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If you want to advertise, build your brand or sell to China

you will need a website and it needs to speak Chinese. We can help you develop a brand new site, or enhance your current site to include Chinese simplified characters. Whilst some people believe powering their sites with Google Translate will be sufficient, we know this is untrue. We are based in Australia and can talk you through the process of setting up a new site, or work with your current web developers to enhance your existing site.

Develop a new website Enhance your current website Enhance your website with Chinese


Chinese Web Design

Social Media Marketing (a marketer’s dream)


social media, we can get people talking about your brand in China before you even get there. Many companies still don’t understand or even appreciate the value of social media. In China there are more than 500 million ‘netizens’ using the internet for shopping, gamming and catching up with what’s going on at home and around the world. By embracing social media, you could potentially engage them, talk with them and sell to them. The challenge with taking on a social media campaign is that the web platforms are different, and the language is Chinese. We can help you develop and implement your China social media plan. You don’t even need to be in China to get started, as you could be happily campaigning local Chinese residents whilst sitting in the comfort of your home in Australia.

Start a Chinese twitter account Talk to Chinese netizens


Build your brand in China

Chinese Translation

Web Tools (make it work)

(say it right)


from one language to another is not a simple process that can be done by a computer. You need to think about the context, culture, history and message. We can help you translate your marketing message, ensuring it makes sense. We provide website and brochure translation, company and staff name translation. We also cross reference our work so that you don’t end up using a name that’s already trademarked.


your website is based in Australia and you want to advertise or sell in China, then you will need to enhance it. You will need a payment portal, a freight option, translation and important signs that make your site trustworthy in the Chinese mind. We can help you with all aspects of website optimisation and it doesn’t matter if you already have a website or want to develop one. What’s even more exciting is that we can enhance your website in the future propelling it into Chinese online space, with a social media and SEO campaign that will make your site extremely profitable.

Get a China payment solution Get a Chinese company name

Give Chinese customers confidence

Translate your website

Sell it in China

Have Chinese language brochures



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Want to seel to China  

Want to seel to China

Want to seel to China  

Want to seel to China