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Thank You Where to begin ... 1st off. THANK GOD 4 this opportunity &for seeing me through some truly difficult times... especially through the journey of making this album. - I couldn’t have “survived” the past 2 years without the following in my life. You are all a blessing to me and I thank God for yor everyday. Irving Azoff - The day you walked into my life and helped me take control of my career and saved me from insanity.. is a day I will always remember.. this album would not be possible had it not been for your belief in me and providing me with the gift of creative freedom I needed to let my voice be heard. Thank you for standing behind my vision. To The Azoff Family - Thank you for making me feel as if I had a second family away from home. It’s important to me and meant a lot. Mom - I could not thank you enough for always being in my corner no matter WHAT! You’re truly my #1 supporter. You believed in me and saw my vision before anyone else did. I love you more than you will ever know ..just remember I’m always in YOUR corner 2 ... no matter WHAT! Rocola (tocola, chocola) - Thanks for always making me smile and laugh when I’m down.. You always know what to say to make “grumpy pants” and “sad pants” go away!!! Love you fat hog. John Baruck - Thank you for all your hard work on this album and all that you do for me. It is much appreciated. Ron Fair - Ok, I know you were scarred at first.. when I said “I don’t care if I only sell 2 albums. I’m doing this my way”, but you really stepped aside and gave me the freedom and creative space I needed to achieve this and keep my sanity. You are still one of the most musically passionate people I’ve ever met and I’ve learned so much from you. We’ve come a long way together and you never cease to amaze me with your “genius”. Oscar & Wassim - I had SO much FUN working with the 2 of you. Thanks for making time seem to fly by so much faster. Between Jerky Boys impersonations, ping-pong battles and learning slang “Lebanese style” I have been able to walk away from this project with so many great memories just from the 2 of you alone. As it neared the end I must admit I got a little teary eyed.. Thanks for my hidden outro “I likeded that shit”...

Glenn Ballard - It was such a great experience to have collaborated with you... being a “new” writer, thanks for really hearing me out and being so open to me and my ideas. Hope to work again in the future... Jim - Thanks for being there when I really needed a strong support team behind me to help get me back up again and keep going. Love ya. Linda Perry - What can I say. Who else could get me to use scratch vocals on a record, taught me “REAL” music comes with imperfections - and KEEP them, scream my lungs out, and “bang” on mic. You’ve allowed me to explore a different side of myself through our music together. It’s truly been fun. Yet therapeutic at the same time. It was really hard to open up sometimes, but I am so glad I did... Love ya. Rob & Heather - I had to place you 2 last (but not least)because you are so special to me! The only 2 to survive from last album... The 2 of you are so talented and I thnak you for always believing & encouraging me as a writer before anyone else did. Heather thanks for always being my “red wine buddy”. Special thanks 2 - Eric Dawkins, Bilal, Jasper and Matt Morris. Dave Pensado - “... still my favorite...” luv ya. Tony Mazurati - Thanks for saving our ass’s last minute! Good work! Peter Mokrin - ... always a pleasure. Brian Gardner - Thanks for doing an amazing job! To all fans/supporters/believers - None of this would be possible if it weren’t for your love and support behind me which keeps me going in y weakest moments. I THANK GOD 4 you, I dedicate this section to the following people whose stories and letters have inspired me and remind me why I do this in the first place... Brandi, Sammi, Arnel, Kurt, Eddie, Libbee, Brittany, Britanie, Damaris, Stephanie, Nadya, Jordan, Little Christina, Nigel, Maura, Beth, Aleasha, Danielle, Jeff, Judy, Christina, Haley, Ashley, Amanda, Linda... just to name a few... I would also like to thank everyone at azoffmusic management and Boulevard Management, the label (RCA) - Bob Jamieson, Jack Rovner, Richard Sanders, Jeff Walker, Dave Gottlieb, Ron Geslin, Doug Biro, Tony Monte, Lou Robinson, Pamela Murphy, Richard Katz, John Voigtmann, Lisa Matlos etc... also Jeri Heiden & everyone at Smog, Jeremy Mohr, Ken Hertz, Joel Katz, Amrita Sen, Al Gomes... ... and to everyone I didn’t mention - thank you.

CD cover  

Opgave: CD cover for "Why Does My Brain Hurtz" fra "DJ Kogle". Der skal laves for- og bagside samt inderside på coveret. Format = 4-sidet...

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