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r e t t e l s w e N I LM October 2011

Gaspèsie-Les Iles: a new fish farm in New Richmond Service Canada slashing jobs The Public Service Alliance of Canada has confirmed there re job cuts at several Service Canada Offices in Canada. Some layoff notices have already gone out.

The Quebec government will invest over one million dollars in a fish farming project in New Richmond, headed by Raymer Aquaculture.

Construction of wind farms: A windfall for Gaspè

Several companies including transport companies, are doing good business with the construction of wind farms in the Gaspè region. Wind turbine blades, which are carried by flatbed trucks, that are manufactured at LM Glassfiber. (Mont-Louis) This summer, , nearly 600 workers stormed the Gaspé area to work on the construction of wind farms.

The job postings give you the description of what the job entails:

Where the job is located….

When is the deadline to apply….

How much it pays…..

Who may apply….

Myrna Isaac Interim Career Counsellor •

Guides the Client trough Labour Market Information (LMI)

To research occupations, training programs, institutes, and requirements.

Jennifer LaBillois– Metallic Employment Counsellor Provides clients with skills & knowledge: •

To obtain and maintain a job

Help with cover letters, resumes, job search skills, and interview techniques

Linear Park: "The great dream of the City of Chandler"


Pending the final confirmation of funding totaling $ 12 million for the completion of the first phase of Waterfront Development Chandler called "linear park". The City of Chandler shall proceed with the development of the coastal strip between the federal wharf and the village of Pabos. This arrangement would serve an international clientele by offering a cruise pedestrian route, scenic train or on other means of transport. Courses of discovery with a place for walking, including rest areas, entertainment and education, the Linear Park would be enough to attract not only visitors but also people wishing to enjoy the beauty of its coastline. A life-size chess game, a "Rock wishes" and his legend, a park reading a beach, a bird observation post and a bike path are just some of the elements that are found along the linear park.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

With the aging population, and the aging of the workforce, there is going to be an increase in the need for

Health Care & Social Assistance Services With the baby boomers reaching retirement age, Emploi Quebec predicts that by 2019, there will be around 115,000 people who are newly retired. That number in 2000 was only 65,000. More than half of retired workers will be replaced by youth. Aboriginal youth could become an important labour pool to help fill the gaps in the aging Canadian workforce.

Over the past 20 years, it has been the most educated groups that have posted the strongest growth in employment. Generally speaking, the unemployment rate drops as the level of education rises. Education is one of the most effective ways to avoid labour market exclusion and weather a recession.

Some Jobs in Health Care profession are: ******** Orderly (Health care attendant) - Manoir Balmoral Special Care Facility Attendant - Manoir Darlington Sitter (Hospital Sitter) - Restigouche Home Care Home Health Care Worker - Atlantik Quality Care

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Labour Market Information October Newsletter  
Labour Market Information October Newsletter  

Labour Market Information October Newsletter