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TOM EVETTS Terra Firma

TOM EVETTS Terra Firma 27th May - 1st June 2014 Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm Sunday 11am - 3pm

Gallery 8 8 Duke Street, St James’s London, SW1Y 6BN All works are available for sale upon receipt of this catalogue and can be viewed online at

LEONORA MARTIN FINE ART +44 (0)7880 746231

Terra Firma is the result of the past 12 months work, focusing on landscapes and seascapes in the United Kingdom and Ireland.I have been fortunate enough to travel the length and breadth of the country, always working out of doors come wind, rain, or shine. My travels have taken me all the way from Lamorna, on the southern tip of Cornwall right up to the Isles of Lewis and Harris with various pit stops along the way in Exmoor, Tenby, Galway, Donegal and the Western Highlands - an area which I am finding is fast becoming my most natural habitat. The intention with my work is to secure a direct interpretation of light and colour onto canvas without labouring over meretricious effects. At no stage has a camera played a part in this process, and I can safely assure you that it never will! Tom Evetts, April 2014

For those of us who are familiar with Galileo’s description of relativity - “Are we moving as compared to that star?” - we know, in order to be able to judge if we are moving when travelling at a constant speed, we have to refer to an object to make movement meaningful. In the past year Tom Evetts has been moving at a constant speed. I suspect that he was not aware of his velocity. Fortunately, time and speed were abstracts to him. A year ago, I attended an exhibition, his first solo show in London, and at the time I had commented on the originality of this young artist. I also saw that his strength and true vocation was the landscape. In the interim, he has travelled a distance which for some would have taken years. He has arrived here for this exhibition with an assured hand, a rare sensitivity, and a mature comprehension of his chosen genre. Every artist knows each painting has a chronology, a beginning, a continuum and an end. But there is another journey: that of one painting to the next. When the artist does not rest on the merits of the previous painting, the work is inclined to get better and better and with Evetts this is clearly happening. This body of work represents acute concentration, sympathy with and sensitivity to his subjects, and above all else, committed hard work. So, if Galileo was right, “free travelling objects, without interruption, will travel in a straight line forever”. For Tom Evetts, this analogy is auspicious. Tod Ramos, May 2014

44 Dunfanaghy from Horn Head oil on canvas 30 x 40 in ÂŁ2,500

45 Doe Castle, Creeslough, Donegal oil on canvas 14 x 24 in ÂŁ1,400

46 The Old Warehouses, Ramelton, Donegal oil on canvas 12 x 20 in ÂŁ1,200


River Lennon, Ramelton, Donegal oil on canvas laid on panel 8 x 10 in ÂŁ400

Dunfanaghy Bay, Donegal oil on canvas laid on panel 10 x 14 in ÂŁ750


49 Dog’s Bay, Connemara oil on canvas 16 x 22 in £1,400


Doohulla Fisheries, Connemara oil on canvas 16 x 24 in ÂŁ1,500

51 Roundstone, Connemara oil on canvas 14 x 22 in ÂŁ1,500

52 Sheep’s Island, Connemara oil on canvas 18 x 18 in £1,200

53 The Twelve Bens, Connemara oil on canvas laid on panel 10 x 14 in ÂŁ750

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