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JOB OPPORTUNITIES ALL EXPERIENCED LISTUGUJ MI’GMAQ SHOVEL OPERATORS/HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS/SURVEYORS Mamu Construction is the company working on the 132 Highway Project. They are looking for experienced, certified and/or qualified workers in the areas of: ‐ Shovel Operators (3) o


Operates all types of mechanical shovels, backhoes, cranes equipped with a clamshell or drag bucket, pivoted-arm excavators, and all other similar excavation equipment Works during the stage before construction starts

‐ Heavy Equipment Operators (3) o

The trade of heavy equipment operator has four specialties. • Tractor operator: specialist who may operate tractors, bulldozers, scrapers, loaders, etc. • Leveller operator: specialist who operates levelers • Spreader operator: specialist who operates asphalt and cement spreaders, graders, etc. • Roller operator: specialist who operates rollers, roller-compressors, and compactors.

‐ Surveyor (1) o


Gathers, transfers, calculates, and puts into plans surveying data using specialized instruments (electronic notebook, conventional or electronic total station, GPS receiver, calculation software, design software, etc.) in order to produce plans or define projected structures Supplies data regarding alignment, altitude, orientation, and dimension of various lots or types of infrastructure (industrial or commercial complexes, buildings, residences, roads, etc.)

Interested Listuguj Mi’gmaq are to submit copies of their Records of employment, resumes, licenses and or training marks that prove they have the experience in one of these trades. You will also need to provide a copy of your ASP Construction Safety card certification. DEADLINE TO APPLY:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Once all applications are complete, MAMU’s Interview Committee will determine the candidates to be considered for the jobs. *Priority of employment will be for those who have their CCQ certification or who have enough hours to pursue the exam to attain their certification. If you have any questions you can contact Jennifer or Myrna at the LMDC 418-788-1347.

MAMU Construction Job Opportunity