monuments in Madhya Pradesh consists of ancient sculptures that explicitly depict sexual foreplay and intercourse. Perhaps most famous is the Kama Sutra text, which celebrates lovemaking in graphic detail. If these protestors want to preserve Indian culture, let them promote tourism to historic landmarks, conduct campaigns to restore and preserve some of India’s beautiful and treasured monuments, manuscripts, music, dance and other forms of art. Wasting time, money and energy on a festival that occurs once a year and celebrated usually in urban India (a fragment of the entire country) is ridiculous. On a lighter note, I wonder if we can object to their objections on trivial and silly matters. - Vipin Mandyam Image Credits: DeviantArt Have your love story shared on LMFAO. Send it to Don’t worry, we are not from the moral police and neither will your parents come to know about it either.



Here are some tips for you gorgeous ladies to make denim more fashionable than what it is... 1) Not always blue: Denim comes in bright colours too today, Sulfur denim as they are called. They are available in bright colours such as pink, green, turquoise and even sulfur yellow.

2) Jeans to a party? Why not: jeans have an automatic dressed down feel, they are the perfect to play up a super feminine without looking over the top. For the same matter, a pair of really sexy evening sandals gets more fashion mileage. 3) Fold up: Roll a pair of classic straight-leg or even skinny fit jeans up to the ankle for a chic style that works

wonderfully for showing off a great pair of heels 4) Second Skin: Legging jeans are super-fitted and stretchy just like leggings, so they fit like a second skin, but they give you a little more coverage (not to mention being warmer and more durable!), 5) Distressed for you to de-stress: Go for a pair that’s frayed and torn all along the thigh for a cool, edgy look that can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with Converse and a fun graphic tee.

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.”― Yves Saint-Laurent



The current trend today are these low priced watches, made from silicone that come in bright colours. They can either be in analog or digital forms. It is time (no pun intended) to look at these colourful timepieces not as a tool to check time but more as an accessory that adds some colour to your wrist. Why use a watch today to check the time? I mean, you already have a phone right? Besides, checking your watch during class hours maybe considered impolite by your teachers. So why not make a style statement out it then? It is sure to get you some attention from the opposite gender too. These watches are usually sold by hawker in commercial areas. They are also available online in websites such as for prices as low as Rs. 300/-. 11

Entrepreneurs at 21

Akash, Mayank and Shailesh are the team that set up Bluwiz Web Studios. Akash being the information architect, Mayank, the programmer and Shailesh who is into marketing have set up a business that offers a variety of web based services for the 21st Century business. The trio are partners in a firm set up almost a year ago. Akash and Shailesh are students pursuing final year B.Com and the Chartered Accounting course while Mayank is pursuing his engineering. The trio consider this as a hobby, and the work that they do has been well recieved by clients. It is good to see small businesses learn the importance of owning a website. Since the internet will connect you to the world. These small businesses too can benefit from owning a website Their own website is full of humor where each 12

member of the team makes fun of the other. Akash is described as someone who is ‘built to imperfection’ . Mayank, is the dude born with a quadcore processor for a brain and Shailesh however has a hollow brain yet comes up with some exceptionally amazing ideas. Of course, all this has been said on a humorous tone.

“We are not a business led by the typical Suit-boot wala uncles

driving in Mercs. We are a bunch of 20-year-olds loafing in tees & denims driven around by our dreams & passion!” - Bluwiz



And Thou art Time Gazing into the starless night Past thy hour. I am but thy shadow Born out of thy will In a place where the mind cannot meet the heart. Then how can a boy in his prime Learn to speak from the fullness of his heart? Only time can tell.

By Sanjay Prasad

The Optic Nerve

Photography by Sanjith Seetharam 15

Where do Good Ideas Come from?

Each time I come across something that amazes me, I always ask myself “Why didn’t I think of this before?� This could be for a piece of art work like the ones I find at an art exhibition, products such as the iPod or entrepreneurs who have built some of the most innovative businesses such as Tesla Motors. Some get ideas because of an epiphany. An epiphany is a random intelligent idea that one gets and the enthusiasm and determination is so strong they end up pursuing the idea no matter how difficult the obstacles are. This is seen in case of people like Mark Zuckerberg who was so determined on establishing a social networking site in Harvard. His strong commitment is what led to Facebook, the largest and most successful social networking site in the world. A historic example for this would be when Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyancy when he sat down in his bath tub and thus the infamous streaking he did 16

shouting “Eureka!” After the incident. Coffee places were abuzz with ideas in the Europe. Coffee being a stimulant would aid the patrons in coming up with ideas on the topics they were discussing. The English and European coffee houses date back to the 17th century where the coffee houses were bustling with news and gossip. It was also a meeting point for the famous scientists who would learn from each other. First let us quote from a play by Thomas Sydserf called ‘The Coffee House: A Comedy’. In Act 3 there is a conversation between two coffee house customers:• Customer 1: I’m told Sir, that coffee inspires a man in the mathematics. • Customer 2: So far as it keeps one from sleep, which you know is the ready way to distract, consequently the improvement of the mathematics. Group discussions and brainstorming sessions are a wonderful way to generate good ideas. The best part of a brainstorming session is all ideas are encouraged before checking their feasibility. This can lead to some 17

interesting concepts being developed. The NeoNurture company makes incubators for hospitals using automobile parts. This is one of the most innovative ideas from modern science. Hospitals in rural India and other developing or underdeveloped countries in Africa do not have the expertise to maintain the traditional model of the incubators that need maintenance and servicing after 5 years. The company noticed that there are many auto-mechanics in these parts of the world. Using that as a foundation, they built an incubator that is made of car headlights that is connected to a battery. So if this were to breakdown, you need to give it to a mechanic rather than a medical technician. There are good ideas all around you. You just need to open your eyes to see them. Grab opportunities or ideas and take risks in chasing them. If the worst were to happen then sit back and evaluate why you went wrong and pursue the idea again. - Vipin Mandyam




Give us your hilarious answer on how Ted meet’s his wife in the show How I Met Your Mother

Send your answers to mandyamkadubi@ by March 2nd 2013

The funniest, wittiest and most creative reply will win prizes worth nearly Rs. 2000 from Skullcandy.


Culture In 1995, Couture a major international

exhibition was held in Victoria & Albert Museum, London to promote Jain Art and it’s contribution to India’s history. The major themes which found in the art of Jainism are presented, notably the role of the Jina image, deities, ritual and narrative role of the illustrated text, and the Jain cosmology as seen through paintings. The This book titled The Peaceplace of pilgrimage in the Jainful Liberators: Jain Art tradition is illustrated throughfrom India is one of the monumental pilgrimage paintings.few books on art related to Jainism. A natural consequence of JainismISBN: 978-0-500-01650-3

is strict vegetarianism and to go into occupations which do not interfere with nature, such as banking. This commitment to living in harmony with nature is witnessed in a 15th century Jain Yatra painting in which the artist is celebrating nature in all its forms. Meritorious “right” conduct include the “giving away” of a part of one’s wealth, in keeping with the other key principle of Jainism, aparigraha or non-possession. This principle guides life and behaviour of the laity, and is a strict principle of those who choose the ascetic in their quest to become a jina.



Ninjutsu at Bujinkan India

Ninjutsu unlike other martial arts covers everything from defensive, offensive strategies, espionage, guerilla warfare and tactics in relation to unconventional warfare. These were commonly practiced by the Shinobi or Ninjas as they are know elsewhere other than Japan. Unlike other forms of martial arts such as Muay Thai (kickboxing) and Karate, Ninjutsu is a very fluid in body movements. The Bujinkan is the banner head of the Martial Art Heritage headed by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. The ‘Bujinkan’ literally means ‘Warrior God Training Hall.’ The name was derived from the late Grandmaster’s Takamatsu Sensei’s Chinese nickname Wusen or the God of War. Bujinkan India teaches its students a variety of disciplines ranging from unarmed combat, wielding the spear, the sword and the staff as well. The classes are held daily and is headed by Shiva Subramaniam. Shiva has 25 years of experience in training in various forms of martial arts. The best part of the Bujinkan India dojo is that everyone who comes to class is friendly and 22

willing to help out any new comer in the techniques of Ninjutsu.The students of the Dojo come from various backgrounds; software engineers, entrepreneurs, students and even professors! “Today however after having the privilege to train with the Grandmaster and the Shihan in Japan and around the world, I realize the magic of Budo is inexplicable. The only way to experience all the facets of budo is to train The Bujinkan is more than just a physical expression of art. In fact I think that the Bujinkan resonates as a cyclic and contemporary revival of the values of our own Bodhidharma. “ Says Shiva Subramaniam.

The Class Details are as follows: Monday to Friday 7:30 to 9:30 pm Saturday : 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Sunday : 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Contact: Shiva Subramanian Mobile : +91 9845049398 Address: #1, 1st Main, Chakravarthy Layout 23

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